and she will have one hell of a hard time to win a single round

Homestuck Smash Bros Headcanons

•Karkat would play dark sonic every single time because he’s black, spiky, and looks cool. He has no other reason. Karkat is not even good at this game, he loses first nearly every single time and it is entirely because he goes into the speedy ball and rolls off the stage immediately. He complains loudly every time this happens but refuses to play any other character.
•Dave aggressively mains as Zero Suit Samus, at first to be ironic because haha it’s a chick that looks like a Barbie, but he very quickly realizes that she’s a badass character and her whip is sick as fuck. He also targets Karkat almost exclusively just to hear him complain, Dave would be pretty good if he actually took it seriously though.
•Rose and Kanaya both play as Zelda, but Rose only plays as her usual form and Kanaya only plays as Sheik. Rose likes Zelda for her magical abilities, whereas Kanaya admires her for her impeccable fashion sense. It goes without saying that Rose makes her purple and Kanaya switches her to green.
•Jade plays as Olimar for no other reason than “he’s so cute!! And look at his little radish friends!!” But she completely demolishes in like, every single round. Everyone is tired of it. Olimar has no attacks how is she winning.
•John plays as (blue) Kirby because he loves dropping down on ppl as a brick or smashing them with that big ass hammer, mostly he goofs around with Dave to make a bunch of wackass stages that make it impossible to win in any conclusive way, including The Box™, a stage completely boxed in making it impossible to fly off once you get enough damage. They play for hours in one round, their damage is 999%, every hit sends them ricocheting from wall to wall endlessly.
•Additionally, when Jane plays she will fight John for the right to play blue Kirby because 1) he’s blue fuck you john and 2) his smash ball power is literally throwing all the other characters into a cooking pot if you think Jane will not bring it hard as hell you can eat my ass.
•Roxy plays as jigglypuff and makes it to the end of battles because she sustains literally zero damage. She spends all the time avoiding the fight by floating around in the air and singing her enemies to sleep if they get too close. Once it gets down to her and one other person tho she starts hitting buttons randomly and yelling and sitting on them while they’re playing just to do anything to keep them from winning.
•Callie doesn’t play very much, but when she does it as Toon Link because he’s small and green just like her!! And he looks like one of her drawings how cute!! Mostly though she’s perfectly content to just watch Roxy play and egg her on once she starts screeching.
•Dirk switches between Marth, bc of the swordplay, and Lucario, bc he’s a huge fucking furry. Both characters are actually really good and any game that has him, Dave, and Jade in it lasts literally forever because they’re all so good. Dirk gets v quiet while playing because he’s in The Zone.
•Jake is OK, but he’s far from on par w/ the others just because he’s not used to video games that have controllers as opposed to VR and obviously he would prefer good ol’ fashioned fisticuffs!! But when he does play it’s with Pit because of the annoying ass “hyahh!!” the character makes every time he attacks, “it shows he’s got real gumption!”
•Terezi plays as bright red yoshi and just keeps eating ppl. Just, swallowing them and putting them in eggs. She doesn’t do any fighting she just eats ppl and turns them into eggs, cackling the entire time and high-fiving Dave every time she lays another egg.
•SOLLUX IS NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY. every time they’re talking about smash and sollux walks in it goes DEAD SILENT. “Hey whatcha guys talking about” and whatever the first excuse is everyone is forced to go with it, Dave of course takes full advantage of this, “oh actually-” and if he finished the sentence before Karkat fucking tackles him then everyone is gonna have a bad time. But it’s because they all know Sollux will completely grasp the game within five seconds of just watching one round, crush everyone immediately and people actually enjoy when the rounds actually last longer than half a minute.

"Not on my bed!"

For @inhibitme Prompt Starters #3.

They’re at Jason’s house one Friday night for a little team bonding. Only “bonding” has turned into Zack and Kim arguing over who’s cooking is better, Jason trying to talk on the phone, do the dishes, and complete his math homework all at once, and Trini having a glaring contest with Pearl’s devil cat Princess. (The cats totally winning.)

At least Billy seems to be having a good time, patiently waiting for someone to play Mario Kart with him (or rather patiently waiting to destroy someone at Mario Kart). Trini would play with the boy bit she’s already had her ass handed to her four times in the last half hour alone. A fifth is just overkill at this point.

“Just admit I’m the better cook, Kim!”

“Hell no!”

“WILL YOU TWO SHUT IT?! I’M IN THE MIDDLE OF AN IMPORTANT CONVERSATION HERE! … No, Mom, I’m perfectly fine with washing my own underwear… Mom, please!”

Trini turned to watch her girlfriend stride into the living room, looking deeply annoyed, and plop down heavily into the couch cusion beside Trini, reaching for Trini’s hand and kissing the back of it. They shared a smile.

Zack entered the room, shaking his head. “I’m not saying you’re a bad cook Kimmy-”

“Oh for the love of Zordon!” Kim suddenly stood, yanking Trini to her feet before ushering them both out of the room and up the stairs, Zack snickering in the background and Billy asking if he wanted to play a few rounds.

Kim pulled Trini along the upstairs hallway until they came to a door, clearly Jason’s room, and Kim had barely opened it before she was shoving Trini inside.

“Geez, Kim. We might be virtually indestructible but I’d prefer not paying Jason’s dad to replace his son’s door, thank you.”

Kim closed the door with unnecessary force before turning to Trini, a devious glint in her dark brown eyes. Trini gulped.

“Well if the doors not an option, how about… the bed?”


But Kim, being the fastest Ranger of the five, suddenly had Trini pinned to Jason’s unmade bed in the span of a single breath. She hovered over the smaller girl, chuckling lowly, sending hot puffs of air over Trini’s ear and making the poor girl flush hotly.

“Kim- wait, we can’t… the boys-”

“Are busy and I’ve barely kissed you all day.” To emphasize her point Kim started trailing small, teasing kisses away from Trini’s ear, across her jaw line, and down her neck. Not enough to satisfy, but certainly enough to make Trini’s head spin. Kim pulled away with a knowing smirk, watching Trini as her girlfriend struggled to catch her breath and blink properly. “So?”

“Te odio-” Trini fisted Kim’s Henley shirt and yanked her down into a heedy kiss, groaning as Kim’s hands snaked underneath her sweatshirt and scratched along her sides. A particularly hard scratch had Trini gasping and arching firmly into Kim’s front. Kim licked softly into Trini’s mouth, a dizzying juxtaposition to her harsh handling. Trini whined feebly as her leg wrapped over Kim’s hip, bringing her girlfriend closer. Kim’s hand abandoned its scratching in favor of tightly gripping the back of Trini’s thigh, pulling the smaller girl into her harshly. The two groaning, hips grinding…


The girls startled apart, heads snapping to the now open bedroom door. Jason stood in the doorframe, one arm raised to effectively shield Billy’s eyes from the sight in the bedroom, and they could hear Zack cackling from down the hall.

“I usually could care less where you girls do your… whatever! The quarry, fine. The ship, sure. Kim’s car, just don’t break the seats again. BUT THIS?! Absolutely not! Not on my bed!”

Trini could feel herself burn from the top of her head down to her toes. Kim merely huffed like the boys interrupting them was a nuisance rathed than a totally mortifying experience. Jason watched, red faced and exasperated, before Kim finally relented, extracting herself from Trini with an “alright, alright, don’t get your tighty whities in a twist”, and they all proceeded downstairs to sit in awkward silence for a minute before Billy cracked a joke and everyone was laughing like nothing had even happened.

Later the next day when they were all in the pit training, Jason’s words came back to bite him in the ass when Zordon’s voice boomed through the cavern that the girls would have plenty of time to consummate their bond when training was over. Kim’s voice could be heard in the distance saying, “Jason said he was fine with it!”

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reader is the best friend of dva and has a crush on hanzo and she dont wanna tell him .... so dva go say it to hanzo .. I let you chose whats going on next huhu

“What the hell, Hana! You’ve got to be kidding me, don’t tell me you’re not cheating! There’s absolutely no way you could be the Traitor six times in a row and actually win every single round!” you exclaimed loudly as your friend managed to kill you while playing Trouble in Terrorist Town once again.
“It’s not cheating! You’re just a noob, that’s it!”
You pouted. It couldn’t be, you were usually really good at games like these! You were about to give her another piece of your mind but her next words made you stop dead in your tracks.
“Or are you possibly too distracted? Thinking of your favorite Shimada again?” Hana flashed you a cheeky grin and you really felt the urge to throw your bottle of Mountain Dew at her. You noticed the heat rising to your face as you quickly told her that that was definitely not the case. But of course, she wouldn’t buy it.
“You know what? You’ve been avoiding this topic for months now. When are you finally gonna tell him?”
“Well, how about never?” Yes, never sounded like a very good option. 

Ever since you joined Overwatch about one year ago, the archer had intrigued you. It’s been a long time but you just couldn’t find the courage to confess your feelings to him. He seemed quite distant at times, even unapproachable so you were convinced he would only reject you. Or just ignore you completely. 
So far, only Hana knew about your crush and she used it to her advantage, blackmailing you with that information whenever she got the chance. Nevertheless, she did her best to support and encourage you but it was never enough.

“If you don’t get your shit together, I will confess your feelings to him for you.”
“You wouldn’t dare!” You stared at her in disbelief. She would definitely be capable of betraying you like this and even though she only meant well you wanted her to immediately abandon that idea. You’d rather not have him knowing about this at all.

“Okay, let’s make a deal. If you manage to beat me in Mortal Kombat, I will not tell him. If you lose, I’ll go and find him the instant your health drops to zero.”
She had to be kidding. There was barely any video game that you were able to beat Hana at. What kind of a deal was that?
“This is useless, you’re gonna win anyways…”
“You’re admitting your defeat? Okay then.”
Before you could stop her, she had left the room and headed towards the headquarters’ cafeteria to find a certain someone. 

You didn’t follow her. The last thing you wanted now was to see his reaction. You were scared. Well, there was a tiny chance that he might actually reciprocate your feelings but it was way too small to make the situation any more comfortable.
In order to calm your nerves, you decided to sit on the roof of one of the many houses in a small town nearby. It was already nighttime, the streets were entirely empty and left you to be alone with your thoughts. It was so peaceful. Way more peaceful than the clutter in your mind. 
You tried to relax, to meditate and calm your racing heart. You knew you’d have to face him sooner or later; you’d have to go on missions together at some point. But for now, it seemed smarter to prolong this conflict, give him some time to think about what Hana had said.

