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Fanfiction (I’m looking for something good to read ha ha)

Well, you should definitely read my entire masterlist first!  HA!  But then I would recommend anything by @a-butterfly-on-his-tummy (Her Harry & Grace series is adorable!).  And I love, love, LOVE @icanseeyourholo‘s writing!  She’s very creative.  Oh, and I’m very much enjoying @heart-attack-harry‘s Too Far From Texas!  (And she’s promised me a new chapter for Thanksgiving!) And I enjoyed @hes-a-rainbow‘s writing, so I should probably get over to her master list and see what’s new. 

If I had an hour to read something I haven’t read?  Well, an hour wouldn’t be enough for sure.  Because I’d really like to read She’s Just Not That Into You which is by @aqua-harry.  And I’d like to read more of @harrysgems writing.  There are only so many hours in the day, so I will start working my way through both of their writing lists.  I have many, many mutuals who write, and I really only have time to read one fic at a time in addition to the fics I read as a beta. 

I’m also always open for suggestions.   

Saturday Sleepover

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Cfkau where Maddie gets her first crush and Lucas becomes over protective

“It’s not a big deal, Lucas,” Maya tried to calm down her husband. “It’s just a crush!”

Lucas was pacing their room rapidly, trying to calm himself down. When Maddie had gotten home from school that day, she had told them all about this boy in her History class.

“His name is Alec,” she had beamed. Her blue eyes were full of light and she was radiating joy. “He just moved here too! He’s from Texas just like you Daddy.”

Lucas had looked at Maya who was trying to cover up her snicker. “Is that right? Did he say what part?”

Their daughter nodded. “Houston. I told him how you grew up in Austin and he said that he had family there too.”

“You like him, don’t you?” Noah teased, earning a swift kick to his shin under the table from Maddie.

“We are just friends,” she insisted.

“Why did he move here to LA?” Maya asked curiously.

“He wants to be an actor,” Maddie’s face lit up again. “Which reminds me, I want to sign up for the play this year.”

“What play?” Austin asked innocently.

“Romeo and Juliet.”

Lucas nearly spit his water out in shock. “Why the hell do you want to audition for Romeo and Juliet?”

“That’s a quarter for the swear jar Daddy,” Lottie scolded.

“Hell isn’t a swear, honey. It says it in the Bible.”

“But you made me put a quarter in for saying damn last week!” Noah protested. “That one is in the Bible too!”

“Can we get back to my daughter wanting to try out for the world’s most famous love story with some transfer kid from Texas please?” Lucas interrupted all of them.

“It’s Shakespeare dad, not High School Musical.” Maddie rolled her eyes. “Besides, we get extra credit in English for just auditioning!”

Lucas was not backing down. “You’re in seventh grade, Madison! What do you need extra credit for?”

“Oh hush Lucas,” Maya finally stepped in. “Go ahead and audition Mads, I know you’ll do great.”

Lucas was now trying desperately to think of a way to get Maddie to change her mind about auditioning for the play while Maya sat on their bed attempting to read.

“If you don’t stop pacing you’re going to cause the wood to run down,” she taunted without looking up from her pages.

“I just don’t understand!” He waved his hands frantically. “Our daughter has never wanted to be in a play before, but now she chooses Romeo and Juliet as her first one? Why the fuck are they even putting on Romeo and Juliet? They’re only twelve! You know, I think I should go down to that school right now and talk to someone about this. A Shakespearean tragedy has no business being put on by middle schoolers.”

“And who do you expect to talk to about this at two in the morning?” Maya questioned. She watched as her husband pouted when he realized she was right. “You need to back off papa bear, you’re acting like Matthews right now. I need to hear you admit to yourself what this is really about.”

“What do you mean?” He walked over to join her on the bed and let her mold her body to his.

“I mean I need to hear you say that this isn’t about some dumb play. You need to acknowledge that our little girl is growing up.”

Lucas felt his face contort into an expression of disgust. Their daughter was only twelve, he should not need to be dealing with this this soon. “He’s from Texas, Maya! I think we both have reason to be concerned about a transfer boy from Texas.”

