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honestly my friends or people I know all hate killing stalking and i basically have to hide this blog and hide how much i love it?? like i don't want to hide it from people but apparently i have to (Also btw ur blog is super nice,,)

Hello Ikanai! Thank you for the compliment! I think my blog is just, ick, but, glad people like it haha.

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Percy makes friends at a college party, but her intentions aren’t what he expects.

“Oh, thanks!” Percy smiles as the girl - Cassie? Casey? He thinks it’s Cassie, but the music was so loud when she introduced herself he couldn’t quite hear - hands him a fresh cup. “Just Coke, right?”

“Yeah,” she says, matching his smile with her own. “Though I still don’t get why you’re not drinking.”

He tries to subtly sniff the drink before taking a sip, just to be sure. It smells okay. “Not a fan,” he says by way of explanation, taking a small sip.

Cassie tags a swig from her own cup, gagging slightly as the vodka hits her throat. “Yeah,” she coughs, “I can - ah, I can understand that.”

He laughs, and she laughs too, and when Percy settles back against the wall she comes and stands next to him. 

She nods out at the crowd and says, “So, what do you think of the party?”

“It’s pretty fun,” he says, which is mostly true. He’d prefer to be back in his dorm, snuggled up in bed with Netflix on in the background and Annabeth curled up beside him. But, as far as college parties go, he thinks this one is all right. The music isn’t terrible, at least. “Although, to be honest, I don’t have that much experience with parties so I’m probably not the best judge.”

Cassie turns to him with a knowing look. “I thought you were shy, hanging out by yourself over here with that brooding expression.”

“Brooding?” he says, lips quirking up.

“Well, you’re not brooding now. But you totally were before.”

“I was not brooding.”

“You were.”

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Okay, so here’s a mediocre picture of my big guy: you can’t really see from this angle, but he has several scales that are a really light, bright teal strewn across the darker parts, and they look like little stars! That’s why I named him Orion. He also has little spots here and there of a dark maroon, as you can see @ the base of his anal fin and mouth, and his front ventricle fins are all curly and white! Quirky part of him, but handsome nonetheless. 

Anyway, he’s adjusting quite well to his new home, and is energetic bordering on hyperactive, which is one of the reasons why I haven’t been able to get very many pictures. Constantly patrolling the tank or playing in the bubble stream from the little air rock I put in the far corner. At first I was worried the bubbles and the current from his filter (which I’ve baffled using a clean disposable shot glass lol) would be too strong for him, but even though there are a bunch of sheltered, still areas, he still spends most of his time swimming around in the choppier parts, so I guess he likes the workout. All in all, Orion is a very spunky, curious and somewhat jumpy guy and I’m glad I adopted him!

Parchment // Slytherin Yoongi x Ravenclaw Reader

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Hi~ hi~ Even though it’s almost 1 am and I should be sleeping 😅 I was scrolling along and saw the post you reblogged with the members in their hogwarts house and I got an scenario idea~ Can you write scenario with Slytherin Yoongi and the reader in Ravenclaw pleeease~??? //Totally not asking specifically because I’m a Ravenclaw psshhhh no way~ 😂😅 Lmao~ Thanks ♡♡♡♡♡

I got sooooo carried away with this one because I freaking LOVED writing it. Honestly, this mash-up was so funnnn ♡ It ended up super long haha so sorry about that. I JUST GOT A TAD EXCITED. It also gets a teensy bit smutty at one point but dw it’s not much. But this was so fun!! I hope you like it!!

Also, I’m gonna dedicate this one to not only you, but also my girl Madelyn of @jinssmile​ because it was her birthday last week and she’s a Yoongi fan too so YO HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADELYN. ENJOY.

Genre: Fluff, semi-smut, Harry Potter AU
Slytherin Yoongi x Ravenclaw Reader
Length: 8.1k

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own Harry Potter. None of the settings are mine and all belong to JK Rowling. Gotta say it.

You smoothed down your robes, watching the countryside zip past the small windows of the Hogwarts Express. You were only 11 years old, excited and feeling prepared for your first year at the amazing “school of witchcraft and wizardry”. It had been a dream come true when your letter had arrived. Your parents were just regular people, or “muggles” as all the other witches and wizards called them, so they had thought that the letter was a prank or something when you’d first received it. But as you’d pulled out the piece of parchment and read what was written in the curly green inked handwriting, you knew that it was no joke. It felt too right and explained too much.

Being Muggleborn, you knew absolutely no one on this train. It was the one thing you were worried about at this school. You knew that you would be fine with keeping your grades up, and you weren’t even scared of getting lost, but you’d only found out you were a witch less than two months ago. How were you going to fit in here? The others would’ve surely been raised to expect a life at this school since they were tiny, so would they really accept someone as clueless as you? You’d read up on as much as you could about the school and about magic before you came here so you hoped that you knew enough to at least appear like you were well-versed in all things magical.

