and she was like hmmm why are they not making out

punishment | lay [ long ver. ]


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genre: SMUT 

warnings: fem!dom, handcuffs, blindfolds, orgasm denial, basically a lot of kinKEY SHIT

“ You need to be taught your place ”, she spoke in his ear, drawing a whimper from his sweaty self. “ I-I ”, Yixing moaned out, but a scoff from the girl kneeling next to the bed he was on stopped his cracking voice. “ Did I say you could speak, babyboy? I didn’t. So… why are you speaking? Hmmm… ”, (y/n) stopped for a moment, a smirk grazing her lips after that. Trailing wet kisses down his neck, (y/n) spoke into Yixing’s skin, making him shiver. “ Does babyboy perhaps want to be punished? ”, she questioned. “ Answer me, Xing, and don’t lie, you know Mistress doesn’t like it when her babyboy lies ”, the amused tone of her voice brought his hard bulge to be even more prominent.

Yixing’s naked body glistened with sweat, his dick hard and red, the veins on it very easily spotted, all of the muscles in his body tensing, his breathing heavy. “ I- I do… ”, he said, his voice cracking in between moans as (y/n) slowly traced her fingers over the pulsing vein on his hard member. “ Do what, baby? ”. He exhaled deeply, controlling himself not to cum over his Mistress’ fingers, as he knew only then he’d be in for it. “ I want t-to be pu-nished, Mistress. I w-wish for you t-o make me b-beg a-and scream, I w-want y-you to mak-e me regret being a bad boy~ ”, he stuttered, and in return she wrapped her hand fully around his member. “ Good boy ”, (y/n) cooed, “ But I still don’t think you deserve to cum, hmmm… I have an idea.. Tell me, Xing, what did you do to deserve punishment? ”.

“ I, I touched myself, even t-though Mistress didn’t allow me to ”, Yixing whimpered out, softy tugging on the handcuffs that restrained him from touching his Mistress. He wished to see her, to feel her, but the blindfold and restraints had his senses isolated, until he felt one hand being freed from the cuff. “ Now, babyboy, sit up ”, he did as he was told, the freed hand being used as support. “ Now, baby, since you like touching yourself so much, go ahead and touch yourself, but don’t you dare cum, Yixing. Understood? ”, (y/n) ordered, and he shivered at the thought of even worse punishment than what’s he’s been given until that moment.

“ Now, baby, give your Mistress a show ”, she said and he obeyed, stroking his hard member slowly, his fingers now coated with precum. “ You’re allowed to make noise, babyboy ”, she traced the backside of her hand on his cheek, and instantly, drawing a long, breathy moan from him. “ Ah- Mistress ”, he moaned out, his hand picking up to pace, torturing himself further because he knew he wasn’t allowed to cum.

“ Yes, Xing, such a good boy for me, aren’t you? ”, (y/n) kissed up his neck, leaving soft love bites here and there. Taking his hand away from his dick after a while, she cuffed it back to the bed, making Yixing whine. “ Now, now, don’t be a brat, baby, you’ve been good the entire time. Now, Mistress is going to ride you, hard and fast, just how her babyboy likes it, right? ”, she asked and he nodded, but a soft slap to his abdomen made him realize she wasn’t happy with his answer. “ Yes, Mistress, please, j-just like that ”.

His head was still thrown back, ever since he was ordered to touch himself. (y/n)’s legs were now on each side of his hips, her hand gripping his member and lining it with her entrance. Slowly, she started bouncing up and down, drawing long and painfully high moans from the boy.

“ Mi-stress, faster, please ”, he begged, and, for a change, (y/n) obeyed his pleas. To his suprise, she even took off the blindfold, giving him a clear view of her. Riding him faster, she could feel every touch his dick made with her walls, the friction causing her as well as him to let out louder and louder moans, both edging closer to their release, and picking up the face with every thrust.

“ Almost there, babyboy, almost there ”, (y/n) groaned. Yixing’s handcuffs started rattling as he pulled on them, his wrists probably hurting by now, not that he seemed to care. In this situation, pain was something he cherished. “ You’re so pretty, Xing, so pretty for Mistress ”, she cooed, her hands firm on his abdomen for support as she bounced up and down, fast and hard.

Soon enough, (y/n) felt the way too familiar knot in her stomach unravelling, her warm liquid engulfing Yixing’s member and burying it even further inside her, and she came with a scream of his name. Soon enough, he came as well, his angel-like voice moaning loudly as he finally found his release after the long night.

(y/n) collapsed next to Yixing after taking off his handcuffs, their sweaty bodies cuddled together, as she traced random shapes on his chest. “ I’m sorry for touching myself without your permission ”, he breathed into her hair, and she chuckled. “ Don’t lie to me, Xing, you wanted to be punished and you know it ”.

“ True, I do like your punisments, Mistress ”.  

