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to you, i thee wed (chapter 8)

They didn’t know they were marrying each other until the bride got to the altar. And then panic ensued. Married at First Sight AU.


Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

WC: 7.6K

Thank you so much @sarahcada and @booksfullofme for the lovely edits!

“I told you,” Tikki gloats. “Ladybugs and Chat Noirs usually do end up getting married.”

“Uh-huh, Tikki.”

“It’s true, Plagg! Look, isn’t this about the third time I’ve been right?”

“Sure is,” he mutters.

Tikki beams and pats the top of his head. “Don’t worry, Plagg. We still have the reveal and I’m betting on your boy to spill the beans!”

Plagg laughs and shakes his head. “You’re on, you crazy thing. Though I bet Ladybug is way more brazen. Adrien, well–he’s only brave if he’s with me. Your girl is always brave it seems.”  

Tikki grins proudly. “That she is. That she is.”

Marinette only opens the bedroom door a fraction before checking the hallway again to make sure the coast is clear. Looking to her left, then her right, she’s positive she’s alone as she hears nothing aside from the chatter in the kitchen floating up the stairs. Relief pours through her as she enters the bedroom.

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anonymous asked:

Could I request Murasakibara cuddling with his s/o all day cause she's been busy with school?

She was shuffling through her backpack, searching for some paperwork she knew hadn’t been completed yet. The urge to finish it way before the deadline came up was strong; she needed to make sure it got done now. Her pens and pencils were already laid out on the floor beside her, waiting to be used. Not once had she even glanced in his direction yet.

Wrinkling his nose in distaste, Murasakibara decided enough was enough. She’d been working way to hard this week.

Picking up the pencils and pens from the floor, he deposited them onto her desk. She thought nothing of it, thinking that he was simply helping her get ready for the assignment. Of course, these thoughts changed when he suddenly snatched her backpack right out of her hands.


Without a word, he zipped up her bag before placing it in her closet. He made sure to place it on the highest shelf; she’d still be able to reach it, but it would be more of a hassle.

“What are you doing? I need to finish some—”


It was easy for him to bring her up off the floor, gently sitting her down on the bed. Before she could move or protest, he shifted to lay down beside her, his head on her lap. His long arms reached over toward the desk and blindly grabbed for the remote control, switching the small television in the room on.

“It’s break time, ____-chin,” he said, turning his gaze toward the screen.

She knew there’d be no arguing now, especially with him leaning against her the way he was. With a sigh, she sat back against the bed. As her fingers eventually found their way to his hair, smoothing it out and rhythmically running through it, it was no secret that she was glad he’d forced her to take a break.

One of These Nights (3/?); jongyu; pg

Jinki knows that he’s gay. What he doesn’t know is how to handle a crush on someone as entwined in the music industry as he is.

part 1 - part 2

sorry again that this has been such a wait! ^^; this follows jinki through lucifer promotions and is more of the slow burn 8) and for the chat part…this is the day and outfit jong is referencing

thanks as always @yurilikesgirls and @jongyued for all their help!

slight warning for brief homophobia/relateable closeted gay feels

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warning signs // pcy

Originally posted by foreverxoxoexo

→ mafia!park chanyeol
→ in which two respectively fucked up people found a way to love each other despite the warning signs.
→ word count: 2k
pt 1 // pt 2 // pt 3 // pt 4 // pt 5 // pt 6 // pt 7 // pt 8 // pt 9 //
→ song of the chapter: junk of the heart (happy) by the kooks
→ *ooo i wanna know are yall on team kjd or pcy 😪 so let me know

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He Needs The Attitude Adjustment

In hopes of making up for the long wait of that last one, I managed to get my next prompt written already! This one was actually difficult when it came to deciding the ending, but I decided to leave it a little open-ended in case I wanted to come back to it. ALL feedback always appreciated. Thanks for reading! xx

Prompt: May I request a fic where the OC is an SVU detective but she and Barba are in a secret relationship but one day someone (is in you hands who) starts flirting with her and Barba is really jealous but tries to hide it because the squad is already suspecting about them? Please 🙏🏼🙏🏼. You’re amazing and I LOVE everything you write. Seriously, you’re incredible ❤️❤️.

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Daughter (Part 2)-Carl Grimes

Requested: Yes and no

Plot: The day after Negan’s daughter Y/N arrives in Alexandria, Carl brings Michonne and Rick to meet her and talk to her. Y/N, as Carl knows, is on their side-and wants Negan dead. Carl saw a lot of his old, more vulnerable self in Y/N-but will Rick or Michonne?

Warnings: Mentions of death, language, fluff

Paring: Carl Grimes x Female!Reader

Word Count: 3,098

A/N: Hey guys!! I’m pretty sure Daughter is my most liked post on this blog and I’m so shook! This is all thanks to you guys. If you haven’t already, make sure to read the first part here. Also, let me know if you want another part after this one. If you want to request anything else, my requests for imagines, preferences, and ships are open right now. Anyway, I’m sure you want to read this, so here we go! ❤️ ~Mercury

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5 weeks early.

