and she was so terrified about not being heard

Drawlloween 2016 Day 28 & 29: Ghost-A-Go-Go / Black Caturday

While running some midnight errands for her master, Anabelle found herself in a part of town she had never been before. As she tried to figure out how she ended up there and what kind of forces may have pulled her to that location, a ghastly figure came to be before her very own eyes. It was “the white dog of crooked road”, the skeletal apparition of a dog that onces lived at the end of the street. Many would have guessed that Anabelle, being a cat, would have run away from the mutt, but she is the familiar of a witch, and she has seen many ghost before, so she was more curious about the ghost than scared. The dog name turned out to be crossbones, and he felt lonely for no one spent time with him anymore, every human who saw him would run away, terrified of its supernatural appearance, despite him not having any evil intent. Anabelle heard his story and felt sorry for him, she figured out it was Crossbones sadness and desire for a friend that had summoned her in first place, so she agreed to pay him a visit now and then, that way he wouldn't have to be alone anymore, and from that day both became close friends.

I submitted about the racist boss, recently.

Today, I went in to discuss it with the main person in charge and she told me the other boss felt terrible and kept calling in to see if they’d heard from me (my main boss lied and said no) and she kept apologizing and admitting it was terrible what she had done and that she has been thinking about it ever since and was terrified that I was going to quit. I told my main boss that, no, I’m not quitting and that I don’t hold the entire business accountable for the actions of one, however I am also glad that the other one felt so guilty about it, because sometimes that’s what it takes to realize that you’re being a shitty person. The main boss said it will still be brought up in a meeting with all of them and I am surprised this is going better than I expected and that I’m not being fired for it.


A/N: this one was so cute! Husband Owen is my favorite Owen.

Request: Hi could I have a Owen imagine where your the t-Rex trainer and she’s been terrified of storms since she was a baby so you rush out of the bungalow late at night to be with her and Owen freaks the next morning, since you just disappeared and he finds you asleep cuddled up to a fully grown T-Rex in her paddock, thanks a billion hunny ❤️

Warnings: none :)
It was late at night when you heard the storm begin. You and Owen had been asleep for about two hours, but being the light sleeper you are, the loud crashes of thunder were enough to wake you up. You lightly groaned to yourself. You had been the T-Rex trainer for about three years now, and Rosie was like your child. She was the reason that you and Owen had yet to have children; you just couldn’t bring yourself to leave her. As the thunder shook the bungalow again, you knew you had to go check on her. Rosie had been scared of thunderstorms since she was small, and you knew she would be freaking out right now. You were sandwiched between your husband and the wall, so you gingerly slipped out from under his arm and crawled over him. You got dressed as quietly as you could, and kissed Owen softly, trying not to wake him up. You wrote him a quick note, explaining where you were, and then you headed out the door.

“Ugh, babe, cut off the alarm,” Owen groaned four hours later, reaching out for your warmth. When he didn’t feel you, his eyes flew open in a panic. “Y/N? Baby?? Are you here???” he jumped out of bed and ran to the counter, about to grab his phone to try and call you when he saw your note. “Owen, I had to go check on Rosie. You know how much she hates storms. I love you!” He breathed a sigh of relief, chuckling as he brewed some coffee and made your breakfast.

“Good morning, sunshine,” you woke up to your husband calling to you through the fence. He laughed at the sight of you, curled up next to the fully grown carnivore. Rosie would not get calm last night during the storm, and so you finally had to get in the cage with her to calm her down. You flipped him off, laughing as you detangled yourself from the dinosaur and left the paddock. “Now, is that any way to treat your loving husband who brought you coffee AND breakfast?” Owen asked, green eyes twinkling as he held the food out of your reach. “I’m sorry, darling. Now can I please have my coffee?” you asked, wrapping your arms around his neck. “After I get my kiss,” he answered, lowering his lips to yours.

