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Little Girl

Requests: “I’m really,really sorry I thought I was done honest but I saw the Kai gif thing and now fluff, cooking cupcakes with Kai for your little girls birthday party (yum cupcakes) Please and Thank you ~S” (Credits to gif owners!) 

Kai’s daughter meant everything to him. From being a lost cause, to falling in love for the first time, learning how to control himself, getting married and having a daughter, she was his whole world. Its her birthday. Her fifth birthday to be exact which sort of came as a shock to Kai. He knew exactly how old she was going to be yet he couldn’t believe five years ago he didn’t know what to do in the hospital room.

He wasn’t exactly sure what to say, or how to hold her. Or how to react when he saw her face between the thick blankets for the first time. For so long he was confused with emotion, but he cried. He cried with the biggest smile on his face when he cradled her in his arms. He was wrapped around her finger ever since.

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a continuation, of sorts, of this

anyway my friend @lady-kima-of-vord suggested this is how Marj and Azura would meet in the Heroes world and I had to do it. I’m gonna go under the assumption that their story hasn’t happened yet (ignoring dragon f!corrin, but whatever)

one day I will summon f!Corrin to match my Azura. Maybe. if my luck ever turns gold again

Ok guys I need your help...

I’m making a book of acol/series reactions for Schwab.

If you want to tell her how you feel about the books, the characters, the series, the world, message them to me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Even if you haven’t finished ACOL yet, you can still contribute. Write a note to V, message it to me, and the first 60 I get will go in the book and I’ll give it to her when I see her.

I have to get the book made as soon as possible so it will be done by the time she gets to my city, so HURRY and send them in!!!

The Love Project campaign to air Sunday at the Oscars!

From her jaw-dropping Superbowl performance to her head-turning Grammys outfit, Lady Gaga has given us just about a million reasons to give her our undivided attention lately. And this weekend, she’s doing so yet again — but this time, she’s joining Pharrell Williams and Ellen DeGeneres to garner awareness for Revlon’s newest campaign, The Love Project (which EW had a first look at yesterday).

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I look at the hummingbird and the way she gracefully flies…”teach me,” I say. Teach me of the way you calmly rest upon a branch, unknowing if it will break. Yes, you are light, but your reliance on God is heavy. Oh little hummingbird, tell me why you settle in the tree when you have the whole world to journey through? You are small, but your wings are mighty. “Go,” I say to the hummingbird. You have this vast land all for you to soar through, yet you stay nestled right where you are. I watch you flutter your beautiful wings in all directions, flying forwards and backwards, but you always come back to this same spot.

The hummingbird looks back at me and responds, “while I am able to fly anywhere, this is my home. Yes, there are larger trees with more room for me to nest, but I am happy with this tree. Yes, there are many more beautiful places to go, but I am pleased with the beauty that surrounds me here. I am able to fly wherever I want, but I choose to stay…”

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Do you not like Shinki? Lol

No, Shinki is fine in principle I just don’t like him being Gaaras son. I think they may have confirmed he’s their adopted father which is slightly better but I’m still just very 😐😐😐 about the whole thing. It probably wouldn’t annoy me as much if we ever saw him interact with Shikadai which is his actual nephew or you know….TEMARI. His goddamn sister and third member of the trio that went damn near everywhere together during the original manga. Like you’re telling me Kankuro and Gaara had nothing to say about their nephew fighting and kicking the ass of narutos son yet they are whole heartedly invested in stroking Shinkis incredibly fragile inferiority complex - which by the way makes no sense. Why in the world would Shinki be jealous of Boruto, a ninja who wouldn’t have made it past the first round of the chunin exams if left to his own devices. Also Temari should have been at the train station to see them off. Neither she nor her son interacted with them for that ENTIRE arc. Hell not even Shikamaru had a conversation with them and at one point he was standing like two millimeters away. Idk maybe I’ll warm up to the idea as the manga progresss but seeing as I’ve said that in response to almost every plot point introduced since 2013 and been bitterly disappointed yet unsurprised - I’m not gonna hold my breath.

Trouble with a Tail (mermaid!MCxZen)

(While @ectoplasmictoast specifically suggested this one, I’ve actually been planning it for a while. Get ready for a ride, lovelies, cause unlike “Pages” this one goes into the angst. But I’m merciful and the first one is simple fluff.)

