and she wasn't being nice to me

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Yesterday a customer asked me where an item was, and I told her the aisle. She snapped that she'd been looking all up and down that aisle and it's not there!!!! Like yes it is, it's in a weird spot on the shelf but it's very much there. I would've walked her right to it but she was being so rude, I just said "Oh then it must be out of stock :)" [hint: it wasn't]. Be nice to employees if you want decent service.


Blanche/Agnes + supporting and uplifting each other


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Turndaette, "Don't give me that look Shelagh, it wasn't entirely my fault!"

Don’t give me that look Shelagh it wasn’t entirely my fault.

Shelagh had gone with Teddy to the shops and being Saturday, she was able to leave Angela with Patrick.  When she left they were heading out into the garden to do some work.

When she arrived home there was mud tracked through the kitchen, down the hall and into the powder room.

When she went into the garden she observed a filthy little girl covered in mud and her husband not much cleaner although the garden was beautifully weeded.

In response to his pleading she said, “Nice job on the garden dear, but now you can get to work scrubbing the floors!”

honorless. you know what’s a really nice thing to do? be nice to the cashiers at stores :’) i had someone tell me that “i was taking up my time” because “i didn’t know how to do my job” mind you, i’ve been there for 6 months now and i do a very damn good job at my job. and she was bad mouthing and bitching about me in front of me in front of her daughter all because she misunderstood what i meant and she didn’t get her way when i wouldn’t give her her way :’) people are just awesome

Ace Attorney {Sentence Starters}
  • "Sorry, I couldn't hear your answer."
  • "I hoped you wouldn't come. I didn't want you to see me. Not like this."
  • "Have you lost your mind?! Focus!"
  • "What is it about winter that turns people into poets?"
  • "So this might sound bad but... who are you?"
  • "What's wrong? You've been staring at me for a while."
  • "Lies always beget more lies! See through one, and their whole story falls apart!"
  • "Don't be foolish, you foolish fool wearing the foolishly foolish clothes."
  • "Don't worry 'bout me! I'll be dead and gone soon!"
  • "Try thinking out of the box! Don't waste time doubting the facts."
  • "Our job is to find truth, no matter how painful it may be."
  • "You can wipe that foolish grin off your face now!"
  • "No one can change the past. The only thing we can do is strive to make up for our mistakes."
  • "Too bad they don't have a test for common sense."
  • "There you are! Where have you been?"
  • "I'd appreciate it if you'd stop making these ridiculous allegations."
  • "Doesn't it look delicious? Care for a bite?"
  • "Why do I come here to the office every day ? It's not like I want to work."
  • "The sky is blue, and so am I."
  • "I've got nothing to lose! Except for... well, everything!"
  • "I think I feel a migraine coming on."
  • "What the hell do samurais sing about? Chopping off heads?"
  • "You know, things are really quiet around here like this."
  • "The guilty will always lie, to avoid being found out."
  • "I wasn't dumped! She just wasn't taking my phone calls."
  • "Why do I always feel like it's the end of the world and I'm the last man standing?"
  • "W-why are you staring at me like that...?"
  • "I try not to pay much attention to things that don't interest me."
  • "What's wrong? Is something stuck to my face?"
  • "I like a man with a big... vocabulary."
  • "There's no way to tell who is guilty and who is innocent!"
  • "Why are you pumping your fists in the air?"
  • "It must be nice to live so free of guilt."
  • "Thanks to you, I'm saddled with unnecessary... feelings."
  • "Uh oh, she's really pissed this time!"
  • "It's never a good idea to reveal your hand to the enemy too soon."
So sometimes hetronormativity can be rather hilarious, now before you all attack me hear me out. Tonight my girlfriend and I went out for dinner and a movie and before the movie we hung around outside on some benches (well light public 8pm-ish) so she could have a cigarette. It was cold and we were cuddling and some guy comes up and asks for a cigarette so she gave him one and he sits down to talk to us and the more we talk the more he starts hitting on her and he dismisses me starts sending out some mad annoyed vibes ie "shut up I like your friend not you, go away", now I knew what he was up to and that he was hitting on her, but she the blissful flower of innocence had no clue and just thought he was being nice. So he mentioned his girlfriend and how they broke up and how he's lonely and jealous of her and proceeds to hit on my girlfriend infront of me, now he was quite pissy with me at this point and wanted me to leave them alone, but obviously I wasn't going anywhere. So he asks her if she's got a boyfriend. So she took my hand and was like "no no, not a boyfriend, I have a girlfriend" and motioned towards me. Now this guy was an international student who didn't have English as a first language so I was awarded about 30 seconds of pure perfected confusion, dawning and realisation as he put 2 and 2 together. He was really confused and stamnering all like "...w..wait what you mean like you and you are girlfriends?...y-you like girls no?" To my girlfriend and she was like yeah I do, and so does she and we both also like guys", to which he responds "you two are dating? Like for real? ... no way you dont like girls..seriously?" And we were just there repetitvley confirming we were infact a couple, until he made the unavoidable statment of "prove it...go on kiss her cause I dont believe you" so we did. He still asked for her phone number and asked her if she was sure another few times but the best part was the filthiest of filthy looks he sent my way once he'd realised and I had my arm around her waist and the shit eating grin I knew I had on my face; coupled with the look of recognition on my girlfriend's face once she realised she was being hit on by him. Anyway we had to leave for the movie in a bundle of stiffeld giggles and my girlfriend's embarassed blushing. Anyway for the rest of the night we made jokes and giggled uncontrollably every time it crossed our mind. I've never seen a better look of confusion in my life.

