and she was all awwww about it

The thing I fucking loved about Ginny and Cara right on the spot was how Ginny expected this to be just another person wanting a slice of her celebrity but Cara totally defied her expectations. Cara is the one person we’ve seen in ages who doesn’t want or need anything from Ginny, and that’s huge. With the whole world counting on her in one way or another, someone showing up who just treats her as Ginny and not as her public persona is so huge. That’s why Ginny trusted her and wanted to let loose with her. That and how she totally sensed that Ginny was panicking and gave her a way out. The way she took that video and gave it to Amelia instead of posting it online, it made my heart melt. When for a second Ginny thought she’d betrayed her, that was heart-breaking, but her hopeful look when they assured her not everyone is out to get her, awwww. I’m all about this ship already, otp or brotp. Sign me up!

Danganronpa Trailer is out 030!!! (It’s 3 in the morning why am I wake ;m;)


And here’s Shinguuji about to list all the ways you’re wrong and he’s right and you a dumbass >:V

Kaede’s taken aback by how fabulous our boy Shinguuji is.

Tsumugi’s looking nervous ohhhhhhh 0o0;; (My mind did not think of anything lewd here no shut up guys >:0 )

D’awwww Tenko, you so cuuuttteeee! <333

WAIT WTF IS YOUR FACE?????? WHAT??? TENKO???? TENKO?????!!!!?!??!!?!?

I just wanna take a minute here to appreciate Tojou’s voice. What a nice voice <33 

New Tojou sprites! Yaaaay! … That one there is sideways, huh? Why’s she sideways? That’s kinda weird to me :0

Ahhh there’s my Maki look at my my Maki what a nice girl ^o^

She’s thinking reeeeally hard here! You got this girl! 030!!

Overall, what do I think of this trailer? 030

A+. 10/10. Good trailer <33

Awwww, Beatrice is showing a softer side!

She’s not all tsun tsun anymore.

I aplogize for the weeb language btw.

(I don’t)

Wait, Wirt has dark secrets?

What, he used magic to create that stupid fucking hat?

That’s about the only way it could’ve been created.

Her entire family cursed to become birds huh? That’s…. okay. I’m guessing the other birds that cursed her were given magic by the forest or something like that.

Also how old is Beatrice? A teen? An adult?



I love you Wirt.

“Wirt I want you call you an idiot but that’s so adorable I kinda wanna pet your hair now?”

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🌻 🌷 for Tuna :0c

🌻 - Their Father

🌷 - Their Mother

“I don’t have a Dad. Even if I did, my mom woulda slaughtered his ass. Like how I slaughtered my mom’s ass. 

…….that was a great day. Oh yeah if it wasn’t obvious enough, I killed my mom. Don’t worry bout’ it. My world is a dog-eat-dog one. Happens all the time. Also, she had it comin’. she was a world-class bitch-a-loid. PLus she tried to kill Pea-brain. And I can’t allow that to happen. I s’pose I could give a lil’ more info though. 

Her name was Pine, and she was huge, lemme tell ya. 9-foot. A beast. Glad shes dead. wasn’t easy, thats for sure.”

Marco lets Star give him makeovers sometimes omg… She gets out all her little makeup sets and thinks really hard about what will look the best. Shes like “Yes!! Brown eyeshadow. It will look good on you!!! You’re totally an autumn. Now don’t move…”

“It tickles!!”

“Yes, that’s how you know the makeup is working!” she smiles really big and then does the rest of it.

“Awwww!! You look so pretty!! ❤❤❤”

Really? He excitedly takes the mirror from her. “Omg …I do”

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They can keep peddling this 'friendship' all they want I'm still not gonna buy into it just because they are suggesting I have to. If they wanted it to be that way then they should have thought about that before they introduced her the way they did. Just had to get that out, cause I keep seeing all these posts like 'awwww all the Robron fandom love this new friendship'.

All of the fandom doesn’t like it. She’s still shit, I’m not going to suddenly stick my head up her arse just because her and Robert are ‘mates’

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It's me or Amanda expected to become a massive star when she was cast as Mary? And she also expected the fans to go all AWWWW and ship her fiercely with John and to stop wanting johnlock, didn't she?

