and she wasn't being nice to me

  • Wade: Nice car.
  • Weasel: Yeah, 400 horsepower.
  • Wade: That's like 7000 ducks
  • Weasel:
  • Weasel: What

Blanche/Agnes + supporting and uplifting each other

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Nice customer! I work at an ice cream shop, and today a woman's card was declined on a $6 ice cream sundae. So she looked panicked, checks the card and realized she grabbed the new one her bank had sent that wasn't set up yet. She was super embarrassed and I offered to pay for it from my tips, and she was like, "no no I can't take that!", realized she had another card in her car, and paid with it. She left me a 100% tip on her card for being so nice.

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why do people think sherlock likes mary after everything I Want To Know

Your guess is as good as mine, tbh. I mean, I certainly would LOVE someone who wants to mediate my friendship with my best friend; rubs it in my face every chance they get that they stole my best friend whom I’m in love with from me; even after sucking it up on their wedding day they still continue to rub it in my face; lied about their entire life to me and my best friend; shoots and kills me after offering to help; threatens me when I am so drugged on pain meds I can barely function; offer to help them again only to have them try to attempt to kill me again and would have if I hadn’t taken proper precautions; basically forces my best friend’s hand; rubs it in AGAIN as I’m going off to my death…

ALL THE WHILE the ENTIRE TIME WE’VE KNOWN EACH OTHER they belittle and insult both my and my best friend’s intelligence and personal being and emotionally abuses us all the time (and possibly is lying about their pregnancy because my best friend is too good to just abandon a child so create a pregnancy to keep him away from me).

You know how it is. Completely a safe and non-toxic relationship we have.

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hey Cap--the girl I was kinda sorta seeing decided that me being ace wasn't enough for her and I just kind of feel terrible about myself and my identity at the moment--any chance for either ace!Alex or ace!Kara with Sanvers or Supercorp? it'd just be nice to see some asexuality being presented as valid, for once

Oh darling I am soooo sorry she had that terrible reaction to you and all of your amazingness! You are wonderful and perfect and worth it, and so is your aceness <3 <3 <3 

Here, have all the ace!Alex fics I can find, and a demi!Maggie fic for good measure <3 <3 <3

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no joke i spent half a year flirting with a dude who I knew was flirting with me and we didn't ever go beyond it and one of his friends said to me, "you need to flirt with him." I said, "I have been for MONTHS" and his friend turned and went "OH MY GOD JUST ASK THE POOR GIRL OUT ALREADY SHES BEEN FLIRTING WITH YOU" and my crush. He looked at me and said, "I thought you were just being nice" (we never actually dated bc i wasn't in a good place but dAMN was it funny)

basically w flirting u just gotta fuckin ask bc one of you won’t realize it’s being reciprocated, possibly both of u

I’mma post this for other people to read because this is hilarious and sad lmaoooo Learn from @reminiscentrevelry‘s hardships

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Yesterday a customer asked me where an item was, and I told her the aisle. She snapped that she'd been looking all up and down that aisle and it's not there!!!! Like yes it is, it's in a weird spot on the shelf but it's very much there. I would've walked her right to it but she was being so rude, I just said "Oh then it must be out of stock :)" [hint: it wasn't]. Be nice to employees if you want decent service.

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Hey! I saw you made fanfics for birthdays and i was wondering if you'd do one for my 16th birthday. It was on august 9 but i was wondering if you'd still make one for me. You dont have to but i've always wanted to read a Juledrien(JulekaxAdrien) fanfic. Thanks!

Hi! I’m so sorry it took me a while to get to this one. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and now I have you on my calendar for next year! :)

“Your hair looks really pretty,” Adrien smiled.

Juleka blinked her one visible eye at him in surprise. “What?”

“Your hair,” he gestured awkwardly. “Did you do something different? The purple looks like a new shade.”


He nodded encouragingly. “Well, it looks really good. I mean, the other purple looked really good too. You just look…” He trailed off, flushing. “It looks very nice.”

Juleka felt her cheeks warm and she shrunk in a little more on herself. “Thanks.”

He nodded, shifting his weight awkwardly. “Well, um, I just wanted to tell you that so I’ll just go back to my seat.” He turned and went back down the steps, sliding into the first row.

Juleka watched him, a happy feeling settling in as she reached up to run her hand along her freshly dyed hair. Maybe today would be a nice day after all. 

