and she wants bo to kiss her but they need to go get dyson and kenzi

Lost Girl: Bo Dennis [ESTP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / The Mod.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Bo handles any new situation life throws at her with total confidence in her body, her abilities, and her ability to adapt to her environment; she often picks up unfamiliar objects and uses them as weapons to help her defeat other fae. As a succubus, her first go-to is sensual persuasion; she is not afraid nor hesitant to become physically involved with people to learn information, distract them, or heal by sucking their energy through kisses or sex. Bo is up for anything, from anyone, all the time. She becomes quickly bored when she has no cases to solve; she is also incredibly perceptive and aware of what is happening around her. She notices details at crime scenes that Kenzi misses, and enjoys being the center of attention or instigating excitement.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): She asks why, how, when, where, what? Constant questions. Bo cannot rest until she understands everything, from Kenzi’s past as a con artist to why her mother abandoned her. She remains detached, and often chooses the logical method to solve her problems, without her emotions clouding her judgment all that much (if it takes sleeping with him for information, so be it, let’s do this). She is able to retain information well, and quickly is able to adapt to and stockpile information on different fae, both light and dark. Bo is not often offended…

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): … except when her feelings are not reciprocated. Dyson’s reluctance to become emotionally involved perplexes her, and her feelings are hurt when he tells her that they’ll sleep together only when she “needs him, to heal.” She frequently airs her feelings to Kenzi, and feels validated when Kenzi agrees with her that yeah, Dyson is being a jerk. Bo uses flattery to get what she wants, but also has a strong emotional core; certain things are right or wrong in her mind, and while she does not tolerate a lot of misbehavior (and will track down and punish fae who are murdering humans), she refuses to pick a side. She considers herself “neutral territory,” since she doesn’t believe morals are black and white.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Once in awhile, she has a singular, sharp intuitive insight into someone’s motives, but the rest of the time she admits that she has a “bad feeling,” or wants to “follow her gut.” She is not great at theorizing on motives without assistance (Kenzi supplies her Ne-dom needs, in terms of alternate possibilities) and sometimes, she miscalculates situations and judges them on the superficial circumstances (her anger that someone she “thought” was falling in love with her, only slept with her to “get ahead with her boss”).

Lost Girl 5x07 | my coffeebreak review - part 2

Back to the clinic, Evony and Vex are trying to find the serum in Lauren’s lab.

Vex points out that even if they find it, she will need Dr. Boring to do that.

But Evony knows Lauren is using her and she lets her because she thought she didn’t have a choice.

Between her and Lauren it’s chess game.

Apparently, according to Vex, a doctor that treats Fae is not very common.. (really ? oO)

But something’s here too.

Evony reminds Vex to do what he has to if it gets close.

« How could I forget ? It’s how you and I met. »

Interesting. Some back story for Evony and Vex !

« You were a shattered little mess. »

« Yeah yeah I know. You saved me. »

Vex saved Evony. That’s why he’s still alive xD Now I understand.

And well, let Evony to have the best humoristic line right ? XD

« Of course, the serum’s behind a bush. When will I learn. »

Evony finds a safe in the wall, behing Lauren’s herb. Probably where she keeps the serum. But she needs a KEY.

She calls Vex but, oups.. He escaped xD For frienship you will pass.

Instead she finds Bo and Lauren, not so happy.

Lauren holds a key in her hand.

Let me say this again.



Bo is not really cool with the fact that Evony so close of Lauren’s herb.. right.

Evony wants Lauren’s key. Bo is still judgind Evony. She gives her the look.

Wait.. WAIT !!

What is she doing here ?!! If Bo’s here, then WHO is with Dyson ?!

I knew it ! It wasn’t Bo ! Mouahahahahaha cough

The TRUE Bo is with Lauren. Endgame. Bye.

Sorry, back to the story.

So, Lauren is a bit pissed. Evony’s monster killed one of her doctors, RIP Sam.. And now she tries to steal her work ?

But Evony is not new to this game.

« When that thing finds us, it’s going to eat you both alive… And then use me as a toothpick. Because I’m the skinniest. »

xD She’s funny, you have to admit.

You know what reminds me this line ?

The one Massimo told them in 4x13. Wait.. Let me find it for you.

«Well Daddy’s coming to play. And you’re gonna both die anyway.»


Ok, let’s just take a minute here.