Poor guy, he really did try.

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I'm back. Sorry I took so long. Someone connected to the White Sox/major leagues had met the boys and that's why they got invited. My friend's mom was in and out of the box with Niall so she had details about him being nice and drunk. As for the other boys, there wasn't much to say except for one gem. Harry called my friend's mom's partner to thank them for the invite and Louis was with Harry on the line! That's all I've got for you. I'll let you know if I hear anything else from my friend.

Me again. I see those other pictures that came out after of Niall with the other boys jerseys. Hope that helps verify my story a little bit. Sorry I don’t have any “proof” or “receipts” other than my word. :)

AAAHHHH THIS IS VERY NICE. Thank you for sharing! (Also to everyone else, they had sent me another message well before the picture of the jerseys even came out saying that they might be back with a follow-up later, so this isn’t even coming out of the blue.)

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The nurse was ignorant for flying on a commercial flight days after being in contact with a man who died of ebola, she put other peoples lives at risk. It wasn't her fault she got it, and helping that man was a good thing, but she was an idiot for flying across the country on a commercial flight and nothing changes that.

I am going to politely strongly disagree with what you sent me.

and just place this here:

Right is what the Nurses had access to to take care of the ebola patient

Left is what the CDC has access to to take care of an ebola patient

Have a nice day! 

Meet the Stewarts

‘Hol, where’s my tie?’ Gail called out. She wasn’t quite used to the feeling of being this nervous. Nope, not one of her top - ten emotions.

'Gail, you’re going to meet my parents, not marry me!’ Holly replied with a chuckle, finding a very flustered looking Gail absolutely adorable. Gail wasn’t one to easily get nervous - and the fact that Gail was going all out to impress her parents touched Holly immensely.

'I don’t think the occasion warrants a tie Gail, it’s just a nice quiet meal with my mom and dad - ’

'I want your parents to like me. And parents don’t usually like me. So excuse me for being just a tad worried about tonight.’ Gail sighed, deciding that perhaps the tie would be a bit over-board in the 'I’m qualified to date your daughter’ department.

'Gail, honey - my parents are going to love you. Just as yours loved me.’

Gail rolled her eyes at that. Of course Elaine Peck loved Holly, quite possibly more than she loved Gail. Gail still couldn’t forget the memory of both Holly and her mother laughing and chatting at 100 miles per hour, about her. Trust Holly to have Elaine Peck wrapped around her little finger.