You actually managed to let go of all your worries for a while until footsteps from behind startled you.
“I apologize, I did not mean to alarm you.”
Of course, it had to be Hanzo, who else? You silently cursed your luck. How did he know you would be up here and why would he even seek you out? Couldn`t this humiliation have waited until tomorrow?
“Would you mind if I joined you?” he inquired, his voice barely above a whisper, afraid to disturb the peaceful atmosphere under the moonlight.
Your mind screamed Just leave! while your heart desperately wanted him to stay by your side the whole night.
“No, not at all.”

You’ve sat in complete silence for several minutes, not daring to say a word or even look at him. That was until he let out a loud, slightly nervous sounding breath.
“Hana Song started a conversation with me earlier and informed me that apparently, you have developed some kind of romantic feelings for me. Is that the truth?”
Well, at least he got straight to the point. However, this seemed to be turning into an interrogation. Couldn’t he just reject you and leave again?
“Listen Hanzo, can we please just get this over with?”
His expression turned into one of confusion, his forehead slightly scrunched up. 
“Aren’t confessions supposed to be romantic and take quite some time?”
Did you just understand him correctly?
“Wait, hold up. What kind of confession?”
“It was my original plan to confess to you but I must have been mistaken about your feelings for me”, he muttered more to himself than anyone else. Your eyes widened and the thoughts inside your head went on a rampage once again.
He liked you back.
You quickly pushed the thought that he might simply confess to hating you all the way back into the rearmost corner of your brain. 
“No! I mean, just take all the time you need, make it as romantic as you want!”
You could swear your face must have taken on the color of a ripe tomato now. The man sitting next to you let out a small chuckle, the most beautiful sound you have ever heard, and nodded.
“Very well then. But I must ask you to finally look at me.”

You took a deep breath and made a ninety-degree turn to look at him, eventually gathering the courage to study his dark brown eyes. His sincere, soft gaze made your heart skip a beat. 
“It’s surprisingly hard to put these feelings into words, however, let me tell you that I genuinely enjoy your presence, your warm and optimistic aura. It would be an honor if you’d be willing to occupy more of your time with me.”
You couldn’t help but grin like a Cheshire cat. Things got even better when he suddenly took one of your hands into his own, pressing a tender kiss to its back. All you could do was stare at him as he stood up and left you alone with your thoughts for now. 
It took you a solid five minutes to return to reality, suddenly realizing what had just happened. 
Your crush liked you back. Hanzo actually shared your feelings! Before you could control yourself you let out a small squealing noise as you stared at the back of your hand. This was the reality! Containing your excitement was difficult after what just happened and unbeknownst to you, a certain Shimada brother was still around the corner to listen to your small outburst of happiness, grinning to himself.

You barely managed to sleep that night, your thoughts continuing to race with excitement. Therefore, the next morning started off roughly. Or rather, it didn’t really start off at all. After hours of desperately attempting to get at least a tiny bit of sleep, you finally got up around lunch. In the cafeteria, you were immediately greeted by a familiar face.
“Sooo, how’d it go?” Your best friend sent you a suggestive smirk and you could only roll your eyes, deciding to leave her in the dark for now. 
“Okay, I guess. How about I eat properly and get some caffeine into my system before I tell you everything?”
“Hmph, fine. It’s totally acceptable to make your wingman -no, wingwoman- wait!”
You smiled softly to yourself as you started digging into your food. However, you were soon interrupted as another person took a seat at your table opposite to you. Hanzo.
Hana quickly voiced her obvious confusion.
“What the…are you okay, Hanzo? You never eat with anyone else, so- oh. Oh, I see how it is.” 


[LEGENDS OF TOMORROW VERSE] Mick Rory is NOT dumb, he is NOT quiet, and he is NOT an animal.
Firstly, quiet. Mick Rory is NOT quiet. He normally left the talking to Leonard, granted. However, he always responded when talked to directly and he even talked to the flash on occasion. He has a sense of humour (although a little dark) still amusing. Mick also talked aloud, whilst the Ramon siblings were kidnapped. Mick does talk, even to himself! The reason he doesn’t talk much on the ship, probably has something to do with everyone calling him, rude, mean and frankly disrespectful things, whilst he is and isn’t present. Doesn’t matter how thick your skin is, that still hurts, and has an effect on you. Especially if they are the only people around you, on a day to day basis.

((Spoilers for 02x13 LoT))

As well as that, the Waverider crew is also unbelievably insensitive around Mick. Yes, he’s not exactly the most open character, and yes he’s a little violent (okay, really violent), sometimes. But can you really blame him? His life has been one shit storm after another.
Rip chose to mess it up, even more for him.
He was betrayed by his best, and ONLY, friend. The single person who actually saw him for how he really was, not just some savage animal. To add to that, following the betrayal he was Tortured, Brainwashed and programmed to kill the crew (involving a method that transfers another person into your subconscious, which in 2X13 Gideon informs us that Rip Hunter considers it inhuman)
During this episode, Mick Rory is trying to help, hELP! MARTIN FUCKING STEIN, Calm the fuck down! (In turn helping Jax)
Do you know what that self-centred scientist responded with? Do you know what he basically said, to a man he knows, fULL WELL, IS STILL HALLUCINATING HIS DEAD PARTNER?!
He basically said, I’m not listening to you ‘cause your partners dead. He put it bluntly, and with complete indifference, as if the loss of Leonard meant nothing to him. As if Leonard was somebody he had never met.
We never saw anyone else jump in to ‘stop fates plan’, as it were. Nobody else stepped up to save Ray ‘actual puppy’ Palmer from certain death. Nah, they were all content to let him die.

Not the the criminals from central city though, no nO NO! THE ONLY CROOKS ON THE SHIP, were not about to let that happen.
Mick Rory did not even hesitate to to save him, and Leonard Snart was NOT leaving his best friend to die, again.

So yes, Leonard Snart is dead.

But he would not be dead, if he didn’t care about his partner, or trust him to carry on with his life.

Martin ‘head rammed so far up his arse’ Stein, if anyone, anYONE ON THE WAVERIDER CAN GIVE YOU PARTNERSHIP ADVICE it is Mick Rory!
If their 20+ year friendship isn’t proof enough.
How about their fight when Mick was imprisoned in the ships cells? Leonard knew Mick wouldn’t kill him, in fact Leonard knew the moment he stepped foot in that cell he was out-matched. Have you seen the size of Rory? there is no way, Leonard Snart walked in there thinking he would win, in hand to hand combat.

Is that not enough? Okay, how about when we first meet Mick Rory in the flash.
Leonard and Mick had obviously not talked in a while…but the moment, THE MOMENT SNART GETS THE ICE GUN, AND FINISHES HIS FIRST ROUND WITH THE FLASH, THE FIRST GUY HE PHONES UP IS MICK!
Len: ‘Hey, I know we haven’t talked in a while, but do you wanna become supervillans?’

If that is not proof ENOUGH for you that Mick and Lens partnership is hard to challenge,
Mick is not dumb, and Mick is not a wild beast. How about his relationships with the Snarts?

Both Leonard and Lisa Snart came from an abusive background. Leonard basically raised his sister, do you understand how close a relationship he would have with Lisa? He would treat her as his own daughter as opposed to a sibling.
Do you seriously think, with a relationship like that and their past, the lack of trust toward people or men in general, brought on by physical abuse, Leonard would just allow an unstably violent man, larger and stronger than himself, near Lisa? Because I sure as hell don’t.

Leonard and Lisa have definitely built a sort of sibling bond with Mick. Both Snarts are capable of calming and helping Mick if his anger tips over the edge. As shown in the Flash, when Cisco was Kidnaped to re-build their Temperature Guns.
Mick reacts violently when the Ramon brothers attack him. Instantly, both Snarts rush in. Leonard pushing him away, and Lisa grabbing him by the shoulders, trying to occupy his mind with something else as she directs him away.


(even consider suggesting Leonard Snarts death was Mick’s fault! and I will jump through my laptop and stab you!)

Do not call Mick Dumb! because although he does not remember everything, he still remembered the name of the contraption used to torture and manipulate his mind, now I don’t know about you but that’s the type of thing I would pray my mind would make me forget, due to the trauma.
He knows battle strategies.
He persuaded the president of America to flee, to fight another day. He has a statue, in his honour.
He is more than capable of looking after himself, and fucking you up, as well!
He didn’t go to university, or collage. So what? Neither did Sara (?), Jax or Leonard but they’re not called dumb.
Thats because they have other skills.
What I’m trying to say, in a really drawn out way, is yes, Mick is morally questionable at most times, but heroes especially shouldn’t bully a guy, or kick him when he’s already down.

[- Rage fuelled Rant over-]

s(QUAD) intro post part 1: #shomajesty

onwards to: s(quad) intro part 2: dj boyang, s(quad) intro part 3: #slaythan

i…really don’t have time to be doing this lmao but i couldn’t resist. since i’ve gained some new followers lately and the grand prix is about to start, here’s another intro post about one of the bright young stars of figure skating and my favorite current men’s skater, shoma uno!

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Blind Dates!  With Friends?

This is the fanfic that I was talking about that I wanted to do!  I hope you guys like it and find it funny, I had a lot of fun writing this!  :)

“Hmm, how about a game?”  Mira’s soft voice suddenly piped up in the otherwise unusually quiet guild hall.  Cana was seated next to her at the bar, a smug expression on her face, and alcohol bottles lined up neatly on the counter next to her.  “All of you seem so down today, we thought we could find something fun to do!”  Usually, Fairy Tail was boisterous with drinking, laughing, and fights breaking out, but today, it was storming horribly out bringing all of Fairy Tail into a slump.

“What kind of game?”  Lucy mumbled into her folded arms, her head pressed tiredly on top of them.

“Blind dates!” Mira exclaimed excitedly and Lucy’s eyebrows shot up; it was the most emotion she could muster.

“What do you mean by ‘blind dates’….” Gray asked cautiously and Mira just simply smiled.

“Well, let’s call it ‘blind dates with friends’.  We’ve put all of your names onto these popsicle sticks and put them into this jar.  Each time you have a turn, you’ll pick from the jar and get someone else’s name.”  Mira explained and Cana smirked at the confused faces of her guild mates.

“That doesn’t sound too bad…  But what’s the catch?”  Erza demanded and Cana smiled widely.

“Glad you asked!  See, the two that are paired up will either have to do something from a series of cards, or, if they’re too much of wimps to do what the card says, they need to take a shot!”  Cana waved around one of the bottles and Lucy swallowed hard. 

“I’m out.”  Gajeel grumbled out, a scowl on his face.

“Too late, your name is already on a popsicle stick!  I think you’ll enjoy yourself.” Mira winked at Gajeel who’s scowl deepened, if possible.  Levy patted his arm reassuringly and he seemed to relax a bit.

“Who’s calling anyone a wimp?  I’m in!”  Natsu burst out of his seat looking determined.  “Let’s go, I’m all fired up!”