Anonymous: Req where Spencer and the reader are both in the BAU and married with two little boys (Alexander - 3 : Alexander Jason Reid & Oliver - 18 mon) and basically she goes into labour early after a case [5 weeks] and they’ve been told they’re having a little boy (Benjamin Spencer) but end up with a little girl (Harper Penelope) as Penelope saved the reader?!?!

A/N: This is kinda long, I’m sorry!!

Originally posted by emilyprentiss

Y/N stood in the empty bullpen, the sound of Penelope humming sweetly in her office causing Y/N to smile while she sorted out a few files on her desk that she completed on the jet. Suddenly, a small, sharp pain pierced her stomach causing her to groan slightly. However, as she turned to leave the pain struck her again, more harshly, causing her to yell. Within seconds, Penelope rushed out of her bright, colourful office, eyes widening at the sight of Y/N’s scowling face as she leant against a nearby desk, panting.

“Oh my goodness!” Penelope squealed, running to Y/N’s side and began rubbing her lower back.

“What is it, Y/N?” She questioned, Y/N’s pain-ridden face making her begin to panic.

“T-the baby.” Y/N panted, face becoming red as the intense pain slowly appearing again. Garcia frowned, applying more pressure onto her tense back.

“You’re not due for another 5 weeks,” She speculated, moving strands of hair from Y/N’s face.

“I kno-” Before Y/N could finish, the pain hit her harshly, throwing her head back as she yelled, knees weakening beneath her. Penelope rushed to get an office chair, prompting her to sit down.

“I need Spencer,” Y/N gasped, rubbing her stomach as the pain subsided.

“Spence, you in the car park? We need you up here quickly, and ring the ambulance on your way, it’s Y/N” Without giving him time to respond, Penelope rushed to the kitchen, running a towel under cold water. Hurrying back to the panting, red-faced girl, she held the cold towel against her forehead. Emerging through the double doors, Spencer gasped at the sight of his struggling wife.

“Y/N, are you okay?” he panicked, kneeling in front of her as Penelope dabbed her forehead with the towel. Y/N’s fearful eyes met Spencer’s, another pain smashing against her stomach as her eyes clenched shut.

“Just breath, babe. I rang the ambulances.” Spencer comforted, his fingers dancing across her clenched knuckles.

“I-I’m scared, this shouldn’t be happening.” Y/N uttered, panting through the pain.

“Hey, it’s actually really common. I was born 6 weeks early and look at me now, you’d be blessed to have a baby boy like me.” Penelope joked, trying to keep Y/N’s mind from the strong pain.

“Y-you need to ring Derek, he has Oliver and Alex.” Y/N breathed, causing Spencer to look up at Penelope, who nodded at the scared man, convincing him she was okay to stay with Y/N. As Spencer walked away slightly to phone Derek, Y/N twisted her head to face Penelope.

“T-the song you were singing earlier, c-could you?” Penelope quickly nodded before Y/N could finish, the harmonious tune filling to room causing Y/N to relax a little.

“Derek said they’re okay with him,” Spencer assured, returning between her weak legs. Moment’s later, the medics ran through the door, noticing Y/N instantaneously.

“Have your waters broke yet?” One of them questioned but all Y/N could do was groan, her eyes widening as wetness puddled between her legs.

“Shit,” she frantically cussed. The medics stood up, standing at either side of Y/N, holding her waist and shoulders. Spencer quickly followed, looking back at Penelope briefly.

“Here, take my car. Y/N will want you there.” The doctor hurried, throwing her his car keys.

Penelope paced in the intensely lit corridor, keeping her shaking fingers busy as she mindlessly fidgeted with them. All of a sudden, Spencer emerged from the room, his teary eyes drawing her attention immediately.

“Hey, is he okay? Please tell me he is okay, I just want to cuddle with the baby boy already.” Penelope rambled causing Spencer to chuckle, her eyes lighting up at the happy sound.

“You can go in,” Penelope squealed before Spencer finished, “But on Y/N’s request, you need to close your eyes.” Penelope huffed, closing her eyes as Spencer lead her into the room.

“Pen, there have been a few complications.” Y/N muttered, causing Penelope’s face to drop.

“Our baby boy turned out to be a baby girl,” Y/N smiled, Penelope quickly opened her eyes to find Y/N cradling the incredibly tiny bundle of joy.

“Oh my, a girl!” Penelope spoke excitedly, tears running down her face as she ran over to Y/N, eyes softening at the small girl. Penelope’s dainty fingers ran over the baby’s miniscule knuckles, a huge smile possessing her face.

“Would you like to hold her?” Y/N whispered. In effect, Penelope nodded eagerly, sitting in the chair beside the bed as Spencer took his delicate daughter and handed her over to Penelope.

“She is the most beautiful thing in the world,” Penelope cried, Y/N’s tears began to silently fall at her comment.

“What’s her name going to be?” Penelope questioned, not taking her eyes off of the baby. Y/N smiled at Spencer, who nodded at her happily.

“Harper Penelope Lee, after the best god mother she could ever wish for.” Penelope’s eyes widened, snapping her head towards Y/N.

