and she understood but people still attacked her for it

i don’t think i’ll ever understand the ‘it’s not my job to educate you’ thing

like, yeah, if someone randomly comes up to you on the street and says “hey, you’re black, teach me about racism!” that’s really dumb

but if you constantly talk about this shit, whether IRL or on the internet, and people are actually interested in learning, why the hell wouldn’t you want to help them do so?

or, god, even if they’re not asking about it and they just make a mistake that you more than likely made once too, don’t even try to pretend you’re perfect, why the hell can’t you say “hey, you said this is it was wrong and I’m going to explain to you why *explains thing*”

there’s a good chance that if you don’t lash out at them, they won’t lash back and will actually fucking learn something and might be willing to learn more

going “you’re a fucking idiot, educate yourself” helps no one

Coffee With Alex

The sound of fingertips tapping along at the keyboard as he typed.

His lawyer urged him to write, write about the events that occurred at Mount Massive. He didn’t want to, but he needed to. He needed to get it off of his chest. 

Lisa had moved on, she insisted that he needed to get better, before he focused on raising the children any further with her.

He was a bit upset at first, then, he understood.

Nightmares and crying flooded his nights, he had to get his own apartment. Every creak and groan of the place surrounding him threw him into a panic attack, swearing up and down that there was something under his bed. His therapist wasn’t getting paid enough for her assistance.

He hated bothering her, as it was almost every other night at this point, but he still wasn’t better. Every once in a while people would stop him on the street and mention it, and he would assure him, he wasn’t the guy.

He sipped his coffee, realizing it was empty. How long had he been sitting here? Long enough, that’s for sure. 

He left his laptop, tossing the empty cup into the trash and wandered up to the front counter, accidentally bumping into someone, dropping the papers in his hand that he was looking over, the documents he had written during the riot.