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Companions react #1

SS has a nightmare, how the companions soothe them

Cait: she’s had her own share of nightmares over the years, they are so frequent she’s just got used to them. But Sole was one person she least expected to be bothered by the nightmares, since they go out picking fights with Super Mutants and Raiders all the time, the thought just never crossed her mind.

they had just gotten finished clearing out super mutants from the near by mall, too tried to return to the nearest settlement, the two of them agreed to spend the night there, and Cait would take first watch so sole could get some rest, it didn’t take them long to pass out which made Cait happy, Sole never slept well and seeing them look peaceful, made her heart swell. After what seemed like forever, just as Cait was drifting off to sleep as well, she heard a whimper, she quickly lifted her head up, looking over at sole who looked like they were in distress, tightly holding the sleeping bag in their fits and sweat was running down their face. Cait quickly crawled over to Sole, shaking them gently “Sole..” She whispered gently, which made them instantly look better, their hands let go of the sleeping bag, grabbing Cait’s arm instead, she just chuckled, laying down next to them. for the rest of the night, Cait ran her hands through Sole’s hair to keep them calm, and it worked.

Curie: Curie may be experienced with almost everything the world has to offer, but nightmares, she’s not really familiar with those, not knowing exactly what to do when sole had one.

It had been a long week for the both of them, a very exhausting one at that, the both of them were so exhausted, neither one of them undressed when they got back to the settlement they were staying at. Sole laid face first on the bed, their boots hanging loosely from their feet as they slept, curie laid in a ball next to sole, her head on their shoulder. When sole started mumbling stuff in their sleep, curie pushed it off as something they normally did, but when Sole started yelling, curie almost fell from the bed. She quickly sat up, looking sole over, they weren’t hurt, they were perfectly fine, she was confused and just sat next to them, hoping the whole thing would be over soon, curie would ask them about it in the morning.

Piper: She never really had nightmares, but Nat had them a lot, so she knew what to do when Sole started having one.

Piper sat at her desk, going over the current paper she was writing at the moment, making sure the spelling was correct and what not. Sole had stopped by to just say hello, but they ended up passing out on the couch, not like piper cared so much, she enjoyed having them around, even if they weren’t conscious. piper hummed softly to herself, writing away until a scream startled her, she looked over in soles direction and frown slightly at the sight of sole is distress. she slowly got up from her chair, kneeling in front of sole running a hand through their hair “shh, its alright blue” she spoke softly, making sole look somewhat relaxed “i’m right here, i aint going anywhere.”   

Hancock: Ah, nightmares, a mans favourite thing in this entire earth, hancock gets them regularly, but chems always take any dreams away. That’s really the only way that he knows how to deal with them.

Hancock smiled a bit as he watched sole, finally having a good nights rest after all of the traveling they’ve done the past week, as much as he enjoyed his time with Sole, it was exhausting. He tilted his head when he noticed tears on Sole’s cheeks, he slowly reached out to them, shaking them until they opened their eyes. “Nightmare?” When Sole just nodded, Hancock reached into his pocket, pulling a thing of jet out. He held it out to them with a gentle smile, but instead of grabbing the inhaler, they grabbed his wrist pulling him towards them. Once Hancock understood what they wanted, he laid next to them, holding sole close to himself. “This is better.” Sole muttered into his chest, which made him smile

MacCready: ever since he lost Lucy, his nightmares haunted him, they were so bad he’d wake up in the middle of the night sobbing, gripping his pillow out of anger and sadness, they were a never ending nightmare, he understands what sole is going through.

It was probably around 1 in the morning, and Mac couldn’t sleep, he sat in a chair across the small hotel room that they had rented, going through all of the comics both Sole and Himself had collected on their travels, he was extremely happy about all of them, missing the adventures his mind had taken him in when he was a child. As MacCready happily reads one of the comics, a quiet gasp grabs his attention, he slowly looks up, frowning slightly as sole seemed to be fighting with their own mind. He pulls his feet off of the table, making his way over to them, as he sits down he rests his hand on Sole’s shoulder but they quickly grabbed his arm, wrapping themselves around it, mumbling a soft ‘don’t leave me.’ Before looking peaceful as they fell back into their deep sleep. MacCready let out a soft chuckle “not planning on it boss.”

Danse: he had seen every type of nightmare, from every solider in the brotherhood of steel, he of course would have a few of his own every now and then, but he was used to seeing others have them.