Despite all of this you were determined to approach this new experience with zero concerns. You were confident it would turn out okay, so you decided to focus on how amazing all this was. You couldn’t wait to get there, but there was still a long way to go before you reached Hogwarts – you’d really only just left the station. You were fairly sure that you were allowed to have stayed in your normal clothing for a while longer but you were too excited to put on your new robes to wait. You eyed the logo on the front of your robes happily, a small smile appearing on your lips. You were really going. It wasn’t all some crazy dream.

The doors to your carriage opened suddenly and you jumped, looking up to see who it was. There was an Asian boy standing in the opening, a lazy smile on his face. From this distance both his hair and his eyes looked jet black, even darker than his robes. His skin looked white as sugar in stark contrast to the rest of these dark colours. He looked almost like some kind of demon, but you couldn’t recall ever reading about them in any of your textbooks. You made a mental note to look that up once you reached the school and had access to the library. You saw that under his robes his body was slim but at this young age there was still a little leftover baby fat in his cheeks, making him look far less intimidating than you’d originally thought. Those black eyes watched you from where he stood, one hand still resting on the door to the carriage.

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7th year, Sirius finds out about them. and he buys a pair. and wears them around James and James is like “yeah haha good one Pads you got me very funny”

then a few days later, James walks into the Great Hall to join his friends for for food time and there’s all three of them wearing those damn antlers. James just turns around and leaves, he wasn’t that hungry anyways.

Sirius gets Lily a pair. she wears them to do headgirl/boy things with James. “Lily, i thought you loved me.”

James get called to McGonagall’s office “you wanted to see me?” closes the door behind him then looks up and there she is sitting at her desk, wearing antlers. James sees himself out.
alternatively, McGonagall in cat form walking around with cat sized antlers like the ones you can get for dogs.

After a quidditch game, there’s a victory party in Gryffindor Tower. everyone’s there turnin’ it tf up. James goes up to his room to get another bottle of firewhiskey. he comes back down and everyone is wearing those god damn antlers. EVERYONE. everyone from every year. even the kids just now coming in through the port hole. he goes back upstairs and starts packing to leave Hogwarts forever.


the marauders are walking down the hall and Dumbledor passes in front of them wearing antlers on top of his pointy hat. “Paaads!” “i didn;t give those to him, i swear!”

This actually fucking happened today

I was shopping with some family friends and there was me, my mom, two other kids, and their parents. I was wearing casual clothes. Jeans, a shirt and my hair was tied up in a messy bun. I was bored, hands in my pockets and shit. Only, i was wearing  A RAINBOW SHIRT BC IM BI IN HIDING AND ONE KID SAID “why are you wearig a shirt like that haha you’re not gay” and I just looked at him dead straight in the eyes and asked “how would you know?” and his dad is a pastor and he gave me a startled look. i screamed internally. IT GOT WORSE. A CUTE GIRLS WALKED BY AND WAS WEARING A LGBT SHIRT AND SHE WAS CUTE SO I MADE A BIG SHOW BY WINKING AT HER AND SHE GOT SO FLUSTERED IT WAS CUTE AS FUCK AND SUDDENLY I REMEMBERED. I WHIRLED AROUND TO LOOK AT THE OTHERS AND THEY ALL LOOKED MORTIFIED WHILE MY MOM WAS LIKE “GOD DAMMINT DIMITRA”


