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5-word prompts, Root x Shaw: "Root's alive," the Machine says.

Lionel had been being sneaky, or as sneaky as Lionel Fusco could be. He kept making excuses about going to see a friend and dodging Shaw’s very pointed questions. Finally, when she confronted him about his sketchy behavior a few weeks later, he huffed. “I can’t tell you. You gotta…just ask the Machine alright? I’m late.”

Shaw stood still in the middle of the sidewalk and watched Lionel walk away. She looked up at the nearest camera. “What is he talking about?”

“It’s not time yet,” the machine answered.

“Time for what?” Shaw asked.

The Machine paused. “You’ll have your answers soon, Sameen. But right now, we have a new number.”

Shaw huffed. Usually she didn’t mind being kept in the dark. As a former operator for the rather shady side of the government, she understood that occasionally things really did need to be kept on a need to know basis, but she wanted to know.

However, Shaw had learned very well to put her wants on the back burner which she did for the sake of the mission. That was until she ran into Lionel again. She didn’t mention his weird disappearances. She just followed them.

When he left, she tracked him down the street and into his car. She stole a bike and followed him. She was a few blocks away from where they started when her phone rang. She answered it with her earbud and didn’t have to speak before spoken to.

“Stop following Lionel,” The Machine spoke with a voice that didn’t belong to her.

“Why?” Shaw asked, continuing to pedal after Lionel’s squad car.

There was a long pause before The Machine answered. “She’s not ready yet.”

“She?” the word was vague, but somehow Shaw knew exactly what The Machine was talking about. But she needed the Machine to say it. “Who?”

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Sixty First Dates - 42

42. Daisy/Pietro, 11, for @charysaur

Characters do something unusual.

“Do you mind if we make a stop before we get lunch?” Pietro asked.

“Not at all,” Daisy shrugged, smiled up at him. “You were early, anyway. Where do you need to go?”

“I have to pick up some new shoes.” He looked a little sheepish, scrubbed his toe at the ground. “I go through a lot of shoes. Stark hasn’t figured out a composite for the soles yet that I don’t have issues with.”

“Huh,” Daisy blinked. “I… never thought about that. I suppose that would be a bit of an unfortunate - and expensive - side effect of your power!”

Pietro nodded, glad that she understood. “There’s a particular brand I like, but they’re not easy to get hold of. Anyway, the shoe store called and said some came in my size, but they’ll only hold them for me until this afternoon…”

“What are we waiting for, let’s go!” She linked her arm through his and tugged gently. “Can’t have Quicksilver going slow on the job!”

He chuckled. “Never happen, even if I have to run barefoot.”

“Ouch,” Daisy said with a wince, just imagining what the friction would do to the soles of his feet at the speeds he routinely ran at. “Definitely not. Maybe FitzSimmons should have a chat with Stark, perhaps they can science something up for your shoes…”

“Do you really want to put those three in a lab together? I thought Coulson had banned that from happening?”

“…you might be right.” She smiled as they approached the entrance to the shoe store. “Ooh, those boots are cute…”

“They’d look nice on you,” Pietro looked from the boots she gestured at, back to her. “Why don’t you see if you have them in your size, try them on?”

She couldn’t resist, spoke to a hovering salesperson as Pietro went to see about his running shoes. He came back a few minutes later to find her trying the boots on, and to her surprise, knelt down to help her lace them. Strong hands wrapped around her foot, testing the fit, pressing in at her toes and heel.

“They feel like a nice firm fit, you should try walking in them, maybe run a few paces.”

Daisy laughed, standing up. “You know, this is the first time I’ve ever been on a date where the guy took me shoe shopping.”

Pietro grinned up at her as she started to walk up and down. “Some girls would call this a dream date.”

“I might be one of them,” she smiled back at him. “At least, if you don’t mind me trying on another pair or two…”

“Which ones?” he straightened up from where he’d been lounging. “I’ll get them for you!”

“Definitely a dream date,” the sales assistant whispered to Daisy as Pietro sprang to his feet. Daisy laughed, agreeing with her.

3.2 Not Always About Me [13/20]

“Why can’t I go too mama?” Nova whined a week later as she stood waving goodbye to her sister and Grandpa as they drove away.

