and she wants to escape

short proses for the signs

[use sun + moon] / [2-5 sentence proses.]


“Nothing was more significantly glowing like his endearing demeanor. Everything seemed to rise up along with his fury and passion, as if he was reaching for something that was not worth his possession, but was something worth his time.”


“Being always too hesitant would take a turn she didn’t want to go to. It led her to the dark corner of her mind with broken shards of glass that reflected the concealed insecurities she had. She wanted to escape the dreaded horror. Only if she could let go, she could fly away and be free.”


“The way he talked to them was luring, enjoyable, intelligent — his ability to converse with others was a spectacular talent that was admired. Although he acknowledged this from his peers, family, and those who supported him, nobody would come to understand his solitude nor the emptiness that filled his heart. He wanted to show everyone how he wasn’t worth something, but how he was something worthy of a friend.”


“Why was it that she couldn’t keep her emotions in like the others? Why was she someone who expressed a lot of feelings on a very emotional level? With the insecurities she held since she was young, she wished that society would stop judging and mocking her.”


“Going overboard was his specialty in making things fun. Even in the slightest bit or very overwhelmingly being immature, or even if it meant breaking the rules, he just wanted to have fun. But poor soul! — even if he ignores the voices of the future, they will never go away.”


Plan, prepare, proceed. That was how her almost all of her processes went with any project. One speck of flaw would catch her attention. She never liked it, in fact, she despised it. Preparing was just as hard as doing something, and she didn’t want to leave with humiliation that dawned upon her from her effortless work. Perfection was a way that she felt the most complete, and she liked it that way.”


“Everything wouldn’t fall into place. A scatterbrain he was, mixing up puzzle pieces and rearranging everything every five seconds — there was no alternative way out. It felt as if he had everything figured out, but he did not. What a wistful wish he had to achieve what was beyond his own limits.”


“There was always some sort of longing within her. That yearning was always distant, and she would often give up her sanity to get it. It was something she never understood, it was something that mystified her until the point of her egocentric soul went berserk.”


“Prestigious and adored, he was the balanced one out of every person in the group. He knew how to have fun, he knew when to be mature, he knew the regulations of society. He was the ideal, average person, and he liked and held onto that fact despite wanting to stand out a little.”


“She believed that nothing was impossible until it was proved impossible. Nothing had stopped her stability since the beginning, but as she continued doing the ‘impossible’ as everyone had claimed, she began to question her own pretentious efforts. Was it too overboard? She only wanted to be acknowledged and understood, but the world was much too cruel for her.”


“They called him a genius, a unique kid. A little eccentric, they said, but he was always firm in his opinions and was well-liked despite his slight coldness. But what they never understood was that he struggled to fight against society itself in his own individual ways.”


“Delusions occupied her mind every now and then. They always seem to intrude her mind with creativity, but also negativity. Why was it that fantasies could not become realities? Why were they two different things? This simple problem that turned into a deeper one troubled her until no one could not understand that she was desperately torn between the two worlds.”

*pronouns are by the signs’ masculine/feminine features

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I want to spend an eternity looking at her. A beauty older than time. Whose strength encompasses all that she does. I want to spend an eternity beside her. Waking up to her sun-kissed face. With a cold demeanor that envelopes you in warmth as you delve within her. Her heartbeat never staying constant. Her intentions often misunderstood. Her desire for love can engulf entire nations. She didn’t belong to me, for she welcomed any and all that would approach. Inviting those harboring reproach. She broke her own heart multiple times getting attached to souls fated with mortality. My love was forever chained to herself. It’s no surprise she tried so hard to escape. I want to spend an eternity protecting her. My love, the ocean.
—  Mira Maxwell @undiseased

🔹How did Euros go from controlling the Sherrinford facility to rocking back and forth in her family home trying to escape a fake reality??? Because she wanted closure with her brother?? She didn’t get to play with Sherlock as a child so she killed his best friend and as an adult plotted 5 years in advance to try to pull the same shit???

🔹How was Euros simultaneously the little girl on the phone through it all?

🔹Why was the clown at the beginning necessary to scare Mycroft?

🔹Why would they make the Garridebs scene such a wasted opportunity?

🔹What constitutes the shit Molly endured?