Why I hate the ‘Black Magic’ music video

Okay so I’ve wanted to rant about this for a while so

They’re “unattractive nerds” (cause apparently messy hair and normal clothes is unattractive and makes you a nerd) and have a crush on this guy but oh no 

he has a girlfriend that is constantly making bitchy faces at them (ok but like I feel her cause you’re all there making googly eyes at her boyfriend) 

so after they discover ‘magic’ which makes them “beautiful and desirable” (as you can somewhat see by glitter surrounding them) and what do they do with their magic?

of course they use it to humiliate this girl (who really didn’t do much???) and she goes off running probably crying, (farting isn’t even bad, it’s natural??? but that’s the implication of the video k…) 


I guess you forgot to mention that you should make fun and demean another girl in order to get your confidence and man :/ 


you see this ‘nerdy’ guy here? The girls behind him are laughing and bullying him. 

aww they all feel sorry for him, Little Mix will probably use their magic to make him more conventionally attractive to get the girls like they did on themselves right?

apparently not… (the photo isn’t that clear but they’re all surrounding him and end up all around him and kissing him)

so basically if you’re a guy you shouldn’t have to change yourself in order to get hot girls but if you’re a girl you need to change in order to get your man even if you have to bring down other girls on the way :) 

MikaYuu endgame (with a hint of Yuunoa)

It’s sorta obvious that Mika and Yuu will probably die together at the end. The way the manga is going I really can’t see them making it. The reason why I think this is because they’re each probably one half of the Seraph experiment or something. As we all know Yuu had one wing when he goes in his Seraph form. Maybe Mika has the other wing and together they wipe the vampires out of existence, but they sacrifice their lives doing it. Edit: Like if you guys play FF13 the Yuri couple of the game gave up their lives to save the world. Since I actually want Shinoa I would like it if she at least got a goodbye hug from Yuu and pronounce her love for him, but she understands that he was meant to be with Mika (Doesn’t have to be in a romantic way!) and Yuu thanks her for everything she’s done and hopefully she’s able to move on. Edit: I really do like Shinoa, but I just can’t see her with Yuu. It’d be bad ass if she was just a lone warrior though ;) Yeah, there goes another theory of mine.

Dr. Sullivan is A/Charles Adoptive mother?

Either that, or Dr. Sullivan knows Charles and has had Charles as a patient. I was about to forget to make a post about this, until I got this message from trishiluv:

You guys ever notice… -A gets very angry when the girls make an attempt to talk to Dr. Sullivan about him. Multiple people know of -A outside of the girls circle i.e parents, boyfriends etc. but why can’t they talk to Dr. Sullivan. Ali and Jason even questioned their Dad. It was evident tonight and on a previous season, also when thinking this… the fact Dr. Sullivan mentioned Mona or -A threatening her son stuck out to me back in season 2. Hmmm is Dr. Sullivan connected to -A somehow?

I thought the same thing during the episode. Dr. Sullivan did mention that she has a son, and like trishiluv said, isn’t it weird how A always wants to stop the girls from talking to Dr. Sullivan. And if it’s not her son, it’s a patient she’s had before. A fears that the girls will figure it out because of that, just like when Dr. Sullivan figured out who A (Mona) was after the girls spoke to her. And on top of that, WHY make her relevant again? On this show, it’s always about the why. I think Dr. Sullivan will play a MAJOR role in the girls actually figuring out who A is and capturing him, because Dr. Sullivan knows he/she/it/bitch/A.

This is a short theory, but once again I need to give credit to trishiluv because without her I totally would’ve forgotten to post this!

Sarah Deleted her Twitter(the girl accusing Yami) and then returned only to possibly admit that SHE LIED, now she’s saying that a hacker is on her account, hmmm I wonder the fuck why 🤔🤔

She’s lying and so is drama alert, it’s just a big set up to bring Yami down and make him look bad just like how internet trolls drove away the xkit guy. Stop calling Yami a pedophile, no one got mad at the xkit guy for leaving tumblr when he was falsely accused so don’t get mad at Yami for deleting his Twitter when he’s falsely accused. I’d hide at first too if thousands of people all of a sudden thought I was a pedophile because someone decided it’d be fun to falsely accuse me of something that I never did. I can’t believe tumblr was cruel enough to hate on Yami before he even was able to get his side of the story out.

you wonder why he just up and left.

I’ll support Yamimash with every bone in my body, hate on me all you want but he’s innocent.

A Morning Without the Kids

“Morning love” A shirtless Adam called out to Taylor as he walked into the kitchen. 

“Oh look who finally got out of bed” Taylor playfully wrinkled her nose at him and giggled. Even after all these years of being together he still managed to make her feel like it was the first time she met him. Taylor flipped the omelette on the pan and continued with breakfast as Adam made his way over to her. He positioned himself behind her and began stroking her arm as she continued making breakfast. 

“Adam, stop” Taylor giggled, blushing slightly, still being turned on by his simplest actions. 

“Why…” He mumbled into her neck, which he began kissing. Taylor playfully nudged him back slightly, but this instead caused him to wrap both his arms around waist and place his hands under her shirt. 

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Owelia (no need to say anything else)

I just saw 11x24 of grey’s again and I saw something I haven’t noticed before:if you watch closesly in the scene where Richard and Catherine get married when Miranda and Jackson open the door of the chaple if you hit pause you can see Amelia turned back smiling…Hmmm…What was she talking about?Who was she talking to?Owen or Callie?Why was she smiling?All worthy questions that will never be answered…But you can totally see Owen checking her out when she wooo’s at the avebber(get it? :D) kiss.I have major owelia feels right now.I need them to have new scenes I can’t wait for 83 days…Owelia is freacking endgame :D And for Shonda has better make them end up together in season 12 which btw I can’t wait for as you can see :D.I promise to end this (torture) buuut…before I DO that I would like to say that owelia better happen soon with all the glory of hot kisses,hot hugs,lots of sex,marriages,babies and stuff or else I am personally going to murder Shonda Rhimes.Also I would like a baby who is the spitting image of Amelia pleaseee.How cool would it be for the baby to have her hair and mesmerising-perfect blue like the ocean eyes?Oooh god I want  owelia so badly right now.OWELIAAAAAA aaand i’m done :D Not quite yet.Fangirl soooo down :D:D