'That doesn’t count when you’re as adorable as you are.’ Gail muttered, falling back into the bed. She was definitely going to need some alcohol to get through her evening.

'Aww, thanks babe.’ Holly smiled back, giving Gail a quick peck on the cheek before getting up to leave.

'Can we stop at the bar for a few drinks?’

Holly scoffed at that, 'Sure, Gail - I’ll just tell my dad - a man who values punctuality as much anything that we’ll be late because you needed a few drinks.’

Gail frowned at that.

 Should have had the alcohol beforehand.


Walking from the car up to the front steps of the Stewart residence, Gail immediately felt sick. This was all turning too real, too fast. Who was she kidding, parents did not like her, her own parents barely liked her - and here she was going to meet the most important and intimidating person ever. Nope, no way was this evening going to be anyway the way she wanted it to be.

'I think I’m going to be sick.’ Gail whispered in Holly’s ear as she rang the doorbell. Great timing on that, Peck.

'Well, don’t.’ Holly replied, knowing that her father would never approve of that.

Gail took a deep breath and centered herself.

Come on Peck, you can do this. You’re a police officer for Christ’s sake. You deal with thugs everyday - this should not throw you off.

No sooner than 10 seconds since Holly rang the doorbell, the front door opened and a huge man stepped out.

'Daddy!’ Holly exclaimed in joy, giving her dad a tight hug as Rob Stewart wrapped his arms around his daughter as well.

Gail had heard plenty about Colonel. Robert Stewart - but nothing prepared her for the sight she faced. Towering well over 6 and a half ft, Rob Stewart looked like a man who could crush bones with his bare hands. Clean-shaven and impeccably dressed, Rob Stewart still looked like he was ready to march off into war at the first sign of it.  Gail had to try really hard to not visibly gulp at the man, who for all his machismo, was smiling gleefully as he hugged his daughter. Rob Stewart looked like the man who never bent his will, but was willing to go to the ends of the world for his daughters.

If I wasn’t terrified enough.

Oh shit, what do I do now? Gail was trying to figure what to do next. Handshake? Hug? What do I call this guy? Sir? Colonel?

'Daddy this is Gail.’ Holly started, turning to introduce Gail to her father, who outstretched his hand towards Gail.

Handshake it is.

'Pleasure to meet you, Sir.’ Gail replied, hoping her nervousness wasn’t obvious.

'Oh please,’ Rob Stewart laughed, shaking Gail’s hand vigorously, 'Call me Colonel.’

Gail’s eyes widened at that.

Off on the wrong foot from the start. Terrific.

'Daddy!’ Holly exclaimed, knowing her father was being playful.

'Fine, fine you can call me Rob,’ the Colonel replied with a little twinkle in his eye as he let go of Gail’s hand and ushered the two girls inside. Holly ran in to greet her mother, as Gail stood at the threshold of the house, removing her coat.

Monica Stewart was a kindly, no non-sense woman, who was at that time busy preparing setting up the table for dinner. Holly gave her mother a tight hug and introduced Gail as she stepped into the dining room.

'Good evening Mrs. Stewart’ Gail started and stopped short as Monica pulled her in for a tight hug.

 Oh God, hugs.

Gail internally groaned and Holly grinned at seeing Gail and her mother.

'You seem nervous dear! Don’t let him get to you.’ Mrs. Stewart told Gail with a wink. Gail immediately steeled her mind. No way she was going to get through this evening if she seemed nervous already.

'You two!’ Colonel Stewart called out with a loud laugh, 'Stop that! Besides, what joy does an old man have other than terrifying the people his daughters bring home hmm?’

Holly and Mrs. Stewart laughed at that, Gail on the other hand didn’t know whether to be terrified of the man’s words or to take him for his playful tone.

Holly, of course started helping her mother with everything, leaving Gail and the Colonel alone.