Massimo had the gift of foresight right ?

WHAT IF he wasn’t lying when he said both Bo and Lauren are going to die when Hades is coming to play ?

It makes sense… Oh my..

Hades still needs to come into play.. And his arrival depends on Bo and Lauren… The blood, the power, the box…

They are all connected. Bo/Lauren/Hades.

Ok ok… I will talk about that later…

So, Bo wants to know how to stop it but Evony tells her nothing on this earth can kill it.

No chemical, no weapon.

On this, a thunder crashes not so far from here.

Fiat Lux ! Eurêka !

Bo has an idea.

Evony is like « What ? What ?? »

Bo turns towards Lauren and…

« How are your throwing skills ? »

It’s 82% on the good day. It’s good enough for Bo. Evony starts to worry a bit..

Is Bo planning to throw her outside in the rain ?!

And because Lauren must have a good influence on the brain cells of her wife, Bo comes with another brilliant deduction.

The monster wants Evony more than anything. Who’s gonna be the perfect bate ? Who ? XD

The complicity between Bo and Lauren is great. It’s great to see them work together. They make a good team. I want more of this.

Evony warns them, they don’t know what they’re dealing with.

« And I’m not talking invisible monster. With the Ancients back, we’re all ground meat. Steak freakin’ tartar, and hold the capers  because there won’t be time for condiments !»


C'mon, Evony is so funny xD Sounds like Kenzi here. (I miss Kenz!)

But Lauren isn’t impressed. Talking about badass.

She’s like « what a bunch of dusty old fae what makes you think they’re so dangerous ? »

But they want to know how Ev’ can be so sure of that.

Simple, she used to date one.

Way to go Evony xD Way to go.

Somewhere on the streets, the Destiny’s Child are making a video clip.

It’s called « Only in the darkness can we see the light. »

Sounds cool !

And here, I’m a little perplexed because Evony is right in the same street now, playing the bate.

Anyway she’s not happy xD Apparently she had a great argument with Bo/Lo :

« Sure. I don’t mind being a dangling freaking carrot. Rain is great for my human hair. » xD

But patience is not one of her thing, so she does what she’s the best for…

She provokes the invisible monster !

This shot is just gold.

A thunder crashes not so far, illuminating the dark sky, and we see someone in the corner, holdgind an axe whose handle is wound with an iron wire.

The scene is really special, almost mythic. There’s this epic vibe coming out of this.

Great shot.

So we know it’s Lauren. She’s waiting the right moment to strike.

And I think it’s revealant.

The secret in a battle is to know when you have to make your move. It’s crucial.

If you show your strength, your secret weapon too soon, it can be fatal for you.

It’s about timing. Lauren is a strategist. She’s a thinker. A chess game player. And she’s Bo’s best weapon.

Evony’s plan worked and something is coming.

Bo and Lauren come out of the dark corner and Bo gives the signal.

« Now ! »

And Lauren throws the axe right into the invisible monster’s back.

Wow. That’s some great throwing skills, Lauren !

But the most important thing is that Bo trusted her to get the job done.

They worked together, equally. Both strong together. Pwarf.

Here comes a surprising scene.

Evony touches the invisible monster’s cheek.

« You kept me in the dark for so long. It was your turn. » A bit revengeful ?

Oh my… It’s not a monster, it’s EROS. The god of love. And Evony dated him.

« You should have just told me how you really felt instead of stringing me along and humaliating me. »

Sounds familiar..

« I loved you. And you chose that doormat, Psyche. »

Yeah, defo. It sounds very familiar.

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ultimateotp  asked:

honest question for honest answer? (you may be/been asked this) Why do you love Bo and Tamsin together so much? I see why people ship them, but I just don't get it. And, I think for me it's because of how Kenzi "raised her" in the last season. Bo and Tamsin feel more like sister's to me because of Kenzi.

Sure, I can answer this. This is an extremely long reply, though, (more like an essay really), so I will put it under a cut. :)

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anonymous asked:

How do you feel about Bo's reaction to the 'girlfriends' statement? I feel like she had just realized thats why Tamsin was acting the way that she was that whole day. I thought that line was way out of character for Tamsin, and some of the other stuff too, the snark and sass were still there, but why would after they sleep together, would she think that means anything more? She has embraced Bo's succubus side from the beginning, she has to know where Bo stands, right?