“U-um, Natsu?  Are you sure you want to do that?”  Lucy questioned and Natsu smiled down at her.

“Of course!  What’s the harm in a little game?”

“That’s the harm in a ‘little game’, Natsu.” Lucy shook her head as Natsu stared angrily down at the popsicle stick in his hand.  He had volunteered to be the first to pick and his partner was none other than-

“Gray!  What the hell?  I don’t wanna go on a blind date with him!”  Natsu protested and Gray looked just as disturbed.

“Too late, you already picked!” Cana declared and ushered them to sit at one of the tables they had set up with two chairs facing each other on either side.

“Ugh, you’re an idiot.  Of course you’d pick me, what the hell kind of picking power do you have?” Gray griped and Natsu just scowled back at him.

“Juvia wishes that it was her with Gray-sama.” Juvia cried out and Levy tried to console her gently.

“Okay, Natsu, pick a card from that pile!  If you can’t do what the card says, you need to take a shot.”  Cana instructed and placed two shot glasses next to them and a bottle of whiskey.  Natsu swiped up a card and his eyebrows shot up in surprise, a look of disgust creeping on his face.

“What is it?” Erza called and Natsu frowned.  

“Geez, can you even read it?”  Gray ribbed and Natsu glared at him.

“Well, if you want to know what it is so bad, here we go- ‘sit on your partner’s lap and look into their eyes for an entire minute or take a shot’.” The other members not involved in this round broke out into laughter.  Lucy couldn’t help but let a giggle escape her; Natsu looked flustered and Gray’s eyes were wide in horror.

“You better take a shot or I’m going to kick your ass.” Gray growled through gritted teeth and Natsu snorted and poured himself a shot, downing it in a single gulp.

“Don’t flatter yourself, as if I’d want to be that close to you.” Natsu shoved away from the table and took his place back where he was standing with Lucy and Happy.

“You alright, buddy?  A little too close for comfort?”  Happy teased, his paws covering his mouth that was contorted into a smirk.

“Shut up, Happy.”  Natsu grumbled.

“You sure you don’t want to sit lovingly on Gray’s lap?”  Lucy chimed in and he frowned at her.

“It’ll take a whole lot of shots before I sit on anyone’s lap.”

“Okay, Gray, your turn!  Pick a stick, any stick!”  Cana smiled deviously as he plucked the popsicle stick out cautiously.  He flipped it over and Lucy watched as his face went from apprehension, to horror, and then blank.

“Erza.”  Erza’s face perked up for the challenge and she happily sat across from Gray.

“Excellent.  I was waiting for my turn to come.  Very well, pick a card.” She ordered and Gray, still stone faced, flipped over one of the white index cards.

“’Undo your partner’s shirt with your mouth’, what the hell!  I’m not doing that!” Gray’s face was almost as red as Erza’s hair.  Erza looked calm and had a smirk on her face.

“That must mean I win then.  Take your shot.”

“There is no ‘winning’ in this game!”  Gray grumbled and downed a shot and quickly removed himself from the table.

“Wah, Gray-sama was flirting with Erza!”  Juvia wailed and Gray looked at her incredulously.

“What is going on in your head?”  Gray exclaimed and Lucy let out another giggle.  Erza picked out a stick and called out for Levy to come up.

“Oh geez…”  Levy murmured and Lucy gave her a sympathetic look.

“’Hug each other topless’.  Hm, I’m wondering how you two came up with these questions?”  Erza directed her suspicions to Mira and Cana who simply smiled at them.  “Very well.”  Erza began to remove her armor and Levy looked at her horrified.

“U-uh…”  Gajeel’s face looked mortified and a blush started creeping across his cheeks.  A few catcalls could be heard, but Lucy wasn’t sure who they came from, and Gajeel shut them up quickly with a fierce glare behind him.  

“W-wait, Erza!  I-I don’t think I can do that.”  Levy chuckled and Erza stopped in the middle of undressing.

“Hm, I’m sorry, I don’t think I considered your feelings about the card.”  Erza simply poured a shot, drank it, and moved away from the table.  Levy seemed to let out a sigh of relief and picked out a stick.

“Lucy.”  Lucy felt a surge rush through her; from the questions she had seen, she had been perfectly content with watching rather than playing.

“O-okay…”  Lucy stammered and sat across from Levy who looked equally as embarrassed as Lucy felt.  “Why did we agree to play this?”  Lucy whispered and Levy shrugged.

“Why do we agree to do any type of game this guild makes up?”  Levy sighed and picked up a card.

“‘Massage your partner’s back for one minute’.  Okay, that’s not too bad.” Levy blew out a sigh of relief and Lucy happily let her friend do her dare until the time was up.  

“Thanks, Levy, that felt great!”

“Boo, that was boring!” Cana pouted and Lucy frowned.

“Weren’t you the one who helped make the questions?”  Lucy picked out a stick and looked at it unsure whether to be happy or nervous.

“Juvia is my partner.”  Juvia hesitantly got up and joined Lucy.  Lucy then grabbed a card a prayed that it wouldn’t be too uncomfortable, but after all this was a game made by Mira and Cana.

“Are you kidding… ‘take a shower with your partner’, what kind of people are you two?”  Lucy yelled over her shoulder at the two girls and Juvia let out a yelp.

“J-Juvia is not interested!”

“Are you sure you?”  Came a call from the someone in the back of the guild and Lucy scowled.

“Come up here and say that to my face!”  Lucy growled and downed her shot with a grimace.  “Don’t worry, Juvia, I’m not interested either.” Lucy gave her a sympathetic smile and returned to her standing spot.

“Juvia picked Gray-sama!”  Juvia gleefully stated and Gray looked apprehensive.

“Oh boy…”

“Don’t be a dick.”  Gajeel warned him gruffly and Gray just shrugged and made his way back up to the table to sit across from Juvia.

“J-Juvia is n-nervous.” Juvia stammered as she held a white index card between her fingers.

“What is it?” Gray asked, cautiously eyeing the card between Juvia’s trembling fingers.

“‘K-kiss your partner on the cheek or take a shot’.  W-what does Gray-sama think?”  Juvia’s eyes were cast down at the table and her face was flushed.  Lucy felt bad for both of her friends in the awkward circumstances.  After a few moments of deliberating, and terribly awkward silence, Gray shrugged once more, his cheeks dusted a light pink, and nodded.

“Okay, it’s just the cheek anyways.”  Juvia hesitantly got up and circled the table so she was standing next to Gray’s side.  It was like the whole guild was holding its breath.  Finally, Juvia stooped down and gave Gray’s cheek a swift peck and then scurried off back into the crowd.  Gray looked embarrassed, his face redder than before, and even more so after the guild erupted into hoots and hollers over the pair’s interaction.  Lucy shook her head, she figured that Mira and Cana rigged the game.  She knew Mira liked the pairings of certain people; one being Gray and Juvia.  Lucy was sure to be cautious continuing on with this game.

Lucy felt her head spinning and watched as her guild mates, too, got more unsteady on their feet as alcohol coursed through the bodies of those playing the game.  Lucy had to take a few more shots after being put into unfortunate positions with Gajeel, Erza, and Gray- much to Juvia’s protests.  So, that being said, Lucy was more than a little tipsy, but she wasn’t the only one at least.  In fact, there had been very few dares that the Fairy Tail guild members had actually acted out, everyone was too embarrassed or the questions were a little to racy- who wants to give a naked strip tease in front of the whole guild?  Maybe Gray, but certainly not Lucy.  Currently, Gajeel and Levy were under the evil thumb of the ‘blind date with friends’ game.  Levy was a very giggly drunk, and after passing on multiple dares, Lucy knew that she was well on her way to being wasted.  Poor Levy.

“I h-have to lick your ear, pfft!”  Levy snorted out a laugh and Gajeel looked at her incredulously.  His face was red; this was the second time they were paired up.  Lucy was sure he was just a suspicious as she was about the game being rigged.  

“W-wait, what?”  Before Gajeel could protest, Levy jumped from her chair and licked Gajeel’s left ear.  “Agh, Levy!”  He swiped at his ear in discomfort and all Levy could do was laugh.  Lucy let out her own giggle at the scenario which turned into a full fit of laughter.  Okay, Lucy had had a tad too much to drink.

“Oi, you think this is funny?”  Gajeel scowled and then scooped up Levy over his shoulder.

“Hey!  This isn’t part of the game Gaje~el.”  Levy drew out the ending of Gajeel’s name and then started to snicker again.

“No it’s not, but I think you’re cut off and now I need to babysit you.”  Gajeel huffed and Juvia turned to them, face red.

“Gajeel and Levy are flirting again.” Juvia stated almost forlornly and Lucy rolled her eyes.  Of course they were flirting, they were practically down each other’s pants every day.

“Game master’s intervention!” Cana slurred out suddenly; she, too, apparently had been having a few drinks, but that didn’t surprise Lucy.  “Mira and I get to pick who’s with who now.”  Cana smirked and Lucy took in a sharp breath.  Not good if they were in charge of picking now.

“You guys won’t do any dares, so we decided to make it more interesting.”  Mira agreed and Lucy frowned.

“More interesting for you two.” Gray grumbled.

“With these new rules in place, we’ll give you a dare and if you don’t complete that dare, you’ll be given another dare to choose from, but you’ll also have to take another shot.” Cana stated proudly and Lucy inwardly groaned.  She didn’t know how much more alcohol she could take.

“Wait, wait, that’s hardly fair!”  Natsu burst out, his words coming out slower than usually- he had passed on every single dare he had gotten.  Lucy was actually surprised that he had, but then again some of the dares Mira and Cana had concocted were just straight out of a kinky book or something.  “W-what if we don’t wanna do the dare?  Like, either of em’?”  Natsu did his best to frown and focus on the two girls at the bar, but his face faltered slightly.

“What’s ah’matter, Natsu?  Holding out for that special someone?  Hm?”  Cana poked fun at Natsu who just crossed his arms and looked away, ears red in embarrassment or alcohol.

“Okay, hum, who should we have go next?”  Mira tapped her chin thoughtfully and Cana whispered in her ear.  “Alright, that sounds good!  Let’s have Gray and Juvia back up here!”  Lucy felt her shoulders relax, they hadn’t paired Natsu and her up, in fact they hadn’t had a single dare with each other, and Lucy was just fine keeping it that way.  Things would get out of hand….

“Are ya kiddin’ me?”  Gray protested and stumbled over to the chair.  “This is some bs right here.”

“Does Gray-sama not like being with Juvia?” Juvia questioned looking like she was going to cry.

“N-no, it’s not that…  Never mind.”  Gray sighed and looked patiently at Cana.

“Your dares are; either Gray has to strip naked and stare into Juvia’s eyes for one minute or Juvia has to has to give Gray a hickey and you both have to take a shot.  Your choice!” Cana smiled at them and both Gray and Juvia looked liked they were about to combust into an embarrassed induced fire.