Well, I can’t blame her if she expected to become a star, we all want to succeed in our professions. Anyway, you’re right about the shipping: she expected the Watsons to become the show’s favourite OTP. Because * heavy sarcasm * m/f pairings are interesting to watch, obviously, and m/m are not.

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A ship that I find disgusting?

How did I know I would get this one?! 😜 First of all, holy crap, “disgusting” is a strong word for the dislike of a ship. I don’t like that word at all. Unless we’re talking about food I don’t like. Or poop. That’s gross.

That said, I do have one shipping thing I take issue with in general: specifically the sexual shipping of teenage Ruby Rose. She is a minor (16-17) at this point in the story, and being shipped sexually (at the age she is in canon) is not cool. At all.

That said, I am cool with the stuff that people create/write when she’s an adult, and also the adorable friendships. You KNOW I’m gonna reblog that, because D'awwww. I’m even okay with dating fluff if it’s chaste. But the smut of little, teen Ruby? And the porn in her tags? That’s gross. If she’s 16, she should be off limits. Both to adult characters and adult viewers who wish to fantasize. Especially when there’s a wide adult fan base for this show. And for the record, I consider anyone 18+ a responsible adult.

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Hi ! OK first I love your page. Thank you for the time you put into everything you do. Second. Idk if you know of Fiyah Angelou on Facebook but she is organizing an initiative "bey-b shower" for black women expecting children who may not have all the things they need. The group goes by the same name on fb. I thought it might be something you would be interested in hearing about or letting your followers know about. Beginning stages right now but looking for organises in every state!

Thank you! And awwww this is cute!

Everyone feel free to check this out!

Damian and steph

Can you imagine if the batfam were out in public and someone called Steph fat? Before anyone can say a thing damian punches the person in their face and is in their face screaming about how they arent allowed to call his older sister fat at all and how theyre lucky that theyre in public. And stephanie is so touched like “awwww you stood up for meeee~” and “ well , since im your big sister its my job to embarrass you!”. Damian claims it was a slip of the tongue but the damage is done. Though he still wears the “best little brother” t shirt she got him.

Me and Ma Friend B
  • *two of us standing on the Starbucks line getting coffee before class*
  • Me: "I'm so happy I finally start work here today, I don't have to stress about getting a job anymore". I just casually say on line.
  • *little pause and in the corner of my eye I see B's eyes look down at my belly but I didn't think anything of it until...*
  • B: *starts tickling my tummy* "Awwww little Abbie starts her job today!!" She says in her baby voice.
  • Me: *i crouch over pushing her hand away and give a goofy smile* "Abbie's getting all grown up!"
  • *we both start laughing aw cute friend moment*
  • Yay more tickle stories from Abs 🙌🏼😂

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THIS COULDNT HAVE BEEN MORE PERFECT OMG!first I really fangirled over the fact that Stefan actually read all of caroline's writting while in the current timeline she's so defensive when it comes to it ,and I love how you wrote several evolution on SO many things for both BD and SC. SECOND THIS WAS HILARIOUS like I can't believe how good you are to portray two couples in such a different way but making them both so interesting i love this universe sm so thank you! and lastly CANT WAIT FOR CH15 !

Awwww, yay, so, so happy you liked it, babe! <3 Love your point about the writing - I was hoping that’d give an idea of how comfortable they are with each other at this point, since like you said, it’s a pretty big shift from where they are now. Like it’s just a casual given that he knows her writing inside out and she sends him drafts and unpolished thoughts like he’s her soundboard. And yay, I’m glad that other shifts came across, too! And that you got group feels (all the group feels yaaaaaaaaaas!) Anyway, this is lovely, thanks so much for sending this <3 Chapter 15 is a few scenes away from being done, but all the heaviest stuff is done so the writing pace is picking up for me now - I’ll keep you all posted! xx

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Ok, so you know how you're a really good artist? Well I make art as a hobby. But in the past were you ever broke af and you need to give a birthday gift (or gift in general) so you make them a painting/drawing on a big piece canvas and give it to them as a gift and their like "omg are you sure you want to give this away? It's too good to give away as a gift." and i'm like "buddy, I give away art all the time i'm not serious about art." Idk man or is that just me who leaves art everywhere???

awwww thanks man - that’s really kind of you to say! (although hahah i feel like I’ll never be a legend like euclase or lamthetwickster - they’re just so fucking great. 