I personally don’t think the word ‘girlfriends’ is as big a deal as everyone seems to be making it, and I don’t necessarily think Tamsin thinks it’s as a big a deal as people (and even Bo) seem to think she does.

She can absolutely use the word ‘girlfriends’ without meaning, “I think we are monogamous. We are in a monogamous relationship. Just us. Only us. No one else. This is serious.”

I think people in fandom tend to live VERY MUCH in the moment when it comes to how we react to things on-screen. The tiniest bit of fluff and we are walking on water and floating in the heavens and spewing rainbows out of our faces, but the tiniest bit of angst, and suddenly the world is over, the relationship is over, everything is shit and our ship is going down, down, down. 

I personally just don’t operate like that. I don’t see everything as a make-all or break-all. There are certainly moments that can be that serious/that important, but the majority of the time, things are never as dire or as serious or as scary as they are made to appear.

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I feel like I must get this out of my system ‘cause I still can’t deal with how “Here Comes The Night” broke Tamsin’s heart and it broke mine along with it. I hate the fact that I think it was actually a good episode except for that last scene.

I started watching Lost Girl after my friend had told me there would be a badass character named Tamsin in season 3. So I gave it a shot. I didn’t fall in love with the show at first but I loved Kenzi and Bo’s friendship so I kept on watching until Tamsin appeared on my screen. The way she walked in, the way she talked to Dyson… She already got me! All it took was one episode.

Then in the next one,” Confaegion”, Valkubus started. I knew it was something special. Yes, they were teenagers in the episode but the way they talked to each other, it felt real. It was important. Probably we’ll never know what Tamsin wrote in her poem but I guess it was the first time that she opened up to anyone. And that was Bo.

In “The Kenzi Scale” it became clear to me that Tamsin was indeed lonely and was looking for a family that would accept her just the way she is. She helped Bo saving Kenzi despite the fact she wanted nothing but to see her in jail. And still she lied to the Morrigan and helped Bo although she knew the Morrigan could’ve killed her for doing so. I think this was the episode that changed her perspective on Bo and she realized that she wasn’t like anyone else she’s met but she was special.

In “Fae-ge Against The Machine” she invited Bo for a drink just to help her get ready for her Dawning. Later she realized it was probably Bo that she had to deliver to her boss yet she kept on helping her. And she kissed her with a passion you can’t just say it was because of the machine. One of my favorite scenes also happened in this episode; when Bo told her she was one of the good ones then Tamsin said she sucked in reading people.

My absolute favorite scene was the bathtub scene. The way Rachel acted in that scene was brilliant. She was amazing! You really could tell what Tamsin was feeling by just looking at her. Her face said everything. It was an emotional, beautiful, intense scene. I always thought it was a love confession. Rachel really nailed it.

Later on in the ep Tamsin got shot. She took a bullet for Bo and that should’ve been the last time she did anything nice for her. Like she said.

There have been a lot of dialogues between these two that I liked and thought were beautiful and special. One of them is the scene where Tamsin says “You’re not like anyone I’ve ever met in any of my many lifetimes” Again, she was helping Bo to save Dyson. Yeah, she also attacked Bo because she didn’t know what to do. She knew she would die if she didn’t deliver her. But then Bo said “Fight” and that’s what she did. She died going off that cliff trying to save Bo from her boss.

Season 4. New reborn Valkyrie.

I know some people didn’t like how her character changed in this season but I loved how vulnerable she was. To me she was still the badass character we got to know in season 3, only more sensitive. Loved the way Kenzi raised her and their friendship. It was beautiful.

So in “Turn To Stone” Tamsin was showing her beautiful wings and said “That’s what love feels like” after Bo comforted her by saying “I’ve never hated you. In fact, I thought you were incredible.”

 “Groundhog Fae” -  Tamsin kisses her ‘cause she thinks she won’t remember any of that later. Again, if Bo had just paid attention, she would have known Tamsin had feelings for her. That “Speak for yourself” scene really just spoke for itself. It was so obvious.

Then there was that scene when Bo said “Sometimes you just have to go for it, right?” Then Tamsin was like “Right” and you could see her eyes and how sad she was.

 If those scenes weren’t enough evidence, season 5 wasn’t subtle about it in any way. After all, Tamsin did say: “This is my last life. I don’t want to live it without you.” She went to Valhalla even if she knew what that place did to her. Yet she helped Bo to save Kenzi. Because she cared. Because she knew Bo would need help and because she just couldn’t ignore how she felt.