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  • nobody asked for this but i for real think about this everyday
  • jeonghan?? is a really good boyfriend when he’s not being a demon
  • it was pretty funny how you two got to know each other actually
  • you’re a stylist for seventeen so u already know your job is like,,, literal hell
  • there’s a handful of stylists who work on several boys at a time
  • sometimes you guys switch it up to keep it interesting, but you tend to drift back to the same guys bc hey, easy, you know what they like and it makes your job simple
  • you’re in charge of vernon, seokmin, and wonwoo
  • you not only pick out outfits for them, but you also work their hair as well
  • you’ve got a pretty easy bunch bc they don’t really stray?? from their usual like they request some out of the box things *cough* cheeto head vernon *cough* but haha its not anything major
  • one day one of the other stylists asks that you take care of jeonghan in her place bc she has to help minghao find a missing piece for his outfit so you’re like sure simple
  • you go over to jeonghan’s chair and he’s busy scrolling on his phone so you just figure you’ll do what you gotta and get er done but as soon as your hand is like hovering over his scalp, he looks up
  • he locks eyes with you in the mirror and smiles, and you nearly melt
  • “hey (y/n), you’re doing my hair today?” he sounds so casual saying your name like you didn’t even think he knew it lmao
  • it sounds really pretty when he says it too… tf
  • “o-oh yeah your usual stylist is busy with minghao” you tell him, getting to work and (shakily) grabbing for the brush
  • before you can get it tho jeonghan already has it hand and is passing it to you
  • “that’s alright. i prefer a little change every once in a while” he smiles at you dazzlingly as you start to rake the brush through his hair, and soon after he like. moans
  • it’s kinda hot
  • it’s not loud or super vulgar or anything like it’s just so unexpected and you kind of stop. pausing with the brush in his hair. wondering what the fuck 
  • jeonghan’s eyes are shut too like he looks like a literal angle <3333 
  • he opens his eyes slowly and whines when he notices you haven’t moved the brush “why’d you stop? that felt good”
  • fuck
  • ok
  • you gently begin brushing again and while he doesn’t moan any more (thank god) his eyes are still shut and he’s like melting into your touch as you gently style his hair
  • it feels so soft and silky between your fingers and you almost wanna touch it more but that’d be weird 
  • when you finally get his hair in place just right, you pull back fully and pat jeonghan’s shoulder with a final “all good!”
  • jeonghan’s eyes slip open once more and the heavy gaze he hits you with through the mirror makes you blink a few times in confusion
  • then he just hums and says “okay, thanks” unenthusiastically
  • you’re not sure what you did for the change in tone but you try to brush it off bc seungkwan is tugging you this way and that, asking you to help him fix his suspender and you pretty much let it go after that
  • it’s only a few days later at another event when jeonghan’s stylist comes up to you while you’re on break sipping a coffee with a pout and goes “you didn’t have to go and steal one of my boys you know”
  • you frown of course cause? huh?
  • she looks at you like you’re crazy and goes “didn’t you hear? jeonghan asked if you could be his permanent stylist. i ended up taking vernon in his place”
  • you’re literally like O.o
  • sure enough when you go into the dressing room, jeonghan is already seated and ready for his hair to be done wayyyy before his makeup or his outfit is put on and all smiles
  • “what are you waiting for?” he asks nonchalantly, giving you that same dazzling smile, and you just awkwardly fall into place with it bc idk maybe he really wanted that change of scenery
  • (the other boys totally noticed jeonghan’s intentions tho lmao seungcheol gave him the hardest time over it later that night) 
  • you thought that maybe jeonghan would want another change a few weeks down the line but that proved not true
  • he basically only had eyes for you in more ways than one
  • he’d make chit chat often, asking about your life, things you liked to do and what you wanted to be when you got older or passed on from the job
  • he even had the audacity to ask abt ur ideal type and you (not so) jokingly went “yoon jeonghan” 
  • he was so surprised he jolted in his chair and burned his ear on the flat iron
  • soon after that jeonghan got bolder, and even went as far as asking for your number
  • he’d text you on the weekends and take you out for food, or to fairs, or to karaoke bars with a few other guys from seventeen
  • but slowly it dwindled down to just being the two of you and you weren’t really sure how to feel about it
  • granted you liked jeonghan a lot but like what was he trying to do here?? he hadn’t been very straightforward 
  • you had begun to wonder what was up when one night you two were eating at a noodle shop and the waitress comes by and says “would you and your lovely girlfriend like dessert?” 
  • you laugh into your drink and are about to correct her when jeonghan folds his arms on the table and grins and goes “no, i think we’re good”
  • you kinda stare at him in awe as he gives you a lil fake innocent smile and goes “what? did you want something after all? i can call her back”
  • it becomes clearer later that night when he drives you back to your place how he feels
  • he doesn’t really think about it, just leans down and plants a kiss on your lips and says “pick you up for a mini golf date at seven next friday?”
  • that’s how you basically begin dating jeonghan
  • he’s an amazing boyfriend okay but he’s also,,, the worst
  • knows he’s cute and knows you’re wrapped around his finger so he always gets his way
  • “(y/n) hey can you help pop this pimple on my back” “ew no jeonghan” “baby… sweetheart… please? i love you so much. and remember when i checked out that bump on your ass that one-” “IM COMING OK”
  • does that thing he does with dino where he’s like “whose baby are you” except he goes “whose darling are you”
  • and does it at the most embarrassing times, like with dino
  • *lit in the middle of talking to joshua and seungcheol* jeonghan: (y/n) whose darling are you??? :D
  • you, seconds from committing murder: jeonghan’s darling
  • he coos really loud and squeezes your cheeks to make it worse jfc
  • always teasing you about how cute you are like you could be screaming and bench pressing a cow and he’d just be smiling to himself and telling anyone who’ll listen “that’s her!! my gf!!! isn’t she amazing??? im in love with her”
  • cannot… chill
  • always doing some extra ass skinship with you
  • like u know he can just kiss you like a normal boyfriend but no
  • he’s grabbing at your thighs and hoisting you on to counters and leaving you all flustered and hot and then just switches back to normal jeonghan mode with a lil giggle and goes “whatdya want for breakfast, baby?”
  • besides being evil jeonghan is actually the sweetest
  • he’s not the mama of seventeen for nothing
  • he just has a knack for knowing how you feel and your lip could be down turned at -0.000000004 degrees and he’ll be like “:(( what’s wrong boo”
  • calls you extra pet names when he’s feeling cuddly
  • usually darling and baby are his go to’s but he will call you after every sugary thing in the book when he’s in the mood
  • likes to be back hugged and not the other way around
  • he’ll back hug you for a few seconds but he mainly likes being encompassed in you and just relishing in your warmth
  • doesn’t mind when you mess up his hair on his clothes bc tho he won’t really admit it outright you could murder him and he’d be okay with it
  • you’re always telling him how pretty he is and he’s so thankful and gets kinda blush-y
  • if y'all fight he’s stubborn af but after he cools down he feels really bad and just wants it to be resolved as quick as possible
  • like after a big fight you storm off to your room and jeonghan sulks in the kitchen for a little while but then he starts missing you and feeling terrible and he goes to your door and knocks gently and goes “i know i made you feel bad and i know i messed up. im so sorry angel. please let me in. i wanna make it up to you”
  • fights and tension don’t last long bc you both can’t stand not being happy together
  • minghao takes credit for you and jeonghan ending up together like “i mean if i hadn’t lost my jacket that one day you two would have never fallen in love”
  • but jeonghan, cheesy and in love, just goes “i would have fallen in love with (y/n) no matter what”

