and she was so happy when he came back


She came to my life out of nowhere, as a gift, a gift that almost died at 2 months old thanks to parvovirus, I nursed her back to life but she stayed small as hell, I kept her for 10 years and then I let my brother took her with him when he moved out.
My little Ying, since her parvovirus she has being a very sick dog, and we lived so much shit together, and every damn time she was close to death I’ve been at her side, and every time she won.

I wasn’t with her this time, and I can’t believe she’s truly gone.

Just out of nowhere, like she came to my life.


The orders came in as soon as they finished breakfast. The President had a stroke the evening before and his health was declining rapidly. There was a change of plans to the Nibelheim mission. Zack would stay and await for Kunsel to help him with the mission. Sephiroth was to prepare to to return to Midgar. 

Then the second message came through. Sephiroth had to find and locate someone named C. Strife and take him back to ShinRa. That part of Sephiroth’s mission was to be kept secret, however. 

Sephiroth wasn’t one to question the mission, especially one so easy. The innkeeper was happy to point him towards the Strife house. The woman who answered, seemed a little suspicious, but was willing to talk to him. 

Her expression turned dark when he asked if she had a family member who’s name started with a C. 

“I have a son, Cloud,” she said, “but…he doesn’t live here anymore. He left for Midgar two years ago. Has…has something happened to Cloud?” Sephiroth wasn’t sure what to tell her, but he was saved by a nervous cough. 

“Um…sir?” One of the troopers sent to accompany them was standing behind him. He turned. The trooper took off his helmet with shaking hands. 

“I’m…Cloud Strife,” he said. 

Cloud fidgeted nervously with his helmet, wondering what sort of trouble he could be in. Sephiroth seemed just as confused. 

“As far as I know, you aren’t being brought back for doing anything wrong,” Sephiroth said, “just that someone was looking for you.” Cloud nodded, but still felt a deep seed of dread in his stomach. It didn’t mesh well will the bumpy truck ride. 

Zack was still sending him a slew of text messages. 

Yo Spikey, sorry you couldn’t stay for the extended paid, vacay. 

Dude, I just told your mom I knew you and she’s baking me cookies!

How are you doing? Your mom wants to know. 


Don’t worry, I’ll save you a plate. 

For serious tho, call me when you find out what’s up

: )

Cloud debated how to reply as the truck rolled to a stop. Sephiroth stood to get out and meet their connecting transport. 

Cloud put his PHS back and stuck his helmet back on his head. 

Cloud had never been this high in the tower before. He was positive lowly troopers like himself weren’t supposed to be up here. A Turk swiped a card in the elevator to bring him up here. Another was waiting at the door the elevator led to. 

He rubbed his sweaty palms over his pants in an attempt to dry them. He stepped forward into the open door. 

Rufus wasn’t sure when to do when Strife walked through the door. He’d imagined and re-imagined this scenario over and over, but his fancy speech fell apart the moment he saw him. 

Strife was nothing at all like he expected. Messy blonde hair, and a rumpled trooper uniform that didn’t quite fit his skinny frame. But he could still see it. The blue eyes hidden behind the hair, lightly colored freckles dusting his cheeks. 

He looked at Lazard on the sofa and got a nod. He looked back at Strife. 

“I’ve waited a long time to meet you, Strife,” he said, “I only had your last name, but it was enough.”

“M-me sir?” Strife said, “But…I’m just a trooper. I don’t know what I did but-”

“You haven’t don’t anything wrong,” Lazard said, “Rufus, don’t dance around it.” Rufus shook his head, and nodded again. 

“I assume you heard about my father’s stroke,” Rufus said, “They don’t think he’ll make it through the night. I’ve assume control of the company for now…and I found…a few things I didn’t know about my father.

“The most surprising thing, however…was that my father had other children…from a few affairs he had years ago. I have two half-siblings. One, you know as Lazard Deusericus. The other…the other I believe is you.”

Strife was quiet for a long moment. 

“I’m…I’m…We’re…brothers?” Strife said. He seemed to be wavering on his feet. 

“You can sit,” Rufus said, as Strife collapsed in a chair. Lazard sat forward. Strife looked up again. 

“I…I don’t know what to say,” he said, “I don’t…I won’t ask for much. I’ll keep quiet about it…I just wanted-”

“You’re misunderstanding,” Lazard said. 