In episode 4, the feeding session was pretty obviously not just a feed for Tamsin. Again, you could see how emotional she was, you could see it in her eyes how much that kiss meant to her.

And then came ep 505, “It’s Your Lucky Fae” where she basically gave herself to Bo. She handed her soul over to her when she wrapped herself in a red bow. Bo accepted the present despite of the fact that she didn’t feel the same way about Tamsin. She accepted it because she’s a succubus. I get that but the fact that she knew she would hurt someone close to her by sleeping with her… She had to know. There were all these signs.

So I’m sorry Bo but if this isn’t love then I don’t know what is.

Tamsin is in love with her and she can’t take it away from her by saying she’s just confused because they live together and take cases together. She had to know Tamsin was in love with her way before she was reborn. It wasn’t just a teenager crush ‘cause although Tamsin is still young in her new lifetime, SHE IS still Tamsin. The same Tamsin that jumped in the bathtub with her and said “To me you are. You shouldn’t be. Be real, be here”

The Tamsin that helped her way too many times risking her own life.

I don’t know what the writers were thinking when they wrote that line for Bo but that just wasn’t right. It was wrong on so many levels. And since I’ve been thinking about it, my thought is that they did it so we would not want to see them together any longer. It was just cruel from Bo to break Tamsin’s heart like that. Who would want to see them get together after all what’s happened?

 What I loved about the scene is that Tamsin finally said the actual words “I’m in love with you” to Bo and “why not me, what’s wrong with me?” It was such a heartbreaking, sad yet beautiful scene. Rachel Skarsten nailed it. She was incredibly amazing in this scene. I’ve never seen her like this before. I think it was one of her best performances. And this is why I fell in love with Tamsin, because Rachel portrays her so well, with so much care, she makes it relatable. I could relate to Tamsin since S3 and I just really felt for her in this last scene. She said everything I wanted to hear from her and got her heart broken. Just like my heart broke for her seeing her like that.

And that’s why Rachel and Anna rock! They did such a great job with this scene. It was emotional and felt real. So I gotta say thank to them for bringing so much to this scene. It was the best for sure.

I’ll always say that the story of Valkubus is epic. It’s a beaufitul story. Tamsin is my favorite tv character of all time and I hope there’s a happy ending waiting for her but I feel like she will sacrifice herself… I hope it won’t happen though.

Thank You, Rachel for doing a phenomenal job at portraying Tamsin. You really are the best!

I’m surprised there’s still people that simply deny themselves the truth. It’s always about the fact that they just can’t stand the idea of opening their eyes to see what’s right in front of them. Tamsin sure is a complex character. She wanted nothing but to harm Bo at first. So far we’re good, I love Tamsin so much it hurts but I know a fact when I see one. Time went by and she had the chance to finally get to know Bo and her happy sunshine gang. She never meant to, but she feel in love with them, each one in a different way. She was suddenly terrified by the thought that something like this had happened because she never lets herself care and then there it is. She cares so much it’s crushing her. She was supposed to deliver Bo to some horrible monster, which she tried to. God, how she did. But she couldn’t, and you know why? Because that’s what love feels like. You go against your own nature to protect the one you love. Tamsin sacrified herself so many times since then. She believed Bo when no one else did (the one time that weird creature kidnapped Kenzi). She went to Brazenwood with Bo because she couldn’t help but think the succubus needed back up. She was devasted when she found out Bo was the one she would have to deliver, but still she tried to do what she was meant to. She could barely look into Bo’s eyes knowing she would have to do such thing so she drank till the point she’d let her walls come tumbling down and tell Bo she is perfect. I bet it was a word Tamsin had never used before. She took a bullet for Bo. Like, she literally did. She drove her truck off a cliff to try and save Bo. She was there with Bo when that loop was happening and she would even allow herself to see Bo kiss Lauren or Dyson so it could all be over because that’s how fucking genuine she is. She never expected anything in return because she thinks she’s not worthy Bo’s love. But fuck, she is. She totally is. Her love for Bo is pure and she’d do anything to see the succubus happy, even if it meant she wouldn’t get her after all. She did a lot of things she regrets and she can never take them back but she’s willing to be a better person because Bo made her want that. So she became this selfless woman who would risk her own life to make sure Bo’s alive because, well… Bo wasn’t supposed to be real and the fact that such person exists is enough for Tamsin to do anything she can to keep her a part of the real world.

