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The Theatre

She couldn’t wait until after the performance. It did things to her when I wore a tuxedo.

We found a quiet spot away from the crowd.  In the most formal attire imaginable, her mouth colored by dark cherry lip-stain  she took my entire cock in her throat. I knew better than to go anywhere near the contouring on her cheeks and to also be careful with her perfectly-arranged hair.

Her wanton desire for me combined with the danger of getting caught turned me on like never before. It wasn’t long before her mouth and throat were engulfed with my cum. Fuck, there was so much!

She audibly swooned, accepting it all like a good girl…

I would be returning the favor in the limo.

One And Only

IMAGINE: Both Mary and John know that (Y/N) has Sherlock wrapped around her finger. Sherlock, being Sherlock refuses to believe this. Can one dance change his mind? 

[gif is not mine. a bit fluffy and ooc of sherlock (sometimes).] 

warnings: none

words: 1059

He stood there bashfully, no not bashful but just not wanting to interact with people. He was watching her, like what he did with others. He deduced her and found her fascinating, he usually wasn’t attracted to anyone, he was a lone wolf with the exception of his brother and John. Why was he suddenly feeling this way?

He saw her dance with her colleague, maybe? Or her friend? Either way he was jealous and he did not like feeling this way. Although lately he’s been feeling jealous if there was a guy anywhere near her, or who looked at her like a piece of meat. He felt possessive over her.

She was beautiful today, like any other day. She was wearing casual clothes, her hair up in a bun and a smile that graced her face. How did he get to meet her?

“Hello you.” She greeted him as she walked up to him. “What are you doing here all alone?” She gave him a hug which he hesitantly returned.

“Hello. You know me, this is a good place to observe.” He waved his hand around and gave her a small smile.

“Well, stop observing and dance with me. This is a club, you know? You dance, you socialise and you don’t deduce,” she laughed, not at him but with him. “So, come on stop it and have fun!” Her voice went a bit husky at the end and he felt unnecessary  blood flowing between his legs.

“Can I just sit here instead? I haven’t been to one of these, I don’t know what to do.”

“Alright fine,” she pouted, “but let me buy you a drink and we can socialise together.” She winked at him as she walked over to the bar.

He walked over to a free booth and sat down. ‘This place is odd.’ “She’s got you wrapped around your finger huh?” He heard John as he sat down next to him. “She’s good for you Sherlock. You both deserve each other.” Mary who sat next to him nodded enthusiastically. “See? Mary agrees with me.”

“What are you talking about?” Sherlock feigning innocence. “We are nothing but friends.”

“But friends turn into lovers Sherlock,” Mary put her input in, “and I can see the way she looks at you she feels the same way. That girl is enamoured with you.”

Sherlock couldn’t help but feel something stir inside him. ‘Well this is a weird feeling.’ “Wow, Sherlock Holmes speechless, that’s one for the books.” John teased him as he sipped his beer.

“What’s this? Sherlock being speechless?” He saw her as she tried not to tip over the beers she was holding. “Who managed to make him speechless? I want to personally meet them.” She winked at him as she slid over next to him.

‘She smells like fruit. Apple and grapefruit, not one of those really fruity smells, just the right ratio. And it smells heavenly.’  “No one’s managed to make me speechless.”

“Well, that’s sad.” She laughed along with John and Mary.

“How was your trip to the bar?” Sherlock asked, he wasn’t good at this. Never was. That’s why he stayed out of dating.

She gave him a confused look, “It was fun, I guess? I got a discount off the beers.”

He saw John silently chuckling to himself and gave him a glare. “Well, this is a great club. How did you find this?”

She shrugged, “It isn’t really a bar, more like a get together social thing.” She furrowed her brows and laughed. “I know, what a great description but that’s the best I can do. That’s why I’m friends with you, you’re great at describing things.” She winked at him and scooted closer to him.

“That’s why you’re friends with me?”

“Of course.” She linked her arms around Sherlock’s neck and nuzzled his neck. “I’m kidding. You’re a great man, there’s a lot more reasons as to why I’m friends with you but I can’t be bothered.”

Sherlock felt heat rush up to his neck and face. John raised one of his eyebrows at him. “Excuse me?” Sherlock and John’s stare were interrupted by a man. “Sorry to bother, but I was just wondering if you would like to dance?” He turned to her and offered his hand.

He saw her blush and felt jealousy creeping in again. “Sorry,” she briefly looked at Sherlock, “I’m feeling a bit tired and I just don’t feel like dancing.” She gave him one of her trademark smiles.

“Oh, okay then.” He gave her a brief grin and walked away.

Sherlock felt relieved and relaxed in his spot. The four of them talked on for about 25 minutes until she heard her favourite song. “Ladies and Gentleman now is the time to take your loved ones out to dance floor.”  The song ‘One and Only’ by Adele began.

“I love this song!” She exclaimed as she jumped out of the booth. “Dance with me please?” She held out her hand to Sherlock who had an impassive look on his face. “I always dance to this song.”

John and Mary watched the scene unfold before them. They really did think that she was perfect for Sherlock. They complimented each other, very well infact.

Sherlock felt the odd sensation in his stomach again. It felt nice. He didn’t reply to her but just took her hand and led them to the dance floor. “I thought you were tired?” He held her waist as one of her hands clutched his arm and took his other hand.

“Can I tell you a secret?” She whispered into his ear. He nodded. “I just didn’t want to dance with him, I wanted to dance with someone else.” She rested her head on his chest.

‘This feels nice. More than nice. Indescribable.’ “Who?”

“Guess. You’re good at this.” She felt his chest rumble with a silent laugh. “Figured it then did you?”

‘Yes.’ He responded with a hum. ‘I could get used to this.’ He gripped her waist a bit tighter and she hugged him tighter.

John and Mary who were still sitting in the booth both smiled at each other and raised their glasses. “Who do you think will ask first?” Mary asked her husband.

“Her.” Mary laughed and nodded. “But the first to say I love you? Him.”

hair dye [ cm x r ]

fandom : Dear Evan Hansen

by : Summer

pairing : Connor Murphy x Reader

summary : in which you and Zoe are dying your hair and try to convince Connor to dye his. 

request : “Could you write some Connor Murphy imagine where he is a virgin and the reader isn’t and it’s some smut.”

word count : 7,007

warnings : boy oh boy is this gonna be a sMUT HNNGGGFFFF, y’all can’t have a smut w/o a hella lotta sexual innuendos, cursing, mentions blood?, ooc writing, rushed writing, terrible writing in general;;,,,,,

 a / n : Inspired by when I dyed my hair and was super lazy per usual and stained my pillowcase. i’m such a sinner… Is it just me or did my writing change completely like halfway through it? idk it’s bad, sorry. Thanks for reading though. Any sort of support is sincerely respected: liking, commenting, reblogging, following, anything! Constructive criticism is always appreciated :) Much love.

“What the alien cult shit is going on?” Connor asked with a very pissed and very confused expression.

He had just walked past the bathroom when he saw his sister sitting on a chair with strands of hair sectioned off into tubes of tin foil. Y/N, his girlfriend was standing beside Zoe with purple hands. Purple? Blue? Indigo.

“It’s the devil himself,” Zoe said sarcastically.

“You little bi-”

“Zoe,” You cut off Connor rapidly, “if anything he’s a handsome devil.

“…Fuck you,” Connor mumbled, crossing his arms, and leaning against the doorframe.

“Y/N, you’re gross,” Zoe groaned. You snapped your indigo stained gloves off.

“Grossly in love,” you sang, walking over to Connor and tapping him on the nose. His scowl softened just slightly. Zoe simply groaned.

“I literally cannot have a single day without sharing you,” Zoe slapped the bathroom counter with both hands, “Y/N, you’re supposed to be my best friend. If anything, you’re like my sister and that’d be super weird to think of my sister dating my brother.”

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prompt: “oh my god! you’re in love with him!” “have you lost your fucking mind?” “did i enter an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?” “i’ve seen the way you look at me when you think i don’t notice” + “come over here and make me”

pairing: bucky x reader

word count: 1.7k+

prompt list: click here

warnings: minor swearing, confrontation

a/n: this is cute + my requests are open

“So, are you gonna tell him or should I do the deed?”

The sound of Steve’s voice snapped Y/N back to reality. She hastily tore her gaze away from the screen of her laptop, allowing it travel across the room to where the blonde super soldier was attempting to clean his shield, not even looking at her.

They were the only people in the room so he couldn’t have been talking to anyone else. Despite this, Steve’s eyes were elsewhere and his tone was so nonchalant Y/N could almost pretend she didn’t know what he meant. But she did.

She cleared her throat, lifting her laptop from her lap and pulling her legs underneath her. She balanced the device on the arm rest instead and attempted to act as though she had no clue what Steve was talking about.

“Tell who, what?” She murmured, pretending her focus was solely on the screen of her laptop even though she could already feel her heart speeding up. 

“You know damn well what I’m talking about.”

Y/N watched from the corner of her eye as Steve examined the now clean shield and propped it against the side of the sofa. He proceeded to throw his arm over the many cushions piled next to him and finally looked towards her.

When Y/N didn’t answer, Steve narrowed his eyes in nothing but annoyance. Y/N was being so damn stubborn it was slowly driving him insane.

“You’ve been avoiding him for weeks, Y/N. Every time he enters the room, you turn tomato red and make up some lame excuse about how you have to go. It’s getting kind of tiring,” Steve argued and Y/N sighed. Steve had been pestering her about her crush on Bucky for at least a month now; ever since she drunkedly told him about her feelings, he’s been urging her to confess to Bucky. The only problem was, Y/N didn’t exactly feel like making the first move. So, until the time Bucky would maybe develop a crush on her; or maybe until the time Y/N finally gained some courage, she’d stay away from him and try to repress her annoying feelings. It was a good plan and so far she’d been pretty successful at sticking to it.

“I mean, come on,” Steve continued. “He came to my room a few nights ago to ask if you were alright. He even considered the option of you being mad at him, but then he realised there was nothing he had done wrong.”

Y/N huffed in annoyance. “Just drop it, Steve.”

“I’m not gonna drop it until you finally tell him.” Steve crossed his arms over his chest, cocked one brow and looked at her expectantly. 

In response, Y/N shut her laptop closed and stared back at him venomously. 

“What the hell do you expect me to say to him, huh? It’s not that simple if you haven’t noticed.”

Oh my god! You’re in love with him, Y/N! It’s pretty fucking simple. You say three words, you kiss him, and it’s done. Dusted.”

Y/N was up on her feet in under a second.

“Are you out of your fucking mind?”

Before Steve could register what was happening, Y/N was tackling him on the sofa and clamping her hand over his mouth. Steve was mumbling something about watching her language into her palm and trying to fight her off, but Y/N had him pinned down. She wouldn’t have done it if it weren’t for the sound of footsteps coming from down the hall and she wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of the whole team knowing about her silly little crush.

“Who’s out of their mind?” 

She rolled off of Steve and pretended nothing had happened. Bruce was now in the room, and behind him was Nat and Buck. They had clearly just returned from the city; bags of purchases in their hands and Nat was explaining something to Bucky until Bruce had interrupted.

“Steve, but that’s not news to anyone,” Y/N rolled her eyes and Steve scoffed behind her. He pushed himself up and sent Y/N a warning look before walking over to Bruce.

“What did you guys do?”

He curled his finger around the top of one of the bags Bruce had set down on the chaise lounge and glanced inside. Y/N looked towards Bucky.

“A lot, lot of shopping,” Bruce answered. “We’ve been so busy lately we completely forgot to prepare for our vacation next week.”

Steve nodded in understanding. 

“There’s still a bunch of bags in the trunk. Wanna help me out?” The blonde soldier nodded and followed Bruce towards the exit.

“I’ll take my bags to my room and I’ll be right down!” Nat called after them. She gave Y/N a small smile, turned on her heel and headed in the opposite direction.

It was just Y/N and Bucky.

A moment of awkward silence ensued.

“So, what did Steve do?” Bucky asked after a while, toying with the set of keys in his hands. He was wearing jeans and a sweater, no shoes. He probably ran into Bruce and Nat in the hallway upon their return because there was no sign of shopping bags in his hands and he honestly looked like he had just woken up from a nap.

“Steve’s just… being his annoying self,” she answered with a shrug of her shoulders. Y/N slowly pushed herself up from the sofa, walked back to her previous spot and picked up her laptop. She was just about to head back to her room when Bucky’s voice stopped her.

“You’re leaving already?”

She swallowed loudly. “I guess so.”