“We’ve been over this,” Leilani said letting her irritation creep into her voice. Why couldn’t she make Nova understand that this wasn’t a punishment? She understood Nova’s disappointment in having to stay behind. But Elara’s bright shining eyes and excitement more than made up for it.

“It’s because I’m the one everyone is look for isn’t it?” Nova cried upset that two of the most important people in her life were leaving her behind. “If it weren’t for me Elara would be able to go to a real school. If it weren’t for me Grandpa would be able to go home and see his family. If it weren’t for me we wouldn’t have to live in hiding.” She turned and ran from the situation she could no longer tolerate.

“Nova,” her mom called out to her but she kept running. She ran until she reached her little house. Closing the door behind her she fell to her knees. Rocking herself back and forth on the floor.

Sometime later the door creaked open. “Go away” she cried without looking up to see who it was.


She realized, then, something she had never fully understood before. She’d always wondered what had led her father to turn to the dark side, to become Darth Vader. She’d imagined it came from ambition, greed, or some other venal weakness. Never had she considered that the turn might begin in a better place, out of the desire to save someone or to avenge a great wrong. Even if it led to evil, that first impulse might be born of loyalty, a sense of justice, or even love.

Had it been like that for her father? She could never know. But for the first time in a very long while, she had some sense of who Anakin Skywalker might have been before his fall, and of the goodness that must have survived in him through all the darkness, all the years

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okay re my ask from yday: autistic!jack who hates music in cases and restaurants... just imagine him as a kid and getting really overwhelmed by it and how Alicia and Dad Bob respond ;_____;

Send me your autistic Jack headcanons!

Alicia is prepared for just about everything. In her magic bag, she has stim toys, puzzles, even little plastic hockey figurines. If 8 year old Jack starts getting really squirmy, she’ll gather him into a tight hug (weighted blankets and vests weren’t really a Thing back then, but she still knew, deep pressure helped). 

But they are trying out a new restaurant on the recommendation of a friend, and the waiting area is overcrowded and loud. They’ve been waiting for a table for far too long and she knows if they don’t get seated soon, Jack is going to start getting overwhelmed. 

Thankfully the waitress calls their name and they walk to the table. But Alicia is horrified to notice that it’s right underneath not just an air conditioner at full force, but also a speaker blasting music. It’s annoying even to her own ears (she has some sensory processing issues herself). So she can only imagine how it must feel for Jack. Grating. Painful. She glances at Jack’s face, which is determined but quickly crumbling. His lip is trembling, his breathing shallow, and body is minutely rocking forward and back. Alicia knows soon he’ll be covering his ears, or tearing up, and suddenly she can’t stomach staying here another minute. She gives Bob a Look™ and he is a bit disappointed but sees Jack’s expression and nods. 

Bob quickly lets the hostess know that they had to leave and they can give their table to someone else. Alicia has a finger hooked onto Jack’s shirt and quickly walks through the restaurant, her demeanor parting the crowds, and glancing behind her occasionally to make sure Jack is following closely.

They get take out on the way home and everyone is just fine with how the evening turned out. Eating at some fancy new restaurant isn’t worth sacrificing her son’s well-being. #gotyourback

Black Widower?


It had been nearly two weeks since Jax was arrested, and anytime the DA or police came in to question him, he wouldn’t talk. They had told him that it was her blood with Eli’s and that in all likelihood, she was gone. His mother had told him to accept she was gone, along with the guys. But, something felt not right.

Today, the DA came in again and he sat there in his orange jumpsuit in front of her, as she tried to tell him she understood the pain that he was in. No, she didn’t, but then she told him that she was letting him out, dropping the deal. He didn’t understand why, but she told him she trusted he wouldn’t make the violence worse, and that he was willing to do it, because he was someone who did the right thing 10 days ago.

His mother had been going to see him, and she drove him home.  She wanted to take him to see the kids, but he needed to figure all that out, before he saw them. When he got there, the guys hugged him, telling him they were sorry.  Jax nodded, but he still had in his head, they had no proof that she was dead.