“She’s named after m-me?” She whispered, realisation hitting her, “Wait did you say god mother?!” She raised her voice, grinning widely.

“Only if you want to be.” Spencer muttered, smiling down at his baby girl.

“Of course, I would love to!” Tears fell from her face as she slowly handed Harper to Spencer, quickly embracing Y/N in a tight hug. Unexpectedly, the door opened, revealing Derek with Oliver on his waist and Alexander stood by his feet, holding a ‘congratulations’ balloon. Spencer placed Harper carefully into Y/N’s arms before taking Oliver from Derek and kneeling beside Alexander.

“Well, Alex. I know you wanted a sister so daddy did some magic before the baby came. Would you like to meet her?” Spencer cooed, Derek raising his eyebrows at the comment.

“A baby girl?” He grinned, closing the door as Alexander followed his father. Alexander sat beside Y/N in the hospital bed, his small hands soothing over Harper’s short hair. Spencer perched by Y/N’s feet, bouncing Oliver on his knee while Penelope and Derek looked over them in awe.

“Oh, and guess who the god mother is?” Penelope squealed at Derek who chuckled in response. Spencer glanced over at Derek, smiling softly.

“Speaking of, would you be her god father?” Spencer asked softly, causing Derek’s lips to part in shock.

“Really?” He shuffled closer to the tiny baby, his eyes bright. Y/N nodded at him eagerly, lifting Harper into his muscular arms.

“Meet Harper Penelope Lee.”


Hoshidan Festival: Kagero and Ophelia Parent-Child Convo

We’ve got a sort-of guest from Awakening invading Ophelia’s dreams. 

I’m having trouble deciding between Odin/Selena or Odin/Kagero for my Odin OTP. In general though, I’m a sucker for any supports where the three Awakening children talk about their families and pasts. Laslow has a lot of them (and they get pretty deep sometimes), but I feel like Odin doesn’t have as many. Kagero is one of the only ones that I have seen so far where Odin talks about his family at length. 


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Lawful Tease pt.8

Tags: @katelynnthekindle, @megant22, @houseofrahl, @sexywolfsfordays, @sterek-basically, @kittycatgirlmaddie, @misshinehou, @random-fandom-fangirl2112, @champagneblues​, @lunaskyhunter

Word count: 3366

Author’s note: Hello there beautiful Cinnamon Rolls! I can happily announce that the next part of Lawful Tease is here (literally, right here), however, I have to make a confession… This part didn’t turn out exactly the way I planned, but it practically took off and I couldn’t prevent it. Derek begged for this to happen. For further details, just… see the Warnings section.

Warnings: language, smut (I’m so, so really sorry, I promise I didn’t want to include it initially)

Your name: submit What is this?

“Erica, cancel all my plans for this afternoon,” I say, holding my index finger up when (Y/N) asks what has happened, signing her to wait.

“Understood,” comes my secretary’s voice from the other end of the line. “Anything else?”

“Fax me everything about Turing’s case to my home. I have a conference to attend this morning, and a lecture to get to after that, but…” My tongue darts out as I wet my lips, contemplating my choices. “Tell Victoria and Scott that I can’t appear personally on the conference. Tell them I’ll be in connection with them via phone, but I have to work simultaneously. Also, ask Scott to let Stiles help Isaac with my case for the time being; he owes me one. I need to crush Turing this time.”

“And the lecture?” asks Erica. I can practically see in front of my mind’s eye as her pen is hovering over the notepad, waiting for my instruction.

“That’s the only place I’m going to today,” is all I say before ending the call.

(Y/N) gives me a worried look.

“Now I can tell you about my case,” I tell her. “Since you’re involved in it, too.”

“What?” she asks, startled. “How could I be involved in any of your cases?”

“This one is about a stalker. The defendant’s lawyer is Harrison Turing, a serious pain in the ass. Erica is already faxing the records for you – I already know them but I need you to read them, too. You are going to come to court with me next week, with me being your lawyer.”

Her mouth is agape in surprise, but then she clicks it shut and goes to my study where the printer is working. I follow her wordlessly, taking off my suit and hanging it on the back of my chair next to my desk, leaving me in the vest only. As soon as she reads who the defendant is, she exclaims, “You can’t be serious!”

“What? Why?” I ask, approaching her. I sit next to her on the black leather couch.

“Matt Daehler is my friend! You saw him with me, too! He can’t be a stalker.”

“He’s your stalker, (Y/N),” I point out. “He took several pictures of you. Originally, this case was Isaac’s, that’s why I didn’t have an idea until now that I could possibly know the name of the girl in the pictures, but I’m taking it from him. Turing is capable of easily destroying Isaac in front of the jury, but he will have serious problems with me. I won’t let Daehler off the hook.”

“But you saw him with me!” she protests, still refusing to believe it.

“I honestly can’t remember that,” I admit.

“When we first met after your lecture,” she reminds me. “You were heading to your office because you left some papers there for one of your upcoming hearings.” It clicks. That was when I deliberately bumped into them to finally be able to talk to her. But I merely glanced at the guy once, and my brain deleted his face from my memory, discarding it as unimportant. I rub the bridge of my nose. “He told me he’d be absent for a while because some family business came up.”

