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Hi! It’s not even a surprise by now when I say I was inspired by another beautiful fanart, tbh. This time it was  from this beautiful one:  made by @knacke .If you love yourself you will see their content, it’s amazing, I swear.

Again, thank you so much for allowing me to write this, I had a LOT of fun!!!


Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. The fanart doesn’t belong to me. 

“Tony, move, I wanna see him!”

“Shut up, Mario, wait your turn –!”


“Mario, sh, he’s sleeping!”

“But I wanna see him, Angie!”

“Come here.”

“Guys, guys, please, a little more quietly.” Mr. McClain hushes, using his free hand to motion his children to lower their voices, “Your Mama is tired and so is your brother. Take it easy, okay?”

The trio nods excitedly. The thirteen years old picks up her little brother with a grunt and smiles playfully when Mario shifts on her arms until he’s comfortable, murmuring a soft ‘thank you, Angie’. Tony steps a little closer, standing on his tip toes to get a better view of the small bundle in his mama’s arms.

The ten years old smiles when his mama notices his efforts and leans forwards just a little bit, enough for him and his siblings to look at the small tiny human wrapped in the pale blue blanket.

“His name’s Lance,” Mrs. McClain whispers, her voice dripping with fondness and love as she stares at the sleeping new born in her arms, “Your new baby brother.”

“So tiny.” Mario mumbles, his big bright brown eyes staring curiously at the small baby. He glances at Angie when the teen giggles at his words and bounces him on her hip.

“They are supposed to be tiny, silly.” She says, leaning forward to see her new brother, “He’s so cute, mama.”

“Hi, Lance!” Tony shouts happily, ignoring the hushing sounds from both his Papa and big sister, “I’m Tony, and I’m your new brother! You’re so tiny but that’s okay, Mario is tiny too!”

“I’m not tiny.” Mario grumbles, crossing his arms with a pout but smiling when his Papa chuckles and ruffles his hair.

“Welcome to the family, amor.” Mrs. McClain says softly as Lance whines and slowly opens his eyes for the first time.

“Will you look at that,” Mr. McClain whistles softly, placing a hand on his wife’s shoulder as he coos at the baby, “We finally have a member in the family with your eyes, cielo.”

Mrs. McClain blue eyes shine with pride and happiness as Lance coos at her, his own deep blue ones staring at her with innocence and curiosity.

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After 66 chapters, more than 5 years, Mr. Leonhardt finally made an appearance, this time we were able to get a full glance of him.

This was our first meeting with him.

Chapter 33.

After the basement reveal, first one, it didn’t took too much of an effort to figure out Annie’s father first wanted his daughter to be chosen as one of Warriors but then realized what he did was an awful, awful mistake after it was too late. So he asked his daughter one promise, that she’ll come back no matter what happens.

We thought he may be a Revolutionist, a kung-fu teacher and what else but he ended up being a an average looking sassy man that uses a walking stiff. 

Look how dissatisfied he looks when he sees Kalina and how the word “honor” is in commas. He is at Villi’s play because he is curious about what he is gonna reveal, not because he thinks this is an “honor” like Kalina does. 

He is quite sulk when Villi is telling the story of RBAM. 

Actually if you look at all his panels, the only time he is giving a different expression is that one panel he is talking about Annie. Like father like daughter, right?

Could it be that the only hope he’s holding onto is actually long gone or his daughter will be back to him and keep her promise?

Things I learnt from that episode

1) Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones are precious souls who need to be protected at all costs

2) Betty Cooper is in fact in love with Jughead Jones and doesn’t care who knows it

3) Jughead Jones is in love with Betty Cooper, he doesn’t even have to say it you can see it in how he acts

4) Varchie need to think before they act on something purely based on instinct which they know could hurt their friends (hell I already knew this)

5) FP is the OG daddy (already knew this too) who in fact looks better with facial hair (new information)

6) Mama cooper is the she devil again (she took a few episodes off)

7) I never want to witness Jughead crying again in my lifetime


papasuke + sarada headcanons

  • throughout sakura’s pregnancy, sasuke was scared shitless; orochimaru was obsessed with all things related to life—including childbirth. he knew just how many things could possibly go wrong in a pregnancy and did everything in his power to keep sakura healthy and safe
  • when sarada was born, sasuke cried (and swore sakura and tsunade to secrecy)
  • sasuke teaches sarada how to walk on water during bath time
  • sarada first activates her sharingan when she’s really young, thinking about how her papa left and how much she misses him
  • as a child sarada had an overt crush naruto and kakashi. it mortified sasuke particularly when she claimed she was going to marry one of them when she was older
  • sasuke likes taking long walks with sarada (he especially likes when she starts to get tired and reaches for his hand)
  • sasuke’s happiest when watching sakura and sarada play in the yard; he likes the view of the uchiha crests on their backs
  • sarada used to be weary of her aunt ino, despite her being her mother’s best friend, as she used to hear stories about ino crushing on sasuke
  • sasuke and sarada have a secret signal for when to activate their sharingan
  • sarada spends a lot of time in the mirror looking at herself, sharingan activated, perfecting her pout
  • when she first wakes up, sarada’s hair resembles sasuke’s genin haircut
  • sarada reminds sasuke a lot of itatchi
  • sasuke never believed in “baby talk” and thus refused to dim down his words when talking to sarada, the result being that at four years old she was calling bortuo an usuratonkachi loudly and proudly
  • it’s sasuke who braids and brushes sarada’s hair before bed
  • sarada and sasuke spend a lot of time laying in the grass on hot days talking about anything and anything. she likes it when papa tells her stories about him and uncle naruto and his travels. he likes it when she tells him about her mama and new skills she’s learned
  • sarada’s has a comprehensive collection of sasusaku onesies, including but not limited to ones that mimic sasuke’s susanno, katsuyu, aoda, garuda, and a police officer
  • sarada and sasuke have matching ponchos
  • instead of bedtime stories, sarada asks sasuke to tell her stories of him has a genin
  • (he opts to one up her proposal and shows her with genjutsu; she thinks it’s the most amazing thing in the world)
  • garuda is her favorite of her parents’ summons
  • sarada hates tomatoes, but has a garden in her window sill where she grows them for her papa
  • when sarada sees a picture of her grandpa for the first time she vows to become police captain like him and sasuke is thrilled (he knows they would have loved her)

The fact that Bakugou takes after his mom so much delights me.