He then looked ahead and saw Wendy. She was supposed to be in rehab again, but she told him she wanted to help with the kids.  He sighed, just telling her to work it out with Gemma. Going inside, he called chapel to Order and they told him they’d decided on a name: Redwoody. Jax nodded, as he was filled in on stuff and he pointed out he didn’t think he’d be back at the gavel.

“ I never really wanted this chair. I guess some part of me knew it would happen, but I always dreaded the weight of it. The responsibility. The truth is I can barely make the right choices for myself. I’ve been trying to take this club in a direction I thought made sense. To move us away from all the outlaw shit. That hasn’t worked. I think some part of me was trying to buy back all the bad shit I’ve done. The people I’ve hurt. That’s a false pardon. It’s dangerous. And it’s selfish.  JT did the same thing. And those choices took away everything from my old man. His family and his patch. The woman I love is either dead or lost to me right now. I’m not gonna lose my club. For me to move forward with all the things we now have to do, I need to know this table has no doubts. No mistrust. That every single one of you would kill or die for the man next to him, and if you don’t feel that way…now’s the time to speak up.”

The guys all nodded. Then Jax got a call and they looked at him. “Hello.”

“Mr. Teller, it would seem that you may have something we want, in exchange for what we have.”  

Jax then raised an eyebrow and put it on speaker.  “What do you have that I want?” 

He then heard the cocking of a gun. “Bitch, say hello to your husband, or he hears you die right now.” 

Jax was then listening, his fist balled up. 

Prompt:  AU | The 7 in high school together?
by @lillytalons
  • Percy’s the skater and swimmer, he’s had a crush on Annnabeth since they were in middle school. They became closer through their mutual friend, Grover. She started helping tutor him because he was having such a hard time and she understood the dyslexia. They started dating in high school. 
  • Grover left to be a foreign exchange student in a third world, and help make the world a better place. He still keeps in touch with Annabeth and Percy though, they’re still best friends and the whole group has met him, either before he left or through skype. 
  • Annabeth has no idea how she ended up being friends with the rest of these crazy people, but her and Piper ended up on a school project once, and actually got on really well despite the different social circles. Piper dragged her out to be more social, and so her and Percy got mixed into the friend group. 
  • Jason’s the quarterback, VP of the student body, and also slightly (extremely) rich though he doesn’t spread it around. His dad is really powerful, but also super strict, so while Jason’s grades are almost as good as Annabeth’s most people don’t realize he’s so good. He definitely doesn’t give off the studious vibe. 
  • He stumbled onto one of Piper and Leo’s pranks on a cheerleader one day. He disapproved at first, but they told him exactly what she had said about Piper’s absent mother and mysterious father. He ended up helping them and never got out of their shenanigans. 
  • He and Annabeth end up with a sort of odd friendship, once Annabeth got over her competitiveness, she and Jason started helping each other with their relationships. They would go to each other for advice with the other gender, and it ended up working really well. 
  • Hazel came along with Nico to one of the movie nights, and was thrilled when they chose Disney, even though everyone else groaned when Percy chose Finding Nemo. Apparently it wasn’t the first time and it happens every single time Percy is allowed to pick. Frank was smitten right away but tried to act natural. Hazel ended up coming to all the movie nights, and hanging out whenever they did anything outside of school, she was in a different school because she lived with her mom, not her dad like Nico. They had different mothers, but became extremely close, Hazel helped draw Nico out of his shell. 
  • Frank and Percy met each other at like a family gathering which never really happens for Percy and Sally but one of Frank’s relatives found some sort of relationship that connected them so they got invited and Sally figured-why not? 
  • Frank and Percy were some of the only teenagers at the party, and recognized each other vaguely from school. They ended up getting along well despite the fact that they didn’t share a whole lot of interests and still have no idea how they’re related. I mean, Frank’s Canadian-Chinese and Percy has some sort of islander blood? 
  • Leo and Piper met at a correctional summer camp, some sort of random wilderness thing, and as two mostly non-malicious trouble makers they ended up being friends. Piper could actually laugh at Leo’s humor and Leo was a surprisingly useful accomplice in pranking mean teachers and students alike.
  • The records of their last day prank are still sealed, and only the group knows what happened. The rest of the student body only hears vague references and inside jokes. The full story was disclosed one night when it was past midnight and they were all at the stage of sleeplessness combined with a sugar high that matches being drunk. 
  • Nico while not always part of the group, especially with the pretty large age gap for high school, ended up there because of Annabeth. She was struggling with her Italian class one day- languages were really not her strong suit-especially with dyslexia, and Nico corrected her pronunciation without thinking. She immediately latched onto the poor freshmen and asked for tutoring. In return she helps him with his math, and the group just added him in. 
  • Nico became closest with Jason and Reyna, it helps Jason’s dad is like crazy powerful like Nico’s so they both get the pressures of needing to be perfect, have the best grades, etc. Reyna is pretty similar, though she puts the pressure on herself, she’s the student body president, and worked a lot with Jason since he was the vice. 
  • No one really knows why Reyna, the sole senior is best friends with the sole freshmen, but they all just sort of go with it. One time Reyna and Nico traveled down the coast together after Reyna graduated. When they got back, Nico-in a Hawaiian shirt no less- Reyna was less tense and Nico was much happier. 
  • Reyna still hung out with everyone on their weekly movie nights and was one of the only ones besides Percy who could really calm Annabeth down when she was panicking over exams. She understood that Annabeth couldn’t just turn it off, she needed an outlet and a way to refocus, she needed a confidence boost, and Reyna would act like a study budy, quizzing her until Annabeth realized she knew the material and could pass the test. Reyna went to community college while everyone was seniors, saving up money and getting recommendations for the ivy-league college she wanted. 
  • The whole group was constantly doing movie nights, scavenger hunts, night games at parks, that sort of thing. They got into more trouble than their teachers and parents liked, but they also protected younger kids from bullies and made sure that the creeps stayed away from the parks (the perfect place for capture the flag, ghost in the graveyard, and good old fashioned tag, if you couldn’t find the group, check the nearest park), so they got away with more than anyone will admit. 
  • They all stayed in contact after high school, despite some of them being across the country. 

