and she understood


How does one harness that energy within?

With the proper structure, of course.

Cal said it himself. Time for Athena to get a bit crazier and show fate she would not be controlled by it. And the first step? Tattoos designed extensively to harness the magics around her. She spent the whole night at her Silvermoon apartment skimming through every page of Kel’yen’s old books, looking for anything useful. 

Then, when she had picked 10-15 runes that she believe she understood, she found a goblin who could be paid to keep quiet and get them tattooed onto her, or emblazend onto her gear during a week long period. It was painful, and her body was extremely raw from it all. But afterwards, she was gonna be a showstopper.

She chose runes that would her light up the field and her weapon with arcane energy, using that energy build up over time to hit the enemy hard.

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She found runes that would let her protect herself and shift forms, turning energy into mass and protect her with that.

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And she found runes that would keep her hidden, using the energy around her to twist light and hide her from vision

Add in the gift that Arakia had offered, and honestly, she was ready for a lot. It would cost a lot of mana, and Ath would have to keep track of that during any conflicts.

But she was not about to leave reality -bored-. It was time to light it up.

@kayleavittynp (Kels may be dead, but Athen/Lat still uses her legacy to keep moving forward.)

Moana helping the turtle as a child was a metaphor for how the ocean helped her throughout the film.

Moana didn’t pick up the turtle and carry it to the ocean, which would have been easiest for the both of them. She protected the turtle and let it make the journey itself. Because it was important that the turtle got to the ocean on its own.

This is why the ocean chose Moana. Even at a young age, she understood why the turtle needed to make its own journey.

Throughout the film, the ocean guides and protects her along the way, but it most certainly does not carry her to return the heart of the sea. It is important for Moana to make the journey by herself. She needs to fight her own battles, endure her own hardships, and forge her own path so she may become stronger.

shoutout to nb lesbians who feel like no girl is gonna want you bc you’re nonbinary and you don’t fulfill the Lesbian Criteria™ you’re as much of a lesbian as anyone else and you’re gonna find your girl don’t worry ab it

She understood the pull between two worlds, the cosmic force that ripped her simultaneously to and from his distant life. And it was painful, but the decision to leap either way was endlessly complicated. The thoughts circled her mind, and she could not escape.

To unbecome herself, after hundreds of years of study, of meditation, of spirituality in the raging winter of her home? It was impossible. It would be as if abandoning a tireless war, in which she was bound to the army of a righteous cause – even with the knowledge of it’s poisonous politics. She had to keep fighting. The distraction that she found in her love for him was only that; a distraction.

It was a unknown element of warmth, but one that she could not help but cling to. He was alone, as was she. Both were part of a mass of bodies, civilisations full of insincere companionship. Amid all who they stood beside, they knew nobody as they knew one another. And she supposed that she could live with that emptiness, as she had known it for centuries. But the thought of leaving him to face this eternal echo without her, was unthinkable. She would not allow him to face oblivion alone, or to be drummed down by those around him, those who saw nothing of his soul.

And ultimately, she did not want to return to the bitter halls of her people, without the knowledge that across the stars – he was there, waiting. And he would never forget her, far away as she was. He would always be a new constellation, in the bleak, dark skies of her decaying city.
—  Celestial Dynasty

I think we could actually define Lydia’s feelings for Stiles in five moments:

The moment she understood he was worth her time:

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The moment she saw he cared for her:

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The moment she felt something for him:

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The moment she understood she loved him:

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And the moment she knew he was the one:

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So that’s exactly why stydia is not rushed or one sided, but beautiful and well develope.


Jemma, Daisy, and Mace in 4x09: Broken Promises

If we’re gonna be totally meta about it, Hibike! Euphonium was about a teenage lesbian who was crushing so hard on an oblivious straight girl, whose straightness came up when she was already in too deep. Who, along her other “friends”, kept pushing her towards a boy she literally couldn’t care less about. Gradually, she started getting over Straight Girl, and was able to move on, as she got closer and closer to another, older girl, whom she used to hate. As she was allowed to be closer to the other girl than anyone else, her feelings for the straight girl faded into a friendship, and she came to terms with her new deepening love with a most complicated girl, whom she understood better than anyone else. The series ended with her confessing, and the older girl accepted her feelings. 

And I think that’s beautiful.


