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Fanfiction - Stealing Tomorrow (Epilogue)

Words fail to say how much I appreciate everyone who invested in this fic, followed it until here, left comments and asks, supported me and made me feel one lucky lady. I feel only love for you all. <3

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Epilogue – Tomorrow is Now

Edinburgh, 13 years ago

“Close your eyes.” Jamie insisted, whispering in her ear. “Dinna be a wee cheater, Sassenach. You’ll spoil the surprise.”

“I’m not cheating!” Claire declared, irritated. “I’m just worried I’ll fall on my face, that’s all.”

“Don’t ye worry.” She could hear the obvious smile in his voice. “I’d still love ye - even with a crocked nose.”

“How magnanimous of you.” She puffed, walking slowly with the guidance of his hand on her arm. “Are we there yet?”

“Yes.” Jamie surprised her by kissing her lips and then removing the blockage of her hands from her eyes. “Tell me what ye think.”

They were standing in an empty apartment, the big windows harnessing enough of the afternoon light to make the wood boards on the floor look like decadent fields of gold.

“It’s very…” Claire licked her lips, looking for an appropriate word to say, noticing his expectant demeanour. “Empty.”

“Ach.” He clicked his tongue and opened his arms, a big grin forming on his lips. “That is only a matter of buying the right furniture for it. But do ye like it?”

“I – yes.” She looked around, noticing the wide kitchen bench and the freshly painted walls. “It’s lovely, really. But why are we here?”

“Well,” Jamie hugged her by the waist and pressed his forehead against hers, his voice sounding like the sheltering roar of the earth underneath her feet. “I was hoping you could make it my home, if you married me.”


Edinburgh, 1 year in the future

“Lady Jane!” Joe thundered, as he saw her striding next to a patient’s gurney, accompanying him to the recovery ward after a long surgery. “I barely recognized you, girl! You look all tanned and sparkly. How was Jamaica?”

“Hot.” Claire laughed, watching the corners of his mouth twitch in a devilish grin. “I meant the weather was very warm, you naughty man.” Noticing that his smile didn’t fade away, but was only enhanced by significant movements of his eyebrows that made him look like a crazy cartoon, she smiled and conceded. “Well, that too.”

“I had no doubt!” Her friend laughed openly, sounding like an amused bear. “I have seen you with your Scot enough to know that, any tropical storm in the area, was probably caused by you two going at it.”

“Oh, stop!” She playfully smacked him in the arm, her cheeks throbbing with heat. “How is everything here?”

“Same old, same old.” Joe replied with a sudden strange attempt at nonchalance. “You haven’t been at the nurses’ desk yet, have you?”

“No.” Claire furrowed her brows. “I was a bit late this morning because of…reasons,” She ignored his smirk. “And went straight to the OR to the kidney transplant. Shall I go there now?”

“No!” The man said vehemently, grabbing her elbow and steering her towards the cafeteria. “I’m that hungry. Shall we go for some dinner?”

“It’s three o’clock in the afternoon, Joe.” Claire gave him a questioning look. “What are you trying to hide?”

“Nothing, LJ.” He shook his head, patting her shoulder in a reassuring manner. “You know my stomach didn’t come with a built-in clock. I’m more of a “eat whenever you’re hungry” type of guy.”

“What is in the nurses’ desk that you don’t want me to see?” She halted and crossed her arms, offering him a disarming look, suitable for young children misbehaving with their soup. “Spill it, Joe. We both know I’ll find out soon enough.”

“Fine!” Joe threw his hands in the air in a gesture of surrender. “I was just trying to spare you. But please, Lady Jane, you need to keep it cool. I’m sure he had the best possible intentions…”

Before Joe was able to complete his sentence, Claire was already sliding past him and marching in the direction of the nurses’ area. As soon as she became visible making a turn on the corridor, two nurses jumped from their seats – they had been whispering with their heads together, looking at something – and stood like two soldiers on a parade, their hands hidden behind their backs, blushing madly.