other boyfriend!seventeen:



college boyfriend!wonwoo

college boyfriend!minghao

Bros bros bros... I’m so excited!

SOOOO for a while now I have been thinking about dressing up at cons for fun, not just vending. And by dressing up I don’t mean cosplay, but just dressing up all cool. right?

and like, haha well! I wanted to make an outfit based off of my original character, Zalgaroth. Not dress up as him, but dress in a way that is based on the design I gave him. Plus Labradorite is literally my favorite gem stone, so why not make an outfit doing that as well! 

Here’s a picture of him, this is important!

(the chibi is more accurate on his color pallet) 

I got really excited because my friend Sierra said she’s dress up with me, where we both make outfits based on gems that we like. (not SU mind you) And she originally chose Opal and Ruby, and I chose Opalite and Labradorite, but she eventually went with carnelian instead of opal because it was cheaper and easier to find. (That’s right, we are using REAL gems in our outfits! No fake ones here! ((I know I know opalite technically isn’t a real gem. but you know what I mean))) 

So, thinking that my outfit for Labradorite wasn’t going to look really anything like my character Zal because his outfit is not something I’ve seen in real life before, I went on amazon and stuff looking at some victorian wear and LOOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!!



I mean sure given there’s some little differences but it’s SOO MUCH LIKE HIM! I mean the double collar, the single wing on the bust, the “V” the the middle of the jacket, the way the end part of the tunic thing goes up and then checkers back down. THAT’S NUTS!!!! Like I’ve never seen clothes anything similar to Zal’s design other than maybe the assassins robes from Assassins Creed, and yet here it is, not Assassiny (that’s a word now) and sooo much like Zalgaroth. 


I HAD to buy it! like I had TO! woth every gosh darn penny >8U OKAY?! I was nervous about how it would fit me, even as an extra small, but once it arrived it pretty much fits me perfectly and I’m SOOO excited to add and sew teal&Blue velvet to it, and attach some of my actual labradorite to this jacket to make it like my character, and to wear it at cons. like AAHHHH I got little 6x6mm labradorite gems to fit inside the buttons and these elf ear cuffs I got and they are wonderful! They look like little droplets of water that flash blue and gold! AAHHH and it’s so fitting because of of his elements is water, (and fire) because he’s an aquatic DRAGON (he’s not a fish 8U) 

Guys I’m literally SOO excited to put this labradorite outfit together you have no idea! I thought it was going to be like a corset or some crap but this jacket literally made my YEAR with how freaking close it is to my character, a design I made literally 3 years ago! I can’t believe I found it! and it fits me! (other than the bust hohohoh I have nothing <XD) And the labradorite I have makes it look SOOO amazing!

As previously mentioned, my Labradorite outfit isn’t going to look exactly like Zal’s but this jacket sure makes it pretty close! :D  (still not sure if I’m going to do any armor.) You guys have no idea how excited I am to wear this thing, and all the love and effort I’m going to put into this outfit!!! :D 

It won’t be finished for Long Beach, but I’ll probably still wear it there! So if anyone is coming to long beach comicon, I’ll be there selling my artwork and I will be wearing this Jacket! :D it’s next month in Feb! :D 

However, I will have both my Labradorite and Opalite outfits done and be wearing them at Phoenix Comicon which I will also be selling my art at! Be sure to find me! :D 

Also here’s a idea sketch of what my Opalite outfit might look like. 

 I’m excited to dress up on my outfit of Opalite too, but I’m especially excited about my labradorite outfit because it’s so similar to my dragon baby <3.

All in all, me and Sierra are going to kick some serious butt with our pretty gemstone outfits at PCC. I can’t wait to continue working on our outfits together it’s gonna be great! XD  


“Don’t forget, I love you very much”

Ruby on her way to work, for Inktober. Gems! Commuting! They’re just like us!