Hi guys! I feel like it’s been ages since I posted something but I finally had some time again. This is very smutty like always so please don’t read it if you aren’t comfortable with filthy stuff. It’s not been proofread so please forgive any mistakes!xxxx

Harry felt like he couldn’t hold himself back anymore, like he had no control over his body.
He craved her.
He hadn’t had her in so goddamn long. Maybe it was a week, maybe two or maybe a month, he didn’t know. The only thing he knew was that it was way too long since he had her underneath him.
It was his fault though. He was so incredibly busy with working on his music and jumping from one thing to the other that at the end of the day there was no time for Y/N.
She understood that though, better than anyone else. She knew from the beginning that sometimes his work would get in their way, and she wasn’t mad about that. She supported him as good as possible.
The only thing she was a bit sad about was the fact that she couldn’t support him in that way right now. She knew he was exhausted when he came home and she understood that he wasn’t up for sex then but she also saw the frustration in his eyes and how painfully hard he was in the morning.
She noticed his whole body being tense, his shoulders never relaxing and his neck always looking like he couldn’t properly move it. She just wanted to help him.
But she also know he wouldn’t let her. He always denied that he needed something.
“No, love. M'just tired.”
It was true he was tired, but he also needed a release.
And because she knew he wouldn’t do anything about it anytime soon she took matters into her own hand.
She knew the effect she had on him, especially when she wore his clothes or a pair of lace panties or…
His shirt with lace panties.
He had a day off and she had a feeling he would want to spend it sleeping and working some more but she wouldn’t let him.
So when she knew he woke up from his nap she made her way upstairs in his white Rolling Stones shirt and a pair of white lace panties that left nothing to the imagination.
She walked into the bedroom and felt his eyes on her half naked body immediately. She made her way to the drawer right across the bed and bent down, acting like she looked for something at the bottom. She knew his eyes were looking at the place she wanted them to look, almost feeling the heat on her skin.
She turned around after a few moments, catching Harry’s eyes roaming her whole body with hit bottom lip between his teeth. “Have you seen my-”
“Come here.” he interrupted her.
“What?” she asked with fake surprise.
“Come here. Please.” he almost begged.
She made her way to the bed, crawling on top of it until she reached him.
“What’s going on?” she asked him.
He took hold of one of her legs and made her straddle his hips, sighing when her skin came in contact with his.
His hands moved from her thighs over those goddamn panties, up to her waist underneath his shirt.
“Should ask you that.” he replied with a cocked eyebrow.
“You come up her looking like… God, baby.”
She smirked at his flustered state, his cheeks slowly turning pinker and his eyes getting wider.
“You like it?” she questioned teasingly.
“You know what you do to me when you wear my clothes. And lace panties. But both together… fuck.”
She giggled softly and leaned closer to him.
“Did that on purpose, you know. You haven’t touched me in so long. Thought that this would finally make you do it.” she whispered into his ear.
He groaned and closed his eyes briefly before opening them again and letting his hands wander from her sides to her back, pressing her tightly against him.
“You think so? I don’t know about that, pet. You teased me quite a lot with this little outfit. Think I need to punish you a bit for that.”
She whimpered and released a quiet ‘god, yes.’ Maybe it wasn’t him who was that needy after all. Maybe it was all her.
He removed his shirt from her body in a split second, pressing her naked chest to his immediately after.
His lips began to press wet kisses against her neck, making her sigh out at how good it felt. He reached her chest on his path, his lips wrapping around one nipple and sucking on it until it was hard and repeating it on the other one. She was moaning and squirming already even though he hasn’t done anything yet.
“Turn around.” he told her, helping her until she was lying between his legs with her back to his chest.
He let his hands grab her tits for a moment, squeezing them slightly and pinching her pink nipples gently before he let his hands stroke over her whole upper body, his lips constantly pressing kisses to her neck.
His fingertips reached the line of her panties after a bit, teasingly stroking her skin right above the lace and making her body shudder with the tickling touch.
“Love those panties. So pretty.” he whispered into her ear.
Her eyes were closed so that she could enjoy his touch as much as possible. She wanted him to rip that unnecessary piece of clothing from her body already and touch her. But Harry had other plans.
His hand cupped her over her panties, a low moan rumbling through his chest when he felt her wetness through the almost none existent fabric. Y/N sighed out when she finally felt his touch against her aching center, her hips lifting off the mattress immediately but Harry held her down and wrapped one arm tightly around her waist so she had no ability to move.
His fingers stroked over her whole sex before they landed on that one spot that would make her eyes roll back and her lips part with breathless moans.
He began to rub her clit gently over the lace, her thighs tensing immediately. Sounds of pleasure left her lips when he sped up his movements and applied more pressure, her over sensitive nerves even more responsive to his touch than usually.
“You like it?” he asked her even though he knew the answer.
“God, yes.” she moaned out.
“I’m not even touching you fully, and you already loose your mind?” he teased her.
It was true. He wasn’t actually touching her completely, but still she was absolutely fucked out.
“Yes.” the word was dragged out, her voice getting high pitched at the end.
Harry made sure to touch just the right place, made sure he pressed and rubbed it with just the right pace.
He knew she was about to loose her mind, explode right in his lap. He knew the pent up frustration would make her come even faster than usually.
“Harry.” she whined when her body began to squirm and her legs began to trash around.