“J-Juvia wants to be with Gray-sama, b-but not like this!”  Juvia cried out and Gray swallowed hard.

“I’ll just strip, I’m already almost there anyways.”  Gray decided grudgingly and gestured down to his shorts that he had left on.  “Th-then all we gotta do is look at each other.  Not too bad, right?”

“O-okay.”  Juvia squeezed her eyes shut as Gray slipped his shorts off and Natsu let out a disgusted snort.

“What a freakin’ perv!”

“Just you wait, your turn is next Natsu.”  Cana winked and Natsu clamped his mouth shut.  Gray and Juvia sat in silence for a whole uncomfortable minute, staring into each other’s eyes.  The timer that Mira had set finally went off after what seemed like an eternity, and Gray and Juvia quickly left the table.  Lucy felt bad for all of her friends who looked more than mortified.  Lucy was about to heave a sigh of relief, she thought she was going to get away with not being chosen, but Mira and Cana had other plans.  Lucy heard Mira whisper something like ‘best for last’ and then caught Cana smirking her way.  

“Son of a…”  Lucy muttered under her breath just as Mira spoke back up again.

“Okay, as promised, Natsu, it’s your turn!”  Mira clasped her hands together and pulled them to her chest.

“Great, who am I gonna be paired up with next?  Another perverted go with Gray or what?  This game sucks.”  Natsu pouted and Gray shot daggers at him.

“It’s not like anyone had fun with you either, flame breath.”  Gray shot back and Natsu scoffed.

“No, no, nothing like that.”  Mira replied sweetly and Lucy cursed the day she came to the guild.  She knew where the two devious women were going.  She knew how Mira’s mind worked.

“We just happened to notice that Natsu and….”  Cana gave a dramatic pause for a moment and Lucy groaned outwardly that time.  “Lucy haven’t even gotten a chance to be together once during this game!”

“Yeah, she’s right.  Let’s give em’ a real good one on behalf of all of us.”  Gajeel stated and cheers of encouragement resonated with the other guild members.

“Why me?”  Lucy whined and sat herself across from Natsu.  His face and neck were red from alcohol and she was sure she didn’t look much better.  She usually never drank that much, but trying to escape risqué scenarios with her friends came with a price.  Cana rubbed her hands together in anticipation, and Lucy avoided eye contact with Natsu.

“C’mon, buddy, I know you’re gonna have fun!”  Happy called, snickering.

“Shut it, cat!”  Lucy snapped before Natsu had a chance to reply.

“Wah, Lucy’s a mean drunk!”  Happy cried and Lucy rolled her eyes.

“Okay, here it goes; Natsu can either give Lucy a kiss, on the lips!  Or Lucy can play ‘are you nervous’ with Natsu and both of you have to take a shot.”  

“W-wait, a game within a game?  That can’t be fair!” Lucy protested and Natsu gulped.

“We make the rules, sweet cheeks!  What’ll it be?”  Cana laughed and gave a pointed look at the pair.  Natsu eyed her nervously as if to pry an unseen answer from her, but Lucy felt just as helpless as he did.

“W-what’s the other game?  Whaddaya have to do?”  Natsu stammered out; his demeanor was out of character, he had been so confident and boisterous earlier, but now he was subdue and nervous.

“Glad you asked, Natsu.  Lucy will have to place her hand on various parts of your body and ask ‘are you nervous’.  The game ends when you, Natsu, say that you are nervous.  So, for example, if she put her hand on your shoulder and asked ‘are you nervous’ you would reply with yes or no.  Either way, if you choose that route, you both have to take another shot.” Mira explained cheerily and Lucy put her head in her hands.

“Wanna do the second one?”  Lucy asked, her voice muffled behind her fingers.  Natsu didn’t answer, he just shrugged and let Lucy pull her chair over next to him.  Lucy placed her hand on Natsu’s shoulder, like Mira had explained, and asked, “Are you nervous?”

“No.”  Natsu replied and Lucy shrugged and lowered her hand to his bicep.  She tried to ignore that she could feel his muscles tense under her touch.

“Are you nervous?”

“No.”  This was going to be a long game, in Lucy’s opinion, and she just wanted to be done.  Perhaps it was the alcohol, Lucy would like to think it was the alcohol, but she wanted to make Natsu as nervous as she could and as fast as she could.  She supposed she could have a little fun with it.  She then removed her hand from his arm and placed it on his chest instead.  Natsu looked calm, but when Lucy put her hand on his chest, she could feel his heartbeat banging rapidly against his ribs.  Lucy smirked up at her best friend and continued on with the game.

“Nervous yet?”  

“No.”  Natsu whispered out, his eyes shifting from her face to her hand and back again.  Lucy moved her hand lower to the middle of Natsu’s abs.  Lucy had to hold herself back from rubbing her hand all over them; they were so defined that she could feel them easily through his shirt.

“Nervous?”  Lucy questioned though she was sure that she was the one feeling a bit nervous at that point.


“You sound a little…  You can give up.”  Lucy teased and Natsu’s brow furrowed and he shook his head.  Lucy slid her hand lower, slowly dragging her fingertips down his abs and resting at his bellybutton.  

“Are you nervous?”

“No…”  Natsu’s voice came out breathily; Lucy felt empowered being able to break down Natsu Dragneel into a nervous mess.

“Ya sure?”  Lucy looked up at him through her eyelashes and he nodded after swallowing hard.

“Okay.”  Lucy began to move her hand lower, though she wished Natsu would stop her because at that point, she was going into uncharted territory.  Just as she thought that, Natsu grabbed her wrist and stopped her from going any lower.

“W-wait.” Natsu breathed out and then practically growled out his next sentence.  “This would have been much easier.”  With that, he pulled Lucy into a rough kiss, square on the mouth.  Lucy’s eyes shot open wide and her head spun, this time not from the alcohol.  Lucy could faintly hear her guild mates calling out once more and cheering, but she was so absorbed in the action that she couldn’t focus.  It was over as quick as it began as Natsu ripped himself away from her and rest his forehead on hers, breathing heavily.

“Y-y-you…”  Lucy stammered looking up into Natsu’s eyes.  “You could have just said that you were nervous…”  Lucy whispered and Natsu’s eyes flashed in surprise for just a moment.

“That’s okay, I’d rather do that.” Natsu admitted sheepishly and Lucy’s face burned.  “Do we still need to take a shot?”  Natsu looked past Lucy at Mira and Cana who both had their mouth hanging open in shock.

“You can do whatever you want, I can’t believe that worked!”  Cana burst out in shocked laughter and the guild sent out more catcalls for the pair.

“Oh my god…”  Lucy felt like she had steam was coming out her ears.

“I win!”  Natsu suddenly cheered and picked up Lucy in triumph.

“Natsu!” Lucy protested and Natsu snickered.

“C’mon, if want to not take any shots, we’ve gotta do that some more!”

“The game’s over!”  Lucy cried out, her face red, and causing her friend’s to laugh loudly as Natsu carried her out of the guild.

Sorry the ending is a little meh, but I hope you like it!

I Never Forgot You *Bucky Barnes x Reader* (1/?)

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(Requested by Anon)  Yooo, I had an idea, so you know the imagine you had w/ 40s Bucky and reader are married (the one with the nicknames) anyway, it’s placed after Buck had fallen from the train and “died” and reader is so distraught that she decides to become a part of shield too. they do the super soldier serum on her too, then that fateful day, both her and Steve get trapped in the ice, fast forward to the winter soldier phase. She and Steve are fighting the winter soldier in DC,  his masks gets knocked off as you know and instead of Steve saying Bucky, reader just whispers “handsome?” And Bucky just has that same look (((GOOD GOD IM HURTING)) then fast forward even more, Steve and her have found Bucky and he realizes who she is and whispers “hey gorgeous”. I’m actually super sorry, this is so elaborate and I feel bad, you guys are amazing writers and I feel as you guys can bring that crazy idea of mine to life
Warning: Super-Mega feels, swearing
Admins Note: Imagine. Its fine, I like it people go into detail for their request, this took me a super long time to write because I wanted it to be just right. I kinda changed it, I didn’t want her to be frozen with Steve, I wanted his death to spur her into SHIELD. Where she helps Howard perfect another Serum and they use it on her. This is also in parts. Sorry. Possibly three, I just see so much potential for this and I wanted it to be good and well written. 

I Never Forgot You Part One
I Never Forgot You Part Two
I Never Forgot You Part Three  
I Never Forgot You Part Four
I Never Forgot You Part Five
I Never Forgot You Part Six

I Never Forgot You Part Seven

I Never Forgot You Part Eight
I Never Forgot You Part Nine

The service was lovely, Mrs. Barnes” Timothy Dugan smiled, a friend of Bucky’s, well a Howling Commando but they all became friends when serving together. Mrs. Barnes, it didn’t feel right, not anymore. 

You were only Mrs. Barnes because you married James Barnes, who had died in action, now you are a widower! The service for Bucky was nice, although you had no body to bury, it was still nice full of people he cared about; you had been avoiding Steve, knowing if you saw him you’d break. 

Steve said a few words, you couldn’t bring yourself to even mutter a single word for your husband, knowing you wouldn’t make it through the speech and you didn’t want people to see you break. 

Deciding that as the service was drawing to a close, you’d thank everyone for coming and supporting you in this time, you tapped the glass of water and everyone looked at you; Howling Commandos, family, friends, and Steve. 

Um, I just wanted to say thank you for coming and supporting me today. I know that this is just as difficult for you as it- well, maybe not that much, a lot of you didn’t have your world ripped from you” people glanced at each other, now knowing the reason why you didn’t say anything earlier, you coughed back the tears 

Anyway, I know that Bucky wouldn’t us to be sad. He’s be grabbing everyone another round, dancing, he loved to dance!” the silence was deafening to you “the hardest bit comes tomorrow when I wake up and realise I now have to start my life again, without him. 

“As a final farewell to Bucky, let’s win the war!” you raise the glass of water, everyone does silently. Steve finally plucking up the courage to see you, no words are spoken as he hugs you tightly, no ‘I am sorry’ or ‘you’ll get through this’. Because Steve knows, Steve knows how hard this will be, he has to go through it also. 

“We’ll win the war, I promise” he pulls away

It doesn’t matter anymore,” You tell him “the one person I wanted to return, is never going to return, so win the war but I won’t be celebrating with you,” you tell him. He nods slowly, pulling you into a hug “come back? I can’t- I can’t go through this again” you tell him.

Well, I promised Bucky when he wasn’t around I’ll look out of you, I’m not going to break my best friends promise now,” he tells you, you hold Steve tightly, there was no way you were going to get through this. 

