and she was a girl

they bond over being percussion and echinoderms. since their instruments usually take a backstage to the piano and trumpet they’re less popular than other members of the band, but that’s fine

Sea Cucumber Girl is snarky and a bit of a gossip, especially about her other band mates. most people are intimidated by Sea Urchin Girl because of her quietness and beady stare, but really, she’s just shy. she has a bit of a crush on Cucumber but doesn’t want to impose and worries about a relationship making things weird in the band

…but that’s just a theory.

HAPPY FRIDAY MY FUCKING PERVERTED FOLLOWERS XOXO I love errbooddyy that gives a fuck about my daily doings AND MY MESS OF A LIFE 👸🙌💕💌💞 YOU GUYS ARE DAAA REALL MOTHAFUCKIN MVP§ 🙌💞😘 … you all ready for my

“fun fucked up facts Friday!!!” TADA I SHARE MY FACE WITH ANOTHER HUMAN YES IM AN IDENTICAL TWIN MY LOVES!!!! I CALL HER BY THE NAMES THAT FOLLOW (YOU CANT CALL HER ANY OF EM) and she’s a lesbian so I have a pass to call her some of these and I have licked my fair share of tha taacosss so don’t get all offended by these (it’s the Internet…FUCKIN WOMAN AND MAN UP) ANNNYYWHOOOOOOO😺
1. Womby 😹
2. Womb mate
3. Dyke
5. YO FGGT 💕
7. HAAAY HOMO【instead oh homie haha 🤓】

well those are just a few of my classics for this fucking awesome human being / best friend and personal burn book cause we hate the same people and talk shit about them 【keep in mind were not just talking shit about people just cause… there the type of people who have SHITTY PERSONALITIES BUT THINK ITS OKAY CAUSEE THERE GOOD LOOKING AND OR RICH..】 Anywwhoo I got to have a sister hang out night and it was fuckin awesome I think she’s pretty okay most of the time JOKES SHES FUCKING AWESOME SO GO SHOW HER SOME OF DAAA LOOVVEE that you guys give me she’s a tweaker to!! So go Spam the fuck outta my twin she’s cool and I don’t know how I would have survived this far without you loser 😘👭💨🤓🤓💞💕@flowerchiild4everwiild

Lorelai Gilmore & Luke Danes  -requested by Anon (kind of)
-endless possibilities: the Gilmore-Danes or if Luke and Lorelai slowly became Luke and Lorelai and Rory and April and William[oc].

(or the one in which I ignored lots of canon and gave them the joy of raising three amazing kids, together.) 

So I asked my girlfriend, a cisgendered girl, how she knew identifying as female was right for her through the question of: “Isn’t the idea of vaginal penetration abosolutely horrifying to you? Or is it just me being trans.” And being dead serious, she just said an answer that dropped my jaw instantly: “Well isn’t having your dick in something even scarier?”


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So are you straight ??