“Come on, Y/N,” Bucky looked at her pleadingly. “We haven’t hung out in what feels like forever. You’ve been avoiding me for weeks and we haven’t spoken for longer than a minute in, what, two months?”

“I’ve just been… busy.”

Sure,” he responded, and Y/N could tell he didn’t believe her. It wasn’t a surprise. Her lie wasn’t in the least bit convincing.  

“I miss you, you know?” He told her in a voice so soft it made her insides hurt. “I miss you coming into my room at midnight to talk and just, like, watching movies and stuff. Steve hates slasher films and you know I don’t like watching them alone.”

Y/N felt the corner of her lips curling up into an amused little grin. Steve really did hate slasher movies and every time he’d walk in on Y/N and Buck watching one, he’d groan and leave the room as fast as he had entered it. 

“There we go,” Bucky chuckled. “Did I enter an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

Y/N hugged the laptop to her chest and rolled her eyes playfully.

“Oh, shut up,” she laughed, and Bucky did, too. “I don’t know, Buck. I don’t really have time for anyone lately. I’m all over the place.”

Buck’s brows knitted together and he shifted his weight from one leg to the other. 

“Really?” He asked. “Because it seems to me you have plenty of time for everyone, just not me.”

Y/N released a nervous little sigh. “It’s… complicated.”

She watched as Bucky threw the keys Nat had previously handed him onto the shelf and walked around the sofa to collapse onto it. Y/N didn’t say anything and neither did Bucky for a while. Not until she turned to leave again.

“You know, I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

Y/N stopped dead in her tracks and turned her head to look at Bucky over her shoulder. He was already staring back at her, his arms draped over the back of the sofa on either side of him, and a satisfied grin across his lips. He had her full attention and he was more than happy with that.

A second passed before Y/N turned around to face him fully. She was doing everything in her power to keep her expression neutral.

“I’ve no idea what you’re talking about,” she muttered, but she was clearly avoiding his gaze, her eyes glued to the shopping bags scattered across the floor.

“I think you do,” Bucky smirked knowingly and Y/N almost gulped. Damn, maybe she wasn’t as good at this whole repressing and hiding thing as she had initially thought. Maybe it was time to come up with a different strategy.

“You like me,” the brunette stated matter-of-factly and Y/N tried to look shocked at his assumption, she really did, but some time between Buck chuckling and her trying to gasp, failing, and ending up coughing, she only ended up looking silly. 

“No, I don’t,” she lied pathetically and Bucky laughed again. It wasn’t a mocking sort of laughter; more of a “I can’t believe how bad you are at lying” sort of laughter and Y/N felt like she had been punched in the gut.

“Yes, you do. Steve confirmed this for me, and now I know he was right.”

Y/N pretended to look annoyed. “Steve is an idiot.”

“Damn right, he is. But you like me,” he argued, and Y/N wanted to groan out loud. Her cheeks were burning red and she wanted to hide in a dark room somewhere where no one could find her.

“Shut up,” she told him, trying her best to be serious, but her pink cheeks had Bucky laughing even more. He thought she was cute, and even though Y/N tried to seem tough, with Bucky it wasn’t all that easy.

“I won’t,” Bucky challenged. “I won’t unless you come over here and make me.”

Y/N stood her ground. “I’m not coming anywhere near you because you’re a fucking imbecile.”

“An imbecile, you say? Is that what you should call the guy you’re in love with?” His left brow was cocked and the amused grin across his face was so infuriating Y/N wanted nothing more than to wipe it off of that smug little face of his. But she remained quiet and after a while Bucky stood up again. He walked towards her, and sent her a cheeky little smile.

He was just about to walk past her and leave when her voice stopped him.

“You’re not gonna let me live this down, are you?”

Bucky laughed, and the sound was both endearing and irritating at the same time.

“Not until you find the courage to ask me out on a date,” he answered casually, his left eye dropping into a teasing wink. “I’ll be in my room when you do.”

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Someone to Watch Over Me

Title:  Someone to Watch Over Me (A Bodyguard AU)

Series Masterlist (coming soon)

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Six months ago, everything changed. Widowed and alone, Dean Winchester is determined to pick himself up and move on, so he goes back to his job as a bodyguard for Singer Protective Services. His first assignment? An actress receiving death threats, an actress with an uncanny resemblance to his wife.

You don’t want protection, don’t need it. Especially from someone as cold and impersonal as Dean Winchester. You’re not afraid of a bunch of stupid death threats, you just want to be left alone to live your life.

Two people, two very different lives. Who will be the first to let the armor slip?

Characters:  Dean Winchester, Female reader, Bobby Singer, Tiny, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Georgia (OFC), Melissa (OFC-mentioned)

Word Count:  2936

Warnings: language, mentions stalking, death threats, mentions of blood

Author’s Notes: This was written for two challenges: @impala-dreamer One Prompt for All (had to be Dean x Reader, no more than 3,000 words, and the prompt: “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were trying to kill me.”) and @luci-in-trenchcoats AU & Things Challenge (I chose Bodyguard AU). I’m not gonna lie, a lot inspiration for this came from the Whitney Houston/Kevin Costner movie The Bodyguard.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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Garnet lied about Blue

When the latest batch of episodes leaked I could not for the life of me get over how different Blue Diamond was from how she seemed in The Answer. I mean look at this shit

In her story, Garnet portrayed Blue as as a calm, cold, ruthless queen who would had no issue with ordering Ruby’s death on the spot for stepping out of line, that’s a pretty far cry from the big moping blueberry that we got here.

Now you can go and say that this was before Pink Diamond was shattered, but look at Blue’s court. It’s all bluish and pinkish gems with none of any other color, and the rubies assigned to Sapphire didn’t have a diamond on their uniform to show who they were working for. This was right after Pink Died!

Now take a moment to rewatch how Garnet acted when Blue Diamond was involved. Garnet was scared, mortally terrified of Blue, to the point that she didn’t want to get anywhere near her.

Do you think someone this terrified could really have given an accurate recollection of what happened on the day she was sentenced to death?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt for a minute that Blue called for Ruby to be shattered, but I don’t think it was because Garnet broke some insane interracial love taboo. No, Blue had her sister’s murderer right there in front of her, and Sapphire had confirmed that she would face judgement…


Does this mean Blue Diamond was right to have Ruby executed? Fuck no it doesn’t, but all the same Blue here isn’t the insane, bigoted, love-hating tyrant that Garnet told us she was. She’s a deeply hurt, deeply flawed individual in a position of power struggling to hold it together after she watched her sister’s killer escape justice because a bumbling guard distracted everyone!

So yeah, she may still ordered an execution, but give Blue a break. At least half a break. This definitely was not in cold blood.

Tennessee Whiskey

Title: Tennesee Whiskey

Summary: Dean Winchester doesn’t think he can fall in love. But every time he thinks of the way he’s around her, the way she makes him smile even in the darkest of days, he starts to believe that maybe, just maybe, he’s wrong.

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count: 2315

Warnings: Hmmm. Like the tiniest bit of angst. Drinking as a coping mechanism (not healthy, but this is Dean we’re talking about, so, you know…). And fluff, guys. So much fluff.  

Author’s Notes: This is my submission for @supernatural-jackles Jen’s SPN Birthday Challenge. My sweetest friend, Jen, happy birthday (even if I’m a few days early) and thank you so much for letting me participate. I loved working on this one.

My prompt for this was a gif that’s inserted into the fic. The story is very much based on Chris Stapleton’s Tennessee Whiskey (which is the most amazing song ever and has Dean’s name all over it *cough* the glorious Jensen Ackles has covered that song and it’s a dream *cough*)

Special thank you to my twin @ravengirl94 because she is the best best-friend and writing guru in the world (and because she kept me sane these past few weeks). You’re the best, twin. 

Thank y’all for bearing with me. Enjoy <3 

Originally posted by dontlookatmeitwashim

Dean Winchester had always liked bars.

He liked the way they looked, deep mahogany booths and age-speckled lights making him feel at home in places that had seen their fair share of stories, the way that distinct scent of cigarette smoke and aged whiskey clung to his clothes afterwards, like it was a piece of him.

He liked the inverted bottles that were pressed along the walls, the beer and the whiskey and the bourbon, and the way it burnt down his throat and made him feel something, anything, on those nights he was far too numb and far too broken to believe he was alive in the first place.

Alcohol used to be Dean’s poison and fuel anyway; it cleansed the impure parts of him and kept him going when he felt like there wasn’t much to keep going for.

And then she came along.

Y/N waltzed into his life years ago, when she’d shakily shot the werewolf that had kidnapped her right in the heart, and, ever since that day, she’d somehow managed to wove herself deep into the fabric of his existence.

He didn’t even notice at first.

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Padfoot, the Big Black Dog [Sirius Black - Marauders]

💟☼💟 PROMPT 💟☼💟
☾ ¡Requested! ☾ Y/N L/N adores dogs, and when she mistakes a certain animagus as a cuddly stray, she’s in for a massive treat.
💟☼💟 A/N 💟☼💟
Hope you enjoy this, darling! This was such a nice idea, and I was so, so excited to start on it. I’m sorry you had to wait so long, but I hope the wait for worth it! If you’d like a sequel, all you have to do is ask for it when requests are opened back up, hehe. Love you! xx
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Originally posted by nellaey

WHEN Y/N’S MOM ASKED IF SHE WANTED A tabby cat for her eleventh birthday, it took all of her willpower not to flee the bloody state of England. Hogwarts had their restrictions and regulations, and according to her halfblooded mother who attended the damned school as a youth, dogs weren’t allowed. Called them “mutts"— burdens. This was an absolute outrage to Y/N and she absolutely refused to even look in the direction of those yowling daemons when she came upon them in a pet-store.

This specific memory came back to Y/N when she spotted a lounging dog—right beside the Great Lake, during her fifth-year of Hogwarts. It was a gorgeous dog, especially through her peripheral vision at this specific vantage point. Thick black fur, pointed ears relaxed back to the top of its shaggy-haired head, a long tail softly brushing back and forth on the grass.
Y/N couldn’t help but gasp. A bloody dog—in Hogwarts!

"Oh my gosh,” Y/N breathed quietly. When the dog didn’t register her voice or feel the shift of energy in the atmosphere, she supposed it had to have been sleeping. Any other animal would have shot up, stared at her with petrified anxiety, then pranced away in a flurry of fur and footfalls. This particular animal—this dog—was too preoccupied with lazing about to really reflect on anything other than the soothing trickling of the Great Lake’s waters. Even if it was conscious, it probably felt itself too comfortable to actually pay any real attention. What was there to fear, anyway? The Giant Squid?

Y/N ignored the urge to scurry down to the dog and tackle it with kisses and hugs, and in place of her passion, she called herself down enough to just stand there and stare at it. She wondered whether it was a girl or a boy—with the way it lounged, she proposed it was a boy. Yes, a boy. He was most definitely a male dog. And his name; did he even have a name, or was he really a stray, as she originally suspected? Y/N couldn’t honestly tell, and before she could protest the movement or think against her intentions, she was doing just what she originally told herself she wouldn't—shouldn't—do: scurry down the hill and attack the dog.

A great yelp escaped him the moment Y/N plopped to the ground and barreled into him. A strangled gasp came from the dog mere seconds afterward, and he began to bark with great fervor. Y/N quickly began to shush him. “McGonagall hates dogs; keep your bark down!” she whispered hurriedly, loosening her grip on his thick, furry neck. Strangely, the dog froze. To Y/N, it almost seemed as though her voice was familiar to him.

The dog jumped from her arms with a great harrumph and shook himself off. Y/N eyed him in amusement. There was something about the dog that made her just want to giggle and giggle. Was it the way he acted like the animal-version of a Marauder? Y/N supposed so, due to her strange infatuation with the group’s humor and pranks.

“Listening to me, are you?” Y/N quipped smirkingly. The dog tilted his head, amusement clear in his eyes—but Y/N didn’t notice. She thought he was her newly-acquired pet—her new companion—and quickly scooted closer.  "It’s quite alright; I appear to have that effect on all men and all animals. Not cats, though—those little beasts can go kiss a bloody hog’s arse than be anywhere near me.“

The dog let out an obnoxious snort, a cross between a bark and a laugh. Y/N eyed him with curiosity. Ignoring the part of her afraid that he was born into a pack of wolves, and would scramble her body parts into disposal bits before she could even react, she reached out a hand. "You’re so adorable,” she cooed at the dog. His fur was black like midnight, covered in a silvered gleam from the moonlight’s ominous glare. It was very soft—strange for a stray. There wasn’t a single trace of grim on him, excluding any pieces of grass that laid nimbly on his torso.