“So,” Claire smiled pleasantly, taking off her surgical cap and brushing the mad riot of curls, eager to finally be wild and free after so much time in confinement, like eels on a barrel. “What is going on here?”

“Doctor Fraser.” The younger nurse saluted her, looking slightly out of breath. “So good to see you. How was your honeymoon?”

“Fine, Nurse Hawkins.” She nodded, tapping her fingers on the counter in an evident display of impatience. Both nurses looked at her hand like disciplined cats, fascinated by the repeated movement. “There seems to be some kind of disturbance taking place here. I want to know what is going on.”

“LJ…” Joe started, trying to block her vision from the nurses. She gave him a look so dark and dangerous that he immediately retroceded to her side.

“Let’s hear it.” Claire repeated, glancing at the nurses under her lashes and placing all her imaginary coins on the beat of Mary Hawkins breaking in seconds under pressure – too bad it was only the casino of her mind, because it was a smashing jackpot.

“We were just looking at it, Doctor Fraser.” Mary explained in a high pitched voice, slightly stammering. “We meant no disrespect. It’s a beautiful work and such a good cause.”

“Give it to me!” She demanded, reaching out with her open palm. Slowly but surely, Mary Hawkins delivered her the source of all the ruckus.

It was a calendar commissioned by the Fire Department, sold to raise funds for a new Burn Centre and to support the widows and children of fallen firefighters. The calendar was illustrated with photographs of gorgeous men in the corporation – and front and centre, occupying almost two thirds of the cover, was James Fraser. He had been photographed sitting in a chair of the headquarters, naked from the waist up, the suspenders of his loose equipment trousers falling along his hips. His hair was tousled and he looked like he had just arrived from a massive fire, finally relaxed and at ease – except his eyes were playing with the camera, teasing of his secrets, undoubtedly igniting other flames on the belly of any woman looking at it.

“Oh.” Claire said in excitement, her finger absentmindedly caressing his exposed chest. “It’s finally out!”

“You knew about this?” Joe asked, gobsmacked. “That your husband is featuring in a steamy calendar, which probably will be the erotic fantasy of every female in the Edinburgh area?”

“Of course.” She raised a brow. “Who do you think took the photo?”


“Hmmm. Don’t stop!” Claire moaned, her toes curling in pleasure. “That is definitely the spot, Jamie. Keep going!”

“Hmpf.” Jamie snorted from the other extremity of the bed, skilfully massaging the sole of her foot. “Yer wee noises are making my cock ache, Sassenach. If it’s really yer foot ye want me to massage, best ye stop.”

“Again?” She smiled lazily, watching as his knuckles applied pressure on her battered points. “We did it this morning, already. And twice last night.”

“It’s fortunate there’s not a limit to it, then.” He bit her big toe making her yelp, as his hands went on to rub her calf. “Even when I’m still inside ye, I’m already missing ye.”

“How many love letters did you receive today?” Claire asked, nudging him with her free foot. “I’m expecting the mailman already knows your name by heart.”

“They are more lust letters.” Jamie sighed, letting go of her leg and stretching next to her in bed, playing with her curls. “About a dozen or so. Apparently there is another man called James Fraser in this area who has been receiving some by mistake – he is sixty and dinna understand why all of the sudden so many women were sending him photos in their undergarments and making indignant advances on him by mail.”

“Lucky man.” Claire laughed. “May your success serve him well.”

“Ye ken what day is it today?” He stroked her small, pointy, ear and temple, gluing their bodies together.

“I do.” She kissed the tip of his jaw, feeling the small stubble prickling her lips like fresh grass. “Fourteen years ago we were married for the first time.”  

“Aye.” He kissed her mouth, tasting her lower lip, the pressure of his teeth just enough to make her moan against him. “I have a wee present for ye.”

He retrieved a small package from his nightstand and she unwrapped it, kissing him amidst the confusion of paper and ribbon. It was a custom made blue surgical cap, clearly designed for her, with a forget-me-not embroidered on the side and underneath it, printed after his own handwriting, the words “Da mi basia mille”.

