and she was so terrified about not being heard

Dear Evan Hansen in Hogwarts AU (headcanons!!)

(takes place in an “OOPS CONNOR IS ALIVE” au!)

•Jared gets placed in Ravenclaw mainly because of his computer skills and because it’s also a house that holds people who are, well, unique

•Alana is in Slytherin for her determination and ambition, despite wanting to be in Ravenclaw because she’s convinced all the smart people HAVE to be there

•Zoe, tough and independent Zoe Murphy, gets put in Hufflepuff and while everyone else is floored she isn’t the least bit surprised

•Connor gets put in Ravenclaw because again it’s a house that welcomes people who are considered weird or out of the ordinary and we all know Connor has been considered a “freak” by so many people after the second grade printer incident

•And Evan Hansen—the anxious, reserved Evan Hansen—goes to Gryffindor. And everyone goes INSANE. You can even hear Jared from the front of the Ravenclaw table yell “wHAT THE FUCK?” before promptly getting whacked on the head by Connor.

•Alana is absolutely terrified of all the other Slytherins at first because of all the stories she’s heard about Slytherin being a bad house and stuff like that and because of that has trouble settling in

•But then one Slytherin girl befriends her and she realizes that Slytherin isn’t too bad of a house and she starts getting more comfortable with everyone

•Connor and Jared are absolutely pissed to be in the same house and they can’t stand each other and constantly annoy the other Ravenclaws by their bickering

•Jared is a muggleborn

•Alana and the Murphy siblings are pureblood

•Evan is a halfblood

•Evan finds out that the reason why his dad left him and Heidi when he was younger was because it wasn’t safe for a wizard like him to be out in the muggle world anymore and he had to leave Evan with Heidi because it was safer for him to be away from them

•And he has incredible trouble coping with this and actually takes it against his dad for some time before coming to terms with it

•Zoe is surprisingly taken as a beater for Quidditch

•And he would never admit it but Connor comes to watch every game Zoe’s in

•Connor also watches Zoe’s every single move in Quidditch and will literally murder anyone who even just almost hurts her

•Meanwhile Jared’s a Keeper, and he especially likes Quidditch because “the Quaffle looks like a huge bathbomb, what can be more awesome than that?”

•Alana keeps track of the scores and announces what’s going on and actually got paid once by Connor to focus ONLY on Zoe and what’s happening to her during a Hufflepuff vs. Gryffindor match

•Connor was seriously also ready to beat Jared up after he accidentally injured Zoe


•During classes, Evan absolutely loves Herbology and is quite obviously the teacher’s favorite as he knows all about any type of magical plant

•Because of this he’s barely afraid of the whomping willow as well

•Which, of course, amazes everyone because the whomping willow is basically like a tree from the depths of hell

•Connor also does incredibly well at Defense Against the Dark Arts and just blows everyone away after acing practically every homework, test, lesson and essay there is to the class

•Alana is a huge Potions nerd, and she loves measuring and computing for all the ingredients needed to make a certain concoction and she always stays up late in the Slytherin common room with that one good friend she has trying to figure out how to do a certain tricky potion

•Jared, meanwhile, amazes everyone at Transfiguration. He even somehow learned how to turn into a mouse within his first year

•However he wasn’t very lucky when Connor transformed into a cat and started chasing him in rat form

•He got injured with claw marks all over his body in human form and had to go to Evan to get some healing herbs applied to his wounds

•"That hurts, Evan.“ “Sorry, just bear with it for a little longer please.” “It burns like the fires of hell.” “How do you know what the fires of hell feel like?” “Hansen, I’m the insanely cool Jared Kleinman. I’ve been through hell and back and still managed to look dashing and I still maintain my awesomeness.”

(More hogwarts au headcanons coming soon, maybe even for other musicals. Submit some to me if you have your own. Also feel free to leave an ask recommending which musical I should make hogwarts aus out of. I’m cool with anything as long as I’m into it)

If I could physically record shit with my brain I fucking would ‘fiction doesnt impact reality’ my ass

If I could count for u the amount of times I hear people calling gay men rapists or pedophiles becuz ‘that’s what’s on tv!’ 'If it’s not tru why do so many people write about it!’

If I could drag u by ur nostrils to listen to my grandad go on and on about how all Muslims are terriost becuz he saw white house down or some bullshit

If I could literally make u watch white people justifying racism by using fictional black characters

If u could see all stigma surrounding mental illness and the simple fact my own mother won’t let me get a psych evaluation just cuz she’s scared I’ll suddenly turn into a mass murderer or shoot up a school becuz she watches horror movies like split

Like if I could physically drag u make u sit down and hold ur eyes open for u as u see how americans are brainwashed by propaganda and im not talking about WW1-2 im talking about shows and movies where being a soldier is so kickass and ur a hero and no one dies if I could tell u how many Americans are terrified of communism without even knowing what it is becuz of propaganda

If I could show u how many murders are inspired by fictional shit some girls stabbed someone over slender man and have u never heard the catcher in the rye murders

Neville Longbottom would have done well in Hufflepuff

Hatstalls, from Pottermore: “In Neville’s case, the Hat was determined to place him in Gryffindor: Neville, intimidated by that house’s reputation for bravery, requested a placing in Hufflepuff. Their silent wrangling resulted in triumph for the Hat.”

But what if it hadn’t?

First Year

Imagine 11-year-old Neville Longbottom being cheered on and instantly welcomed by a table full of yellow-clad Hufflepuffs.

Imagine the Sorting Hat vindicating his belief in loyalty and friendship, and not intimidating him with Gryffindor’s reputation for bravery.

Imagine his housemates telling him how cool his toad Trevor is, or helping him up after he falls off his broomstick.

Imagine one of the older Hufflepuffs reminding him to go back to his room to grab his robe as soon as his Remembrall starts to glow red.

Second Year

Imagine 12-year-old Neville Longbottom being part of a group of best friends, instead of duos, like Harry and Ron, or Seamus and Dean.

Imagine him never sitting lonely in his bed, hoping that the other Gryffindor boys would include him in their conversations.

Imagine them visiting Justin Finch-Fletchley in the Hospital Wing, sharing stories about their day, and trying to find ways to keep him feeling included.

Imagine the rest of them walking around Hogwarts together, guarding each other from whatever was petrifying students in the hallways, and not feeling scared as long as they had each other.

