and she's my bby

                                   All I managed to get done on Sai was her eye, but I’m so proud. My bby. She’s so beautiful I just-… I’m sorry ya’ll. I used to make some shit OC’s. Like we’re talkin’ skateboarding through konoha and being half angel/demon/sippy cup/transformer/whack ass. BUT NOT ANYMORE. BIH WE OUT HERE.

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Do you agree with this idea that Clarke is the coordinated one and Lexa is the idiot who is shy and trips over her own feet?

I mean, just look at this gay idiot being Lextra and nervous in front of her crush

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okay she’s inviting you in, okay you can do this Lexa be sure to take an extra long step so that she sees your freshly shaved leg maybe she’ll want to feel it– ohp oops *stumbles on rug* shit did clarke see that jok play it cool