and she's happy she got to spend time with them

The Train - Part Three

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 4500

Prompt: Y/N walks in, and Harry notices she’s wearing yellow again, this time it’s a yellow sweater with a pair of dark skinny jeans and brown ankle boots, her hair is pulled back into a pony tail with a white scrunchie with little smiling suns and he swears that he has to squint to look at her. “Oh! I know you-you’re the guy from the train,” Y/N beams, “Harry, right?” she sets down the tray of muffins.

“I didn’t tell you my name,” Harry snaps.

Y/N pouts, “well yeah, but I’m also not stupid,” she says.

“Are you joining us today Harry?” the man asked, “I’m Seth, I run the group.”

“Why else would I fucking be here,” Harry grumbled.

Y/N grabs a muffin, ignoring Harry’s sour attitude, “here, they’re made with love,” she smiled, holding out the blueberry muffin.

“Fuck off,” Harry says. He watches as her smile fades and the glint in her eyes seems to disappear, for a split second Harry feels like a dick, but then he realizes he doesn’t care and Y/N should just shove the muffin up her ass.

Part one Part Two

Y/N was fifteen when she first realized that what she felt wasn’t normal.

Y/N grew up in a big family, and she was the middle child, so no one really focused in on her. Her parents focused on getting her older siblings into college and the youngest what they needed, forgetting about Y/N. It seemed like she was invisible in her house hold, and she knew it. It had taken her parents a little over two weeks to realize Y/N ran away one summer. Y/N got away with a lot, since no one bothered to ask how she was feeling.

When Y/N turned seventeen she got her first job, and with her money she bought everything in the color yellow. Y/N hated the color yellow, but yellow meant happiness and she had convinced herself that if she wore it enough, looked at it enough, she would be as happy as the sun.

Y/N hated the way she felt, and she wanted no one to ever feel the way she felt. So she tried helping others, baking for them, laughing with them, taking them out, spending time with them, anything she could to make them feel happy. She believed if they were happy, if she could make others happy, she would eventually become happy herself, but it didn’t work that way.

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some arkham headcanons:

  • eddie has an alarm on his bed to warn the staff that he’s gotten out of it so he can’t bug the night guard who does hourly checks/suicide watches.
  • art therapy is kind of peaceful when the joker’s not around and throwing paint down people’s drawings and ruining their creations (which has caused an untold number of fights, esp with harley, eddie and harvey.)
  • harley likes making big posters that all the rogues can contribute to. she cuts out little flowers pictures, question marks, coins, umbrellas and other rogues paraphernalia out of colored paper with her dull scissors and it makes her happy as hell when she finishes the “our arkham family” poster and it gets hung in the reception. the next time they bust out of arkham, ivy steals it for her.
  • also: FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS. ok so ivy is kind of annoyed embroidery and knitting got banned bcos she liked them (thanks to, guess who, you got it the joker but also tbf a few other rogues) but she likes making friendship bracelets for harley who whines at her the whole time bcos harley doesn’t have the patience to make it herself. 
  • jonathan spends most of his time in the library, trying to sneak up on unsuspecting patients to test out new fear theories. sometimes it works and then sometimes he gets decked by harvey after scaring him and making him fall off a ladder while looking for some books on the top shelf. 
  • the only real competition is when they decide to do karoke for occupational therapy. then it becomes fucking Arkham Idol. popular songs are ‘it’s raining men’, ‘death of a bachelor’ and lots of britney spears. clayface is always accused of cheating bcos ‘hello basil u can literally turn into any celeb and just sing the song!!’ which can be pretty entertaining both for the ladies and gents if you know what i mean ;) eddie wanted to buy a buzzer and organize a panel but the arkhamites refused so he just settles for criticizing them as they walk off the make-shift stage in the rec room and maybe getting a chair thrown at him. 
  • therapy is only good for roasting each other. god forbid anyone try to get any actual healing from it, except maybe harley, but even she isn’t safe from being torn to shreds by the rogues. on time freeze decided to tell a cute story about when him and nora were first dating and you know how the rogues responded? they made fun of him, like ‘goddamn victor no wonder she went and tried to die on you’. he’s learned to keep his mouth shut from now on but still secretly wants to turn half the rogues gallery into popsicles.
  • if a holiday crosses over with a gotham rogues gimmick - god help you. ivy is fucking intense on earth day. she’ll straight up scream at you for an hour if you put something recyclable in the garbage. better watch ur fucking back on halloween when jon is around, he’s probably rigged the vents to pump out fear toxin and some shit. christmas is prime break-out time for mr. freeze.
  • harvey can either make ur life in arkham heaven or hell. he’ll either have your back, beat up some punks disrespecting you and flirt with you or he’ll be spreading every minor infraction around the entire asylum and ratting you out to the wardens. it’s just about whether he respects you or whether you catch him on a good day or not.
  • they keep waylon mostly in the underground cells :( so when he gets to come up to the cafeteria or group therapy or occupational therapy he is? so relieved?? even if the rogues are assholes he is so relieved to see familiar faces and actually have people to talk to

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MC jokingly puts a gift wrapping bow on her head and tells the RFA that she's their present when they ask her if she got them a present for their birthday how would they react of they weren't dating mc but had a huge crush on her?

Gah. I’m sososo sorry for not writing recently D:

b u t hope you enjoy ^~^


MC as a Birthday Present ♡


  • (March 12th)
  • Everyone had been busy on his birthday…except you
  • (He was quite bittersweet about it. He was happy to spend time with you but… but… why didn’t anyone make time for him on his birthday?!?!)
  • So you decided to take him out to a LOLOL con, surprising him with tickets– WHICH WERE SUPPOSED TO BE SOLD OUT, SO HE WAS REALLY SHOCKED
  • He almost cried tears of joy when you showed him the tickets upon meeting up, and jumped to hug you reaaaaally tightly
  • …only to realize what he was doing
  • “Wahhh!!! I’m so sorry, MC, I got a bit too excited…” he apologized, his cheeks so red that it rivaled Seven’s hair. He inched away from you, feeling ashamed of himself
  • After all, he was a strong believer in only acting intimately with your significant other!! More importantly… he really, really liked you… It was kinda embarrassing to act so bold…
  • But you laughed it off, and dragged him by the hand to lead him into the convention center
  • There was SO MUCH MERCH
  • all of which he couldn’t buy
  • He hadn’t been prepared for this, after all…
  • You noticed his teary eyes as he stared hopelessly at everything… and ended up buying him a few charms
  • He also spent about half an hour following cosplayers of his favourite character, and you had to push him towards them
  • Needless to say, it wasted a lot of time but hey, whatever, it’s his birthday
  • When it was time to go home, he honestly didn’t wanna go back… He wanted to spend more time with you. Nervously, he asked, “H-hey, MC… wanna come over to my place? B-BUT NOT FOR ANYTHING BAD, it’s just getting late and you shouldn’t go home alone… a-and I want to spend more time with you…”
  • The last of his words came out as a whisper, his hands covering his cheeks in embarrassment
  • He asked so cutely though. Of course you followed him home :D
  • When you reached the apartment, though, he couldn’t unlock the door for some reason, so he ended up asking you to try. As you did, he began to say, “Uhm, thank you for today. It’s really the best gift I’ve ever received…”
  • You paused in your movement, a small laugh escaping your lips. “But that’s not even my gift! Jumin got the tickets… Hmm, I do feel bad I couldn’t properly prepare a present, but…”
  • You took out a gift-wrapping bow and placed it on your head. “But you could have me instead~?” you joked
  • His heart was going W I L D, gosh what are you doing to this poor boy!?!
  • His eyes narrowed with determination as he grasped at your shoulder. “I’d want you,” he said quietly. “That would be the best gift in the worl–”
  • “HEY, HANDS OFF!” The door flung open, revealing a mad, glaring Zen. “I know it’s your birthday, but there’s a limit to how selfish you can be!”
  • Yoosung gaped at the interior of his apartment, decorated with streamers and banners and presents. Jaehee offered a sheepish smile, “Surprise? Well… Zen kind of ruined it…”
  • Yoosung quickly removed his hand from your shoulder, already regretting his bold actions from before. “I-I WASN’T DOING ANYTHING TO MC!!”
  • With an irritated look, Zen crossed his arms intimidatingly, his muscles bulging, a sadistic smile upon his face. “I think it’s time for some birthday punches, don’t you?”


  • (April 1st)
  • “Do they seriously think we don’t notice them?” Zen sighed, pressing his face into his hands. “Grrr, I thought I’d finally be able to have some alone time with you…”
  • You tilted your head, “Alone time…?”
  • His cheeks flushed red as he tried to cover up his mistake, “N-no! But I mean, it’s just, I’ve hung out with everyone else separately before and uhm, I was just excited to hang out with the new member too?” Despite his acting skills, he found it difficult to act and well, essentially lie, to you…
  • “It’s okay, we can still do whatever you had planned… I’m sure they’ll tire of us soon,” you offered a gentle smile, easing him of his worries. He nodded in consideration of that, and returned the smile.
  • Unfortunately for the both of you, they didn’t get tired of you. In fact, they had somehow managed to prank Zen at every street you guys crossed…
  • There was an entire street that suddenly advertised cats and had cat fur outfits on display, making Zen sneeze the entire time… then there were bouquets of flowers thrown at Zen which wasn’t bad, except that they were wrapped with catnip which attracted seemingly HUNDREDS of cats??! …not to mention random flour flying through the air, landing near the two of you…
  • “They’re such children!” Zen fumed, narrowing his eyes. Despite the glare, he still looked handsome, captivating all the women (and even men) around him. Whispers spread amongst the crowd, and there was suddenly a mob sent after them after someone screamed “It’s Zen the actor!!”
  • (run omg)
  • You spent the entire day running from pranks and fans, finally taking a break in a dark alleyway… wait, dark? The two of you stared up at the stars overhead. Well, that was a birthday wasted.
  • Zen plopped on a trashcan, sighing heavily. “I’m sorry you had to go through that because of me… It must’ve been really annoying for you… ugh, and this had to happen even after you so graciously offered me your entire day to spend with me. I’m so sorry…”
  • He looked so guilty even though it wasn’t his fault, you felt your heart aching for him. Pranks like this happened year after year, the pranks of April Fool’s Day preceding birthday wishes.
  • “Cheer up, Zen! I don’t really have anything to give you right now, but… you can do anything you want with me!” you beamed.
  • He stammered, “W-wait, anything I want…?”
  • Control the beast. Control the beast. COntrolcontrolcontrolcontr-
  • “Yep! If you want someone to clean up your house- since you live alone, or tend to your every need for a day, I’m here!” you said with determination, pointing to yourself.
  • Zen let out a deep breath. Haha, riiight…
  • He buried his face into his hands. Goddammit, you were just too cute.