I Hear You Now

Had to get this shit out of my system after 4x11. Valkubus one-shot. Not sure where this follows, I guess it’s something throughout S4


Bo had never thought that one day Tamsin would leave her, because the blonde had always been there. She was there when Kenzi was kidnapped. She was there for her Dawning invitation. She was in her bathtub, fully clothed.

Then, after Tamsin’s rebirth, she was like everywhere. Every time Bo walked down stairs in the middle of a sleepless night, Tamsin was there, passing out on the couch, leaving the TV on playing some lame action movie. Every time Bo came home, Tamsin was there, in the kitchen with Kenzi, cooking something, or rather, burning something. Every time when Bo wanted to lie down on the couch, Tamsin was there, combing hair and painting nails with Kenzi.

God I know I found you on the street and took you home, Kenz. I never signed up for raising a kid together. That was Bo’s thought, when she saw Kenzi yelling at Tamsin when she did something wrong, and the blonde just had her head lowered, looking guilty.

Sometimes Bo wasn’t sure why Tamsin could be such a hard ass in her previous life, yet so docile under Mama Kenzi’s wings. Sometimes she thought Tamsin might never grow back to that woman who twisted her arm behind her back and pushed her to the wall in the police station while she claimed that she was going to kick her ass that day.

The enmity between them were gone, after the Yule party, but not for long. When Bo heard that she told Lauren about their kiss in Brazenwood, right before the doctor broke up with her, she was shocked, pissed, and hurt. Then, she found out about Tamsin and Dyson, and that really hurt. It hurt so much, that she couldn’t even figure out how to deal with it.

One night, Bo exploded, when she saw Dyson drop her off at the shack, with her hair all messed up, her clothes carelessly unbuttoned, and she smelled like she had just robbed a liquor store. She couldn’t remember what she said that night, but whatever she had said, Tamsin didn’t even give a fuck. She just smirked at her, and told her to mind her own Rainer business. You don’t love him, you don’t get to have him, fair game, right? Me and him? Maybe we’ll get so drunk one day and pop out some wolf pups together, but why is that your business, Succubus? If you want to fuck him, take a number…well, I guess you can join us for a threesome. Surely he wouldn’t mind. That was what Tamsin said to her that night.

Bo found it strange, that she couldn’t even remember her own words that night, but she remembered every single word of Tamsin’s. She even remembered the Valkyrie’s shimmering, blue eyes, with tears welling up inside.

That night they argued. She slapped Tamsin, and Tamsin fought back. They got so loud, that they eventually woke drunk Kenzi up. Kenzi yelled at them, telling them to stop or she would just leave them forever. Then the Russian girl burst into tears in the middle of the living room, crying over her loss, Hale.

That exact moment, Bo felt everything in her life was falling apart, and she could never get them back, ever again. Feeling hurt and angry, she never spoke to Tamsin again.

And then, the big battle with her father came.


Waking up in her own bed, Bo found everyone standing there, looking at her. They seemed worried, and relieved, when she woke up.

Everyone was there, even Evony, Vex and Stella, but no Tamsin.

“Where’s emmm….where’s Tamsin?” Bo asked.

Everyone in the room sighed. Kenzi sat down on her bed, taking her hands in hers, and said, “Bo-bo, Tamsin’s…gone.”

“Oh.” Bo huffed out a light laugh, “She finally disappeared for good? God that’s great. I’m so tired of her shit…”

Kenzi took a deep breath, but even that didn’t stop her tears from falling. “No, Bo-bo.” She said, her voice shaking so hard that Bo could hardly understand her, “She’s gone. She died, during the…battle with…with your father and Rainer…” Then the Russian girl couldn’t help but cried out loud and fell onto Bo.

“Oh.” Bo said numbly. She watched Dyson turn around to hide his tears, and so did Trick. “Oh.” She repeated again. After a long pause, she said, “So when is she going to be reborn again? In a week? A month? Can’t be a whole year long, right? I mean-”

“Bo.” Trick interrupted her, “She won’t be reborn again. She was at her last life. Valkyries only get their wings in their last life. So…”

Trick didn’t finish his sentence, and Bo certainly didn’t need him to do so, because the rest of the conversation didn’t matter to her anymore. She just sat in her bed, watching Kenzi cry without saying another word.


