and she's just like hey...but i wanted to sit next to holly j

Unwanted (6)- Rap Monster Angst

Part 5       Unwanted Masterlist

After a bad breakup with his girlfriend, Namjon decides to completely ignore the fact that he has a child.

But, the time dawns where him and the boys have to help.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! So I have this prompt stuck in my head and was wondering if you wouldn't mind filling? Gail meets Jerry in the realm between life and death,they discuss things about how she still felt guilty about his sacrifice,and telling him what's been going on in her life (e.g meeting Holly) and Jerry's reassuring her that he feels no remorse about his actions and tells Gail to live her life and to tell Traci he said hi. It's a bit heavy I know, It's totally okay if you don't feel like writing it :)

Hmm. Interesting. I’m always up for something a little supernatural, makes things fun. Warning: this does deal a little with the violence and blood and terror that was episode 3:9 so if you don’t like that please please don’t read this.

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