“Well, I’ll be here… waiting with cookies to hear about Captain America’s victory” you try to smile, he nods with a small laugh, ever since he had become Captain America you and Bucky chose to joke about him…  

    *** 4-year skip ***

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“Are you sure about this, Mrs. Barnes?” Howard asked, his voice fraying concern and worry “I am like seventy-five percent sure this will work” he tells you finally, a roll of your (E/C) eyes made him slightly chuckle. 

Yourself and Howard had been working on perfecting another Super-Soldier serum, it would never be the exact same as Steve’s, so chances are this could not work just either disfigure you or maybe kill you.

 Steve had crashed landed somewhere in the Arctic, leaving you alone; Howard had spent his own money and time in finding Steve but to avail he couldn’t find him. 

You know yesterday you said it will work” you tell him, crossing arms over your chest, he gave you the same look “I know we planned on finding test subjects but what have I got to lose?” you asked him seriously, he let out a long sigh “my husband is dead, my best friend is nowhere to be found” he nodded slowly. 

I can now see why Barnes married you, you are one hell of women” ,he tells you, a laugh escapes you “Fire this thing up, Stark” you order and he nodded, saluting as he did so. He helped you into the seat, it wasn’t the machine they used last time, Howard had created his own since the military refused anyone to be near the first. Howard looked at you one last time.

Okay, just remain still, this will hurt and you may pass out… or die.” He tells you, you choke on your laughter as he flipped down some glasses, placing some on yourself also and then went over to the control panel. 

Watching as he pressed various buttons, switching different switches and pulling what looks to be some lever, the machine begins and injects some of the serum you both created. 

“(Y/N)” someone was shaking you awake “(Y/N), can you hear me? Are you okay? God, Peggy is going to kill me!” you fluttered your eyes open and see Howard kneeling in front of you, he let out a long sigh, dropping his head onto one of your knee’s and then giving you a stern look, “I thought you fucking died,” he tells you. 

Can’t get rid of me that easily” you murmur, he nods and begins to unstrap you from the chair “did it work?” you asked and he shrugged, you didn’t feel any different, and you certainly didn’t look any different otherwise Howard would have been acting differently also. 

Your vitals seem fine” he mutters, your eyes followed the torch “hmm, maybe it didn’t take,” he says to himself “it should have worked in some form, I knew it wouldn’t be anything like the first but it would have done something… to you” he steps back and looks at you from a distance “I guess my calculations were wrong” he sighed out, shrugging gently to you, you did the same back and stood up wobbling slightly. 

A groan of pain comes from Howard, you turn and see him clutching his hand, blood trickling down “sharp objects everywhere!” he says in a strained voice. You chuckle, grabbing the first aid kit beside you, walking over and taking his hand; wiping the new cut, you place pressure on it yourself as you grab some bandages, needle, and thread from the kit with your left hand. 

Oh. My. God” Howard shouts in shock, your jump back slightly startled by the man, he was looking at his hand and wiping the blood away… no cut! He looked at you, then back to his hand, then back to you; he did this several times over “you have the powers to heal” he shouts with glee 

I knew my calculations were right, I knew it!” he yelled, impressed with himself more so than you right now “this means we have so much more to discover about you, you can really make a difference” he looks at you, a smile started to form on your face, a real smile in the four years Howard had known you… this was your real smile! 

                    *** Seventy or so years later *** 
Seeing Steve Again!

“Agent Barnes” You looked up to see Director Nick Fury. Seventy years after the experiment and you were still knocking around, mainly in the medical unit or with a team who may need medical assistance out during a mission. 

Your powers were more than what they seemed, Howard conducted experiments after experiments to see what else was new about you, not a lot. Except the fact your cells regenerate faster than most humans, meaning you don’t age like others, in fact, you hadn’t aged all that much you still looked like the same girl that fell in love with an idiot all those years ago. 

We found him” your breathing hitched slightly, he couldn’t possibly mean Steve, could he? He was deemed missing, never to be found, forgotten like most heroes… like your husband; forgotten by most but still loved by you. 

You held a bag of cookies in one hand, still remembering the promise you made to him. The excitement you felt to finally have someone back with you was turning into nerves. Everyone you knew died, or become extremely frail and old, Howard was killed along with his wife leaving behind his son who you met various times. 

Peggy was in a nursing home, she never remembered you for long but still the conversations you had for somewhat ten minutes were always nice, but your healing powers could only do so much and unfortunately the illness to the brain can never fully be healed. 

You clutched the bag tighter when he turned the corner into Nick’s office, his eyes looking at Nick and then you, his shoulders slump and his face are priceless as he looks at you. 

He had been unfrozen for almost three weeks, they wanted him to adjust slightly before pushing you back into the picture, and it was torture knowing Steve was finally back but you couldn’t see him.

I said I’d wait to hear the Captain America victory story, I even remembered the cookies” you lightened the mood, he let out a breathy chuckle, almost running to you and hugging you so tightly it hurt but it was good. Good to be with someone that reminded you of home. 

Home Run

Thanks to this picture, we have this prompt!

Cesaro/OC. For Anon: Cesaro in baseball pants, like a WWE game night thing. The reader and Cesaro don’t see eye to eye, and they are put together on a team against a guy and girl of your choosing with the stipulation that if they lost, they’d need to travel together for a week. End how you see fit, but some smuuuuut.


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Pack Mom - Part 15

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Request//  Part 15 where the family go to Liam’s big lacrosse game to cheer him on and be his support since he’s playing his old school and Brett keeps taunting him and Derek can hear what he’s saying to Liam and at the end he gets super adorably overprotective over Liam and gives Brett a piece of his mind and the reader smiles with Talia in her arms and an arm around Liam and Derek tells him not to mess with his family and Beacon hills wins and they go out to celebrate after & treat the kids to ice cream

Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13 Part 14  Part 15

That was it. The house was baby proofed. Talia was now on the move, crawling everywhere. She would always follow her big brother around. Liam and Talia had the best bond ever. Liam would always help me look after her and keeping her entertained. Even when he had Mason round Liam would let her come into his room and he would keep her entertained and play with her. Even Mason joined in. Talia looked up to her big brother. She would always want him to be around. She missed him when he was at school. And it was hard to tell her that he has to stay in school as she didn’t understand. She would just get upset.

It was around 1pm when Talia started really wanting her big brother back home. Derek and I tried our best to distract her. But nothing worked. 

“LiLi” She kept repeating crawling to the door.

“Baby he is at school. He will be home soon” I told her which made her cry. Her being tired didn’t make the situation any better. So I thought that putting her down for a nap would make everything better. But it would take a lot to make her go sleep. I picked her up and started rocking her. Which only made her scream and cry even more. I never gave up, even though it was hard work. After around 15 minutes of her screaming and crying, she was sound to sleep. I went and placed her into her crib. As I placed the blanket over I was was just thinking how perfect our little girl is. She definitely took after Derek with her big green eyes, and with me, she had gorgeous wavy brown hair. She was just perfect.

Talia had been asleep for around 30 minutes until Liam came storming in throwing his bag and Lacrosse stuff to the floor with rage. Talia started crying, so Derek went to get Talia when I went to Liam.

“Sweetie what’s up?” I said pulling him into a hug. I could feel how tense he was, his hands shook by his sides. His jaw was clenched and his normal baby blue eyes had and been replaced with bright yellow glowing ones. His breathing was heavy. I brought him over to the sofa and sat him on my lap and just wrapped my arms around him.

“Liam, come on just calm down,” I told him, slightly rocking him

“I don’t want to do it!” He snapped, getting angrier. 

“Do what sweetheart?” I asked him

“Play my old school. They hate me and the game will just be like hell. They want to kill me!"He told me beginning to raise his voice.

"Liam you are so much better than them. What happened in Devonford is in the past and yes we can’t change that. But look at you know. You have your anger under control you are so much better and if they can’t get over what happened. They are worthless. And I will tell you now son, they won’t touch you. Because then they would have to deal with Derek and I. That is something they don’t want to happen” Liam looked up at me. Yellow eyes were replaced by his big blue eyes. He was much calmer now. 

“Will you and Derek come and watch?” He asked 

“Why would we miss it?” I questioned, looking down at him.

“Because my mom and dad never came to watch me play. They would say it was a waste of time coming to my games” He told me which broke my heart. 

“Liam listen to me. We are not like them. Derek and I will come and watch you at every single game. We wouldn’t miss that for the world. Even Talia would want to see her big brother play” I told him as I hugged him tighter.

“It’s at 5 tonight” 

“We will be there,” I told him and then Talia came crawling in shouting Liam’s name. He got off my lap and picked her up. She snuggled into him and Liam gave her a big hug. It just melted my heart to see them both together.

“God she can move fast! I only turned my back for a minute and she was gone!” Derek said rushing into the room. Liam and I burst out laughing.

“Babe, we are going to watch Liam play Lacrosse tonight,” I told him.

“That will be fun. And we will get to see the pack” Derek added which got me more excited as we haven’t really had time to spend with them. The last time I had a good conversation with them was when I told them Derek and I were getting married.

After having a quick bit to eat, we were headed to Liam’s school to watch him play Lacrosse. I could tell that he was nervous. When we got out the car, Liam grabbed Talia. We all walked onto the field and spotted all the pack. Scott, Stiles and Kira were on the field waiting to get started.

“Why does Stiles even play Lacrosse. He is terrible. He would probably get hurt” Derek said.

“At least he is trying Babe. And hey, is this showing that you care about him?” I laughed raising my eyebrow at him. 

“No! Come on just let’s sit down. Good Luck Liam and Come on Talia” He said walking off to go and sit next to Lydia and Malia.

“I stay Li,” She said tightening her grip on his Jersey. 

“No baby, he has to go and Play, we are going to watch with Daddy, Auntie Lydia and Auntie Malia,” I told her as I went to grab her off Liam. But her bottom lip came out and she was about to cry.

“Hey Talia, I have a job for you,” Liam said bending down, sitting on the field and sitting Talia on the grass in front of him. He placed his bag in the middle of them both and he opened it up. Then he took out his Lacrosse jumper.

“I need you to look after my jumper when I go and play. Do you think you can do that?” Liam asked as he held out the jumper to her. She smiled and took the jumper off him and cuddled it. I picked her up and gave Liam a hug.

“Good luck out there sweetie, remember to stay calm!” I told him as he ran out onto the field. I took Talia up to her everyone was sat and I sat between Derek and Lydia. Talia had cuddles with Lydia as she wasn’t keen on all the cheering. She held onto Liam’s jumper as she covered her ears. It was around half time and Talia looked up at me.

"Cold” She told me.

“Why not wear Li’s jumper, then you will be warm and you will never lose it” Her smile grew wider and she nodded. I helped her put the jumper one and she looked adorable. 

