and she was so close

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9 for Ichiruki please?! *.*

9. “I’m sorry I punched you in the face.”

Ichigo’s holding his nose, blood welling between his fingers. 

“Whaddid you do that for Rukia?” he slurs, and sits down on his bed. Rukia pulls tissues out of the box and hands them to him. He tilts his head back and presses the tissues to the end of his nose. 

“I’m sorry,” Rukia says, “you startled me! I didn’t realise it was you.” 

“Who else would it be?” Ichigo grouses. “As if anyone else is dumb enough to try and wake you up by shaking you.” 

“I didn’t mean to punch you in the face!” Rukia protests, “I was aiming for your stomach - why were you so close to me anyway?” She looks at him, and Ichigo rubs the back of his neck with his free hand. 

“It’s breakfast time, didn’t want you to miss the pancakes.” 

Finally got to watch and

All I saw tonight was how Bernie’s so distraught for Serena and how close she was to cracking throughout the episode especially with Fletch and Serena’s so completely broken and trying to carry on but can’t and they’ve clearly spent time together huddled at Serena’s home being sad and weepy and everyone on AAU knows and is supportive and okay with them and I just have a lot of feelings right now.

Also Jac Naylor wHAT THE FUCK

I wanted to join in the plush love =D

This is my bobcat, Royelle. I’ve had her since I was really young. I have so many good memories with her, and she’ll always be close to my heart. She’s so soft on the eyes ♥

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{Make My Muse Moan} Adela places soft kisses along Arno's neck, her teeth grazing on his skin here and there. She moves up toward his toward his lips, hovering over them as her hand slowly trailed up his thigh.

“You tease me with a kiss and do nothing?” Arno breathed, dissatisfied at the thought as he let her taste of his words. Closing his eyes, he tilted his head to the side respectfully to allow her more room while taking in the sensation she brought with every teasing touch her lips and, soon, her hands could fathom.

She was so close…so close to what she was, without fail, arousing to begin with. “Should I help you, my dear?” Arno whispered close to her ear, his own hands coming upon Adela’s breasts to fondle the clothed wonders before bothering to work on undressing her. “God himself should know by now how much I yearn for you every night with how often I sing of your praises even when alone and ‘serving’ myself.”

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Write one of your OCS fawning over Icebreaker. I dare u.

i’m rusty and sleep-deprived, please forgive quality/mistakes °^°

“Hey Atlas, Anat and I have a present for you!”

“A present?” the Titan asked skeptically as she flipped through her Vault, looking for raisins, “You know, Tia, the last time you gave me a ‘present’-”

“It’s not like the last one,” Tiamat interrupted quickly, embarrassment coloring her face with a darker shade of blue.

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she had the world // panic! at the disco

i’m a little iffy on the trope that pisces moons can’t deal with reality.  i don’t think it’s really that they’re afraid of reality, or can’t stand to deal with it, but rather that they live so happily in la-la land that they just choose not to.  pisces moons are the people that are gonna love books, love writing, love character rp, love driving out in the middle of nowhere and escaping the whole world for a day.  it’s not because there’s anything in reality that they’re afraid of.  it’s that reality can become boring to them.  so much goes on in their thoughts, and i think that leaving earth for an hour and reading about or even becoming someone else is refreshing and just fun to them.  a pisces moon alone is still in touch with reality, they just like to leave it sometimes.
it’s people with multiple pisces placements that are harmed by this quality.  they’re the type of people who truly lose themselves in their fantasies, to the point where they actually create their own versions of reality and honestly believe they are real.  a pisces sun, or a pisces moon alone, knows where to draw the line.  but someone with their sun, moon, and other placements in pisces, don’t even know what’s real and what’s not anymore.  it’s actually scary to watch.  they really make things up in their mind and it becomes their reality; even people with incredible intuition or lie-detecting qualities have no idea that they’re not being genuine, because in that pisces’s mind, they’re not even lying.  they think they’re telling the truth.  there’s really no reason for you to distrust a pisces sun or moon, but someone with multiple pisces placements you may want to be wary of.  you actually never really know what version of the story you’re hearing from them.

About ships

Boy and Girl: *blush at each other*

People: it’s canon.

Two boys: *blush at each other, hug, think about each other all day, hold hands, stare at each other lovingly, dream about each other, share lots of intimate affectionate moments*

People: look at those bros! Such strong friendship!

People: *brush hands with friends of the same gender* no homo!


“Oh, he says ‘Spill the T’ […] It was super fun there. I mean, the girls are super cool. Raven Symone is a fucking cunt […] Anyway, let’s do the song that she didn’t like on the show.”

Not to make myself emo, but apparently there are rumors of Brainiac coming to Supergirl 2B and based on the comics Lena will be possessed by him. While I have no idea how that shit works or whether it’s true, all my gay heart can think about is a potential scene where possessed Lena is about to kill Supergirl, while this song plays in the background. 

She’s so close to do it, and Supergirl, lying on the ground, doesn’t fight back because she knows it’s not her. She doesn’t want to hurt Lena. She’s giving up. So Supergirl tells her it’s okay. “It’s okay, Lena.” She looks into her eyes and smiles.

But she’s not giving up on Lena. So before Lena can do anything, Supergirl tells her that it’s her, Kara. Her only friend in National City, Kara. And she’s so proud of all the work she’s done. She’s so proud of her saving the city on multiple occasions. Kara’s proud that she’s been such a hero to the city. She’s so proud she fought her own mother to save the aliens. And that she knows that she’s possessed and deep deep down she’s fighting.

So she tells her she needs to fight more, she needs to fight whatever is messing with her mind. She needs to, because whether Kara or Supergirl, she believes in her. “If someone can fight it, it’s you, Lena. I believe in you.” Kara says, smiling, not scared that she’s probably about to die.

And Kara can see she’s really fighting it, because Lena is tearing up. And Lena will break it after all, because if there’s anything that she cares about and is worth fighting for in this messed up world, it’s Kara.