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me, at school: I can do four hours of homework tonight, right? right. that is a super reasonable thing to expect of myself.

me, at home, after 50 minutes of homework: what sort of cruel and unusual punishment did i think i was capable of handling

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lol i could care less about Kara/Lena or shipping on this show (i prefer Kara with James if i had to chose) & i LOATHE Mon el with my entire being. Anon & the Karamels are either delusional or trying to excuse themselves for supporting abuse & sexism.

I don’t care about ships, I just want Kara to own her screentime and her own persona like she did in Season 1. I’d trade that for every ship.

I dont know about the others, but personally i dont have a problem with Mon-El because he is a man. If he and Kara had a relationship more like Sanvers, I wouldn’t give a damn about him being male. And this goes the other way around too. If Alex was with a girl who would disrespect her and treat her like shit, I also wouldn’t like that a bit.

The problem is, Mon-El treats the person who is supposed to walk ALONG SIDE with him, like she should be following him. Giving respect to Kara whenever suits him better or appreciating her whenever is best for him is not healthy in ANY KIND of relationship, not just romantic.

I dont want to watch these episodes because the main character that I came to like, adore and have as an inspiration is being treated like that. Is losing every character development she had till now.

Thats my problem, not supercorp not being canon or Mon-El being a man.

He is a douche and he doesnt read the room. He doesnt care to stop being one. Good job, he doesn want people who cares about to get hurt. Are we gonna give him a medallion for not being a sociopath?

Its not healthy to praise people for just being decent human beings. The point is to be better, not just toleratable.

a list of things and stuff from supergirl 214, some i liked, some strikethroughs i didn’t that you can skip if you just want the happy stuff – by me

  • KARA DANVERS: the gentlewoman we all deserve to encounter after sex!
    • flowers! coffee! still gonna make you turn around while she gets changed!
    • for that matter: kara getting to have sex! that she could actually enjoy without fear of injury! good for her! she was invigorated!
      • honestly, he is The Worst. someone sent me an ask about whether or not i think mon-el is abusive, and i think that’s a really unnuanced position that fandom has chosen to take up. why draw a long bow with examples to play match the classic abuser behaviour when it’s far more accurate to say mon-el is what society has trained men to be to women from the last several hundred years, and collectively that society is abusive to women.
        • even him finally finally FINALLY FUCKING LEARNING A LESSON this week was classic misogyny. kara fucking told him HEY DUDE HOW ABOUT YOU LISTEN TO WHAT I WANT. mon el: ?????? WHAT DO I DO ????? winn: HEY DUDE HOW ABOUT YOU LISTEN TO WHAT SHE WANTS. winn: ohhhhhhhhhh. FUCK SAKE.
      • i really did think this was all going somewhere but they kind of blew their load on kara’s forever alone BY GETTING THEM TOGETHER IN THE FIRST PLACE soooooo i have lost all hope this is all on purpose.
      • he sucks, they’ve repeated the same bullshit with him and kara week after week after week and i hate it. #FREEKARA.
    • dad clothes!kara returned. my heart grew three sizes.
    • also kara kind of had a plan! that she came up with! on her own! to run a mission! my child, you have grown!
  • danversesesesesssss!!!!
    • despite the fact that i knew jeremiah wasn’t going to be 100% team superDEO, or maybe actually because i knew, this was Upsetting™.
      • imagine how much more upsetting it would have been if they had invested in the search for jeremiah, like, at all? small mercies, or something.
      • jeremiah being a dad for like three seconds and shoving mon-el out the door was the highlight of my life.
    • alex made the saddest noise ever, multiple times and i was shaken to the core every time.
      • my growing concern for alex’s drinking: still growing.
      • oh my god her sad face and sad noises. shaken!
      • shaken!
    • danvers sisters conflict!
      • that made sense and was tied to the plot and wasn’t resolved just because the episode was over!
        • but i also really appreciated that they didn’t just leave them in sad alone times. they both have people, and a good visual shouldn’t override that fact.
    • maggie sawyer: one of the family now!
      • i cannot believe she’s already met eliza. i feel legitimately ripped off.
      • also still the best girlfriend ever, 100% committed to listening, even if she fails sometimes to give people the right thing to listen to in return.
      • also her shirt at the end was cute as hell.
    • emotional maturity of the week award goes to eliza danvers, for being like, buddy i haven’t seen you in some amount of time*, this isn’t the same anymore!
    • i vote for winn to do a plot of the week recap every week.
    • winn is a puppy who probably enjoys being tied up during sex and that is a thought that came entirely from that one scene and i cannot give it back but i really would like to give it back. not because there’s anything wrong with wanting to be tied up during sex, but winn is my son and i am kara levels of uncomfortable knowing that about my son.
  • *MY PET THEORY LIVES. or at least it wasn’t slaughtered. mon-el: 15 years, which is what he was told. alex: over a decade, which is correct. jeremiah: 14 years, mr consistently wrong. (if i were a smarter person i would rewatch the episode to see if anyone else mentioned specific dates before i post this. i am not a smarter person, and stand ready to be corrected.) i cannot believe they could fuck up this one thing this much on purpose. i refuse. which means they probably did just fuck it up and i should give up. but i also refuse.
  • there were zero good one-liners in this episode, wtf. that was the true disappointment of my heart.

Melanie Martinez + Songs titles.

how do i let kdin know i love and appreciate her


i see the the “draw pearl (with ears??) at 4am when you wanna draw but don’t know what to draw” door is still jammed wide open

and also in all honesty it was easier to watch adele win over taylor winning over beyonce bc at least adele was like “hey bey thank you for what you do for the black community and for women in general and for music” like she took most of her time up there to be like listen your work is not ignored and it is not under appreciated the way you change the game inspires and empowers so many and taylor was just like “when people tell you no or try to take you down @ kanye you just keep going” like idk what hardships she met other than the normal ones in the music industry but gd give respect to adele for acknowledging the work and impact beyonce has on the music industry (and the world i mean) 


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“I love Rouge she’s my fave”

“But her design is just awful, sexualization much?”

Chef the whale shark loves to cook and specialises in seafood. Chef is a little clumsy with the knife, but with every dish she gets a little better.

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[2] quotes: 3x09 - come back to me.

in the heights au: everything is the same except sonny is actually invited to ninas dinner