“I didn’t bring you here to to tell you and threaten you into silence,” Rufus said, “I want you here to join me, join us.” Strife’s eyes were wide and he still seemed confused.

“You’re my brother, part of the family,” Rufus said, “whatever my father thought, I want you running this company with me.” Strife buried his face in his hands, his shoulders shaking. When he lifted his face, there were tear tracks on it. 

“C-can I bring my mom here?” he asked. Rufus almost laughed, it was such an innocent question. 

“You’re only of the wealthiest men alive,” Rufus said, “of course you can.”

“I-I’m sorry,” he said, “I-I don’t know what to say.” Rufus sat next to him. 

“Take your time,” Rufus said, “I know it’s a bit of a shock. But…I only knew your last name and first initial. I meant to ask before dropping it on you, but…what’s your name?” 

Strife wiped his eyes. 

“Cloud,” he said, “My name is Cloud.”

I had this small idea after seeing some artwork with a little Cloud and his Big Bro Rufus (can’t find the link, but will add it when I do)


i have this HC that jubilee was so happy to see the guys n’ gals that went to cairo when they came back safely that she tackle-hugged them all… and they all appreciated it, but kurt did the most… so every time he comes back home from an x-mission she makes sure to go find him when the x-jet’s landed.

at least until she passes her own eX-am and gets to be an x-man too. then she can just look out for him on the job.

The Other Woman Part 2 [Requested]

msimpala67 , keepcalmandbeajunkie , shameless-danni , keep-calm-and-omfg-jensen-ackles , misspepinillo17 , and yunngarab.

I wasn’t planning on making a part 2, but all of the people above asked for more, so here it is.

This is the original request:

justmasblack asked:I know this is gonna sound stupid and selfish but the angst request numbers are brilliant,you are truly talented so I want supernatural fandoms for the following numbers i’m so greedy I know and you r totally free not to do any of them or even if u did 1 i’d be thankful so here r my numbers (5deanxreader/10deanxreader/15deanxreaderxcas or samxreader/23casxreaderxdean-the one who wishes-/31casxreader),if you didn’t do any of'em it’s okay,if you did 1i’m grateful and if you did'em all i’d die happ

Part 1 is right here. 

Dean didn’t necessarily know what he was doing to his girlfriend; he thought they were as happy as ever, but as time passed, he noticed that she seemed… different.

After he came back from the life with Lisa and Ben, his lover had seemed to distance herself from him. The little things that she did had suddenly disappeared from his life as though it didn’t exist. The way she laughed at him when he sang off-key in the car, the small smirks and looks she sent him when Sam tripped or fell, and the way she would run her fingers through his hair when they watched old movies together all vanished.

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(If we count Scott, which we now apparently are. “He came to the house, he was in costume, and we gave him candy, HE COUNTS.”)

An adorable little Princess just came to the door. She was a bit tentative at first when Hubby asked if Mina could see her, but then she agreed and it was LOVE. We were closing the door as she ran back to her mum, but we could hear her yelling “I PET THE PUPPY!!”

Numbers aside, I think this may in fact be the most successful Hubbyween overall. Mina is adding such an extra joy to the experience. She’s just adoring everyone who comes, and they’re all SO HAPPY to see her.

Hubby will be closing up in about twenty minutes, but even if we get no one else, he’s floating.


young!sirius x reader

title: marauders tease sirius

word count: 321

summary: marauders tease sirius and say that he is whipped by you

When you and Sirius started dating, you kept your relationship secret. You didn’t want anyone to know and believed that it will be better if no one will find out about you two, but soon it got hard to keep everything behind everyone’s backs, so you told everyone that you are together.

Lily was your friend and when she heard this new, she was happy for you but didn’t understand how you could fall for someone like Sirius. He wasn’t bad guy, but she just thought that he wasn’t your type.

One evening you were sitting in common room with Lily and doing your homework when Sirius, James, Remus, and Peter came back. You smiled when your boyfriend came closer and gave you a quick peck on the lips. He sat down beside you, laid his head on your shoulder and asked.

“What are you doing?”

“Homework,” You replied not moving your eyes from your book. “And I would suggest you do the same because exams are coming.”

Sirius chuckled and just shook his head.

“Well, if you are not planning to do your homework then maybe get me something to drink? Maybe make hot chocolate?”

Sirius groaned, but still stood up and then nodded. “Fine,”

“You are so whipped,” James murmured under his breath and laughed.