Third Year

Imagine 13-year-old Neville Longbottom feeling sick around the Dementors, and his housemates sneaking into the kitchens to steal him some chocolate.

Imagine them standing up to Snape on his behalf.

Imagine them convincing him that one teacher’s contempt had nothing to do with who he was as a person.

Imagine his Boggart being a memory of his parents instead of Severus Snape, and his housemates giving him the support he needs to open up about Bellatrix Lestrange.

Imagine him not feeling as though he needs to hide his past in order to seem brave.

Fourth Year

Imagine 14-year-old Neville Longbottom looking up to Cedric Diggory as an example of Hufflepuffs being not only loyal, but also courageous and strong.

Imagine his housemates suggesting that he and Hannah Abbott attend the Yule Ball together, and Hannah saying it would be fun.

Imagine them cheering on Cedric together, and supporting one another after he dies.

Fifth Year

Imagine 15-year-old Neville Longbottom joining the DA, and befriending Harry as an equal rather than the sad, lonely boy from his dorm room.

Imagine Neville becoming better at spells, and his housemates not reacting to it in shock, but rather commending him on his hard work.

Imagine Neville standing up to Umbridge, not because he wants to impress the other Gryffindors, but because the way she treats students isn’t fair.

Imagine Susan Bones healing his hand with a Murtlap Essence after he’d spent an evening writing lines with Harry Potter, the two of them learning together what it means to be a martyr.

Imagine Hannah Abbott going to St. Mungo’s with him, and Neville introducing her to his grandparents as his girlfriend.

Imagine his mother giving Hannah a gum wrapper.

Imagine Neville not feeling alone and embarrassed when Harry, Ron, and Hermione find him there.

Sixth Year

Imagine 16-year-old Neville Longbottom feeling terrified after Bellatrix Lestrange escapes from Azkaban, and Ernie Macmillan threatening to tear her apart her if she dares come anywhere near Hogwarts.

Imagine Ernie helping his classmates to study for the NEWTs, and Neville getting the best grades of his life.

Imagine Neville being invited to join the Slug Club and turning it down because he didn’t need that kind of vindication.

Imagine him inviting Luna to hang out with the rest of his housemates, and the group of them eating candies from the kitchens while Luna tells amazing stories about creatures they’ve never heard of before.

Imagine Neville feeling so included that he’s empowered to make his friends from other Houses feel the same way.

Seventh Year

Imagine 17-year-old Neville Longbottom staying at Hogwarts and protecting the other students from the Carrows, not because he’s one of the few Gryffindors left to lead them, but because he’s the student most prepared and willing to do so.

Imagine him after having found his courage years earlier, and using it not to prove he was worthy of his house name, but to help those those that he cared about.

Imagine him defeating Nagini with a Venemous Tentacula instead of Gryffindor’s sword, leaving that for Ginny Weasley- and opportunity for her to reclaim the identity stolen by Tom Riddle’s abuse in her first year.

Seventh Year (Again)

Imagine Harry Potter telling Neville about the prophecy, and Neville feeling rightfully wronged that no one ever told him, but comfortable enough in his own skin to accept that he mattered anyway.

Life After Hogwarts

Imagine Neville Longbottom maintaining a friendship with his Head of House, Pomona Sprout, and her offering him her job after retirement. Imagine him taking care of all the kids sorted into Hufflepuff, and teaching them that it isn’t “the boring House”, but rather a place where they can take time to nurture their skills, and more importantly, their values. 

Imagine the most frightening thing Neville ever does being his proposal to Hannah Abbott, and her laughing as she accepts.

Imagine them getting married in a magical garden.

Imagine their pride in their children getting sorted into whichever House they feel most comfortable in.

Neville Longbottom became a true Gryffindor, but imagine all the years he could have felt accepted into the House of his choice, Hufflepuff. Imagine him skipping all of those years of feeling inadequate, and making friends that accepted him from the very start. Imagine Neville Longbottom doing very well in Hufflepuff. Can you?

Simply Beautiful

Super Junior Heechul

Summary : You are very sensitive and shy so all the members don’t want him to be with you because they think he will hurt you so he tries to prove that the love is real and hurting you is the last thing on his mind

Word Count 3,943

Originally posted by randomsuperjuniorgifs

You worked part time at SM Entertainment as you were finishing up your last year of high school. You just got coffee for the higher ups and made sure all the files were put away and cared for correctly. You weren’t some big hit, just a student. You never got to meet any of the idols, you were kinda glad though, because you were too shy for any meeting to go well. When out were younger you used to have a hand constantly in your moms back pocket and would hide anytime someone would look at you. You grew out of the physical shyness but never mentally.

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I Trust You

Request: Request for Teenage Clark maybe? Like the reader is new and is just kinda like “he’s a loner and people think he is weird…….I'ma be his friend 😊😀” and she sticks up for Clark and stuff?? Just like complete fluff and flustered clark??Also the other Clark fic was awesome!!!! Have a nice day!!

Word count: 1746

Characters/Pairing: young!Clark Kent x Reader, Clark Kent x Reader

A/N: I’ve had this request for a while now, so I thought maybe it wasn’t too late to post it. Anyway, not my best work but I hope you all enjoy it.

This work was beta’d by the awesome @lovethosewhoarentreal and @kpkarlee

First day of school…

It’s not that bad, Y/N. Come on, you can do this, you have to do this. You’re strong enough, you will survive this day… surely no one has died for going to a new school… not in the first day at least. Oh, God no, don’t think about dying. Don’t. That’s an awful idea. You can totally survive this, you know? This isn’t the first time being in a new school… but then again, you were just 3 years old the last time you changed. No, don’t think of that. Be optimistic. This is going to end soon. Before you know it, you will be back in the safety of the car returning to the warm and comfortable bed that won’t ever judge you… maybe a bit more emotionally scarred, but such is life.

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Hey! Could you write a kuroo/tsukki/ushiwaka imagine where they go meet her parents and they're super nice and everything goes really well and (maybe it ends with a little nsfw 😏😏) thank youuuu

Sorry for the single - and late - update! Trying to keep up with school while coming off my break and dealing with my habit of procrastination!

But this is really cute, I always enjoy meeting the parents situations!


“Parents love me, it’ll be fine,” Kuroo spoke confidently despite his hands nervously gripping at the cuffs of his button down shirt. He had been adjusting his clothing since the moment they left her apartment to head for her parents home. And while he truly believed everything was going to be okay in the long run, he was just as terrified about meeting two of the most important people in her life. He really didn’t know what he’d do without their blessing.

