and she's only 13

PSA to New and Old Kpop Fans

For New fans:

1. There were legends before your favorite groups. Respect their legacy and what they did for your groups. Your faves are in Japan promoting? Thank BoA, who helped break through national tensions between the two countries when she was only 13 years old. Your faves have a hip hop concept? Bigbang was one of the first Idol groups to incorporate hip hop/rap music motifs into kpop. Do you like tough girl concepts? Thank groups like f(x), 2ne1, and 4 minute who broke the cute girl model and made different styles trendy.

2. Just because your favorite group is outselling or beating an older group on music shows does not mean that the older group is irrelevant. Trends change, older groups may not have young fandoms who have the time to buy 15 copies of an album or go to every fanmeet. Older groups have fans who have careers, families and whatnot, So they may not get the most votes but they still matter, and still did so much in their prime. Do not ignore that and be mindful of what you say.

For Old Fans:

1. Just because a new group beats out your older group’s records does not take away from the greatness of the older group. Kpop has changed so much over the past years, and the opportunities that newer groups have to interact with fans all over the world with the internet and youtube and sns has just made it easier for groups these days to get big followings. Understand these factors and recognize that your favorite older groups didn’t have that, and because of that their records will be beaten on day in the future. But it’s ok, because what your fave did in the year they did it was most likely incredible. 

2. Do not become hostile to newer groups and blame them for the disbandment of older legends. Twice did not cause the wonder girls to disband. Blackpink did not cause 2ne1 to disband. The fact is, it’s the company’s responsibility to promote and support all groups under their roster. It was not blackpink’s fault that YG was being neglectful of other groups. the fact is blackpink is a victim of YG’s shit promotions as their debut was put on hold for 4 years, as the wait to debut caused tons of trainees to leave the company in frustration. Twice is also a victim in JYP’s terrible management, as while groups like the Wonder Girls are neglected, Twice are overworked. Stop blaming the younger groups and start blaming the actual companies, who need to learn not to overwork their trend idols and to treat their loyal artists with respect rather than treating them like trash.

So since that new trailer for the Power Rangers movie came out I’ve seen a lot of people call it ‘grimdark’ or ‘gritty’

And while it’s true it definitely looks more serious than MMPR was, I think we need to consider Zyuranger, here.

For those not in the know, Zyuranger is the show Saban used footage from to make MMPR, although the plots were pretty much entirely different, built around the fight footage. Zyuranger is about a bunch of dinosaur people from 200 million years ago fighting the evil witch Bandora (Rita Repulsa).

Which doesn’t sound very grimdark, and honestly it’s not.

Until halfway through the show.

That’s about the point Bandora decides she’s sick of the Zyuranger’s shit.

Still not very grimdark though.

That is, until she starts bleeding from her eyes, casting this spell.

Of course, that’s not the only requirement this spell has. She also needs to mark 13 children for sacrifice, using the following symbol.

And what does the spell do? Well.

And yes.

That is Satan.

Actual, Judeo-Christian Satan.

And while most of the time, you could kind of assume it’s just Japan using terms from western myth that sound cool, that’s not really true this time. Y’see, Bandora’s monsters all come from western mythos (well, mostly) which is why Goldar (remember him?) is a manticore.

So yes, Bandora literally just summoned the actual devil from Hell, the biggest bad guy in western lore, to kill these dinosaur people in Japan.

Now, how do the Zyurangers have any chance against that?

Well, spoilers. Daizyujin (the Megazord in MMPR) has a sword called the Dinosaur Sword God Horn. And It’s special move is the God Hord Super Lightning Cut.

There is a reason for this; Daizyujin is literal Capital G God. While it didn’t really talk at all in MMPR, in Zyuranger it does.

Because it’s ACTUALLY GOD.

However, he’s still easily defeated by Literal Satan, because you see, God isn’t complete yet. God has a second form.

That second form is combining with Dragon Caesar (Dragonzord) and Beast Knight God King Brachion (Titanus).

Which looks like this.

Zyuranger is a series where a moon witch uses 13 children (who remain alive, of course) to summon the literal devil from hell to battle God, who takes the form of a bunch of robot dinosaurs piled on top of each other.