“It’s beautiful, Jamie.” She said in a husky voice, a knot forming on her throat – it was always disarming to realize how much he knew her and appreciated her. “I - I have something for you too.” Claire added slowly.

“Aye?” He smiled, so tender and alight that her body was immediately blazing just to see it. His eyes shone blue and knowing, with a hint of mischief hidden in the deepest pools of blue sea.

“You know, don’t you?” Claire realized, their noses almost touching - their eyes so close they could plunge into each other without taking another breath. Slowly, like a dance learnt in another life and scripted into their DNA for permanent remembrance, their hands entwined - silver wedding rings meeting like titans clashing together.

“I know, mo nighean donn.” Jamie nodded and his hand came to rest solid and sure on her stomach - cradling the tomorrow they had lost, fought to earn again and hoped for with all their hearts.

Melting With You

A numbered prompt drabble, requested by @shultzygirl,  @dumbdogsss @starbuck1013 @vickiweis44 @markwatneyandensemble and @medicaldoctordana

She’d left her shoes in the car, pulled his jacket over her head like a tarp, and clutched her bag to her chest, and on the count of three, they’d made a run for it — but even the twenty yards from the parking area to the bungalow porch was enough, very likely, to ruin the skirt of her suit.

Dammit — why do I ever bother to buy dry-clean only? She thinks, trying to finger-comb her damp, rain-blown hair back into place and wishing she’d followed the train of thought that had them still in the car, steaming up the windows, making streaky handprints on the glass as they …

He’s next to her, shaking out his soaked hair like the world’s largest puppy. He sees her irritated expression and smiles that smile — the placating one that somehow manages to hint at things he won’t say, for instance that he wouldn’t have minded the staying-in-the-car scenario either.

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Can you imagine if Pats gets back;

She goes to put her bags in her usual room with Trixie but is stopped by Sister Julienne.

“Nurse Mount, apologies but I’m afraid Nurse Dyer is now sharing with Nurse Franklin. I do hope it’s alright with you to have to share with Nurse Busby, she is the only one who is not sharing.”

Patsy trying hard not to smirk or grin, but instead send a polite reassuring smile without being too obvious.

Delia is almost over the moon with the news, excited because “oh this is great pats, more card games then.” With a little Busby smirk.

And meanwhile Phyllis starts wrecking her brain on how she will approach them to give them advice to be careful and to be “good”.

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brutalite  asked:

Hi, I've been reading through your theories for a few days now - great work, I'm immensely impressed I'm aware that the Netflix series operates on a different level than the books but there's one thing that has been bothering me - during The Miserable Mill episodes on the Paltryville VFD photo - shouldn't Beatrice stand together with Lemony? Why was she associated with Bertrand and this point when Lemony - literally - was still in the picture?

Good tidings to you, @brutalite!

Well, this is actually similar to the books. In “The Hostile Hospital”, the Baudelaire orphans find a photograph of their parents with Lemony, back when he was still dating Beatrice: 

The first person in the photograph was Jacques Snicket, who was looking at the photographer and smiling. Standing next to Jacques was a man who was turned away from the camera, so the children could not see his face, only one of his hands, which was clutching a notebook and pen, as if the obscured man were a writer of some sort. The children had not seen Jacques Snicket since he was murdered, of course, and the writer appeared to be someone they had never seen at all. But standing next to these two people were another two people the Baudelaire children thought they would never see again. Bundled up in long coats, looking cold but happy, were the Baudelaire parents.
[The Hostile Hospital, Chapter Seven]

“This photograph must have been taken a long time ago,” Violet said. “Look how much younger they look. They aren’t even wearing their wedding rings.”
[The Hostile Hospital, Chapter Eight]

Given the context, it appears that Lemony and beatrice were put in the middle of the picture, as a couple. However Lemony felt the need to hide his face, which meant their relationship wasn’t obvious to the oblivious Baudelaire orphans. Apparently Lemony’s tendancy to hide his face long predates his inculpation for arson. In “All The Wrong Questions”, all the illustrations fail to show his face. In the un-Authorized Autobiography, Lemony can’t find a single photograph of him as a child.