“Don’t worry,” Y/N said to him, “I’m not like McGonagall. I love dogs!” The dog beamed at her, eyes alight with pleasure as her nails massaged the bases of his ears gently. He was a very nice dog, surprisingly. Y/N expected him to bite and nip at her like any other animal she’d known. They were all rather particular about who they let scratch their bellies, and Y/N’s impatient desire to constantly pet and rub on an animal did not sit well with any of them. This dog, though, seemed to enjoy her presence.

It made her feel a bit open-hearted, and she felt she could confine anything in this dog. Maybe he could help her with her charms homework!

“Are you a magical dog?” she asked stupidly, glancing at the dog with her brow furrowed in curiosity. When the dog merely stared back at her, tongue lapping about its jaw and eyes freckled with a haze of sleepiness, Y/N grunted, “Well?”

His eyes bore into the base of her skull. She took that as a no, and she subconsciously rubbed at the temple of her cranial cavity. Part of her wondered why the dog’s eyes looked familiar, but the other part of her thought it was useless to think of the animal as anything but a dog. Y/N pursed her lips and rolled her eyes, bringing a dainty hand up to the dog’s black coat, smiling as she scratched him behind the ear.

Minutes passed with a comfortable silence filling the void. A shrill buzz lit itself in Y/N’s head and she slowly turned to look at the figure of Hogwarts just a string of yards away. She sighed. “Seems I have to go,” she said sadly. She patted the red and gold pin attached to her robes. “Prefect duties call.”

The dog watched her, and strangely, his eyes were just as alight with disappointment. He whimpered, lifting up a paw and scratching at the air. The sight made Y/N’s lips twist into a pout. Damn Lily Evans for giving me rounds this time of evening.

A sudden thought struck Y/N then, and she grinned wolfishly at her newly-found companion. “I’ll be back tomorrow! You’ll be here, right?”

The dog tilted his head. A subtle nod came from him, and to Y/N, that was answer enough.

Y/N winked. “Try not to get caught by McGonagall or Filch,” she whispered, theatrically glancing behind her with an exaggerated expression of pure terror. “I swear, their robes are made of dog fur!”

With one last grin in the dog’s direction, Y/N was off to perform her rounds. Behind her, the dog slinked off into the shadows and there, he materialized into the form of a human. A grin identical to Y/N’s was on his face, and he just knew that he wouldn’t miss their next meeting for the world.

— — —

The next day, Y/N stomped her way to the Great Lake with a scowl on her face. Her companion awaited her presence, and his chocolate eyes stared at her curiously as she came near. With an unladylike grunt, she plopped on the ground. She immediately reached out to pet on her animal friend’s nape.

Y/N scowled at the ground. “Lucius Malfoy is the absolute worst!” The dog’s gaze intensified and he pawed at her robed thigh. Y/N spared him a glance and released a sigh, knowing that was his way of asking for her to elaborate. “I heard him and his band of Death-Eater goons saying really rude shite about Gryffindors. He was being bloody nasty about the Marauders and Lily Evans. Calling them blood-traitors and mudbloods, and saying he couldn’t wait until school ended so he’d have a chance of seeing them on the battlegrounds.”

Her dog companion tilted his head in confusion. Y/N gave a mirthless chuckle. “I have a habit of sneaking around Hogwarts after curfew. Seems like that bloody git Malfoy does too. I was heading back to the common-room from the kitchens when I heard him talking. I wanted to avoid a duel with him and his idiot friends, so I hid behind that one curtain around the Room of Requirements.”

Y/N rubbed a hand over her face, then dropped it to scratch behind her dog friend’s left ear. “Hopefully Sirius and them will have planned a prank on him by the end of the week. Knowing him, it’ll be grand.”

The dog’s ears perked, and he snapped his head up at Y/N. He barked loudly and boisterously, pawing harshly at her stomach area. Y/N giggled and swatted him away. A blush was forming on her face. “Oh, you know, don’t you?” she said sheepishly. “Damned dogs, always sniffing out my secrets and crushes.”

Again, she was pawed at through her robes, this time a scratch of the dog’s claws itching her left forearm. She glared at him.“Fine, fine! I’ll tell you about it.” With a grunt and bit of effort, she settled herself into a crisscrossed sitting position and looked at the dog expectantly. He sat himself up and stared at her. Very obedient dog, Y/N thought idly before a dreamy smile overtook her face. “Oh, Sirius Black. Handsomest guy in our year. And by far the smartest, funniest, and wittiest. Some would say Remus is the intelligent one or James is the funny one, but he’s always been different for me. He hides behind these jokes and insults, but I know he’s secretly a bashful little boy, blushing when he’s praised and always knowing the right answers.”

Her dog friend scooted closer, and it honestly felt like he was hanging onto her every word. Y/N giggled like a naive schoolgirl, feeling that he was a better friend to confine in than any of her dorm-mates—bloody psychopaths. “Yeah, we’ve never really talked, though. There was this one time in second year where we were both separated from our friends on the train and decided to just sit together instead, but you know. That was a long time ago—Merlin knows if he himself even remembers it. I just—” Y/N cut herself off. She swallowed down the words she was going to say and inhaled a deep, frosted breath. “He was so sweet to me—he never looked at me like all those other girls. Like I was some game to him. Maybe I’m reading the signs wrong, but I honestly feel like he respects me.”

Her friend shuffled even closer. His snout nestled into her side. Y/N smiled. “I absolutely love it when he pulls pranks on that Slytherin lot—especially Severus sodding Snape. He is the worst bloke I have ever met, and believe me, I know a lot of gits. When he called Lily a mudblood last year, I didn’t know what to think. If I was brave like Sirius and James, I might have hexed him myself. However—”

A call that sounded identical to Marlene McKinnon’s shrill voice came from Hogwarts before Y/N could finish talking. “Y/N!”

Y/N sighed dramatically, giving an exaggerated roll of her eyes. “How unfortunate,” she muttered. “Bet she just wants me to help her write her potions essay. Bloody girl can never get Lily’s help, but apparently I have enough cowardice that I can’t deny someone in their hour of need.”


Y/N turned in the direction of Hogwarts. “YES! NOW STOP BLOODY YELLING!” She turned her attention to her friend. He was already looking and her, and his eyes were pleading that she ignore her friend and stay with him. Y/N’s heart broke just a little and she mentally threw out a curse at Filch and McGonagall for being so damned strict on pet regulations. “I’m sorry, boy. I’ll be back tomorrow, alright?”

He softly barked in reply. Y/N’s frown turned into a small smile and she rubbed his head. “Be good, okay? And don’t get caught.” With a cheeky wink, she was gone yet again.

And her dog companion was left to stare at her retreating back, wondering how he could ever reveal the truth.

— — —

Day after day after day passed, and Y/N grew into a routine of meeting the dog every evening after dinner. He was always there, just patiently waiting for her to arrive, and he listened to her rants. He growled at all the right places, and stared at her attentively, like there was a human nestled beneath all the fur and animalistic tendencies. Sometimes Y/N nicked a piece of steak and kidney pie or a roll for him, and she beamed at him when he devoured them contentedly.

One day, Y/N was going out to meet the dog several minutes later than usual. She’d been held up in detention after back-talking Slughorn into holding her back for a bit more dusting, and she was running towards the Great Hall at a faster speed than she’d like to. She was afraid to find her companion gone.

When she arrived, her heart dropped at seeing her dog companion nowhere in sight. She looked around hurriedly, face saturated in anxiety. “Boy? Boy, are you here?” She waited a few seconds, scrutinizing the scene, before her voice took a panicked edge. “Oh dear Merlin, did McGonagall make you into a fur-coat? I’m never going to Wizarding Heaven now!”

Y/N ran towards the Great Lake and she peered in. “Who am I going to gossip about Sirius Black with? Who can I bitch to about Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape? Oh, shite.” Tears were starting to fill Y/N’s eyes.

Suddenly, a throats cleared from behind her. Petrified. That’s how she felt, knowing she was no longer alone and that the one figure was a person. Slowly but surely, Y/N turned around and the person she found herself faced with was not who she was expecting. It was Sirius Black and he had an enormous grin on his face. “You know, Y/N,” he said huskily, his grin widening with each word, “you could always gossip about how gorgeous my hair is and how magnificent a prankster I am to me. Just a thought, though!”

Y/N gaped at him. She was too shocked to even flush, and so she stuck with blatantly staring at him. Finally, after what seemed like minutes of looking at him, she found herself capable of words. Well, partially. “W-What?” she squeaked.

Sirius sighed and stepped closer. “Okay,” he said slowly, “so, there is the honest possibility that the dog you were talking to about all your problems and… crushes… wasn’t actually a dog. I mean, how could a dog even make it through the barrier? You’d have better luck in chitchatting with a bloody centaur.”

Y/N raised an eyebrow. “So, what you’re saying is that you’re an Animagus?” Sirius nodded in confirmation. “Why didn’t you bloody reveal yourself sooner, then?”

Sirius sighed. “In all honesty, I was nervous about it. Hearing you… talk so openly about your feelings for me was just something I enjoyed hearing so I thought, why the hell not? I know, I know—that’s a really big invasion of privacy, and I feel really bad for it, but I like you a whole bloody lot myself, alright? So no harm, no foul—right? Is… is that how that saying goes?”

The girl rubbed a hand over her face. “Bloody hell, Sirius.”

The moment she looked back up, Sirius was directly in front of her. It was like a scene from a Jane Austen book, one she’d always dreamed of since she was a little girl. She stared at him, flinching with surprise when he ran his nimble fingers through her hair. He smiled. “You’re so beautiful, Y/N,” he murmured, then swiftly leaned down to kiss her.

There was no fireworks or explosions or anything like that involved in their kiss. Instead, what Y/N felt with Sirius was something so much more. His lips tasted like electricity, and with his sweet kiss came sparks—ones filled with passion and hurt and comfort. He felt like home—something that Y/N had never felt with anyone ever before.

When Sirius pulled back, they were both breathless and wanting more. Y/N tucked a piece of hair behind Sirius’s ear and stared at him curiously. She still had one more question. “So… you mind explaining why you turn into a big black dog?”

Sirius’s gorgeous smirk dropped into a sheepish frown. Fucking busted. “I’d rather not.”

Double Take | Part 1 | PETER PARKER X READER

Description: The reader is helping Peter with his English essay when he comes to the startling realization that his best friend is really pretty. Peter goes to Ned for advice shortly thereafter because he’s confused about his new found feeling for her.

Author’s Note: Wow, Phoebe’s back at it again with another Peter Parker fanfic. What a surprise… Anyways I hope ya’ll enjoy this and let me know if you think I should do a part 2. I got inspiration for this fic from one I read last year and liked. As always, my requests are open so feel free to send me a message with an idea for a story if you want.

Word Count: 1268

Part 2| Part 3

“Okay Peter, so the key to writing an analytical essay is to examine how certain aspects of the story make it what it is. You should always ask yourself why the author chose to do this instead of something else and how that effects the story as a whole. Get it?” (Y/N) explained, tapping her pencil against the notebook laid out in front of her.

Peter nodded slowly while jotting down some quick notes. “I think so. Can you give me an example?”

“Sure. Uhhh…” (Y/N) leaned back into her chair and started spinning slowly. “So the story To Kill A Mockingbird, it takes place in Alabama during the 30’s. The setting is really important because it adds significance to the events of Tom Robinson’s trial. That’s why Harper Lee chose that specific date and place. Okay?”

Peter put his pencil down and shut his notebook. “You’re the best English teacher I’ve ever had (Y/N),” he said with a smile.

She grinned and stood up out of her chair to stretch. “I try Parker,” (Y/N) yawned, extended her arms above her head. “Anyways I better get going. I’m supposed to have dinner with my parents’ friends tonight. How do I look?” she asked, facing Peter.

Peter swiveled in his chair and looked his best friend up and down, examining her every feature. That’s when his posture suddenly went rigid and his mind started whirling.

(Y/N) was really pretty.

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A Blue Prince To Own, Chapter 1

“Hey, Lance, why are you being so quiet? Not that we don’t enjoy it of course, it’s just strange.”

Do you even care?

“Oh, I’m fine, just tired.”

Why doesn’t anyone notice when I lie?


“God, dude, get some more sleep, you’ll be useless during a mission if you’re a walking zombie.”

I’m useless when I’m well rested.

“Hunk, help me in the lab, will you?”

“Sure, Pidge.”