Okay, but the worst part of Critical Role’s last episode was the ending bit of the conversation between Vex and Vax. Lemme give you a transcription.

Vax: You’ve always been stronger than me, I need you to keep doing that.

Vex: It’s all an act, dear.

Vax: Bullshit.

Like, that pained me in my heart because I empathize SO MUCH with Vex in that moment. As someone who also has problems sharing her emotions and as someone who is often called the ‘strong one’ for my friends, I just totally understand what’s happening there.

Vex brought up her lack of emotional strength in an almost joking, almost casual manner almost as if she wanted to be dismissed the way she was. She wants to be understood, but she also doesn’t want to lose that carefully crafted image of herself. Take a look at Laura’s face when Vax dismisses her at 1:36:37. It communicates EVERYTHING. Disappointment, contemplation, and maybe a hint of fear. Disappointment that her brother doesn’t get it. Contemplation on how she wants to continue with this conversation (let it go? Say what she really means?). And fear because talking about feelings is FUCKING SCARY, MAN.

But, because she did bring it up so casually, Vax really does think she’s just bantering with him, like they always do. Obviously, if he knew she was trying to communicate something deeper, he wouldn’t be so quick to write her off. BUT HERE’S THE THING: when I do this, it’s disappointing enough that my friends don’t see through it. Vax is her twin. He’s supposed to know her like no one else does. I can only imagine how devastating that would be for Vex. How clearly it would communicate to her that she can’t tell ANYONE about her emotional weakness.

She has to be strong, right? She’s the strong one. And if she can’t share this stuff with Vax, who is she going to share it with?

That’s why she didn’t go to anyone when she was struggling to deal with marching back into Syngorn. THAT’S why Percy had to literally walk in on her dealing with that shit alone for her to even talk about a peripheral issue. And that’s why it felt so good when he took her seriously. When her concerns weren’t dismissed. When she was able to cry in front of someone else. Because she was allowed to not be strong for once.