  • (December 28th)
  • She hadn’t expected anyone to do anything for her birthday O_O
  • “MC, th-thank you for doing this,” she murmured softly, cheeks flushing a light pink as she gazed at you with nothing but gratefulness in her eyes (much to your disappointment, that is)
  • “You don’t have to thank me~” you grinned, swinging an arm around her cheekily. “I love you after  all~”
  • She brought a hand to her lips as she let out a soft chuckle, murmuring to herself quietly, “So this is what it’s like having a best friend… It’s nice to be cared for.”
  • Choosing not to comment on that, you laced your fingers through hers, gently tugging at her hand to drag her towards the train station. “Come on!” you exclaimed with excitement
  • The two of you sat next to each other on the train, your head resting on her shoulder as you shared your music with her, the pair of earbuds connecting the both of you. The train moved quickly towards the mountains, every bump on the tracks causing the two of you to press closer to each other. Although you didn’t mind, a light blush coloured Jaehee’s cheeks
  • She shyly stared at your reflection in the window, watching as you gradually nodded off. She gently stroked your hair, soothing you to sleep…
  • You woke up just in time for your stop, pouting at Jaehee for not waking you up earlier. The two of you arrived near the peak of a mountain just as the sun began to set. 
  • “Waaaahhh, I lost so many hours of being able to talk to you by falling asleep!! Why didn’t you wake me?! I wanted to spend all of your birthday with youuuu…” you groaned. Your cute antics made her laugh, and you found yourself smiling with her, noticing how delighted she looked.
  • Her soft, gentle gaze made you blush a bit, and you quietly walked beside her on the mountain trail. It was a silent walk, albeit not uncomfortable. Soon, you neared the warm red-orange hues of the sun, finding an opening behind the trees.
  • From where the two of you stood, you could see all the way below the mountain… the surrounding forest of colourful leaves, the stream flowing into the glacial lake… all under a pinkish-purple sky with rays of light raining upon the view.
  • It was mesmerizing, and you reached for her hand, grasping it tightly as you admired the natural scenery together…
  • While it only lasted a few minutes, it had been a beautiful experience for both of you.
  • “Thank you, MC… It’s really nice to see something like this, especially since I’m cooped up in the office most of my days. Although, it does make me appreciate today even more… I’m glad I got to experience it with you. Oh… you don’t happen to have another gift, do you? Haha, I feel like I’ve already received so much from you,” Jaehee murmured, blushing slightly.
  • You fidgeted with your fingers, then pointed at the ribbon in your hair. “I actually wore this b-because I don’t really have a gift… all I can offer is myself…” 
  • Although she stared at you with a lost expression, inside, her heart was H A M M E R I N G. Even more than it does for Zen!!
  • Her fingers trembling, she gently pulled you into a hug, thinking to herself, ‘MC’s too cute and innocent… oh, I really don’t want anyone else to see her like this… I just… want her all to myself…’


  • (October 5th)
  • Why.
  • The one word repeated itself in your mind over and over again like a mantra, beads of sweat rolling down your face as you tried to maintain a smile.
  • There you were, sitting across from none other than Jumin Han in a high-class… EMPTY banquet hall. He had reserved the entire place just for the two of you.
  • “J-Jumin… today is your birthday… shouldn’t I be treating you?” you asked him nervously, eyes shifting as you felt awkward in the empty vicinity.
  • He cocked his head in confusion, “Am I not allowed to take you out somewhere of my choosing on my birthday?” (sigh, he just doesn’t know how to express that he wants to spend time with you)
  • “Well… when you put it like that…” you frowned, still feeling  extremely awkward and guilty.
  • “Then there’s no problem, is there?” he chuckled in amusement, a brief twinkle in his eyes.
  • Luckily for you, the tension simmered down to nothing as the hours stretched on and the conversation flowed through.
  • The sky was still a fair azure blue when the two of you stepped out, despite the nearing autumn. “Jumin, I still don’t think it’s right that you’re treating me when it’s your birthday… Let me make it up to you, pretty please?” you jut out your lower lip slightly, staring up at him with pleading eyes.
  • “Hm… what do you have in mind?”
  • You smiled in relief, then instructed Driver Kim where to go in whispers, making sure Jumin wouldn’t find out. “Hehe~ It’ll be a quick drive. Put this on, I don’t want you to find out where we’re headed!” You handed him a black blindfold, and his breath hitched.
  • ‘What I wouldn’t give to tie that around MC’s eyes and—‘ he caught himself, shaking off the perverse thought. Instead, he offered a strained smile as he let MC put it on him, shivering slightly from the feeling of her fingers in his hair.
  • The duration of the ride was fairly quiet, as you kept whispering details of the location to Driver Kim. When you led Jumin out of the car, laughter and music found its way to his ears. He furrowed his eyebrows, not quite recognizing these sounds. You finally removed the blindfold from his eyes, allowing him to see the festival you’d brought him to.
  • His eyes widened, “This is…?”
  • “A fireworks festival to celebrate the full moon! It lasts the whole week, and I’m just glad I could bring you here… I just thought it’d be nice to try something new,” you explained, blushing shyly at the end.
  • Jumin felt an overwhelming adoration for you welling up in his chest. He had never been to a (commoner’s) festival before… let alone celebrate his birthday in any other way than a fancy dinner…
  • As excited as you were to drag him around the booths, he ended up dragging you around, his curiosity getting the best of him as he took interest in each stall, feeling amazed by everything.
  • …It was almost sad to see that, by the end of the festival, he still hadn’t won a single thing from any of the game booths. His lips were curled into a permanent pout, eyebrows furrowed in determination to shoot at the stuffed cat.
  • BAM!
  • His mock-bullet flew towards the cat! …and knocked off its bow instead.
  • The old man managing the stall shook his head in pity, “You’ve got some terrible aim there, young lad… Tell ya what, I’ll just give this bow to you. Try again next time, buddy.”
  • Jumin stared at the bow with a frown, wondering what the hell he was even supposed to do with it. He turned his back on it, stomping off like a kid. (Zen: hah, what a sore loser!)
  • You chased after him, grabbing the bow before you left. He seemed to be heading back to the car where Driver Kim was waiting, and you grabbed his arm before he crossed the road. “Jumiiin, it’s the first thing you’ve won from a festival, shouldn’t you cherish it more?”
  • He scoffed, “I have no use for it. Keep it.”
  • “Hmmm. Theeen, since I don’t have a gift for you today…” You clipped the bow to the front of your shirt. “You could have me instead? Hahaha~ Just kiddi-”
  • His face had neared yours in the middle of your sentence, eyes dark with desire at your words.
  • “Don’t make promises you can’t keep, MC…” he said huskily, staring into your eyes like he was about to devour you.
  • Your cheeks flushed red at his words, backing away slightly. At that moment, Driver Kim pulled up to the curb and you just L EA PED inside.
  • Startled, Jumin stares after you, bursting out into laughter. Secretly, he thought to himself, ‘MC never fails to amuse me… If she was mine… would we able to spend time like this all the time? Hm.’


  • (June 11th)
  • “No.”
  • “Yes.”
  • “I said NO, dammit, don’t get another duck!”
  • Seven pouted as he turned his head towards you, his hands still operating the claw machine. “But MC, all of the prizes are just sooo cute!!”
  • “There’s no difference,” you deadpanned.
  • He gasped, HORRIFIED that you would say that! “This one is smiling! And this one has sunglasses! And this one has its tongue sticking out… and this one has a wink… What do you mean, there’s no difference? I’m disappointed in you, MC, tsk tsk.”
  • Before you could even begin to protest, he winked, “Besides, it’s MY birthday after all. And you’re my slave for the day~”
  • At that, you shut up. How did this happen again?
  • Ah, right. It all started when you had jokingly—ahem, let me say it louder for the redhead in the back, JOKINGLY said that you’d be Seven’s birthday gift.
  • -Flashback-
  • Your bedroom door swung open and CRASHED to the floor, awaking you immediately. “GoOd morning, MC, it’s my BIRTHDAY!” Seven yelled, blowing into a toy trumpet as he waltzed around your room. It was 7 in the morning. jfc seven, NO.
  • Not long after you got dressed, he began pestering you for a gift. Truth to be told, you had no idea that it was his birthday, so you didn’t have anything prepared… (He’s a hacker, he keeps all his personal info to himself! It honestly wasn’t your fault)
  • You rolled your eyes, taking a red pen and drawing a ribbon on your wrist. “Well, you could always have me as your present instead…”
  • His eyes shone, and you already regretted letting those words leave your mouth.
  • Back to present time, you were walking around the arcade, holding all of Seven’s prizes in large bags… 
  • Grumbling, you muttered, “I still don’t know why I have to do this…”
  • He paused in his steps, cocking his head to face you as he smirked, “Would you have preferred to be a different kind of slave for me, hmm, MC~?”
  • Cue the jaw dropping.
  • And the blush ;)
after Breath of the Wild

I don’t know, just some stuff about what would happen after defeating Calamity Ganon + If the spirits of the king and the champions stuck around to oversee the rebuilding of Hyrule/train their successors


  • First thing Sidon did when he saw Mipha is start crying and try to jump-hug her (he was a lot smaller last time they actually saw one another…) 
  • He ended up going right through her though
  • but it’s alright because now that Mipha’s spirit is free, she can visit her dad and make sure the rest of the domain is in good shape!
  • She cried when she saw the statue of her. in fact, there was a lot of crying from everyone because they just really missed her, but it’s good now because she’s more or less back.
  • She spent days in the throne room with her father, just catching up with all that’s happened in the time that’s passed. Luckily, the domain remained decently similar, and many of her old companions were still there to see her return.
  • After agreeing that Sidon should take her place as the Zora champion, She’s started teaching him how to pilot Vah Rutah, and he’s learning exceptionally fast. She’s really proud of him
  • She’s also teaching him some first aid. it’s no Mipha’s Grace but he’s got the basics down!
  • Sidon is honestly thrilled to be following in his sister’s footseps, but naturally he still has doubts and anxieties about the future. In times where he needs comforting, Mipha is always there to listen to his worries and guide him towards becoming a great king some day
  • whenever Link and Zelda visit, the whole domain throws a lovely party and feast to welcome them (there may or may not be some arguments over who gets to sit next to link)
  • The whole domain just really feels like the loving and wonderful place it once was. Mipha spends a lot of her time with Vah Ruta, just like she used to, only now with much more company. Sidon is quite the enthusiastic learner after all
  • Even though she’s happy to be back, Mipha seems to be the only one of the champions who has acknowledged and accepted the fact that she’s going to have to pass on eventually; her people can’t rely on her forever. She finds comfort in the fact that she’ll at least have said goodbye and prepared them for when that day comes


  • As soon as he got back he immediately went to find Yunobo; he may or may not have given the poor boy quite the scare
  • but Yunobo is still thrilled to meet his ancestor! 
  • honestly he’s actually a little afraid that Daruk will be dissapointed in him for not being big, strong, and courageous, even though he isn’t as much of a wimp as he used to be
  • Daruk is actually overjoyed to find him and the rest of the gorons in such good shape, and he certainly couldn’t be more proud of his great great (?) grandson for all that he’s done to help
  • Daruk doesn’t want the others to know he’s back just yet, though. it’s gotta be a surprise at just the right moment, he says.
  • Yunobo really wants to spill the beans, but he doesn’t because Daruk is having a lot of fun appearing to the village children in secret and telling them cool stories about himself
  • In turn these kids went blabbing to the adults about “how they saw the great Daruk in person”, and of course they had to tell the children that that can’t be true because Daruk isn’t here anymore
  • it’s around here that Daruk rides Vah Rudania down the mountain and shows up with all the glory he can muster. For him I think it’s go big or go home
  • Obviously he chooses Yunobo to take the role of champion in his place
  • Yunobo learns to pilot Rudania a bit faster than Daruk did, and he manages to become even more confident with his success
  • Daruk praises him as the pride of the gorons for becoming so strong and brave, but also remaining soft and nice
  • Everyone still uses him as a canonball though
  • Daruk just spends his time joyfully regaling the whole village and all passing travelers with stories passed down through the gorons for ages. He’s also the best person to go to if you need a really motivating pep-talk.