“And on this page,” Violet said, picking up a page I cannot bear to think about, “it reads, “In photographs, and in each public place, Snicket rarely shows his face.
[The Hostile Hospital, Chapter Five]

The Netflix series uses a vastly different continuity and we’ll have to see how it deals with Lemony’s and Beatrice’s break-up. In the books it’s implied they rarely (if ever) saw each other after that because Lemony was on the run (and, later, because she married Bertrand). Perhaps Netflix’s writers have something else in mind because in this picture the Baudelaire parents are clearly holding each other in a romantic manner and Lemony is on the sideline:

It’s either a plothole or a change in Beatrice’s storyline. Let’s hope for the latter rather than the former!

What Are the Roses for? — Preview

Pairing: Jimin / Reader

Genre: Fluff + Smut

Note: This is a preview for Valentine’s Prompt I am currently working on.

What Are the Roses for?

Five hundred, twenty-five thousand and six hundred minutes.

A painfully slow year had gone by, two hearts afloat a stream of yearn and impatience to be reunited once more. It was never assumed that being apart for so long was going to be easy; yet, neither had expected it to be utterly difficult as well. I miss your smiles in the morning—Jimin had texted—I miss your kisses in the night—she had replied and though particular messages such as these were full of endearment, it would only attach onto their aching sensation to be with one another. After farewells were said, both would hold their phones close and no matter where; no matter when, they would simultaneously look up at the prodigious sky.

“Damn,” You hear your wife say from the couch. “We haven’t got any pink nail polish.” You smile at her from the doorway. “Is it really that important that your paint your nails pink?” “Yes, it is a matter of life and death.” She says, only partially joking. “Alright, I give in.” You sigh, and hold up the universal sign for ‘one minute’ and head into the attic where you grab a box and come back down.
“Bring nail polish?” “No,” You say, setting the box down. “But I do have a mess of sharpies here.” Her curiosity turns into a smile, and you help her do her nails the way you often did when you were younger, until they’re a nice shade of pink.

@atomicmangos For those of the uninitiated, Atomic Mangos, (or mango mom) hit 10k followers. She must still be trying to rack that in, and understandably so. But why would anyone doubt she’d pull this off? I mean, look at the picture here ^^. This is my favorite piece she’s done. It’s a Starco picture (obviously). It is Star and Marco, happily dancing in elegant attire. I love the expressions and look of it all. It just seems like one of those perfect Starco pics, let alone fan-arts. Something so simple as an OTP sharing a dance with loving smiles on their faces works so well here, and that’s exactly why it speaks to me so much: it’s so simple, but effective. And that’s not the only instance of this kind of thing: she has done this multiple times, all of which are just as effective. If you haven’t followed her yet, I suggest you get on that. She’s a great artist, as well as a great person. Here’s to you, Mango Ma. Congrats.

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The Proposal X Oliver Ekman- Larsson

“I just miss him so much. I hate to bother him when he is on road trips but I just feel like things have been getting so real lately. I mean we moved I together and I can honestly see a future with him,” you said to your best friend. The two of you were sitting in Oliver’s (correction your) living room talking. You missed Oliver so much and it was only day one of his week long road trip.
Oliver’s POV

I am only one day into the week long road trip and I already missed Y/N.  I miss her smile and the way she fits perfectly with me when we hug. I just wish that I could have brought her on this road trip with me.  I can’t imagine my life without her.  She is just so supportive and understanding of my career. She never complains when I go on the road and when I get back she is always waiting on the tarmac for me. Gosh do I miss her so much.
“I have been thinking of this for a while now but I think it is time that I actually do it. When we get home, I am going to propose to Y/N. I need her in my life for the rest on my life.”
“Dude how do you figure you are going to do that so quickly.”
“Well I was thinking …………………
Your POV
One week later