“(Y/N),” I start. “There’s no ‘family business’ going on. He’s in pre-trial detention. I visited him once with Isaac.” Her hand is shaking due to the shock, so I take it in my mine to steady her. “No one can know about our relationship until this case ends. It’s important. Otherwise they won’t allow me to be your lawyer, and I’m not having that. I want to be the one to protect you.”

She nods, however, I can tell that it’s more of an automatic, and not a conscious reaction.

“Thank you,” I smile at her, kissing her cheek.

“For what?” she whispers, voice weak as it barely brushes the air.

“For letting me do this for you.”

I stand then, and migrate to my desk to boot my laptop. I open a text editor to type up a contract, which I print out immediately and slide in front of (Y/N), along with a pen. “Sign it.”

“What is this?”

“Contract. To make me being your lawyer official.” Without further ado, she does as I told her, and hands the paper back to me. “Great. I’m calling Isaac to pick it up on his way to the office and give it to Erica.”

“Who’s Isaac?” she asks. I answer with my phone already in my hand, speed dialling him.

“Isaac is my assistant. Every senior partner has one. Scott’s assistant is Stiles, he’s the one I requested to help Isaac to find out what Turing has up his sleeve. He’s required to show it to us, obviously, but knowing him, he’s going to keep the big gun hidden until the last minute. I want to be prepared for everything, but if all else fails, I might just have to take the gun from him and point it at his head instead of mine.” Just as I finish the sentence, the call connects. “Isaac, come to mine before you go to the office. Take a cab, it’s faster.”

“That was harsh,” (Y/N) comments, but I shrug, putting my mobile away.

“There’s no room for feelings in our job,” I point out. “Besides, he’s used to it already.”

Isaac arrives within twenty minutes. I proceed to scold him because he took an awful lot of time, but (Y/N) stops me.

“Is that (Y/N)?” Isaac asks in disbelief. “She’s the one –”

“She is,” I interrupt. “I’m her lawyer. I’m taking the case from you, otherwise Turing would humiliate you in front of the jury.”

“So you’d rather him humiliate you?”

“He’ll have a slightly harder time with me,” I assure him. “It’s okay, anyway. Whatever you do, the responsibility is mine. Result’s the same either way.”

“You and your results-orientation,” mumbles Isaac under his breath, but I opt not to comment on it.

Since the printer is still not done, (Y/N) walks over to it to see what files are being transferred to me now. She gasps as soon as he sees the papers. I approach her to see what it is. They are the photoshopped pictures Matt took of her.

“This didn’t even happen!” she exclaims.

“I know,” I tell her. “I told you he was your stalker.”

“And how has this case been going so far?” (Y/N) asks. I’m already opening my mouth to answer, but Isaac beats me to it.

“I asked the other girls to attend the hearings, but they were always dismissed by the judge.”

“Because Turing wanted him to,” I add, disdain seeping into my tone. (Y/N) hums. “They said the pictures were too blurred, therefore we can’t know for sure whether those were indeed the girls in the pictures. Anyway, the way I see it, Matt is better at it than that, they just edited the photos later on.”

“But why didn’t they edit mine as well?” she asks.

“I guess because you’re the most precious to him; as you can see, he built this whole fake relationship with you,” I spit out the words hatefully. This is disgusting. And he touched – he touched – (Y/N). I suddenly have the urge to wash her body, to cover her up in my touches and kisses to wipe away the ghost of Matt’s fingers. “Isaac,” I say, voice stern and authoritative. I don’t break eye contact with (Y/N) as I speak. “I think you want to take the contract to Erica as fast as possible.”

(Y/N) senses my intentions; it feels like a spark has been ignited between us.

“Oh,” he says, fumbling. “Sure. Yeah. I’m going.” Isaac scrambles to leave, and the elevator barely closes when I’m already over (Y/N), kissing her with intent. She stumbles a bit by my force, but I have a sure hold on the small of her back, and her arms are wrapped around my neck. We fall back on the couch, and I break away from her mouth to start kissing her neck, which she bares for me willingly.

“Derek,” she gasps, wanton, fingers tugging at my hair when I bite on her skin. Her legs fall open, bracketing my hips, and I immediately take advantage of the position, bucking my groin against hers, and she grips my tie firmly, holding me impossibly close.

“I want you,” she whines into my ear, reaching down to cup me through my trousers. I moan at her tentative, yet demanding touch, wanting to be free again. “Please, Derek.”

“I’m giving it to you, baby,” I promise, breathless, unbuckling my belt quickly. (Y/N) kicks off her panties, and I reach down to her dripping folds, soothing her need for contact. Two of my fingers dip into her easily, and she’s already meeting my movements with her hips. She’s busy freeing me, her hand finding my erection as it’s straining against the fabric of my boxer briefs, stroking me to return the treatment I’m giving her. We let go of each other after a short while, moving at the same time, to let me slide into her finally, but just as my tip nudges at her entrance, the phone in my study starts ringing, startling us into frozen shock.