MC had been living with Zen for a while now even though their relationship wasn’t public yet. She knew he wanted to show her to the world, but she convinced him that it wasn’t the right time yet. The look of confused dejection on his face when she did so broke her heart. Maybe… Maybe it was time to tell him why.

Zen had noticed that besides not wanting to go public, MC also didn’t seem to want to go swimming. To him, she seemed like she was afraid of the water. So he was surprised when she agreed to go swimming with him on the condition that there were no cameras around including surveillance ones.

He found a place with an indoor pool without any cameras and rented it out for an evening. It was a bit of a strain on his budget, but if it would allow him to know MC more, it was worth it.

The evening came around and it was obvious that MC was nervous. As soon as they got to the place she  headed into the available locker room to change into her swimsuit. When she got out, Zen was already in the water.

He smiled and waved to her. The water was a bit cold, but that was probably for the best since it kept the beast at bay when he saw her in the swimsuit. His hopes of him joining her showed obviously on his face. 

She wandered over to the edge of the pool. Instead of immediately joining him, MC sat down on the edge and let her feet dip into the water. Her nerves had temporarily gotten the better of her.

“You okay, babe?” Zen asked, noticing how nervous she seemed. 

“I’m fine. I just wanted to watch you for a bit before I jump in.” She responded with a smile.

Zen let it slide for a while as he swam. However, when it seemed like she wasn’t going to swim, he resurfaced and went over to her.

 "Okay, really. What’s wrong? Do you.. not know how to swim? If that’s the case I could teach you.“

MC shook her head and stood up, gaining resolve. "I know how to swim. In fact, I’ll show you.”

She went over to the deep end and took a breath before diving in. The moment her feet went under, her legs turned into a tail. When MC resurfaced a few feet away from Zen, it was obvious that what beauty she had was also heigtened in the transformation. The area above her tail was still covered by the swimsuit, though it seemed to fuse with her skin near the edge of the tail where the scales started to show.

Needless to say, Zen was shocked. He froze the moment she resurfaced and spent a moment examining her in silence. His expression was a mix of surprised and amazed.

MC looked at him worriedly and quickly said, “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner… Just… Well the last time I trusted someone outside of my family with the fact that I’m… this… it ended rather horribly.” Her voice softened near the end as she remembered the last person she trusted to tell.

Zen snapped out of his surprised stupor when she started to talk. He realized that this was the reason that she didn’t usually want to go swimming in a place with cameras as well as why she didn’t want to go public with their relationship. It spoke volumes that she trusted him this much.

“Babe…” he finally managed with a smile, adding on playfully, “This is amazing. I mean, I never imagined that I’d meet someone more gorgeous than me.”

She relaxed slightly, still subtly tense. A light laugh came out at his obvious flirting. “Oh, I wouldn’t go that far… It’s nice to finally tell someone though, I haven’t been able to have a stable conversation about it since… Well since even before I moved to Korea.”

(And this is getting kinda long so TO BE CONTINUED. ….)

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Kail said that she told Jo because he has been very supportive of her lately and they can have mature conversations and he will give her impartial advice. So it can be presumed that she didn't tell Javi because her having another child doesn't *really* affect him and he has been a real immature jerk to her lately so she just chose to avoid the topic with him cuz she didnt want his nastiness to take away the joy she has for this baby. Plus she said she didn't tell many ppl cuz she is high risk.

I can understand her not wanting to tell the world yet because she’s high risk. She should have told Javi before he found out from some random though. I think that’s the respectful thing to do with your ex husband when you got pregnant months before your divorce was even finalized 🤷🏽‍♀️

maggie sawyer was outed, and subsequently kicked out, at literally 14 years old. tiny, young, non-white maggie sawyer, was stranded by herself without a friend or supporter in the whole world save solely for her aunt. and yet she still manages to be so kind and selfless and WONDERFUL to alex danvers, who she barely knew at the time, that she was only worried about alex’s coming out not being traumatic.

the world has burned her and it has only made her stronger.


