and she's happy she got to spend time with them

I’m so excited for season 12.
Mary will get to see both of her sons grown up, yes she met them as a ghost earlier on but only for like 5 minutes. She will actually get to spend time with them, they will get to know their mom which neither of them got the chance to do that.
I’m so excited for Mary, Sam, and dean scenes. I’m excited for cas to meet Mary too. I want Mary to basically adopt cas as another son. Like next season could be Mary, Sam, dean, and cas just hanging out in the bunker being happy and I wouldn’t change a thing. I hope they do this right and don’t have Mary in for like 2 episodes before something goes wrong and she dies or something.

From the Ashes

Chapters: Prologue

Chapter 1 ~ The Beginning

Selena, or as she had come to be called, Alexandra, had a very natural gift for magic. Before she could even really talk, she was making objects soar around a room, including herself occasionally, and she proved to be a good handful for a lot of the teachers at Hogwarts.

Dumbledore decided that it would be the safest place for her, and when school was on break, she would be passed around the teachers as needed.

She was happy to spend time with all them, but she always got the most excited when it was with Snape.

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i just want to honour our sweet 19-year-old cat named misha, who unfortunately is on her way to be put down right now. she was rather deaf when we got her (someone dropped a note in our mailbox, asking us to take her in because they were moving. if we hadn’t taken her in she would have stayed outside all winter, but of course we loved to take her in). she was around 16 at the time, and the greatest cuddle cat ever. everytime you’d enter the garage (that’s where she was, but it’s not your typical cold carage with a car - it’s rebuilt so my stepbrothers can spend the day there, complete with heating etc, and also a scratching post for misha) she’d jump up, if she noticed you ofc (deafness). she’d give you this loud meow and run over to you, and the moment you sat down she’d jump on your lap. i regret not having spent more time with her these last few months, but i’m really glad i have the honour of having known her. 

i also have a tattoo of her, so i’m glad she’ll forever be with me, in a way.

she greatly resembled gabriel in neko atsume, that’s mostly why i wanted to post this here and not on my personal blog.

please remember to cuddle your animals a lot, or give them treats if they don’t want to be cuddled. these precious souls deserve all of our love.

0527: i am a little sad right now because i am stuffy and sniffly and my stomach is a little upset and i can’t sleep, and paloma is asleep so she can’t cuddle me :( but today was a nice day. we went on a double date with two of paloma’s old friends tonight, and she was really happy to see them and catch up with them. her being so happy made me happy. and she was having car troubles today but they all got fixed today - just in time for us to spend the weekend at the beach!!! i can’t wait, it’s going to be so nice to get away for a little while again :) also, i started a new book the other day and it’s really good so i’m excited to be able to read it on the beach and hopefully get some color haha

should be a fun weekend :)


       “Seriously? Y’don’t gotta do that!”

Not that he was truly going to say no to free food. He knew he was already going to get a ton of it at the Guild, so was she sure about trying to feed him? Smiling softly- far happier to just hear she wanted to spend time with him than anything.

Birthdays were for that right? Spend time with people. Let them know you were happy they’re alive. That was enough for him.

        “-but all right! Let’s see what ya’ got!”

“Seriously..? I want to, Natsu!” she responded.

If she knew Natsu well enough which she liked to think she did, he wouldn’t tell her no. If anything it’d be because of the food. The fire mage could eat out a whole buffet and still be hungry. Sometimes it amazed her; and something in his smile made her cheeks heat up. 

At his agreeing she couldn’t help but grin. Taking his hand she tugged him along. Leading him to her apartment as it didn’t take long. Pushing into it as she held the door open. Once inside she closed the door and led him to where her sitting area was.

“Take a seat and I’ll get cooking.. it shouldn’t be too long. There are pretzels on the table too!” she said.

With that she was into the kitchen. After long the smell of grilled chicken and her voice came through the house. Mainly in a humming version but occasionally she could be heard singing. After about twenty minutes she came out with two plates. Setting in front of him was a chicken salad drenched in dressing with almonds.

“Something simple.. dig in!” she said as she sat across from him with her own plate.

“And Happy Birthday.. how was your morning?” she asked.