She looked up at him with a smirk on her face. “I don’t know, mine turned out alright. He can be a bit over protective at times but hey, what can ya do?”

“I don’t think I’m being overprotective, I think that I’m being exactly the right amount protective. Madison excels at everything that she does, so you know she is going to get the lead if she auditions. If this Alex-”


“Alec kid moved out here to get acting jobs, he has to be at least decent. That means he might kiss our daughter on stage and I am not alright with that! She is way too young for this stuff.”

“She’s going to be a teenager next year, Lucas. Besides, do you not remember when we did Romeo in Juliet in middle school? It was anything but serious and you were even Romeo.”

“Not the point.”

“How old were you when you had your first girlfriend?”

His eyes widened in slight shock. Maya and Lucas had a rule that neither of them brought up any of their limited past relationships to try and avoid fights, but here Maya was asking about one of his. “I don’t think we should really-”

“How old?”

He sighed in defeat. “Ten.”

Maya smiled in triumph. “You see? Maddie is older than that.”

“But I was-”

“If you use the ‘I was a boy, it’s different’ excuse you can move your pillow to the couch now and save us both some time.”

“It’s true though!”

Maya glared at her husband and sat up so that she was looking him in the eye. “Tomorrow morning you are going to tell Madison that you are very excited for her to audition for this play. Then, next time she comes home from school on cloud nine from her crush on this boy, you are going to be very nice and ask her all about him in a non intimidating fashion. Do you understand me?”

He glared at his wife in frustration. “I’m not one of the kids Maya, you can’t just scold me and expect-”

“Lucas Tristan Friar do not make me angry. You need to do this for our daughter. Protectiveness is fine, but you also need to be supportive, alright?”

Lucas sighed long and exasperated. He knew that Maya was right, but he also knew how this story went. Transfer kid from Texas shows up and seems perfect, then the girl falls for him before she finds out about his deep dark past, then they end up hooking up in closets in high school and in his car before they end up married with five kids worrying about their daughter liking her first ever guy. “I’ll be supportive for her, but I make no promises about not intimidating this kid.”

“I’m sure he’s a nice boy, Lucas. I trust Maddie has good judgement.”

He scoffed playfully. “I don’t know, I mean look at her mother.”


I had a great birthday dinner from my coworker.😊 she took me too Texas de Brazil. (An all you can eat meat buffet!) They sooo many different styles of their food. My favorite is probably their filet mignon wrapped in bacon.😋 And any Oreo cheesecake. I had a good day to keep my mind off things, and I truly enjoyed today.

Happy birthday to meeeeeee.

The summer flew by, and with the school year starting back up in September, things seemed to be going by faster and faster. Violet had a great time at camp, but she was so much happier to be back to school with Milo, considering they were older now and not treated so much so as little kids. She was also glad that her parents got back to normal, their troubles resolving and leaving her with plenty of room for excitement for christmas.

Hope, on the other hand, had plenty of money saved up from the bookstore. She also found out she had landed the part of a movie that was going to be filming in Texas, so she wasn’t too far from home whenever she had to fly out over there to film. They were having a break for the holidays, however, to resume again in the new year, so once she got home, she was excited to be back with her family for Christmas. She also hoped that Max was going to be visiting his Mum at some point so she’d get to see him, too.

Caroline had apologized to Kol (which involved her essay of an apology being followed by an hour long hug, basically) ages ago, because she still claimed he was her brother and she didn’t want to feel so terrible and afraid to talk to him anymore. Her christmas shopping pretty much started mid-august and she wanted to have a big New Years Eve party for their family, Damon, Lexi and Theo. Their friends.

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Ooh! Could you write a one shot where Lucas admits to maya that he likes her from Maya's POV?

Again, I shall try! Lol these prompts are giving me all the feels!


‘Done.’ Maya said, dropping her pen. After three hours, the physics experiment and subsequent write up were finished.