“What, darling?”
“Touch me. P-Please, I- Oh.”
“But I am touching you, baby.”
“N-No, want you to touch me without these panties, please.”
“Nuh-uh.” Harry made.
“Told you I had to punish you.”
She almost cried out but held herself back from protesting and getting into even more trouble.
“I’ll let you come though.” he whispered.
He sped up his movements and pressed against her clit harder, making her slip over the edge and loose any control. She was moaning louder than ever, Harry was almost worried she was in pain. She was squirming and trashing around in his lap, her whole body shaking against him. The moans kept on leaving her body, echoing through the room.
Harry was moaning himself too, he always enjoyed it when she came. He cupped her between her legs again when she finished completely, loving the way she rubbed herself against his hand to ride out the last bit of her pleasure.
“Harry.” she whimpered after a bit.
“Shh, love.”
He moved away from her body, letting her lay down with her back against the pillows. He shuffled on the bed until he was between her legs, his hands separating them so he was able to situate himself in the middle. She looked at him with glossy eyes, looking so goddamn fucked out that Harry almost lost it right there.
He lied down between her legs, his hands on her thighs, hooking them over his shoulders. Y/N whimpered at the image in front of her, his face between her thighs always made her feel some type of way.
She hoped, hoped so fucking much that he would rip that stupid piece of lace from her body but he didn’t. He spread her legs as wide as he could, his fingertips stroking softly over the fabric that made him loose his mind.
He leaned down and kissed along the path above lace, wandering down and letting his nose run over her, breathing her in. He rubbed the tip of it over her clit, feeling how soaked she was. Her scent swarmed his senses, getting so intense that he couldn’t help his tongue licking her over her panties. It felt strange against his tongue to not have her skin against it but he didn’t stop, to eager and desperate to lick her to her next orgasm.
Her hands shot down to his head, her fingers getting lost in the mess that was his hair. The way she pulled at his hair created a sting that almost turned into pain but he didn’t mind, he liked it rough.
She was pulling him closer, making his face bury into her even more but he loved it by the sound he made.
His tongue licked over her with broad strokes, the tip of it circling her clit over and over again. It felt different, the fabric created a different sensation but it was a good different.
It didn’t take her long to break apart again, shaky moans and choked gasps left her while her whole body tensed and arched off the bed. He licked her through it, moaning against her to create that bit of vibration against her that always made her loose it.
When she came down he came up for air, his lips swollen from how they rubbed against the rough fabric of her lace panties. He connected his lips to hers in a hungry kiss, pressing her into the pillows. A whine left Y/N’s mouth when his teeth sunk into her bottom lip, the sting a bit too much for her to handle right now.
He pulled back after a few moments and took his boxer shorts off, throwing them behind him. Next was finally her panties, a relieved sigh left her when they were finally off her body.
Harry’s eyes roamed her naked body like a starving man, the hunger clear in his look.
“Turn around, love. Please.” he almost begged her.
She did what he said, turning on her stomach so her backside was on full display for him. He spread her legs apart immediately, groaning quietly when he saw her dripping wet pussy.
She turned her head to look back at him, begging him with his eyes to do just anything. Somehow he understood what she wanted and positioned himself between her thighs, lined the tip of his rock hard cock up with her entrance and thrusted in immediately.
A relieved moan left both of them when they felt each other again. God, how they missed this.
Harry made sure he was as deep inside of her as possible, his hips pressed against her ass, before he began to move. He let his dick stroke her walls almost carefully before he began to sped up his movements.
“Harder. Please, I need it harder.” Y/N whined from beneath him and his eyes almost rolled into the back of his head.
He fucked her harder than, his hips snapping against her ass and creating a filthy sound that added to the wetness of her pussy and her moans.
“God, yes. Fuck me, Harry.”
He groaned and let himself fall down on her back, his arms no longer able to support his body. Y/N let out a surprised squeal when his cock reached even deeper than and she had no way to move anymore. Harry rolled his hips against her ass, the movement making his dick massage her walls roughly.
He was moving so fast and hard, his cock never leaving her walls, only hitting that one spot over and over again. She was screaming and sobbing underneath him, the sensitivity of her pussy and his harsh thrusts almost to much for her to handle and she felt the control slip through her fingers.
He was fucking her so good, as good as he always did. And she felt so goddamn amazing, as amazing as she always did.
They both didn’t last long and soon they both were coming with loud shouts and moans and shaking bodies that felt like they would never come down from their mind-blowing orgasm. Harry let the ride out their highs, his hips not stopping their movements until it was over..
He pulled out of her and fell beside her to the mattress, both breathing harshly and occasional whimpers leaving their lips. Harry turned his head to look at her and smirked when he saw how fucked out she looked and knew that he did that to her.
He mustered up the strength to move his body so he could stroke her cheek and see her fully.
“You good, my love?”
“Yes. God, yes.” she sighed with her eyes still closed.
Harry chuckled at her and pressed a soft kiss against her cheek.
“Missed you like that, you know?”
That’s when she opened her eyes and looked at him.
“Missed you too.”
“I’m sorry I didn’t have any time for you lately. Should have taken days off and spent them with you and not neglecting you like this.” he whispered sadly.
“Hey, s'okay. Think you made up for it quite well.” she grinned.
A slow smile spread over his face and he nodded.
“Thank you for being patient with me.”