“Der…” I began saying but he shushed me. The pointed at Liam who was talking to Brett.

“What are you going to do Dunbar, smash another car up?” Derek started repeating what they were saying so I could hear too.

“Don’t call me Dunbar. I’m a Hale" 

"Well Hale, we are going to break you in half out there, you’re a stupid little boy who can’t keep is anger under control" 

But before we could do anything the whistle was blown to signal that the second half was about to start. I kept an eye on Liam, making sure he was okay. And not going to get too angry. But he listened to me. Throughout the whole game, he stayed calm and kept everything under control. And the best thing was, he scored the winning goal. Beacon Hills won! I grabbed Talia off Lydia and went down to Liam. But when we got to him, Brett was there. Again.

"Your lucky Dunbar, Hale, whatever you are. But watch out next time, your just a stupid little dog!” Brett told him. I was about to say something, but Derek beat me to it.

“You think you can talk to him like? You think your funny” Derek began as he put his arm around Liam’s shoulder.“If you have a problem with him, you then have a problem with all of us. Liam is way better than you. Better than you will ever be! He’s changed. He can control it. Unlike you. Somethings you can’t change and being a total jerk is one of them. So you say one more thing to my son again, you will have us to deal with! You don’t mess with my family! Do you understand?” Derek told him. I had a wide smile on my face. I held Talia in one hand and had my other arm and Liam’s shoulder. When Brett didn’t answer Derek stepped forward, getting closer to Brett.

“I said DO..YOU…UNDER…STAND!” Derek said more demanding

“Yeah..yeah..yeah… I’m sorry, it won’t happened again” Brett said running off back to the rest of his team. We all had a big family hug in the middle of the field. 

“Liam you played so well. I can’t wait for the next game” I told him giving him a tighter hug.

“Really you will come again” He asked 

“Every single game” I told him then I looked over a Derek.

“Well son, you played so well, why don’t we all get ice cream” Derek said, which made Talia get all excited. Liam then picked up Talia out of my hands and I grabbed his bag.

“LiLi, Safe” Talia said showing him his jumper.

“Well done sis! You did a great job” Liam told her as he hugged her.

They were perfect. I couldn’t ask for a better family. I had two amazing kids and a gorgeous fiancé. How did I get so lucky?

Part 16?

anonymous asked:

Hi can you make a part 2 of the mark and taeyong angst about them cheating on you?the angst made me cry tho haha

Here’s the second part of the Mark/Taeyong scenario! For those of you who haven’t read the first part, you can find it here. (Also, hope this doesn’t make you sad anymore!! We still tried to make it more realistic though, not super fluffy or anything lol) 


Listen: x 

You walked up to the modern-looking building that was booming with loud music.

You hesitantly curled and uncurled a strand of your long black hair behind your ear, unsure of which way it would look better.

You wondered if your outfit was appropriate for the party. Although you were best friends with Johnny, partying wasn’t really your scene. 

However, your good friend Ten had booked the venue to celebrate winning his dance competition. You told Ten you wouldn’t miss it for the world but Johnny tried to convince you otherwise.

Even earlier this evening when you were getting ready for the party, Johnny was talking to you over the phone.

“Are you sure you want to come? You know he's going to be there today right…”

You paused to put on your favourite lip colour before answering.

“I’m sure.”

“Girl, it’s only been two weeks.”

You smiled, hearing his sassy tone through the line. For two weeks you had absolutely no contact with Mark. You had busied yourself with engaging in your favourite hobbies, eating your favourite foods and hanging out with your favourite people.

But even all those things couldn’t fill the void that Mark left.

“Truthfully, it feels like it’s been longer.”

Your gut feeling told you that Johnny rolled his eyes.

“Alright, as long as you’re ready to face him.”

There was a long pause before you spoke again.



You could tell he had put you on speaker phone now and was brushing his teeth.

“I think I’m in love with Mark.”

You heard him spit out the foam in a hurry.

“What the hell _______? Don’t tell me about that stuff. Go have girl talk with somebody else.”

You laughed.

“Well, you’re the one who called me first.”

Johnny muttered his next sentence.

“Well, as long as he doesn’t hurt you again then that’s fine.”

“What did you say?”

He cleared his throat.

“Well if he hurts you again, don’t come running to me.”

You laughed, picking up his change of words.

You adjusted the length of your black shorts one more time before stepping into the venue.

It was dimly lit but you spotted Johnny’s brown wavy hair by the bar.

You saw him engage in a deep conversation with a mature-looking girl with dark shoulder length hair.

She had a form fitting off-the-shoulder black dress on with matching gold statement earrings. She took a sip of her drink from her glass elegantly as Johnny leaned over to whisper into her ear.

She smiled and reached over to hold his hand when Johnny spotted you near the entrance.

He spoke briefly to her before running over to you.

“________, you made it.”

You excitedly leaned over.

“Who was that?”

Johnny smiled a bit wider than he usually would.

“I’ll introduce her to you later.”

You smiled knowingly at him as he brushed your teasing look off.

“So where’s Ten?”

Johnny rolled his eyes.

“To be honest, I’ve hardly seen him all evening. I think he’s just been bouncing from crowd to crowd. I’ll go find him, you go grab a drink first.”

You weaved yourself through the dancing crowd until you made your way to the round bar.

The bar was located in the middle of the venue with the bartenders situated in the middle and the rest of the seats surrounding the bar.

You waved down a bartender and ordered a virgin mojito.

As you sipped your drink, you glanced around in hopes of seeing a familiar face. Perhaps because there was a lot of people hanging around or the fact that there were only dim lights, but you were unable to spot anyone.

You sighed and took another sip as you spun out of boredom in your stool.

“Awww come on, let’s go dancing!”

“Yeah, you never hang out with us anymore…”

Your ears perked up when you heard a couple of high-pitched voices come from the other side of the bar.

Your interest piqued at the conversation as it continued on and you slid into a stool that got you a view of the people talking.

Your eyes widened when you saw two girls tugging on Mark’s forearm.

His dark hair was disheveled and his face looked like he had shed a couple pounds.

He was wearing a black tee and had his gaze fixated on his blank phone screen as if he was expecting a call or text to pop up any second, ignoring the girls.

However, they did not stop bothering him.

“Let go.”

You were surprised at his firm tone. Mark had always been the type of guy to be nice and polite no matter what situation he was in.

It seems the girls were surprised too because they let go of his arm.

A small smile appeared on your face, you were slightly proud of his reaction.

However, that wasn’t enough for the girls to stop.

“Why are you playing hard to get? I heard you’re single again.”

This time Mark looked up at her.

“I’m taken. My girlfriend and I are on a break.”

She smirked.

“Isn’t that basically the same thing? You’re on a break now but you’ll probably break up next week. Get an early start.”

She tried to hug Mark from the back but he stood up before she could, clutching on to his phone tightly leaving. He sent them a warning look before walking right into your view.

You almost choked on your drink as he stood there facing you, his gaze softening immediately.


It seemed like forever before he took a step towards you.

“How have you been?”

His voice was soft but meaningful, as if he was completely overwhelmed by your presence.

“Okay… I’ve been here and there. How about you?“


His voice cracked slightly and you could see tears well up in his eyes.

You smiled at him. Despite the tough front he put up earlier, he was still the same soft-hearted Mark.

“Come here.”

You spread out your arms as he took one more step and hugged you tightly.

You almost fell off your stool but his firm embrace kept you from falling.

“I missed you so much ________. I’m sorry, I really am. I promise I’ll keep a distance from-”

“I love you, Mark.”

He pulled back slightly, his round eyes gazing into yours.


“I love you.”

“Are you serious? Even after what I did to you and-”

“I love you.”

He couldn’t help but crack into his goofy smile.

“I love you too.”

You proceeded to lie on his chest as he remained standing, one arm embracing you comfortably, the other smoothing out your hair.

It was the first time you said such strong words to someone.

Although you didn’t have to say it out loud, Mark knew you had forgiven him. The break wasn’t actually a reflection for Mark, but rather a chance for the two of you to learn exactly what you are to one another.  



“Let’s not do the break thing again.”

He chuckled.

“Yeah, that was hard. Probably the hardest thing in my life so far.”

You poked his stomach from his over-exaggeration making him fall back into a giggle.

You got off the stool as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder.

“Want to go grab ice cream?”

“There’s ice cream here?”

“Nah, let’s ditch Ten’s party. I don’t even see him. Besides, how could he hold a party without ice cream?”

You laughed as the two of you headed towards the exit but was stopped by a loud voice.

“GUYS! How could you leave without even saying hi! Choosing ice cream instead of me?”

Mark laughed.

“I guess ice cream will have to wait.”

You nodded slipping your hand into Mark’s and glancing up at him.

“It’s okay, we have plenty of time.”

Mark looked at you as the two of you shared a knowing glance before he smiled softly at you.

“You’re right, we do.”

gif cr: on-the-ty-track


Listen: x 

You swirled around your glass of pinot noir before taking a sip. Although the wine tasted bitter when it first touched your lips, it soon tasted sweet.

You smiled slightly at the light red liquid in your glass.

It seemed like up until now you had only been living a bitter life.

Will my life soon turn sweet as well? 

You thought to yourself as your partner took a seat on the stool next to you and leaned closer to whisper in your ear.

“You look beautiful, thanks for coming to the party with me.”

You admired the tall gentleman with wavy brown hair who was seated beside you.

You swiveled in your stool to face him and placed your hand on top of his.

“Thank you for taking me out.”

Johnny was a mutual friend that you met not long ago. You didn’t know if he had a knack for sensing people’s feelings or whether it was just you looking depressed all the time.

The two of you got along quickly and he soon knew about the situation between you and Taeyong. He had expressed interest in you but you had yet to give an answer. You didn’t want to use Johnny as a rebound to get over Taeyong but rather close off your feelings for Taeyong before entering a new relationship.

Johnny’s attention seemed to be on the entrance as he patted your back softly.

“I’ll be right back.”

You looked up at him with a smile, giving him the okay to go.

As you continued to sip on your drink, you felt many eyes on you although that wasn’t anything new.

You had always been attractive, earning the attention of those around you easily.

You’ve had a lot friends and boyfriends, but none that you cherished.

You were no longer interested in playing around… for once you wanted to be in a serious relationship.

You sighed and took another sip just as a familiar arm wrapped around your waist.

“Haven’t seen you in a while.”

You knew it was him before even taking a glance.

“And I intend to keep it that way.”

Taeyong chuckled and let go of your waist, taking a seat next to you.

“I see you’re not over the fight yet.”

You stayed silent as he waved down a bartender to order a beer.

“You want one?”

You shook your head as he eyed the wine you were drinking and smirked.