You forgot about our plans so easily. Should I watch movies alone then?

“Shiro, you up for sparring?”

“Good thinking, Keith.”

Okay, I guess all the chores are left to me too, then.

“Well, I’m glad everyone’s found something to do now that the mission is over.”

No one asked me, but that’s okay.

After cleaning the healing pods, I sigh and clamber into Blue’s cockpit. She can sense my sadness because I can sense her worry and I just slink down into my chair and slowly begin to fade. I really like napping. When I’m asleep, I don’t have to be anywhere near my uncaring teammates or occupied best friend, or really reality in general.

Except, this time it’s different. I awake to the sounds of static popping in my helmet that’s a few paces away and Blue sounds panicked in my head. The blue holographic screen in the cockpit is stirring, despite me having not touched any of the controls. Why am I so calm? Maybe it’s because I’m slowly starting to not care about myself just like the rest of Voltron.

After a few minutes, it stops. Then, a person appears on the holographic screen and all I can do is jump in surprise. Even my reactions are lackluster and late. It’s an oddly human looking Galra man with long white hair and eyes that have pupils, unlike most Galra. He’s handsome, is my first thought, which is weird because he’s part of the species systematically destroying the universe but so is Keith and we fuck sometimes.

“Hey.” I say, surprised at how hazy the sound of my own voice is.

“Greetings and Salutations Blue Paladin!” The guy says excitedly with a wide grin. “It is I, Prince Lotor, heir to the Galra empire!”

I rub the sleep from my eyes with my wrist. “Neat, man. Anything you want?”

“Well, Blue Paladin, I’ve been observing you and I’ve come to proclaim my love.” He’s dressed like a royal might, with fancy purple and black clothes, embroidered expertly with golden detail. “So that you might accept my affections and come to realize your own you might be harboring for me!”

“Ay, well, that won’t exactly happen in one beat? But, hey, nothing better to do than talk to you, so.” I lazily shrug my shoulders and slink down further into my chair.

“Of course! I must make you fall for me so that we should rule the Galran empire side by side. How should I win your love, then, Blue Paladin?”

This is… kind of flattering. “I don’t know, we could get to know each other, maybe get a space Starbucks here and there. I’m tired. You’re not going to like… try and kill me so you can take my lion, right?”

His features tighten. “I should never! My father was a fool to violently and ruthlessly rule like a tyrant, thinking so moronically he could fair against Team Voltron. I seek to bring peace to repair the damage he has caused, though I fear it might never be truly fixed.” His pointy purple ears lower sadly.

“Oh. That sounds really nice. I wish you good luck, then.”

“I have been blessed by your good wishes! How long until you fall for me, Blue Paladin? How long until I at last have your love, my gem?”

Hm. I shrug again, hoping that the gesture is universal. “It depends. We just gotta talk and stuff, yanno? Like, it doesn’t happen right away, you have to work for it. Earn it. I don’t see why you think I’m special, though.”

Prince Lotor cocks his head curiously. “But, my gem, you are so beautiful, so unique, and the Blue Paladin, honored with piloting one of the five lions, tasked with defending the universe. Who wouldn’t think you are special?”

“Uh, you got it wrong.” I flush. It’s been… I’ve never really heard those types of words directed at me. I’d say it’s been a while, but no one’s this nice to me. “I’m more of an annoying, glorified errand boy, filling the place of the Blue Paladin until someone better comes along. I’m not actually skilled at anything except for screwing up.”

“Blasphemy!” He barks and I light up at his passion. “The place of a Paladin is not one that can be simply filled in! It is preserved for thousands of years and given only to those who are worthy! I’ve never met such a humble person in all my years. Do you not see how truly significant you are, Blue Paladin?”

Oh. He’s pulling all my heart strings apart. My eyes sting. “I know I’ll never be equal to my teammates, and I’m fine with it, so. I’ll just try to stay out of the way.”

“But, you…” His eyes grow sparkly and his face lovesick. “You’re perfect, Blue Paladin, with your shiny blue eyes and perfect complexion, resourcefulness and sharp shooting, even the way you can’t see any of that is gorgeous. I simply cannot wait to make you all mine.”

That in particular sends a shiver down my spine. “Uh, that’s - ”

“Ah, I must go, Blue Paladin!” Lotor exclaims urgently, waving his hand as faint sounds of footsteps sound on his end of the hologram. “Thank you for the lovely discussion, but I must bid farewell!”

“N- No problem. You can call me, Lance, though.” His face brightens with a smile just before the connection times out and Blue’s entire vessel returns to being dark.

She asks me what happened. All I can do is smile as my face goes pleasantly warm because I honestly don’t know what the fuck just happened.

chapter 2:

Okay so, I tried to keep this private last night, because I know that in no way this represents the whole of DEH stans, but I need to say this.

Last night I had the honor of seeing Dave Malloy as Pierre in Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812. Personally, it is my favorite show of the season, and the ticket was an end of term present to myself. (If you want a review of the show message me it was fantastic.)

Now, Dear Evan Hansen is in the theatre directly next to TGC. Normally that wouldn’t be an issue, but when I came out to the stage door last night, there was a handful of DEH fans who were being extremely rude and pushy to those of us standing in line for TGC. One girl wouldn’t stop getting in peoples faces talking about how TGC was going to lose, and the whole group (around 5 people from what I could see) was yelling and shouting for the 15 minutes I stood in line (I had paintings to drop off with the doorman.)

This is not what love of theatre is about. Tearing down another show, or even fans of other shows, is not the spirit of theatre. DEH is ABOUT the perils of bullying and ostracization, and to see this group of people acting so horribly made me incredibly angry.

Theatre is supposed to be a family, this is a small community, and if you are going to thrive off of being hurtful, hateful, and cruel, you don’t belong anywhere near it.

Ten Minutes Ago (Part 12)

Feysand - Cinderella au

Fic Masterlist

This is the last part! Thank you to everyone who read it and commented and reblogged and liked. I wrote this so long ago and never thought anyone would ever read it so thank you, it means a lot to me. I hope you enjoy the final installment! 

Originally posted by sissybell

Feyre must’ve fallen asleep because the next thing she knows, her glass slipper is being ripped from her arms and held above her head. She doesn’t have time to think, desperately grabbing for it as it’s pulled out of her reach.

“So you’re Princess Clare,” Amarantha sneers from the foot of Feyre’s bed, the slipper dangling from her finger precariously.

Feyre watches in horror at the scene unfolding before her. This can not be happening.

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frenchfriesareforfrenchfriends  asked:

Trimberly and Trini's little brother head canons? I feel Kim would get along with them! Gracias~

This is a good one I’m very happy to answer


-from a young age trini made sure her little brothers loved each other, so they always had a friend, whether that meant taking the blame for something mateo did to gabe, forcing them to watch the same shows, or locking them in her bathroom until they got over whatever they were fighting about

-one day the boys came home with the notion that they couldnt play fight with their older sister, because they were big and tough boys, they could hurt her. she knew it was out of love and fear of harming their older sister, so when she body slammed gabe on top of mateo, it was meant with just as much love

-shes always got the ice cream hook ups. always.

-just imagine trini at the park with one boy on either swing running back and forth to push both of them an equal amount, or judging races as both boys fly down the slides, or lowkey biting her nails off with worry as they go across the monkey bars for the zillionth time.

-they both always tease her about her height, and the only reason it bothers her is because one day her little brothers are gonna be taller than her.

-shes glad shes a power ranger so she can always take care of them, and that theyll never have to do the protecting, try as they might.

-no matter whats going on in her life, trini always makes sure to sit down with her brothers and help them with homework, seeing as shes actually super smart

-all rangers come hang out when trini is babysitting

-billy is actually the first one to meet the boys, because trini sees him as a potential role model for her brothers. that changes as soon as billy started bringing small firecrackers over 

 -when the boys meet jason, he becomes a human jungle gym. poor guys too nervous to tell them to get off, but when he looks to trini for help, for some strange reason she cant bring herself to say anything. (maybe it was all those intense training sessions. maybe.)

-trini refused to let the boys go anywhere near zack. after the billy debacle, she couldnt run the risk. her best friend finally got her to budge and he meets mateo and gabe, hes surprisingly very sweet and calm, a very pure older brother complex. (the follow him like baby ducks, and nothing makes trini more proud)

-the first time kim came over, the boys locked themselves in their room and didnt come out for a solid 30 minutes. not that trini minded of course. (“Guess all Gomez’s cant handle me, huh Trin?”)


-naturally once trini gets them out of their room, they love kim. in fact, they come up with this whole plan to get them together. like parent trap level plan.

-theyre piecing together their last shot at ‘plan krini’ when they walk into the living room at midnight to find trini pinned to the couch by kim. (obviously if you wrestle THAT much, you HAVE to be dating)

-they play power rangers, and gabe brings up that its trinis turn to play rita. kim is right by her side in a second, telling the boys it was time for dinner and holding her hand for the rest of the night, and though trini doesnt say a word, the grateful smile she gives kim says enough

-they watch movies and group snuggle on the couch. trinis head on kims lap, and both boys laying on top of trini is each of her arms, falling asleep to the sounds of wonder woman. (trini has made they boys watch it at least seventeen times)

-they totally force kim to cut their hair. one time she gave both of them matching mohawks, and trini totally flipped when she saw it. that was until she saw how happy her brothers were. (and the flowers kim had placed sporadically over her room)

-BOARD GAMES. NEVER ENDING BOARD GAMES. seriously, the boys could only watch as trini and kim played the most intense game of monopoly theyd ever seen. it lasted four hours, and they only reason they let it keep going was because they were past their bed time, which never happens.

-theres a reason they go to bed at an unrelenting time whenever trini babysits, and that totally has nothing to do with why the boys wont come over when kim is over. totally.


Games We Play (Frank Castle x Reader)

A/N: I’m alive! I know it’s been a while but every time holiday season rolls around (currently spring break/Easter) I usually get occupied with family coming to town, so sitting up on my computer isn’t really an option. I was feeling like writing some jealousy stuff so here’s my fix for that. Enjoy~ ♥

Word Count: 3574

“Frank, c’mon, this shit weighs like eighty pounds!” I was on my way over to Frank’s side of town when he asked me to bring some dog food for Max. I decided on the biggest bag I could find since I knew the man barely fed himself; who knew how long Max had gone without a decent bowl of food. He was probably getting tossed pizza crusts or whatever was left of Frank’s canned beef stew. Hell, maybe he was running on black coffee, too. I got lucky enough to visit the day his elevator was being repaired, so I had the pleasure of hauling the industrial size bag of food up four flights of stairs. I was prepared to yell and bang on his door again when it swung open, but Frank wasn’t on the other side. “U-uhh…”

“Hi! Come in,” the woman greeted, inviting me like the place was hers.

“… Thanks?” I entered skeptically, dragging the bag behind me wondering where the hell Frank was when he appeared leaving his kitchen with a glass of water and his famous chipped dark green mug; I knew what that was full of… “You’re alive after all.” At the sound of the commotion Max came from behind the couch and made his way over to me, sniffing at my feet and pawing at my legs, tail wagging at full speed.

“Hands were a bit tied,” he responded, suggestively raising his two hands.

“Well whenever you’re ready you can help me with this, barista.” I kicked his door closed as he set the drinks on the crate he used for a coffee table to grab the bag. I finally bent down and gave Max the attention he was clearly craving with a good behind the ear rub, trying to keep him from slobbering all over me. “Yes, hello to you too, handsome. Someone missed me, hm?” I patted him before returning to Frank. “Didn’t know you had company,” I spoke loud enough for only him to hear, looking at the woman now sitting at his couch drinking the glass of water.

He tossed the giant bag over his shoulder, motioning between me and her. “Y/N, this is Adrienne. Adrienne, Y/N.”

“Nice to meet you,” she said with a smile and a pleasant wave.

I returned the warmth. “Likewise. Good to see Frank’s making friends.”

“I should warn you, she thinks she’s a comedian,” Frank shouted from the kitchen. I could hear dog food pouring into a metal bowl like cereal.

Adrienne chuckled. “Actually I’ve known Frank for some time, we just never really spoke; nothing more than casual hi and byes passing through the building.”

“Oh you live here?”

“Adrienne lives two floors up.”

“Frank’s kind enough to help me out in a pinch; carrying groceries when the damn elevator’s busted like it is now, when there’s a leaky pipe that needs fixing… In fact, I was just dropping by to bring him some dinner since that’s the very least I could do.”