While she had been less fidgety, she had been no less anxious, which had translated into a disruptive sleep pattern for the last week: both of them suffered for it. “You haven’t met my parents then,” the mutter left her lips without the intention of being heard, but Kuroo smiled at them as he stopped her halfway up to the front door so he could look at her.

“Hey, don’t worry,” he gave a small chuckle, his hand rising to lift her chin in the slightest, “I got this.” Their mouths fell together then, quickly finding their familiar rhythm as his fingers dug into the locks of her hair. Yup, this was the booster he needed before he–

“[First Name]?” the voice was that of a man’s and since no one else lived in the home behind him but her parents, Kuroo assumed it was her father that had just caught them making out on his front patio.

Very good start.

Turning quickly, Kuroo threw on as charming a smile he could muster after being caught in the act as his hand reached out to the man. “Hello, sir, Kuroo Tetsurou,” he introduced, voice coming across louder than he originally intended.

While his hand remained alone in midair a second longer than necessary, Kuroo was glad to receive a cordial handshake followed by a gesture to come inside. Turning back to her, he gave a wide grin and a thumbs up to accompany it.

He’d make sure this night went well.

It was not going well.

Not only had he screwed before even really meeting them, but he continued to mess up through the entire evening. Tsukishima had spoken too much, apparently, and in turn of trying to correct it, had been too silent it was borderline disrespectful. He didn’t know how to tip toe his way through and out of this situation. And it didn’t help that her father was staring down the hand she had placed on his thigh disapprovingly - which would end just as badly as everything else if he kept it in place of made her move it.

God, what had originally convinced him that this would go well?

“And you’ll be joining us again, won’t you, Tsukishima?” the question had caught him off guard, his gaze rising to her mother who smiled brightly at him. Despite the spilling of sticky soda all over the carpet she still wanted her to bring him back with her.

His mouth opened but no sound came out right away, his gaze moving to her next to him when he felt her fingers lacing with his own. “Uh, of course,” he answered then, eyes returning to her parents, a small smile touching at his lips. Because he did want to come back. He did want to be a part of their family.

Ushijima still tried to wrap his mind around how the evening had actually gone as they drove back to her place, his eyes straight ahead with her hand resting on his thigh, thumb stroking casually. It had gone well, more than well with both parents expressing their desire to see him again soon. And really, it was a stress off his shoulders knowing that he didn’t have to worry about her parents not approving of him.

Though it definitely was an achievement, he hadn’t anticipated the award that he was to get the moment he parked the car in the driveway. Her seatbelt was unbuckled quickly and she closed the space between them to sloppily slot their mouths together. Ushijima’s reaction was kick, his hand rising to tangle into her hair and deepen their kiss, unquestionably helping her as she maneuvered over the center counsel to settle into his lap.

His fingers pressed into the flesh of her thigh, wasting no time in traveling up the skin underneath her skirt. Where he expected to run into the fabric of her panties, he found simply more skin, producing a growl from his throat as he nipped at her lip. She gave a laugh, hips shifting closer to his, her arms draping over his shoulders and around the seat of the car.

Little more needed to be said between them. She was grateful for him taking the time to meet her family and he was happy just to have them like him from a first impression; what more reason did they need to remove only what was needed in that limited space for their bodies to join? With her face pressed against his neck and his hands pulling her hips to his with every thrust, they knew just how blessed they each were to be in each other embrace. And with each bliss invoked sigh or ecstasy produced groan that came from them, they knew they would continue to be.

Keep You Safe

She was clinging to him in her sleep, her hands wringing the back of his shirt. Eisuke took a deep breath, inhaling the smell of her shampoo. 

‘If you ever get tired of me, don’t ask Soryu to dispose of me,’ she said jokingly. ‘And I’m terrified of being sold at the auctions again, so not that either! Just slip something in my drink. I want to be dead before I can feel any pain.’

She was grinning at him then, but Eisuke didn’t appreciate dark humour when it was about her.

Because he knew.

He knew she was scared. Of his power. Of the stories she heard about other people in his position, other businessmen, who had the money and means to get away with murder.

He had never done anything to make her feel scared- not that he was aware of. But sometimes some gruesome story of abuse linked to Soryu’s rival gangs would come up, and she would catch wind of it.

Baba had told him that some commoners were terrified of the power of the elite- the bourgeois, and rumours would always circulate in their circles, disgusting and terrifying them at the same time.

And he could see the distrust in her sometimes.

Most of the time, it was directed towards other people around him. But sometimes- very seldom- she would realise the difference between them, and a sad smile would fall on her lips.

Eisuke took another deep breath and held on to her tighter. He was meant to protect her. That was what he had vowed to do on their wedding day. And if she couldn’t feel safe in his presence- what was the point then, of everything he did?

She stirred, and Eisuke pecked her forehead in an attempt to lull her back into the land of sleep.
I’m going to keep you safe, he repeated to himself, pressing her chest to his, hoping his words would reach her somehow. Tomorrow, when you wake up, I’ll do my best to explain myself. I’ve never done it before, so I hope you’ll be patient, my love.

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I hope this isn't too personal but would you mind sharing a bit about how you got over social anxiety/how you faked being outgoing?

All through middle school I had really terrible social anxiety. Like even talking to my immediate family made me nervous, and leaving the house terrified me because 1) I was scared to talk to people and 2) I was scared to not talk to people and be thought of as rude. While I was going through this, my mom told me that she had gone through the same sort of thing, so she just pretended to be outgoing. I thought it was the dumbest advice I had ever heard, but I was miserable all the time so I had to try something

Growing up, I was in lots of school plays and skits and I enjoyed acting, so I came up with a sort of character to play. She was Abby 2.0: we had the same interests, but the “new me” was super outgoing. She loved talking to people. Small talk was her jam. She was the kind of person that you loved talking to because she was so kind and always complimented your hair. (I’m pretty sure I modeled this after some fictional character, but this was about 8 years ago so I don’t remember who). 

