and she wasn't being nice to me

Liz is so bitchy and rude… she’s been making fun of Becky all day and getting mad about Julia being nice to her while she has a serious injury and is on the block (and knows she’s going home). She’s in a showmance (yes, she’s said multiple times she likes him plus the making out and you know what…) with a nasty guy who has a girlfriend, but has the audacity to make fun of other girls all the time for their choices. Also she was extremely catty towards Jackie for no reason at all. On top of all this she has the nerve to say other girls make girls look bad.. I’m so over her

Sarah saying the ending of 5x13 was definitely a new beginning and not an end just make me think of if poi got picked up…. It would be Shaw’s perspective of everything. I would very much be here for a Shaw spinoff. Idk about anyone else but I would love to just see her doing numbers and being her amazing self. I would watch every episode with glee.

Also Sarah saying the phone call Shaw got in the finale was another number isn’t surprising and I figured that much lol; my headcanon is still that the number was Root’s lol – I think that part was still left ambiguous.

Btw I wish TVline had asked her about other things like her overall thoughts on Shaw’s arc in season 5 and how she felt about Shoot’s storyline etc. I could’ve done without knowing her thoughts about the finale only because I already knew what she’d say (although it was welcome lol) but she always says what’s on her mind so I know she would’ve gave us some good insight about all the other stuff if someone asked her. I wanna know her opinion about soooo much.