  • None of the Rito actually know he’s back, because so far he’s been chilling in Vah Medoh and basking in his glory
  • He realized he needs someone to shower him in compliments carry on his legacy, so he picked Teba, thinking he was the most suitable choice
  • of course, since Teba wants to be a great Rito warrior he would never deny the offer of training, and from the great Revali of all people!
  • Teba quickly finds himself… surprised that the old stories he was told growing up forgot to mention the fact Revali is kind of… well, a jerk.
  • He’s finding it harder and harder to believe this boisterous guy training him to pilot a DIVINE BEAST was actually a well respected warrior, let alone his hero and inspiration basically
  • but he can’t deny the training has really paid off; his archery skills have never been this good and he’s never flown so smoothly.
  • and he might not say it explicitly, but Revali is really proud and he really starts to see Teba as his apprentice
  • the only other’s in the tribe who know about Revali’s spirit are Saki and Tulin. but there’s been rumours going around the village that if you look hard enough into the night sky, you can see a ghostly figure pulling off some admittedly cool tricks
  • Revali isn’t the absolute best with children, but he’s taken a liking to Tulin and helps train him when Teba can’t. Tulin started calling him “uncle” and honestly Teba is afraid he’s lost his son’s favour
  • Link and the princess stop by on occasion to check up on things and provide maintenance to Medoh, Revali still tries to one-up link every time (and fails every time)
  • at this point, Kass is also back home with his family and has started writing songs of his own. when he has the chance, Revali swoops down to listen to the music. he found most of the songs are about the hero of legend, which actually irritated him a bit, but he was beyond delighted to find Kass has written a whole song dedicated to him and his accomplishments. no he’s not crying, there’s just dust in his eye ok


  • man Urbosa is happy to be back. she was worried sick about her people, how could she not be? But now she’s gotta pay visit to the new chief and make sure everything’s running smoothly
  • Now that she’s face to face with Riju, she can really see just how young she is. Urbosa is honestly upset someone who is barely just a teenager got forced into a position of power, and by losing her mother no less. She’s seen similar happen with Zelda, and she’d hoped she wouldn’t have to see it again.
  • anyway, she struts in Riju’s room as cool as ever. Riju is, understandably, in awe
  • Urbosa takes it upon herself to see that Riju gets the proper upbringing she deserves to grow up to become a good chief
  • She doesn’t want to stress her with the whole “becoming the new champion” thing until she’s older and can handle something like that, but Riju has been begging to start learning more about Vah Naboris. Urbosa can’t quite say no, so slowly she’s been teaching her about the divine beast’s history and how it works; she’ll save the actual piloting work for another time.
  • Every day Riju becomes stronger and more confident as a chief, and it shows! the whole town is very proud of this recent development, but they can’t help but wonder how she managed such progress all of a sudden
  • Urbosa makes sure Riju gets her break time too, though. Riju was embarrassed at first about her sand seal plushie collection and what Urbosa would think about it, but she was actually delighted in her interest for the animals. long story short, now they spend their time together talking about seals and making bad puns
  • Urbosa gives really good sand seal surfing advice too; she knew how to ride the dunes better than anyone in her day
  • on the side, Bularia is afraid she’s being replaced, but can’t be too mad because this is Urbosa we’re talking about here. Her fears are put to rest once the champion actually approaches her just to tell her she’s doing a great job, and that she’s thankful for her service. (she cried)

quick bonus:

  • The king is back too and he made things right with Zelda. he’s super proud of his daughter, and this time he doesn’t make the mistake of not telling her.
  • since she’s normally out and about with Link, trying to assess the damage and start the repairs on the kingdom, He hangs around what’s left of the castle until they return
  • Now that the whole apocalypse thing isn’t in the way, he finally has the chance to properly teach Zelda about running a kingdom
  • Zelda managed to recreate a bond with her father, and she put his advice to good use when restoring Hyrule to it’s former glory
touch my body, make me insane

Pairing: Kara/Lena (Supergirl)

Rating: Explicit

Summary: “Kara just landed her dream job as a reporter and they know she’s happy, truly. She’s always talking about how exciting having a notepad and pen is at big events, she tells Alex about the articles she writes even when it’s supposed to be secret, and she got them all two copies each of the magazine with her first article. It’d all be easy to deal with if Kara wasn’t overworking herself. She was barely sleeping, spending too much time at the office just to make sure everything was perfect before turning it in. She was stressed most of the time even if she denied it, and her constant mood changes and the purple bags under her eyes were confirmation that she needed to take a break.”

Or, the yoga au nobody asked for in which Lena is a yoga instructor and Kara is a very stressed and very gay reporter.

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Hey hey~ I just wanted to thank you guys for all that you do, truly. Whenever I have a bad day, heck, even when I'm having a great day, you guys never fail to make me smile. One of my cats passed away tonight, so I was feeling pretty down. (That'd be a pretty good HC scenario, RFA comforting MC that lost a pet. I'll have to send a request when they're open ^^) I can't thank you guys enough! *hug* ^v^ 💖

Thank you so much! We’re so sorry to hear about your cat:( So….we really hope these make you feel better. 


  • He couldn’t really any emotional connection with your cat
  • But seeing you so hurt made him feel bad
  • Since he knew the cat was your childhood pet, he tried his best to cheer you up in any way that he could
  • He makes hot cocoa for you and gave you lots of hugs
  • He even bought you a stuffed animal cat that looked similar to yours
  • “This is so you’ll always have your cat in your memories, and all the nice times that came with it.”
  • You think it’s so sweet of him to try to understand your situation even though he’s never been much for cats


  • He saw it coming
  • Your cat was getting pretty old, and he could already see it was getting kind of sick
  • When he came home one day, he finds you were crying a bit and he knows what happened
  • He comforts you by saying that your cat was out of pain now
  • He gives you a big hug and tries to make you smile with tiny kisses
  • A few weeks later, he says your delivery came and it was waiting on the table
  • You didn’t order anything so you were confused
  • Until you heard soft meows from the box
  • You couldn’t be more happy with your sweet husband


  • You’ve been quiet lately 
  • She knows something’s wrong and eventually coaxes it out of you
  • She doesn’t care much for cats, but she can see your cat’s death really affected you
  • She proposes going through your old photos of it, printing them out, and scrapbooking them into one booklet
  • You’re skeptical at first
  • But spending the time with Jaehee just doing something mindless really cheered you up
  • You were so thankful for her attentiveness, and you were able to overcome the sadness more easily than if you would’ve done so alone


  • As a cat owner himself, he’s very sympathetic
  • He understands that you get a little down whenever you see Elizabeth lately
  • So if he finds out you’re coming over, he’ll try to keep her in another room unless you ask for her
  • He offers to buy you a cat, but you decline saying you weren’t ready for that yet
  • Instead, he buys you a glass plaque with a picture of your cat and a small little quote
  • He gives you the small memorial to put on your shelf just so you have the memory


  • He was sad about your cat, but he was even sadder seeing you sad
  • He had built a small shelter for stray cats that he left outside of his house
  • Sometimes he liked to play with the cats that visited, so he thought to invite you too
  • When the first few cats came through, you started crying
  • Seven keeps apologizes, he just thought it might make you feel better
  • “No, no! It’s making me feel better!”
  • “But you’re crying!”
  • You assure him they’re just bittersweet tears
  • He wraps you in a hug just to make sure

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Masked Chemistry

request for @exoticsweetnesseclare. Hope you like!

pairing: nalu

characters: natsu, lucy, mentions of happy

type: fluffy as a stuffed animal

word count: 711

Lucy sighed as she sank in the tub, wondering how much her quick soak would cost. Her water bill was already high as she took a shower every day, and with her almost daily baths it was going to skyrocket. Rent was due tomorrow, and she just had to pick a place that was beautiful, albeit expensive. And of course, it didn’t have included utilities. Just what was she thinking when she began to rent the apartment in the first place?

Thankfully, Natsu and Happy loved to go on jobs with her that paid well, and most of the time they would give the reward to her to pay her rent. She would always shake her head and tell them to at least take some of it, but Natsu would deny her request and remind her that he had enough saved up for years to come. For what, she didn’t know, but she was happy that her friend was good at saving money. Lucy, however, could deal with one less coffee every week and far less clothes.

As she stepped out of the tub and wrapped herself in a towel, she walked into the kitchen to find Natsu already making himself something to eat. The sight was not surprising as he did this often, but it still annoyed her.

“Natsu,” Lucy said, her tone flat, “what are you doing here?”

“I’m here to cheer you up, Luce!” he said, munching on his sandwich piled high with all the meat and cheese he could find.

“It looks like you’re just helping yourself to the food in my refrigerator,” she arched an eyebrow, and he grinned.

“We’ll go to the grocery store later, Luce! Today is relaxing day,” Natsu reminded her, and Lucy groaned. How could she forget? Saturdays were the days deemed ‘relaxing day’ by Natsu after a long week of jobs.

“I don’t have time to relax, Natsu.” Lucy pointed to the calendar on her now empty fridge, glaring at her guildmate. “Rent is due tomorrow!”

“That’s fine! You have enough to pay it, right?” Natsu swallowed the rest of his sandwich whole and stared up at her expectantly. Lucy’s eyes welled up and suddenly she was in tears.

“Uh, Luce? What’s wrong?” Natsu asked, standing at the ready to grab tissues or chocolate or anything else she needed.

“I don’t have the money to pay my rent this month, Natsu! I’m terrible at managing my money. Just yesterday I saw a dress that I really wanted,” Lucy began, remembering the red velvet fabric and draping cut with a happy sigh, “And I couldn’t buy it because almost all of my money went to rent last month. Not to mention food, which most of it you come in here and eat. And my water bill is through the roof!”

Natsu listened to her sobbing with empathy. He wasn’t good with emotions, but when it came to Lucy, he was. He had to be, especially after having a crush on her for all of these years.

“Then why don’t you move in with me, then?” he asked, and Lucy looked up at him.

“Huh?” she furrowed her brows and wiped her red eyes.

“I’ve got enough saved up so that the two of us can stay in my house! Think about it, Luce! It’ll be so much fun! We can go on adventures together and Happy can snuggle up with us at night,” he said, his cheeks pink at the mention of them sleeping in the same bed.

Lucy thought for a moment. Did she really want to leave her beautiful apartment for a life with Natsu and Happy, the messiest people she knew?

But then again, there was no more rent. Natsu had his house paid off. And she could do grocery shopping without worrying about bills or money. And maybe that gorgeous dress could finally be hers…

Lucy nodded, letting him lift her up from her spot where she had been crying. “Okay. You’ve got yourself a deal.”

“Awesome! Now we can spend more time together!”

Lucy’s cheeks turned pink at his toothy grin, and they walked back to his–their–new home together. She didn’t want to admit it, but she had a crush on him for all these years too.

There ya go! Requests are still open <3 

Cory Price- Brendan Gallagher

Originally posted by bfals

Ok y'all so I think I’m back. This one flowed pretty decently after I got a unique idea from @thewanderingdreamer! So everyone give her a thanks! I hope you guys like it and thanks for sticking with me through everything even when I haven’t updated it two weeks! You guys are awesome! So enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: Can you do a Brendan Gallagher imagine where he meets you when he stops for the fans and notices you have a chucky jersey. He finds you very cute and gives you his number and ya! Thankss😂❤


              You stood along the wall, playing on your phone.