Steven packs their lunches and sometimes Sapphire sneaks in a note for Ruby. Gems don’t need to eat but it’s nice to be reminded how much someone loves you.

Valuable Asset - One-shot - (Steve x Reader)

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Summary: As the weapons and tech member of the Avengers Y/N stays at the compound. When the team leaves to take out a Hydra base they find out it was a distraction set up by Hydra to infiltrate the compound and take Y/N.

A/N: This was requested by @borderline-person a while back. Sorry it took me so long to finish writing it, you can blame my writer’s block for that, and I hope you like it. 

Request: It’s a steve x reader, where reader is an amazing techy/weapon agent that helps the avengers during missions behind the computers, one mission the avengers are raising a hydra base but turns out to be a decoy/distraction cos hydra just really wants to kidnap the reader for her skills and the avengers are super worried especially steve but when they got back they found out the reader fought all the enemies and they are suprised that she is great at fighting too, sorry if you found it weird haha, it’s up to you how you wanna go from this and thank you so much!!!

“Everything is looking good on this end,” I tell the team as I scan the monitors in front of me.

“Are you sure this is the place Fury told you about,” Nat asked.

“Yes,” I frown. “Why?”

“Something doesn’t feel right,” Steve said.

“Tony is your suit glitching,” I ask looking at the monitor that showed me a feed coming from his suit.

“No,” Tony said.

“I don’t get it,” I say as my fingers flew across the keyboard in front of me. “There seems to be no heat signatures coming from inside the building.”

“I’m getting the same thing,” Sam said and I turned to look at the monitor showing me Red Wing’s feed.

“Guys stay on your toes,” I tell them. “I’m going to get Fury on the line.”

“Y/N,” Fury answers.

“Fury, where did your source get the coordinates to the hydra base you sent me,” I ask him.

“What coordinates,” he asked.

“The ones you sent me this morning.”

“I never sent you any coordinates,” he said making me worry.

“Fury, I’m going to have to call you back,” I say ending the call.

I pull up the message I had received that morning. I quickly run a tracer on the message and let out a few curse when I finished.

“Guy’s,” I say slowly. “That message didn’t come from Fury.”

“Who sent it,” Steve asked.


“It’s a trap,” Tony said.

“No,” I breathe. “It’s a distraction.”

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Asshole: “haha why do you flinch away when someone pretends to hit you? Lmao its just a joke don’t be a baby”

Me, an Abuse Survivor, Whose on The Verge of Tears: “wow… Yeah… Hahaha so funny gu ys… You really got me goo d… Haha ha…”

Hands Off (Peter Parker One Shot)

Request: “request: peter and the reader are best friends who secretly like each other but she doesn’t know he’s spiderman so one day when she gets rescued by spiderman he flirts with her but she turns him down and tells him about peter so then he gets all flustered and cute stuff ensues? thanks love” -anon

A/N: Hmm… kinda had a difficult time with this because the prompt reminded me of my Stupid Leaves series haha I tried my best, hope you like it! Sorry this took soooooo long to put out! Would you like a part 2? P.S. it’s kinda long! got a little carried away haha! Also, I tried to make it the reader as gender neutral as I could, but there was a part that needed “label?” so just choose the one you identify with! P.S.S. Y/n uses the word “Dad” but it’s not supposed to be kinky LOL no kink shaming tho

Summary: Y/N ditches their best friend (and crush), Peter Parker, because they have to meet with their group members for a school project. After a long night in the library, the reader has a more-than-friendly encounter with none other than the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

Warnings: Mentions of a near death experience?? Maybe a trigger warning for someone traumatized by a car accident of some sort?

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Lapidot Week 3, Day 3 - Valentine’s Day


Happy (LATE AGH) Valentine’s Day everybody! Alternatively named Loner’s Awareness Day haha

But hey, who needs a date when you’ve got Lapidot?

Peri giving Lapis a little V-Day gift :3 for @lapidot-week!

Bonus for being late again:

She loves it <333

RJ’s Best/Favorite Puns

alright, y’all asked for it

  • Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? He’s all right now.
  • I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.
  • A friend of mine tried to annoy me with bird puns, but I soon realized toucan play at that game.
  • Yesterday I accidentally swallowed some food coloring. The doctor says I’m okay, but I feel like I’ve dyed a little inside.
  • If someone was selling drugs in this place, weed know.
  • A man just assaulted me with milk, cream, and butter. How dairy. (GET IT HAHA)
  • I can’t believe I got fired from the calendar factory. All I did was take a day off.
  • How did I escape Iraq? Iran.
  • Did you hear about the guy who got hit in the head with a can of soda? He was lucky it was a soft drink.
  • Why was Cinderella thrown off the basketball team? She ran away from the ball.
  • When I get naked in the bathroom, the shower usually gets turned on.
  • A book just fell on my head. I’ve only got myshelf to blame.
  • This might sound cheesy, but I think you’re really grate!
  • Romaine calm! All is well! (word play)
  • You’re a peach of shit (not really a pun but good word play)
  • I love you from my had tomatoes! (also word play)
  • When making butter there is little margarine for error.
  • The British cannibal enjoyed snacking on fish and chaps (a good one)
  • The cannibal hitman preferred take-out food
  • Where do witches bake their cookies? In a coven ;))

And, one of my absolute favorites,

  • I’m glad I know sign language, it’s pretty handy.