We stare into each other’s eyes, then my head falls in exasperation, forehead resting against the crook of her neck, revelling in the panting noises of her elevated breathing and accelerated heartbeat.

“Damn it,” I curse as I push myself off, tucking myself back into my trousers and walking over to the phone to accept the call. I put it on speaker, and tell (Y/N) to be quiet with an index finger in front of my mouth.

“I’m glad you can devote us some of your precious time,” comes my boss’s sarcastic voice over the mic. I roll my eyes.

“You know I always do my job,” I point out sharply.

“True. But I still expect you not to refuse to come to a conference in the last minute.”

“Something came up,” I answer, pacing the room.

“More important than your job?” I look over at (Y/N), still heaving on the couch, limbs mildly shaking, trying to calm down. I want to help her by tossing her over the edge.

“Much more important,” I end up saying, forcing myself to tear my eyes away from her tempting figure. There is silence at first, then Victoria sighs, long and deep.

“All right,” she says. “Now let’s talk about the original topic.”

Reader POV

As soon as I feel like I’ve gained enough power back, I stand and tiptoe out of Derek’s study to let him focus on the conference entirely – I know I’m distracting him.

I go to the kitchen to finish washing the dishes. I glance at the clock, noting that Derek has two more hours before he has to go to the university, recalling his agenda. I’m so happy I decided to come to him in the end; I knew that my excuse of ‘having left something at his place’ was painfully obvious, but directly asking him to take me to his flat seemed all that much more awkward.

I hum to myself as I’m working, getting lost in the sounds of the flowing water and the lemony scent of the soap.

It takes another hour for Derek to emerge from his study. Immediately, he heads to the fridge to snatch a bottle of sparkling water from it, only to approach me then and place a tender kiss on my temple. I giggle. “Aren’t you worried? Isaac must have figured out our secret.”

“That kid owes me. A lot,” he replies, tone just this side of cocky, kissing my cheek. “He won’t tell anyone.” As his hold tightens around my hips, and he leans in to exhale a long breath right into my ear, hotness explodes in me; I know what he wants. I know he wants to continue where we left off, but we can’t, not now, not when he has less than an hour to get to the university to give a lecture.

“I want to get you off before I go,” he rasps into my ear, hot breath licking over the shell of it, making my entire being shiver.

“You’ll be late,” I point out weakly, voice barely brushing through the particles of the air, but it’s useless, because Derek is already grabbing me to sit me on the counter, mouth latching to the side of my neck over the bruise he left there yesterday to make the hickey that much more prominent and lasting. I throw my head back, crying out his name when his fingers slide along my bare, moist folds.

“I’ll be quick,” he promises. “I just can’t leave without seeing you fall apart again.”

“And you?” I whine, fingers gripping his biceps through his shirt.

“I’ll get myself together by the time I get to the uni, don’t worry about me, baby,” he whispers, then adds in a ragged voice, pushing two of his fingers into me, “If I didn’t have to work today, I’d spend the entire day with you, mapping out your body with my tongue.” He starts pumping his fingers faster, eventually adding a third one as he continues talking, “cataloguing every single one of the reactions you give me as you come, the way you cry my name, beg to me, grip my hair, come apart by me again and again.”

As if on cue, my back arches into a tight bow, body spasming into the orgasmic stupor, fingers flexing around his shirt, eyes squeezed shut, jaw going slack, toes curling, his voice in my ear praising, “Yes, baby, that’s it, come for me.”

He works me through my climax, gradually slowing his movements. My harsh, quick breathing envelops us, and when I come back to myself, it registers that Derek’s breathing is laboured too, and there’s nothing in this world that I want more than granting him pleasure.

I don’t need further pushes as he licks his fingers clean. With two hands against his chest, I push him away meekly. He obliges, and I drop to my knees without missing a beat. Derek immediately starts protesting, but I won’t have it, instead undo his belt stubbornly, shove his pants down and free him. He leans back against he counter, gripping its edge for leverage.

“Holy shit,” he groans as my lips tentatively wrap around him, fingers tangling in my hair and tugging at it when I experimentally slide him in, cheeks hollowing. “Fuck, you’re so perfect like this,” he compliments, hand twitching on my scalp, stopping himself from pushing my head further down.

“Your pretty little mouth around me is pure Heaven, baby,” he sighs, jaw dropping, head lolling back, stroking my head in encouragement. He begins rolling his hips shallowly, the tip of his dick nudging the back of my throat. When I swallow around him, Derek lets out a loud, guttural moan in the form of my name, yanking at my hair accidentally, making me hum around him – and that’s the only thing he needs to spill down my throat.

“Ah, baby,” he breathes out, helping me up. He locks his lips to mine in a languid kiss, making us taste each other. In between kisses, he whispers to me, “Wait for me here,” he pecks my chin. “Wear anything you want.” A kiss on my throat. “Pick something from my wardrobe.”

“Okay,” I pant, mewling as he grips my ass, a sudden urge taking over me to bite his strong neck. A gasp rips out of his throat as I do.

