and she's a motherfucking housewife and damn good at it too

anonymous asked:

Lmfaoo when the famous IHs shipper writes a post about u:"pretending to ship ishihime after outwardly admitting she hated orihime wah wah wah!" And can't tell the difference of liking a character and KNOWING about how Flawed ori.hime is and disliking her as a whole.

I’ve been mulling over this ask for a while, tbh.

Firstly, anon, thank you for bringing the vaguing to my attention, and secondly–


Anon, this blogger has been a constant lurker on my blog, it seems. We’ve got a fan, u guys. We’ve got….a Tru Follower. Goddamn. Her search/mizulily comes up with some pretty interesting shit–

Okay, no, actually.

You know what?

She namedropped me, so I might as well show her the same damn courtesy, what do you think?

Salt, Drama, Screenshots galore, and me being every bit the hypocritical hatemongerer that many, many seem to believe I am–

Under the cut.

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