'Done.’ Lucas agreed, closing his laptop. His eyes slid over to her in that that he’d been doing a lot lately. That way that seemed to make the good conversation and banter disappear, and awkwardness set in, the air thick.

'I think we did pretty well. High five, huckleberry,’ she said, determined to continue as if nothing was happening.

She knew it was because of what Riley said in Texas. That now that he knew that she liked him, he was constantly checking his behaviour, and the mood. It was stupid, because although she wasn’t over it, she was certainly over the idea that it was ever going to happen. You can’t dump a smoothie on a guy and keep him interested. Not that he ever was.

'Yeah.’ Lucas said, lifting his arm up to put his palm against Maya’s.

The second their hands touched, maya felt a jolt. Not a clichéd “oh god this is love” jolt, but something that actually made her fingers jump backwards.

'Ouch!’ She squeaked, clenching her hand in a fist. 'What was that?’

'Static. You’re still a little, um, fuzzy from the experiment.’

'Great. Just stick a balloon on my head now.’ Maya said. It didn’t bother her nearly as much as the way that Lucas moved his leg away when his knee touched hers for literally a nanosecond. 'That fucking-’

'Maya,’ the sound of Ms. Friar’s voice made her jump. 'Nice to see you again, honey. How are you? You still painting up a storm?’

'Uh, yeah. I mean, I paint. Sometimes. And I’m good. How are you?’ And how do you know I paint?

'Oh I’m great. Are you staying for dinner?’ She asked, brandishing the grocery store bags she was holding.

Yeah, like your son wants that. He can’t even stick it out a couple of hours with me without getting weird.

'I can’t. My mom’s…uh…friend is coming over,’ she said. That wasn’t technically a lie, because Shawn really was coming for dinner. Tomorrow.

'Oh, yeah. The writer, right?’ Ms. Friar said easily, only to glance at her son and stop talking. 'Well, I’ll let you get back to it. Maya, honey, don’t be a stranger,’ and she disappeared back down the hall.

'Sorry,’ said Lucas, shrugging. 'Shes like that.’ Lucas loved his mom. He never used to be embarrassed of her. On the rare occasions maya had come over to work on school projects, Lucas and his mom had talked easily and worked in tandem to get maya to relax around their southern manners. Not anymore, apparently.

Maya frowned. 'It’s fine, Lucas. I like your mom. You, I’m not so keen on right now.’ She said, pushing her books into her bag with more force than she needed.

'You’re mad at me?’

'No. Yes. Ugh, Lucas I don’t know. Why do you care?’

'What do you mean? Of course I care.’ Lucas protested, getting up. He really did look confused. About as confused as Maya felt.

'Why? You never used to. You used to laugh it off and make jokes. Now you…care. You used to…back when things were normal.’ She said, shaking her head as he looked at her, no longer bewildered, now understanding, and really nervous.

Suddenly, she was back to where she started, in seventh grade. Not able or wanting to be anywhere near Lucas Friar.

She tore out of the house, shouting a quick goodbye to Ms.Friar, and onto the street. It was snowing, so she trudged as slowly as she could down the tree lined street, wondering what she would do if she feel in her heels and broke her ankle. Riley was too far away, and Lucas…ugh Lucas. She supposed she’d call Farkle. He’d come, with a driver.

'Maya! Wait!’ Called a familiar voice behind her. Maya rolled her eyes as she heard him jog up and fall into step beside her. 'You can’t walk home alone in those shoes. What if you fell?’

'Look for another girl who can’t walk down the street alone, sundance, I’ve been walking home alone since before you were riding sheep. Which I think is kinda cruel, by the way.’

'Maya, stop.’ Lucas said, his hand finding her wrist so easily in the dark.

She stopped walking and looked at him. The way his eyes looked without creases because he was smiling. The way his cheeks were pink from the cold he wasn’t used to. The way his lips were parted, as if something painful was on the tip of his tongue.

'What did you mean in there?’ He asked her. 'About me, about-’

'About how you treat me like a fungal disease now?’