“What’s with the change? You’ve always been a beer kind of girl.”

You shrugged.

“I want a change.”

Taeyong took a sip from his beer bottle.

“Well it was nice to see you. I have a date for the party but come over to my place tonight.”

You gripped the stem of your glass harder, lips in a tight line.

You spotted a loving couple across the bar table, where a girl dressed in a white blouse and black shorts was resting on her partner’s chest. He stroked her hair gently in a loving way. The two of them didn’t look bothered by the dancing or the loud partying in the background, only focusing on one another.

Your teary eyes never left the couple, hand never leaving the stem of your glass, as if it was providing you support.



“Do you think you could love me?”

“You know I don’t do feelings.”

You turned to look at him.

“Then could you try? Could you date me seriously?”

You saw that he had noticed your attention on the couple.

The playful tone in his voice disappeared as he took another sip of his beer casually leaning over the side of the bar.

“You know it’s not possible. For us to love like them.”

He turned to you.

“We could never be like them.”

His firm answer brought a sad smile to your face as a girl that was dancing in the crowd earlier waved at the two of you.

“Taeyong! There you are!”

He lifted his beer bottle in her direction as he got off the stool walking to her direction.

“I’ll see you around.”

You watched his fading back as he walked towards the girl and embraced her knowing that indeed, he was not the one for you.

“Goodbye, Taeyong.”

Shortly after, Johnny arrived back by your side.

“Hey, sorry about that. Was trying to find Ten.”

You nodded and glanced down at your drink but you knew he had already noticed the tears in your eyes.

His tone immediately softened as he worriedly put an arm over your shoulder.

“________, what’s wrong?”

His gentle tone and worried expression made your heart warm up as you nodded towards the loving couple once again. They had started to leave and walked towards the crowd with the boy’s hand protectively over the girl’s shoulder.

“I was just wondering when a day would come for me to experience a love like that… or whether it would ever come at all.”

You spoke the latter part of the sentence a volume lower.

Johnny smiled knowingly as he glanced down at you.

“Not everything you see is what it appears to be. The two of them look happy now but they have gone through a lot as well. Although relationships can’t guarantee happiness, the most important thing is to find someone who’s willing to go through all the happy and difficult times with you.”

You nodded, fully taking in his words.

"I promise you a day like that will come for you… maybe with me?”

You laughed at his cheeky tone, hitting his shoulder lightly before looking up at him with bright eyes.

“Johnny… do you want to go grab coffee with me later?”

He turned to look at you with a surprised look.

The tone in your voice must have given away the seriousness in your question.

“I want to know more about you.”

His startled look turned to a soft smile as he nodded in response, he knew you were giving him a chance.

You returned his answer with a sweet smile.

Something in your heart told you that the day you were waiting for wasn’t far away now.

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….. remember that adrinette oneshot I wrote that I said was going to stay a oneshot?( @feelsmobile idk whether to thank you or curse you for this prompt tbh)

i lied, i’m weak, here’s a second chapter. I have zero idea where this story is going, don’t ask cause i gotta work it out myself. but my other ML fics are not cooperating so i suppose this is what you get. enjoy? 

Title: Kiss Me (Like You Want To Be Loved) 

Summary:  Marinette smells like cinnamon and sugar; Marinette smells like warmth and love and a welcoming family; Marinette smells like everything Adrien Agreste has ever wanted. Chapter 2 - In which Adrien realises just how much he hates the advent of phone cameras and the internet, and that he probably shouldn’t be angsting over his love life when he has bigger problems on hand. But goddamn, someone up there is making it really really hard.

Rating: General Audiences 

Read: Chapter 1 | AO3

Ladybug, on the other hand, smells clean.

Like the air on a cold winter morning, or the earth after a rainstorm. She smells like an ocean breeze, easy and light; she smells like wide open spaces and bounding above Paris rooftops and freedom.

She smells like everything Chat Noir has ever wanted.

“Race you?” she asks, turning to him with a mischievous glint in her eyes that Chat swears she got off him and can’t refuse, and he capitulates with a matching grin.

“Loser’s in charge of distractions for the next five akuma,” he says nonchalantly, before dropping to all fours without a warning and bounding across to the next rooftop. Behind him, Ladybug yelps as she scrambles to take out her yoyo, and Chat can’t help but laugh at the indignant sounds coming from his lady’s mouth as she realizes he’s got the jump on her. But she’s soon in hot pursuit, her yoyo flashing ruby-red under the light of the setting sun, and Chat doesn’t hold back his feral grin as the two of them leap and vault over the darkening Paris cityscape.

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a story about eren, jean, and rapidly escalating prank wars

(arted by sillypeppers!!!!!)

It all starts with the “Eat Me” sign he sticks on Jean’s back one afternoon, entirely on a whim. It’s quite a good sign, objectively speaking—comes with an illustrated instructional diagram and everything; a little caricature of Jean and a titan, plus arrows showing the titan where Jean ought to go.

Jean goes half the day before someone finally tells him what they’re all laughing about. Then he rips the sign off and storms off to find Eren.

“You think you’re so damn funny, Jaeger,” he sneers, flinging the crumpled-up piece of paper at Eren from across the courtyard.

“Yeah, a little,” says Eren smugly, preening as the paper ball bounces harmlessly off his chest.

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“I’m pregnant” & “I almost lost you” (Sam x Reader, fluff, requested drabble)

Thanks nonnie!! I had so much fun with Nate, Elena and Sully as background characters omg…sorry this took a while - working on three other prompts that should be out by later tonight/tomorrow. Also I can’t seem to stay away from making things pure fluff so…xx :)

Word Count: 1,386


The first person you called when the second test came back positive was Elena. She had experience with this sort of thing and the rising panic in your chest didn’t seem to be wanting to come down any time soon.

“Hey, Y/N,” you hear Elena’s voice from the other side.

“Elena! I, um…you know how I wasn’t feeling so well last time Sam and I visited you guys?” you start, tapping the pregnancy test on the side of the sink nervously.

“Yeah, it seemed pretty bad. How’re you feeling?”

“I’m pregnant,” you tell her. You bite your lip, opening the bathroom door and walking out to your living room. Sam wasn’t meant to be home from drinks and errand-running with Sully for another hour, so you figured it was safe to not lock yourself in the bathroom for now. You sit on the couch, staring at the single vertical line in front of you.

“Y/N, that’s fantastic!” she exclaims, “But you don’t seem thrilled,” she continues, and you hear her own baby crying in the background, “Nate!” you hear her voice again, muffled this time as she holds the phone away from her ear, “Can you get Cassie, please?”

“I just…Sam and I have had conversations about this but nothing definite, you know? I don’t even know if he wants to be a father, or is prepared. Hell, I don’t know if I’m prepared,” you continue as the crying from the other ends stops and you hear Nate singing - terribly off key - to Cassie. It’s a wonder it doesn’t make Cassie cry even harder.

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#20 - Barba: “For whatever reason, I find myself attracted to you.”

The purpose of these prompts for me was to be neither smutty, nor write as much as usual. I broke both of my rules here. C’est la vie.

Requested by an anon.

Continuation of this stupid thing I wrote

Prompt List

“We find the defendant guilty.”

You smiled broadly, turning towards your professor as the verdict was read. He grinned back, his eyes dancing with happiness as he shook your hand and held it for just a beat too long.

It had been an exhausting couple months, trying to balance your last semester of law school with shadowing Barba. And he was demanding, even more so than you would have guessed. Using your ‘potential’ as his excuse for every late night call and skipped meal as the two of you strategized how to put the defendant away.

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+ Robbie Kay x FamousReader

Prompt | Request: “Reader is a celebrity and donates money in a auction gallery and ends up winning a date with a certain famous boy.”

I have terrible anxiety at social events like these. They’re incompetent, useless and all that happens is gossip, gossip, and oh, Miss, did you get that new bag from that new designer?

I love fashion but despise the people in it who claim to be “all about it”. Yes, you buy a random, expensive handbag with your wealthy husband’s credit card and go out to some shit- over-charged restaurant with your other housewife friends– and you claim that you’re all about fashion?

Another dreadfully somber Galla event, with “all-white” outfits and those few people who decide to be bold and not wear white. Oh, but this is different! This is a charity event. Same concept, but some wealthy snobs here are actually here to compete against their patrons and help cases.

“Act like you actually want to be here, Y/N.” My manager, Eric, scolds me, glaring at me with a gaze that burns through me.

“I am.” I childishly reply to him. Besides, he’s the one who always sets me up at these damn events. All I’m actually interested for here is donating money to the charity events. My sister is the socialite in the family, not me.

“Shush, they’re starting the charity announcements.” Eric once more ignores my comment and waves me off. He places a hand under his chin and looks intently at the stage where some guy is blabbing on about some cause he has no clue about.

“The bids starts at one thousand dollars, winning a date with the beautifully talented and gorgeous: Perrie Edwards.” The man winks over at Perrie, causing her to blush.

Men who have nothing else to do with their overflowing pockets of cash battle off for a date with Perrie, whom I now pity for this reason. The men don’t even care about the cause, all they want is Perrie’s time and to get in her pants. Okay, it is possible I may be too honest in my own time.

“The charity case for UNICEF goes to Robert Pattinson for ten million dollars!” The new hostess announces as she takes over the next bid, clapping to begin the round of applause.

“And next! This is a good one, single ladies!” The hostess giggles, causing all the snobby single women in the room to laugh along with her. I simply roll my eyes and cross my arms.

“Y/N, that’s not ladylike.” Eric scolds once more. I turn to him with a bored expression and put my left leg over my right leg.

Your face is not ladylike. You’re very unattractive, but you don’t see me scolding you for being cursed with the uglies. But oh, the things I wish I can fire back at Eric, I never really say. 

“Put a sock in it, would you?” I simply mutter before turning back around to pay attention to the hostess announcing the next case.

“For the Fountain of Wishes Charity, in which the highest bidder will bid their money to the children’s hospital and grant each ill patient a wish.” Being someone who lost a loved one to a hellish disease whom never got the chance to truly live their life, I become intrigued.

“For all the single ladies, your date will be with one of our lovely patrons who has been generous enough to volunteer. They’ll know you, but you won’t know who they are. A free mystery date, sponsored and brought to you by Le Spot Alimentaire! A wonderful French cuisine restaurant.” The girl gets on with the charity.

“One thousand dollars!”

“Two thousand dollars!”

“Five thousand dollars.”

“Seven thousand dollars!”

“Fifty thousand dollars!”

“Bloody hell, this is getting ridiculous.” I snap, causing Eric to knit his eyebrows in confusion. I snatch my little sign and stand tall. He’s always encouraging me to spend a some money on a good cause, so here I am.

