and she's also friends with all his co-stars

Baby Daddy Part 1 - Tyler Seguin series

Pairing: Tyler Seguin x Reader

Mentions: -

Word count: 1871

A/N: I mention the All Stars Game of 2015, idk why. It was easy. I have been postponing on posting this series because I wasn’t so happy about it, I even have a couple of versions of the series, maybe I will use another NHL player for the other versions. I’m sorry I haven’t been uploading, I had exams and other problems and wanted to stop writing for a while. I hope you will like the imagine! Please check out my masterlist. Feel free to request, posting will be slow because I’m starting school soon.

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Ooops...Did I say that outloud?

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Can i get a Tom Holland imagine where the reader is a an actress and has a major crush on Tom and let’s it slip while accepting an award?

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Fandom: Real world

Warning: none

Rating: cute, funny

3rd Person POV

Y/N Y/L/N, one of the best reveal actress of this year. She had been acting since she was ten years old, with ‘Narnia’, and thanks to that first film, she started getting other roles in other films. But this year was when she got finally the merit she deserved. 

This year she got the role of Wanda Maximoff, or the Scarlett Witch, in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ 

There is where she met her crush, Tom Holland. Y/N is 19 years old, and since she saw Tom in ‘The Impossible’ when he was fourteen years old, she completely fell in love with him.

They instantly became friends, and with time, Tom also fell in love with the young actress, not just because of her beauty, but because of her sense of humour and wonderful acting skills. Each time they shoot a scene together, he couldn’t get his eyes off her.

And today was the day when all would change for both of them…


Today were the ‘American Acting Awards’, where me and my co-stars would be for our nomination to ‘best action film’, but I was also nominated to other two categories. The one of ‘best reveal actress’ and ‘best female actress of the year’.

I was already wearing my long red dress from ‘Giorgio Armani’, and was on my way to the awards in my limousine, that the people from the awards had sent to my house.

As I got out of the car, the cameras inmediaty started shooting at me. On my way to the red carpet where I could see Tom and the rest of the cast, I stoped to talk with some intrewiers. When they finished asking questions, I walked to where the cameras were taking pictures and posed for them when I saw Tom and Robert walking to me.

We then posed together and then entered into the big auditory. 

                                                       time skips

“And the awards of best actress of the year and reveal actress of the year are both for Y/N Y/L/N” announced James Corden.

I walked to the scenario really happy for the events.

“Thank you. Hmm.. Wow. I absolutely couldn’t imagine that I’d won both prizes. I didn’t even thought that I’d won one, but I’m really thankfull. I’ve been working really hard this year to achieve everything I have now. Everything started hen I was really young and my mother signed me up for a tv advertisment. Sice then I’ve been growing up, not just phisically but in my career too. Then this year when I heard that I got the role for ‘Civil War’, in which I was going to act with such important actors and with mi crush Tom Holland… Oh fuck! Sorry. Well, summerizing, I’m really greatful” I said going down the stage embarrassed that I just conessed my feelings for the british actor infront of everyone.

                                                         time skips

I was outside the building when Tom went out and ran up to me. I quickly covered my face, too embarrassed to look at him in the eye.

“Y/N, hey. Ehmm…” he said not really knowing what to say

“I’m sorry for that. It just slip. It wasn’t supposed for everybody to know. I’m really…”

But he cut me off with a swee kiss. I kissed him back almost instantly.

“Love, would you like to be my girlfriend. I’ve liked you since we started filming actually.” he said smiling

“I’d love to, Mr. Holland”

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tom glynn carney imagine? Reader and Tom are co-star and both admit to liking one another live in an interview for the film that they are promoting

A little Tom GC piece! PS: the outfit tagged is so cute ugh..

You were sitting on the chair you would be sitting on for the next few hours while doing promo for your new movie. You got the typical production questions and life based ones…

“So its safe to assume you both have become very acquainted in all of this, yeah?” the interviewer asked.

“Yeah, I’d like to think so” you smiled.

“We’ve become very close in it and I couldn’t ask for a better co-star and friend” he said as he moved around in his seat.

“We’ve also heard there is a steamy makeup session. Tell me everything, was it awkward?” you both laughed and blushed.

“It wasn’t so bad. I mean Im not complaining….No, no!” he laughed as the interviewer ‘oooed’. “Y/N has this thing about her where she just makes you so comfortable while filming and doing all of these things. She was a sweetheart and the scene went great…just great, really great!” he smiled while looking at you.

“It was great or she was great? I see that stare!” the interviewer snickered.

“She was gre-” he said super quickly, not even thinking first.

“He was also great, wouldn’t mind a bloke like him!” you said quickly afterwards to save him from the long line of questioning.

“Maybe this is a budding relationship Ive stumbled upon. Anyway, thank you both for your time!”

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Sam and skipper were first spotted together at the Guns and Roses show on 3/31 after his trip with Luke in LA. She ended up going to Skye a few weeks later and that's when BM abruptly unfollowed her and deleted a ton of photos. The infamous photo he went back and edited when she was in NYC with Sam in the fall was originally taken back during this period. The timing is very sketchy on both their parts considering she posted and still hasn't deleted that pic with BM like a week prior that show.