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Big Bang's reactions when they have to adopt a 14 y/o girl as a group

[GIFs not mine]

At first, I wanted to make this a scenario but I couldn’t write it in such a short time… Maybe some other time~

Hope you like it~

At first, he was against the idea they would adopt a 14 y/o teenage girl/boy. He wasn’t ready to become a father. At least not mentally  When they told him they would adopt a kid just for a couple months until someone adopts him, he agreed to do it. When he saw how pretty and a cute girl they adopted he loved her. He was at first shy and tried to get closer with Barbie but since the girl just laughed he ended up taking selcas with her and posting them all on Instagram  She didn’t have a phone so he bought her one. He hated when the other members wanted to take care of her. He wasn’t ready for her mood swings tho. He really acted like a father then and tried to help her with her girl problems, even though he had no idea about it.
“AISH… SO FU… SO PRETTY… Let’s go take more selcas…”

Originally posted by endlesstabi

He loved the fact that they would adopt a kid as a group for a while. He didn’t get the chance to hang out with any kids who were in their teenage years, so he was excited to finally hang with a younger generation. Because the girl was from an orphanage, she didn’t have much. He wanted to treat her well. He bought her lots of new clothes and took her to trips when he had times and even taught her how to use makeup. When she was feeling down, he always hugged her and helped her. After a while, he got really attached and decided she should call him ‘oppa’. He was really sad when he had schedule and he had to leave her with other members.
“Call me oppa, okay? Jiyong-oppa~!”

Originally posted by jiyongs

He loved the idea. Everyone would get to spend their time with an older girl, who wouldn’t scream over them and wouldn’t want to date him. Well, he was wrong about the second part. When she saw handsome Youngbae she fell in love immediately. She was really happy because he was ready to listen to all her problems, about school, boys, her past. He was always nice to her and wanted her to have a great time and meet new friends. He played sports with her and took her shopping. She liked to cook, so he taught her that too (actually she taught him more). He got really attached to her and when she was officially adopted he cried because he couldn’t spend so much time with her anymore but he asked their parents if he can keep in touch with her.
“I’ll come back to you~ Don’t worry, we’ll go shopping soon.”

Originally posted by chaearin

when they talked about this he was the first one to agree with the idea. He needed some time off, they all did and it was a great idea to see how today teenagers spend their days and they wanted to help the orphanage. That’s why they adopted 14 y/o girl for a couple months. She was very well mannered and pretty, he loved her at the first sight. She liked him too and laughed at all his jokes and she even made him laugh Daesung was jealous when she started talking about how handsome are other members but got happy when she told him, he’s handsome too. He pinched her cheeks a lot because she hated that and teased her a lot so they would laugh together.
“Aigoo ~~ So cutee ~~”

Originally posted by y0226d

He loved the fact he won’t be maknae in the group if they adopt a girl but he liked her more because she loved him. Even since they met she kept on his side and that made him happy, she slept in his bed and they talked about celebrities together and she would introduce him to other kpop groups. He looked at her like his favorite little sister and he told her if she has any problems, she should tell him. One time she got sick in school and he hurried to the school to pick her up. She was very young and at that time she got her first period, so he was scared about how to explain it to her. But he tried anyway and made her laugh when she was sick. She loved everything about him, he was the perfect older brother and he loved her little sister a lot too.
“I’m not the person to tell you about this but okay, let’s give it a try… So you see… Uhm… Every month…*struggles hard af and ends up messing everything up*”

Originally posted by fantastic--babies

A very merry unbirthday with SuperCorp

: “Hello!”
Lena: “Why, hello there! I didn’t expect you to come today.”
Kara: “Well, you know… I was just passing by, I thought to pop into your office for a quick hi. So… hi?”
Lena: “Hi, Kara. You sure everything is okay? You look a bit off.”
Kara: “Off? I… N-no, not at all, I just wanted to greet my wonderful friend, that’s it… Hello!”
Lena: “Yes, great, hi, but really, what’s this about?”
Kara: “There’s… nothing more than that.”
Lena: “You sure? Kara, you know you can talk to me.”
Kara: “I…”
Kara: “…”
Kara: “Alright. It’s… Today is my birthday, and-”
Lena: “Oh my God, happy birthda-”
Kara: “Well, it’s not an actual birthday, to be honest.”
Lena: “…”
Lena: “Not a birthday?”
Kara: “Uff, it’s… It’s like… Dammit, how can I explain this? It’s… It’s the day that was registered as my birthday since I got adopted by the Danvers. Kinda. Sorta.”
Lena: “Oh…”
Kara: “Yeah, so… No biggie, really.”
Lena: “I must object, I think it’s a great deal indeed. Why aren’t you celebrating?”
Kara: “I had plans! We were supposed to celebrate together, bu-”
Lena: “We?”
Kara: “Yes, we, an-… Oh. Ohh, I meant me and Ale-, agent Danve-, I mean my sister! Alex! Who’s also an agent! Y-you know that, she saved you that one time…”
Lena: “Right.”
Kara: “I’m sorry, I messed up with the phrasing, I-”
Lena: “It’s okay, Kara. It makes more sense now. So, what went wrong?”
Kara: “She… She bailed on me last minute.”
Lena: “Oh, I’m sorry.”
Kara: “Yeah… I mean, no, don’t be sorry! She has all the rights to be happy and go to that concert with her girlfriend, it’s just that-”
Lena: “Wait, her… her girlfriend?”
Kara: “Yeah, her… Maggie. Her girlfriend Maggie. It’s recent, it’s very important for her, and I don’t want her to feel guilty ‘cause she wants to be with Maggie.”
Lena: “I see.”
Kara: “But at the same time… It made me feel bad, you know. That she just canceled like that… And then I felt terrible ‘cause I felt bad, and that’s… bad! It’s sooo bad, I should not react like this! My sister is… happy now, and it’s such a good thing, I… I should be more supportive, I should give her more space to be with Maggie, I shoul-”
Lena: “Woah, hold your horses for a second!”
Kara: “Heh, sorry.”
Lena: “First of all, you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. She bailed on you, of course you feel bad, that’s natural.”
Kara: “But-”
Lena: “But what? She knows you love her. And I’m sure she knows that you want only the best for her. This time she screw up, honey. It’s totally fine that she has someone and she spends time with them, but she should also make some time for you.”
Kara: “I know, but she has always put my needs before hers, she sacrificed so much to be sure I had everything, and now she has something that is only hers and… I respect that. I’m happy for her, I just… I’m not used to be without her, you know… I got this feeling, I felt…”
Lena: “Abandoned?”
Kara: “…”
Kara: “Yes.”
Lena: “It’s understandable.”
Kara: “It’s… It’s childish.”
Lena: “It isn’t.”
Kara: “…”
Kara: “And everyone seemed to have plans and someone to spend the day with, I was just… Uff… I don’t know! I’m probably being a drama queen, haha!”
Lena: “You’re not a drama queen, Kara.”
Kara: “Yeah… I don’t know about that.”
Lena: “Look, what if we do this? I make a couple of calls, make some changes in my agenda, then we go buy you a proper cake, we bring that to your place and we celebrate your unbirthday?”
Kara: “That’s… God, that’s really sweet of you, but I don’t want cause you trouble over something like this, Lena.”
Lena: “You’re no trouble, it’s my offer and pleasure.”
Kara: “I…”
Lena: “Plus, I know just the right place to get you that cake, and know this: it has nothing to envy to Willy Wonka and his Chocolate Factory.”
Kara: “Well, if you put it that way! I’m in!”
Lena: “Awesome! I’m making those calls, then.”
Kara: “Okay!”
Kara: “…”
Kara: “Lena?”
Lena: “Yes, hun?”
Kara: “Thank you. Really.”
Lena: “Anytime. And happy unbirthday!”
Kara: “Aaa very merry unbirthday! To me! To who? To me! Oh, you! A very merry unbirthday! To you! Who, me? Yes, you! Oh, me!”
Lena: “Haha! Let’s all congratulate us with another cup of tea… A very merry unbirthday to you! What? No, not you, Jess.”
Kara: “Oh boy.”
Lena: “Yes, I get that it’s also your unbirthday. No, you’re not gonna get a cake too, just move my appointments, please.”
Lena: “…”
Lena: “You get one muffin, Jess!”
Every Me And Every You - Thirty Three

Seven hours later and you landed in Las Vegas. Given the flight times and the time difference, by the time you’d hired a car it was pushing 5pm.

You’d tried to call Spencer again before taking off and when you’d got into the airport with no luck. The first few times it had gone straight to voicemail, but now it was ringing out.

Not knowing where to go, you called Penelope.

“Hello, my little ray of sunshine. What can I do for you?” Ever cheerful, you could hear her smiling down the phone.

“Pen, I don’t suppose you’re still at work? I don’t know where Reid is and he’s not answering his phone. I know we’re not meant to, but I wondered if you could ping his phone.”

“I’m not at work, but I am at home. I can link up. Give me five minutes sweet cheeks and I’ll hit you back.”

She disconnected the call and you sat waiting impatiently in the hire car, wondering if you’d made the wrong decision by coming out here.

Seeing her name flashing up on your cell,  you answered.

“He’s at his Mom’s hospital. Have you got sat nav, I’ll give you the address?” She read out the address and you programmed it in. A twenty minute drive.

“He’s been there for the last hour, I’ll keep my computer on and let you know if he leaves alright? Give him our love when you see him.”

“Thanks Penny, will do.”

You navigated the Las Vegas highway following the directions until you pulled up outside a fancy looking building. It certainly didn’t look like a hospital but you knew that Spencer paid a lot of money to have his mom cared for, feeling guilty that he’d wasn’t able to do it himself.

Parking up and finding the main reception, you asked for him, the friendly looking receptionist advising that he was here and that she’d send an orderly to go and fetch him from his Mom’s room. You waited nervously, still not sure whether you should have come or not.

A few minutes later you spotted him walking into the room, his eyes scanning around and wondering who his visitor was.

He looked tired, his voice mail to you had been left in the early hours of the morning so you guessed he was physically exhausted as well as emotionally. You knew he must have been super tired as he wore his glasses, an accessory that rarely made an appearance now.

When he spotted you he did a double take, squinting through his lenses. You gave him a small smile and a little wave as he crossed the room to you.

“Y/N? What are you…..” he trailed off, his voice small and raspy the way it got when he was upset.

“You said you needed a friend right?” You opened your arms to him and he embraced you, burrowing his head into your neck.

“You came…. ” he whispered, his words barely audible.

“Is it okay that I did? I’m sorry I didn’t pick up when you called me this morning. My cell died, both of them would you believe it?”

“It’s more than okay. I can’t believe you got on a plane and came all this way by yourself. Does Hotch know you’re here?”

He pulled away from you and you could now see how red his eyes were behind his spectacles. Poor Spence.

“I didn’t find out until I got to work, Em said something to him about us being really close friends and we don’t have a case sooo. I tried calling to check it was okay but your phone was off and then when I got here, it just rang out. I had Penny work her magic to find out where you were. They all send their love by the way.”

“My cells in my bag on silent, I wasn’t ignoring you I swear… ”

“Reid it’s fine. You’ve had more important thing to think about. How are you, how’s your mom?”

He sighed, his shoulders heavy.

“I’m… okay, I guess. My mom…. Well, she’s more upset. It’s almost like the last twenty two years never happened and she’s still married to him. I mean, she knows she’s not, she’s lucid right now. But she’s just devastated. And I feel bad because I don’t feel like I’m as upset as I should be.”