So, I come up with this “character” and whenever I was in public I would try to act how she would act. When people would talk to me, I would really make a point to listen and to come up with things to ask them about, things to compliment them on, etc. And it was so hard at first, but the fact that I told myself I was acting took the pressure off a bit. Like if I said something dumb, I wouldn’t have to worry because “I” wasn’t the one who had said it, it was just acting. It was like the difference between reading a passage from a book in class and reading something you wrote; it’s still a little scary, but the pressure’s off because if it sounds dumb it’s not like you’re the one with the dumb idea. 

It sounds totally crazy, and at times it felt totally crazy, but after a while it worked. Something finally clicked that I don’t think would have had I never just forced myself to essentially fake it. It definitely wasn’t easy, and it was really really scary at times but somehow it worked. It just became second nature, and now I consider myself to be a genuinely outgoing person. That’s not to say that I don’t still get those butterflies before going into a place that I know I’ll have to talk to new people, but now I know that I’m capable making small talk with just about anyone. So, if you’re struggling with social anxiety it’s certainly worth a shot. Hope that made sense!

The signs as IVE known them

Saw this floating around the horoscope tags and decided to do one of my own. Disclaimer this is the signs as actual people I have known and does not account for the behavior and personality of the signs as a group.

Signs as I’ve known them:

ARIES: Homestuck, anime, world of war craft. Glasses. Short red hair. Goofy jokes. Feminist as fuck. No seriously don’t fuck with the angry feminist. Pan sexual. Open minded. Lover of all things cats. Odd little British southern cinnamon roll. Ramen noodles, toast, cheese, coffee. Baking is life, not a hobby. Art, creativity, so smart but doesn’t see it. So sweet but will stand up for what’s right. Doc martins.

TAURUS: Good food, healthy while also being comfort food. Cheesecake with berries and pecans. Nature walks with her golden retriever mix. Bedding so fluffy it’s like you’re sinking into a cloud. Painting the walls earthy Gemtone colors. Paintings everywhere, art studio with a glass wall looking out over the backyard. Champagne blonde curly hair pulled up into a messy bun,tan skin. Green tea and Panera bread when we’re on the go. Incense burning in the living room. Knows all the celebrities. Friends with George Clooney. Getting me autographs the entire time I was growing up.

SCORPIO: opinionated. Never wrong. Overly confident. Mustang convertible. Pink everything. Spoiled af. Pasta all the pasta,Olive Garden fuck me up. No seriously, what’s a vegetable? Mani-pedi’s every week. Hot tub Sunday’s. Traveling. Christian when it’s convenient for her. Harry Potter. Twilight. Basic bitch, but still hella cute. Cali life. Superstitious. Terrified of ghosts. Biology major. Goal orientated. Self centered. You either love her or hate her, there is no in between, and she couldn’t care less either way.

SAGITTARIUS: prayer beads. Incense. Messy unkempt curls. Thick beard full of tufts of cotton from work. Blue eyes. Goofy smile. Weird sense of humor. So incredibly intelligent. Bollywood movies.

LIBRA: Blonde hair, amber eyes that are warm and mesmerizing. McChickens only mayonnaise. Country music and pretty little liars marathons. Talking about boys and being set up with one of her cute friends. BEST LAUGH I’ve ever heard. Inside jokes. Sister like bond that is unbreakable. Always having each other’s back, even if they’re wrong. Being there for each other through heart ache and abuse. Understanding each other like no one else could. Cigarettes and bonfires. Staying out all night, lying to your parents about where you are. Riding around in a jeep going no where in particular, windows down, hair blowing in the wind, freedom. Best friend. Soul mate. Platonic love of my life.

VIRGO: Road trips filled with loud music, LAUGHTER, Taco Bell quesadillas EXTRA SAUCE and sun drop, lots of sun drop. Staying up late at night dying each other’s hair and making art with oil pastels. Matching tattoos. Getting ready for a party, trading clothes, throwing them on the floor until you find the right outfit. Waking up late extremely late and rushing out the door in a hurry. Unwashed hair pulled up in a ponytail. Sitting in the bathroom floor In front of a mini heater playing with her makeup and talking to her while she showers. Ice skating with a hangover. Cats. A strong love for all animals. Hookah. smoking for the first time in a cold attic, making jokes and laughing til our stomachs hurt. Shady house parties in basements. First girl I ever kissed. Rise against. Being close and sharing everything, having someone you can be 100% real with,just yourself, no facade.

Opinions, lots of them. Stubborn as FUCK. Sharp tongue, soft heart. Passionate about everything, music, politics, art, cinema. Captivating smiles, Green eyes lighting up when they’re talking. Wanting to share their hobbies and passions with you. Sending you music, making you playlists. Loves all music. Crying during movies. Love for sci-fi. Love for human kind. Chips for dinner. Lemonade vodka and strong bow. Toboggans (as he calls them) through all seasons. Love poems. Snuggles and talks about aliens and conspiracy theories. So soo intelligent. A smile that could stop your heart.

Very studious. Smart. Glasses. UFC.
Mustache. Funny. Red hot chili peppers. New shoes. Principled. Phlebotomist. Football. Coffee obsessed.

CAPRICORN: Tiny human. So fake. Will stab you in the back for a French fry. Spoiled brat. Disrespectful to her parents. Queen bitch. Pop music. New car every 6months. New boyfriend every 3.. OMG IM SO
FAT. Weighs 100 lbs soaking wet. Dog lover. Cat lover. Great Britney Spears impression. Gave her rabbit chocolate one time. Thinks she invented steak and eggs for breakfast.

CANCER: I don’t think I know a cancer????

Football. Long black hair. Stories on Native American culture. The Grateful Dead stickers on an old dresser. Reptiles. The smell of weed lingering on his Tshirt. Playing golden eye in the living room. Dinner consisting of beef jerky, Doritos, snickers and dr.pepper.

GEMINI: Marlboro reds. Curly brown hair. Deep brown eyes. Broken nose. Heath ledger doppelgänger. Perfect teeth. Led Zeppelin. Skate board shoes. Foster kid. Nick names. Has a cat named kitty mow mow. Promise ring after 3 months. Very troubled. Compassionate. Loves deeply. Secret tattoos. Protective. Possessive. Red.
Hoodies. Awful friends. Video games.


(Requested by lovelykensley)  (Part 1 of this imagine here) (Part 2 of this imagine here) (Part 3 of this imagine here) (Part 4 of this imagine here) (Part 5 of this imagine here) (Part 6 of this imaginehere) (Part 7 of this imagine here) (Part 8 of this imagine here) (Part 9 of this imagine here) (Part 10 of this imagine hereAgain the timeline of this is a bit odd, remember they’re all tagged in the order they’ve been written so it’s a bit all over the place. Also this is BEFORE the baby is born.