As for your questions: 

art as bday gifts - hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaha I’m constantly broke. I gave my mother a drawing of pinecone for her 50th bday because she’s a pine in the tree calendar (don’t ask), and a year ago or so, I painted Yoda in coffee for a friend’s birthday. I make my own Christmas cards - which are full of visual and verbal puns.  So yeah, I do a lot of my stuff myself. And yes, some people have sometimes nigh on refused to accept an art piece, but most of the time, I feel like that is just politeness- in my case! 

leaving art laying around everywhere - Actually, I think that’s one of my pathological problems. I’m constantly leaving my art all over the place. Actually, i think my notebooks and exams for class have more doodles on them, than actual notes. 
About a year ago, I was doing some social work in an old people’s home and in my breaks I kept drawing the patients there; then I would leave the doodles all over the place. After about three weeks, the director of the place caught up with the fact that it was me drawing them and asked me if she could keep the ‘priceless art’. It’s been hanging in the foyer - framed - of that old people’s home since then. So yes, you are not alone. 

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What are your Alive!Stoick headcanons? Like what if Stoick never died and the Haddocks got to be a family again?

Awwww <3. Sure, let’s talk cuteness!

  • Everyone knows that Hiccup and Astrid are getting married because Chief Stoick the Overexcited Foghorn lets everyone know immediately. Stoick is the biggest shipper of Hiccstrid, after all!
  • As would be his duty as village chief, Stoick performs Hiccstrid’s wedding ceremony. He alternates between a serious expression, understanding the beautiful significance of marriage… and grinning like a huge dork.
  • Stoick crushes Astrid in a hug about 0.00002 seconds after she and Hiccup are officially married via ceremony. Her back cracks during the several long seconds he yanks her into the air and celebrates.
  • After the events of HTTYD 2, Hiccup agrees that it is time he takes on the chiefly mantle. However, I imagine that the transition is a lot more smooth and gradual in this scenario. Hiccup goes through training time, he and Stoick are basically co-regents for a period, Hiccup is the one in public doing most of the things, but his father is there giving him advice, support, and gentle suggested direction. Everyone accepts Hiccup’s leadership, though Hiccup is a little more awkward about it at first, being as Experienced Chief Daddy is there watching him.
  • I especially imagine Stoick with a grandchild on his knee, his face lit up as he gently bounces the little bundle of joy up and down. I imagine Stoick being ecstatic upon having a grandchild, and he is very active spending time with the little tyke.
  • He’s not incredibly fond of how the toddler reaches up with their chubby hands and yanks on his mustaches, though. That happens a lot. Stoick pulls the baby up close to marvel at it, and then the child reaches out and - YANK!
  • But since Hiccup used to do that when he was an infant, it’s not too startling to Stoick. He can handle the pain of pulled facial hair. Most married Viking men have experienced this, anyway.
  • Stoick will occasionally babysit for his son and daughter-in-law. He’ll chill at the house in his chair, calmly working on his wooden ducks. Always have to carve those wooden ducks, right?
  • Stoick gives some of those wooden ducks as toys to his grandchild.
  • Stoick can piggyback three of the Hiccstrid children at once on his back.
  • Stoick will have this wonderful, easygoing, deep laugh that you hear whenever he’s around the kids.
  • Stoick sometimes gives Hiccup and Astrid advice about raising kids. It’s usually not appreciated, as he tends to give it unsolicited. Astrid and Hiccup do come to him when they have a question, and are thankful to hear his words then, but a lot of the time, Stoick just starts talking about how to raise kids, and Astrid and Hiccup are like, “Ghhh, Dad, no.”
  • Stoick and Valka move in to live together once again. Their marriage is happier and more harmonious than it was before. I headcanon they used to have a lot of arguments when they were a young couple, but this doesn’t really happen now. When they first return to Berk, they spend a lot of time catching up with each other. The love is rekindled, and it’s many a month before they completely leave dazed-flightly-lovely-dovey mood (they just can’t believe they’re together again).
  • Valka shows Stoick what she can do in the skies with dragons. She offers to have Stoick stand up and do some “dragon hopping”, too, but he stoutly refuses. This is one area where Stoick does not need to try to emulate his wife… he feels a LOT more comfortable in Skullcrusher’s thick saddle.
  • Skullcrusher warms up to Valka pretty quickly. Cloudjumper and Skullcrusher take a little getting used to, though. Cloudjumper is a little more hesitant to befriend Skullcrusher than vice versa.
  • Stoick braids his granddaughters’ hair. Valka does, too, but let’s not forget that Stoick does, and that his braids are better (almost as good as Astrid’s).