🔹Why are there so many holes in this episode???

sherlock: you know who’s really great?

john: irene? ahh you slick bastard! you love irene!!

sherlock: she makes jokes about dead people kind of a lot.

john: irene? yeah that irene she has a wicked sense of humor!

sherlock: I’ll give you a better hint. she’s works in a morgue.

john: i didnt know irene worked in a morgue? thats really great that she’s moving on to a more diverse range of pursuits than ball gagging royals for money and blackmail.

sherlock: last name hooper. first name molly.

john: oh is that the new name shes using to escape the terrorist that want to cut off her head? thats a funny coincidence. you know cause hooper is actually mollys last name.


WESTWORLD | 1.10 | Felix & Maeve

Are you sure you’re gonna be okay?

“I wish I were one of them.” She muttered, her eyes following the flock of birds sitting on the power line above them.

“Why is that?” her friend laughed.

“Well,” she started. “I think we all have periods where we just want to escape, you know? To just pack all of our things away, change our hair color, our style, our name, anything to start brand new-”

“But life prevents that.” she smiled sadly. “We have too many obstacles, too many expectations, and too many pressures to do things a certain way to be happy.”

“These birds have it so easy, though.” she spoke softly, “they just fly away.”

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #146
Air (James Potter x Reader)

Request: Yes

Warnings: Deep feelings?


Part 2

Y/N sighed softly as she slowly escaped from between her sheets. With a dejected breath and half closed eyes, she made her way to the bathroom.

“Oh, shit” she murmured when she glanced at the blurred reflection in the mirror.

Her face was paler than normal and under her eyes appeared dark bags.

Well then, shower it is. It doesn’t matter if I’ll be a little late on breakfast anyway…

Y/N entered the Great Hall running, as usual, and hurried to where her friends were sitting.

“A little early, are we, Y/N?” Y/F/N smirked, looking up from her plate.

“Oh shut up. It’s like you can recognise my footsteps” she said in an annoyed tone, throwing her legs over the bench to properly face her friends.

Y/F/N couldn’t help but snicker, knowing how irritated Y/N could get by this subject.

“I just took a shower. A very-needed shower, I might add”

“I won’t fight with you on that. Good grief, she looked like a tired ghost” one of her roommates added.

“A tired ghost?” Y/N raised a single eyebrow at her friend’s description.

“Yeah, you know. That kind of ghost which looks like it spent all its life working and then died to finally go to bed”

Her friends began laughing loudly, but Y/N only grimaced.

“You’re always going to pick on my thirst for knowledge, aren’t you?”

“You name it ‘thirst for knowledge’, I name it ‘workaholic’”

Y/N rolled her eyes, but smiled a little.

They really are hopeless, aren’t they?

“What’s up with the hurry?” Y/F/N asked.

Once Y/N and her friends reached the hallway, they saw a multitude of students gathered at the entrance.

“Aren’t we supposed to head to Charms?” Y/N murmured, glancing at her schedule again.

“We are. But these are the Gryffindors. We’re having our class with them”

Y/N raised her eyes from the paper to peer at the crowd. Yes, certainly the Gryffindors. But what the hell are they doing here?

“Well, they certainly have a reason for being here. I guess it won’t hurt if we just ask them” she quipped, already making her way to the other students.

Y/F/N followed close behind her as they approached one group of Gryffindors.

“Excuse me” Y/N cleared her throat, asking for their attention. “Do you know by any chance if Professor Flitwick told us to wait for him here?”

Four people turned around and Y/N could make out the figures of four boys.

Oh, no… Y/N mentally slapped herself for being so stupid. The ones standing in front of her were none others than the Marauders.

“Well, well. How can we help you, ladies?” the long, dark haired boy spoke, flashing the two girls a rather dashing smile.

Y/N just rolled her eyes. Of course. Sirius Black, notorious flirt.

“Do you know if we must wait for Professor Flitwick here, or not?” she asked again, deciding she wanted to make this conversation as short as possible.

“And what do I get if I tell you?” Sirius smirked, then winked at her friend.

Y/N couldn’t help but groan and shake her head disapprovingly when she heard Y/F/N giggle.

“Come on, Padfoot. Don’t be a jerk. Give the lady what she wants” another boy interfered.