“So is that how you two met? Groceries and pipes?” I looked over at Frank leaving the kitchen. He leaned up against the wall and was giving me an eye I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but there was a tone of seriousness to it. I couldn’t break the stare.

Adrienne cleared her throat. “Um… A-Actually I was in some trouble on the street. Some asshole snatched my purse, ran off with it. I was lucky Frank was nearby to stop him.” I could tell she was uncomfortable, the way she was distracting herself by petting Max, redirecting all her attention to him.

I nodded slowly, eyes bouncing from her to the man still staring at me. “I see…”

“Ever since then, I’ve just been… super grateful. Honestly, he’s a gift.”

“Don’t I know it.” Frank was still staring as he scratched his head, not adding a word to the convo. I sighed. “So I just stopped by to drop this off while I run some errands; gotta get going before the bank closes.” I took my car keys from my pocket and made my way to the door.

“It was nice meeting you,” Adrienne said with a smile.

“Let me walk you out,” he finally spoke up, pushing off the wall and heading in my direction.

“Okay. You take care of yourself, Adrienne.”

He said nothing as we walked down the stairs of his building, and was still silent as he opened the car door for me to climb inside. When I started the car I rolled the window down and we stared at each other. “How much was the food?” he asked, pulling a wallet from his back pocket.

“No- Stop, c’mon. It’s nothing.” I knew no matter what I said he’d give me the money, sneak it somewhere when I wasn’t looking. He pulled a twenty from the leather wallet and tucked it in my sun visor. “Fine. I’ll take that as payment for you not telling me your elevator was being repaired.”

He nodded to himself. “I accept that. Maybe even payment for the surprise guest?”

I shrugged. “Your apartment. You’re allowed to have whoever you want over.”

“She’s a friend.”

“I must say, you’ve got a weak spot for a damsel in distress. You helped her with some guy snatching her purse. Remember how you helped me?” He stared at me, a small smile playing at his lips. I was working when Frank was sitting at the bar. There was this other guy, Mick, who was oozing booze from his pores and was starting trouble with other customers. When I tried to cut him off he started yelling at me too, even getting in my face about it and calling me outta my name once or twice. That’s when the knight in shining armor, or a dark green utility jacket, came to my rescue. “Anyway, you don’t have to explain anything to me. Enjoy your romantic dinner with your friend…”

At that he chuckled before leaning inside the window, putting a hand behind my head and kissing me. His kiss tasted like coffee but sweeter than the poison he actually drank. “You gonna call me later?”

I stared at his mouth as I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth. “Maybe. I’ll make sure it’s real late, after your crush leaves.”

He shook his head and kissed me once more. “Bye, Y/N. Put your seatbelt on.”

“Unless she plans on staying for dessert!” I called after him as he made his walk back to his apartment building.

And that wasn’t the last time I saw Adrienne. I ran into her maybe two more times while visiting Frank, but more importantly she came to my job. We were throwing a birthday party for the bar owner and I invited Frank to come keep me company while I worked the night. I didn’t expect him to show, him not being one for a large crowd, but I was surprised when he did. And I was even more surprised when he showed up with Adrienne.

“Wow, you came,” I spoke with as much enthusiasm I could muster before addressing his date. “Nice to see you again, Adrienne. How you been?”

“Busy with work. Someone thought I needed to unwind a little bit,” she said as she grinned at Frank, “so here I am.”

“Well, glad you could make it. If there’s anything you need gimme a holler.”

“Can we start with you point me to the ladies?”

I directed her to the restroom and she parted, rubbing Frank’s shoulder beforehand. I handled a few customers all while exchanging glances with Frank until I could take a minute from the chaos to talk to him. “Looks like the family’s all here. Only one missin’ is Max.”

“He had a previous engagement.”

“… Seriously, Frank? I invited you because you know this place like the back of your hand- These people! And you brought your little girlfriend here??”

“She needed a break, I offered a suggestion.”

“Not your place.” I slid a pitcher of beer across the bar and picked up the cash, looking at Frank in between counting. “Bringing her here to unwind? Let loose a little? That your plan?”

He nodded. “Yes, actually, it was.”

“Yeah? And then what?” I crossed my arms to try to calm what I felt was a flaring temper and to brace myself for whatever his response may be, but Adrienne returned and took a seat next to him. I sighed, rolling my eyes at him and looking at her. “So what’ll it be? A round of relaxation on me.”

“In that case, I’ll take a rum and coke.”

“Comin’ up. And for you, I won’t even water down the rum. Beer, Frank?”

“I’m good, thanks.”

“Nonsense. No empty hands or healthy livers on my watch.”  I noticed his jaw flex as he watched me behind the bar, as I tested him over this Adrienne thing. He brought her here, and I wasn’t going to deal with this sober or alone. I served their drinks and raised my shot of vodka for a toast. “To friends.”

“To friends,” Adrienne repeated with a smile. Frank raised his beer bottle but said nothing, eyes not leaving mine as we toasted and drank together.

The more we drank and the further the night moved along, the more comfortable Adrienne got with Frank. I couldn’t stay with them all night, as I was still technically on the clock, but as I worked I noticed how she threw herself all over him. Frank mingled with a few of the regulars that he was more familiar with and she clung to him, arm wrapped around his waist or linked in his. Even one of the other bartenders, Vanessa, asked who Frank came with, wondering if she was his girl or something.

And as much as it shouldn’t have pissed me off, the fact she managed to get him on a dancefloor just burned me up. Granted he wasn’t dancing at all; it looked more like a bodyguard standing next to a celebrity having a really good time. The fact remained I couldn’t get him to even snap a finger to a tune with me in the two years I’ve known him, let alone step anywhere near a dancefloor. I took a shot every time I felt a pang of jealousy strike me and focused on work until Adrienne came and sat at the bar alone. “Bartender! Let me get a mojito and two shots of Honey Jack.”

I grit my teeth and made her order, deciding it best not to express my annoyance at being called bartender when she knew my name. “Hey, you ever seen Frank get drunk?”

“He doesn’t drink much; a beer here and there.”

“I mean, I know he says I’m wound up but geez. Has he met himself?” I gave her a weak half smile. I didn’t want to talk about Frank, didn’t wanna be reminded of all the things I knew about him that she had no idea of. “So tell me this: what’s really goin’ on between you two? Frank tells me you two are just friends; that true?”

I shrugged, biting the inside of my cheek. “If that’s what he says then that’s what we are.”

“Then you don’t have a problem if I… ya know.” She grinned and looked over her shoulder at Frank, who was talking to one of our bouncers and looking at us. She waved before turning back at me, biting her lip. “You guys never even… Not once?”

“… Are you asking if we had sex?”

“Curious minds wanna know.”

“Curiosity gets people in trouble.” I slid the drinks at her, ready for her to leave my immediate space. “That’ll be $15.”

“$15? But I thought…”

“Oh I’m not charging for the drinks, just the sugar, lime and mint it took to make yours. The liquor’s still free; friendship discount.” I smiled and held my hand out as she stared at me before rolling her eyes and reaching into her clutch.

“Expensive limes,” she muttered under her breath.

“Only the best.”

“You can keep the change. Save it for the next time Frank needs you for a dog food run.”

“What was that?” My face fell cold as steel before she tossed me a fake smile and left. I needed something to lighten my mood before I snatched that smile from her face. I’m guessing Frank could see me gritting my teeth from across the room because soon after she left he was taking her place. “Check your girl, Frank.”

“My girl…”

“I’m two seconds from scratching her face off, I want you to know that.”

“How much have you had to drink tonight?”

“Are you listening to me? She’s disrespecting me.”

“Yeah? You haven’t been all that warm and friendly yourself.”

“Are you shitting me? I’m giving her free drinks, smiling and making nice since I met her!”

“You think any o’ that shit matters when you’re pretending?”

I shook my head and rolled my eyes. “Of course you’re defending her. She’s still that weak girl that got her purse stolen and needed you to come to her rescue.”

“What does that make you?”

“I didn’t ask you to intervene, I was handling myself just fine! And I’m asking you to intervene now for her sake- This is the last warning I’m giving either of you. Next time I’m knocking her goddamn head off-”

“-Alright,” he said as he nodded to himself and rose from the barstool. “C’mon, come take your break-”

“-Gladly.” I told Vanessa I’d be back when I followed Frank off to a corner of the bar a little further away from the party. “I tried, Frank, I did- I tried not to be bothered by her, but I am. And I’m even more bothered you actually brought her here.”

He chuckled to himself as he leaned against the wall opposite me. “What, you think I didn’t know that?”

“Then why did you do it?”

“I didn’t know I needed your permission to bring her to a public bar-”

“-Oh, fuck you. Public bar my ass- I didn’t ask you to come to the goddamn library, I asked you to come to a birthday party for friends, people we know, a place where you’re a regular.”

“So what, this is our place? S’at what you’re sayin’?”

“Can’t believe you’re being such an asshole about this-”

“-C’mon, tell me what the real problem is you have with her. What did she do that was so offensive you instantly decided not to like her from the start-”

“-Oh, stop it! This isn’t me just picking on the new girl, this is you not setting boundaries with her from the beginning. Then again we’re all friends, right? I mean, that’s what you told her, that I’m your friend? So that’s my mistake, thinking you needed to draw a line somewhere with her-”

“-Was there a conversation you and me were supposed to have somewhere along the line that I’m forgettin’?”

“I mean, I’m not expecting you to confess your love for me to the girl or anything, but shit. Friends? Really? So since we’re both your friends, that means you fuck her like you fuck me then too, right?”

“What would you like me to call you?”

“Damn, even an it’s complicated is more than just calling me a friend! At least then she’d know there was somethin’ else here instead of having to ask me if we fucked!”

“She asked you that?”

“You sound surprised.”

“What did you tell her?”

“I’m sure you guys can talk about it on the way home.”

“She shouldna asked you-”

“-Well no fucking shit, Frank! It’s none of her business!”

“It’s none of her business unless it puts her in her place right? You wouldn’t mind telling her about what we do if it made her back off me, right?”

I scoffed. “What is it, Frank? You need the both of us to kiss your ass? I didn’t peg you to be so greedy-”

“-I didn’t peg you to be so jealous.”

“Of what? Some sheep that clings onto you for dear life? I’ve never been that girl, never will be. If you wanted a leech then congrats, you got it.”

“That’s right, you’re a tough girl. Don’t need anyone, can handle everything by yourself, hm?”

“She asked if we had sex, talked to me like I was the fucking help, and you’re standing here defending her to me! You’re talkin’ to me as if I brought it on myself, like I’m the mean girl finally getting what’s due to me or some shit!”

“I can’t talk to you when you’re like this. All this liquor in you, all fired up; you won’t hear any reason at all.”

“You’re gonna try to reason with me on this? What would you like me to do, bend over and take it while she comes for my neck at my own job?”

“You know what we are, you know what we do; why does it matter what she says?”

“Clearly I don’t know if all you told her was that you and I are friends! She thinks what she does because you never told her otherwise!”

He nodded. “You’re right. I’ll tell her right now that you are the person I, what? Think of as more than a friend, fuck somewhat often, but wouldn’t call my girlfriend because that’s not a step I’m ready to take just yet. That sum it up?”

I shrugged. “Works fine for me.” I stared at him to let him know I was serious when he shook his head and a smile started to break on his face, and when Frank smiled it was incredibly contagious. “I’m serious!”

“I know, which is what makes this even more ridiculous. You’re unbelievable.”

“Wait ‘til you see me when my claws come out…”

“Nah nah, no need for any o’ that. I’ll talk to her.”

“You’ll talk to her?”

“Yes, yes yes. I’d hate to have to protect her from you.”

“Yeah, I bet. You thought a mugger and a drunk were trouble; you haven’t seen two women going at it over Frank Castle.”

“Wasn’t aware I was so much of a prize.”

“Ugh, geez. Don’t flatter yourself.” I rolled my eyes and made my way back to the bar but he took my arm in his hand, pulling me in front of him. “Don’t worry that shaved head of yours.”

“You calmed down?”

“Yeah yeah, I calmed down, I’m good.”

“Good. And no more drinkin’ tonight.”

“You cuttin’ me off?”

“Someone has to.”

“Lookin’ out for me again… You just can’t help yourself, can you?” I asked as I moved closer to him, hooking my index fingers through the belt loops of his jeans.

“I can’t let you do anything too damaging to that perfect image you’ve made for yourself. What kinda man would that make me?”

“A very bad one.”

“How bad?” His voice dropped low enough for only me to hear, and as I caught a glimpse over his shoulder I noticed a certain someone staring holes into us. My eyes connected with his; I wonder if he could sense the more sinister side of me behind them.

