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And the Point of Salvation

“I’ve lost count of the amount of times you’ve told me that story.”

“Why’d you let me tell it again?”

“I like the way you look at me when you tell it.”


03/02/2017 Visiting my son’s family

Well, finally I able to write down about our last visit to Fernando and Gemma’s house. I know, I know we live in the same city, but they have their own family and everyday routine so we can’t really meet too often. But yesterday was that day when we all can finally get together and have some home fun! 

It’s almost 2 months since Faye was adopted by Gemma and Fernando. I have to say that this girl is super cute and communicative! At the first time she was as active, cause it was adaptational period and and it took a while to get used to the new environment and people. She calls Gemma ‘mama’ and Fernnado ‘dada’ since her first day in their house. And it can’t not buy over! She’s so sweet and girly. She likes hugs and attention. She quickly found a common language with Debora and they played almost all the time we spent there. 

Elio is doing well too. I’m so gald to see the extension of my son in him. I see many common moments with little Fernando. Of course it’s 50% of Gemma in him and there’s visible too, cause Elio is not a copy of dad, she’s mix of both parents. He’s still very calm and don’t cry too much. This sweet boy amazes me everytime I see him. Now he’s almost 8 months and he crawling almost everywhere! He tries to stand near the furniture, but not for so long yet. He loves to throw his toys and play hide and seek with blanket :) 

As for my role to Faye, she didn’t understand yet who I am and who is Debora. It’s still difficult to 1year and 4 months child to correlate people’s roles in her life. I guess for her I still “ an aunt” that cames somtimes to visit her family and talk to parents and play with her and Elio. She tries to call me ‘grandma’, but for now it’s like ‘grama’ :D 

I’ll made the second post with some other photos, that can’t be pasted here, so hope you’ll enjoy them :)

Hope you all have a great day :)

Mama Is the Village Midwife.

“Push, Hannah! One more good push!” The young woman on the blanket is drenched in sweat, and near fainting with fatigue, but she manages one more hard push, and out slithers a small, bloody bundle.

My mother is the village midwife. This year, I am fourteen, and old enough to help her, as she makes her rounds in the countryside all around our village. It is a difficult, challenging task, but the joys are worth it.

“Is the fire ready, Ruthie?” Mama asks quietly. “I don’t think we’ll need it, but best to have it…”

I nod. We always have a good hot fire at birthings.

Mama smiles as she washes and examines the new babe. It is a girl, and looks healthy and normal.

Still, we will wait a few minutes, to be sure all is well, before handing her to the anxiously awaiting Hannah.

We are all three anxious, really. It has been a bad year for babies, the worst since the War five years ago. Mama says before the War, there were machines called Ultrasound Machines, that could actually see a baby growing inside the mother, before it was born. Abnormalities could be detected, sometimes even prevented…..

But then the War came–the War, with canisters of toxic gases, and chemical rains that poured poison down, all over the country….

Everything is different now. Now, abnormalities occur all the time, horrible abnormalities. Hannah’s baby seems normal so far, but so few women are lucky enough to have a normal pregnancy, let alone a healthy baby.

That’s why Mama insists on having a fire ready, at every birthing. Sometimes, babies are born wi–

“Ruth! RUTH!! Take it! Quick, now! I’ll hold Hannah….” Mama interrupts my daydreaming, and thrusts the squirming, chittering creature that only a moment ago looked like a healthy baby into my arms. She is already pinning poor Hannah down, trying to prevent her seeing any more of the abomination that was lurking under her baby’s shell– the mantis-like claws that erupted from under the pink baby-arms, the wings, still wet, emerging from its back…..

Sometimes the babies look normal, until they are out in the air for a couple of minutes….poor Hannah is screaming, and I turn away quickly with the thing that she gave birth to…..

I know my task……

Sadly, it looks like we’ll need the fire after all.

anonymous asked:

what are your fur babies like? I am very invested in how cute they are!!!!

I’m SO glad you asked this because I can’t talk about my fur babies enough!

Daenerys (aka Dani) is the first born, she’s a little tortoise cat that I got my fourth year of vet school - she came in with an injured leg second to nerve damage (brachial plexus avulsion). She was my first cat ever and takes all the credit for making me a crazy cat lady.

I got Penny when I moved to Arizona, she is a rescue from Tijuana. She was abandoned in a house fire and her eyes were matted shut, we thought she was blind originally. Turns out she just needed some TLC and was as good as new! She’s a huge mama’s girl.

I got Charlie a few months into my internship. He came into work as a stray, with a ruptured eye. He was too small for the animal shelter to take, and there are so many cats that most will euthanize injured strays. So it was either euthanize or find him a home. He purred in my lap all night while I did records, he was too sweet to give up on. I took him home with the intention of finding him a home… he lasted at my house for one week as a “foster” before I named him. His eye has scarred over. He is a huge sweetie and wrestles with penny like he is a dog.

Then there are my step kids… Leo and Lennon. They’re both real adorable. Leo brought an awful case of ringworm to my house and infected all the kids (and me and Kaelyn 🙄). Lennon has so much energy she drives me crazy sometimes but is starting to grow on me.

Caroline is trying, in her wonderfully Caroline way, to be all things to all people, she’s trying to be the perfect mother, the perfect baby mama to her recently parted fiancé, she has a new job, she’s back in Mystic Falls. She’s working at the local news station in Mystic Falls as a behind the scenes journalist this time. She’s also trying to juggle a very important relationship to Stefan against the crisis of the moment, which is that Stefan’s brother is MIA. She’s multi-tasking in her own fierce, fabulous way. Lots big shifts and moves coming up for her this year.
—  Julie Plec
EXCLUSIVE: 'Arrow's Paul Blackthorne on Lance Losing Laurel and His Relationship with Mama Smoak: 'Maybe She's His New Cornerstone'
The CW star dished to ET about how his character will move on from the loss of his daughter with the help of his new lady love.

After Laurel’s death, the actor played his character as a man in denial, understandable given that younger daughter Sara (Caity Lotz) returned from the dead twice before crossing over to become Legends of Tomorrow’s White Canary. But once Lance began to accept that his eldest daughter was gone for good, the reality sank in.

“Lance was terrified of not just his daughter dying, but dealing with that grief without someone like her around to get him through that,” Blackthorne said. “Obviously, it’s not going to go away overnight. Something like that stays with somebody forevermore. It’s a huge loss that’s going to scar him forever.”

Star City’s traumatized police captain does have one new bright spot in his life, in the form of a budding relationship with Felicity’s (Emily Bett Rickards) mother, Donna Smoak (Charlotte Ross), with whom Blackthorne says his character is “basically in love.”

“Laurel was always the cornerstone of Lance’s life, his moral compass,” he explained. “What is interesting is exploring that relationship now between Donna and Lance, in terms of how that develops. Maybe she’s his new cornerstone or moral compass.”