Y/N stole a quick glance at him. He was grinning too, but the suggestive tone James Potter used made Y/N’s cheeks heat up. She couldn’t help but observe his lean body, how the black mess he called hair would fall over his eyes, or how he’d randomly stare at her when they were in the Great Hall, or during classes.

Y/N quickly turned her eyes away, feeling that his gaze was already boring holes into her head and tried to settle down the heat in her cheeks.

Y/F/N snickered rather audibly from behind her, while staring at James.

“What?” the boy said, noticing her eyes glued on him. “Do I have something on my face?”

Y/N snapped her head towards them, understanding immediately what was happening and shot Y/F/N a death glare.

“No, there’s nothing on your face” she responded calmly. “Now, if you would-”

“Professor Flitwick is coming” a sandy haired boy interjected.

Y/N took a second to look at him, before turning around, to face the professor. Remus. She would often spend time with him in the library, discussing a good book, doing homework, or just reading next to each other. He seemed the only normal one from that group, honestly.

“Children,” Flitwick addressed them cheerfully “I know this is a bit unexpected, but today we’ll have our class outside, as the spell you’ll learn today requires quite some space.”

Without any further explanation, professor Flitwick began walking towards the entrance and the group of students followed close behind.

Once they reached the Black Lake, the professor stopped and turned to face the students.

“Today, we’ll talk about a rather difficult spell to master, more exactly, a teleportation spell. Come on, find a pair and get your wands out”

After a few minutes of fussing, the group fell into silence once again.

“Good. Now, hold your wands like this and chant ‘Hominem liquescit’. You need to have a place for the object, or person you want to use this spell on to teleport to very clearly contoured in your mind. Be careful when using this spell though. It requires attention and, when used the wrong way, it may damage the person you use it onto. Off you go”

Y/N turned back towards her friend and raised her wand, once Flitwick turned his back at them.

“You’ll let me go first, won’t you?” she asked Y/F/N.

After receiving a small nod, Y/N closed her eyes, focusing her entire attention on the spell. The words kept echoing in her head and she felt a tingling sensation in her fingertips.

“Hominem liquescit” she murmured and felt how a thin stride of magic erupted from the tip of her wand.

Y/N tightened the grip on her wand, while repeating the spot Y/F/N should be transported to over and over in her mind. With a rather powerful effort of her energy and a light pop, her arm fell back into its place.

The next thing she knew when she opened her eyes was that her friend was standing in a completely different spot from before, with a big smile on her face.

“Oh, look over there, you all! Miss Y/L/N made it!” Y/N heard professor Flitwick remark and then the round of applause and cheering which followed.

She smiled ever so slightly and turned towards the others. Her gaze slowly moved across the crowd, before her eyes came to a sudden stop.

Her eyes met with his. She froze and felt her heart constrict painfully, although she wasn’t entirely sure why. One thing was clear, though. The boy could easily make her heart race. And while different, brand new emotions began lurking inside her body, her knees seemed to melt. While James’ lips turned upwards, Y/N couldn’t help but grimace.

Why is this happening to me?

She internally sighed and dropped her head in one of her hands, still not being able to look away from James.

“Watch it!” someone yelled.

The sound startled Y/N, who tore away her eyes from James’ and whipped her head towards the voice.

It seemed that, in her distraction, Y/N didn’t notice the other students which began working on the spell once again, nor did she notice the spell which was aiming directly at her.

Her eyes widened and, with a strangled gasp, the spell hit her with full force, sending her body tumbling down.

But before she could reach the ground, her body melted with the air, leaving behind an empty spot and a heavy silence.  

Startled gasps echoed across the crowd of students. Professor Flitwick’s shock washed away with a quick shake of his head and he took hold of the situation, yelling over to the teenagers.

“Go look for her! Don’t just stay there like statues” he commanded, then started looking for the girl himself.

But as a piercing scream echoed from the sky, they all stopped their fussing and glanced above them.

Their eyes widened at the sight of Y/N, falling freely from the sky.

“No!” Y/F/N screamed. “She’s going to fall into the lake!”

Everybody’s eyes turned to the trembling girl.

“She doesn’t know how to swim” she whispered almost painfully.

But before the words began sinking in, Y/N’s body hit the water with a loud splash, sending waves all over the water surface and shivers down her classmate’s spines.