“She did spend more of her life with him than you did Spence. Regardless of what happened between them, she’s probably got a lot more happy memories of him than you do.”

“I know, I just don’t know what to say to her or how to comfort her right now.” He rubbed his eyes under his glasses, blinking a few times.

“Listen, I need to find a motel or something, do you have anywhere booked yet? I can go find somewhere for us both and then come back and meet you. Do you have a hire car?”

“Yeah it’s outside in the lot. Don’t leave so soon after you’ve got here, please. There’s a hotel a few blocks away that always has vacancies, I stay there all the time when I visit. Come… come meet my mom if it’s not too weird. You might help distract her for a bit.”

“Alright, I can do that.”

I Knew I Would See You Again (”Why Now?” Part 2) - Jughead Jones Imagine (Riverdale)

Part 1 | Part 3


Hello again, I noticed that you liked my first imagine „Why Now?” and I decided to do a part two of it! Some people also asked me to. I am very happy that you liked part one, you guys amazed me! I really didn’t expect that, thank you for reading it! If you didn’t read „Why Now?” and just came across this imagine, please click above on Part 1 to read, although you will not understand anything. I also made a special page where I will post all of my Imagines. It’s down here:




About this part I still don’t have any warnings to do because it’s too innocent, haha. I don’t own any of the TV series’s rights and the persons I’m mentioning here aren’t like that in the real life. This is just a story made up by me, meaning that the descriptions of the characters that I’m writing about are based on how the Riverdale’s cast is portraying them. It’s a work of fiction. Enjoy your reading. xx

PLOT: You stayed in Houston for a year. During all this time, you’ve managed to get in touch with your friends who have made you aware of everything that has happened in Riverdale so far. Even so, you missed them a lot and as soon as summer came, you informed your parents that you are going back to your hometown to celebrate your  18th birthday. You are about to find things that will make you regret you have not been with your friends, but most importantly, you will see him again.

You didn’t even feel how time had passed. It’s been a year, a whole year since you left Riverdale for a fresh start and for a better life. It wasn’t like that for you, you had no idea how you got through it. You only wanted the things to be good between you and your parents, but you couldn’t lie to yourself. You’ve suffered and if you’re gonna remember the day you left … The way things went off, you would probably feel sorry. You were absolutely convinced that you weren’t going to disappoint Veronica, Archie, Betty … Jughead, they knew that too. Every one of them kept their word: Archie called you every single day, you would talk to him for hours and he would finally sing something short just to cheer you up. You wouldn’t forget to ask him if Jughead was alright and he would say that he would never lie to you about anything. Archie and Jughead were best friends, you knew he would never abandon Jughead. You and Veronica would facetime everytime you were free. You always told her that Houston is a nice place and that you feel very good here, but you wouldn’t be convincing. It wasn’t the fact that you hated that place, it was just the fact that you knew anyone around here. You were the new girl, the new neighbor … It was tiring for you. Eventually Veronica would make you laugh even if you couldn’t even smile and you would almost fall asleep while talking to her. The blonde one – Betty, was the most worried about you.  She would ask you thousands of times if you are okay and send you a lot of pictures with her and the others so you can watch them whenever the longing became too intense. They made you forget, somehow. For a while, it wasn’t enough.

Then, everything started to get easier. You were accommodating with your new school’s schedule, studying most of the time and getting ready for exams. Sometimes you would think of how you used to eat lunch with Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead outside and how anyone could make you feel as they did. There was no fun. There weren’t delicious chocolate milkshakes as the ones at Pop’s were. There was no one named Jughead who would wear his crown-shaped beanie even if he was inside of a house. It was incredibly hard for you not to think about him all this time. You remembered how you cried the first night away from Riverdale and how lonely you felt. Jughead called you that night, you could barely talk. He tried to calm you down, but it wasn’t possible. You simply left him alone after he confessed he liked you. After he tried to show his true feelings towards you. You always knew how odd he felt doing it, and you could imagine how hard it was for him. And you did what? You were miles away. You would have understood him if he was mad at you, though he said he wasn’t. You almost wanted him too. What if everytime you hung up the phone, he will not talk to anyone else for a long time? What if he wasn’t himself anymore? What if he was stuck? You’re still asking this and you are afraid of a real answer. You felt him so close to you than he have ever been before and you couldn’t show him the same feelings. Sometimes you would want to feel his body pressed to yours, to cuddle him because you never had the chance to do that. Your mother was the first one to fiind out how it was with this Jughead guy, you didn’t need to explain anything to her. She saw you being affected and tried to make you feel better. You didn’t let her. Neither your dad. It was their fault. It took you long enough to get used to the idea, still, you haven’t looked for any other boy’s affection.

When summer came, you knew you had a chance. You talked with Veronica in time, telling her you plan to come back to Riverdale for your birthday. She almost started to scream from happiness when you told her that, but you mentioned her not to tell Archie, Betty or Jughead about that. You wanted to be a surprise. She told you you’d spend the night at her when you got there and assured you she’d keep her mouth shut. Both of you were so excited. You couldn’t help but think about everyone’s faces when they’ll see you. You couldn’t wait to see them too, it was like you were already feeling their giant tight hug against your body. You asked your parents to let you go back, you could not forget this important detail. They couldn’t believe it when they heard you. Your father was red from anger. „No way!” they both would tell you. Of course you couldn’t accept that, so you continued to beg for their approval. They did not want you to leave because they wanted you to be with them on your birthday, not in that town. They seemed so disgusted, as if they had not lived there once. You did everything in your power until you were able to convince them. You promised a short term, after which you would come back home. You needed your friends and some more familiar surroundings for a while. They understood it hard, but you were glad that they did. You were excited to see even Cheryl who was never incredibly excited about your presence. You heard a lot of shocking news about her brother’s death and you wanted to find out more. Veronica didn’t give you too many details, she wanted to play with you. You wanted Cheryl and her family to be okay after all the rumblings they’ve been through since the tragedy.

So the days have passed quite fast with you trying to fullfill your time as much as possible so you wouldn’t need to wait that long. You suddenly saw yourself with all the luggage done, almost as if you wanted to live faster than you should’ve. Jughead noticed how changed you were every time he called you and you felt him quite surprised. He got used to make you feel better, and to smile sweetly and cheeky everytime you two would facetime. It was funny to lie him ’cause it wasn’t anything serious, you couldn’t wait to meet his mesmerizing green eyes again.

This time you’ll tell him too. You’ll tell him everything.


You couldn’t stand the place. The taxi driver seemed to drive too slow for your patience. The night was still young. You were so close to your hometown again, you couldn’t believe it. You thought it was a dream, wanting someone to pinch you.  You blinked many times, looking out the window and admiring the landscape. You missed the strange appearance of Riverdale because you still were used to it. You’d have preferred this silence than all that noise in Houston.  Before you leave home, your mom and dad have warned you: you were not allowed to break your promise. You asked them to come with you so that you will be together on your birthday, it wouldn’t bother you. But your father had his job and wouldn’t let just your mother to come with you. You kinda felt that once you’ll see your friends, you couldn’t leave anymore. But nobody had to know that yet.

You took your phone out of your pocket and checked to see if Veronica texted you. Until now she constantly did that, she couldn’t wait to see you, God. You wondered if she was still the same as you knew her. You wondered if her family was okay, you wanted to know if her love life was up and you wished she didn’t suffer because of your departure. You felt like you couldn’t resist much more, it’s been so long

You asked the taxi driver to leave you a little farther from Veronica’s house because you didn’t wanted her to see you or wait for you. You just walked a little, and you never imagined it could be so hard with all the luggage and emotions that were not going to leave you too soon. You immediately recognized the huge building and increased your peace. A little more.

A man opened the door for you when he saw you wearing so much weight. You mumbled a „thank you” and then entered, leading directly to Veronica’s apartment. Standing in front of the door you felt your knees weak. You took a deep breath and the knocked at the door.

Almost immediately you heard Veronica’s voice from the inside:

„Y/N should be there in a few moments.” You couldn’t help but smile when you heard the sound of the door opening.

After that, you just felt like your strength was gone.

A tall girl dressed in a red top and some skinny black jeans looked at you from head to toe. Her dark hair was left free and hang just above her shoulders, as you were used with her wearing it like that. You whined and you covered you mouth with your hand, slipping the suitcasses on the floor.

„Oh my God.” You heard Veronica exhaling. It could’ve happen literally everything in this moment and you would notice nothing but one of your dearest friends who was looking at you extremly shocked. „Oh my God!” You heard her again. „Y/N!” She wrapped her hands around your neck and squealed. You felt like your heartbeats stopped.

„Hello to you too, Veronica” You tried to say even if you felt like she was strangling you.

„Jessus Christ, are you kidding me, Y/N?! Why didn’t you tell me that- …”

„I guess I wanted to surprise you?” She faced you when she heard your voice. Her eyes were full of life. It practically screamed: „This is the real home you need!

„Hell, I missed you so much!” She yelled, hugging you again. You started to laugh, but you were too excited, so it came out more like a trembling moan. You weren’t allowed to cry.

„I missed you too!” You stroked her back until you heard her mother’s voice from inside the apartment. The door was wide open. „Wha-What have you been doing lately?” You swallowed a lump in your throat trying to stay still on you own two feets.

She tried to answer you but Hermione interrupted her from behind.

„Veronica hun’, what was that- …” She stopped when she saw you. „Wait, is this …” Veronica turned her head to her, nodding quickly.

„It’s Y/N mom! Look at her!”

Hermione smiled warmly.

„What are you doing here, dear? It’s so unexpected, I can’t believe you’re back.”

„I needed to come back here. You have no idea how hard it was for me in the last months …” Veronica held her arm on your upper back. Now you only needed a few minutes. Your friend had to tell you everything that happened while you were away.

„Come in. Don’t stay there, we have pretentious neighbours.” Hermione said. You missed the way she treated you, sometimes she would have been better than your own mother. You entered the luxurious apartment, looking around. Nothing was changed. You’ve noticed all the things in their place, the couch on which you and Veronica used to fall asleep while watching movies, the glass coffee table, the plants … Too familiar.

The two women helped you to carry your luggage and immediately afterwards you sat down on the couch. You felt that Veronica and Hermione were fighting about who will be the one to ask you the first question. There had been nothing special in the city where you stayed, nothing to tell about.

„Everyone will freak out when they’ll see you. Tell me, how is it? How’s Houston?” Veronica asked, coming closer to you.

„Horrendous without you guys. I’m so glad I made my parents let me come.” You sighed.

„Ronnie told me about this. How did they agree?” Veronica’s mother asked.

„I think it was a miracle. I begged them like a dog.” You joked. „Only once I can reach my eighteens. If they did not want to accompany me I had nothing to do.”

„Don’t think about it, you’re here now. That’s what matters the most.” Mumbled Veronica. Her mother was agreeing. ”We really missed you, Y/N, all of us.” You knew it and couldn’t think about anything else. Your heart was empty without them, you imagined that this place was empty too without you all. After all, your group was the soul of Riverdale.

You turned your head to the dark-haired girl.

