and she's from texas too

It hurts to see people posting mean things to Amy Acker’s Facebook page. All because she made a post thanking Obama. A girl said something along the lines of just because you’re a celebrity you think that means you can automatically say whatever you want publicly & her eyes rolled so hard blah blah blah. Another said she should work on her acting and let others worry about politics.

How about its freedom of speech and it doesn’t matter whether someone is a celebrity or not. Non-celebrities post their political opinions all the time. How about Amy probably posted that knowing she’d get hate but was brave enough to put her opinion out there. Coming from Texas where most people are conservative too. She’s a big symbol now to the LGBTQA+ community for her portrayal of a character that was at least in a same sex relationship. Amy is one of the kindest people and accepts everyone. So damn right she’d support and thank Obama and if you as a fan of hers can’t handle that then oh well.