Y/N felt the impact with the water and then, the coldness which embraced her body, biting at her skin.

She desperately tried to remain at the surface, but her frantic movements were worthless.

Quickly, the little oxygen from her lungs fade away, being replaced by a burning feeling. Y/N wasn’t sure how, but she could swear that, even under water, she felt her lungs burn. Her whole body began aching with a desperate need for air and her brain felt foggy.

As the water surface was slowly dying into the distance, taking the light with it, Y/N finally let her body fall into the dark abyss.

But as a dark shadow blocked her already blurred view and a strong arm twirled around her waist, her eyes slowly came to a close.

Pain. All she felt was pain. Pain and a terrible headache.

While her brain seemed to come to his senses again, her body refused to even twitch. Her legs and arms felt heavy and her chest was hurting. Every breath she took resulted in a stinging feeling in her lungs.

Although it was bearable, Y/N couldn’t help but groan as a deep breath made her feel like her chest could explode at any moment.

She tried to open her eyes, but her eyelids seemed to be glued together. But as a shadow blocked the light she could acknowledge even through her closed lids, her eyes flew open with a desperate effort.

The bright light in the room blinded Y/N for just a moment, before a hospital room began contouring.

The Hospital wing? But what am I doing- she wondered, but stopped herself short.

All the memories from the incident floated back into her brain with a striking rapidity, which made her headache intensify. The Charms class. How she mastered the charm. The look she exchanged with James and then… the spell which hit her. She remembered her fall, the impact, the burning feeling which strangled her lungs… And that arm. That shadow.

That’s right. Someone saved me!

She gasped audibly as the thoughts finally clicked.

“Glad to know you’re awake” a deep voice rag from beside her.

Y/N flinched and quickly turned her head, a movement which resulted in a deep pain into her sore neck muscles.

James sat next to her bed, his black hair messy as always and his warm eyes focused on her face. He smiled at her confused expression.

“Did I scare you?” he asked quietly.

“N-no. It’s just… you’ve startled me. This is a bit unexpected. You are a bit unexpected”

“Me?” James cocked an eyebrow at her.

“Yeah… I mean, you being here is a bit unexpected…”

James silently shook his head, which confused Y/N even further.

“So… why are you here?”

“Well, I thought you’d figure by now. My hair is not wet for no reason” he smiled softly at her.

Y/N glanced at his hair and was quite shocked to discover that he was right. At times, lonely droplets of water would stream down his neck and onto his t shirt, making him appear-

No! You won’t finish that thought. Stay collected, stay collected…        

The thought clicked and all the colour from Y/N’s face drained.

So that was his arm around her waist. So that was his warmth which she could feel even if she was surrounded by coldness. So… that was him who saved her.

Only thinking about that, Y/N could swear she felt the tingling sensation again on her middle. Or maybe… that was her heart?

She gulped and lowered her eyes to meet with his.

“Why?” was the only coherent question she could manage.

And now that she thought about it, it doesn’t seem so coherent anymore.

James smiled once again and moved so that he was now standing on Y/N’s bed. He gently took her hand in his and stroked her skin with his thumb.

His action sent shivers down her spine, but she managed to somehow remain collected. For now, at least.

“Because I wanted to” he spoke to her hand.

“B-but… why? I mean, you didn’t have to-”

Y/N stopped herself short as James’ other hand came in contact with her warm cheek. Her lips remained parted as she froze. His gentle stroke made her heart twist and twirl. A very heavy feeling rose in her stomach. His fingers trailed her jaw and rested just below her lips, holding her chin in place.

Damn you…

Every place his fingers touched would tingle, preventing Y/N from any coherent thinking. 

Her eyes went wide as James’ face grew closer to hers than she initially expected.

“Why, you ask?” he muttered, staring into her Y/E/C eyes.

She merely nodded, but doubted he really needed her confirmation.

“Because I care about you”

His eyes lowered to glance at her lips and she felt like her already racing heart was about to burst out of her chest. He let out a small breath which tingled her skin and made goose bumps appear all over her body.

“And I couldn’t forgive myself if- if something happened to you” James continued, as he started leaning in.

Y/N’s brain and heart screamed at the same time. Unfortunately, for totally different reasons.