“Shut up,” Sirius said, giving him a glare.

“I have to agree with James,” Remus chuckled as well.

“You never make us hot chocolate,” Added Petter and made all boys laugh, of course except Sirius.

“Shut up,” Sirius repeated himself again and looked at you, but you just smiled.

“I have to agree with them too, you are whipped,” You also added and giggled, moving your eyes back to your book.

Sirius didn’t reply. He knew that everyone was right, but he just didn’t want to admit, he didn’t want to admit that he was whipped.

When James told Sirius that Lily was pregnant Sirius was so happy he burst into tears. Peter was on a mission for the order and when he came back Lily’s belly was already big and when he first saw her he thought she simply got fat. Remus was the one who did not seem happy with the news and nobody understood why including himself. The first time Remus held Harry he felt an enormous amount of despair and self pity and understood that more than anything he feels joules and would have given everything to be able to have a “normal” child and become a father because at that time he didn’t know he could.

By @rulerofsilence

Chapter 11 - Therapy

Masterlist of Chapters

A/N: Hey all! Sorry for the delay on this one, I had a little bit of writer’s block. However, I’m happy to tell you guys I have the rest of the story planned out now and it’s going to be 21 chapters total! :) So we’re about halfway through at this point. Hope you guys enjoy this one!

Also posted on my Ao3!

It’s been two weeks since _____ got the call about Cho-Rim. At the time, she was almost frantic. It hadn’t crossed her mind for a second that Zen would contact someone to help, let alone that someone being Jumin. When she came back into the room afterwards, he had shakily handed her cell phone back, lips in a taut line. He hadn’t bothered to take the phone off the call screen. That’s when she saw the name plainly. Zen was shaken up by it, that was certain, but when she looked at him again, there was something else in his expression– a newfound fire in his eyes.

After that, he seemed to be doing a lot better. When they took their first trip to the prosthetist to get him fitted for a cast so they could begin making his prosthetic, he was optimistic. During his muscle therapy sessions, he didn’t get as frustrated or hopeless as he usually did. There were a few times he had even glanced over at her and smiled– a genuine smile. The kind of smile that made her heart flutter.

He’s healing, physically and emotionally, and she’s never been so relieved. There were days before this when she would look at him and see the shell of her husband, eyes devoid of anything but self-loathing and regret. He was paler then, no stranger to late-night breakdowns. Dark circles always adorned the underside of his eyelids. In those days, she thought he’d never be himself again. Now, when he looks at her, the pain is still there, but she can see Zen again.

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Top 5 caryl moments? If someone hasn't asked already 😊

this is so hard and will look totally different after tomorrow omg help

  • when daryl felt comfortable enough around carol to offer her a massage the night before they went into the prison and carol felt comfortable enough to joke and feel happy with him
  • when daryl asked her is she was okay in “the same boat” and she couldn’t lie, not to him, and said “no” and he said “come here” in his soft voice and hugged her close
  • when he crashed into her after a little jog in the forrest at terminus and held her close for the longest time and when they parted they smiled at each other and their eyes were glossy and then he did the cute headbut thing
  • when carol went to his cell after he came back to the prison with merle and told him she was glad he was back and he gave her this cute smile and they were so precious and happy
  • the whole episodes that are consumed and strangers because they are so so amazing and strangers is weirdly underrated anyways

ask me my top 5 anything (or let’s talk caryl if you’re into that because i will die tomorrow)

34week update

34week appt didn’t go to plan. Iv been busy today and hadn’t felt any movements and explained I’ll monitor it properly when I’m home as he moves most at night- she wasn’t happy about his as despite hearing him on the Doppler he still didn’t kick…

She sent us to the assessment center and again despite feeling a couple kicks, because it was so difficult to locate him due to my placenta, I was rushed downstairs to scan my waters and cord! Everything came back absolutely fine!

Midwife has drilled it into me that because of my placenta they’re going to be extra precautous and now need weekly appt and if the recused movements continue possibly weekly scans as baby can’t be monitored just by seeing how much he’s moving!

Really scared me how serious she was talking but I fully understand and appreciate it as it’s better to be safe than sorry! I’m 34 weeks but measuring 38 so she thinks I’ll be even earlier than last time!

👉🏻very tired and drained suddenly in the last week
👉🏻loose bowel movements vs constipation
👉🏻 VERY angry and upset very easily
👉🏻 leaking fluids every day without the urge to pee
👉🏻 cravings much more of a struggle
👉🏻 all in all a difficult week this past week but given how far ahead he’s measuring it’s not a surprise!