“Fuck, baby, I don’t want to leave you here,” he husks into my skin, making me tremble with the intensity of his tone. “Not yet.”

“You have twenty more minutes,” I gasp, glancing at the clock. He growls in frustration, but after a couple moments, he takes a step back to keep himself from touching me. His eyes fall closed, and he takes a deep breath to settle himself, then makes a beeline for the bathroom.

Three minutes later, he comes back, heading towards the elevator, fully clothed, hair freshly brushed. I see him to it, only for him to kiss me goodbye before leaving.

It’s the first time since yesterday noon that I’m all alone, and it oddly feels strange. Leaning against the closed elevator doors with my back, I grab the collar of his shirt that I’m wearing and take a deep breath, his musky scent engulfing my nose. My eyes flutter closed, and a small smile tugs at my lips in content, getting lost in the peaceful serenity that encompasses me.

After a while, I go to the kitchen, blushing and grinning stupidly as memories of what we did not ten minutes ago coming back to me. I search for a cookbook to decide what to make for Derek by the time he comes back, simultaneously checking the contents of the fridge. I opt to make chicken breast with rice, and I prepare everything.

I’m in the middle of spicing the meat that I sliced when my phone rings, signing a new message. I’m actually surprised that it hasn’t petered yet, but I nonetheless go on a pursuit to find it. It’s still in my bag.

Where are you?

I bite my lip, then I shrug, mumbling ‘screw it’, and dialling her. If anyone, Lydia I can definitely trust.

“Are you with Derek right now?” is what she begins with.

“What –?” I can’t do anything but gape with wide eyes. “How –?” I can practically hear her smirk.

“I knew it,” she declares triumphantly. “By the way the red mark on his neck was a pretty obvious give-away. Add the fact that you’re absent after lusting after him for weeks and –”

“Hey!” I exclaim, face red as a tomato.

“– and that equals with the two of you, minus your clothes. Besides, Derek was actually smiling during his lecture, which he’s never done, only when you were around. I bet you’re on his mind all the time.” I can’t help but grin at that comment. “But now a lot of girls think he likes them for smiling constantly. He’s stuck with them now and trying to get rid of them,” she informs.

“Poor baby,” I coo, imagining the scenario. “I’ll help him out.” Lydia snickers and says, “You go, girl.”

We end the call, and I dial Derek right away. He picks up at the fourth ring.

“I hear you have issues with some girls there and want to get away,” I start before he could say anything. “Wanna help with that?”

“Definitely,” he answers, tone near teasing. The next time he speaks, I know it’s for the girls, not me. “I really have to go now. My boss’s just called and wants to see me.” I faintly catch as they complain or try to get him to stay, but these background noises soon die out, and the sound of a door closing echoes.

“I made lunch,” I announce, earning a chuckle from him in return.

“Thank you, baby,” he says. “I really have to go to the office, though. You wait for me at home.”

“Of course,” I nod, then he says, “Good. See you then” and ends the call.

I start cooking the rice with a smile playing on my lips, and I snatch a skillet to get the chicken breasts ready as well. Since there is leftover salad from breakfast, I place that too on the table while setting it.

Then I go to his bedroom to put on the sweats I brought back yesterday, picking up our clothes from the floor where we tossed them carelessly last night. When I hear the elevator doors sliding open, I rush out with a huge, giddy smile to welcome Derek home, but my face morphs into a startled expression when I see who it is that came to visit.

He shoots me a half-smile, blue eyes giving me a thorough once-over.

“Nice meeting you again,” Peter greets.


Yet another short drabble inspired by the amazing Mete-g’s comics. Absolutely great and cute. Check it out here! Enjoy! I’ll be working through the rest of my requests soon hopefully.


Jaune groaned, untying his tie for the third time.”Uggg, I just can’t get it right!” He complained, staring at the mirror. Sure, he knew how to tie a tie, his sisters had taught him after all. He just never could get it just right. He frowned again, annoyed that he was going to be late.

“Oh, do you want some help then?” Pyrrha asked with a friendly smile.

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$34 = $168

I’m working a different job now (thank god) but I used to work as a shift leader at a Cold Stone Creamery in a very upscale and suburban neighborhood. Many of our customers were impatient soccer moms. This continues to be my favorite story of “what the hell is happening in this customers head”. It’s a bit long but worth it. It only gets worse with each moment.

One of my duties as shift leader included making ice cream cakes (one of my favorite parts of the job). So about 4pm on a Friday night one of my coworkers comes to retrieve me from the back and informs me someone wants to order a cake. I meet her out by the counter–very stereotypical soccer mom; her sunglasses probably worth as much as I make in a week. The first thing she asks me is how long cakes took to make. I inform her that online orders take 24 hours, and in-store orders (like the one she’s making right now) take 36. She seems to understand, and I begin filling out her information and what she wants the cake to be like. It’s a medium birthday cake, worth $34. My very last question is, “what day do you need this by? When is the party?”. She responds, “Tomorrow morning at 11am”.