You needed to get away from Caius.

The two of you decided to have the baby and you found yourself rather happy with the decision. Of course then you realized you had to do something that made the blood in your veins turn to ice.

You had to tell your parents.

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I’m kinda feeling like the Thorns are in a really good place right now and I hope we don’t trade any of our big players for Mal. Especially considering the deal is being reported as two federation players for her rights. Since Tobin and Sinc and Allie are pretty much off limits I think that means it’s Kling and Lindsey out. Kling is good but she won’t kill the team if she leaves. Same with Lindsey, actually, because we have hella depth at CM with Dagny and Mana interchanging with Lindsey and Amandine (oh yeah if they trade Mana imma burn down the front office). But it just feels wrong. It feels so bad for this team to empty itself for one player. It’s too much to put on Mal to live up to her supposed value, because the involved parties are telling her she needs to play as good as two of her national team teammates. There’s a chance that might go straight to her head. The trade might give her enough validation to settle.

Speaking generally, it’s absolutely heartbreaking when any player leaves the Thorns against their will. They’re ripped away from the best fans in woso by a mile, the best facilities in the league, the best team in the league, and for what? So they can join a sinking, plague-ridden team run by a homophobic man who refuses to admit he should let his organization die? The way I’ve heard players like Mana and Nadia speak about Providence Park and Portland and the fans is so unequivocally loving and appreciative for a reason, it’s because they’re terrified of being kicked out of the woso Garden of Eden. Reading Mana’s words on the time she was nearly traded to Houston was heartbreaking. She was devastated to leave the Thorns. Anyone would be. (except for one Alexandra Patricia Morgan but she’s just special.) Kling and Lindsey (but especially Lindsey) don’t deserve to be kicked to the curb after all the good they’ve done the club in the last season. They don’t deserve the Spirit, it’s the Titanic. They would keep this team’s heart intact, and, honestly, my heart intact. Love them, respect them, keep them in PDX.


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Prompt: Bughead zombie apocalypse? + the rest of the gang

Lol okay so this one’s a bit different than what I normally write but I thought it would be fun to do, and it definitely was! Also, I made it an AU, hope that’s okay! Anyway, hope you like it!

A/N: Because this is an AU, I decided to have it where Betty and Jughead don’t know each other, but they have to work together to survive the apocalypse - same with the rest of the gang

**I’ve added a “keeping reading” cut, so if you’re reading on mobile, the whole story will not show up. Sorry about that!**


Betty Cooper took a cautious step around the corner of the abandoned soap factory she had taken shelter in, clutching her weapon to her chest as if it were her most prized possession.

“Is somebody there?” She tiptoed down the hallway, kicking away the garbage and dozens of flyers warning the town about the danger that they were currently experiencing as she headed towards the noise that had drawn her attention.

“You should know I have an axe and I’m not afraid to use it!” Betty whisper-yelled down the hallway, her voice echoing off the bare walls and traveling down the dark corridor.  

Before Betty could react, a dark figure came barreling around the corner, taking her by the shoulders and placing a gloved hand over her mouth, hindering her ability to scream. The man spun her around so that she was facing his slender, yet surprisingly muscular figure, being sure to keep his hand firmly pressed against her mouth as he met her terrified expression with a look of disdain.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he spat, his voice surprisingly harsh for the low volume that he was using to speak to her. “Do you want to get attacked today? Because you’re about one syllable away from sending a whole heard of zombies in here to reenact the entirety of the Night of the Living Dead.

Betty wriggled free of his grasp, backing away from him and wiping her mouth like it had just been touched by the foulest piece of garbage to ever exist.  

“I’m sorry, who are you, and what right do you have to yell at me right now,” Betty shot back, her voice thick with anger as she crossed her arms over her chest and glared menacingly in his direction.

“I’m the person trying to keep you alive,” he pointed out, pulling out a knife from his tan trench coat and holding it out in front of him as he tentatively peeked around the corner.

“I was doing just fine on my own, thank you very much,” Betty informed him, adjusting her sweater and charging forward to continue down the hallway without his assistance.

“Oh yeah, I can see that you’re doing great by yourself,” he muttered, grabbing a fistful of fabric from the back of her sweater and pulling her backwards to stand beside him. He gestured to the weapon Betty was still clutching and glanced back up to narrow his eyes at her. “An axe was it?”

Betty hid the hammer behind her back and raised her nose up at him as if to say, “I’m proud of my hammer and I don’t care what you say about it.”

“It’s all I could find,” Betty defended her weapon of choice, her neck craning around his body to see if anyone - or anything - was headed in their direction. “It’s not like I planned on there being a zombie apocalypse when I got out of bed this morning.”

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Why I love Gwyn ap Nudd:

He was so supportive of Diana when she told him she was trans. I just thought it was so beautiful and it made me cry (note: I cry very easily). I don’t identify as trans, but I do have friends that are transitioning or have transitioned. I know how hard it is for my friends to date because some people react very negatively, sometimes even violently, to finding out they are trans (both MtF and FtM). A few of them even view themselves as undesirable because of this, and it’s sad that such beautiful people would think so poorly of themselves because others have been so toxic about it in their past. You could tell how terrified Diana must have been to tell Gwyn that she was trans and I totally get it. He had seemingly been attracted to her appearance at first. Men tend to be more visual stimulated when it comes to attraction, and (from the stories I’ve heard) can get aggressive when they are “lied to” visually by someone who is trans. She was expecting the worst and was met with the leader of The Wild Hunt, who can be ruthless when he needs to be, being so nice and caring and supportive??? He likes her for her strong personality, and that just makes my heart melt tbh. Like I know he can be compassionate when he wants, but like now I will forever see him as a giant cinnamon roll. I love him so much. 

“Protect Her” - Stiles Stilinski

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REQUEST: Stiles and his little sister are running to hide and Stiles is behind (Y/N) and as she goes to cross the corner, Stiles hears something and grabs her, pinning her against his chest with his arm wrapped around her shoulders and he holds her protectively.

