and she's getting the attention she deserves

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Does it make you jealous when Brad plays with other girls? Just a question that came to mind from his newest video where he's playing with 2 new girls. I think I would be jealous of my boyfriend playing with girls I don't know, because we met online and I would fear that he could fall for someone else like he fell for me 8( I trust him but I'm easily jealous, it just means that I care about him a lot a lot a lot so yeah

I’m not together with Brad anymore, I could care less what he does at this point. I’ve moved on from him, but boy I hope the next girl gets it better than me and gets the attention she deserves. I really hope she does. 


endless list of favorite relationships |→ sookie and rory

“Okay, I’ve got it from here, Sookie. I love you.

Georgi Popovich deserves better

can we talk about Georgi Popovich for a sec?

Georgi is a nice guy. he just has a really hard time getting over a break up. a really hard time. he is still hang up on his ex but that is somewhat understandable if you realise how those two broke up.

if you watched his routine(short program), it is pretty clear that Anya did not just break up with him. she started dating another guy, right away or possibly even before she broke up with Georgi. there is a possibility that Georgi thought that the relationship was going well but he sees his girlfriend walking down the street with another his expression you can tell that he is shocked.

he starts questioning what went wrong. the thing is that he still cares and loves her but now that love is becoming twisted. you would think that it is all Georgi’s fault but the break up is too recent for him to have recovered. if you pay close attention to the weather of the scenes that are showing Georgi’s break up you will see that she dumped him right before the season started, so that means that she did not care in the least about how Georgi would perform or how her attitude would influence his career.i am not saying that staying in a relationship that is already over is correct but she could have done it better in a more subtle way .

And Anya doesn’t leave it there.nonono. she immediately started posting selfies (not only the normal but also intimate ones) right away knowing that Georgi will see them. 

Georgi once again is shocked.and really hurt.

and do you remember when Yurio had a scene where he says that he forgot to watch the free program? he remembered about it after he saw the newsfeed of his phone. and guess who appeared in it? Georgi. Meaning he is relatively famous back home AND in the ice skating world. meaning that Anya tried to hurt him on purpose and ridicule him on the media.

Moreover when Yakov tries to help Georgi snap out of it and help him focus on his career, guess who shows up to watch the competition…Anya. seeing that her boyfriend is obviously not competing in single skating as he is watching the program along with her and seeing that she is an ice dancer(perhaps he is her partner?) and competes in a separate venue, we can only come to the conclusion that she purposefully tries to sabotage Georgi as she shows up both to the short AND the free program!!!

he is slowly getting over the break up. he goes from “i will haunt you and curse you, you damn traitor” to “I love you, please don’t leave me”. he goes from denial to bargaining. his choice of music “A Tale of the Sleeping Prince” shows that he is the one who needs to wake up and realise that the relationship is over. slowly but surely he is trying to move on.the lyrics of the song show that Georgi needs an explanation about the reason of the break up, he says that he still loves her no matter what but at the same time it shows that he needs to wake up and move on.

but Anya…that freaking Anya…she knows he didn’t take the break up well, she knows he is sensitive about it and has a hard time moving on and she knows that seeing her with her new boyfriend will hurt him. And not only that ,,she even  gives that “go to hell” sign while he is performing.why would she even show up in the first place is beyond me.

I know that Georgi is taking his love to the extreme and he really needs to snap out of it but Anya is not an innocent in this situation either. she dumped him when he thought that all was well, tried to hurt his feelings and harm his career and performance, ridiculed him and mocked him on social media and she dared to show up in order to rub salt on a still open wound.

he shows big improvement in episode 9 where you can actually see that he is more relaxed and peaceful. his words “ lost love” about Michele Crispino’s free program show that he is starting to accept that his relationship with Anya is over.

Honestly speaking, Georgi deserves better than Anya .

ok no offense but what has halsey done to deserve all the hate she gets. literally what. in what world is it ok to tell someone that their miscarriage was only for attention, or to make themselves seem “””””more interesting?!””””” Halsey got on stage for that Vevo lift performance in fucking adult diapers as she bled out what was supposed to be her child, because she was told it was too big a performance for her to cancel. She was angry and hurt but she did it. She did it for her fans. Halsey is someone who has continually sacrificed everything for her fans, and yet there’s still this unshakable “trend” of people disrespecting her. (to put it mildly!!!) I’m not saying you have to be a fan of her, her music, or even her morals, but what I am saying is that you should have the fucking human decency to respect that she suffered a profound loss. This is not an opportunity for you to call her “attention seeking” or “too tumblr” or whatever the fuck else you think is wrong with her. This is the time for you to shut the fuck up and realize that there are things bigger and more important in life than obsessing over the humiliation of a person who is just trying to heal from the unthinkable. Stop. Being. A. Bully. 

“You fight well. It’s a shame you do not have the size to breed great warriors. But you are not malformed. Your woman may not be displeased.’ Then, in the spirit of benevolence, ‘Your face is well balanced.’ She slapped him encouragingly on the back, ‘You have very long eyelashes. Like a cow.”