“Just awful. Kinda bad you have nightmares about.”

“Can’t have that now, can we?”

“No we can not,” I whispered before taking his bottom lip between my teeth. “Come over my place tonight,” I spoke after standing on my tiptoes to talk directly in his ear over the music.

“Thought you didn’t like leaving Max alone?”

“Well I feel a lot better knowing he has more than enough food to last a lifetime, thanks to me. I think I need taking care of myself tonight…”

“Tell you what: you stop drinkin’ now, I’ll come over later.”

“You’re gonna come over regardless. You can’t pass an opportunity to take care of me.”

“You takin’ advantage?”

“Oh, absolutely,” I said devilishly before grabbing the sides of his face and pulling him down for a kiss, not caring who saw and knowing one person in particular was eyeing the show. His hands found my waist and gripped firmly, which was unusual behavior for Frank; he wasn’t one for much PDA. If I decided to be a little frisky with him in public he gave me his usual stern look as he shook his head, neither encouraging or stopping me. Funny, maybe this was Frank with a few beers in him.

I had no complaints. And when I pulled away from him and caught Adrienne enjoying the view I gave her a wink. “Maybe you won’t have to talk to her after all…”

He looked over his shoulder and caught her quickly looking away, suddenly chatting it up with one of the bartenders. “I’m sure that wasn’t calculated at all.”

“If I learned anything about calculated moves it’d be from you.” I kissed his jaw once more before walking away, feeling recharged and ready to finish working so I could get home and cap off the night with Frank. On my way back to the party I passed Adrienne as she clearly avoided looking at me. “You enjoy the rest of your night, sweetheart,” I whispered in her ear, my cattier nature getting the best of me for the night.

Check and mate.

Kitten: Part 2

Hi! I’m sorry to say there is no smut in this part but lots of fluffy bonding, I hope you like it! I don’t really plan on doing a part 3 but if I think of one I’ll definitely do write it! Please let me know how you all feel about it!

“We have a guest,” Kyungsoo groans, but he doesn’t move away from where we are tangled together on the large couch in his living room. I hum snuggling deeper into his side, not to happy about the idea of him getting up either. I’m completely exhausted from the hours of, um, activities with Kyungsoo. There is a knock on the door, we both glance at it. “Go away,” He snarls without hesitation.

“Hyung,” A familiar voice whines. I sniff the air and recognize the scent of the pale man I had seen the night before. “You owe me something for leading you to your mate.”

“You are lucky you aren’t dead.”

“Does it help if I say it’s work related?”

Kyungsoo scoffs, “You don’t work.”

“I’m coming in!” The younger announces, stupidly ignoring the horrifiying growl coming from his hyung. The door opens revealing the hot blonde I was expecting but in a neat suit compared to the shredded outfit from before. I click my tongue, he cleans up nice.

“Do you have a death wish?” Kyungsoo snarls, shifting slightly so I’m pressed up against the back of the couch, hidden from his brother.

The younger coughs awkwardly, “Sorry, I didn’t know you guys were naked.”

“What the hell do you want?”

“I just wanted to check in, the others were curious and you weren’t answering your phone…”

“Don’t you think there was a reason I was ignoring you?”

The younger huffs, “You never have very good reasons.”

“I have very important things to be doing!”

I chuckle, shoving Kyungsoo off me a bit to pop my head over the edge to smile at the blushing man, “Hello again.”

He jumps back a bit, “Um…Hello.”

“I’m the very important thing incase you were wondering,” I muse with a glance over my shoulder at a frowning Kyungsoo. “Why are you pouting?”

“I want him gone.”

“He’s your younger brother, stop being so hostile Kyungsoo. We can’t just block out the whole world.”

“He tried,” The brother muses. “Called into work, took all week off, turned off his phone, put extra security around the building, he really tried.”

“Yet here you are,” Kyungsoo snarls once again. “I figured you would have gotten the hint that I want some alone time with my mate.”

“Is he always like this?” I ask his brother.

He nods, “Yea but this is a bit more extreme than usual and you can assume why.”

“An unmated alpha in the room with a naked omega, I can understand.”

“That reminds me, the others want to meet her,” He scratches the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Not a chance in hell,” Kyungsoo deadpans.

“Who are the others?” I whine at Kyungsoo, “Why can’t meet them?”

His eyes shift to me and automatically soften, “Because Kitten, I don’t want those dirty wolves anywhere near you. At least not for awhile, I want to keep you all to myself for as long as I can.”

“You can’t just keep me locked in here.”

He chuckles, “Says who?”

“Kyungsoo,” I warn.

“Okay, Kitten I’m just kidding. At least, sort of… That reminds me we need to talk about a few things. You,” He looks back to his brother, “You need to leave.”

His brother his whole time has been watching our interaction with wide eyes, “She called you by your name… no oppa or ssi… no formal speaking at all… how old is she?”

“I’m 23!” I answer happily.

His jaw drops, pointing a finger at me and stomping his feet, he looks like an upset child, “And you don’t speak formally to me either!”

I look to Kyungsoo confused, “What’s the big deal? He can’t be that much older than me, can he?”

My mate chuckles, “He is almost 900 years old.”

“What?!” I yell, nearly jumping to my feet if not for his arm around my waist. “Than how old are you?”

“Use that brain of yours, you are a smart little kitten. You know a lot about our politics and rules, how old could I be?”

My jaw drops, “To be a council member you have to at least be… 800 years old…”

“My smart kitten,” He muses, rubbing our noses together before nosing along my jaw to my neck.

“This is making me sick,” The brother pretends to throw up.

Kyungsoo glares at him, “Than go. I’ll consider taking her to the pack house later this week but for now, I’m keeping her here.”

“Fine. But if Chanyeol hyung pops up and mobs the girl in excitement, I warned you.” He turns back and grips the door handle, “One last thing, they need your signature on a few things before today is over.”

Kyungsoo groans, “Why didn’t you just bring them with you?”

“I forgot.”

The next roar has the younger scrambling out the door, I chuckle as he goes. My mate groans once again, shifting himself closer to me and burying his face into my neck. My fingers tangle through his hair, “So what are these things we need to talk about?”

“How about we talk over breakfast? I can’t have you starving on my watch,” He kisses me softly before standing up, leaving the blanket with me, confident in his naked existence. I watch him disappear down a hallway and emerge a few minutes later wearing a pair of black boxers with a shirt in his hand. “Arms up,” He commands softly, even though he didn’t use his alpha voice I quickly obey and throw my hands above my head so he can slide the shirt on for me. It’s obviously his, I crawl over the back of the couch to follow him into the kitchen, noticing how the hem of the shirt reached my mid thigh. His wolf notices to and purrs in approval.

“What’s for breakfast?” I plop down in one the tall chairs at the breakfast bar.

“Nothing too fancy, eggs, toast and fruit sound okay?” He pulls out a fry pan and some eggs from the fridge.

I nod, “Better than what I usually eat. Do you need any help with anything?”

He hums eyeing up the knife block on the back counter, “How good are you with knives?”

“I have worked in a kitchen before, I know my way around them, what do you need me to cut?”

“There is a watermelon in the fridge, if you want to grab the cutting board from under the middle cabinet, I’ll grab the melon.”

I jump up from my seat and find the cutting board in seconds, taking note of all of his fancy pans and appliances. “You cook a lot don’t you?” I question once I have my station set up, a large knife in my hand. He sets the decent sized melon in front of me before quickly rushing back to the stove where the eggs are cooking.

“I find it relaxing.”

I hum as I quickly chop the melon into triangles. It doesn’t take him long to finish the eggs and grab a few slices of bread. It all feels weird, so domestic, like we’ve done this a million times before. My heart flutters in my chest, something he quickly notices, he stops and looks at me with concern in his eyes.

“Are you okay?”

I smile up at him, throwing my arms around his neck and kissing those beautiful lips softly, “I’m completely over the moon.”

He fights with himself to pull away from the kiss, “Eat first. I know were tigers are strong but you need to eat.” He pulls me back to where I was sitting before, placing a plate with two fried eggs, a slice of bread, and a couple slices of watermelon, he stares at me expectantly.

“You eat too.” It only takes him a moment to make his own plate and take the spot next to me. We eat for a few minutes in silence, just enjoying the others company when I remember, “So what are these things we need to talk about?”

“Well firstly I would like to apologize for being such an ass last night. As an older man I should have been in control of my wolf and should have stopped myself from basically kidnapping you last night.”

I shrug, “I went willingly. There is no need to apologize. No matter how old you are, you got excited when you saw me, I get it. My friend’s mate was no different when they met.”

He nods, obviously thankful for my understanding, “So I wanted to ask you a few questions that I should have asked last night. Like what is your surname?”

I chuckle realizing we really haven’t done a proper introduction, I turn to him with my hand out, “Kim, Kin Eunbi, and you are?”

“Do Kyungsoo,” He shakes my hand with a small smile.

“Well Kyungsoo, as an old man what do you do? Seems like it will be important.”

He nods, “I am the head of the Do group. CEO Do industries.”

I click my tongue, “Wow, my mate is pretty damn impressive.”

“And you are a dancer?”

“Lets not talk about me now, my life just looks sad compared to yours.”

“I have had a long time to get my life together, you are still just a little kitten. You have plenty of time to grow.”

“Thanks for inspirational words. Next question.”

“Of course, I hope you don’t mind my asking but about your ears…” He stares at them for a moment, I forgot that my wig had fallen off last night. My hands automatically go up to caress the soft fur. He watches me, his hand twitches in his lap making me chuckle.

“You can touch them,” I lean my head towards him. He is hesitant at first but once I lean closer he lets one hand graze them slightly. A purr begins to go off in my chest as his fingers gently caress one of my ears. “When I was little something happened to one of my human ears and I got scared and was only able to partially transform at the time, hence cat ears. I have tried getting them back to normal but I can’t so I just wear wigs to get people to stop staring,” I shrug.

He hums, staring at them with some kind of adoration in his eyes.

“Any other questions?”

“I was wondering about how you wanted to do things after today,” He looks down at his food, suddenly bashful.

“What do you mean?” I frown, thrown by the question. He made if very clear last night and this morning that there is no if, ands, or buts, about it, we are mates. Did he not want me as a mate? Did he want me to leave or something?

“What I said earlier, about keeping you here all week, I don’t want that-”

My heart stops. I can’t my mouth to open, I just stare at him, is he rejecting me?

He gives me a side glance when my breath hitches, “Please don’t be mad, it’s just how wolves are. We are possessive creatures when it comes to our mates. If you don’t want to move in that’s-“

“Wait a minute, move in? I thought you were going to kick me out!” I snarl, ready to murder him for giving me a heart attack.

“No, no, no, of course not!”

“Well you just said you don’t want to keep my here all week.”

“I want to keep you here forever!”

“Oh.” Now I feel like an idiot.

“I just don’t know how to say it without sounding like some crazy obsessive beast.”

“How about saying, ‘hey, we are mates, how about you move in since we are destined to be together forever anyway?’”

He pouts, “I didn’t know how well over that would go.”

“Well better than sounding like you were trying to get rid of me.”

He turns to me, “I would never try to get rid of you Kitten, understand? We are mates, you are going to be lucky to get away from me at all, okay?”

“I understand.”

“Good,” He kisses the top of my head. “So is that a yes?”

“I need to talk to my roommate first. I’m 100% sure her boyfriend would take over my half of the rent but I also want to let her know that I didn’t die.”

“We don’t have to go today,” He almost whines.

“Soo,” I warn when his hand slides up my thigh, “If we don’t her and her boyfriend are going to go to all alpha and murder someone trying to find me.”

He sighs, “Fine.”

“Now the only probably is I need some clothes since mine aren’t even whole enough to be consider clothes anymore, not that they were much before.”

“Just wear mine.”

I shrug.

He goes back into his room while I finish my breakfast, I’m not surprised that his plate is already empty, freaking wolves. He returns five minutes later in another nice suit with a pair of sweatpants in his hand.

I groan at the sight of him, “Why do you get to look so hot while I look like a bum?”

“I have to stop at my office on our way back so the suit is required. Plus I love the idea of you wearing my clothes everywhere,” He hums coming to stand in front of me. His hands rest on the breakfast bar, locking me in place, “Tells everyone who you belong to.”

I have to bite my lip to keep myself from whimpering. I push him away with all of my strength, only getting him a foot or two away, “We don’t have tome to go another round right now.”