The plan had gone totally wrong and Stiles and (Y/N) - his younger sister, were now locked in Eichen House. The original plan was to get into Eichen House to talk to Meredith, but as Stiles and (Y/N) were walking down the corridor, a loud alarm went off.
“What’s happening?” (Y/N) said a little worried.
Stiles knew this place was as evil as it could get, especially on the floor where all the supernatural creatures were locked up. Although he tried to remain calm, (Y/N) could see a hint of concern in her brother’s eyes.

Even if (Y/N) was only two years younger than Stiles, he had always been extremely protective of her. So when (Y/N) had the idea to go to Eichen House to get some answers, Stiles refused to let her go alone, he even insisted to go without her. The reason why (Y/N) wanted to talk to Meredith was because she had been experiencing strange things lately and Deaton told her Meredith could help, though he didn’t recommend her to go and see her in Eichen House. But (Y/N), who was tired of hearing voices no one else could hear, was determined to get some answers.
Scott also insisted to go to Eichen House with Stiles and (Y/N) but he knew he wouldn’t be able to go very far because of wolfsbane blocking the access to the supernatural floor, so he wouldn’t be much help. Instead, Scott was waiting outside the building with Liam.

When Scott received a call from Stiles, he knew something had gone wrong.
“What’s going on in there? Are you guys okay?” Scott asked, worried. He wasn’t a big fan of this plan.
“Can you hear what the doctors are saying from where you stand?” Stiles asked quickly.
Scott didn’t ask any questions and focused. He closed his eyes and used his werewolf hearing to hear what the doctors were saying inside. Liam watched him carefully.
A few seconds later, Scott opened his eyes and put his phone back against his ear.
“Someone escaped.” Scott told his best friend.
“Someone like me,” Stiles started, “or someone like you?” He asked, referring to Scott’s supernatural being.
“Someone worse than that.” Scott replied. “The doctors sounded very worried. I think whoever escaped their cell is dangerous. You guys need to leave, now.” Scott sounded pretty worried, too.
“How the hell are we supposed to leave this place? All the doors are locked.” Stiles said, concerned.
“Find a way out, Stiles. You and (Y/N) can’t stay in there.” Scott declared.

Stiles hung up the phone and took a deep breath. (Y/N) didn’t take her eyes off her brother, expecting bad news.
“How screwed up are we?” (Y/N) asked Stiles.
“We gotta get out, now.” Stiles grabbed (Y/N)’s arm and led her into an empty and dark room.
“Wait. We need to find Meredith. We won’t get another chance.” (Y/N) stopped in her tracks.
“We’ll find something else. Now, keep your voice down.” Stiles said as he thought he heard something near by.
“I didn’t come here for nothing, I need to-”
Stiles didn’t let her finish. He put his hand on (Y/N)’s mouth as he whispered a “shhh”. But (YN) jerked his hand away immediately.
“You can stay here, but I’m gonna go find Meredith.” (Y/N) said angrily.

As (Y/N) was about to walk out of the dark room into the corridor, Stiles grabbed her arm and pinned her against his chest. A second later, (Y/N) heard a unhuman scream which echoed through the walls. She carefully tried to take a look to see where this awful sound was coming from. She saw a terrifying creature being pinned down by several doctors. (Y/N) looked away and grabbed Stiles’s arm which was wrapped around her shoulders, holding her securely.
Stiles noticed that (Y/N) was shaking so he held her tighter in his arms, trying to reassure her.
“It’s okay (Y/N), I’m here.” Stiles whispered in her ear.
(Y/N) nodded but couldn’t stop shaking.
“There! That will sedate him for a while.” One of the doctor said. “Let’s put him in the isolated cell.” He added. “And tell Rozek to turn the damn alarm off! It’s giving me a headache.” One doctor said to another as they all left the corridor.

(Y/N) took a deep breath. Stiles finally let go of her.
“Are you alright?” Stiles asked.
“Yeah. Thanks” (Y/N) replied. “And thank you for, you know, protecting me.” She added.
“Always. That’s my job as your annoying big brother to make sure you’re safe.” Stiles smiled and kissed (Y/N)’s forehead.
Stiles and (Y/N) came out of the room and walked into the corridor, where the doctors and the awful creature were a few minutes ago.
“Come on, let’s go find Meredith.” Stiles said.
Stiles didn’t always agree with his sister’s plans, but he was always willing to help her out. So if (Y/N) wanted to go and find Meredith, that’s what Stiles was going to do.
“No, it’s okay. Let’s just get out of here.” (Y/N) declared. She shivered as she thought about spending one more minute in this place.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah. We’ll find another plan. Let’s just leave this nut house.” (Y/N) stated.
“How are we gonna do that though? The whole building is still under lockdown.” As Stiles was speaking, (Y/N) noticed something on the floor. She picked it up and saw that it was a doctor’s badge.
“There is no way we’re going through those doors.” Stiles finished as he pointed at the locked and metal doors.
“Not without this.” (Y/N) smiled as she held the badge before Stiles’s eyes.
“How did you-” Stiles started.
“One of the doctors must have dropped it while they were trying to control whatever was that creature.” (Y/N) explained. “Come on. Let’s go.”

Stiles and (Y/N) discreetly made their way out of Eichen House, using the badge to unlock every door, and joined Scott and Liam, who were waiting outside by the Jeep.
“Glad to see you two safe and sound.” Scott said, relieved.
“Yeah. Though I told you guys, two Stilinskis in a nut house sounds like trouble to me.” Liam declared with a chuckle.
Both (Y/N) and Stiles rolled their eyes at the same time.
“Thanks buddy. Though we’re not the ones who fell in a hole while going on a little walk into the woods.” Stiles said as he winked at Liam.
Scott and (Y/N) laughed.
“Ha-ha. Very funny.” Liam said as he rolled his eyes.
Stiles, Scott and (Y/N) kept laughing as they all got into the Jeep. Liam, who couldn’t pretend to be annoyed for too long, joined them in their laughter. And together, they drove back to Scott’s house, trying their best not to think about what was going to happen next and what other supernatural creature they will have to face next in the crazy town that was Beacon Hills.