Holly Stewart, don’t you do this to me.

'So, Gail, what’s your poison?’

Gail turned around as quickly as she could, her mind half wondering if the Colonel actually had a vial of poison somewhere. She was immensely relieved when she saw the Colonel holding up a bottle of scotch.

Alcohol! Yay!

'Scotch, neat.’ deciding that perhaps her usual choices of Bourbon or Tequila were not good for this time.

The Colonel nodded, clearly impressed with Gail’s choice. For once, Gail felt her high tolerance of alcohol had a good use.

Gail accepted the clear glass which Rob offered her and the two of them moved towards the living room.

The house was extremely cozy, without being showy. A show-case filled with various plaques and awards the Colonel had received over the years was at one end of the room. The walls were filled with various pictures - both family ones and ones for the sake of adorning the house. Numerous photos of Holly and her sister were scattered over the wall, giving the room an extremely homey feel. The furniture over the room was simplistic as well. An arm-chair - which was clearly reserved for the Colonel was at the centre of the room, flanked by sofas on both sides. On the whole - the house was definitely comfy for the elderly couple.

Rob took his glass of scotch and sat on his arm chair, motioning to Gail to take a seat on one of the sofas. Gail was still considerably shaken up from the Colonel’s previous words and would have loved to guzzle all the scotch that was in her glass in a gulp. Deciding that would be indecorous, Gail held the glass in her hand, trying her best to feign casualness, hoping her usual mask was just as it always is.

'So, Gail, Holly tells me you’re a police officer?’

Gail decided to stick to the safe side and address the Colonel as sir anyway.

'Yes sir, 15th division. Toronto PD.’

'Ahh.’ Rob replied, taking a sip of his drink. Gail too decided she needed the hit of booze, took a heavy gulp from her glass.

'Wasn’t that division involved with a shooting last year?’

'Yes Sir, It was -’ realizing that being an officer at a precinct that had lax security in itself wouldn’t be exactly heartening to the Colonel.

'Utter madness’ the Colonel exclaimed, and Gail noticed that the Colonel hadn’t exactly opposed her referring to him as Sir.

I’m not in the good books.

'What happened?’

Gail proceeded to elaborate on the happenings of that day, explaining about the officers that were shot - leaving out the part where she stuck her tongue down his daughter’s throat.

This is her father Gail, the man looks like he could strangle a bear in his sleep.

The conversation flowed on, and the two were deep in conversation about the various weapons the force was using when Mrs. Stewart called them to the dining room.

Gail was a little relaxed, either because of the alcohol or the talk, or both.

As Gail sat at the table, the others took their places as well - Holly was opposite to Gail, the Colonel on her right, and Mrs. Stewart on her left. It was a snug fit.

Gail sat motionless as Mrs. Stewart served them all the food. Holly gave her a reassuring smile.

You’re alive so far.

The Colonel was the first to break the silence - after taking a sip from his water - decided to start  with his interrogation of Gail.

'So, Officer - what does the future hold for you?’

Holly gave her small father a sideward glance before looking back at Gail, continuing to eat.

This is worse than when my mother asks that.

'I do plan for applying for Detective rotations, and working my way up from there.’

The Colonel nodded at that, as he swallowed his food.

'Isn’t that a late start, Officer?’

Mother would have said the same thing.

'Well Sir, I didn’t want to be pushed with the crowd blindly, and I assure it is a carefully considered decision - not one for the sake of moving on.’

Gail felt pretty pleased with that answer and smiled at Holly who was grinning her usual lopsided grin back at her.

Finally opened score Peck. Well done.

Suddenly, an all too familiar tune came on, and on hearing it both Gail and Holly looked up at each other in absolute horror.

Don’t go there, Peck. DON’T go there.

It was too late.

Da doo. Da doo.

Do. Da doo.

Da doo wop.

Do. Da doo.

Gail immediately coughed, almost gagging on air as some extremely inappropriate imagery scrolled past her mind.