sana literally has the biggest heart and is so so so caring. she’s the type of person who sees people, she notices things, even the smallest details, she knows when something might be wrong. she has that sixth sense because she’s so genuinely caring and loving. she wants the people she cares about to be okay and well. and she’s grown to care about isak. she wants to make sure he’s doing okay because she understood in the past few weeks that some things were going on in his life. she doesn’t know exactly what, she doesn’t know about everything, but still, she understood, felt, that isak might need support. and with her asking him if everything is okay, she’s letting him know she’s here, she’s willing to be here and i am so so so glad isak has someone like sana by his side 


This women right here knows how to comfort and be there for people. Even Cheryl Blossom, the girl who gave her so much shit for even existing, her rival, her enemy. She understood that at this moment she wasnt any of those… she was a grieving sister. She cleared Archie’s mind and made him see what he truly cares about and helped him come to a decision that he would’ve regreted if he didn’t take it. And just plainly the way she is always there for Betty, i dont think i need to say more about how much Veronica Lodge is a Queen.

lily was cloudy days when the sun was just peeking out behind, she was holding a warm mug in your chilled fingers, she was laughing so much tears slipped down your cheeks and stuck to your lips, she was a ringing bell, she was the way you nodded when you finally understood something. she was a bubble that popped too soon

james was the feeling of running through an empty field, he was the rush of the wind that made your ears go numb, he was the sour sweets you sucked on as a kid, he was the smell of fresh mint in the winter, he was the kind of loud unbridled laughter that made everyone around you join in, he was the light sensation you got after drinking one too many cocktails. he was a flame that had been snuffed before it got a chance to grow

sirius was the way you bit your lips when you were filled with nerves, he was the way you tried to balance on an unstable log in the forest, he was the snapping of twigs in autumn, he was the hushed excited whispers you exchanged during the night, he was the tug of the hand that led you forward, he was a welcome cool breeze on a warm day that made you dizzy. he was a piece of thread that got torn from the rest of the fabric

peter was an arm around your shoulder that pulled you closer, he was the popping of knuckles in a silent room, he was the snap of a picture taken while your eyes were scrunched up from laughter, he was the feeling you got when you finally untangled your earbuds, he was rolling down a hill in the summer sun. he was the weightless feeling of falling you got when you tripped on the curb

remus was the way you run your hands through your hair, he was the drumming of fingers on a tabletop, he was the nicely organized photos on your wall, he was the sound of rain on your window in early spring, he was the breath that clouded in front of your face on chilly evenings, he was the shaking of your head at ridiculous puns, he was sweaters with long sleeves, he was the smile you couldn’t get rid of. he was the book that was never finished

I’m still fucked up over what Kara said to Alex about being abandoned again, because I’d always just assumed she understood what was happening when she got in that pod.

She didn’t really react emotionally, but I figured she was just in shock, that what she had been feeling would catch up to her. I figured that she knew what she was losing and that her heart would catch up with her head eventually. 

It didn’t occur to me that her head was behind as well. It didn’t occur to me that years later, after she had been placed with the Danvers and her Krypton had long ago perished, that then she would realize she was never going to see everyone had had loved again. I just assumed she knew.

When did it happen? When did she realize that she’d never see them again?When she went to bed that first night with the Danvers? A couple days in? While she was at school? A month in when she said, “can you pass the cereal, mo-”?

And how long did Alura wait to tell her? How long did Alura know what was going to happen? She wouldn’t have wanted to scare her or ruin the little time they had left together. Was it the day she left that Kara was told? Just those minutes before? Did Kara know anything about Earth beside what Alura told her in the two minutes they spent outside of the pod while Krypton was crumbling?

“So Earth’s yellow sun will give you superpowers, take care of this baby, and you’re never going to see us again, bye!”

Jesus, no wonder she felt abandoned. I don’t know how I ever assumed a child would grasp any of this.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: One of the last things Philip said to Eliza was "Mom I'm so sorry for forgetting what you taught me" and all throughout 'It's Quiet Uptown' Alexander is following Eliza and singing her past melodies that she would say to him as she begged for his attention in order to show that he has finally understood what she was trying to say and that he's now going to accept her into the narrative even if she doesn't want to be in it because their son - the one thing that brought them together so many times is gone and he was hit with the reality that Eliza is just as important as his son (who symbolizes his legacy)