You cheated

You are so happy of finally being able to get out of medical. Two days ago you were shot by an arrow so Abby decides that you had to stay in case sonething goes wrong.

You run through the hallways so you can surprise Bellamy. When you reach your room, you open the door and you see it. He is in top of some girl. Bellamy sees you with widen eyes.

“(Y/n)” bellamy tries to explain but you turn around to run. You run so fast, you need Clarke but she left when you came back from Mount Weather.

You hurry to the exit since Bellamy is running behind you. You make it to the forest. When you know you lost him, you sit there crying and screaming. You have no pourpose without him so you decide to set a goal: find Clarke.

Three months later, Azgeda is following you for all the lives you’ve taken while looking for Clarke. You know that your best chance is in Arkadia so you come back.

As soon as Octavia sees you she runs and pulls you into a hug. You’ve changed and she notices it. You have black clothes and war paint.

“I miss you (y/n)” she cries and you hug her tightly.

Someone comes into the room and you turn to see. Bellamy.

“(Y/n) you’re alive. Where have you been” you look at him with disgust. Octavia has already left.

“You don’t get to ask me that. You broke my heart. You broke me. You don’t get to look at me, to touch me, to talk to me and you don’t get to ask questions” you are furious. You slap him and you just walk out of the room while tears springs down your face. Get knocked down, get back up.

Request: Mrs. Lowman tricks

Request: Imagine you’re Happy’s old lady and the club needs you to do something for them but Happy doesn’t want you to because it might be dangerous so you have to “convince” him to let you. 

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut

Originally posted by oreilysamcro

Shit”, you cursed in Russian when you tripped in Happy’s bag on the floor. He had came back home from a run last night and his things were forgotten on the floor. You two had missed each other so much, limbs tangling in the second he crossed the front door.

“Are you okay?”, Happy poked his head out the bathroom, not bothering to ask what you had said, he was used to you cursing in Russian. You grandmother had arrived in America decades ago and she taught you to speak Russian, even though your mother hated it.

Yes”, you yelled back and walked to the kitchen to make coffee. The pancakes were ready by the time Happy got out of the bathroom and you put a plate in front of him.

“You are an angel”, he smiled, satisfied, eating his breakfast. You kissed his scalp and sat next to him, opening the newspaper. You were both in silence, eating, when the doorbell rang. Happy motioned for you to remain seated while he answered it.

You heard voices and the thuds of their boots, then you kitchen was invaded by Jax and Chibs, both greeting you. Happy told then to sit and served coffee to his brothers, not letting you even get up. Chibs winked and you knew he was amused by a domestic Happy. What could you say? You had the Killer wrapped around your finger.

“What brings you here this early boys?”, you asked, serving the pancakes to Chibs, who smirked, taken a big bite.

“Club business”, Jax said, putting a ridiculous amount of sugar in his coffee. Happy straightened on the chair, his expression also all business. You looked at him, knowing it was time for you to go, even though he would tell you what it was. You got up, but Jax motioned you to sit again. “Stay Y/N. We have to talk to you”

“What?”, Happy barked, his fork halfway to his mouth. You looked at each other and then to Jax.

“Easy”, the blond smiled. “We need a favor…”

Jax explained everything while you and Happy listened in silence. Chibs ate his pancakes, adding his own comments now and then. When Jax finished you were biting your fingers, nervous. They had some business to settle with the Russians and they needed your skills to help them. Lyla would put you into a party, where you were supposed to get information for Samcro. Nothing would happened to you, Juice would monitor you all the time and Lyla had a friend there who would protect you. Everything was well planned, but Happy flipped.

“No”, he growled. Happy would never go against his VP, so his attitude surprised everyone.

“She is your old lady”, Jax said. Yes, you were Happy’s old lady and that meant if the club needed, you had to be there.

“Too dangerous”, your husband said. It wasn’t that dangerous, once you got what they needed you would be out of there and no man would mess with you while Lyla’s guy was by your side.

“Hap…”, you started but he wave his hand, cutting you off. His jaw was clenched so hard you could hear the teeth clashing. You sighed and looked to your friends. “Thanks boys. Could you please give us some time?”