„I need to know everything. What happened here?” Although you were worried about the answers you were going to receive, nothing will be the same if you didn’t fiind out. You saw Hermione standing up and telling you she will leave you two alone so you can talk. Curious, you looked straight into your friend’s eyes. She started with the beginning. You found out that just a few months after you moved away, Jughead’s father was the main suspect in Jason Blossom’s death. When Jughead had told you about him he believed he couldn’t be guilty of anything. He trusted his father after all, because if he wouldn’t, he would have no one to support him. Veronica’s words scared you because yeah, mr. Jones seemed dangerous but he wasn’t a killer. Plus, when Jason was shot, Jughead’s father worked with Fred Andrews. So it couldn’t be true.

Then, Ronnie started to tell you about the relationship between Jughead and his dad which began to tense when the police was after him. They fought often and Jughead slept for a few days inside the school because he didn’t want to bother Archie anymore. He was destroyed during that time, Archie hardly persuaded him to come back. You imagined a scared, teary Jughead who walked alone on the same streets he was once walking you home on. Your heart skipped a beat.

„Please tell me you took care of him.” You said slowly. Veronica nodded.

„Betty was there for him.” As soon as you heard that sentence, your eyebrows furrowed. You felt shivers on your back. Although you knew that wasn’t her intention, you felt Veronica blaming you, somehow. She didn’t say that it was your fault, it was just the fact that Betty comforted the boy you left behind instead of you. And you weren’t jelous or something, it just … Didn’t feel right. The brunette looked at you cautiously before continuing. Maybe you weren’t prepared to hear her next words. Jughead and Betty were together at some point. You just blinked. Betty was the person who managed to be by his side when you couldn’t.

But you were okay with that.

„It didn’t last long. They broke up after two months.” Continued Veronica. „He thought he could see her the way he saw you.”

„How do you - …” How did Veronica know about Jughead’s feelings towards you? He would not tell anyone, he waited until the last moment to tell you.

„He told us but Archie figured out first.” You remembered the way they would tease you about how you and Jughead were acting in each other’s company. You would’ve smiled if you weren’t worried. „’You alright?” Ronnie asked you.

„I think so. It’s nothing.” You said. As long as you were concerned, things got a bit out of control, you understood that when you realized it was still not sure who Jason’s killer was. Even without you, your friends were trying to find out. Someone was lying and the Blossom family didn’t know what to do.

„I mean, how, Veronica? It’s been a year!” You exclaimed trying to find an appropriate answer in your head.

„It’s complicated. Everyone tell us that.”

Everything was complicated. When you wanted to come back, you were expecting that. You felt that overwhelming sensation again. The negative energy ruled every corner of your body but you welcomed it back with pleasure. If your mom and dad would fiind out what you have found out tonight, they would probably be here within an hour to take you back to Houston. Were you happy feeling so uncertain?

„Tomorrow’s the day. Betty, Archie and Jughead need to know you are back.” After a few minutes when the atmosphere was quiet, your friend’s voice was heard. You did not have the strength to retaliate after all you just heard. Your birthday was in two days and you still had things to do. You were supposed to get ready for seeing him again.

That night, after you talked a bit with Hermione too, you slept with Veronica in her king-size bed. The Blossom’s red hair appeared in front of your eyes everytime you closed them. You almost felt everything Jughead felt when he was alone, barely able to fall asleep.

„Don’t worry, Y/N. You have to feel good. Don’t ruin your time here.” Veronica also told you.

„I’m fine. I know it’ll be fine.”

The next morning Veronica woke you up early so you could dress. She had spoken with Archie and he had invited her to take breakfast at his place. You felt tired but it couldn’t compare to the butterflies you felt in your stomach knowing what yo were about to do. Jughead’s face popped up inside your head. You couldn’t wait to open your arms and let him hug you. Or you would be the one to hug him? It didn’t really matter as long as you were about to feel him that close again. 

„C’mon.” Veronica said, opening the door for you. You said goodbye to Hermione, the you stepped out of the apartment, following your friend. 

„I am so nervous.” You said, as the road shortened and you were getting closer to Archie’s home.

„Well, I’m excited.” Ronnie clapped. You tried to calm down your emotions but it wasn’t possible. You imagined Jughead and Archie, you imaged how Archie’s house looked like and before you knew it, Veronica tried to make sure if she could knock on the door or just enter the house without any announcement.

„Breathe.” She whispered to you once you two stepped in. Before you could say something more, she screamed. „Archie, I’m here!” You tried to stop her but you couldn’t. Then, you heard footsteps approaching. 

„You’re right in time.” Your redhead’s voice was thicker than usual. „The pancakes are- …” But when he saw you, it seemed like his voice vanished.”Y/N?!” You tried to smile as innocently as you could.

„Surprise!” His mouth was already wide open. He slowly approached you as if he was afraid you would disappear.

„No freaking way.” You heard him say. You felt his strong arms wrapped around your waist immediately. You tried to look at Veronica and meeting her gaze, you saw her mouthing an „I told you.” 

„Oh my God, Archie.” You murmured. You felt he was beyond surprised. 

„Are you real? I thought you would never come back …”

„I’m here. One hundred percent real.” You assured him, patting his back. „It’s my birthday tomorrow. I wanted to be here.” He looked at you and for a second, you really thought he was about to start crying. You couldn’t imagine a crying Archie, instead, you wanted to cry so bad. „I miss- …” You tried to speak but he suddenly grabbed your hand. You got through the hallway to the kitchen where you smelled the old delicious pancakes with maple syrup. Then, as if it was a dream, you saw one well-known figure.

You started shaking. Your chest was tightening.

„Hey, Jug?” Archie called him. He turned his head to him but he didn’t notice you at first. Just a minute later, he froze.

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„Jughead.” You breathed. If Archie and Veronica would not watch you now, you probably would have gone to him and attacked his lips in a well-deserved kiss. You were as speechless as he was.

He didn’t say a word. Instead, you saw him approaching you. He looked you deep in the eyes and touched your cheeks with his palms. His eyes were watery. No. Please Don’t.

„Y/N?” Your name fell out of his mouth as a weak whisper. He was still wearing his beanie, but this time it was a different color. You hugged him tightly and you whined in his chest.

„I’m sorry.” You told him. You still felt extremely guilty. You didn’t want to hurt him anymore. You wanted to feel him happy. As happy as he was never before.

„Don’t say that. It wasn’t your choice.”

You leaned your forehead to his. 

„Guys?” You almost forgot about the boy and the girl who were awkwardly standing behind you. Archie talked first.

„I’ll call Betty.”

Jughead stepped back and looked at you in owe. You wished he would’ve kiss you without shame. You couldn’t say that loud.

Exactly like that, you enjoyed the presence of your old friends all day long. It honestly felt like it wasn’t real. After so long, you were seeing them again. And when Betty arrived and saw you standing there, you couldn’t handle it anymore and started to cry while you hugged her. They grew up too. You even noticed a small scratch on Jughead’s cheek, and when you asked him about it, he told you that Archie had mistakenly hit him with the joystick in the face when he lost a round at his favorite video game.

„You, silly.” You said, giggling.

Everythig was perfect. You didn’t even dare to ask about Cheryl and her family because you didn’t want to ruin anything. Your friends were incredibly enthusiastic about your returning because they wanted you to have the best birthday ever. Jughead held your hand whenever he had the chance and he didn’t even care if the others were watching you, not even Betty. You felt sorry for her because it was, after all, her ex-boyfriend. She wasn’t bothered at all, she was happy that you were around. You didn’t feel how time passed and before you knew it, looking out the window, it was already dark outside. Until now you’ve been around and at Pop’s with your friends, then you stood in front of the highschool and talked about every possible thing. You also visited Archie’s dad, who was surprised to see you; he was in the middle of a phone call and started balding when he saw you. You wanted to laugh but you didn’t, though.

Right now you and Jughead were on your way to his dad’s trailer. You needed some time alone with him, and around Archie, Betty and Veronica you could not get your plan done. Your hands were intertwined, you felt something strange in your stomach.

„This day was simply amazing. Thank you for welcoming me back this way.” You said.

„Stop thanking us, Y/N. Everyone’s glad that you’re back.” You felt Jughead’s big thumb brushing over your palm. „Will you leave again?” He then asked, in a low tone. 

„I have to.” You answered. You wouldn’t want to leave but you couldn’t stay. Your parents would lock you in your room forever.

You two enjoyed the silence until you arrived and noticed that Jughead’s father didn’t seem to be around. You stood outside. It was hot and the wind was blowing slowly. You leaned your back against the trailer and looked up to the sky.

„Jughead?” He looked at you while his arms were crossed to his chest. „Are you okay?”

„I am.” He nodded. But you didn’t mean that.

„No, are you okay?” You became serious bitting the inside of your cheek. You watched him coming near you. He sighed.

„Yes, Y/N. I am.” You wanted him to tell you how horrible he felt without you, you wanted him to blame you and you wanted him to be angry at you. He wasn’t. He was just enjoying your company. You were an awful person, you knew that.

„I heard about you and Betty.” You spoke out of blue. In a few seconds, he turned his head towards you. 

„Does that bother you? Because- …”

„Jughead relax. It’s okay, I’m okay with that. Don’t worry.”


„You know …” He started. „I never stopped thinking of you. Like it only felt right when I was with you.” You felt your throat dry. Your lower lip was already between your teeth and something was devouring you on the inside. You turned your head to him and caught his sad expression. You opened your mouth but no words came out. Before you could figure it out, the space between you and the Jughead began to shrink. In the next moment, it happened. 

His lips stuck to yours as if they were simply meant to be there. Something exploded inside of you. You whimpered instinctively driving your hand to his cheek. Your body pressed more against the trailer behind you while you two kissed deeply and truly. It wasn’t a tongue kiss, it could’ve been just as passionate. You slowly raised your hands up to the end of his beanie and squeezed the little dark hair which was stuck out. You felt him trembeling in the kiss and you knew it was too much for him. But he wouldn’t stop, for you. He pressed his chest to yours and you felt his heart beating. You melted, then and there.

You didn’t know you had your eyes closed until you opened them to look at him while he slowly interrupted the beautiful kiss. He licked his lips, shy and you smiled.

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„You have no idea how good is to know that my father isn’t here now.” He murmured, looking at you with such loving eyes. You didn’t expect him to be like that. 

How amazing he was.

„I like you too, Jug.” You whispered, somehow scared that he would just shut you off.

I knew I would see you again.” He answered, smiling softly. „I don’t want you to leave again, Y/N.” He confessed, staring at the wet ground. 

„I don’t want that either.” When you thought about that, you made yourself sad. You didn’t want to be sad at this moment, you just had the most beautiful kiss in your life. The first kiss that really felt that real. Jughead was always real, he was here all this time, he still was. How unbelievable it was, it was true.

„I think it’s midnight.” You felt his hand reaching to yours again. 

„Maybe …” You said feeling empty. 

Happy birthday, Y/N.” Your smile though it was not as big as it should’ve been, it was there. You wanted to push everything away, every bad thought, every cry for help … You just wanted him. You felt your head being turned to him again, this time for him to kiss you for the second time. He hugged your frame with so much care that you could’ve even break into his arms as well, because he would have stick together all your pieces, all of your parts. It was hard to attach by someone when you knew very well that you both get hurt in the end.

But what if this wasn’t your end?  

It’s here! This is the last part of „Why Now?” imagine. I really hope you’ll like it, I already like to write stuff like this for you. What do you think about it? ’Hope it’s not too sad or something, usually I can handle to write sad stuff, I like it. Thank you so much for your reblogs and hearts, it really means a lot to me! And if you ever want to talk don’t hesitate to give me a message. Or ask me a question. Both are okay. Thank you for reading!