Beat that, 2017 big budget movie.

Things people forget about Nymphadora Tonks
  • She was a Hufflepuff
  • She was only 7 years older than Harry
  • She was 13 years younger than Remus
  • She was trained personally by Mad-eye Moody
  • She dueled Bellatrix in the Department of Mysteries
  • She was extremely clumsy
  • She willingly left her newborn son to fight in the final battle, knowing she might never, because she believed it was the right thing to do
  • Remus was her patronus
  • She didn’t care about Remus being a werewolf

This tiny princess was welcomed to the world on Friday, December 16th, at 9:26am via emergency c-section. She weighted 2lbs and was 13 inches long (tall girl!).

She was only 25 weeks, 4 days along.

My life has been violently turned completely upside down, but we are just so happy to have this tiny angel in our life and are amazed at the tight grip she already has on our hearts.

If you could spare a prayer or two for her, we would be ever grateful. There is a long, painful road ahead of us…


i said i wanted to go off so im gonna

a lot of people are saying it was wrong for ian to humiliate tana (i dont think he even did and the only reason people are attacking her is cause she made that dumbass video of herself lying to everyone) but no one had anything to say when he humiliated leafy and basically ruined his career. also saying that shes super young and she doesnt deserve it is a bunch of bull. im the same age as her and i know not to lie to a shit ton of people online and i know not to tell someone to kill themselves - ESPECIALLY right after one of her subscribers committed suicide that day. like what kinda fucked twisted example is she trying to set for her young impressionable fans? and then when the videos of her dropping the n word surfaced she acted like she didnt know what it meant and that she was only 13. she was 16-17 in those videos and i can tell you right now that i knew what that word meant by the time i was 14 and so did most people. i get not liking ian for using the n word but if it effected you so bad why watch him in the first place? we all knew what we were signing up for when we subscribed. also if youre gonna leave ian then you might as well leave joji and max too cause they use the n word themselves. if anyone wants to know i can go more in depth as to why tana is a shitty person but this post is already long and idk how to do a read more rip

Carrie Ann Jopek was only 13 years old in March 16, 1982, when she went to a party in her Milwaukee neighborhood and disappeared. Her body was found a year and a half later, buried in the yard of the house of the party, but police could never get enough evidence to arrest someone.

Now, 33 years later, the killer finally came forward and confessed his crime. Jose Ferreira, a neighbor who was 17 at the time of the murder, got desperate to tell this story: on the night of the party, he got angry at Carrie because she rejected his advances, so he hit her and pushed her down the stairs, breaking her neck. Then, he raped her body and buried her.

Ferreira first confessed in early October to a crisis hotline. Then he called a TV station. Then he told his wife, who went to the police. And finally, he turned himself in to be charged with second-degree murder.

So why did he finally reveal the dark secret after so many years of getting away with it? According to Carolyn Tousignant, Carrie’s mother, Ferreira told her that the girl was “haunting” him. 

there is honestly no reason for charlotte to become a 5x women’s champ already, especially since we know she’s likely going to have more title opportunities to come in the rest of her time with the wwe. if the wwe is smart, they’ll start filtering more women into the raw women’s title scene. have nia or emma or dana or paige or alicia face bayley for the title.

Making Ward Hydra (and committed to evil) was such a bad idea like I’m sick and rewatching AoS so I can bask in Dasy/Skye’s brilliance and plot my next “WOC in Marvel Live Action” post and it keeps hitting me how he could’ve been a better character.

Like he literally had so much potential to be vaguely interesting and they decided to go with “gleefully turns to evil and is an actual ass to everyone”.


One of my nieces still adores him and I can’t figure out why because the “he’s been Hydra all along reveal” was so trite especially when like 90% of SHIELD turned out to be Hydra like right after/around that.


28th of January 1457 Pembroke Castle

Margaret Beaufort was only 13 years old when she gave birth to her only son Henry Tudor, named after his half-uncle Lancaster King Henry VI. The father, Edmund Tudor had died of the plague in November 1456.