I lose my words for a second, I’m not going to lie. I finally stammer out that, ma'am, we make a lot of cakes during the summer and we really need 36 hours to finish a cake, as I told her beforehand. I add that, if she orders RIGHT NOW online, we could get it to her in time for a dinner tomorrow? The lady flips out. She’s telling me that it’s “ridiculous” that I need so much time for a cake. I stand my ground, refusing to prioritize her cake over the 6 other cakes I have to make and frost this weekend. She storms out with an ominous “whatever, it’ll be ready when it’s ready I guess”. I assume she’ll settle for the dinner cake and put her order with all of my other cakes.

I close the store at 10pm that night, even getting 2 (and a half) of my cakes done. My boss scheduled me for back to back shifts, so after sleep and relaxation, I’m back bright and early at 9am to do prep, and open the doors at 10:30am.

You’ll never guess who walked in, at 11am on the dot.

Suburban mom asks me how I’m doing and cheerily comments on how nice it is outside. After some nice chit chat, she reaches into her purse, claiming she’s “ready to pay for her cake”. I tell her that, don’t worry, she can pay when she picks it up!! The mood drops in the most terrifying manner. “You mean it’s not ready?” she snarls. “I told you I would be back at 11am to pick it up!”. I remind her how long it takes to make our cakes. I tell her that frankly I haven’t even started hers and how freezing and refreezing cakes is a MULTI-HOUR process. A screaming fit ensues. She asks for my manager. I tell her I AM the manager. She requests the phone number of my higher up, so I reluctantly hand over my owner’s number and (insincerely) apologize for the inconvenience.

Fifteen minutes later I get a call from my boss. “Just give her anything she wants,” he sighs. “Offer her a pre-made cake for free. I don’t care. Just get her to stop calling me”.

She-devil walks back in after another brief period of time, looking smug. I apologize again, and tell her that we’d be happy to give her a pre-made cake and write on it (but, unfortunately, we only have small cakes pre-made, and not medium). She can’t take a small cake, she insists, she has 12 boys to feed at a party, and the smalls feed 8. I offer a solution–a small cake, and (this is where I get in trouble) “ice cream enough to feed all of those boys”. Soccer mom seems content. A coworker and I tag team this order, eager to get her out of our hair. I grab some icing from the back and write the “happy birthday” message while my coworker hand-packs the ice cream for her.

Around “happy bi” my coworker comes to find me, white in the face and shaking. “I packed her 2 pints of ice cream but she wants more”. I sigh and quickly finish “rthday”, and hand over the cake to the mom. She already has the 2 pints in hand.

“2 pints and the cake should be plenty for you and for the boys,” I assure her. “No, you promised me enough for all of the boys. I want one pint of ice cream for each boy.” I decide its time to put my foot down, asserting “ma'am, any more than this and I’m really going to have to ask you to pay”. She seems, yet again, to understand. So we set to work on the crazy request. Each pint of ice cream is, normally, $12. The small cake is $24. The total for this order for a normal customer would have been $168, but we were discounting her $24 for the cake and $24 for the ice cream (and remember, the original cake was worth $36, so we were generous to give her $48 of product). So we pack the ridiculous amount of ice cream into paper bags and I ring her up for $120 (for the 10 extra pints). This woman loses it, calling us nuts and robbers, and tells us she won’t pay a dime. Throughout this screaming fit she manages to pick up the 4 paper bags, the cake, and her purse. And she storms out the door.

My coworker and I are frozen. I immediately call the owner, freaking out, asking if I should call security or the police or if I should ban her from our store forever. He’s exasperated. He wants to move on with his life. He tells us he’ll pay for it and to just let her go.

I went into the back room, found her cake order, and tore it up.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Jung. Jung Yunho.” tall and good-looking man said. The other guy smiled shyly and blushed.
“I’m Kim Jaejoong. Nice to meet you too.” They shook hands and started to talk about everything and nothing. Both were doing what they had to. Yunho was spy. And his mission was arrest Jaejoong. And Jaejoong… Jaejoong was assassin who should kill Yunho. The problem was - they fell in love with each other at the first sight.

“Shit… You’re so beautiful.” Yunho whispered to Jaejoong’s ear when he threw him onto the bed.
“Stop telling nonsenses and…” Jaejoong moaned. Yunho smirked.
“You want me so bad?” Jaejoong nodded.

But second day, when Yunho woke up, Jaejoong was gone. Yunho was trying to find him but with no result. Yunho knew he’s idiot. He should know Jaejoong just couldn’t love him. He just did his job. But… But Yunho knew very well Jaejoong’s job was to kill him. So why he didn’t kill him? Why he disappeared? His organization will kill him for sure.

So without any other thinking Yunho packed his things and run up on hotel’s roof when his helicopter waiting. But when he was almost one meter before helicopter, Jaejoong appeared. “Jae!” Yunho yelled. “Is it you? I was so scared!” But this time it was Jaejoong who smirked.
“I was waiting for you.” and he pulled out the gun and fired.