{ we’ll give the world to you }

last part! this is about a couple months after you take in rosie as your own.

as always, thank you for reading! (if you’d like me to continue this i’d love to, but i originally only planned for four parts)

french used:

bonjour, mon petit - hello, little one

comment allez-vous? - how are you?

je vais bien. merci - i’m fine, thank you

bonjour, mes amours - hello, my loves

pt. 4

“Papa! Papa! Papa!” Rosie said, running to meet him as soon as she heard the door open. 

Laf was quick to set his bag down near the door and scooped the little girl up. 

“Bonjour, mon petit!” He said, kissing her cheeks. “Comment allez-vous?”

“Je vais bien. Merci!” She said back, with a big smile. Laf spun her around gently, giving her another kiss to her head making her giggle. 

“Very good!” He smiled. “Soon you’ll be able to talk with your Papi and me.” 

A lot had changed with Rosie coming into your lives. You had to get a bigger space to accommodate her and her needs. You were now living in a cozy 3 bedroom townhouse that was closer to her school. She’d changed you all for the better. The energy of your house had changed. While it was already lively with five people in one space, Rosie still commanded the room and made this place shine a little brighter.

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Wildfire - Derek Hale x Reader

As always, thanks to @julieanncupcake!

Pairing: Derek Hale x Female Reader

Inspired by Wildfire by Seafret

“Mates?” Derek stared at the veterinarian completely dumbfounded, his mind racing as he tried to comprehend what Deaton had just said.

“Yes, you’re each other’s mates. You were made to be together” His tone was calm as he observed the alpha, carefully watching his reaction.

“But we’re hardly even friends” Deaton sighed, resting his fists against the cool, metal examination table.

“Have you been hearing her heartbeat throughout the day, no matter how far apart you are? Have you been feeling the need to protect and provide for her? Have you-“

“Yes! Okay, I get it” Derek’s words rang around the consolation room as dread swirled in his stomach. How the hell was he going to tell (y/n)-someone who he rarely spent time with-that the universe had decided that they were made for one another and were destined to be together?

(Y/n) shivered as she made her way through Beacon Hills preserve, a new creature had been spotted around town and Scott thought it was hiding it the woods which naturally meant that the pack had to spend their evenings searching for it. She pulled her thin jacket across her chest, ducking her head as she braced herself against the wind. Derek seemed completely unfazed as he walked beside her. She glanced at him, her mind thinking back to how strangely he’d been acting recently. For the last couple of weeks, he’d avoided her entirely, groaning in disgust as he was paired with her to search the woods. He hadn’t said a word to her yet, instead falling into a deep, brooding silence. His stare was settled straight ahead, not sparing her a second glance.

Derek was doing everything he could not to look at her. His wolf was crying out for him to hold her and cover her in his scent but he couldn’t. He wasn’t going to force her to be with him, especially when she wasn’t showing any signs of returning his feelings. Deaton had assured him that it was normal for a human to take longer to respond to the bond once it was triggered but she was nothing other than her usual happy self towards him.  He allowed himself a moment of weakness, sneaking a glance to his side. His wolf howled in alarm when he saw her shivering. Derek didn’t stop to think before he was pulling his jacket off. Her brows furrowed in confusion as she watched him extend his arm and offer her his coat.

“I’m okay” Derek raised his eyebrows, clearly not believing her.

“You’re shivering, take it. I’ll be fine” She watched him for a moment before taking his jacket. Slipping it over her shoulders, she sighed in contentment as it engulfed her in warmth.

“Thank you” Her words were quiet and shy as if she was scared of aggravating him. Derek instantly felt guilty, he was being rude and he didn’t want her to suffer because he couldn’t control his feelings.

“So-uh-what do you think it is?” A small, pleased smile formed on her lips as she thought for a moment.

“I have no idea,” (Y/n) let out a quiet laugh “But I guess it’s not a wolf as you guys would be able to sense that, right?”

Derek was about to respond to her when he heard something rapidly approaching them. Without thinking, he moved in front of her, more than ready to shield her from whatever was coming towards them. He jumped in surprise when he felt her hand grasp his. Instinctively, he squeezed her hand in reassurance while he tried to ignore the waves of contentment rolling over him from her touch. His eyes darted across the expanse of trees in front of them, searching for the threat. Embarrassment flooded his veins when a deer ran past them. Bowing his head, he stepped away from her, reluctantly releasing her hand as they started to walk again.

“Sorry, false alarm” He kept his eyes trained on the floor.

“No problem, I’m glad you’re here with me. I don’t know what I would do if I was out here on my own” She offered him a sweet smile as she burrowed further into his jacket. Derek’s heart fluttered as he wondered whether that was a response to the mate bond, it was the first possible sign she’d shown and it was making his wolf go wild.

They fell into a comfortable silence as they made their way deeper into the woods, (y/n) eventually having to turn on her torch so they could see where they were going. She wasn’t paying attention as they walked, choosing to watch the stars littering the sky above them instead. It would’ve been fine if it hadn’t rained earlier in the day which had made the ground slippery and waterlogged. As they walked down a small hill, her feet gave out from underneath her and she slipped down the muddy slope. Derek rushed to her side as an assortment of curses made their way past her lips.

“Where does it hurt?” She flexed her wrists, testing for any sign of pain when she found none she wiped her muddy hands on her jeans.

“My right ankle is a bit sore but-“ Before she could finish the rest of her sentence, Derek had scooped her into his arms. He ignored her shouts of protest as he abandoned their search and started to make his way back towards his jeep. He tried to appear calm but he was panicking, the thought of her being in pain terrified him and made him fasten his steps.

He set her down in the passenger seat of his car, turning her towards him slightly so he could reach her leg. (Y/n) watched as he gently touched her ankle, his eyes widening when he noticed the scrape running across it. Derek cursed under his breath before rushing to the boot of his car to find his first aid kit. His movements were frantic as he swiped an antiseptic wipe across her ankle. She called his name softly as he started to dress her ankle. He was so focused on taking care of her that he didn’t hear anything she was saying. (Y/n) reached forward, taking his face in her hands.

“Derek. Derek, look at me. I’m fine” Her eyes searched his as he pulled in a deep breath and pinched his eyes shut. Concern clouded her eyes, but she let her hands drop, knowing Derek wasn’t a big fan of physical contact. He didn’t open his eyes, instead, he bowed his head while bracing himself against the door frame, effectively trapping her inside. “Do you want to tell me what that was about?”

Derek gave a slight shake of his head before stepping away from her and pulling deep breaths in through his mouth as he tried to clear his senses of her scent.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what got into me” She hopped down from the raised seat, wincing as jolts of pain made their way down her ankle. Derek was by her side instantly, supporting her with an arm around her waist.

“It’s okay, you’re cute when you’re worried” His cheeks flushed red as she giggled softly. Leaning into his touch, she pressed a kiss to his cheek before hobbling back to the car. She hung her legs out of the car while Derek leant against the back doors.

“How long do you think the others will be?” She pulled his jacket tighter around her chest as she snuggled into the seat. He rounded the car, climbing inside and flicking the heater on.

“I have no idea but we might as well be warm while we wait”

The pack were shocked when they returned to the meeting point and found (y/n) and Derek in fits of laughter. After the two of them had calmed down, they all shared what little information they managed to gather before arranging to meet tomorrow evening at Derek’s loft for a pack meeting.  

(Y/n) reached to open her door so that she could get a lift with Stiles and Scott, but Derek stopped her, circling his hand lightly around her wrist.

“I’ll take you home” She was about to tell him that he didn’t have to when she realised she wanted to spend more time with him, even if it was only a ten minute car journey. Relaxing back into her seat, she laughed softly as Derek started to tell her a story of how much trouble he and Laura got into when they were little and were still learning how to control their abilities. She savoured the moment, he hardly ever spoke about his family and if he did, he usually retreated into himself as he was overcome with grief. But in that moment, despite still feeling the pain of loss, Derek could relive the happy memories and share them with someone else-someone he hoped he would be able to share or even create more memories with.

As the weeks passed, (y/n) found herself spending more and more time at the loft, it became her safe haven, offering her an escape from the chaos of university and the pack’s problems. Derek never complained when she showed up, instead, opening the door wider and offering her a drink as she set her work on his table. Some days she got her work done, on others she would chat with Derek while he prepared dinner for the two of them. Over time she got to know him, seeing behind the cold exterior he displayed to the world. Whenever she got to the loft, the stress of the day fell away and she felt safe, protected almost. Nothing bad could happen if Derek was there. She’d be lying if she said she hadn’t developed a small (massive) crush during the time she was with him.

A result of spending time with him meant that she panicked whenever he got hurt.

Deaton had called her in the middle of one of her classes, telling her that Derek had been poisoned by some kind of wolfsbane. She didn’t stop to listen to whatever else he had to say, hanging up and rushing out of the classroom while offering her lecturer an apologetic smile.

She was breathless as she made her way into the clinic, bounding into the consultation room. Her heart stopped when she saw Derek lying motionless on the metal examination table. A shiver ran through her body, freezing her to her very core. She couldn’t breathe, her vision blurring as the possibility of losing Derek rushed through her mind. Deaton rushed to her side, reminding her to pull in deep breaths. He guided her to sit down, his eyes locking with hers as he brought her back to the present.

“Th-thank you” She struggled to get her words out as her eyes flickered to Derek and the panic returned just as quickly as it had left.

“(Y/n), he’ll be fine. I promise. He just needs a little time to come round” She nodded her head, missing the knowing look lingering in the veterinarian’s eyes. Standing on shaky legs, she dragged her chair towards Derek. She took hold of his hand, pressing a light kiss to the back of it. The touch brought her a sense of comfort as her eyes scanned his face for any sign of pain. Deaton rested his hand on her shoulder, squeezing it softly before leaving to check on the animals.

It took an hour for Derek to wake up, his eyes slowly fluttering open as his hand wrapped tightly around (y/n)’s. He tried to sit up, only to groan when the movement caused the room to spin.

“Easy, easy” As he relaxed back against the table, a small, smug smile made its way onto his face.

“You’re worried about me” She let out an exasperated sigh, throwing him a glare. Standing up, she ran her fingers through her hair.

“Of course I was worried! I got a call from Deaton in the middle of my class saying that you’d been poisoned by one of the most deadly kinds of wolfsbane and then when I get here you’re lying motionless on a table-“

Derek braced himself as he sat up and reached for her hand. “I’m okay-hey, look at me” When she reluctantly brought her eyes to his, he smiled at her softly before bringing her hand to rest above his heart. They both tried to ignore the fact that he wasn’t wearing a shirt as she visibly relaxed after feeling the steady rhythm of his heart beneath her hand.

“How did you get poisoned?” As her hand slipped away from his chest he caught it in his own, entwining their fingers. A smile threatened to form on his face when he heard her heartbeat pick up.

“Must be new hunters in town, I was running in the woods when suddenly I was hit with an arrow. I barely made it here before I collapsed” Fear ran through her body as she thought of what might have happened if he hadn’t got to the clinic in time. Derek squeezed her hand softly. “I’m okay”

“I know, it’s just you’re my-you’re my,” She let out a sigh of aggravation as she struggled to find the right words. “You’re my Derek”

He tried desperately to ignore the trickle of hope that ran through him as he hung on every word she said. She tried to pull away from him, needing space to think, but he kept hold of her hand.