ENOUGH! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH. I need me some Nathalie Sancoeur headcanons

  • I’m on board when it comes to her being a previous LB
  • maybe when she was young, and her BFF was mama Agreste
  • maybe Nathalie had a crush on mama Agreste
  • she was totally fine when Mama A. met Gabriel 
  • ten bucks says she even helped Gabe asking Mama A out.
  • I mean she wants Mama A to be happy 
  • she understood that she couldn’t bring Mama A. happiness helping the person who could make her feel she was doing something
  • she was there when they got married and Gabe asked her to be their P.A
  • of course, she said yes. 
  • she hired the Gorilla 
  • they are very close friends and love the Agrestes like family
  • Give me cute aunt Nathalie tucking in baby Adrien
  • give me Nathalie reading to Adrien 
  • Nathalie being the one to teach Adrien piano
  • mama A watching smugly near the door as her “cold” friend warmed up to Adrien and played with him
  • also give me heartbroken Nathalie when Mama A disappeared 
  • give me Nathalie crying once again over her,
  • soon realising that it has impacted everyone harshly
  • beginning to control herself, to stand strong for the Agreste boys
  • her comforting Gabe and Adrien
  • her saying she’ll stick to this family until death 

like always, please add on!

“You did love me right? Even for a day or an hour or just for a second, you did love me? Tell me I didn’t make it up, tell me it wasn’t all in my head. Please tell me you did, just please…”
And that day she understood that sometimes it wasn’t the words that could break your heart, sometimes silence could do even worse.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write // JustScribbledWords
Help Me - Draco x Reader

Thank you guys so much for all of the notes on Baby Steps! I never expected that many! Thank you so much!!!

I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think! :)

Italics - Flashback to earlier that day
Y/N - Your name

No warnings that I can think of! Let me know if there are!

“I just feel so stupid!” Y/N groaned as she pushed her textbook away from her.  Hermione had just left her in the library after two nonstop hours of studying. Y/N still understood nothing. She crossed her arms on the desk and with an overly dramatic sigh, laid her head on top. She stared at her shoes. There was no way she was going to pass this Potions test tomorrow.

Suddenly, she felt someone pull the chair out next to her and sit down. Y/N quickly looked up to see someone she really did not want to see at the moment - Draco Malfoy. Potions to Draco was like running to a cheetah; simple and natural. Potions to Y/N was like trying to give a cat a bath; tedious and exasperating.

 At any other moment, she would’ve been relieved to see her best friend, but considering the fight they’d had this morning, she’d rather he had stayed away.

“I can help you with Potions, you know. You don’t have to get Granger to help you. Not sure why you hang out with that mudblood anyway.” Draco snorted. Y/N and Draco were currently on their way to said Potions class. He wasn’t understanding why she’d asked Hermione Granger for help with her Potions work when she had a perfectly good tutor as her best friend.

“She’s better than you, Malfoy. You and I both know that. You’re good, but she’s a little better. Plus, I spend all of my time with you. I haven’t spent time with her in forever and whether you like it or not, we’re friends.” she replied taking her seat next to him in the back of the classroom.

“Well you can’t be friends with her. I don’t like her.” he said and Y/N whirled around in her seat to face him.

“Excuse me? Draco, I can hang with whomever I’d like to. You’re not my father. I don’t need approval from you when I’d like to be friends with someone. Now, if you’ll shut up, maybe I can try and actually learn something in this class.” She turned around in her seat and angled her body away from him. 

Who was he to tell her who she could or couldn’t hang out with? He had no right. They didn’t talk for the rest of the day and she couldn’t stand sitting next to him in every single class. Thankfully, Y/N had set up a study time with Hermione for later that night and she wouldn’t have to even see Draco for the rest of the day.

“You’re not stupid.” Draco’s voice snapped the girl out of her thoughts from earlier that day. She narrowed her eyes and sent a glare his way. Y/N started throwing her books and pieces of parchment back into her bag. As she reached for her quill and ink bottle, Draco’s hand shot out to grab ahold of her wrist.

“Y/N, stop. I came to apologize. I don’t apologize often, you know that… so just hear me out.” he paused waiting for her to let him continue. When she didn’t say anything, he pressed on. “I’m sorry I told you that you can’t hang out with other people. I don’t mean to try and control you; you’re a person, not a house elf. I just don’t understand why you’re friends with people in other houses. It’s not my business and I’m sorry, okay?”

Y/N stared at him, a bit skeptic of his apology, but considering this was Draco Malfoy, this apology was as good as it was going to get.