(YunJae asked by Marisa ♥♥♥)

Nate Saves You Imagine (Requested)

Nate POV

I had the longest day ever in the studio putting the finishing touches on the album I had been working on for the past several months. All I wanted to do was cuddle with my baby and relax, maybe order some takeout. I turned the car onto our street and parked the car in our driveway next to Y/N’s car. I had texted her an hour ago asking if I should bring home dinner, but she never responded. My guesses were either that she ate already or didn’t check her phone. I headed into our home and called for Y/N but there was no answer.

I headed down to our bedroom where I found Y/N tied to a chair, her mouth gagged and blood spurting from her nose and forehead. I began to open my mouth to say something, when she shook her head. Whoever did this to her had to be in the bathroom connected to our room. I quietly crept to the kitchen where I texted Sammy really quick to call 911 and send them to our home, then I grabbed the sharpest and longest knife that I could find, which I tucked under the elastic band of my briefs.

I crept back to our bedroom where Y/N was still sitting tied up, but now with a man pointing a gun at her head. “Well, well looks like your price charming is here to save the day, it’s about time .” the strange man said with an evil glare.

I put my hands up “Look man, you don’t have to do this. She’s a innocent girl, take me instead.” I said nervously as Y/N shook her head furiously. I looked in her eyes, which were full of horror. I nodded, which was my way to tell her everything would be alright. I had no intentions of dying right in front of her. I had a plan, that I hoped would somehow work.

“If that’s how you want it to be, it’s always the guy sacrificing himself for the girl.” the man said as he began to turn from Y/N to me. I took this as the perfect opportunity, I whipped out the hidden kitchen knife and stabbed the first body part I could, which was his stomach.

‘Ah you fucking stabbed me.“ the guy screamed as he dropped the gun. I quickly picked up the gun and untied Y/N. The man was losing consciousness as his bled onto our bathroom floor. I could hear the sirens outside and knew this would all be over soon.

I finally took the gag piece out of Y/N’s mouth as she jumped into my arms. I never wanted to let her go. The cops bursted into the house and got the intruder and checked out Y/N’s injuries, which luckily weren’t that severe.

I still held onto Y/N, realizing how close I could have been from losing her forever. "It’s all over now baby.” I whispered in her ear. I could hear her sniffling “He said he was a repair man, I’m so sorry.” she said into my shirt. “Shhh don’t worry baby, it’s okay now.” I said consoling her and kissing her forehead.

I was so thankful for this nightmare to be over and to have Y/N safe and alive in my arms.

Calling All Feminist Fanfiction Writers:

You know that trope where a woman gets harassed by some random asshole and then her (generally male) love interest swoops in out of nowhere and rescues her? What would you say to a series of fanfics where the women kick their harassers’ asses by themselves?

“My Own Goddamn Hero” is exactly that. It’s a collection of fanfiction from all sorts of fandoms where your favorite badass ladies show that they don’t need to be saved. The rules are as follows:

  1. A guy has to harass your lady character in any way. Could be overtly sexual, could be cat-calling, whatever.
  2. She has to object, and he has to threaten her somehow. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Her physical reaction to this man must be warranted. 
  3. We ask that you rate and label things appropriately (trigger warnings for sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc). All ratings and warnings are accepted, but we would like everyone to know and be comfortable with the things they will be reading. 
  4. Bonus points are award if: another man comes to help (her love interest or not), and either she is already finished taking the harasser out, or she tells the “rescuer” to back off, as she can handle herself.

As I said, all fandoms are welcome. All characters are welcome. There is no discrimination here: traditional women, canonically kick-ass women, women of color, trans-women, whoever tickles your fancy. Pick your favorite fandom, your favorite character, and write to your heart’s content!

Not a writer, but have ideas? Want to write, but don’t have an idea for which fandom or character? Don’t worry. We also take suggestions! Submit what you want to see, or go to the “Requests” page to see what people want! Be as detailed as you want in writing your request, but don’t forget to say which fandom and character you want!

Note: We at My Own Goddamn Hero would like it known that we completely understand when a woman is incapable of fighting back, and are not shaming women who cannot, for any reason, defend themselves, and rely on someone else’s help. We are just sick and tired of that being the overwhelming portrayal of these situations in the media.

Also I have to tell you all how awesome Kaylee is.  Brandon was at the store a few nights ago and he asked me if I needed anything and I replied “just Cadbury Eggs.”  So yesterday I get home from work and I see two Cadbury Eggs sitting around and I was super hungry so I ate one.  Kaylee caught me and asked if it was delicious and I said, “yes!  It’s super delicious.”  And she replied that she was so glad that it was delicious and so glad that I was enjoying it.  Then she went back to cleaning her room.

When the girls finished cleaning their room Brandon said, “And now you can have the Cadbury Eggs I promised you!”  And Kaylee was all, “oh, Mommy already ate mine.  That’s ok.”  And Brandon was all, “wha-huh?”  So it turns out he had bought me Cadbury Mini Eggs and then today at the girls request he had bought each of them a Cadbury Cream Egg.  Totally different species, yes?  And I felt sooo bad.  But Kaylee was fine with it!  She said she was glad that it was delicious and glad that I had enjoyed it because she just wanted me to be happy!  So I bought a 4 pack today and gave her 2.