Her brain was full of unanswered questions and uncertainties. She felt like a storm decided to have fun inside her head and messed it up even more than it already was. Her confused thoughts mixed up together, making her head feel rather heavy and foggy.

On the other hand, her heart seemed to melt from the fire Potter lit inside of her. The warmth which captured her heart began spreading all over her body, making her cheeks burn.

He seems so harsh and cocky all the time, but he has always been nice and careful with me. And his touch… it’s like a drug… so gentle.

Just as Y/N was about to give in and listen to her heart, James suddenly pulled away, breathing hard.

He looked scared, with his hair messier than usual and his eyes wild, as he stared back at Y/N. He quickly trailed his hand over his hair, trying to calm some of his nerves.

“I- I’m sorry” he muttered, before standing up and leaving the room in a hurry.

Y/N stood there frozen, watching him leave. She couldn’t quite make out what just happened, but as soon as the door shut, an empty feeling strangled her chest. Her eyes began stinging and her heart constricted painfully.

“Well?” she heard a voice ask from outside the Hospital Wing. “How did it go?”


“Did you kiss her, or not?”

“I couldn’t bring myself to it, Moony”

“What? Why?”

“It’s just… hard to explain. I can’t stand being here anymore. I am too close to her”

“Prongs, wait!”

Along with the footsteps, the voices of the four Marauders slowly died, leaving Y/N in complete silence.

Once she was alone again, she felt the warmth in her cheek fade away. She slowly raised her hand and touched the spot James’ fingers stroked.

Y/N closed her eyes and, with a soft sigh, she let a single tear stream down her pale face, remaking the trail James’ fingers once made.  

It was cold.

“Frederick, I’m going to work whether you like it or not! N-now put me down-!”

"You are ill and you are going to rest whether YOU like it or not. And I’m going to make sure you recover, or I’ll die trying. Now were getting you back to bed, understand?”

so I’ve been experimenting with my style lately and this happened// trying my hand at fanart and I mean who else to try and doodle than number one OTP fredrobin–
My guess is Robin is sick and trying to work hard as usual but Frederick wants her resting. She tries to escape and he scoops her up to plant her back in bed, only for her to protest- hence the heated argument in his arms xD

‘One check or two?’ The server smiled over both of them, and the girl briskly told him two. The boy slumped.

‘I was going to pay,’ he told her.

'Well that would make it a date, technically,’ she teased.

His mouth twitched. Then, abruptly, he called after the server, 'Could we make it one check, please?’

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write
Take It Slow

Word Total: 703…  

Request: Anonymous asked: Can you do a little bit of poe with a shy nervous reader

Pairing:  Poe x Reader


Y/N took a step back as she was concealed by her captain’s colossal body. She just wanted to escape this crowd. Y/N was never good at making conversations and less to be part of the parties that the Resistance had after a good victory against the First Order “Lieutenant L/N, where are you going?”

Y/N stopped in her tracks as she silently tried to get out of the mass of pilots greeting each other, completing each other’s different flight maneuvers and boast on how many TIE Fighters they had taken down. “I am not feeling well, Captain Altaire” She quickly looked down as all the eyes were upon her. Let’s just said that his captain had that voice which caught everyone’s attention.

“Are you hurt?”

Y/N shook her head looking down at the pavement of the hangar. She started to count the different indents of time on it. “That maneuver after taking that Fighter on my six was suicidal, you should never─”

“No, that was an awesome maneuver, Y/N. You should teach it to me─”

“Dameron, please; you should not encourage such reckless behavior,” Captain Altaire said, Y/N rolled her eyes as her captain started to laugh along with Poe. “Come on Dameron, Y/N here will never share her secrets; not even your good looks will convince her” Y/N blushed as Poe directly look at her and wink. Captain Altaire hit Poe’s shoulder, Poe almost fell down his face. “Not in my presence captain, she is my niece”

“Sorry, captain”


Y/N put her hands on her waist looking at her shiny X-Wing, being in combat in lower parts of the planets was not the cleanest and easiest jobs in the Resistance, less avoiding the radars for a few minutes before the raid appeared. “Is your uncle around?”

