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The Great 38 Rewatch #RedSailsInTheSunset

Like a Poltergeist She’s Baaack! #RedSailsInTheSunset

How did we all survive the ups and downs that this couple gave us?  Here is a beautifully filmed episode directed by Simon Baker.  In many ways it could be one of my favorites except for one itty bitty big thing.  I really didn’t want to see Lorelei Martins ever again.  Yes, I know in this episode she served an important plot point toward the final Red John solution, but I still wasn’t happy to see her.  

In this episode, Jane put together a plan to break Lorelei out from the federal penitentiary.  His goal as always was to find Red John and he believed that the quickest and most direct route was through Red John’s mistress; especially since they had history together, too.  (Editor’s note: I’m shuddering right now.) He sought help from Bret Stiles and managed to succeed in getting her out of prison but that was where things started to go awry.  She was not grateful when she discovered it was Jane rather than Red John who had helped her. Then she was only starting to warm up to the idea when she find out he had made it appear that she had broken out of jail and kidnapped him.  Personally, I’m not sure I see the issue here.  She was serving time for a lot of crimes and she did go along with the breakout.  It feels like a minor detail to me.  Oh well, I’m sure that’s just me. 

Meanwhile Lisbon was basically forced to work with Homeland Security’s Robert Kirkland to find out what happened to Jane and if he was a willing or unwilling cohort.  Jane left breadcrumbs making it seem as if he was abducted and they worked to find out as much as they could about Lorelei hoping it would lead to where she had taken Jane.  This led to their first meeting with Lorelei’s mother Dana who was an extremely self-absorbed vain woman.  I loved the interview that Lisbon and Kirkland conducted in Dana’s home.  Seeing that conventional interviewing was getting them nowhere, Lisbon took on Jane’s persona and wandered around the room looking at photos to see what more she could find. When she had something that would bother Dana and perhaps rattle her, she challenged her.  It worked and Kirkland (much as Lisbon usually had to do with Jane) had to get them both out of the house.  Still, Lisbon got another psychological piece to the puzzle.  Dana was very protective of her marriage to a rich much older man.  Later, Dana showed up at Lisbon’s office and told her that Lorelei had never forgiven her for selling her younger sister Miranda to a rich foreign couple when they were children and Dana was doing drugs. Lisbon’s disgust was wonderful to watch.  All this led to the discovery that Miranda was raped, tortured, and killed by Red John.  Now that was a good twist I didn’t see coming at the beginning of the episode.

When Jane had a chance to call Lisbon and she told him about Miranda he thought he finally had a way of breaking through Lorelei’s devotion to Red John.  Little did he know that this was also the same time she found out about his kidnapping scenario and she went bat crap crazy on him.  Still, in the end I think he was wise to let her go and figure out the truth on her own.  She was never going to believe it from him.  

Of course, the most important thing was that she let it slip that Jane and Red John had met.  Or did she?  Was the idea of saying something about the meeting something that Red John had programmed her to say without her realizing it?  (Just thought I would throw that in there to play with your brain.)  

As I said at the beginning, Simon Baker did a great job of directing this.  His cinematography was beautiful and he definitely made Robin Tunney look perfect in every scene.  It was also fun to see both of his sons have small parts in the episode.  A little nepotism every now and then is fun.  

I could go on, but I think it would be more fun for you to watch it for yourself.  Or better yet, I hope you can join us Tuesday, Feb. 21st, at 5pm EST USA for a rewatch.  We will be live tweeting and sharing our thoughts using #RedSailsInTheSunset.  If you can’t make the rewatch and you watch it later, I hope you’ll share here on tumblr or on Twitter.  If you haven’t participated before, please, don’t let that stop you.  We are, as Jane would say, “good people,” and enjoy sharing.  

Remember to take time to be nice to yourself once a day.  

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What are the Odds?

This was written for @timepetalsprompts​ weekly drabble theme ‘astonished’. As always, this failed at being a drabble, but it’s cute, so that makes up for it, right? ;)

Tentoo x Rose, ~750 words

The Doctor finds himself a little overwhelmed upon the birth of his daughter. This is sheer baby fic fluff. Remember little Sophie from this fic? She’s baaack :)


“Penny for ‘em.”

The Doctor peered down at his wife, who he thought had been asleep. She looked like she could use a few more solid hours: her eyes were bloodshot and she had dark circles under them.

She winced as she slowly lifted herself, moving closer to cuddle into his side. He carefully rearranged the baby he was holding so that she was lying on his chest rather than cradled in his arms. Rose rested her hand over the Doctor’s where it was gently rubbing the baby’s back.

“It’s just…” The Doctor trailed off helplessly. He closed his eyes and pressed his lips to his daughter’s head, inhaling that wonderful baby smell. “She’s perfect. And she’s ours.”

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