I still don’t buy this “relationship” but I want to state here, now that for those buying it they have to actually buy the whole package. They can’t just pick the bits of it they like and forget about the rest. I mean if you go with the narrative being the real deal then you buy the timing (that either she and Sam hooked up while she was still with B or that she jumped from one to the other) you buy that she’s ok with her long-distance boyfriend staying up to see his platonic co-star attend the Golden Globes while writing a twitter ode to her beauty and talent, you buy that of all the cities in the word the happy “new couple” would choose for their trip a place she had been to with her ex barely a year earlier (it would only be trashier if they had booked the same room and shared the same bed *pukes*), you also buy that Sam didn’t have the guts to officially claim her as his girlfriend and had to use a “friend” to do the dirty work and “out” them, and so on and so forth. I mean, what does all of this say of Sam and this woman? Not such a pretty picture now huh? 

1. Barb Meets Mia: Stranger Things actress Shannon Purser, who plays the fan-adored Barb in the Netflix series, was completely star shocked to run into Emma Stone backstage. The starlet approached the La La Land star and told her, “You don’t know who I am, but…” to which Emma replied, “You’re Barb!” Shannon then gushed, “I just love you so much” and the newfound friends snapped a photo together. Aww. Just a few minutes before, Stone told Purser’s co-star David Harbour that she “absolutely loved” his politically-charged acceptance speech. Ms. Stone also had reunion with her The Help co-star Viola Davis as they passed each other backstage. “We’re all here,” Stone said to Davis while pointing to Octavia Spencer.

Interviewer: Normally, when a guy of your age starts acting there has to be gossip about them and at least one of their heroines. Is it because you’re already married that there isn’t any gossip about you?
Dulquer:  My ultimate girl is Amaal. I don’t know exactly why… I love her a lot… it’s been that way even before we got married. Even now, I think she’s prettier than any other girl I’ve seen. So I don’t think I’ll be distracted. I’m very much in love with her. 

This has been a Mrs. Amaal Nizam Salmaan appreciation post. Also happy birthday to her :)

Game Changer (1/2)

It began out of a coincidental shit storm that would leave you wondering if fate is really just a bitch or what.

It was 2012 and life was fucked up.

Okay, not really, but the problem was he was 19 and he wasn’t in college and he was still living off his dad, brother and sister, when he promised he was going to be the one to support them.

It must come from the fact that he grew up rich and then things changed. Okay, he wasn’t exactly poor… that was just some sob story the show came up with to get him sympathy.

He was still rich by all intents and purposes but it wasn’t the life he wanted. He wanted to go back to Australia. 

But his dad loved it here and his brother and sister had a life here and so he stayed.

And he had Ericka, and he really did love her. He just didn’t love her enough because back then he didn’t know what it meant, to love someone, to give someone your all. To be someone’s someone.

Until he met her.

It was 2012 and life was fucked up but she came into the picture.

It was an acting workshop he was forced to attend, which for the life of him he wanted to ditch because he was a singer not an actor, but this was his second shot at something he never realized he loved so he sucked it up, and even though he just wanted to make music, he still dragged himself to the workshop.

Meg was there anyways, so he’d have a familiar face.

What he did not expect was to look at the face of the person who was going to be the one person he shares his life with.

He gets a bit poetic whenever he tells the story, but I have a romantic heart, and I tend to believe him when he says that when she walked into the room, late as per usual, he took one look at her and there was a part of him that said, her, that’s her, we finally found her.

And she gets a bit starry eyed when she tells the tale, but again I’m a hopeless romantic so I tend to believe her too when she says that he was the very first face she saw when she looked inside the room and her heart leapt in her chest and her very first thought was- wow. Just wow. 

And this is where the story gets a little bit tricky, because again as I’ve said it was 2012 and life was fucked up. They both had significant others… he had been in a relationship for 2 years and she’s just beginning to date someone… but they exchanged numbers, and for a while after that acting workshop they became friends.

They had a shared love for Adventure Time and video games and pizza and pasta. She became his secret and he became her secret, and we didn’t really know they were friends who called each other everyday and fell asleep talking on the phone until one day, Bret comes up to us and tells us James was different.

You must understand James wrote only cheesy songs, mostly dirty rap songs, but then Game Changer came about. You have to be in the group to understand that the minute we heard the song we knew it wasn’t about Ericka at all.

I wished for you,

You’re my dream come true,

You got me babe,

You changed my game.

James wasn’t a person who wished, or dreamed for a girl. Trust me, Ericka has done a lot of things, and James wasn’t the type of person who cared, so even then there was a suspicion, who was this girl?

Until well, his music video came about. It’s 2013, and life wasn’t so fucked up anymore. He had an album and an upcoming music video. He was the one who requested to pick his own leading lady. Because he knew she was a Viva artist too, and he knew she was called if she wanted to do the MV. So when he entered that office he knew one of those pictures was of her, and he had his heart set on picking her.

So yes, he was the first to fall in love, and it happened way before you can imagine. And that caused the awkwardness that wasn’t there when they began. That caused the sudden halt to what was a friendship before things started.