Things went back to normal after everyone recovered from the battle. The dead were buried, and the living kept living. Bo went back to her old life, hunting for criminals in the day, and preys at night.

Bo thought things would just flow like that, until one day, she found the flash drive under Tamsin’s pillow, when she and Kenzi were cleaning the shack. Kenzi insisted that they should keep Tamsin’s room as is, like one day the blonde was just gonna walk through the door to claim that she was back. Bo thought it was stupid, and childish, because Tamsin would never come back, but after saying that in front of Kenzi for a couple of time before, she decided to keep it to herself, because every time she had said that, Kenzi became extremely upset.

That night, Bo put the flash drive on her laptop, after Kenzi went to bed. There was a video file on it, and Bo opened it.

After the first few seconds of shaking, fuzzy image, Bo realized that it was probably some video Tamsin took before she went on her finding-myself trip. Kids. Bo shook her head, but somehow, she couldn’t turn her eyes away, when she saw her face on screen, because it looked so vivid, and alive, like she had never left her.

At first it was some random stuff, self pep talk, things she was going to do during her trip, places she wanted to visit, her to-do list. Bo stared at her face, fascinated by how it looked exactly like the bad ass Tamsin, yet in a teenager spirit.

After talking and mumbling for a while, Tamsin stopped. She paced in her room in front of the camera nervously, like she was hesitantly about whether she should say something or not.

Eventually, the blonde turned back to face the camera again, taking deep breaths. “Ok. Here we go.” She said to herself in the video, “This shit gotta be on your to-do list girl. When you come back from the trip, you gotta tell Bo that you love her.”

Bo froze, when she heard those words coming out from those low quality speakers on her laptop. At first she thought she heard it wrong, so she replayed the last few seconds of the video.

“…gotta tell Bo that you love her.” Tamsin said. Then she circled around in the room anxiously while mumbling, “Oh no no no, that’s such a bad idea. It’s not like she’ll…she’ll love you back or something…‘cause she’s like perfect…and she has like Dyson, Lauren and…”

Bo covered her mouth with her hand and swallowed hard. She felt this lump in her throat, and she could hardly breathe. She didn’t hear the rest of it, because it was all nervous mumbling. Then suddenly Tamsin stood in front of the camera with a smile on her face, and said, “Be brave and be strong. Be a great Valkyrie. YOLO, right?”

Bo took a deep breath, and watch it again, then again, in the middle of the night, in  her bed, with that dim light coming from the laptop screen. Then she stopped replaying the video, and she just sat there, staring at the last image of it, where Tamsin looked so determined and happy, as if she was about to have a great life, with all the good things, and love, waiting for her in the future.

Love. That word suddenly squeezed Bo’s heart so hard, that she grabbed her laptop and threw it to the wall. The screen shattered, but Tamsin’s smile was still there, broken. Bo kicked it, smashed it on the floor, and broke it into pieces, but that smile was still there, in her mind.

Fuck! Fuck! Bo cursed, when she started to shake and her tears started to fall down. She ran to the bathroom to spray some cold water on her face, but the only thing she did was smashing her fist on the mirror over and over again when she saw her own face, till she stopped feeling the pain on her hand. She choked in tears, trying to hold them back, trying to hold her sobs back, trying to hold back that agonizing pain, and endless sorrow that was about to devour her, but she just couldn’t. She bit her bottom lip, weeping. She pressed her forehead against the broken mirror and closed her eyes in despair.

Trembling in anguish and devastation, Bo whispered,“I hear you Tamsin…I hear you now…I hear you now…I hear you now…”

She repeated the same thing, over and over again, in the bathroom, alone. Her voiced echoed in the room, reminding her how fucked up her life was.

Now she finally heard her, but she knew she heard her a long time ago. She heard her when Tamsin kissed her. She heard her when Tamsin took that bullet for her. She heard her every time Tamsin looked at her. She heard her that night when she invited her for threesome with Dyson with that smirk on her face and tears in her eyes.

But she just never listened, because she didn’t know how to deal with her. She had no idea how to deal with it. She never thought it would be a problem, because things would just play out on their own, as their future unfolded. So she stayed in silence, because she thought the Valkyrie would never leave her.

Until she lost her, until now.