Due to her young age, her body was not yet build to deliver a child, therefor the birth was terribly difficult and almost killed both her and her baby. Some say the complications damaged her body so severely, she was left barren, which could explain why she had no other children, despite being married twice.

Unfortunately she was not allowed to raise him and he fell under guardianship of his uncle Jasper Tudor, who had also sheltered Margaret when she was pregnant and widowed. 

During long years of separation and exile for Henry and Jasper, Margaret devoted her life and loyalty to her son and House Lancaster, praying that one day her son would be allowed to return to England and, if God wants it, would become King.

Her patience, faith and devotion was rewarded for in 1485, after the battle of Bosworth, her son became King Henry VII of England and she remained proudly by his side as ‘The King’s Mother’ and advised her son during his entire reign. 


Regina Mills and that face she makes whenever Henry’s involved.

have you ever thought about kara writing books about fairy tales from krypton and mythology and just bits and pieces that she remembers because she was only 12, or maybe 13, there were so many stories that she’s never had the opportunity to forget what she even knows about so many stories, think of the history you knew as a 13 year old and the history you know now, they’re different, but kara still remembers some, and just imagine kara publishing a series of children’s novels, and with her art skills she’s able to capture the ‘mythological’ creatures right on the cover.

so instead of going to catco, she becomes a writer. and she just finished the latest manuscript and it’s really popular, the latest book going through revisions, when her editor gets a call from one Cat Grant, who wants the newest book for her son and kara’s just a little bit in awe because this is cat grant, queen of all media, but she’s a bit possessive of her stories (her culture, her childhood, parts of krypton she’s half making up at this point because the things you forget after a decade and every time it hurts so much to write but she loves these stories, wants everyone to love them like she does and they’re a piece of her, part of why it takes her so long to release them is because of her emotional attachment to them. All she has left is her stories, and her memories.

So she agrees, but conditional on meeting for lunch. And Cat agrees, of course she does, like this is a double windfall, because no one even knows what the K.Z. Danvers looks like, and here’s a chance to have the book ahead of time, and an interview (she’s cat grant-she’ll convince k.z. danvers to let her publish it)

and she goes to the coffee shop early, of course she does, cat knows information is power, she’s going in as prepared as she can, after all this is for her son (she’s cat grant, of course it can’t be known that she enjoys reading children’s novels, even if they are extraordinary, both the concept and execution). 

but nothing can compare to her surprise when she’s approached by a beautiful blonde girl in her early 20′s holding one of those concoctions, more sugar than caffeine, a sunny smile on her face and god she’s so young to be the k.z. danvers, she couldn’t have been more than 19 during the first book’s publication, but she’s wearing that necklace the publisher texted to Cat so there wouldn’t be any mistakes and she has the bluest eyes and oh, there’s a dimple, she’s such a sucker for dimples oh no, she wasn’t expecting this. “Miss Grant? My name is Kara Danvers. I believe you’ve been expecting me.”

anonymous asked:

How do you feel bout the cash me ousside girl using AAVE? seein a lot of discourse on this lately. some people r claiming shes using it wrong but i aint seen that (but i only watch small clips on tumblr). but even so shes 13 so i cant be mad at her either way

Is she really that young??? I actually thought she was a lot older. But I think people get a little protective over it and can overreach often. Like white kids who are putting on AAVE as a thing to make jokes, or sound tough because black people are aggressive, or make fun of black people, that’s definitely racist. But also some white kids just grow up in poor, black and Latino neighborhoods (for some reason it also gets left out of this convo all the time that a lot of Latinos also talk the same way because that’s where they grew up and how their friends spoke when they were learning to talk) so there’s class stuff involved as well, and those kids aren’t appropriating anything, just talking like their friends because that’s how language acquisition works. Idk her or where she grew up! But I think honestly she sounds Southern (which I think she is, and a lot of AAVE is literally just how Southerners generally talk, but inflected some) and like it might just be how she talks, but I’m not sure. Odds are good she sounds like that a little naturally but /does it up/ some in an attempt to seem harder/cooler/scarier, which definitely has implications about what she thinks about black people. But I don’t think it is a huge deal either way, especially if she is that young.