Deirdre O’Callaghan went through no end of earplugs in the five years she spent shooting The Drum Thing. Her moody photos provide a glimpse into the studios and homes of nearly 100 drummers, from Lars Ulrich of Metallica to Jack White to French, who is perhaps best known for his work with Captain Beefheart. “I’m really interested in the personality who chooses to be the drummer,” O’Callaghan says. “They sit at the back, and yet they’re driving the music.”

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Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show was a masterful performance with subtle calls for inclusion

All eyes were on Lady Gaga heading into the 2017 Super Bowl. Following yet another week of protest and unrest in Donald Trump’s America, the world was waiting to see how divisive, how political, how “satanic” she would dare to be with everyone watching — and it wasn’t even close to Beyoncé’s Black Panthers nod at Super Bowl 50 or Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech.

She did exactly what she said she would: deliver a masterful performance while continuing to offer the same message of hope, compassion and inclusion she’s been making since day one. Read more

Life and death, love and sorrow, fire and ice - the immortal twins Yin and Yang reign over all things in the world, Yin reigning over all things that comfort man and Yang ruling the things that make humanity suffer. Yet, Yang is surprisingly easier to get along with, but Yin…

“We don’t talk about Yin. For although as appealing as she and her charges may seem, even the things that bring the most comfort to the peoples of the world can be the very things that bring them down to their knees.”

What Sarah J Maas said: I started writing short novellas set in the world of ACOTAR in my spare time because I just love these characters so much and don’t want to say goodbye to their world yet.

What she really means: I write fanfiction about my own series that is canon.

She is filled with confidence
yet is still painfully shy
stronger than any metal
yet melts for every guy
She will seduce you
with the diamonds in her eyes
but never trust her words
for they’re often nothing but lies.
She has mind that screams
but her soul is rather silent
she can burn down bridges
but is never seen as violent
She puts on this mask
to protect herself from the world
for she might look like a woman
but deep down she is still a girl.
—  imnina-15 

Loitsu is the Finnish word for a spell, an incantation. Loitsu Crafts is the shop of my incredibly talented friend Renée, and how fitting it is - she came to Finland from the other side of the world, yet all of her creations sing the songs of ancient Northern magic.
And right now, her shop needs your support. Please visit LOITSU CRAFTS to help my dear witch friend.

How Buzzfeed Thinks It's Cool To Tear People Down: a response to their recent article on Taylor Swift.

Vulnerability and victimizing are two very different words, and I think you should learn how to use them. There is beauty in being vulnerable and sharing your story with the entire world. So many artists write their own songs about their personal life and relationships, yet the media only chooses to go after Taylor Swift. She’s not playing the victim, you and the media have MADE her the victim. You have been pinning her as a slut, whore, serial dater, etc., her entire career. You have been labeling her with nasty titles instead of encouraging her, a young woman with the strength to use her stories as lessons. You constantly put her down and the minute she tries to speak up, you tell her that she’s the bad guy for trying to defend herself. You look at her music as her complaining about her heart being broken. But have you ever considered to look at it as “wow, a young woman was emotionally abused and she has the strength to share her story and help other people going through the same thing”? Have you ever considered that? Have you ever considered that maybe she’s not the problem? Why don’t you write articles about the people that have hurt her? Why don’t you write about all the other women doing the same thing? Why don’t you write about male artists doing the same thing? Think about that. Think about what you’re doing. Your words reach as many people as Taylor’s music does, but your words leave a different impact. You take anything good Taylor’s done and then turn it into a crime. You look at her being a good artist and her helping people as her “befriending vulnerable fans”. I’m one of those ‘vulnerable fans’. She left me a message when I needed it most and I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. She took the time to reach out to me and help me. And after that, she took the time to watch me online and welcome me into her parents home. She doesn’t befriend us because she thinks it’s a job, she’s there for us because she cares, and she knows what it’s like to feel the lowest of lows. She’s felt that because of you. So next time you go to write a article that invalidates someone’s feelings, think again. I hope you remember that writing things like this because it’s the ‘popular thing to do’ doesn’t make it okay. If you want to criticize someone for writing about their feelings, you should criticize everyone else doing it, too. I’d keep going but I think i’m going to write an article on how Buzzfeed thinks it’s cool to tear people down.

if you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?” a stranger from the party asked as she stood with a red cup in her hand and a blank stare on her face. startled yet without a second thought, she answered, “in his arms. there’s nowhere in the world i’d rather be than in his arms.