Prompt List

Buy Me a Coffee Pretty Please? <3

  • Ruby: Okay, I admit it. Maybe I wasn't as nice as I should have been. But, Cinder, do you really want to kill me?
  • Cinder: Just think of it as you're being let go. That your life's moving in a different direction, that your body's part of a permanent outplacement.
  • Roman: Hey, that's kinda like what she said to you a while ago!
  • Cinder: ...I know. It's called a "cruel irony", like my dependence on you.
Ace Attorney {Sentence Starters}
  • "Sorry, I couldn't hear your answer."
  • "I hoped you wouldn't come. I didn't want you to see me. Not like this."
  • "Have you lost your mind?! Focus!"
  • "What is it about winter that turns people into poets?"
  • "So this might sound bad but... who are you?"
  • "What's wrong? You've been staring at me for a while."
  • "Lies always beget more lies! See through one, and their whole story falls apart!"
  • "Don't be foolish, you foolish fool wearing the foolishly foolish clothes."
  • "Don't worry 'bout me! I'll be dead and gone soon!"
  • "Try thinking out of the box! Don't waste time doubting the facts."
  • "Our job is to find truth, no matter how painful it may be."
  • "You can wipe that foolish grin off your face now!"
  • "No one can change the past. The only thing we can do is strive to make up for our mistakes."
  • "Too bad they don't have a test for common sense."
  • "There you are! Where have you been?"
  • "I'd appreciate it if you'd stop making these ridiculous allegations."
  • "Doesn't it look delicious? Care for a bite?"
  • "Why do I come here to the office every day ? It's not like I want to work."
  • "The sky is blue, and so am I."
  • "I've got nothing to lose! Except for... well, everything!"
  • "I think I feel a migraine coming on."
  • "What the hell do samurais sing about? Chopping off heads?"
  • "You know, things are really quiet around here like this."
  • "The guilty will always lie, to avoid being found out."
  • "I wasn't dumped! She just wasn't taking my phone calls."
  • "Why do I always feel like it's the end of the world and I'm the last man standing?"
  • "W-why are you staring at me like that...?"
  • "I try not to pay much attention to things that don't interest me."
  • "What's wrong? Is something stuck to my face?"
  • "I like a man with a big... vocabulary."
  • "There's no way to tell who is guilty and who is innocent!"
  • "Why are you pumping your fists in the air?"
  • "It must be nice to live so free of guilt."
  • "Thanks to you, I'm saddled with unnecessary... feelings."
  • "Uh oh, she's really pissed this time!"
  • "It's never a good idea to reveal your hand to the enemy too soon."

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Not an ask but here's some positivity: for a long time my parents were really resistant to me being gay and tried to tell me I wasn't/constantly bring up men/ignore my sexuality, but the other day my mom saw me smiling at my phone and was like "who are you talking to" and I said "oh just a.. friend" and she said "is it a girl you like?" and my heart nearly dropped into my stomach i was so shocked and happy. I got to tell her all about this amazing girl and it was such a moment of joy & relief!

Oh this is nice and refreshing! Thanks for sharing your story with us!

We’re really happy for you, that your mom is finally coming to terms with your sexuality! 

/Mod A  💖

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Turndaette, "Don't give me that look Shelagh, it wasn't entirely my fault!"

Don’t give me that look Shelagh it wasn’t entirely my fault.

Shelagh had gone with Teddy to the shops and being Saturday, she was able to leave Angela with Patrick.  When she left they were heading out into the garden to do some work.

When she arrived home there was mud tracked through the kitchen, down the hall and into the powder room.

When she went into the garden she observed a filthy little girl covered in mud and her husband not much cleaner although the garden was beautifully weeded.

In response to his pleading she said, “Nice job on the garden dear, but now you can get to work scrubbing the floors!”

I know there are no playable Octolings yet (and @playableoctolingswhen has an awesome blog still asking for them), but I still played some of the last Splatfest with my Octo child Darya. 
She was definitely very happy to have an ink color close to her octarian birth color for her splatfest team and I just had to draw her I also used a screenshot of this awesome victory pose as a base and I really like how it turned out

We had some really nice matches and even with Team Ketchup loosing this, she had a lot of fun!
Congratulations to all mayo fans! 