Danse was walking around the prydewn, it was currently curfew and the Paladin had to make sure that all the other soldiers were in bed, unless they had work that was given directly from the elder, then it was acceptable to be up. As the Paladin was making his way through the Knights quarters, he noticed Sole squirming in their cot, a thin sheet of sweat cover their face as they mumbled things under their breath. Danse sighed softly to himself, quickly making his way over to them before it got worse, he stood next to them, his presence only seemed to calm Sole down, which made a bright blush appear on his face as he noticed this, he quickly looked away from their sleeping form, mumbling “it’s alright Solider.” Before walking away.

Preston: nightmares…one thing that he never learned how to deal with, they still even mess with him to this day, but he’s learned how to handle them from time to time.

Preston was doing his daily scouting, well, it wasn’t really day, it was more of a 2 in the morning scouting. He whistled softly, enjoying the cold breeze the night air had to offer him. He enjoyed his time alone during times like these, that’s really the only reason why he’s such an early riser. As Preston made his way down the street, his peaceful toon slowly died out as he stood in front of Sole’s house, he could hear them crying softly, crying out ‘helps’ and ‘don’t leave mes’. Preston bit his lip, hesitant about walking into the Generals house but he soon decided that they needed him so he just walked right in. “Are you alright?” He spoke softly as he walked into their room, Sole was sitting up in their bed, holding their head between their hands as they cried softly, Preston set is rifle down into the dresser, pulling Sole into a tight hug. “It’s alright general, I’ve got you.”

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I feel as of late, a lot of people are starting to get upset that Taylor has forgotten about them, or hasn’t followed them yet, or hasn’t liked their posts in a while, but we need to understand here that first of all, Taylor is on a break, she voluntarily spends her time with us on here, and she certainly doesn’t have to. Secondly, she is one normal human being like us, and there are so so so so many more of us, it’s extremely hard for her to make every single one of us happy, but damn she tries hard to! People have lost hope in the past, and have then got invited to secret sessions, or received packages from Taylor herself; Taylor loves each and every one of us, and will, even if it’s silent and subtle, make sure she gives back more than she receives. So please don’t take our tumblr family interaction for granted, and appreciate that Taylor probably loves us more than we love her :)

Today was absolutely awesome! Got to spend time with my best bud, ate a pint of ice cream and got presents! The presents were a total surprise and I nearly lost it in the ice cream shop when she gave them to me. Prolly got a few weird stares but I was too busy freaking out. She had me close my eyes and everything too and boy oh boy I’m just so happy.

Many thanks to her for putting up with me rambling nonstop about the boys throughout the day hahaha. We even went around picking out clothes they would wear. The clothes had sequins and glitter and everything- and this stunning pencil skirt that was metallic sliver that Seph would rock so hard. I’m so tired but still so buzzed from it. ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゙

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um.. about my crush.. it's so complicated.. basically we're classmates and best friends, and i am so in love in her despite all she's done to me. she has a boyfriend tho, but she knows i love her. she was my first kiss, and well, the other thing.. people tell me to give up on her, but somehow i cannot do that.. i wish there was someone else that actually cared for me as much as i care for them.. i'm so sorry, got a bit emo here

I understand that it seems very difficult to give up on her but if she makes you feel bad I think it might be better for you? You deserve friends that make you feel happy and cared for! Maybe try to distance yourself from her slowly and spend more time with other friends or new people? 
I’m really sorry if I’m not being helpful and I’m here for you if you need someone to talk to and no need to be sorry, it’s okay!

I hope you’re okay!

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47, 31, 7, & 2 for Cam

2: Post a picture and/or describe the spouse! (and the Survivor if you want)- 

Cam’s husband is Marshall and he was a bit of a trouble-maker with Cam. They were in high school together and met in 11th grade. Neither of them got fantastic grades or had a stellar attendance record, but they really loved each other. When Cam told him he was pregnant, Marshall knew he wasn’t going to get an amazing job and grow up to be rich and well educated but if he could make Cam and the baby happy and spend the rest of his life with her, that would be his success. 

7: Talk about the Survivor’s best friends at the time- 

Cam moved away from where she grew up when she and Marshall had Shaun, so she didn’t see them a lot while they lived in Sanctuary. She was good friends with the lesbian couple down the way, they came over for coffee sometimes and when Cam and Marshall wanted to go out they’d babysit occasionally. 

31: Any pets?- 

No, Cam didn’t really like dogs and was too busy for one anyways. She never had any animals when she was growing up so she didn’t know what Cam was missing until she got Dogmeat

47:  Does the Survivor bring, wear, or have anything that reminds them of their spouse?