Drawlloween 2016 Day 28 & 29: Ghost-A-Go-Go / Black Caturday

While running some midnight errands for her master, Anabelle found herself in a part of town she had never been before. As she tried to figure out how she ended up there and what kind of forces may have pulled her to that location, a ghastly figure came to be before her very own eyes. It was “the white dog of crooked road”, the skeletal apparition of a dog that onces lived at the end of the street. Many would have guessed that Anabelle, being a cat, would have run away from the mutt, but she is the familiar of a witch, and she has seen many ghost before, so she was more curious about the ghost than scared. The dog name turned out to be crossbones, and he felt lonely for no one spent time with him anymore, every human who saw him would run away, terrified of its supernatural appearance, despite him not having any evil intent. Anabelle heard his story and felt sorry for him, she figured out it was Crossbones sadness and desire for a friend that had summoned her in first place, so she agreed to pay him a visit now and then, that way he wouldn't have to be alone anymore, and from that day both became close friends.

Okay, but can we talk about how terrified Sansa is about being left alone again? How scared she is that she’ll lose her family again? She just lost Rickon (which D&D have failed to even mention after his death. Which is dumb) and has no idea if Bran and Arya are even alive. It’s been months, even years since anyone has confirmed that they are alive. Jon is the only family member she knows for certain is safe, and he’s leaving.

Every time the Starks leave the North, someone dies and just she’s scared. She doesn’t want to lose him, and my bby girl is going to be alone again with a bunch of people that don’t really give a damn about her, and one person that is far too interested in her.

Idk ok. Sansa has serious abandonment issues and I think that this entire season she has tried to be hard and cold, like the North, like Lyanna Mormont and during that scene we see the fear in her eyes and I just have a lot of feelings.

Jealous of the model

Just had a sudden Idea, I know I shouldn’t be slacking off when I’m supposed to be writing Irish’s Slight-Reverse au, but I really couldn’t help it!

Lila was never one to get attached too quickly, her parents were diplomats and they constantly moved around. She learned over time to just have temporary friends, and to get that she lied.

She never thought it would backfire when she met Adrien Agreste. He was blonde, with green eyes and a cute smile, easily had Lila crushing on him at first sight.

So why did she feel like shoving him out of the way, or growling when he got close to her friend.

It was confusing at first, when she first met her friend, it was shortly after she had been Akumatized.

“Look, it’s the Superliar.”

“How could she be so cruel, treating Ladybug like that?”

Lila knew she shouldn’t have rejected Ladybug’s apology, she practically spat in Paris’ hero’s face! It was a bad decision on her part, but it was too late to do anything about it now. Yelping, Lila bumped into someone else, knocking her off her feet, she really shouldn’t space out when walking. She was about to apologize, when she saw who it was.

Chloe Bourgeois, daughter of the mayor, and the constant cause of her bullying. The blonde was cruel and stuck up, constantly calling her a Superliar, and untrustworthy, the blonde was particularly harsh when she was just managing to make a friend.

“Eww, look Sabrina, it’s the Superliar! Watch where you’re going!” Lila opened her mouth to defend herself, only to be cut off.

“Oh no Sabrina! she’s going to lie about me knocking into her.” The way Chloe spat out ‘her’ was too much, she spat it out like she was talking to the scum of the earth, and it hurt. Unable to stop the tears, Lila barely heard someone sticking up for her before she ran outside.

It was painful, she was always alone, the one time she was going to stay in place long enough to possibly make a friend willing to stay in contact with her, and it was ruined.

She was going to be alone now, no one would hang out with a filthy liar like her.

It would be like when she was younger, and everyone bullied her for being different, for who her parents were, for where she came from, everything was crashing down.

“Lila?” A voice suddenly called, causing said teen to whip her head up, her teary amber gaze meeting a sparkling blue gaze. She hadn’t noticed she was shaking, in fear, anger, or from how tense she was. She was waiting for the insults, the sneer, the disgusted look.

But it never came.

“Hey, don’t let Chloe get to you, she is always like that.” the girl said as she sat down in front of Lila, who had just noticed she was sitting under a tree, and she gave her a reassuring smile.

“Why?” Lila wanted to cringe, her voice came out watery and hoarse from crying. The blue eyed girl just tilted her head, she was obviously confused.

“What do you mean ‘Why’?” She asked, however Lila stood up abruptly, she was afraid this girl would turn out like Chloe, pretending to be her friend only to suddenly toss her aside, she didn’t want to be hurt. Glaring down at the ground, and trying to stop the tears from falling again, Lila clenched her fists.

“Why are you talking to me? Haven’t you heard what everyone says?” Lila asked, this time wincing at her throat, had she really been crying that loudly for her throat to feel raw?

“About you being a liar? Of course I heard them.” Lila felt her stomach drop, she was terrified, the girl was plotting. She had to be.

“But so what?” Lila snapped her head up to look at the girl, who had stood up, the sun making her raven locks look blue.

“Everyone lies now and then, of course you were a little over the top, it’s not too late to fix it. Besides, Chloe is the one who spread those rumors. You can’t trust her, she’s a brat, and mean enough as it is.” She said, and Lila wanted to run, but she was frozen, she didn’t know if the girl was lying or not.

“Even I have lied, I don’t like lying, but sometimes there are things best kept a secret.” She said, offering a water bottle to Lila.

And then Lila’s heart skipped a beat.

“I’m Marinette! I hope you’ll be my friend!”

After that, she was reintroduced to Alya, and introduced to Nino, and the rest of Marinette’s class. Apparently, Marinette was well respected by her class, and well liked much to Lila’s dismay.

Everyone trusted Marinette’s judgement and Lila was accepted by the rest of the class, everyone willing to give her new chance.

Except Chloe and Sabrina, of course.

However, hearing that Marinette liked Adrien, her previous crush, had Lila feeling an unfamiliar feeling.

Bitter, protective, possessive. It was like a an uncomfortable grip on her chest whenever she saw Adrien talk to Marinette. Marinette would get blushy and utterly adorable, and Adrien seemed to be desperate to get Marinette to speak in full sentences to him.

There was one uncomfortable time when Alya invited Lila, the boys, and Marinette to go hang out after school and watch a movie. Adrien had bumped into Marinette and knocked them both off balance, causing him to end up in a suggestive position.

Of course Lila wouldn’t let that go, and she had easily separated the two.

Since then, Lila wouldn’t let Adrien get too close to Marinette, always finding an excuse to keep him from being around.

Even to the point of glaring at him, After all, he stole all of Marinette’s attention.


Marinette was hers.

Well that was pretty much it, I wanted to write more, but I have college work I really shouldn’t be putting off. Sorry for it being rushed!