You’re having dinner with her parent’s Gail. Pull it together.

Holly of course had dropped her fork and was running her fingers across her neck.Gail was insanely turned on at a blushing Holly, who was looking anywhere but up.

'That must be your sister calling. I’ve told her umpteen times to not call during dinner - ’ Mrs. Stewart muttered as she got up to take the call. Holly of course had turned a bright red and was willing to go hide beneath the table for the amount of embarrassment she was feeling. A minute later, the Colonel followed his wife to talk to his daughter.

The duo sat like a pair of kids who were trying to hide their shenanigans. Holly was trying her best to regain her composure, but Gail was extremely amused seeing Holly so red, burst out into laughter. Holly gave her her best glare - which only served to make Gail laugh more.

Soon, the couple did come back to finish their meal, and Gail hoped against hope her interrogation was done.

'Mom - who told you about that song?’ Holly questioned, wondering when did her mother become a fan of to Indie Music.

'Oh your sister set that song dear, It sounds nice and soothing.’

Gail was on the verge if bursting into laughter once again but remembering the Colonel was just behind her, decided to play it cool.

'Tell me about your parents, Officer.’ the Colonel addressed Gail as he sat back down at the table.

This isn’t going to end soon is it?

Gail started about her police dynasty of a family - not going too deep into specifics.

'Your mother is the Superintendent?’ the Colonel exclaimed in surprise and Gail internally rolled her eyes.

This isn’t going good is it?

The worst part of it all was Gail couldn’t make out if she was doing well or not. So far, the Colonel was just taking in all she had to say.

When will the results of this test be out already?

The rest of the meal went on quite peacefully with Mrs. Stewart asking Gail various questions about her job.

After dinner, the Colonel stepped out to the porch to have his nightly cigar while Holly and her mother disappeared somewhere into the house leaving Gail alone.

Now or never Peck.

Gail stepped out to the porch and joined the Colonel. Gail had been waiting for this moment for a long time and was bursting with impatience to have a private moment with the Colonel.

Gail approached the man and stood beside as him as he leaned over the little parapet that looked over the backyard.Gail decided the Colonel wasn’t one for beating about the bush lightly - and decided to be as direct as possible.

'Before you say anything’, the Colonel began, 'let me put it out there that I don’t care who you or your parents are. If you dare hurt my Holly, I will make you feel extremely sorry for it.’

Gail nodded, knowing well that the man was quite capable of carrying out his word. Then again - Gail wasn’t surprised at that. She had been waiting for this all evening,

“I wouldn’t expect any less Sir. But I swear to you that I would never do that. I love your daughter, and I intend to marry her someday.’

The Colonel turned to look at Gail with a look of surprise and anxiety. Gail of course misconstrued that as anger.

Oh my God he’s going to throw me over this wall isn’t he?

'She’ll be constantly worried about you.’ he stated, softly remembering the times his little girl had cried in his arms every time he had to leave for an assignment. Gail shook her head as well. That was something she really wished she could change.

'I know, Sir.’

Gail was surprised at the Colonel’s words. She suddenly remembered Holly’s description of him.

'He’s like this big bear. Intimidating to look at, all fuzzy once you get to know him.’

The Colonel looked at Gail with a little smile. 'Call me Rob, Gail. ’

Did I just pass?

'And I certainly have no apprehensions with you marrying my daughter. You’re a good person Gail and that’s all that matters to me. I trust that my daughter knows best - but I have no doubt you will be a good wife for my Holly.’

Gail’s joys knew no bounds - she was grinning the hardest she had ever in her life.

I passed!

Gail was sure even if the Colonel hadn’t given her his blessing she would have proposed to Holly anyway - but it was good to know her family approved of her.

'What you two doing out here?’ Holly asked, sticking her head out into the little porch.

The Colonel winked at Gail and replied.

'Oh I was just telling Gail here about the time you decided you could fly because you thought you had ‘turned-off’ gravity.’