Yes Cam still carries his wedding ring, and wears it most of the time around her neck on a string. Plaid shirts remind her of him, because it’s all he used to wear, and she has a few that she puts on when she is having a bad day or needs to feel comfortable. 

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♫ ❣ ☺ ✍

♫ - What is your muse’s taste in music?

The typical Unovan taste – pop and electronica – mixed in with a lot of her mother’s favourites (older bands, like The Braviary’s, Def Liepard, and The Hoothoot).

❣ - What calms your muse down?

A small keychain her mother got her for her sixth birthday. It’s a knitted Rhyhorn with a small bow tied around its neck. She takes very good care of it, rarely having to re-knit anything on it.

☺ - Something that makes your muse happy

Seeing little kids with their Pokemon, preschoolers especially. There’s something heartwarming about seeing them interact with each other and Serena can’t keep the smile off her face when she sees them.

✍ - Can your muse write? How well/how bad?

Years of spending time in a Trainer’s School have made her an excellent note taker. She knows most of the shorthand for longer words, and knows how to turn her notes into essays. Creatively, on the other hand, she’s very lacking, which frustrates her to no end. She’d trade her study habits for the ability to write a good story any day.

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MISSISSIPPI AND DONUT!!! It's been way too long since I've said hi :D

Name: Lovely “Lly” Donut-McNamara
Gender: Female
General Appearance: Blonde hair, Heterochomia [ blue/purpley-hazel ], Pretty like her mom
Personality: Happy, Musical, a bit of a goof, gets sarcastic as she ages, and kind of a tomboy
Special Talents: Guitar from her Mom and her dad taught her how to throw, so she plays baseball “Not softball, baseball!”
Who they like better: She spends more time with her Mommy
Who they take after more: Lovely’s got bits and pieces from the two of them.
Personal Head canon: The three play in a family band and it’s really cute like I can’t

And FC’s because why not

Child ; Alyvia Alyn

Teen/Adult ; Kate Bosworth

Last night's dreams

I’m writing these in the hope I can stop thinking about them…

First: I dreamed that I was spending time with the love of my life. We were cuddling and kissing and I was happy then she had to leave for a while. Someone else came along and I got distracted by my attraction to them and being close with them and then when my person returned I realised I had missed my chance.

Second: I dreamed that my mum had me drugged and changed my appearance so I looked how she wanted me to and I got so mad at the trust she violated that I snapped my phone in half. I no longer looked like me; I had a fringe, she’d dyed my hair from dark red to brown with blonde streaks and my eyebrows were different. I knew that I couldn’t even get the someone who had distracted me looking how my mum wanted me to, she told me that because she’s a visual person she knew best.

Last: I dreamed that I could still see and feel my family dog Tess who is dead but no one else could. I didn’t understand but I could always see her near her sister Jem who is still alive. I saw Jem wearing Tess’ collar as well as her own and realised Tess’ spirit had come to be with Jem so she wasn’t alone. Some mystical people cordoned them off to split them back into separate bodies and afterwards Tess came running up to me.

I woke up and remembered she’s dead, and I’ll never see her again.
Dreams can be harsh things.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's 'protective' relationship

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna want to “protect” each other.

The 28-year-old sock designer recently bailed his new girlfriend out of jail and in turn, she is keen to show the Kardashian family that she is a “good fit” for Rob.

A source said: “Rob was upset that Chyna got arrested and spoke to her in the car when he picked her up about it. She said sorry to him but was thankful he came to get her. He wants to protect her. She wants to protect him.

"They are still spending a lot of time with each other. Chyna knows his family is not happy about them dating but still couldn’t care less.

"She wants the family to see that she is a good fit for Rob and she cares about him. She is aware her getting arrested was not the best thing, but s**t happens. If they can’t seem to accept her then so be it!”

Meanwhile, Blac is also reportedly impressed by her close pal Amber Rose ending her feud with Kim Kardashian West and hopes she can iron out any differences with Kylie Jenner, who is dating the father of her child and ex-lover Tyga.

The insider added to E! News: “Blac Chyna thinks what Amber and Kim did was a real mature thing to do. Blac Chyna would like to do the same with the Kardashian family.

"She would really like to talk to Kylie. She is fine with Kylie and Tyga dating at this point. She hopes they understand how she felt when it all happened between Tyga and Kylie.”