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car kisses ♡ ethan

requested: yes

anon: Could you write an imagine where y/n and either E or G (Idc which one :)) just started dating and E or G really wants to kiss y/n but he is shy and nervous so she kind of takes the lead and gives him a quick peck at first and he’s all flustered and then it gets heated omg yessssss!! I just thought of this and I can’t wait for you to write it :) please and thank you love!!!

a/n – i seriously hope this was good because I spent lots of time writing this (: so yeah I hope you like it haha sorry if you don’t :(  also sorry its REALLY LONG i got way into this like omg goals but anywayyyyy

Y/B/D = your birthday haha (: 

word count: 1,959

“You’re going on a date with Ethan Dolan?” Your best friend squeals over the video chat you were having. You were getting ready and she had called, and you decided you needed some best friend motivation before this date with the most gorgeous boy you’d ever seen.

“Yes, now what should I wear, casual or like, a dress?” You ask, looking in your closet with a sigh. You were feeling very frustrated with yourself, and very nervous about the upcoming date.

“Well, where are you two going again?” Your best friend asks and turn to look at her,

“This cute little place that’s like an hour away. He says it’s his favorite.” You shrug and you watch her fall back on her bed,

“Goals!” She screams and you laugh,

“Shh!” You giggle and she does the same, getting back up quickly looking like she had an idea.

“Ooh! I know! You could wear that really cute white romper you have, you know, the one with the long sleeves?” She tells you and you grin, “Yeah, and you should wear your hair down. And wear the cute flats that match.” She tells you as you rush into your closet and change into the outfit she picked out.

“You are a blessing!” You say and she laugh, flipping her hair behind her back,

“I know.” She winks, “You look hot!” She says and you look in your mirror, mentally agreeing with her. You did look really good in the outfit. You decided to add a gold necklace and some earrings to complete the look, and you minimized the make-up you put on. You left your hair down, thinking it looked decent enough.

Suddenly your doorbell rang and you sigh in relief because you were the only one in your house today.

“Okay. Have fun then, don’t forget I need details when you come back!” She yells and you roll your eyes, ready to end the call.

“Yeah, yeah. Love you, bye.” You hurriedly end the call and rush downstairs, almost falling down.

You smooth out your romper and take a deep breath, opening your door finally.

You look out the door and see Ethan looking down at his shoes, and he quickly looks up with wide eyes and smiles at you brightly. He was wearing nice jeans and a shirt that fit him perfectly. You were glad you went with something a little more casual, instead of fancy.

He raises his arms and you see a bouquet of flowers in his hands, making you grin slightly. How sweet, “Some flowers for my flower,” He says cheekily making you laugh,

“How cheesy. But still cute, here, come in.” You smile and take the flowers, walking into the kitchen and getting an empty vase to fill it with water.

Ethan walks in hesitantly and follows you, leaning against the wall rather attractively, waiting for you to finish.

“Are you ready for this road trip?” He asks as you put the flowers into the vase, setting them down on the table.

“Yeah. I love road trips.” You inform him and he smirks,

“Good, because this one’s a long one.” He tells you and you shake your head, laughing as you confidently take his hand and lead him out of the house.

When you guys finally hit the road, you decide to put on some music.

“How do you put on music in your car?” You ask, looking at him and waiting for an answer.

He glances at you and then looks back to the road, grabbing his phone and handing it to you, “My phone is already connected to the car and I have Apple Music so, you can look up whatever you want.” He says and smiles at you and you smile back, “The password is 121699,” He tells you and you were genuinely surprised he had given you his passcode.

“Thanks,” You say happily, “Does it mean something?” You ask curiously as you type it in.

“It’s my birthday,” He chuckles, keeping his eyes on the road and your mouth makes an ‘o’ shape,

“That’s a good idea,” You say and he laughs, nodding,

“When’s your birthday?” He asks awkwardly but you didn’t mind, smiling a little at his question. You were happy this wasn’t a super awkward quiet car ride.

“Uhm, Y/B/D ” You tell him and he nods. You could tell he was making a mental note to remember that, which also made you happy.

You click the Music app on his phone and scroll through his song library, “What do you want to listen to?” You ask, continuing to scroll through his songs.

“Put on…” He starts, putting on a thinking face, “Whatever you want.” He shrugs.

“Wow I feel so pressured,” You say and he laughs, “Okay, I think i’m going to put on One dance.” You laugh and he does too.