Gail chuckled at that and at Holly’s look of horror.

All that’s left is to pop the question.

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The whole point is how Maya KNEW she was still herself, but Riley and even the Matthews pushed the idea that she wasn't SO HARD that she began to think "Maybe they're right, maybe I'm not me. That many people can't be wrong." She was stuggling a little bit but Riley made the situation EXPLODE. And when she asks what's wrong about them both liking a nice guy and Riley says "Do we?" You can see that Riley is projecting her desire that Maya doesn't really like Lucas, then everything would be solved

Yep. Riley will latch on to ANY old insane idea that “solves” the triangle without actually sitting down together and being honest with each other about it (see: GM Jexica).

And if anyone ever doubted that Riley is under the HIGHLY mistaken (and easily disproved) impression that what she and Lucas have is like what her parents have…meet me here after Upstate so we can jaw about it because I think Upstate pretty much proves it, if it wasn’t clear before.

So what does Liam think of the Pack?
  • Liam on Lydia: She's kinda scary. She screams alot. She screams everyday almost, it means somebody is going to die. I don't like it when she screams. Is Lydia getting friendly with Mason? They've been together a lot. Lydia can be bossy if I'm wearing clothes that don't match, she marches me home and inspects my clothes. Scott says I should let her.
  • Liam on Kira: Oh she's a fox! I mean Kit-thingy. She's got a big sword and she's really nice. Is she the Alpha female? She's dating Scott and he's the Alpha, so that means Kira is the Alpha female, right? Kira is a great fighter and I trust her ... only if it's not April Fool's Day, she can be a trickster, she once fooled me into going to a party, it wasn't a party as I found out.
  • Liam on Stiles: I don't like Stiles, he made me cry. Stiles is okay, just as long as he isnt making me cry. I did hear Scott talking once, something about Stiles being an evil Nugget. Did Stiles make Scott cry too? Stiles is a rubbish Lacrosse player, but when Scott's not around, I trust that Stiles will look after me. He has this strange obsession with Star Wars and Batman.
  • Liam on Malia: She tried to groom me like some kind of wild animal, is that normal with her? She seems a bit out there, but she's also a good fighter. Why are all these good fighters?
  • Liam on Isaac: Who?
  • Liam on Derek: Oh he is the other werewolf, the one who broke my lacrosse stick... *Growls* I dont like him. Scott has loads of respect for him.
  • Liam on Scott: SCOTT! He's my Alpha! I love Scott! We met and he bit me. Scott is brilliant, Scott is like my older brother. Scott always comes running to me if I am hurt or upset. I feel safe around Scott. Scott never roars or growls. Scott is amazing at Lacrosse! I love Scott's hoodie. Scott takes me on his bike alot and once he locked me up in his bathtub and I thought he was going to kill me! I trust Scott so much, not because he's my alpha, but with Scott you just know you are safe as he cares for everybody! Once Brett's pack was hurt and Scott saved them all! Scott saves everybody! He even saved a dog once! Scott is the perfect hight for hugs, I fit just into his neck and I love his scent... *Talks about Scott for ages until the sun has gone down*

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yo i just want to share my story because last night me and this girl that have been flirting for agessss made it official!! and i want to thank you because I got a lot of my tips and things from following this blog,, when I wanted to kiss her, I just looked her in the eyes and said "can I kiss you?" and.. to her credit, she confessed to being a bad kisser (she wasn't) and we made out for a while.. I'm just so happy omg

whoooh omg haha this is so perfect , soo nice to hear !! 

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So, your shirt made me think of a story you might find funny. This past July I was in Oklahoma for my sister, Leah's, wedding. So, I was walking from the ceremony to the place the reception was with another of my sisters, Aubrey, and a few other people. As we were walking, my uncle drove by us and, being nice, called out the window asking if we wanted a ride. Now, my sister is blind as a bat and wasn't wearing her glasses, so she thought it was just some random creep (something she has a lot(1/?