I’m still nominating mama Midoriya as best mom tho gosh.

She was the only thing he did right

Granny sasusaku. Angst.

When Sarada arrives at the Uchiha compound, Boruto is waiting for her at the entrance. Since she became Hokage, she is always late, but her teammate is always there. They nod at each other, they exchange a quick conversation (How is she?) (you go inside), and she enters right away, at a speed even her papa – on his better days – can’t reach.

The first thing she notices is her mama lying on her bed, her once upon of time pink hair now white as snow, with little pink shades when is dark enough. She does not look like her age because of her forehead seal, and because Sarada has achieve the same kind of power and feel it to.

Her papa is right next to her, sitting beside her bed, their fingers entwined. He is a little corked, his face pale and with two marked diagonal lines under her lower eyelids. His head is full of (white) hair, not like Naruto-Sama, who doesn’t have a single hair on his head.

They are both next to her bed. (Her teammates), but papa is the one who is neared. Papa is the one taking her hand. Papa is the one who haven’t leaving her side since she got sick. (she knows)

“Sarada” Sakura notices the woman with the white cape with happiness, her voice too hoarse “Come closer, Honey”

Sarada does what her mama ask. She takes her other hand, noticing how cold she feels already.

“I’m so proud of you, my little girl” Sakura swallows, trying to clarify her voice “I always knew you would get far, I’ve always have faith in you to find the light you always were searching for… God” She exhales, her hand trying to reach her cheek “You always will be my little princess - my powerful and badass princess, shannaro

Sarada watch the love and pride of her mama’s eyes. She always was demonstrative like that. And it feels warm and it feels nostalgic at the same time.

“I’m just like you” She respond, cocking his head towards his mother’s hand “Powerful and badass”

Sakura smiles closing her eyes. If she wasn’t so sick, she would have laugh at that too hard. “Would you take care of your papa?” She ask, her tired eyes looking at her.

Sarada tries not to cry.

Tsuna” Sasuke voices is warning.

“I will” Sarada doesn’t pay attention and squeezes her hand, her voice a warm murmur “Mama”

Sakura open her eyes at full, or tries. Sarada hasn’t call her mama since she mas a genin, too self-absorbed in growing and gain power to finally become the new Hokage. Now that she is old enough, knows her mama will always be her mama even when she was a pretentious brat with an air of grandeur for being the daughter of the power couple.

It feels good to call her again like that. It feels like home.

“Naruto” She looks at the bold guy at the feet of her bed “I’m so happy to be your friend and your teammate all this years… and to watch you fulfill your dream. Can I ask you one more thing?”

“Anything, Sakura-chan”

“Don’t let you-know-who get self-absorbed when I’m gone”

Sasuke groans, and Naruto smiles behind all the marks on his face.

“Let me handle that old-bastard-man, dattebayo!”

She smiles at his teammate, silently thanking him for everything. Then, her eyes look at his husband.

“Anata” She calls him, griping his hand

She doesn’t tell him anything, but they both look at each other’s eyes. Both Naruto and Sarada knows this is their connection. They always communicate better without words, but glances. She smiles with the little light her eyes still have, and Sasuke’s face is the most pace full she has seeing him in a long, long time. She caresses the back of his hand with her thumb, a reassuring gesture he is bound profusely. Is a silent moment for everyone in the room but them. She is telling him all the rights words his old heart need to front facing this moment, she is removing all the doubts and fears his mind will play when she is gone, because she knows him. She knows how his mind works.

He is the first one to notice her thumb has stop her slows movement, haven’t enough force to do it anymore. Then, everyone notices how her Byakugō no In stars to fade away, changing in color from purple to a white, like the sun never touch her forehead before. Sasuke can see the exact moment when her eyes go out, a grey - strange color now on them.

“Mama” Sarada says with a strangle voice, taking her hand with both of hers “Mama?” She stars to cry.

Is when a little – so little tear from his father eyes that it hit her. She is gone.

Mama is gone.

Naruto notice who both Uchiha are looking at her with the Sharigan. Naruto notice the wetness on the cheek of his best friend. Naruto see how he extend his right arm, how his fingertips reach her eyelids, closing them so softly.

Sasuke stands up from his chair, his face closer to her long-life lover, until his lips reach her forehead in a lenient kiss, one, two, three seconds - and when it’s over, he unites his forehead with hers, whispering softly

“You are the only thing I did right. I will meet you on the other side”

To Lie Down With Wolves: Chapter 6

Originally posted by whenimaunicorn

Originally posted by whenimaunicorn

Summary: Imogene learns of her master’s wife

TW: derogatory language, abuse (hair pulling, slapping), blood, description of murder

Catch up on previous chapters or read this one on Ao3 here

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ive p much made up everything regarding this au sorry whoever came up with it



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sister BREAK our cat tree? we tumble and pounce and then BAM, perch is on floor, very confuse! where i sleep now? mama say she buy new one but will 'not be here for too day'? is NOT okay