He straightens his suit and clears his throat awkwardly, a pink hue gracing his cheeks, “You are very right. We should get going.” He hands me the pants, allowing me to pull them on myself. His eyes scan the doorway and down the hall, “Where are your shoes?”

I scoff, “I didn’t have any. I was being dragged along barefoot.”

Without a word he scoops me up bridal style and carries me out of the apartment. We take same path as last night, down the hallway, down the elevator and into the, I’m assuming, private garage. He gently places me in the passenger’s side seat before closing the door and going to his own door, grumbling something under his breath.

“What was that sir?” I raise a brow at him as he begins driving.

“I’m damning myself to the lowest part of hell for being too angry to even realize that you didn’t have shoes on last night. I pulled you across that dirty club floor and parking lot, there could have been anything on that floor! Glass, needles, vomit, anything!”

I laugh, “You worry way too much.” I place a hand on his thigh, “Kyungsoo I’m fine. I can handle walking barefoot, it’s actually what I prefer, you know basically being a cat and all. Now lets for get about it and turn here!” I frantically point to the left, realizing he has no idea where I live. I feel like we’ve known each other forever, not that we just met last night. He turns and listens quietly as I babble on, giving him directions as needed. You can tell the moment we switch to the slum of Seoul. I sense his anxiety rising, noting his hands tight grip on the wheel but choose to ignore it. I know I live in a dangerous area for a small girl but it’s all my friend and I could afford so I didn’t have much of an option. When we pull up to my building Kyungsoo is fuming.

“You live here?” His distaste and concern is written all over his face.

I sigh, “Yes, I know it’s shitty but it’s all I can afford, now do you want to stay in the car or-“

“You don’t think I’m letting you go in there alone do you?”

“Of course not,” I roll my eyes, “It’s not like I haven’t been doing it for the last three years.” He climbs out faster than me and once again picks me up like a princess. He carries me up the three flights of stairs and down the dirty hall littered with trash, his nose scrunched up in disgust. It only gets worse when we reach my door and I stretch my hand out to knock only to get pulled away right away after. Kyungsoo snarls, his teeth bared, eyes fixed on the door, his arms around me tighten. “Whoa there boy what’s with the teeth?”

His eyes glow red, “There is another alpha inside. The whole place reeks of him.”

“It’s-” The door rips open revealing another snarling alpha, this one a bit more familiar. “Yongguk oppa!” The other alpha’s eyes scan the situation in front of him for a  moment before yet another alpha appears, this one smaller, “Hyorin!”

“Eunbi!” My friend yells happily, reaching for me only to be pulled away by her mate. “Ya!”

“Who the hell are you?” Yongguk snarls.

“I was about to ask you the same thing. Heel mutt,” Kyungsoo seethes back, his eyes glowing more intense. Two alphas seem to enter a trance automatically going down on one knee and tilt their heads to the side, bearing their necks.

“What in the world is going on?” I demand, slapping Kyungsoo’s chest lightly.

“It’s a trick you pick up as an older alpha, you can make younger or weaker wolves submit without fighting.”

“Well stop. This is my roommate, and best friend, Hyorin, and her mate Yongguk. They are both very nice people.”

He growls again, “His scent is all over this place.”

“Yea, it’s how we keep other alphas away, Yongguk is pretty strong, at least I thought he was, he has helped me out a lot so stop this.”

“Fine,” He grumbles, he stops growling allowing his eyes to go back to normal ad allowing my friends to snap out of their trance. Hyorin shakes herself out of it before glaring at Soo, she reaches for me but once again I’m pulled away. “No touching.”

“Soo,” I whine kicking my legs, “Let me down.”

“Bi, you going to explain who this strange wolf carrying you is?” She questions.

“Oh yea! Oppa, Hyorin, this is my mate Kyungsoo. We met last night at the club.”

Hyorin nods, “And also broke a bouncer’s hand.”

“Yea he did…”

Soo pouts, “It’s because he was going to take you away.”

“I know, don’t worry, it’ll be fine.”

“So, mate?” Yongguk eyes the older man up.

“Does this mean you are going to move out?” My friend pouts.

“Yea, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize,” Her mate smiles, “I can finally get her to move in with me and you both can get out of this dump.”

“Great, now that all of that is settled, grab your things so we can go,” Kyungsoo finally puts me down past the thresh hold.

“What’s the rush?” Hyo muses, wrapping an arm around me almost possessively. “I would like to get to know the man who swooped up my best friend. You are an old powerful alpha from what I can tell, who exactly are you?”

He doesn’t answer, just glowers at her.

“Do Kyungsoo,” I answer.

Her eyes go wide, both her and Yongguk take two large steps away from me. “Do Kyungsoo? As in the councilmen?”

“Yes?” I look at him confused, “How big of a deal is that for other wolves?”

“Bi! You aren’t speaking formally to him! What the hell?” She warns, full of panic.


“It’s a big deal to other wolves but please don’t worry about it,” He admits but shrugs it off. “Now please gather your things. Are you going to need help?”

“No, I don’t have much. You should come along anyway,” I hold my hand out to him, which he quickly takes. I lead him through the small apartment into my tiny bedroom which only has room for a twin sized bed and a dresser. I grab my only large duffle bag and begin cleaning out my drawers.

“How long have you know them?” He asks suddenly. I turn around to see him sitting on the edge of my bed, his eyes fixated on me like usual.

“Um, for about six years now. I met Hyorin in high school and she met Oppa right after we graduated.”

“You seem really close.”

I nod, “We were all we really had at the time.”

“What about your family?”

I sigh and run my fingers through my hair, “My dad, who is a were, hooked up with my mom and ran away right after she found out she was pregnant with me. My mom took care of me until the whole thing with my ears happened. She didn’t want to be know as the woman with the freak child so she gave me up when I was about 5. After that I went to a home for were children and I just kind of took care of myself after that.”

He is right behind me in a second, his arms wrapping around me tightly, pulling me into a soothing hug, “I’m so sorry Kitten.”

I shrug, “I’m over it now.”

He kisses my shoulder a few times before licking the bite mark on my neck, “You will never have to deal with things like that again.”

“I know,” I turn around in his embrace and kiss his lovely lips softly, “Thank you.”


“Wow,” I whistle at the sight of the massive building across the plaza. “That’s yours?”

He nods proudly, “My office is on the top floor. Over there,” He points to another skyscraper on the left, “Is Kim Industries. They are our partners and pack members. Than over there on the right is Wu, our Chines pack members. Behind them is Park.”

“All of them are part of your pack?”

“Yes, the Wu’s have four sons, Park two, Kim also four, and that leaves Do with two also.”

“So the twelve men in the council are you and your friends?”

“Yes, now do you want to come in with me?” He offers but looking down at my outfit I grimace and shake my head. I changed at my place but my outfit probably doesn’t fit the requirements to go inside, even with the boss on my arm.

“Next time I’ll wear something more appropriate so you can show me off without me feeling like an idiot.”

He chuckles, “You look absolutely beautiful.” His eyes scan over my pale blue jean and ratty black t-shirt down to my black heels and looks at me with so much adoration I feel like I’m wearing a ball gown with a full face a makeup.

“Thanks Soo but I’m just going to wander around the plaza for a few minutes, stretch my legs and enjoy some fresh air before we get home and lock ourselves in again,” I smirk at how his breath hitches and his eyes flash red.

“I’ll be back as fast as possible,” We both get out of the car, he walks with me to the center of the plaza but I shoo him away to do his work. He is hesitant to go but after a few kisses and a kick to the butt I get him going. The minute he is gone I feel eyes on me. I am out of place in the business centric plaza but I ignore the looks and begin to take a small stroll around the area. My eyes scan over the tall building that belongs to one of his pack members, Kim, I believe, before wandering over to Wu and even glancing back at Park. I thought they would all be the same boring inside but each has their own style, ranging from modern to classic to edgy. I feel tempted to wander inside but from the dirty looks I’m getting from the receptionists through the glass I have a feeling I’m not welcomed. Staring up at the top of Soo’s building I wonder if he’s watching me now or if he’s focused on work. I don’t feel the tingling down my back like I usually do when he stares so I go with the latter. So distracted by my thoughts I don’t notice the man on his phone walking my way until we are slamming into each other.

“Sorry,” I mumble stepping away quickly, noting it’s another wolf and don’t want his scent anywhere near me.

“Bi?” A familiar voice muses.

I look up and automatically grimace at the sight of an old customer, “Hello Jay.”

“What are you doing here?” He grins wide at me, completely ignoring my obvious distaste for him. We ended our client dancer association after I found out he was mated to a pretty little wolf, actually I ended it after she came to the club bawling. The alpha didn’t seem phased by his mate’s tears, he makes me feel disgusted with myself for not seeing his asshole ways earlier.

“I’m waiting for my mate,” I answer sharply.

He sniffs me, “Do I smell a wolf on you?”

“Yes,” I grit out between my teeth when he takes a step closer. Forcing me back a few more. “He should be back soon so get out of here. We are no longer acquaintances.”

“I would say we were more than acquaintances.”

“No. You were my customer until I banned you from the club, now we are nothing. Got it? I have a mate.”

He rolls his eyes at me, “Cats don’t have mates, you know that. It’s a wolf thing. Who is this wolf you fucking? Is he good? I thought you wouldn’t do it with a wolf? Are you expanding your clientele? Could I get a little taste?” He winks at me, making me feel sick, “How much?”

I growl at him, “No. I have never had sex for money, we both know that. Remember all the times I turned your nasty ass down? I have a mate now so I will be finding a different job so mind your own god damn business and get on with your life.”

“You can’t talk to me like that you little-” He is cut off by a horrifying snarl from over my shoulder. An arm wraps around my shoulders, it’s a tall handsome man with sharp features, his teeth bared at the man who had been yelling at me. Jay gulps but tries to put on a brave face, “Back off man I’m talking to the bitch.”

Another man appears, this one just as tall with bags under his fierce eyes, “Watch your mouth mutt,” He snarls. His hand is on the back of Jay’s neck, squeezing until Jay yelps in pain and drops to his knees. “Apologize. Now.”

“Who the hell are you guys?” Jay whimpers. I realize more attractive men in suits have surrounded us, each looking absolutely pissed, eyes glowing red, fangs peeking out from their upper lips. Even with their deadly aura I feel completely safe under this man’s arm. Not as warm and safe as I feel with Soo but it’s similar. I notice one familiar face.

“Do you really need to ask?” The man holding on to me growls.

Jay studies them for a moment, his face pales, confirming my thoughts.

“You are the council,” We both mumble together.

“Yes. Now I’ll say it one more time before I rip your head off for attacking a council member’s mate. Apologize.”

Jay presses his forehead to the ground, crying loudly, apologizing just as loudly. I roll my eyes, what a bitch. I sigh and look up at the one hanging on me, “If I threaten him will you back me up?”

He chuckles, “Happily.”

I smirk as I crouch down closer to where Jay is bawling. Feeling brave I tap the back of his head, “Stop your bawling and look at me.” He slowly obeys, only peeking up at me, “I will forgive you on one condition.”

Jay nods eagerly.

“Stop being a piece of shit. IF I hear tat you cheated on your mate one more fucking time I will murder you. She did nothing to deserve your shit. I have known my mate for under 24 hours and it destroys me to think about doing that to him or him doing that to me. So get a fucking heart, okay?”

He nods.

“Good, now scram.”

Jay is on his feet rushing away faster than I ever thought possible, leaving me with the eleven men who came to my rescue. I bow to them deeply, “Thank you.”

The tallest chuckles, “Doesn’t really look like you needed us.”

I shrug, “It’s always good to have some muscle.”

“So you are our Kyungsoo’s mate,” Another tall one hums, this one has much softer, even child like features.

“Yes, you are his pack.”

“Yes, we are.”

“You must be head alpha,” I note, staring down the tallest.

“I’m Kris Wu,” He bows his head slightly. “How could you tell?”

“You have this thing about you, screams head alpha.”

“I take it you are a were cat,” Another speaks, this one looks young but carries himself like an older man, and by the way the others separate for him I’m going with much older.

“Tiger,” I point out, flashing my blue eyes.

“Those are interesting,” He muses coming closer to get a better look at my ears. I move them slightly making him jump back like a child. Three others come closer to stare at them as well.

“I’m Eunbi by the way,” I smile at them.


“I’m Chanyeol!”


“Jongdae,” One with a Cheshire like grin bows his head. I scan the other six who have yet to say a word.

“I already know you,” I smirk at the blond man slowly creeping up.

“There you go again,” He huffs.

“You are the only one who seems to have a problem with it.”

“What?” Baekhyun glances between us confused.