“That song is so old!” He says and you put your hand above your heart,

“Don’t insult drake!” You say and he bursts out laughing.

When you finally got to the cafe,  it was a little dark outside. The car ride was really fun, and you thought that even if you had just went on the car ride it would be a great date.

You learned a lot about Ethan during the car ride, especially since halfway through you both got bored of listening to music so you played 21 questions instead.

He turned the car off and gets out, walking around just to open the door for you which made you smile. You knew that with this much smiling in one night, your face would start to hurt.

“What a gentlemen,” You compliment him and he smiles,

“Only for you.” He laughs and you do to. You knew Ethan was a sweet boy, but you had never expected this.

When you got into the cafe and got seated, Ethan immediately raised his menu to look through the food.

You raised yours too, except you didn’t look for food to eat, and instead used it to shield you so you could stare at Ethan.

Suddenly Ethan looked up and saw you staring, and wiggled his eyebrows, making you laugh. You wiggled your eyebrows as well, making him laugh. This continued until a kind old women came to ask for which drinks you wanted.

She coughed slightly making you and Ethan straighten up and act civil. You looked at Ethan and held in your laughter, because you could tell he was about to laugh too.

“I would like some water.” He tells the old lady, who, from her name tag, was named Pam.

“Me too please.” You tell her with a straight face and she rolls her eyes playfully.

“Of course. And I’m assuming by how much laughter is coming from this table, you don’t know what you’d like to eat yet?” She says and you and Ethan turn to look at each other sheepishly.

“Uh-” Ethan coughs, “Actually we were waiting for you to tell us what’s good…” He tells Pam and turns to you, giving you a wink making you giggle.

“Many customers here get the number one. It’s like breakfast for dinner, everyone loves it. Especially with coffee.” She adds and you nod understandingly, thinking that you might want that.

“Does it come with pancakes?” You ask the important question that both you and Ethan were thinking.

“Yes.” She replies and you and Ethan order the number one.

As you waited, you laughed harder than you ever had before, and so did Ethan as far as you could tell. You didn’t know why but everything he said or did was very funny, and to him you were hilarious as well.

When the food finally came you both dug in immediately, and you finished your completely much to Ethan’s surprise.

Suddenly Ethan chuckled, seeing a little bit of whipped cream on your bottom lip. He took his thumb and ran it across your bottom lip, wiping it off.

“Thanks,” You say with a small smile on your face and he shrugged. He put some money on the table, enough to pay for the meal and the tip, and stood up, reaching his hand out for you to take, which you gladly did.

“You look tired.” He tells you as you walk out of the cafe hand in hand.

You yawned after he said that, making him laugh. “I am tired.” You say and he nods,

“Me too, Y/N.” He laughs again, and figured that that sound was definitely one of your favorite sounds already. Maybe it’s because you had been hearing so much all night, but either way you loved it .

When you two got in the car, he looked at you before staring the car, looking nervous. This was a look you hadn’t seen on Ethan all night, and that made you a little bit nervous as well.

You look in each others eyes and suddenly his eyes flicker to your lips, and you knew why he was suddenly nervous. It made butterflies erupt in your stomach, and you wanted to kiss him as well.

You took a deep breath, and then quickly pressed your lips to his. You could feel him tense up, but then relax immediately when he realized what was happening. You pulled away and looked to see his reaction, and you saw a very flustered Ethan. His cheeks, and face, really, were all red and you giggled a little.

He looked at you for a moment longer, before gaining confidence and this time, he pressed his lips to yours. This kiss was different from your last, which was slow and new. This one was needy and rough, and you kinda liked it.

“C'mere,” He mumbled and helped you maneuver onto his lap. The steering wheel was sort of digging into your back, but you didn’t really care.

You hands found their way into Ethan’s hair, and he groans a little when you pull on it, making you smirk.

All of the sudden there was a tap on his window, making you jump and Ethan’s eyes widen. His hands rested on your waist as you look at Pam through his window in shock.

You look at Ethan with a “What the hell are we supposed to do now?” look.

He shrugs and you roll your eyes, rolling down the window, “Hey pam!” You say with a smile and when you look at Ethan he had an obviously fake smile on his face, almost making you laugh.

“You kids are way to young to be doing this. Especially not at this Family friendly restaurant! Want to know why I came out here? Because there was a complaint about you two! Now get out of here, lovebirds.” She says in a serious tone but there was a small smile on her face.

You nod and give her a smile, “We’ll go somewhere else.” You say and she nods,

“Come back soon,” She whispers and you nod. When she walks away you look at Ethan only to see him staring right back at you with a grin plastered across his face.

“You’re so cute.” He says randomly, making you blush. You lean and touch your noses together, smiling wide, and give him a quick kiss on the lips. Then you hop off of his lap and back into your seat, putting on your seatbelt.

You look at Ethan and see him frowning, “I liked being in that position.” He says and you laugh.