So sometimes hetronormativity can be rather hilarious, now before you all attack me hear me out. Tonight my girlfriend and I went out for dinner and a movie and before the movie we hung around outside on some benches (well light public 8pm-ish) so she could have a cigarette. It was cold and we were cuddling and some guy comes up and asks for a cigarette so she gave him one and he sits down to talk to us and the more we talk the more he starts hitting on her and he dismisses me starts sending out some mad annoyed vibes ie "shut up I like your friend not you, go away", now I knew what he was up to and that he was hitting on her, but she the blissful flower of innocence had no clue and just thought he was being nice. So he mentioned his girlfriend and how they broke up and how he's lonely and jealous of her and proceeds to hit on my girlfriend infront of me, now he was quite pissy with me at this point and wanted me to leave them alone, but obviously I wasn't going anywhere. So he asks her if she's got a boyfriend. So she took my hand and was like "no no, not a boyfriend, I have a girlfriend" and motioned towards me. Now this guy was an international student who didn't have English as a first language so I was awarded about 30 seconds of pure perfected confusion, dawning and realisation as he put 2 and 2 together. He was really confused and stamnering all like "...w..wait what you mean like you and you are girlfriends?...y-you like girls no?" To my girlfriend and she was like yeah I do, and so does she and we both also like guys", to which he responds "you two are dating? Like for real? ... no way you dont like girls..seriously?" And we were just there repetitvley confirming we were infact a couple, until he made the unavoidable statment of "prove it...go on kiss her cause I dont believe you" so we did. He still asked for her phone number and asked her if she was sure another few times but the best part was the filthiest of filthy looks he sent my way once he'd realised and I had my arm around her waist and the shit eating grin I knew I had on my face; coupled with the look of recognition on my girlfriend's face once she realised she was being hit on by him. Anyway we had to leave for the movie in a bundle of stiffeld giggles and my girlfriend's embarassed blushing. Anyway for the rest of the night we made jokes and giggled uncontrollably every time it crossed our mind. I've never seen a better look of confusion in my life.

Poor guy, he really did try.


They were just showing me what I already knew.

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I'm back. Sorry I took so long. Someone connected to the White Sox/major leagues had met the boys and that's why they got invited. My friend's mom was in and out of the box with Niall so she had details about him being nice and drunk. As for the other boys, there wasn't much to say except for one gem. Harry called my friend's mom's partner to thank them for the invite and Louis was with Harry on the line! That's all I've got for you. I'll let you know if I hear anything else from my friend.

Me again. I see those other pictures that came out after of Niall with the other boys jerseys. Hope that helps verify my story a little bit. Sorry I don’t have any “proof” or “receipts” other than my word. :)

AAAHHHH THIS IS VERY NICE. Thank you for sharing! (Also to everyone else, they had sent me another message well before the picture of the jerseys even came out saying that they might be back with a follow-up later, so this isn’t even coming out of the blue.)

So what does Liam think of the Pack?
  • Liam on Lydia: She's kinda scary. She screams alot. She screams everyday almost, it means somebody is going to die. I don't like it when she screams. Is Lydia getting friendly with Mason? They've been together a lot. Lydia can be bossy if I'm wearing clothes that don't match, she marches me home and inspects my clothes. Scott says I should let her.
  • Liam on Kira: Oh she's a fox! I mean Kit-thingy. She's got a big sword and she's really nice. Is she the Alpha female? She's dating Scott and he's the Alpha, so that means Kira is the Alpha female, right? Kira is a great fighter and I trust her ... only if it's not April Fool's Day, she can be a trickster, she once fooled me into going to a party, it wasn't a party as I found out.
  • Liam on Stiles: I don't like Stiles, he made me cry. Stiles is okay, just as long as he isnt making me cry. I did hear Scott talking once, something about Stiles being an evil Nugget. Did Stiles make Scott cry too? Stiles is a rubbish Lacrosse player, but when Scott's not around, I trust that Stiles will look after me. He has this strange obsession with Star Wars and Batman.
  • Liam on Malia: She tried to groom me like some kind of wild animal, is that normal with her? She seems a bit out there, but she's also a good fighter. Why are all these good fighters?
  • Liam on Isaac: Who?
  • Liam on Derek: Oh he is the other werewolf, the one who broke my lacrosse stick... *Growls* I dont like him. Scott has loads of respect for him.
  • Liam on Scott: SCOTT! He's my Alpha! I love Scott! We met and he bit me. Scott is brilliant, Scott is like my older brother. Scott always comes running to me if I am hurt or upset. I feel safe around Scott. Scott never roars or growls. Scott is amazing at Lacrosse! I love Scott's hoodie. Scott takes me on his bike alot and once he locked me up in his bathtub and I thought he was going to kill me! I trust Scott so much, not because he's my alpha, but with Scott you just know you are safe as he cares for everybody! Once Brett's pack was hurt and Scott saved them all! Scott saves everybody! He even saved a dog once! Scott is the perfect hight for hugs, I fit just into his neck and I love his scent... *Talks about Scott for ages until the sun has gone down*

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xern , adachi is being mean to me : (

                               and where   EXACTLY   would i find said man, sweetie  ?

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The nurse was ignorant for flying on a commercial flight days after being in contact with a man who died of ebola, she put other peoples lives at risk. It wasn't her fault she got it, and helping that man was a good thing, but she was an idiot for flying across the country on a commercial flight and nothing changes that.

I am going to politely strongly disagree with what you sent me.

and just place this here:

Right is what the Nurses had access to to take care of the ebola patient

Left is what the CDC has access to to take care of an ebola patient

Have a nice day!