I could keep going, but let’s stop before I write a novel. XD It’s really endearing to imagine a world of the Haddocks all together. I very much like the direction HTTYD 2 went, but it’s always so cute to think of what might have happened with alive!Stoick!

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you said talk about your gf so here i am!!! we skyped yesterday and i made her a cute long distance aesthetic thing today and she's so dang adorable and gorgeous and i want to kiss her all. the.time. but she's in a different country so i can't :((( but she's a star made of poetry and i love her

AWWWW I LOVE! LDRs are sooooo hard tbh but they’re often very worth it, and it sounds like your gf is definitely worth it. i hope you two get to meet up irl soon! best wishes to you both xoxo

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Awwww, I'm sorry about your turtle love. Hope his (or wait, was she a she?) soul rests in peace. Reblog all the turtle posts love. Keep reblogging.

awww thank u itenoria my love. the turtle was a she, they were both females, and lovers. buffy passed first then hermione a week after. they were soulmates 💖🐢🐢💖

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ok so not exactly a meme, but Miero, one of our littles, took the the song "adelaide parade" from Wirt's source and changed the words to fit her version called: "Serenade parade". The lyrics in her version are about singing to someone in order to cheer them up ("We're gonna sing a song for you / and sing until we're all-way through / we'll sing and sing and sing until it cheers you up"), and she sings it whenever any of us are feeling down (mainly Wirt), and it's adorable!



Originally posted by thorsbaratitty

Thor x Reader


Prompt: Maybe a ThorxReader where she’s sitting out in the rain and Thor thinks she’s upset over something since he heard Midgardians do that sometimes. And he gets all worried but really she just loves the rain and he is embarrassed for his mistake?

Warnings: None?

Note: Awwww. I love Thor! That’s a cute prompt too!

With all of your being, you loved the rain. You loved the sound and the smell and everything about rainy days. But rather than sitting inside and curling up someplace warm to sleep during rainy days, you grabbed an umbrella and headed outside.

You liked to splash in the puddles and walk through the wet wonderland.

But Thor didn’t quite understand.

“Tony,” Thor approached his Midgardian friend, watching you walk outside the Facility and down one of the sidewalks through the courtyard. “Is there something wrong with (Y/N)?”

“What do you mean, buddy?” Tony asked, looking up from the newspaper he was reading.

“She is in the rain alone. Do Midgardians not go to the rain in their time of sadness? Or is that simply my inference?”

“Well, sometimes they do, but-”

“I shall make her happy!” Thor declared, holding his fist in the air. He rushed off into the Facility.

“Whatever you say, buddy…whatever you say…”


“(Y/N)!” Thor bellowed a few minutes later, tearing across the courtyard towards you. “I have rented the happiest of movies and purchased your favorite treats. Come with me!”

“Thor, wow! Thanks! But um…why?” you asked, thrilled that he had decided to surprise you, but unsure if you had missed an Asgardian holiday or festival of some sort.

“Are you not sad? Midgardians walk in the rain when they are sad, yes?”

“Some do, but I like the rain, Thor.”

“Oh. I see.” he replied. “My apologies, my love. I seem to have misunderstood you,”

“It’s really sweet of you though,” you said gratefully. “The living room has a great big window we can watch the rain from if you still want to watch those movies,”

“I’d like that very much,”

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