“I’ll forgive you, but I need you to do something for me.” she said, pulling her Potions book back out of her bag.

“Anything.” he replied.

“Please help me pass this test tomorrow.”

He grinned and took the book from her hands. He opened up to their current lesson and put the book between them. After about an hour and a half Madam Pince, the librarian, came around and told them that it was time to head back to their common rooms for the rest of the night.

Walking down the long and winding hallways to the dungeons, Y/N couldn’t help but think about how there was no way she was going to pass the test tomorrow. As they walked through the doors to the common room, she made her way straight to the girls dormitories, but Draco stopped her.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“To bed. There’s no chance I’m passing that test tomorrow. I only understand like two things. Thanks for trying to help, though. I really appreciate it.” she replied and Draco grabbed her arm, leading her over to the couches. They sat down and he pulled the Potions book out once again.

“I told you I’m going to help you pass this test. Even if we have to stay up all night, you’re going to learn this stuff and you’re going to pass tomorrow.” he pulled parchment out of his bag while she pulled out her ink bottle and quill. 

As the night went on, Y/N realized that she was actually understanding more and more. Draco would stop reading and randomly quiz her on something they’d read an hour before. Nine times out of ten, she’d say the correct answer and she’d feel a little more confident in herself.

The sun was coming up and Y/N was exhausted. She yawned and leaned into Draco’s side, closing her eyes. Maybe she could rest for just a few minutes. 

After what seemed like only a few seconds, she felt someone shaking her. Her vision was blurry as she sat up and looked around. She took in the scent of mint, cologne, and parchment. Her vision cleared and she looked at the blonde haired blue eyed boy in front of her.

“Come on. We’re going to be late for class. Get up, let’s go!” Draco smirked as he grabbed her hand and pulled her up. He handed her her bag and they made their way towards the Potions classroom. Hopefully she’d still remember everything she managed to learn last night.

About a week later, Snape was handing out the graded Potions tests at the end of class. Y/N didn’t want to look at hers as it was set on the desk in front of her. She shoved it into her bag upside down, deciding that she would deal with it later. She stood up to leave. 

Draco had a different plan though because he snatched the paper back out of her bag. She looked at him as he frowned at the paper in front of him. Defeated, she sat back down and put her head on the desk. Of course she didn’t pass. There was no way she would’ve remembered everything she’d managed to learn in one night. That wasn’t possible.

Y/N felt Draco nudge her shoulder and she looked up at him. He had turned the paper around so the front was facing her. It took a minute for the grade on the paper to register in her brain. She grinned, stood up, and threw her arms around Draco’s neck and her legs around his waist. 

He had kept his word and helped her pass. That was the most she could ask for from him. She was beyond grateful for the blonde haired blue eyed best friend in front of her - even if he was a git sometimes.

Try Again to Get it Right, Part 2

Part 2 of who the hell knows how many. This is becoming a beast!  Minor Percy/Vex, post Episode 63.

Read Part 1 here

“You’re so big.” Percy’s mother reached out, hesitated and then touched his hair. “What happened here?”

“It’s- “ Percy was visibly shaking now. He wet his lips, nervously. “It’s a long story.”

His father moved forward and Vox Machina immediately gathered closer protectively. “How is this possible?”

“I’m… not entirely sure.”

“We were in the Feywild,” Keyleth tried to explain. She might not understand why Percy wouldn’t want to see his family, but she understood being afraid they might be disappointed. “Healing a blight on the land. But everything with the days was a little crazy and I may have shifted us back wrong; I’ve never done it before.”

“There is some precedent for time passing differently in the Feywild than on this plane.” Percy offered. “Back in time is… unexpected; but still.”

 “You claim to be my son,” Fredrick  said slowly. “From the future.”

 “Well obviously, Fredrick. Look at him.”

 “What about any of this is obvious?”

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So you don't think Riley had her hormonal telegram with Farkle in Stem? If so, then what do you think about that moment when her and Farkle argue in the classroom and she says "Ok" to him. I feel like something changed with her there. Also, thank you for your analysis! It's superb. :)

Thank you Anon!