Hindi pwede.

But they were holding hands when they’re out at night. He says I’ve got a girlfriend this isn’t right. And she’s got someone waiting too. 

But what were you going to do, the feelings were there. They weren’t in love, not yet, but it was something close to it. It was love in one form or another nevertheless.

So a year later, when he tried to make it work but they always ended up fighting because she wasn’t the one, and she tried to stick it out but the spark just wasn’t there and she was trying so hard to be happy but she ends up calling him every night… life intervenes again.

They get a movie deal, and they were so excited because they get to see each other everyday, but the first time they meet they got so awkward, because the longing was there, it was so tangible, it was always always there, but they couldn’t act on it. 

So they remained aloof on set, but when it was just them, just the both of them, they go back to the way it was, in the beginning, when everything was easy and there was no Ericka or JC.

Of course the movie hits and they were told that they were going to be paired up together, and Boss Vic doesn’t ask it of them… they volunteer. They were going to break up with their respective relationships.

They say it was career, something they had to do, something for them, and hey maybe one day it can be you and me.

That’s what JC believed.

But Ericka found his phone, and all the calls, and the  I miss you’s and the numbers that climb up after every text saying the words that could not be said.

So she got mad, and she remained mad. And I can’t blame her, though she deserved it. 

That’s when we begin to see them change. He touches her more now, and she’d always cover him with a blanket. He’d always sleep on her lap, she’d always bring him food. 

Even the kisses began to change. Once the Direk Andoy choked on his own saliva when the two French kissed each other on a scene and he decided to keep it, because that was real and raw emotion right there.

And that real and raw emotion began to scare him.

He was 21 by this time and all the world was his oyster. He fought with Tom when he broke up with Ericka sure, but that was for his career right? Except in his heart of hearts he knew it wasn’t just his career now, it wasn’t just him now.

And that scared him to death. 

And she did not pine for him, she also believed that it would be her and JC. He was a nice guy after all, a sweet guy… but he was not the guy.

So it was the summer of 2014 (she posts the photos a year later) when he went to Pangasinan with his friends and his family and she was there on vacation with JC that she realizes this was it, I can’t do it anymore.

She tells JC upfront that she has feelings for the co-star she swore up and down was just her friend.

And she runs away and meets up with him and they jump off a cliff together.

And things sail smoothly for a while. They were together all the time, ABS just signed them up for a contract, they were doing a third movie and they were sailing well.

Except she still scares him. Because he was 21 and he can’t be this in love, this can’t be just his stage, this can’t be all that is there for him.

So even if you want to believe it or not, parang sila, pero hindi sila. As Yassi said, for a while, they thought it would happen but it reached a point where they finally said never, never mangyayari yan. Because he was still running and sleeping with every random girl he could get his hands on, and she was just waiting. 

But he gets mad when this guy she sang with makes a pass at her, to the point that he forcefully takes her away and they end up eating pizza at her house, with her aunt trying to soothe his ruffled feathers. It’s not that he was jealous. It’s that he didn’t want some douchebag hitting on her. He buys her a Tokyo trip for her birthday, plus a love bracelet, but the press get a hold and her visa has problems so they secretly leave on March.

Tokyo was beautiful.

And many things happened in Tokyo. That’s when she broke down. She was giving him everything she’s got and siya… wala.

Ubos na ubos na ako. That’s what she said when she tells him she’s done with it, done with him. 

And that’s when he gets his act straight and finally after all this time, they happen. 

June 2015 was amazing. San Francisco with her was everything he wanted and more. And they were given too many gifts, too precious to count. He’d always love San Francisco. And there’s always a part of his heart that will be for San Francisco.

August 2015 was horrible. August 2015 was when they broke up. Things happened. Too many, too sensitive but they happened anyway, and that’s when we see party boy James resurfacing. An issue every month, a new girl every month, and that’s when she started being depressed.

Her mom gets diagnosed September of 2015, and that’s when he breaks and realizes that more than being scared of love, he was scared of hurting her, so he risks it all, and jumps to the fray and wears his heart on his sleeve.

No more girls.

No more scared moments.

From this day forward he was just going to be here for her, no matter what.

But this time around she was the one who needed space, who wasn’t ready, because she gave it her all and he threw it back to her face.

So he says okay, he’ll prove it this time around.

She says she needs to get away from him, to go to Korea and just be away… from everything for a while. 

But what she didn’t know is that Yassi planned for him to be there, and that’s where she realized that all day all she really wanted was him, him and more of him that when he arrived on their door wearing his fur coat and jet lagged from filming she fell into his arms and never let go.

And in the world’s greatest cover up of all time, they once again posted pictures late. Just enough to make everyone believe that on the 31st of October, he was in Manila and she was in Korea, when in reality they were both here, together. Just ask the GM of City of Dreams where they partied a bit too hard and ruined the carpet. Damn did we have to pay for that carpet. 

Clarky Boy and the premiere happened. You’ll know soon enough why they fought, but it ended with her going to JC’s party to spite him, because he’s a very jealous guy after all and he ended up getting blind drunk and having the Julia issue. 

Vigan was good for them though, but that is a story for another day.

To be Continued…