“Sure”, Chibs said, finishing his coffee. “We will be at the clubhouse”

You waited until you heard the bikes leaving and looked at Happy. He didn’t give you time to talk, snapping, “No, Y/N”.

“Nothing will happen, baby”, you said. Happy shook his head, getting up to put his plate on the sink. You got up too and wrapped your arms around his waist. Happy sighed and turned around, pressing you against him.

“You don’t know for sure”, he said, showing a sweet and worried side that only you were allowed to see. “Anything and everything could happen. I’m not risking your life, end of discussion”

He smashed his lips on yours, a hungry kiss, making you melt in his arms. All the fear of losing you in that kiss. Happy kissed your forehead and mumbled something about going to work, leaving you in the kitchen. You started to clean it, thinking about what Jax said and what that little mission could be. Happy came to kiss you goodbye before leave the house and everything was quiet, leaving you only with your thoughts.


You knew how you would convince Happy to let you help the club. Well, you weren’t so sure, but you had to try. It was almost sunset, TM would close soon and the boys would be around the bar for a drink. You parked your car and looked at the garage, Happy was there, working and turned his head when he heard a whistle. You heard it too and it was obliviously Tig Trager, seated at the picnic table, smoking.

“Damn doll”, he blew out the smoke. You knew that Happy was seeing that, eyes locked on you legs. You were wearing a jeans mini skirt and your cowboy boots, a black tank top covering your body. You put your sunglasses up as you smiled and walked towards Tig.

“Aren’t you afraid to die?”, you asked.

“Well, yes, but… He won’t kill me”, he shrugged.

“I wouldn’t be so sure”, you said, looking at Happy, now marching towards the picnic table. Tig smirked, always looking for some trouble, his destructive behavior ruling him. You rested a hand on your waist, looking at happy. “Hi baby”

“What are you doing here?”, he growled and grabbed your elbow, already walking to the clubhouse. He stopped at the door and pointed a finger to Tig. “I deal with you later Trager”

“I came to see you”, you smiled getting rid of his grip and waving to Chuck behind the bar. Happy narrowed his eyes and you knew he wasn’t buying it. You noticed the Chapel’s doors open and smirked, walking towards there.

“Y/N…”, happy warned behind you. Ignoring him, you walked inside, nobody was there. You didn’t wait even two seconds before happy follow you. “What are you…?”

You slammed the door and locked it, pushing Happy to the table. You tugged on his kutte at the same time you smashed your lips on his. He responded immediately, his hands on your ass, pulling you closer. You bit his lip, making him growl and nibbled his jaw, your hands roaming down his body, reaching his belt.

“Little girl…”, he warned you again and you smiled at your pet name. His pupils were wide when you knelt in front of him, dragging his pants down his legs. He leaned more on the table, getting as comfortable as he could. His big cock was at your full disposal and you licked your lips in anticipation.

You licked his extension, swirling your tongue around the head and teasing his slit before suck his balls. Happy pulled your hair in a ponytail and you let him go with a pop, opening your mouth as much as you could to take him. He moaned when you closed your lips around him, taking his cock as further as you could in your mouth, keeping your eyes locked with his. Your hands stroked his base while you sucked your husband’s cock, already hard in your mouth. His eyes were closed and you lifted his shirt, kissing his abdomen and chest as you got up.

Happy opened his eyes seeing you smirk before push him sit on his very own chair at the table. You took his hand and sucked his fingers, before put them under your skirt.

“No panties”, he muttered as you nodded, leaning to bite his earlobe.

“You better remember this, every time you sit in this chair baby”, you whispered straddling him. Happy held his cock, waiting for you. “Will you let me help the club?”

“I knew you were on a mission”, he smirked. You shrugged, caressing his scalp. “It’s too dangerous girl”

“Well…” you said starting to pull back. “I guess we are done here, then”

“No”, he growled and grabbed you leg, keeping you there. You smiled and lowered on him, taking his cock inside you. It was easy, you were dripping wet for him, you pussy stretching around his member.

“Happy”, you moaned, your nails scratching his neck. Happy pulled down your shirt, exposing the top of your breasts, sucking them as you moved up and down his cock, slamming against him. He grabbed your skirt, helping you to keep a pace. “Can I help the club?”