She froze at the sound of his voice, Y/N shook her head and quickly bent down to pick up her cleaning items. “He is in a meeting with the General” Y/N whispered as she picked up the different tools she had used to repair many dents on her X-Wing. As she reached for the last one, her hand lay over Poe’s one; that had beat her to pick up the last tool.

“Here” Y/N only nodded, she snatched the tool from Poe; Y/N had used so much force that she ended on her back. She blushed when he heard Poe laughed. Y/N just wanted to disappear, Poe’s smiling face appeared on her line of sight.

Poe extended his hand, Y/N shyly reached out her hand and Poe helped her up to her feet. “Thanks” Y/N whispered starting to pick up her tools that had ended everywhere around here. “I’ll tell my uncle you came to see him” she commented picking up the small tools.

“I didn’t come to see him, actually” Y/N’s hand froze in midair and let Poe continue. “I came to see you”

Y/N reached for the last tool, stood up and looked at him. “I can’t show you the maneuver I─”

Poe chuckled, he moved his head to sides and gave her a grin. He walked up to her. Poe took the tools from her hands and put them on the floor. “I came to see you”

Y/N felt like her knees were jelly, she had to lean on her X-Wing, not the fall down in front of Poe again. “What? Me─” She pointed at her face, Poe took one of her hands.

“Why is it so hard to believe?” Poe asked her, Y/N blushed under her gaze; her heart felt like it was about to explode.

“You─ well, I─ you, and” Y/N couldn’t make coherent thoughts as Poe softly kissed her hand. She wanted to scream, but her mouth and brain had been disconnected. Y/N just stood there gaping like a fish.

Poe touched her cheeks that were tinted with scarlet. “I like you” Y/N turned felt Poe’s lips over her, his velvet lips started to move; his hands move to her waist─


Y/N’s eyes widen when a bucket of cold water was dropped on her. “Uncle!”

“Dreaming about Dameron again, weren’t you?”

“I was not!”

Her uncle only smirked and nodded. “I can always hook you up”



Request: Can I have one where the reader runs away and Peter freaks out trying to find her and then the reader gets upset when he finds her because she wants to escape. Thank you! Love your blog! ❤️❤️

Warnings: none

You ran through the perilous forests of Neverland. You jumped over fallen branches, ducked under huge leaves. You ran like the speed of light almost; you were running ridiculously fast. Air quickly entered and left your body, chest heaving up and down rapidly. 

You were leaving Neverland.

Sure, Neverland was a fun place, but it wasn’t for you. You weren’t lost and you never were. You went there when you thought you were lost, but it turned out you actually weren’t.

Now you were escaping. You’d been planning this great escape for years.You had everything ready, everything set up. With the help of Tinker Bell, you were leaving. You also felt as though Peter didn’t care for you. You were just another minion on his island. Nothing special.

But you were wrong. Peter tried looking for you. He hadn’t seen you the entire day and no Lost Boys knew where you were. He was in a panic. He raged at his boys, yelling orders to look for you. He eventually used his magic, being in such a panic he forgot he had it.

Immediately he felt you running. He couldn’t tell why, however. Maybe you were in danger. Someone or something was chasing you. He disappeared from his position, poofing right in front of you. You stopped in your tracks, but still rammed right into Peter. You toppled him, both of you stumbling to the ground.

“Ow, Pan, what the hell!” You shouted, body shaking and short breaths leaving you.

“Who’s chasing you? What are you running from?”

“What?” You asked, rubbing your nose. “Y-You. I’m running from you!”

Peter’s eyes flashed to pain. He looks so hurt and so offended. You both stood up, you wiping your bloodied nose.

“What do you mean? What are you saying?”

You rolled your eyes. “For Christ’s sake, Peter, I’m not lost. I thought I was, but I’m not. I can’t hear your music. I can’t hear the tune. I’m not happy here. I miss home.”

“But… But this is your home,” Peter choked. His voice cracked the slightest as he looked down at the ground. “I thought you were happy here.”

“No. I’m not. No one cares for me here. I miss my family and friends. I miss the people who actually care for me. I want to go back.”

Peter couldn’t look at you. He was so hurt. He thought you were happy in Neverland. Though you had fun with the games and the boys. And he really cared for you, too. You were his top priority, didn’t you see that?