Something definitely changed with her there. I think she stopped seeing Farkle as the strange friend who wears orange turtlenecks and saw Farkle, the guy who loves and understands her and has “grown into a handsome young man” (per Bay Window I believe?). Farkle wasn’t just “Friend” anymore…he became “A Boy That Is a Friend”. I think that moment for them was huge, but I don’t think she understood what she was really feeling, or she certainly wasn’t ready to take it on. She is still so invested in this Lucas thing, this Prince Charming conception, there’s no way that Farkle, Charlie, or anyone else is going to derail her from that until she gets to experience it. I think that considering all the immaturity we see after STEM when it comes to her views on romantic relationships, it’s safe to say that she is still far behind the rest of them, even Farkle and Smackle.

I think maybe after her relationship with Lucas plays out, if Farkle were to say things of similar/more epic proportion to her once again, maybe in the face of change (cough IDF cough), her reaction may be different, she may understand it this time. They both might.

New Year Old Feelings

Summary: Farkle outs Riley

Pairing: Riley/Maya

Rated: T

“Riley’s in love with Maya.”

No one moved for a while as fireworks lit up the night sky. The other classmates left the roof and walked downstairs to the apartment. Charlie grabbed Auggie and followed his classmates. The only people on the roof were Smackle, Farkle, Lucas, Maya and Riley. They all looked at Riley, while Riley just stared at the illuminated sky. 

“I’m sorry Riley, I had to.” Farkle said. He grabbed Smackle’s hand and the two left the roof, leaving the others up there by their self. Maya looked at Lucas and then Riley. She took a step forward, but stopped. She turned and looked at Lucas who still looked confused about what he heard. He stared at Maya and understood she needed to be alone with Riley. He gave her a weak smile and left to join the others downstairs. Maya walked up to Riley who was by the edge of the roof. Maya placed her hands on the edge and gazed at Riley.

Riley continued to stare up at the sky and didn’t dare to look over at Maya. She was upset that Farkle outed her in front of the whole class. She sighed and put her head down. A few tears escaped and landed on her face. Maya noticed quickly and grabbed Riley’s hand.

“Why didn’t you tell me Riles?” Maya asked. Riley kept on crying and soon enough, Maya began to cry too. “I’m your best friend Riley. Why didn’t you just tell me?”

“I didn’t want you to hate me.” Riley whispered.

“Hate you? Riley I could never hate you. You are my safe place, you are my hope. I could never hate you even if I tried. I love you Riley Matthews.” Maya replied.

“You don’t love me the way I love you.” Riley said as she turned to run back to her apartment. Maya grabbed her hand and pulled Riley close to her.

“Who said I didn’t love you like that?” Maya asked as she leaned in and placed her lips on Riley’s. Riley smiled and kissed Maya back. They stood there for a few minutes and finally released from the kiss.

“I love you, Peaches.” Riley said.

“I’ll love you forever, Riles. This was the best New Years ever.” Maya said before placing another kiss on Riley’s lips. 

Farkle walked back upstairs and saw that Riley and Maya were kissing. “Yes!” he screamed which startled the girls. “I am shipping this so hard right now.” The two girls rolled their eyes and laughed. “But, my number one ship will always be me and Smackle.” 

Smackle emerged from the shadows and grabbed Farkle’s hand. “I ship us so hard honey.” she said. Farkle faced towards her and looked at her lips.

“Smackle, may I kiss your cheek?” Farkle asked.

“Yes honey because I love and trust you.” Smackle replied. Farkle leaned and kissed her cheek, Smackle blushed while Maya and Riley cheered.

Riley turned towards Maya and said, “Maya, may I kiss your cheek?” Maya laughed and grabbed Riley’s face and kissed her lips.

“Sorry Riles, but now that I can call you mine, I’m going to take every chance I can get to kiss your lips.” Riley smiled and hugged Maya. Maya put her head on Riley’s chest. “Thanks for being my first kiss Riles.” Maya said.

“I wish you were mine.” Riley said.

“In our hearts, we will always be each other’s first kiss.”

“Good” Riley said before kissing Maya. The fireworks started to die down and little stars appeared in the sky. The lights from below shined bright, but the two girls didn’t notice. 

Riley stopped kissing Maya and said, “This was a great way to start the New Year,” before once again kissing the love of her life.