“No”, he was breathless, watching your breasts bounce in front of him. You stopped, his cock inside you and looked at him, an eyebrow raised. He huffed and slapped you ass, you didn’t flinch, he could make it hard for you, but you already had played that game before. He stared at you for a while before talk. “I will die if you get hurt”

You blinked a few times. Happy was sweet with you, something that was a privilege since he was a cold heart killer to everyone else. However, he never had said something so intense like that, he said he loved you and other sweet things, but that statement was new, powerful, overwhelming.

“I won’t, I will be careful baby”, you traced his lips with your thumb. “The boys have everything planned. I can carry a knife, you know that I know how to use it, you taught me”

“Yeah”, he smiled, proud. You waited until he finally sigh and nod. “Fine! You carry that knife and I have to meet the guy before this party, okay?”

“Anything you say”, you smiled.

“Yeah, right…”, he rolled his eyes. “Now let’s finish this”

He got up holding you close, just to place you over the table, your ass on the edge and he thrusted deep and hard inside you. Covering your mouth not to scream you enjoyed your husband fucking you like his life depend on it. You held him tight and bit his shoulder as Happy squeezed your breast. You heard people outside, but nothing else mattered besides Happy.

“I love you”, he groaned, holding your chin to muffle your moans in his mouth as you both got closer to your releases. You were pulsing around him, taking all you could from him, his cum filling you when he came, still kissing you.

“I love you too”, you smiled when he let you go, breathing heavily. Happy grabbed a tissue from somewhere and handed to you clean you thighs as he pulled his pants back. Happy heard the voices outside and cursed.

“Damn. Everybody is around the bar”, you just smiled, making him look at you, raising an eyebrow.

“We are husband and wife”, you said. “This clubhouse smells like sex all the time anyway, nothing they hand’t done, heard or seen before”

You left Chapel and the boys were on the bar, trying to hide their smiles.

“Hi boys”, you greeted, asking Chuck for a beer. “So… Everything ready for our plan?”

“Yes”, Jax smirked and looked at Happy leaving Chapel. “Hey Hap! Thanks for letting her help, man”

“Yeah, whatever”, Happy growled grabbing your elbow, talking you away. “Let’s go home”, he muttered as you waved to the boys, all of them laughing.

Did anybody else teared up

-Harley in the traditional Harley Quinn costume 

-at harleys vision with her normal life with the joker and kids

-how every little thing reminds her of the joker and she smiles at the thought of him (Gun,necklace,ect)

-how much she loves the JOKER. 


-or how the joker threw her to saftey so she would be okay? and she though he was right behind her but no he wasnt

-How heartbroken she was when she though he died  and she tried to be happy and cheered herself up

-or how the joker came back for her at the end and her world was put back together


You smiled as you watched your husband, Randy Orton, carry around your 4 year old daughter on his back, around the kitchen. “Hi Mommy.” Gracie said once she saw you.

“Oh hey babe.” Randy hadn’t realized that you were in the doorway before the 4 year old had said something.

“Hey.” You say sweetly. “Gracie are you having fun up there?” She nodded her head violently. She loved when her daddy came home and so did you. Randy don’t have as much time with you and Gracie as you would like but when he is home you all are happy.


Just a few weeks before his “SNL” return, Tracy made a surprise appearance at the 2015 Emmys and told Howard how he and Tina Fey shared an emotional moment backstage—the secret was so well kept, not even his good friend knew he was going to be there that night.

“She had her back to me and I said, ’T!’ And she turned around and lost it,” Tracy recalled. He told her to stop crying and promised that he would see her just as soon as she got done presenting. When it came time for Tracy to go out on stage, he said he caught a glimpse of Tina sitting in the front row, crying tears of joy.

“She was happy that the comedy was still there,” Tracy said. “That’s my sister I never had.”

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2 for grogleth? ty <3

  • when or if I started shipping it: listen it was a joke in the cr discord that got out of hand and then suddenly it was Real and its been haunting me ever since
  • my thoughts: i think it was chy who once said grog and keyleth would be drift compatible and i stand by that 10/10
  • What makes me happy about them: they’re so supportive of each other?? like when grog gave her the talking to about rage and promised that he’d have her back and highfive her when it came to raishan (pls where is my highfive u two) and then recently with the ressurection when keyleth saw grog was struggling, she reached out to him and convinced him that scanlan needed him and just ;A;
  • What makes me sad about them: that their interractions are so rare rip
  • Things done in fanfic that annoys me: hahahahahahah there needs to be fanfic in the first place for me to be annoyed
  • Things I look for in fanfic: that they exist lol
  • My kinks: n/a
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: grog/scanlan is good and i have a whole slew of keyleth ships but kiki/kash, kiki/pike, and kiki/vex
  • My happily ever after for them: i don’t have anything specific but can u imagine grog with the ashari like holy shit that’s an image (especially if the ashari decide they like him a lot and grog gets along surprisingly well with all of them :v)

anonymous asked:

