and she's baaack

I Love You, Lieutenant

Note: A mishap during your first day as a Lieutenant of the First Order has your husband, Kylo Ren, admitting why he was reluctant to give you the job in the first place. 

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”No, no, no, no, this can’t be happening,“ The thought went coursing through your head as you moved frantically about your new office, trying to find something to put the fire out.

After months of pleading with your husband to give you a proper position on the Base, Kylo had finally arranged for you to be commissioned as a Lieutenant of the First Order.

Now here you finally were. Your first day as a Lieutenant, complete with the luxury of having your own office… An office that you were quickly on your way to burning down entirely.

You weren’t entirely sure how it had started. There was some sort of electrical mishap when you tried to connect your datapad to the socket on your desk. The sparks that flew in that moment had now blossomed into a chaotic, and ill-contained flurry.

“Alright, stay calm,” You told yourself, “It’s a small fire, and you’re a Lieutenant for Maker’s sake, you can handle this, you can– OH KRIFF!” Your eyes widened as you saw a few rogue embers latch on to the banner hanging against the far wall. All you could do was cringe as you saw the banner brandishing the First Order’s proud logo burst into a large ball of flames.

Before you could shout for help, you were surrounded in a cloud of white smoke, wheezing heavily as it seeped into your lungs. The flames began to settle, but your panicked expression didn’t fade when you turned to see who had put the fire out.

"If you didn’t want the job, all you had to do was tell me,” Kylo was stood with his arms crossed, a stern but altogether concerned look plastered on his unmasked face.

“Kylo,” you frowned, “You know I didn’t do this on purpose, my wires for the datapad are–”

“I know,” he stepped closer to you, “I heard the entire ordeal,” the faint trace of a smirk ghosted the upper corners of his mouth as he gestured to his temples.

“Oh, right. Of course.“

"You’re not the first person I’ve done this for, you know. Just ask Hux.”

“No,” you said in disbelief, “Lieutenant Hux accidentally set his office on fire too?”

“I wouldn’t say it was an accident.”

“Oh,” you nodded, keeping your eyes fixed on the ground.

You heard your office door close as Kylo brought his hand to your chin, lifting it up delicately. “You’re not pleased to see me.”

“No– I mean, yes, yes, of course I am,” you met his gaze, “But this was finally a chance to prove to you that I’m not just ‘Lady Ren’, that I’m capable of so much more.”

“You don’t have to prove anything to me,” Kylo brushed his fingers across your cheek, “Y/N, I’ve never doubted you being the greatest  Lieutenant the First Order has ever seen.”

That perked your interest. You looked up at him fully now. “Then why’d it take you so long to approve it?”

“Because a husband is allowed to worry for his wife,” Kylo gave you a small smile, “It’s just, now you have your own title, independent from mine. You have your own responsibilities with the First Order now. Before,I could control you, and–”

“Control me?” You stepped backwards and leaned against your desk.

“No,” he stepped towards you against “No, that’s the wrong word, not control you, protect you.”

“Kylo,” you said half-scoldingly, “I’m capable of protecting myself, thank you very much.”

“That’s the trouble, Y/N. I see the same drive and determination that I have in you every minute of every day. You’re capable of anything you set your mind to, and I know how that passion can lead you to doing things you’ll regret.”

“Like setting your office on fire?”

“Well that’s one of them,” Kylo cupped your cheek with his palm, “When I brought you to this Base, it was never my intention to involve you in anything remotely to do with the First Order.”

“I asked for this,” you re- assured him.

“I know you did. It’s just that now, you’re caught in the middle of it all, and there’s nothing I can do to shield you from the dangers of working here.”

“I’ve lived here long enough without so much as a scratch, all thanks to you.”

“And now you’re a Lieutenant of the First Order. How am I going to protect you from having to fight the rebel scum? From people who come after you to get to me?”

“You’ve done an excellent job so far, my darling Knight,” you beamed at him, “And look, first day on the job and you’re already saving me.”

“I just… I know you can handle yourself. It’s wrong for me to worry about you, it’s unfair to you.” Kylo gently traced his fingers against the sides of your face.

You melted into his touch, “If you didn’t worry about me, I would’ve burned this office down to its very foundations,” you offered with a slight laugh.

“I would’ve given you that corner office in the hallway over.”

“The one that grumpy old Captain has had forever?” You scoffed, “As if he would let you take it.”

“If it’s for my Lady Ren, then I wouldn’t taken no for an answer.”

“It’s Lieutenant Lady Ren, now,” you said jokingly.

Kylo seemed to chuckle as he closed the space between you. He reached down to press his lips to your forehead, “I love you, Lieutenant.”