Adventures In Babysitting

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Request: Could you do a Deanxreader where Sam and Dean go to a town where there are victims from different kinds of monsters. They find a toddler ( the reader) talking about a witch that turned her and has been summoning monsters to kill her. They bring her to Bobby who recognizes her and tells the boys that she should be the same age as Dean. While the brothers go to kill the witch, the spell wears off and the reader leaves before they get back. After a few weeks the reader ends up rescuing Sam and Dean where she tell that she had to return the favor. Dean realizes who she is and falls in love with her? 

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,007

Warnings: language

A/N: So much protective Dean in this one…

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What are friends for

Pairing: Natasha x reader

@lol-alright-then Request: Hey could you do an imagine where y/n has just gone through a break up and Natasha (her best friend) helps her through it by being her fuck buddy?

I don’t know why I’m still fucking crying, I’m the one who broke up with him in the first place. I broke up with my boyfriend Kyle because he had become extremely clingy. He would always call me at random time just to make sure I wasn’t going to leave him. His excuse was with all the guys on the team I could easily be tempted and stray from him. I hit my breaking point last week when he followed me and Bruce when we went to pick up food for everyone.

*Last week*

“Oh my gosh y/n are you really going to leave me for a green monster” He started shouting. Bruce being the kind hearted man he was about to tell him nothing was going on. I on the other hand cut him off.

“Don’t you fucking talk to my friend like that Kyle. You don’t know him so that gives you no right to speak do him in that manner. Bruce is one of the kindest man in the world. Oh and if you didn’t know I’m breaking up with you.”


“No it’s over, come on Bruce” I grabbed Bruce’s hand and started walking away because I was noticing his skin was starting to turn green.


“Hey y/n can I come in?” I heard Natasha’s voice from the other side of the door.

“Yeah come in” I tried wiping the tears from my face. With one look Natasha ran towards me and pulled me into a bone crushing hug.

“Oh y/n are you ok?” Natasha sounded so concerned. Out of everyone on the team I was closest with her. She knew everything about my drama with my now ex and she would listen to me complain about him. On many occasions she tried to get me to break up with him but I never listened. In a way she was happy when she heard about what happened between me, him and Bruce. She told me she was happy I wasn’t going to be sad anymore and now I could be with someone who truly makes me happy.

“Yeah its stupid. I was just thinking about Kyle again. I’m just so used to being In a relationship that actually being single is terrifying”

“Aww it’s going to be ok I promise. What do you miss about being in a relationship”

“Having someone to come home to is the main one but also being able to express my love to them.”

“So you miss sex?” Natasha smiled decoded my phrase automatically.

“Hahaha yeah I do” I tried to avoid looking her in the eyes.

“Well for the first part you do know you come home to the team now right?” I nodded now realizing that. “As for the other thing I mean know I don’t have a penis but if you want we could always hook up” Natasha started caressing my left thigh. That caused me to look up at her wondering if she really did just say that. I saw her looking at my thighs as she waited for my responds.

“I uhh well, are you sure this won’t change our relationship?”

“No it won’t because it’s just sex but how about we hook up right now . if you don’t like it we won’t mention it again. If you do want to, we will continue to hook up but I will say if we do continue I don’t think we shouldn’t hook up with other people. If you want to hook up with someone else the pact is broken and we won’t hook up again.” As much as I wanted to say no to this I really couldn’t pass up the chance to hook up with Natasha. I mean the woman is gorgeous.

“Alright let’s do it” I replied and Natasha moved her hand behind my head, I leaned in and kissed her. This is the first time I’ve ever kissed a girl and I really liked it. Her lips are much more fuller and softer, I could honestly kiss her all night long. I moved us so I was laying down on the bed and Natasha was on top.

“Are you enjoying yourself y/n” Natasha asked as she was moving her hand up and down my thigh while subtly grinding into me.

“Mmm yes I am, your so soft and an amazing kisser” I started my hands found there way towards her lower back, easily slipping under her shirt. Natasha began bitting her way down my neck occasionally sucking on my skin. I closed my eyes enjoying the friction of our clothed pussies. Natasha pulled away when she felt me trying to remove her shirt. Once it was off I ran my hands up Natasha stomach and admired how gorgeous she really was. I reached around and unclasped her bra, tossing it aside I started to groped her big breast earning a moan from her. I took her left breast and started sucking on it while massaging the other.

“Y/n” Natasha whispered as she started slipping her hand down my pants. “Mmm y/n you’re wearing too much clothes” I pulled away when I felt her remove her hand and felt my shirt being lifted. “Oh you naughty girl you’re not wearing a bra” Natasha started push my boobs together and bit both of them before moving herself so she was facing my clothed pussy.

“These also have to go” Natasha started to unbutton my pants and removed them along with my underwear. Now completely naked in front of her Natasha started licking my soaked pussy. Right as she was about to continue I stopped her.

“Nat wait I want you tasted you too” I managed to say. Natasha got off the bed and removed her jeans and underwear. She climbed back up and moved herself so her pussy was right in front of me. I grabbed her thighs and lowered her into my mouth.

“Oh y/n” Natasha moaned before she buried her face between my legs. Since this was my first time doing this I just did to her what I wish men would do to me. I started to suck on her clit before outlining her entrance with my tongue. I teasingly entered my tongue but quickly removing it. I did that a couple of times until I heard her whimper.

“Please y/n” I have never heard Natasha beg before so I left my tongue inside her. Her moans became louder as I stated massaging her walls with my tongue. The vibrations from her moans also encouraged me to move my tongue faster.

“Fuck y/n have you hooked up with another girl before?”

“No mmmm you’re my first” I ran my thumb over her clit as I started feeling my walls closing around Natasha tongue.

“Damn you’re doing are doing a great job Mmm” Natasha replaced her tongue with her fingers. She started moving them fast in me while sucking my clit.

“NAT ! ! ! !” I groaned inside her pussy and dug my nailed in her hip as I my orgasm hit me.

“Ahh y/n” Natasha came soon after. I continued to move my tongue trying to lick all of her cum. Natasha sat and moved so she was laying next to me.

“Oh my god I’m going to be more than ok with the arrangement Nat. You’re honestly the best sex I’ve ever had” I began kissing her jaw.

“Well I’m flattered y/n. I gotta say for someone whose never hooked up with a girl before you were a pro. I’m glad you’re agreeing with the arrangement ” We continued kissing and touching each other until we fell asleep.