“See Baekhyun doesn’t even notice it.”

“That’s not an excuse!”

“Sehun what are you whining about now?” Kyungsoo finally appears. I beam at him and rush over into his open arms.

“Soo,” I playfully whine, casting a glare at Sehun, “Sehunnie is being mean.”

“I am not!”

“He is the youngest isn’t he?” I suddenly realize why it must be bugging him.

“How can you tell?” A pretty doe eyed man snorts.

“Is he always this childish?”

The man nods, before narrowing his eyes on me, not in a pissed way, more amused than anything, “Oh.”

“There you go,” I chuckle.

“What?” Baekhyun joins in on the whining.

“Come on Baekhyun, you can figure it out,” I stare at him for another moment before his jaw drops.


“Oh?” Sehun pouts. “She just gets an oh? No scolding or punishment? You guys would murder me if I did that!”

The others slowly catch on, Kris is chuckling at the realization, “How the hell did I not realize she was speaking informally?”

“How old are you?” Minseok questions with the same amusement.

“23,” Soo and I both respond.

“She is going to fit in well here,” Kris sighs.

“Fit in?” I look to Soo confused.

“As my mate, you are now part of our pack,” He kisses my temple.

“So that’s why all of you came rushing over, to help a pack member?”

Kris nods, “Since you are a mate the protectiveness we feel will be more intense until the rest of us find mates.”

“Wow none of you have mates? Aren’t you all really old?”

The pretty man chuckles, “You sure are something.”

Kyungsoo wraps his arms around me tight, “Yes, you sure are. You are all mine, little kitten.”

“Enough of that mushy stuff,” A tan man grimaces at us.

“Jongin is just mad he doesn’t have mate do that with,” A sweet man glares at the younger.

“You are too Yixing hyung.”

“Okay guys that’s enough,” Another calms the two, “I’m Suho, second in command, it’s nice to meet you.” The man tries to shake my hand but Soo pulling me away makes him roll his eyes. The other’s all come forward, greeting me with big smiles and attempts at hugs but stop when Kyungsoo begins kicking them away. I just chuckle as they cause a massive amount of chaos in the plaza, causing people to run away.

“As alpha of the pack,” Kris says gaining everyone’s attention, he smirks at me, “I’m happy to welcome you to the pack, Kitten,”

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I’m watching Grace and Frankie and Frankie says “my gynecologist says that you shouldn’t put anything in your vagina that you wouldn’t put in your mouth” and that she makes her own yam personal lubricant. Now, I’m all for good organic lube but when I googled this I came up with a bunch of recipes for lubricant that included things like honey and other sweet edibles. Which leads me to this reminder:

Do not put anything with sugars near your vulva! That is how you get infections because things like yeast and bacteria feed on it. Be careful when using food in your sex play because you don’t want to be getting many foods near vulvas. Do your research before you pull up a DIY and put it anywhere near your genitals.

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Do you have any Faberry or Bechloe fic recs? You write amazing fanfiction, so I imagine you probably also have good taste in them :D

aw thank you so much! as luck would have it… I do have fic recs for both of those ships! And, well, of course I think of myself as having good taste in fics ;)

I have made a few faberry fic recs in the past, and unfortunately, I haven’t found many more fics with them since then? Granted, I haven’t been as much in a faberry-heavy mood for a few months, so… yeah the fic rec lists are the same. You can find them  here and here.

As for bechloe… okay, well the majority of my favorite Bechloe fics are shorter stories/oneshots (which i believe is the majority of stories i’ve really seen) but granted, I haven’t gone through this entire fandom and scoured for fics like i have for faberry. 

Okay, so without farther adieu:

Bechloe Fic Recs

By Redlance

Experimentation - So, about that one little regret… (aka canon divergent from the second movie and Chloe’s tent confession also known as the slowest burn to ever burn)

this is like the classic quintessential bechloe fic, let’s be real. i’m sure you’ve already read it, but… the hands down best bechloe fic i’ve ever seen.

Exception - Chloe is Beca’s exception to most of the rules she’s set herself in life. Which isn’t anywhere near as difficult for Beca to accept as it should be.

Sure Would Be Prettier - There’s an entire world out there for Beca to see, and she does. It’s filled with beauty and music and wonder, and it’s all pretty breath-taking. But there’s always something missing.

By wherehopelies -

You Still Make Sense to Me (Your Mess Is Mine) - “Chloe fills up all of the spaces inside her that she didn’t even know existed until Chloe was there.“orrrrr the one where it takes a fake-engagement and being domestic as hell for these two idiots to realize they’re in love. Set two years after PP2 and mostly canon compliant. Title taken from Vance Joy’s "Mess is Mine”

By Care -

The Sexual Implications of Teleportation - The first time is a complete freak accident.

eliminate the distance between us - Senior year isn’t really going the way Beca thought it would.A Pitch Perfect 2 AU.

You Know Her Breath Will Catch And How Her Fingers Curl - If someone had asked Beca at the end of her freshman year whose idea it would be to do a Bellas reunion tour, she would have sworn up and down that it would be Aubrey’s.

By gilligankane -

reality is a sliding door - There is a theory: every person has a moment in their life where they make a choice to go left or right. From those possibilities, two parallel lines form, running alongside each other; two concurrent realities. Parallel lines never cross; they run forever next to each other without ever meeting.In one world, Beca Mitchell joins the Barden Bellas.In another world, she wasn’t supposed to.In every world, Beca Mitchell underestimates Chloe Beale.

when gravity’s pulling (you’re still holding my heart) - Beca isn’t sure how she got here.Well, she knows how she got here, in this house, with these girls. She knows all about the real estate process too. But she isn’t sure how she got here: Laying on her bed with her laptop in her lap and her legs bent at the knee, feet flat so Chloe can paint her toenails while she goes over the Bellas history with Legacy and answer every question about the Beca-and-Chloe (fake) dating thing.It’s this part of her life she isn’t so sure about.

Song Beneath the Song - Chloe has always followed the music, because music has given her the best, most important things in her life.  It’s never led her astray. Sometimes, though, she wishes it’d give her a little bit of warning about the roller coaster she’s in for.

By sexonastick -

The Party’s Crashing Us - Beca has never been big into high school activities, but sometimes desperate people do desperate things. Like show up for marching band and get stalked by the creepy redheaded cheerleader who won’t leave you alone.

Bulletproof Use of Bullet Points - Nobody values friendship more than Aubrey Posen. (Even her best friend, Chloe, can really only be said to consider friendship equally as important as Aubrey does.) The point is: it matters.But Beca Mitchell might just be the most annoying person at Barden University. (Important note: she most definitely is.) Tolerating smug shitheads for the sake of someone else is surely the True Meaning of friendship.

By eliseboobman -

One touch and I was a believer (every kiss it gets a little sweeter) - “I wonder how many there are.” Chloe says, pointing up with her finger. She starts to count, moving her finger every time she does, and Beca smiles as she watches her. It’s impossible to count every star in the sky, but obviously Chloe tries. It’s such a Chloe thing to do.

You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece - Beca is in love with Chloe. Chloe is in love with Stacie. Stacie is in love with Aubrey. Everything is messed up. (The unrequited love AU that nobody asked for.)

By obstinate_questionings -

This World Is Gonna Burn (Baby You Should Stick Around) - Beca really should have let Chloe know how much she hated ghost stories.[Halloween fic.]

By shitqueen -

Silhouettes -  It’s quite worrisome, how happy-go-lucky, doesn’t know the meaning of boundaries, across-neighbour Chloe Beale doesn’t bother her.  She doesn’t dwell on it though, she just continues on with life and focuses on what’s in front of her. Like, giving Jesse his Chinese food and pushing his legs off her sofa.(or: beca thinks everything is perfect, then chloe moves in across from her. being domestic as hell and secretly in love with each other for two years  come after.)

oh the habits of my heart - Listen, Beca’s not gay.She’s, like, only mildly attracted to German blondes. And, like, half-ish attracted to weirdo redheads with no knowledge on boundaries and how to respect them. So, yeah. Beca’s not gay.

By novel_concept26 -

Storytellers and Legends - Dr. Mitchell has the habit of kicking off his classes with personal stories: stories about a girl so outrageous, she couldn’t possibly be real. At least, that’s what Chloe always told herself. 

(Accidentally) Taking Aim - For Kay’s prompt: “At Barden, the acapella groups are naturally drawn to understanding the world through music. It’s the language they speak, from toners to aca-children, but most of all in the harmonies they make with their mouths. So is it really any wonder that Chloe is falling so hard when Beca is wooing her with her music, even if it’s completely by accident?”

Secrecy - Chloe and Aubrey are best friends; always have been, always will be. Which is what makes this whole thing so weird. Because, see, best friends don’t keep secrets from each other. Most of the time.

Some Kind of Home - Home is where the heart is; Chloe is just better at following hers than most people. Not that Beca gets that at all.

By reliquiaen -

I Am Not Worthy (Not Worthy of This) - Prompt: “I found your tumblr but you don’t know and urg now you’re posting about your crush on this cute person oh wait is that me.”  Got waaaay out of hand.

Jesse’s Girl - “It’s an inner monologue of curses and other assorted expletives coupled with self-derogatory slurs that’s been skipping scratchily through her head for the past ten minutes.” - AU

By lismicro -

this love ain’t enough to leave you - On a one-way trip to Los Angeles, aspiring DJ Beca Mitchell doesn’t expect her world to change. Enter Chloe Beale, photographer and journalist, who doesn’t know how to make hers stand still.

By mooosicaldreamz -

mix the bourgeoisie and the rebel (we got the gift of melody) - Beca is an up and coming producer, Chloe Beale is pop’s newest princess. This is the story of how they fall in love.

By echo_wolf -

Something You Want, Something You Need - Beca Mitchell’s not really sure how, but a copper-haired Cocker Spaniel (who walked into her bathroom while she was singing in the shower) managed to change her life and give her Chloe Beale.  Or the story of how DJ-just-moved-in-down-the-hall Beca and  travelling-private-music-instructor Chloe succeed to be disgustingly domestic with a dog and 5000 miles distance.

By galpalkru -

Don’t You (Forget About Me) - If you drunkenly sleep with your best friend, you’re both just supposed to pretend that you don’t remember, right? Even if you know that she knows that you know that she knows. Yeah.Or the one where Beca and Chloe sleep together and refuse to be the first to admit that they both remember everything.

By lamachine -

embrace the weirdness -  She was working for a sex line. Chloe was a phone sex operator.  Okay. That one, Beca needed time to process.

By theamberissubtle -

Aca-awkward - Chloe gets caught sexting in class by a lecturer who also happens to be the unsuspecting father of her girlfriend.

By chloebeale -

All Apologies - Beca can’t believe it when her gorgeous redheaded neighbor shows up on her doorstep. When she starts crying, admitting that she’s run over what she thinks is Beca’s cat, she doesn’t have the heart to tell her that the feline belongs to the old man next door. And when Chloe locks her keys in her car, she can’t help but invite her in. But even Beca doesn’t expect what happens next.

I’ll stop there for now… I hope you enjoy!


In case you haven’t already heard about the blog exposing-the-fakes, let me update you. It’s run by a girl who goes by the name Diana Leigh and claims she’s 21, lives in LA, and, most bizarrely, personally knows 5sos. She gives out false and sometimes worrisome information about the boys. For example, she tells people Michael self harms. How would he feel if he saw that; someone he’s never met convincing her 2,000 followers of something so serious? Although it could be accurate, she isn’t someone who would know. The only people who do are Michael and those who are actually close to him. The fact that she’s going around promising it to be true is only doing damage. On top of all that, she’s hinting towards the fact that she’s Ashton’s “secret girlfriend”. Those are just two of her lies. They don’t end there, but listing them all would take forever.

I wouldn’t be concerned about this situation if no one believed her, but for some strange reason — even though she’s never provided any solid proof whatsoever — a lot of people do. Like I mentioned before, she has at least 2,000 followers. Fans are putting their faith in her and genuinely thinking their questions and wishes will get to 5sos through her blog. It’s messed up and has left me feeling uneasy for a long time now.

So, I’m here to hopefully shut her down for good.

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the raid

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so i was gonna make a quick post about bismuth’s brief appearance in same old world. i thought the purpose of that scene was to show what could have been the consequences of the breaking point, since we see bismuth assault lapis. the conclusion is obvious: if rose had approved, and bismuth had used the breaking point back then… lapis would have been shattered. 

it was a pretty straightforward, albeit sad post… but then, i noticed more things about this scene. and it got long. 

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