“I care for you!” Peter shouted. :I care for you, Y/N! You’re the only one on this island that I care about! I always want you safe and happy.”

You snapped your head to look at Peter fully. You were shocked by his words. He never acted as if you were his number one… or maybe you just didn’t realize it.

You sighed, wiping the blood on your pants. “Listen, Peter, I was happy at first here. And… I know you somewhat care about me, but I’m not happy here. Okay? And if you care about something or someone, you let them go. So let me go.”

Your voice was hushed, and nose stopped bleeding. This was harder than you thought. Maybe you did have a thing for Peter Pan, but you still wanted out of here. You couldn’t stand it.

“Please, let me go. I’ll lose my mind if I stay here any longer.”

“I love you,” Peter whispered.

That broke you. That completely broke you. His voice sounded so pained. Tears were falling from his eyes, crashing to the ground. You began to tear up as well. 

“But if you insist, then I’ll fulfill your wish because your happiness matters most to me.”

“I’m sorry, Peter.”

Peter granted you access to leave the island. He personally took you back, wanting to make sure you were safe. Returning home, it was almost as if no time had passed. You were missing, yes, but only for a few months. Your picture was posted everywhere, loved ones looking for you.

“Goodbye, Peter.” You hugged him tightly one last time. 

“Goodbye, Y/N.”

Peter was gone in a second. You turned around to face your front door. With your grimy skin, ratted clothes, and messy hair, you knocked on the door. Your parents answered not long after, both falling apart at the sight of you.

“Y/N!” They both cried, squeezing you tightly.

“Hi Mom. Hi Dad.” You sobbed into thier shoulders.

Always With [Brett]

A/N: sorry that this one is really short! Last imagine up tomorrow night!

“I’m going down to Brett’s!” Y/N shouted back towards the kitchen not that anybody heard, her parents were too busy having an argument. Sighing, she just slammed the door behind her and followed the route she’d walked so many times to her best friend, Brett’s house. Everything just seemed to be going wrong. 

Grades had gone down.

Breakup with her boyfriend.

Arguing parents.

Everything that she didn’t want to happen was suddenly happening. All she wanted was an escape and quickly which is what she found in her best friend. The two of them had been stood together since they were just five years old. Always been to school together, always done everything together, they were two parts of a bigger puzzle and everyone knew that.

With tears beginning to form at the back of her eyes, Y/N finally arrived at Brett’s house. There was a light on in the upstairs window which was his bedroom window, meaning that she knew he was in which made her day a little bit better. After knocking quietly, she shivered against the cold on the winter evening, in the rush to get out of the house she’d forgotten to bring a jacket with her.

“I’m not going to practice now,” Brett muttered as he opened the door before he looked down to see Y/N standing on his doorstep, tears slowly beginning to make their way down her face. “Y/N? What’s wrong?” He asked, wrapping his arms tightly around her waist as she began to cry into his chest. “Hey, hey, hey, none of that crying on me now, everything’s okay, I’m here.” Somehow, just hearing those two simple words made Y/N feel a little bit better about everything.

“He broke up with me, my grades are shit and my parents are arguing again,” she sobbed into his shoulder and Brett felt his heartbreak there and then. It’s not the first time he’d had her crying in his arms but his heart hurt more and more every time it happened. With a sigh, he took her hand in his and led her towards the living room and the sofa. 

“I’m sorry Y/N, I’m so sorry but I promise you that everything is going to work out in the end.” Brett whispered as he just held her like she had done for him many times before during all of his hard times and he had always returned the favour for her too. “But hey, you can stay here for as long as you need to if you just want to get out. My parents are away for a few days and my sister loves you anyway, she’d be happy if you were here.”

“Thanks Brett,” Y/N sniffed with a small smile. To anybody at that moment, anybody would have probably guessed that they were a couple but they weren’t. In fact, Y/N had always been there for Brett including picking boyfriends up with him and gone on double dates, the two of them really were inseparable. 

“Now, how about I make some drinks and we stick a movie on?”

“Yeah, sounds good to me.”

“There’s the smile that I love.”