-Halvik (Princes Gambit by C. S. Pacat)

Yees I did get a lot of inspiration from @saltroclus ’s interpretation so go check that it bc their art is amazing and beautiful and deserves love and attention.

  • <p> <b>Me before chap 515:</b> Eileen's such a overrated chara tbh she doesn't deserve all the attention she's getting..Not to mention her relationship with erza is less interesting than jellal's fiancée<p/><b>Me after chap 515:</b> OK EILEEN LISTEN HERE YOU'RE FUCKING GORGEOUS. THE BADASSEST VILLAIN. MY PRECIOUS LIGHT. I HOPE YOU'LL FIND A WAY OUT OF THIS FUCKING WAR AND WILL HAVE A FUCKING HAPPY ENDING WITH YOUR FUCKING DAUGHTER FUCK<p/></p>
I learned to do gifs and made myself sad

He’s talking about how Ladybug is busy (WITHOUT HIM) and tells Marinette she gets to be Ladybug.  Then, dings his bell.  Like LB does when she flirts/compliments him.

Mari, give that boy the love and attention he deserves!  Look at his face!  His flirts say he’s fine, but his face says he’s not!

Also, can we talk about the split second Chat Noir became a bobblehead?

Hold Me Close and Hold Me Fast


Last one, Clarke thinks with a sigh, settling onto the couch. All she has to do is make it through this interview and she’s done for the day. Tomorrow will be another full day of convention activities– panels, signings, photo ops with her fans– but if she goes to bed early enough, she’s optimistic about her ability to make it through without her smile turning too fake. For now, she wants nothing more than to slip out of her heels and the skirt that has been riding up for the past twelve hours.

Bellamy sinks down next to her and she tries not to be too obvious about shrinking away from the arm he stretches along the back of the couch, rolling her shoulders instead and pinching the bridge of her nose, willing her headache to go away.  

“Is the princess having a problem?” He grumbles. “Spotlight not bright enough? Not getting the attention you think you deserve? Are your diamond shoes too tight?”

“Down boy,” she sighs, feeling some deep-seated satisfaction when his nostrils flare. “I’m just tired.”


It’s amazing how much derision he can pack into one syllable.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She snaps, kicking herself for rising to his bait.

“It means, this is your job. If you hate it so much, get a different one or go back to living off daddy’s money. Otherwise, suck it up and pretend to care like you always do.”

Anger twists in her gut. “God forbid you give me the benefit of the doubt when I have a headache at the end of a long day. No, jumping straight to believing the worst about me is definitely the way to go.”

Something flashes on his face that looks suspiciously like guilt, but it’s fleeting, gone before she can be sure.

“I call it like I see it. You want me to think better of you, try deserving it sometime.”

“What’s the point? You see what you want to see, Bellamy. You have this version of me that you’ve imagined and you’ll bend over backwards to fit me into it. I doubt there’s anything I could do that would change your mind.”

He opens his mouth to reply but snaps it shut when the camera crew files in. “Time to put on your happy face,” he says under his breath, so low only Clarke can hear.

“Screw you,” she hisses back.

“You wish, Princess.”

It physically pains Clarke to arrange the press-friendly smile on her face, but she manages. All the while, that feeling of wrongness she always gets when she and Bellamy are sniping at each other, the one that’s been an ever-present companion for the past year or so, churns in her stomach.

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They did her so wrong. She didn’t deserve to get treated so badly by a show that she was on for 3 ½ seasons. There are cast members who were on there for 2 seasons and got more attention than her. The main reason is bc of the people in this fucking fandom and the irrelevant producers/writers of the show.
I honestly laugh every time I see someone trying to make up a reason as to why they hate her or her character. Arden is a down to earth, selfless, kind, talented, funny, and adorable person. She has made minor mistakes that aren’t conducive to her overall personality.
And Kira was a badass kitsune who’s storyline had so much potential. People literally hate on Kira only bc “she can never replace Allison” and “she’s so irrelevant”. Guess what–her character isn’t just around to be Scott’s arm candy. Her character is supposed to depict how much a person can grow in desperate times, how necessary it is to be selfless, and etc.
Furthermore, I appreciated stallison and scira. Both relationships demonstrated that a person can learn a lot from their significant other and grow. Stallison was infatuation at sight but both of them came to appreciate one another as a person. Scira was more of a slow-building relationship that went from being a little more than friends to romantic partners in crime.
I digress–most of her co-stars didn’t even bat an eye towards her while she was on the show and they still don’t. She was never appreciated and she never will be due to the ignorant attitudes of the writers, cast, and fandom. @Hollywood your ingrained, bigoted attitudes are still OH so transparent.