I feel like Isabelle is really jealous on Clary, like when she passed the purity trial that look of jealousy. And before implying she had demon blood. And when she talked to the angel "why would he talk to you" Also the way she acted in 1x06 when she interrupted Clace was really irritating and rude by the tone she spoke. And she thinks she has to forgive Clary for not telling her everything but Clary doesn't owe her!

I think Isabelle has just had a hard time this season. She’s been pretty much alone the entire season. Robert and Maryse are gone, Jace was gone and is now having a hard time readjusting, Alec’s off with Magnus, Max isn’t there, Clary has had her own stuff to deal with. Isabelle’s just kind of been forgotten by everyone else. She was so happy and having fun with Jace when he came back but he got spoked by Aldertree.

I think a lot of the reasons she’s been acting that way towards Clary lately is kind of a “not everything is about you”. 

I don’t think it’s Clary specific though. If any of them had tried talking to Isabelle at that point I think they might have gotten a similar response. Maybe with the exception of Alec because she looks up to him so much. Over all I think she’s kind of at a “Guys I’m here too” point.

The dress.

Please read the author´s note! 

I´m sorry I was so inactive lately but I was in a really bad place.
Our cat disappeared a week ago and I was heartbroken over the loss so I mostly spent the week eating junk food and trying to distract myself with Netflix.

But the story has an happy end because when I came home from work this afternoon, he appeared back on our porch.
I was so lucky I cried.
It´s a miracle!

I wrote this before I knew that he was back and it was the first thing I wrote in a week, so please be gentle.
I´m trying to finish Roommates for sunday but I´m not sure if I can do it so it may has to come on monday.

xoxo Kristin

Request:  Could you do one where the reader is kinda shy and Sam complements her and she just gets super flustered? Fluff please!

Pairing: Sam x Reader 

Length: 491 Words

Warnings: fluff

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You were looking at yourself in the mirror, wearing a red dress with white dots on it.
It had been in one of the old boxes, the ones you had taken with you when you had come to live with the Winchesters four years ago and you hadn´t ever looked at that stuff again until now.
Things like light summer dresses simply didn´t fit into your job description anymore and frankly, most of the time you were happy with wearing  torn up jeans and a baggy sweatshirt, but seeing yourself in something as nice as this dress, made you somewhat sentimental.
It was a life you didn´t have, never could have again.
Just when you decided to take it off and move on, you  heard Sam call you from somewhere out in the hallway: “(Y/N)?”
“In my room”, you called back before even thinking about whether you wanted him to see you in this dress or not.
You turned around to face the door and Sam entered the room, holding up a rolled paper: “Have you looked at… Wow.”
He stopped talking and his raised hand sank down at his side.
You frowned and felt immediately uneasy. You usually were very shy and you hated it if people looked at you like that and it made you feel self-conscious.
Protectively you wrapped your arms around your waist and blushed: “I… I was going through some old stuff, you know, from before.”
He still looked at you, a half-smile on his face and you were almost sure he was going to burst out with laughter and if that happened, you would most certainly burst out in tears, but instead of doing that, he just said: “You look amazing. Like really beautiful. Not that you´re not always beautiful, but that dress is perfect for you.”
Immediately your blush tripled and you looked at your naked feet: “What?
It was a stupid thing to ask, but if you were not completely deaf, Sam Winchester had just called you beautiful and that was something you really wanted to hear twice.
“I said you´re beautiful. That dress looks good on you and that blush is just cute”, he repeated his statement from before and when you dared to look back up, he was grinning a bit.
This time you didn´t feel mocked, just well liked.
“Do you want to go out with me sometimes?”, you said involuntarily before immediately being horrified by it.
A guy just told you that you looked good and you asked him for a date.
What was wrong with you?
But now you couldn´t take it back and the silence that followed seemed deafening until he smiled: “Sure.”
Then he winked at you and left, probably already forgotten what he had wanted to tell you in the first place and you turned back around towards the mirror, the biggest grin on your face, deciding to never take that dress off ever again.