You were so happy that Oliver was finally home. When he got off the plane, you ran and jumped into his arms.  You have never been more excited to see him. You could tell that there was something up on him since he got home. Once you got in the car you decided to ask him, "What’s wrong babe,  you seem like you are hiding something.”
“God, Sometimes I hate that you know me so well. I can’t ever surprise you, can I. ”
“What are you talking about babe.”
“Well the team has decided to start having the player’s girlfriends, wives and families do the puck drops at home games and they have chosen you to do the puck drop at tomorrow’s home game.”
“Oh my god really. I would love to, babe. That sounds amazing. Why didn’t you just tell me.”
“I wanted it to be a surprise baby.”
“You are to sweet. How on earth did I deserve you.”
The next day you were waiting for your cue to walk out for puck drop and you began to feel nervous. You would be on display in front of hundreds of  fans as Oliver’s girlfriend. What if you messed up and tripped.
Oliver’s POV

It was almost time for puck drop and I could feel all my nerves whelm up in my stomach. I began to question what I would do if she said no. I don’t think she will say no but I cant imagine my life if she does. Maybe she isn’t ready for marriage and I’m moving too fast. But it’s worth the risk if she says yes.  I can see her standing in the tunnel waiting for them to announce her for the honorary puck drop tonight. Little did she know that that was just a cover for me to propose to he in front of hundreds of fans.
The announced her name and she walked out to centre ice. She looked stunning in my jersey that hugged her body just right. I could not wait to call this beautiful woman my wife. It was all I could think of for the last few months and it became even more prominent in mind in the last week. For the last week all I did in my down time was plan this proposal and boy was it going to perfect.
Your POV

They announced my name and I walked to centre ice. I waited for them to announce both captains to centre ice for the puck drop. I saw the other teams captain stand back and instead of Shane Doan coming to the centre circle it was Oliver. You were shocked. The lights went down and a spotlight was placed on you and Oliver. Your mouth dropped the second Oliver got down on one knee.
He then said, “My darling, you are a treasure that heaven has sent to me. These past few years have been wonderful and I cannot imagine living my life without. My beautiful love, will you do me the honor and make me the happiest man in the world by becoming my wife? My love, will you marry me?”
You couldn’t form words so you just nodded your head. You could not believe that he just proposed. Oliver immediately got of his knee and placed the ring on your finger before pulling you into a very passionate kiss. You then completed the puck drop and then the game begun.  


Today I was telling my friend about you and she was trying to give me tips on how to start talking to you more (Because I need a little help, obviously) and she told me to pretend like I needed help on some homework for the class we have together. 

I laughed it off because we just started a new unit and the only thing we’ve done so far is an outline worksheet. 

But just an hour ago you messaged me on Instagram and asked if I had the worksheet done and I couldn’t help the smile that over took my entire face. 

Last time we were in class together you asked to barrow my pen. Tomorrow, feel free to ask for one again. 

Or my number. 

I’d be willing to spare both for you.


Saturday With John T. Server

Yesterday may have been the single most profitable day I’ve had since moving here, and it almost wasn’t.

Wednesday the server manager texts me to ask if I can work Saturday night. Given how management bent over backwards for me when it really counted I’m of a mind to help them out wherever I can. I’m one of ten servers they contacted - and the only one to actually say yes. 

We were six servers short that night.

During the day wasn’t so bad, I had only one group that tipped less than 15% out of the 12 tables I had all morning. Those are damned good odds. I had a party with a young girl named Olivia, I think about 8 years old. Olivia is a real sweetheart, and when I gave her a hard time she took it with a smile and - while still being the polite kid she is - gave it right back. It was a genuinely fun interaction that I genuinely enjoyed. I spent $4 and got her one of our crappy desserts, decorated it up nice, and gave it to her. Told her it’s rare that I enjoy a child in the restaurant - which is absolutely true - so I wanted to do something nice for her. Table tipped $8 (20%, as it were) and I was happy to spend the $4. She wrote a little note thanking me for the dessert, it’s still in my server book where it will stay presumably permanently. Sometimes I just like people or children, and sometimes things are really nice, and I like the reminder.