'I don’t-’

'You do. You go out of your way not to accidentally touch me. You avoid me when no one else is around but you’re always talking to me when we’re in a group. You asked me to come over and work on this project and spend the whole time watching the clock and don’t want me to talk to your mom. So what gives?’

Lucas blanched, as if he didn’t realize his behaviour was so obvious. 'Maya,’ he said, sighing so that his breath came out as a puff of white air.

'I know my name, Lucas. Why are acting like this?’ She pressed. 'Is it because of what Riley said in Texas? Because I don’t expect you to change or be my boyfriend just because you got me a smoothie, or because Riley-’

'Its not about what Riley said in Texas.’ Lucas said, taking a deep breath. 'Its about what I felt in Texas.’

'I’m listening.’ Said maya, her thoughts a mess of campfires and hope and hurricane picnics.

'You remember when we wrote down our impossible things?’

'Sure.’ Maya said, frowning at the memory of her hand curling around the name she could never say out loud. 'What does your bull riding dream have to do with-’

'It was you.’


'My impossible thing. It was you.’

Maya felt herself fall apart. The glue sticking her insides together was melting and she was coming undone. She could actually feel it.

'You don’t believe me?’ Asked Lucas, guessing at her silence. 'Ask Mr. Matthews. I think he still has them. Ask him to see mine.’

'If it is true,’ ventured maya, a pool of butterflies and sludge gathering in her stomach, 'why did you…’ She knew what she meant to say. She meant to ask about every missed moment. Every opportunity to tell her or say something or just make a move, that Lucas hadn’t taken.

'Because I was scared.’ He admitted. He really did sound ashamed of it.

'Scared of what? Of hurting-’

'No.’ Lucas said adamantly. 'Of you. From the day I met you on the subway you have terrified me.’ This was news to her. Lucas friar, afraid of a five foot nothing teenage girl. 'You were confident, at an age when people our age just aren’t. And you’re beautiful. And you were secure enough to write “broken” on your forehead when I was too scared to write “violent” on mine. And you asked me out, you just marched over and did it like you didn’t give a damn if I said yes, even though I wanted you to. And you said you’d never speak to me again like you meant it. And I swear that was the second scariest moment of my life. The first being the moment Riley said you liked me. Because it turns out that as much time as we spend wishing for it, when the impossible becomes possible, we don’t really know what to do. Or at least, I don’t.’

'And when we came back from Texas?’ She asked. Maya was too shocked to think about what this really meant. So she did what she did best, she put everything in front of it to keep it out, just like she has kept Riley out of Lucas’ window. Before he pushed through it all anyway. 'You could’ve-’

'When? When Riley sent us on dates? I couldn’t even talk to Riley on our date and I didn’t feel anywhere near as clueless as I do around you. When you had your bay window meetings? When everyone spent a week talking about me instead of to me? Or when you started acting like none of it ever happened? Like you were over it. When was a good time to tell you that I wasn’t? That I’m not,’ he said.

Maya felt his words brush her cheeks. Somewhere between ranting and confessing he’s moved closer to her. So close that she was craning her neck meet his eyes. So close that when she finally answered him, she whispered.

'Now.’ She said, shivering, but not because of the cold. 'Now is a good time. And I guess now is a good time to tell you that I’m not over-’

She was cut off by his lips on hers. Warm, even in the cold New York air. His hands on her cheeks pressed snowflakes into droplets on her skin. He moved a hand to the back of her neck when she didn’t pull away, but maya stayed completely still. Because maybe of she didn’t move, this moment wouldn’t ever end. Maybe she could just kiss Lucas Friar forever.

When he finally pulled away, slowly, his eyes still half closed, he only left a few inches between them.

'So,’ he said, a slight smile playing on his lips, 'can I walk you home now?’

Maya smiled, stepping behind Lucas. 'No,’ she said, readying herself. She launched herself onto his back, sure that he’d catch her knees, even as she wrapped her leather clad legs around his waist. 'But you can carry me.’