“I bet you did.”

a/n – GUYS I LOVED THIS SO MUCH GOALS OMG OMG OMG i want to make a part two and like add to this where like they go back to the cafe and he proposes or something idk BUT GUYS

NCT 127 reaction to their GF being accepted by YG Entertainment as a model

…and wanting both entertainment companies to be friends:


Anon: Nct 127 reaction there gf got accepted by YG Ent as model so she cant wait to meet all YG family members and introduce nct to them haha (she likes both ent to be friends)

Thank you for the request! Hope you like it; I’m not sure if I’ve completely fulfilled your brief and that you like it :-D


Originally posted by taeiloves

He’d be ecstatic for you obviously. You had always told him how much you wanted to model and be accepted by a well known enterprise. When he found out it was YG Ent., he felt a little jealous. He knew that this would mean you’d be hanging out around the YG building more now, meaning you were likely to speak with some other models/artists. He’d try his best to be happy for you and befriend some of your friends from there, but he couldn’t help but feel a little jealous about how much time you’d be there.


Originally posted by nctinfo

He’d be very vocal with his opinions on this; it wasn’t that it was YG Ent- just that it was a different label other than SM. “Jagi, out of all places?! You chose YG?”, he’d sigh heavily shaking his head. When your face fell and you looked upset from this, he’d quickly rush to you, rubbing your arms gently with his hands. “I’m sorry, Y/N! I am happy for you I swear!” He’d try to apologise for his behaviour, promising you that he’d happily meet your friend from YG and would fully support you.


Originally posted by merrykunmas

I think it’d be sooooo obvious that he was not happy. He’d properly raise his voice a bit and storm out, locking himself in his room. There has always been a bit of friendly competition between The Big Three", so naturally he’d be apprehensive about the situation, probably going as far as to think that you’d betray him and leave him for someone from YG. Of course this wouldn’t be true, and you’d try your hardest to convince him but it would be a while before he calms down and apologises to you.


Originally posted by nctinfo

I feel Nakamoto Yuta here teasing you a little bit. He’d probably fake cry and fake moan about you “leaving him”. This would make your heart break and you’d promise him that you’d leave the company the next day if that was waist he wanted. He defiantly wouldn’t be able to lie to you for long, and would quickly tell you that it was a joke. He’d reassure you by saying that he proud of you and would 100% support you. 


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

I think he’d jump up and down with you, congratulating you and basically going super hyper. He’d be very proud of you and would anticipate your photos. However, after the initial reaction, at night or something, he’d suddenly realise exactly which entertainment you were talking about. It wouldn’t keep him up at night for long though; he wouldn’t really care that much. He knew that you would be professional and that it was purely for work. 


Originally posted by zeusmayo

Out of everyone I think he’d be the most “accepting”. He’s naturally very charismatic and friendly and accepting. He’d be your #1 fan, so would be very proud of you. He wouldn’t care one bit about which entertainment you’d be modelling for. In fact, I think he’d be the one asking you to meet your friends YG. Of course he’d get on with them very well, so there’d be nothing to worry about. 


Originally posted by zeusmayo

I don’t think this lil’ nugget would say much to be honest. He’s a very awkward individual and probably doesn’t tell you everything that’s on his mind. Possibly, he could feel a little threatened though, by the fact that you’d be meeting new people, people more “interesting” or “talented” than him. Although he wouldn’t tell you this, because you knew him well, you’d easily be able to read his facial expressions and know this. You’d constantly tell him how much you loved him and wouldn’t leave him and that you wouldn’t look at anyone else - for which, he secretly thanked you for.


Originally posted by y-ta

Mark is still pretty young and sweet and innocent, so he wouldn’t really worry too much. He’s a very humble person, what with debuting numerous times under a major label, so would wholeheartedly support you and would help you cope with the stress and demands of the company. He’d get along well with your friends from YG and would even become close friends with some of them too. 


Originally posted by nakamotens

He might feel a little intimidated by this. Haechan is very young and probably still very self conscious (secretly anyway, I mean this guy acts very confident) He’d worry about older men hitting on you or trying to steal you away from him. I don’t think he’d have anything against the company itself, but would be a little apprehensive about the type of people you might meet, of whom he couldn’t protect you from.


Yesterday was such a good day!!! Got to finally see Josh after legit missing every time he has come out for over a year now, which made me so happy. He’s the freaking cutest and was in such a good mood and brought over his hand warmers to Kat later in the night cause it was so cold out. Then in the evening Eion came over to chat with the fans on his break (he’s seriously the most chill person ever omg) and Colin also came out while he was on a break! And I got him to sign my new funko :D He was too cute too, while I was taking my picture with him he was like “aren’t you guys cold?!”. Low key almost was like well…. not anymore HAHA.

Jen was on set yesterday as well and while she didn’t stop, getting a wave and a smile definitely made my day. I just adore that woman to bits. And she was way too dang cute in her little jacket and beanie al;ksdjfk;alsdf.