Towards the end of the morning shift - and close to my much-deserved and needed break - I’m sat a party of 4. I’m to take the drink order and a food order, get the damn thing started, and bring apps/bread/drinks to the table then transfer to a server that I’m still mad at for blowing me off.

I’ll admit I was tired. Hell, I’ll even admit that I really didn’t even want to greet the table. But I’d rather shit a rose bush than do all the work at a table and then give it up to somebody I’m mad at. Told the GM it was my table now. This did 2 things:

1) Got me an extra tip
2) Prevented that server I don’t like from having a full section.

I’m an asshole. That table absolutely loved me, and I made sure they stayed as long as possible. I was prepared to buy them dessert too, just to get them to stay a little longer. Didn’t have to, I sold them 4 of them. One per person, and with enough utensils to share. Then, when they asked if I minded if they stay and chat a while, I refilled their drinks and told them to take as long as they wanted and while I was being sent on break and moved to another section, any server in the area would be happy to refill their drinks for them so they could stay as long as they wanted.

They stayed almost 2 hours past when they paid.

I got $35 off the table. The server who took over the section got a partial section for a good chunk of the shift. This pleased me. This pleased me greatly.

Anyway, by the time I got done with the 4 top we were on an hour wait. Told the hostess go ahead and seat me in my new section and decided to skip my break. I had all booths, told the hostess if she wanted to double seat me all night she could. Turns out I was next to a dead section, so I told the manager I could just take double seated 2-4 tops all night if she wanted, fill both sections and clear the wait a little faster (last night was apparently couple’s night, so it was all 2 tops) and despite running a 6-table section all night, THE WORST PART OF MY EVENING WAS MY COWORKERS.

We get assigned running side work because at some point management figured if everybody had something assigned they’d actually do it.

Nope. Two of the girls I worked with and I had to do it all. Server manager, who was tired and a touch grumpy from being there all day starting at some ridiculous hour like 5am, tried getting people to do their assigned work to no avail, and now I’m told to be expecting to be training a bunch of new servers. 

This is good news.

Anyway, my last three tables all tipped under 15%, so when I was asked if I wanted to be cut or stay on a bit longer I said I’d take the cut since guest quality was down. 

Made just over $270 after tipping out the hostesses (which I’m not supposed to do, apparently) and the bussers (which I already knew I wasn’t supposed to do but apparently that doesn’t stop me) and the bar (which I’m supposed to do but they can’t force me.)

If I had more days like this one, I’d never leave.

I’ve decided I like APB on FOX. Guess it’ll only last 1 season too. -J

anonymous asked:

Let's say, France has a crush on this one girl. She is an open book but at the same time a bit mysterious which lures him in. He begins to stalk her. She catches on. One day she goes to a mcdonalds. He follows. She gets a small cup, mixes every fountain drink together whilst staring intently at him. Then she drinks it, not breaking eye contact and mouths to him "fuck you". What does he do?

1p!France: “That’s cute.”

Loves the attitude. This only lures him in more, because not do you only have a mysterious aura, but you are also difficult.

Chances are, he’ll smile back, which will probably frustrate you, because you are probably trying to make him mad and push him away.

Will still stalk you, but this time, he’ll be more careful and his stalking level would become higher than before.


Doesn’t do anything, and I’ll be blunt, because he doesn’t really care about your opinion.

Will still continue his stalking spree.

Kara Danvers walks into her sister’s apartment, toting takeout and ice cream for their weekly ‘sister bonding’ (used to be several times a week but now they both have jobs and girlfriends to entertain) only to see Alex sitting at her kitchen counter, smiling dazedly at nothing.

“What’s up with you?” Kara asks, nudging Alex gently with her hip. Alex’s grin widens and she sighs, dreamily, turning to look at Kara as her sister pulls a couple of drinks from the fridge and opens one for herself.

Alex waits until Kara is in the middle of taking a sip before she informs her sister:

“Maggie is ambidextrous.”