ramblings about Doraelin (7PM) pt.3

• CoM: Aelin promised to come back to the land that held so many angry memories—from Nehemia’s death to Sam’s, to everything else—for him.
• Lysandra said the love she wanted to find was like “the beginning and the end and eternity” which is basically how Aelin described her and Dorian’s working together.
• Celaena was deathly terrified of witches. She’d heard the stories, known of Ansel’s experience with them, but she still went into the Yellowlegs’ van to protect his secret.
• “Yellowlegs’ mention of Dorian had stopped her cold.”
• “Dorian KNEW Celaena was watching him.”
• “there was something about Roland’s emerald eyes that made her want to pull Dorian as far away from him as possible.” #protective
• Aelin made Dorian feel like he was a king.
• “Thank you for being my friend. For not being like the others.” –Aelin to Dorian.
• He was the one who practically revived her heart after what happened to Sam—“Even though the thought of kissing anyone else had once made her sick, when she saw Dorian…” “She sort of wanted to kiss him.”
• Also, “Her hand rose to her lips [Dorian had just kissed her] and she stared up at the stars [like in that scene where Dorian watched her, in the beginning] feeling her heart grow, and grow, and grow.”
• Even Chaol recognized something. “She waltz alone, lost in her dreams.” “He knew that her thoughts weren’t of him.” “Even from a distance, he could see the blush upon her cheeks. She seemed young—no, new.” “She never bothered to look down.”
• Hell, even that slimy womanizer saw it. “It looks like he’s in love with her.”
• Chaol saw how Celaena made Dorian stand and act like a man. Like a king.
• “He knew her somehow. And he knew she wouldn’t harm him.” Doesn’t this just scream, MATES?
• Celaena: Im sorry if I’ve hurt you…
• Dorian: Hurt me? You haven’t hurt me!
• When they were dancing, Dorian said he felt lost in a world of which he’d always dreamed—like that place Aelin described as where they came from, the place where they had been crafted, PERFECT AND STRANGE.
• Her eyes burst with light as the Crown Prince said something.
• “Not his enemy. Aelin.”
• She cut off Rowan’s reports to ask about him. “Dorian. Is Dorian—”
• “If you revolt against your new king, if you try to take his castle, then this wall will turn to molten glass and flood your streets, your homes, your throats.”
• “Aelin released Dorian’s hand. Cold emptiness flooded her so violently that she fell to the glass floor.”
• Their magic entwined.
• They started the new world together.
• She brought him back from the brink of succumbing to slavery.
• He brought her back from the brink of succumbing to slavery.
• The times when Dorian fought against his father was when Aelin was involved.
• She changed him
• He changed her.

• Im sorry, but to be honest, I can’t possibly imagine Manon as Dorian’s queen—or wife, or romantically involved in anyway. Im sorry. Manon is Elide’s, okay??! TT^TT and Dorian’s Aelin’s.
• I mean, MANON TOOTH-AND-CLAW BLACKBEAK with a CROWN? HELD DOWN BY RESPONSIBILITIES? Shes going to ride into the sunset with her hair whipping in the wind with Elide and nobody can convince me otherwise.
• And Rowan… he’s hurt her many times, doesn’t that mean… they’re not mates?? Im sorry, im sorry, but I don’t really see them as mates because of this, and Dorian’s never hurt Aelin.
• And the only time Celaena ever physically hurt Dorian was when she slammed his head into a wall to go after Chaol and I think the mate bond allowed her to do that because if she didn’t, she knew he was going to get into bigger trouble, following after her and all?
• Im sorry if ive offended anyone. These are just my bleary thoughts after a long, long day.

Migi and Mami, do brain worms enjoy tea?

Mami froze. She knew other things were happening , that she needed to attend to, but what in the world was that? It was terrifying, disgusting , she had never done that before, why would that happen? She needed to see if everyone was alright. She stood again, and turned to the mother and child , a tremor about her, something that could be mistaken for her fear of being hit by a car. “Is she ok? She isn’t hurt is she?”

For now, Mami’s hand stayed her own and she had control over it again. The Mother kept hugging the child until she heard Mami ask her the questions. “Thank you so much for saving her, I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost her!” The Mother said in gratitude but with clear fear in her voice. The parasite would remain dormant until Mami’s back in her apartment to reveal itself so as not to be seen by the others.