“Twenty-two million dollars. I can write a check upfront right now.” I bravely put in. With my statement filling everyone’s ears, the attention all turns to me. My heart rate begins to beat fast as the room stills and the spotlight is shined upon me.

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Truth or Dare: A Joshifer One-Shot

HEY HEY HAPPY APRIL! new one-shot inspired by a prompt in my ask, hope y’all enjoy ;) please leave comments or prompts in my ask and please like/reblog if you enjoy it! 

- Josh’s POV - 

We sat around the small, rounded kitchen table in Jennifer’s beachside house that she had rented for the filming of Catching Fire on the beautiful island of Oahu, where we were filming. I glanced around the table, past all the empty alcohol bottles and through my blurry vision, I could see Sam laughing to Jena beside him and Liam was beside me, making some splittingly snide yet hilarious remark about how drunk we all were in his dominant Australian accent. On the other side of me was Jennifer. Her dark hair cascaded in tight waves down her creamy, porcelain colored bare back where a lose tank top draped over her protruding shoulder bones and hugged her in all the right spots. She sat cross-legged in the oversized chair next to me, holding a beer in her hand and sipping on it casually. By this point, Jennifer was already drunk just like the rest of us. We played a few drinking games because it was our night off, but we all decided to stay in and relax with each other because we didn’t even care to bother with the paps.

“Hey, I have an idea! Let’s play a game.” Jena suggested as she turned away from Sam. 

“I don’t think any of us need any more alcohol, mate.” Liam replied.

“We don’t have to play a drinking game,” Jena continued, a smirk appearing on her face. “Let’s play truth or dare!”

“Yes!” Jen clapped, “Just like when we were teenagers!” She chimed in, seemingly not taking a second to even entertain the thought before she affirmed it.

“No, c’mon guys!” I said, “Let’s play something else.”

“Why Josh? Are you scared? Can’t handle the truth or take a dare?” Jen teased, dropping her hand to my knee and leaving it there for just a second too long as she teased me with not only her words but her eyes locked on mine.

“Get a room you two, crikey.” Liam rolled his eyes at us. 

Liam was the only one to call Jen and me out on our shit. The constant flirting, the touchy-feely hands, the merciless teasing – none of it passed by Liam and he was never afraid to voice that.

“Fine, fine,” I conceded, chuckling nervously and avoiding Liam’s comment entirely, “We’ll play.”

“Okay, truth or dare?” Jena turned to Sam as she addressed the question to him.

“Truth, I suppose.” He answered.

“Boo! Boring.” Jen jeered in Sam’s direction.

“Okay, tell me, are you and Laura going to get pregnant any time soon?” Jena grinned at Sam and he ducked his head, smiling along with her.

“Actually,” Sam began, “We’ve been trying. Laura missed her cycle that was supposed to start a few days back, so here’s to hoping.” He raised his drink and we all followed suit, raising our glasses to meet his.

“That’s so great, Sam! I call being the god mother!” Jena squealed.

“Hell no, that’s all me.” Jen remarked casually, causing us all of us break out into laughter just at the mere thought of Jen handling a living, breathing child.

“Your turn, Sammy boy.” I directed him.

“Okay sir, then I choose you. Truth or dare?” He asked.

“Dare, I’m not a wimp like some of us.” I smiled to Sam in a jokingly accusatory way and he continued.

“Alright then. I dare you to kiss someone at this table whose name starts with a J.”

Immediately, my heart rate sped up and my breathing quickened. That bastard. He knew full well that you could cut the sexual tension between the newly single Jen and I with a knife and he knew that Jena was far from single. I had one choice, but it would’ve been my choice regardless. Jen would always be my only choice, circumstance aside.

“I’m going to have to use one of my three ‘chickens’ on this one.” I laughed nervously.

“What, Josh?” Jen shoved my shoulder. “What’s that I hear? Is that little Joshy being scared?” She talked in a baby voice that fired me up. I was not going to let her win this one.

“I’m not scared.” I remarked matter-of-factly. It was all I could think of to say, no other words came to me as I sat staring straight into her taunting eyes.

“Prove it.” She replied smugly.

So I proved it. I cupped her hands in my face and pulled her with just enough force to meet my lips with hers. The warmth and softness of her lips sent a current coursing through my body, one I was unable to control no matter how hard I tried. Jennifer wrapped her arms around my neck, probably instinctively, and lost herself in the kiss. My tongue met hers as they swirled around, chasing each other, travelling in a mix of lust and desire, tasting the alcohol on each other’s breath. I took her bottom lip in my teeth and tugged gently, eliciting an excited moan out of her mouth and, at that moment, it was evident that she wanted me as much as I wanted her.

The only thing to snap us out of our drunken and hungrily sexual stupor was Sam clearing his throat, evidently becoming uncomfortable along with the rest of our costars.

I pulled away reluctantly from Jen, not wanting this moment to ever end. It was the moment I had been waiting for her since I met her in that white dress. Or pink, she insisted. Whichever. My heart was beating through my throat and the look of shock mixed with longing registered in her eyes, which were still locked on mine. After a few seconds, my breathing slowed back to a decently normal pace and we detached our gazes from one another.

What the hell just happened? Jen and I had essentially just drunkenly made out into oblivion in front of our costars. But, we finally broke the barrier, I thought. The sexual tension, the flirting, the wandering hands, had all led up to this.

“Okay Jen, your turn.” Jena said reluctantly, not meeting Jennifer’s gaze.

Jen cleared her throat and I snuck a glance at her through the corner of my vision. She was blushing – hard.

“Liam,” she said, “How about you go?”

“Alrighty.” Liam smirked at Jen, smugly affirming his approval of the whole situation. “Then Jennifer, truth or dare?” He asked.

“Truth.” Jennifer answered.

“When will you and Josh just get it on already?” Liam asked, breaking out into a smile and letting out a contented laugh as I ducked my head so I could hide the fact that I was, in fact, the one blushing now.

Hermione, Ron, and the Cursed Child

This post contains spoilers of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Read at your own risk.

I’ve been thinking more about the first alternate present day in the Cursed Child, caused by Albus and Scorpius’s first attempt to alter the past.

In this AU, Hermione interacts with Albus and Scorpius during the Triwizard Tournament and thinks they’re Durmstrang students trying to help Viktor cheat. As a result, she turns down Viktor’s invitation to go to the Yule Ball. She goes with Ron instead, as friends. Because she goes with Ron, he’s never jealous of Viktor. Because he’s never jealous, he never has any desire to pursue Hermione as a romantic partner. He marries Padma Patil, and Hermione ends up teaching at Hogwarts, bitter and alone and mean to her students in a Snape-like way.

The more I think about this, the angrier it makes me.

Rowling and her co-writers are saying that Ron only EVER sees Hermione as a possible romantic partner, as someone who is worth dating, BECAUSE VIKTOR WANTS HER.

Hermione, the brightest witch of her age, Hermione the girl with the top marks in all of Hogwarts, Hermione, one third of the so-called ‘golden trio’ is only valuable to Ron Weasley because another guy wants her. We are supposed to believe that if he doesn’t get jealous of Viktor at age 14, he will never view Hermione as date-able or worth his time and effort.

Just how are Ron and Hermione supposed to be some great love story?

Excuse me while I go smash something in my rage.

Furthermore, we’re supposed to believe that if Ron doesn’t get jealous of Hermione at 14, NO ONE ELSE will ever want to marry Hermione.

What. The. Fuck.

Why on earth would I believe that a witch as brilliant and attractive as Hermione - remember canon from Goblet of Fire is that Hermione looks really rather lovely at the ball to such a point that even Harry is amazed - will end up alone and bitter if Ron Weasley doesn’t ask her out? Why on earth would I believe that NO ONE ELSE will find her attractive enough to ask out, to date or court, and to eventually marry? Why is it Ron or nothing?

And who is this great prince Hermione wins in the “real” present day? Ron works in the joke shop. He gives a love potion to a 14 year old for no apparent reason, other than, I guess, thinking it’s funny to give wizarding date rape drugs to his nephew. He makes lame jokes. He complains that Hermione works too hard and too long and doesn’t spend enough time with him. He is building up a bit of a gut and complains a lot about his aches and pains (he’s in his late 30s, by the way, hardly over the hill). There’s nothing in the script at this point - I’m at Act 2, scene 20 right now - to indicate that present day, real Ron is all that much of a catch.

We’re supposed to believe that Hermione’s choices are apparently to end up with Ron, who frankly doesn’t sound all that great, or to end up bitter, alone, and mean to young children.


Listen girls. Gather round, and listen to Auntie Elle: you are not defined by the guys who want to date you. You are you, and you are valuable ALL OWN YOUR OWN.

You do not need a boy, a guy, a man to be happy and to have value in your life.

And contrary to this crap Rowling is spewing, if you miss a chance to be with one guy, another will come alone. I promise. Men are like buses: never chase after one because another will come along soon enough.

It’s okay if you’re single for a while, even for a long while. It’s okay if you decide you don’t want to be with anyone. You aren’t doomed to a life of misery. I promise.

I didn’t ship Romione before this, and I sure as hell don’t now. I’m also rethinking letting my 10 year old daughter read this script, because I sure as hell don’t want her thinking that her options are some guy who doesn’t appreciate her as a teenager or a life of bitter, single, misery.

Yo Adrian (Or the Boxer!Bellamy fic nobody really asked for)

A/N: The title for this is inspired by Rocky if you couldn’t tell lmao. (THIS IS FOR YOU wanderinglilly I HOPE YOU’RE SATISFIED BABE) This ended up a lot different than I had originally planned but I still adore the general idea. Not my best execution, but I’ll manage somehow to get over it. I hope you guys like it anyway! I’m probably gonna post this on my writing blog too, even though I don’t really use it that much but whatever. yolo. 

Word Count: 2.5k+ 

Summary: Basically Bellamy is a lightweight boxer and Clarke is his super worried but supportive girlfriend. ft. other characters and a little baby plot twist-ish moment  or two. I’m trash forgive me. 

The first time they met is when he knew how right she was, how good they could be. It all sort of fell into place after that night, after that first dinner when they exchanged numbers and promised to call. He reminded himself to thank Kane later, and he did.

Kane had been his trainer since he first started out at just sixteen years old, barely big enough to make it in to minimum weight class. Kane was retired, after a bad fighting accident that ended his career as a boxer. He was still one hell of a trainer though. And he was the closest thing to a father Bellamy and his sister had ever known.

When Kane started seeing Abby Griffin, he insisted that Bellamy meet her daughter, the pre-med freelance artist with the heart the size of Texas. Which is what brought them to dinner that one night. Bellamy was forever indebted, Clarke was everything Kane made her out to be and more. He couldn’t get enough, which was saying something, because Bellamy wasn’t one to feel so deeply about someone he’d only just met.

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