Kara chokes on her beer.

Rosie sat on the floor, looking up at the scene around her with wide eyes, probably not taking anything in.

Sherlock and Mycroft were yelling at each other. Molly was holding some toys in front of her face to get her distracted from it, but she just watched with rapt attention as the brothers bickered.

John was at his laptop at the desk, ignoring the scene completely - it was one he had seen hundreds of times. It had lost it’s interest after the second.

Rosie opened her mouth and started making noises.

Molly put the toy down and waved John over.

“I think she’s starting to talk.”

“M-” Rosie choked out the M sound. By now both Mycroft and Molly were smiling - Mycroft’s rather bored, like he was doing it only because he thought he had to - and Sherlock looked on like he was watching at tennis match between the three. John nodded his head at her.

“Yeah Rose?”


“Molly? Are you trying to say Molly?” she said to the young girl.


Sherlock laughed as if he knew something the others didn’t. John didn’t have the time to be suspicious as he tried to coax his daughter into saying her first word.


By now John was looking at Sherlock. “You didn’t. Please tell me you didn’t.”

Sherlock smirked. “Oh, but I did.”

Rosie clapped her hands on the floor.


After the carousel of emotions that provoked me the winter finale and the pre infarct that I suffered after seeing the kiss between marco and jackie I conclude that I loved the line of events, not because I¨m jarco team  One of the main reasons I saw the serie was shipping marco and star,  It was just a pleasure to see how star who is a girl who only thinks about going through great adventures and having fun with a smile on her face act so emotional and sensitive, She showed so many expressions that she had never shown before and that leave her usual character, it was so beautiful, While the red moon be in the sky will act as the red thread of fate sealing the fate of two souls who are destined to love each other, I am exciting to see how star shows us more expressions of a normal teenager who is not willing to let herself snatch what is hers

Can we talk about Tryla Scott for a second?

She only appears briefly in one episode of the first season of TNG, and she doesn’t have that many lines, but there’s one line that just kills me. Captain Keel is introducing her to Picard, but he doesn’t even have to finish the introduction, because Picard already knows her by reputation.

Picard: “Tryla Scott. It’s said that you made captain faster than anyone in Starfleet, present company included. Are you that good?”

Scott: (smiles) “Yes, I am.”

That’s it. That’s all. He states a fact (she made captain faster than anyone in Starfleet history), then pays her a compliment. She replies that she is, indeed, that good. She doesn’t deflect her own success by claiming that she owes it to others, she doesn’t stop to consider that her acceptance of this compliment might make her male colleagues feel bad. She owns her success with a simple “Yes, I am.” It is hers. No one else has handed it to her.

Be like Tryla Scott. Own your success.

some ren headcanons

- Every single time she meets Taako, she always greets him with “Oh. My. God. TAAKO???” It’s hilarious to both of them and they’re the only ones who don’t find it old yet

- Doesn’t actually drink, despite owning a bar. She just wants to run a nice flirty place and one thing led to another and, what do you know, she owns a bar now

- Calls Kravitz a ‘tall glass of water’

- Is, like, frighteningly strong. Twice she carried Cassidy around town bridal-style; the first time on a dare and the second time on an impiulse

- Says “Bless your heart” with the sweetest smile; anyone who knows her knows that this means that she is This 👌 close to using her wand on someone

- I’ve talked abt this in detail in my other post, but after the events of the Eleventh Hour, Ren more or less adopted June as her apprentice and her daughter

- Has convinced the THB that she uses “yaint” in normal conversation, because it drives them up the fucking wall. One say, she says “you all are not” in front of Merle and he drops everything hes doing like “YOU ASSHOLE YOU HAD US ALL FOOLED!!!!” 

- (despite this, Merle has not told the other boys)

- Though Ren loves Refuge with all her heart, it’s her dream to go out and run a restaurant in a more bustling metropolis. She’s saving up to reach her goal, and the only people who she’s told are June and Taako, who are both super supportive