“Love you too, Commander.”

If you leave, I won’t be able to handle it

character: Harry hook

summary: you’ve been best friends with Harry forever and when your friends Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos come back he thinks you’re going to leave

Warnings: none I believe, kissing?

Being the daughter of ____ was complete hell, I was barely home. And they didn’t care. I usually stayed with Mal, Evie or even Harry. Basically wherever I could stay. I wouldn’t stay with random people if that’s what you’re thinking, these are my best friends.

But everything changed when Evie, Mal, jay and Carlos went to auradon and was suppose to come back but never did, they turned good and forgot about me, you weren’t angry. They have a good life and that what matters.

* time skip*

I was sitting in mine, Mal’s, Evie jays and Carlos’s hangout spot. I miss them more then usually that’s when I heard somebody walk in. “ I’m baaack ” she said and I ran to hug her. “ Mal I missed you ” I said and she said she missed me too. “ being good sucks, I missed breaking things and stealing ” Mal said and went back to doing her spray paint.

“ Harry can’t know you’re here ” I say. “ you still hang out with that guy” she scuffed. “ that guy is my best friend and he didn’t leave for 6 months without communication ” I snapped back. “ listen I’m sorry but I’m back now ” she said going back to spray painting. I can tell something’s off. “ what happened with Ben? ” i asked she brushed off the question. “ i got to go I’m getting my hair done ” and she walked out. I do know for sure, Evie, Carlos and jay will come back for her, they wouldn’t do it for me though.

*time skip*

Mal walked back in she now had purple hair with beautiful bangs. “ I love your hair! ” I told her. “ thank you dizzy did it ” and headed to spray paint for the rotten four, I was never included. “ by the way, Harry knows I’m back and he asked if you knew and I said yeah and I think he’s angry with you ” she said. “ I’m gonna go talk to him. I headed downstairs and bumped into a guy, I realized it was the king. He kept walking and headed upstairs.

I ran down and saw Evie, Carlos and jay. I ran and hugged everyone. ” did you guys forget about me? “ I asked them. ” of course not “ Carlos said with a smile. We spent the next couple minutes catching up until Ben came back down. ” she’s not coming back “ he said and walked away. Evie was trying to contact Mal and we didn’t even watch Ben.

” where’s Ben? “ Carlos added. We looked and they thought he was coming back but I could tell it was Harry. I started walking up to him. ” you’re hanging with the enemy? The people who left you for 6 months? And you didn’t even tell me they were back if uma-“ I cut him off. ” they’re my friends and you know that “ Evie cut off our conversation. ” where’s Ben? “ harry chucked. ” party of one

For Mal she better stop by “ Harry started walking away. I ran up to him. ” you have to give him back Harry “ I said. ” catching feelings for a king? Or you going good “ Harry hissed. ” what is your problem?! “ I screamed and he just walked away.

*time skip*

Mal was with uma, the rest of the rotten four are doing who knows what. All I care about is fixing things with Harry. ” Harry! “ I ran up to him. ” what’s going on? “ I asked him. He just looked away. ” were best friends! you can tell me “ I said to him. ” that’s the problem! We are best friends! I’m in love with you and it scares the hell out of me! I’m evil I’m not suppose to feel this way! And now your gonna run off to auradon with your so called friends who left you for 6 months, I can’t handle you leaving me “ he raised his voice. ” I’m not leaving, I could never leave you Harry.. “ he started walking away.

” I love you! I always have “ he looked at me, he rushed over and crashed his lips on mine, his tongue slipping into my mouth. We pulled away getting air. ” I been waiting to do that for so long “ he replied.

Family Secrets Verse: Sick Fic

This fic is set between chapters 4 and 5. It’s before Taylor has said “I love you” but they’ve been dating for about a month. Enjoy!

Taylor had been asleep most of the day and, when she woke up, it was pitch black in her room. The only light was coming from her vibrating cell phone – Adam’s face being the only thing she could see – and she dragged her thumb across the screen and held it up to her ear.

“You coming out, baby?” he asked and she could hear the smile in his voice as he said it. They’d been looking forward to this weekend for a week or two now, ever since she’d found out that her father was going out of town. Andrea was always asleep by nine thirty and slept until at least eight, which meant that Taylor and Adam had a long time to spend together before she needed to be back in her bed.

Taylor shook her head and burrowed further into her blankets, her voice coming out very raspy when she spoke. “Mm mm. I’m sick,”

“Sick?” He asked, concern obvious in his tone. In the past few weeks that they’d been dating, they’d both managed to stay pretty healthy. It wasn’t something he’d ever thought about happening, though he realized how unrealistic that was now. “Are you okay? Should I come up?”

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