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I mean in some ways lets applaud Eleanor.She always gets the perks no one else had,the deals falling into her lap with no work involved, the perfect reputation about how she makes Louis a better person put out by his own team because he was always the lesser priority. A management team so in love with her and making her more important than Louis they paid Rihanna to sing her happy birthday. It's impressive the power she seems to maintain even after all these years. is she so blessed?🤔

Let’s NOT applaud her, let’s call her what she is: a parasite who was born rich and well connected, who has never worked a proper day in her entire life and who deserves none of the attention she gets.

reasons i'm loving teen wolf season 6 so far (ep. 1 &2):

- scott mccall screen time!!! finally our true alpha is getting the attention he deserves;
- he is a great leader & just wants to help everyone he deserves the world;
- malydia!!!! i love their rising friendship! they are looking out for each other :))))
- i love malia’s constant character development! she is strong and independent!! and she is now EVOLVED!! im proud of her!
- and lydia is using her banshee powers a lot! a lot of interesting ideas/hints n stuff with that + lydia’s unque powers are being used to help!!
- sciles!! even when stiles isn’t there sciles is strong?! you gotta love these best friends;
- stydia of course!!! FINALLYYYY. they! love! each! other! asksdjekdjem
- and cutie I Can Be The Alpha!liam; liam is my smol angry and adorable son i love him;
- & father scott is helping and encouraging his son to be team captain! his inspirational speech following in dereks footsteps;
- okay and there’s COACH FINSTOCK. no more needs to be said. everybody loves coach.
- COREY AND MASON!!! they are sooo cute & pure ah they are a blessing in every moment;
- also corey is finally getting more screen time too! appreciating this lil helpful chamelion boy;
- and i am v proud of mason!! he is so smart oml;
- the humor!!!! i feel like the show is more comedic as it was during the first seasons & i really like that;
- they are also bringing back memories! scott & stiles in the woods! scott being bitten!!! + they used the same music omg;
- i’m looking foward to the rest of the season!!

Lovelyti2002 talking about she “underrated” as a black woman with a platform. First of all, she doesn’t have a platform except to gossip and call black women hoes, ghetto, and hoodrats. The fact she and her fans want to put herself in the same category as Chescaleigh and Kat Blaque is an insult. Especially when she has been transphobic while appropriating queer language for her views. I tried to accept her conflicting views, but not if she’s blocking critical fans for pointing out her misogyny and body-policing laced in respectability politics. If she can’t uplift ALL black women, she has no business projecting herself as a voice for black women. She only brings up colorism when she’s upset SHE’S not getting the attention she feels she deserves unlike other black women like Amber Rose, who she feels is beneath her. I don’t feel sorry for her, and she and Charlamagne might as well be friends, so why is she complaining about him?

Webcams and Puppies

This is a happy fluffy fic for Helen @oliverfel4. I thought her birthday fic may have been a bit dark so wrote this shot one shot as well. Hope you enjoy!

Felicity was alone in the lair watching TV. The new recruits were at their day jobs and Oliver was of course off being Mayor.  The time alone in the lair was both a blessing and a curse.

A blessing if she had work to do. There were no distractions and she was master of the whole lair.

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Infinite Reasons To Love Kristolyn Lloyd 

There is not enough love for her on here and I don’t know why. I love Alice but Kristolyn is a fan-freaking-tastic Heather Duke. She brought so much zest to the role that made it different from Alice or Shannon’s portrayal. While Shannon (and the original script) made Duke the most sympathetic, Kristolyn makes her the funniest and the most vibrant. I love all the Dukes but I think we should pay more attention then we do (which is none) to Kristolyn. Also I saw her in the Liquid Plain and she was fantastic. She is an incredible actress and I hope she gets the respect she deserves

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thank you so much for posting nico barely anyone does that

She doesn’t get the attention she deserves, I’m glad you understand anon. You seem like a smart person!

Okay, here it is:
Maybe this is what you need. Not everything that’s good for you makes you necessarily feel good. Medicine tastes gross sometimes but it’s good for you. Maybe her telling you this is actually good. You want different things. What’s going to happen when she starts liking someone else? You can’t stop her from living her life and you shouldn’t focus on her if she’s not focusing on you. You deserve the same amount of attention and love that you’re putting out. I know she makes you happy, but please don’t put the responsibility of making you happy on her. Make yourself happy. Be independent as fuck. She doesn’t see you the way you see her, and that doesn’t make her the bad person even though she’s hurting you. I know you’re sad and mad. It hurts. Just know that this is probably what’s best for the both of you. You won’t believe it right now, but in the future when you’re with someone who shows you the affection you deserve, you’ll realize how this moment actually helped you grow into someone you didn’t know could exist. She is just another girl. You’ll catch feelings for another. A girl who wants you the way you want her. So I’m saying, thank her for her time and let her leave. The sooner you do, the sooner you can heal and recuperate. You’re chasing her right now, and the way things are looking, it’s just not worth it. And it’s not necessarily “fuck her” because she did tell you why she feels that way. Don’t get mad at her, be mad at the situation. Everyone has a reason for what they do, even when they hurt you. Just say thank you for your time and stop texting her.
—  @chanel-nips

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Hey, anon. You are really pathetic for making excuses for Twigs's blatantly disrespectful behavior. What she did was wrong, and you know it. She proved how selfish she truly is. She will do anything to get attention and doesn't care who she hurts as long as she gets it. For you to think Rob would put up with a woman like that shows how little respect you have for him. He is not your plaything you can do whatever you want with. He is a human being and deserves to be treated like one. - Sharky