My handsome boy

The way his eyes reminded her of a forest that she could never escape, not that she would want to. Freckles that seem to out number the stars and Tina would attempt to count them all when she’d look at him sleep. Redish-orange hair that she would lose her hands in as she’d tug at his scalp. Skin was pale, almost transparent, and his veins where the rivers she’d trace gently with her fingers.
This is her handsome boy, her beautiful husband. Who’s body was covered in scars, tattered with burn marks, and seemed to filled with lines of stories than skin. He would tell her those stories almost every night, if they didn’t exhaust each other first. He had a story for every mark, blister, cut, or tear.
He was amazing in her eyes, filled with such purity that it seemed like a sin to keep him to herself. Yet, he was covered in past regrets, experienced in man’s dark side, and knows all too well how mean and cruel the world can be. He still found hope though, always filled with hope.
This is her Newton A. F. Scamander, her magic zoologist that carried exotic creatures in a case. The was his eye lashes were a tad longer than hers were something she envied. His skin that was soft to the touch, but his hands that felt like a stone that was in the river for years. Rough on some parts, but smooth and satisfying on others.
She tried not to think of his beauty around her sister, especially with how he looked in the morning after. He’d say she looked like she was glowing, but he lighted up the room more than the sun did. Though he was just a man, with how confidential he felt during certain times, he was more of a beast than anything in his case. She found that astounding. To compare a beautiful, tall, lanky man, to anything in his miniature zoo felt unequaled. Out of proportion. Absurd, if she told anyone.
How could a man with the gentlest heart, filled head to toe with compassion, and poured out loyalty and honesty, compare to a beast?
In his own words, beast are not monsters, just the most misunderstood creatures.
That’s what he was, a misunderstood creature who had its heart shattered and feared the worse in people as he searched for the best. That is who her Newt was.

“A true Hufflepuff.”

Everyone would tell her in England, as if it was an insult of some form, she just found it more endearing. For such a majestic man, could fall for a bland girl like her, it seemed unreal. It seemed too good to be true, too much of a fairy tale, and maybe it’s one she’ll believe completely.

I was reading The Danish Girl and I can stop thinking of Newt while i read it. It’s during the 1920’s for crying out loud! Anyways, hope you liked me comparing the beauty that is Newt aka Eddie Redmayne. (Kill me if he sees this.)

  • 她是誰 (Who's that girl)
  • 孟佳 Meng Jia

who’s that girl that’s looking back at me.
the person in the mirror – she looks so foreign yet familiar,
wanting to escape from you.
oh girl that’s looking back at me with emotions that you can’t control.
who will notice your beauty // I don’t know yeah. 
I’m starting become unfamiliar with the person in the mirror-
never thought I would make these kinds of expressions.
In order to move on, how many times have I said sorry..
How much have I sacrificed in exchange for a thank you.

Emptied/hollowed and lifeless– I kept doubting myself.
Why do I give myself so many difficult problems?
I want you to do it, and keep telling you
forget about it gotta keep it moving.
When your footprints diverge because of reality, 
when you stare at yourself during times of confusion
perhaps you need to find a way to continue moving forward–
remember again that initial you who’s filled with perseverance.
Bit by bit, (you’re) understanding the meaning of life // 
your past experiences have molded the current you.
No matter what you think, (remember) to treat yourself well (the unique/only you).

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You Want to Watch? (V) ft. Hwasa

Warning: female reader pronouns. girlxgirl smut. Voyeurism. masturbation. Oral. Face riding. Fingering. Cum shot… there’s a lot. It’s dead ass smut from start to end so I’m gonna start this off with a keep reading :)

Hyejin’s lips were all over you. From the moment you’d stepped into the room together she hadn’t let up. Her plump lips pressed against your heated skin desperately, almost abusively as she nipped at anything she found available. She pushed your skirt upward and let her thigh move into position against your still clothed slit.

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Maeve's entire storyline showed her becoming self aware and realizing she wanted to escape only to discover that all of her actions were planned and her 'escape' was all part of Ford's plan for his new narrative meaning that even when she believed she was in control of her own future she was in fact being controlled by the very creator she was trying to escape from

okay i love me some japril but i really need some jolex. jo dropped a bomb in the finale of 12 and then they focus on the part where alex hit deluca in the last like 0.0003 seconds like bro jo isnt jo shes a victim of abuse and she escaped. i want to hear her story. please!! tell us!! her story!!