“I don’t know how to describe it Derek but I need you-whenever I’m without you I feel this emptiness like I’m missing something. But then when I’m with you, I feel safe and happy-happier than I am anywhere else”

“I love you too” She froze, her eyes locking with his. Slowly, a smile pulled at her cheeks while a blush spread across them. Derek pulled her closer, winding his arms around her waist. Her hands settled on his shoulders before threading through his hair.

“I love you” Her words were slow as her heart fluttered in her chest. She paused for a moment as she admired the smile resting on his face. “It feels stronger than that like we’re bound together”

A content laugh bubble in his chest, his arms pulling her impossibly closer. “We’re mates”

Her brow furrowed as she smiled at him. His hands dropped to her hips as he looked up at her. 

“We’re like the soulmates. It happens to werewolves, there’s someone we’re connected to-destined to be with”

She laughed softly, her eyes growing wide as she processed what he’d said. He joined her laughter as he rested their foreheads together. “Are you sure you want me because once we start making things,” He paused, embarrassment flooding his cheeks. “Uh-physical. There’s no going back, we’ll be connected for life”

Derek’s heart started to beat frantically as he watched a heart breaking smile pull at her cheeks and make her eyes sparkle.

“Sounds good” He leant in closer, his lips brushing hers.


“Yeah” Their lips connected, their hearts seeming to beat in sync as (y/n) melted against his touch.

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oh my god I NEED to hear more about the maid in the GoT au. When does she learn of Sid's true nature? Does it happen immediately, as he doesn't hit her for pinning something wrong, looks concerned when she cliches back, asks of her day and if she needs a moment? Or does it happen later, as she is browsing the market for some fruit for her family, a man follows her, she tries to lose him in the alleyways, he gets close, grabs her arm harshly, only to get thrown to the side by the magic (1/2)

stemming from Sid’s fingers as he runs towards her, muttering questions as to her state, turning towards the man, declaring that his hand be chopped, if he does not know how to use it decently? (2/2)


Sidney is kind, she realizes. And very polite to good company. He doesn’t strike her for folding his robes incorrectly, just shows her the way he prefers it to be done. He’s very particular about his routines, has to have things done in an order that makes no sense other than himself, but he doesn’t mind re-teaching her how. When he goes out to the market in his hood, he’s always courteous with the market-goers and uses a very soothing voice to help calm frantic mothers and locate their lost child. Often times, Sidney calls her to his side at bedtime and gives her something wrapped in linen, revealing it to be one of the cakes he’d saved from dinnertime. 

“You mentioned your fondness for lemon tarts,” Sidney whispers, tucking the gift into her apron even as she protested. “I saved you one. I would’ve gotten more, but Councilman Jerold had been staring at me lingering around the table for too long.” 

He learns of her homesickness in her early days at the castle, and he tells her sympathetically, “When I was younger, I oft became homesick. I was different, and the other children treated me as such.” 

In time, she’s comfortable enough to sit on Sidney’s bed, crosslegged and barefoot, as he shows her books he’d been scribbling in, talking about magic and spells that can turn a man’s hair blue as the morning sky and showing her the jewels that King Evgeni had given him. 

“They’re beautiful,” she whispers, as Sidney hands her the sapphire bracelet. “Your Majesty is indeed lucky to have such a doting husband.”

“It’s for you,” Sidney says, and she looks up in surprise. “It’d been woven with a curse from the Eastern Isles, but I broke the curse on it long ago. It’s just a regular bracelet now.” He shrugs. “I have no use for jewelry.”

“Your Majesty, but I have no use for it either,” she says. She trusts Sidney–he’s a skilled mage, she’d discovered. If he said the bracelet is no longer cursed, then it must be so. But– “I’m just–my position has no need–the others would talk–”

“Then sell it,” Sidney says kindly. “Take it as a gift, for you being so cooperative with my peculiarities and superstition.”

She sells the bracelet, and she gets two small bags of gold coins for it, one of which she gives to her mother, who cries.  

Another time, she accidentally knocks over a plant while cleaning in Sidney’s study, and she freezes. Sidney looks up, cocking his head. 

“Are you hurt?” he asks.

“No,” she answers, bending to her knees and cleaning up the mess. “I’m so sorry, Your Majesty, I’m just–”

“Is there anything on your mind?”

“I–” She gulps, feeling tears well in her eyes. “My brother is very sick, Your Majesty. My mother worries his fever may not break, he’s very young, I’m–I’m afraid he might–”

“A fever?” Sidney says, standing up. “Take me to him.”

“No, Your Majesty, no, it’s alright–”

“Let me see what I can do to help,” Sidney tells her gently. “If we cure him tonight, then wouldn’t you say it’d be better for the whole kingdom so they would not fall ill to the same thing?”

“I–yes, Your Highness.”

Sidney visits her home, and the following day, her brother is running around in the backyard as if he’d never been sick a day in his life. Her mother wouldn’t stop sobbing and thanking Sidney, begging him for some way to repay him.

“I very much like those strawberry pies I saw in your bakery,” Sidney says. “I’d like to try a piece, if you don’t mind.”

Sidney leaves with three full pies and an invitation for dinner, which he promises he will most definitely attend. 

She watches Consort Sidney play with the nobles’ children, always looking at them longingly as if he’d like one of his own. She asks him, once, and Sidney lowers his lashes.

“I’d like a family,” Sidney says glumly. “I’ve been visiting the orphanages with Zhenya.”

He’d trailed off then, and she hadn’t pursued the question any further. 

She observes Sidney sit with the elderly soldiers, laughing at their war stories and spending time with them as they comment on how rare it is a jewel like Sidney would have time to visit them.

“I’m always happy to visit you,” Sidney smiles. “Come now, tell me again of that time you met Sir Gerald on your trek to King’s Turn.”

He’d saved her on one occasion, as she got separated from him at the market and she’d been pursued by a drunken sailor who’d cornered her and slapped her when she tried to bite his hands. The sailor had been thrown onto the dusty ground with a pained thud by Sidney, appearing from behind like some sort of shade, extending one arm and flicking his wrist to twist the sailor’s ankles in the way that it was not supposed to go. She’d never seen Sidney this angry, and for a moment, she’d been afraid the anger had been directed at her.

But no, Sidney’s still staring at the sailor as he says, “If you don’t know how to use your hands decently, I don’t believe you deserve to have hands at all.” 

He’d tilted his head in one fast motion, and the sailor screamed as his hands separated from his wrist as if sliced by an invisible blade.

The maid becomes very defensive of Sidney, breaking up whispers in the laundry room among other maids who complain about what a slut the Consort is, and how he’s making their workload so heavy with extra bedsheets and clothes needing to be cleaned. Just look at that tart, wriggling shamelessly on the King’s lap and whispering filth in His Majesty ear, most likely–

“You’ll refer to the Consort with respect,” she’d hiss at them. “What he does in his spare time is none of our business. Do your job and stop mouthing off about people you don’t know.”

(And if she returns to his chambers at night, helping him undress and stuffing a wrapped strawberry tart in the Consort’s hands, saying, “My mother said to give you this,” with a wink, no one really has to know.)

Random update: Hina

Hey there everyone! I just thought that since I made a post that introduced my cat Mayflower, I’ll make one that introduces my new kitten, Hina!

So we’ve had her for about two weeks now, and went to the shelter to get her as a companion for Mayflower. She was the only kitten in the entire ASPCA ready for adoption, and one of the very very few cats available at all! I really love the ASPCA I go to because there are always so many people ready to adopt the cats. (When I went to adopt Mayflower, I had it in my mind to get a senior cat since those have the hardest time finding a home, but they didn’t have ANY.)

After talking to the lady who showed us to the different cats, she suggested we take a younger cat rather than an older cat. She said it’ll be easier for both the kitten and Mayflower to adjust, thus we got Hina. After a long week of very slowly introducing them to each other, they spend a lot of time playing with each other!

She’ll be 3 months old on march 24th, and she’s the sweetest most loving purr-machine you could ever meet. She’s just a giant ray of sunshine and I could tell the moment we met her, thus naming her Hina. She screams when it’s food time (she doesnt meow for it) and falls asleep in my arms. She loves everything especially us and Mayflower. She is such a sweet baby and I’m so happy to show her to you guys!


(A/N): This idea popped into my mind the minute I started watching Iron Man. I needed to write this down. Oh, Tony, my baby. I just love him so much. Enjoy!

Pairing: Tony Stark x reader

Warning: angst-y, bit of language, not that sad as it might look

Words: 3500+


Originally posted by cinziadowney


               Everything was terrible – the Avengers team fell apart, Pepper broke up with him before the whole Civil War happened and now, he was all alone in this gigantic, crowded world. The tower never felt emptier like today. He was standing alone in the massive living room, his hand hidden in pockets and his dark brown eyes were glued on the people that looked like ants from the perspective. At least the world was peaceful and saved – for now. It’s been weeks since he used the newest prototype of the Iron Man suit.

               After a deep sigh, he decided to go outside and take a long walk. Maybe the people would approach him to take a photo or talk to him, or not. For the first time, he admitted how lonely he felt. Some attention wouldn’t hurt him and there was always a possibility he would meet someone – it could be Natasha, who was hiding, or Sam, Steve? Of course not, they were on the run too.

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The Story of Us

Prologue || 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 

✮ Chapter Seven: The Sidekick ✮

Word Count: 6141

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

Monday morning approaches and Riley decides to skip the bus and walk to school, even though it would take her close to an hour. Once she arrives, Riley doesn’t find her friends immediately. It’s not until the morning assembly that she gets a chance to say hello. 

Everyone is gathering in the gym for a few announcements followed by the date bidding for the dance. An excitement buzzing through the bleachers as students pile in. Riley spots her three guy friends sulking by the stage and approaches them after Lucas waves her over.

“Do we have a last minute sign up?” Mrs. Dunn asks Riley as she approaches.

“No way!” Riley shakes her head. “I’m just saying hello.” 

“Alright, don’t be too long.” Abbey smiles. “We’ll be starting soon.” 

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Just friends ~ Part nine

Originally posted by heartbreakhur

A/N ~ Ok so this chapter is only short but do not under estimate the angst, you are going to need a box of tissues for what I am about to unleash on you.

Theme ~ best friends

Paring ~ Choi Seunghyun x Reader

Featuring ~ Bigbang

Rated ~ Angst/Fluff

Series Masterlist

It was two weeks since you ran into him that night and your emotions had finally started to calm down but your want to see him again had grown with the knowledge he was going into enlistment, you found yourself constantly going on instagram, checking his and the others pages for news.

As you sat at your laptop trying to find the words to put into your next article you found your finger wandering on the mouse pad to instagram again, your heart sank as soon as it popped up. The image of Jiyongs head on Seung hyun’s shoulder as he pointed at the camera, it was his last night of freedom and he seemed to be spending it with the ones he loved. You couldn’t bring yourself to look through any more, the emotions springing up in you so hard it drove you to tears. You left your computer and went to the cover of darkness of your room, hoping to block out the world and him.

You woke up the next day with a groggy head, like you had a hangover but you hadn’t drank a drop, the tears that drained you to sleep were obviously the cause. You freshened yourself up with a shower but a feeling of emptiness remained, you decided not to go into work today and just work from home instead, a flexibility that your new job offered. You sat at your computer with a coffee in hand, ready to finally make a start on your next article when an email popped up. You hesitated for a moment before clicking on it, it was from Jiyong, it simply read ‘Please watch this’ and was accompanied by a video. You let out a sigh and sat your coffee down before clicking it. The video started with a shot of Seung hyun, you could tell straight away he was drunk.

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