and she was to be a doctor and she just knew what she wanted in her life

Zoë sat on the sofa and tried to concentrate on what Luka and Misha were saying. Ever since Luka had come home saying that Misha would love to be their surrogate, her thoughts and emotions had gone haywire. She had given up the notion of having more children after Zephyr, but now her dreams were haunted with images of a little girl or boy with Luka’s eye and her hair. And seeing Luka with Coe had made her realize just how much they both did want a child. She just wasn’t sure what it would be like watching someone else pregnant.
With Misha being a family friend it also became easier, but more complicated. She would always be in the baby’s life and theirs, and yet there was security. Zoë just did not know what to think, the only thing she knew was they had to try.
She tried again to listen to them talk and to voice her own opinions. It was agreed that Sage would be Misha’s primary doctor, they would pay her tuition fees, and that everything else would be discussed when it became necessary. And with a phone call to their IVF doctor on the mainland, who had time for them the following day, her life took another twist she never expected.
She may finally have Luka’s child.

Providential Contingency

Summary:  What if Rose got more than she bargained for when she started traversing the multi-verse? How many men can possibly share the same face?

ALSO: This is not your typical reunion fic. Rose will eventually find her happy ending, just not in the way that you or Rose expects. (There is no Journey’s End, and no Tentoo)

A/N: I owe everything to tennantmeister. Beta doesn’t cover it. Let’s say collaborator.
And thank you weeping-who-girl for your beta services!

Ao3 | Teaspoon

Chapter 1

It had taken years - about two - after a cold day on a beach in Norway, for Rose Tyler to feel like she was making real progress. After being told she couldn’t go back, could never see the Doctor again, she had been devastated. Of course she had, because that was her life, the one she knew and the one she wanted. Being stuck on one planet in one time was bad enough, but she wasn’t even in her correct universe. 

Sure, she had her family, and the welcomed addition of Pete and then Tony, but was that supposed to make up for what she had lost? How could it? She loved them all. Seeing how happy her mother was made it almost worth it, almost. She took to her role a big sister with an open heart and eagerness to help out. Pete would never replace the father she had lost, but he was supportive and their relationship grew quickly. She just knew that this wasn’t what she wanted anymore.

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