and she understood

Anonymous asked: can I request something where Pietro and the reader are sick and they are just trying to suffer through this together and there’s maybe lots of fluff?



“Ahaha-hack-don’t make me laugh, Pietro! Damn it!”

Wanda groaned, hearing you and Pietro from the living room. The two of you were in quarantine due to both of you having a cold. Tony did not want to deal with getting sick and frankly, he found your germs disgusting so he stuffed you two into a room until you both got better.

She could hear you talking, sneezing, laughing, and coughing. She understood you two were sick but the thing that got to her was not the sickness, but that she could hear her brother, in his mind, trying to fight the feelings to kiss you. It was annoying.

She kept hearing his thoughts about you ever since they both met you.

At first, Wanda found it cute. It was nice to see her twin finally happy with someone other than her, especially you, considering she loved you as a sister. She felt that Pietro needed to make more friends but now it was just irritating.

If he didn’t confess his feelings for you soon, she was going to walk into that room, grab both your heads and force you to kiss as though you were Barbie dolls.

You would probably kill her first but she just could not handle it anymore. You were her best friend yet you were blind to the little hints her brother gave you and Pietro was too stubborn to just out-right admit his feelings.

“Don’t cough on me, face the other way!”

“You’re sick already, it’s not like it’ll make it worse!” She heard her brother laugh and smacked her hand against her forehead.



The two of you laid in bed, tissues surrounding the both of you along with bottles of robitussin and honey lemon cough drops. The TV was on, and you two were watching Netflix, discussing the shows you both hated and loved.

Pietro had an arm around your shoulder, having you lay your head on his chest.

The two of you flirted nonstop, everyone in the tower knew that but you knew it would never go farther than just playful flirting and occasional cuddling. You were sure there were other girls Pietro could have besides you.

“I swear, if you cough on me one more time, I will-”

“You will what? You could never hurt me, Y/N.” Pietro teased, rubbing his hand along your shoulder. You melted at the sensation, and smiled softly.

You shrugged. “I could do other things.”

You heard him chuckle. “Like what?”

“I could tell Tony you’re up to doing the experiment to see how fast you can run.” You said.

Tony had been bugging Pietro every day about an experiment to see how fast he could run. There was not a day that passed where Tony didn’t fail to ask.

At some points, he even tried to buy Pietro into doing it.

‘Hey, Sonic. I got you Gatorade and that book you’ve been wanting, plus some Disney movies since you were depraved of a childhood.’

‘Thank you.’

‘Cool, so want to do that experiment now?’


Pietro scoffed, rubbing your arm again with his hand. “You could do worse. I can handle Stark.”

You narrowed your eyes, really putting into thought of what else you could do to him. “I could tell Wanda that you were being a jerk to me.”

You felt Pietro shift, and you giggled. Wanda thought of you as a sister she never had and valued you as much as she valued her twin. The two of you were best friends almost, even if she would do things to piss you off because she found your angry face cute.

You knew if you told her that Pietro was acting badly, Wanda would not hesitate to lecture him for hours on end.

“I can handle my sister as well.”

You groaned. Finally, you came upon the perfect idea. “I could burn all your running shoes.”

“Now that’s uncalled for, Y/N.”

You laughed, pulling away from his embrace to look at him. “So that does it?” You asked. “If you cough on me again, I will not hesitate to grab all your running shoes and burn them outside for everyone to roast marshmallows over.”

Pietro raised an eyebrow at you, next thing you knew, you were laying on your back with him hovering over you. You felt your cheeks burn up at the position. He neared your face with his own.

“Don’t you dare cough on me, I will do it.”

He chuckled, moving his head back. “No, you won’t.”

“Yes, I will. Don’t cough on me, you sicko.”

“That’s far from what I’m thinking of doing. Y/N.”

Your eyebrows went up in surprise at the sudden confession. Pietro looked down at you, his face serious. You tilted your head. “You want to kiss me?”

Pietro nodded. “May I?” He asked, examining your face and finally landing on your eyes, seeming to think that any sign of approval would be in them.

You nodded your head. You felt your face heat up as his lips inched near yours.

His lips were soft against yours, and you could tell he was being gentle with you. The two of you lingered for a moment, savoring the feel of your lips pressed against each other.


The two of you pulled away, eyebrows furrowed at hearing Wanda’s voice from the living room.

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I tried to tell my white friend about racism, police brutality and white supremacy. She said she understood but at the same time she started talking about all of the bad things block people do, so she didn't really understand. Do you have any tips on getting them to fully understand what's going on?

Try checking out the Dear White People masterpost.


Overlooked Clexa moment:

I feel like I overlooked the importance of this scene. It has a secret communication between Clarke and Lexa in my mind. Clarke is the only Sky person that knows about the haunting loss that Lexa has endured through losing Costia. Lexa says, “To those we’ve lost”. Everyone else in the room takes this statement as pertaining only to the people that have been lost & captured inside Mount Weather. However, just moments before this feast, Lexa told Clarke about losing someone one she loved. Just like Clarke had. Therefore, Lexa and Clarke have this secret between them that no one in the room knows took place. It is theirs. Looking at Clarke’s face after Lexa raises her glass I think that she understood what Lexa was trying to relay – relaying that she wasn’t only talking about the captive inside Mount Weather but also those who they loved (Finn & Costia) being lost.

…”And to those we shall soon find”… if I read to much into this I would say Lexa was talking about finding love again. Oh yeah, and I won’t mention when Clarke echoed Lexa in 2x15 saying “To those we’ve lost” while she extended her hand with the switch to Lexa. Then Lexa, looking deep into Clarke’s eyes as she places her hand on top of Clarke’s saying “and those we shall soon find.” 

To those we’ve lost (Finn & Costia) and to those we shall find (you). 

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Bellamy stood by clarke in every decision she made, she supported her, he understood her, he trusted her and vice versa. he made the ultimate sacrifice (jason words not mine) when he pushed that lever with her and it was so she wouldnt go through this guilt alone. Lets see what did lexa do again, oh yeah influenced her to let a bomb drop on TONDC, influenced her that love is weakness (both things that clarke eventually realized that she regret it not saving people in TONDC, and (c)

When everyone else left Clarke’s side including her mother, Lexa, Raven, and Octavia, Bellamy was there. There’s no denying that. He supported Clarke with every decision she’s made even if it wasn’t the right one. Bellamy is the only one Clarke can trust anymore. There is no denying that their relationship is the strongest on the show by far.

My mother and I had a wonderful relationship; our tastes and views were almost identical and we loved each other very much. But being the shy daughter of such an outgoing, center-stage woman was fraught with embarrassments. She, who otherwise understood me so well, could not comprehend how difficult socializing was for me. If I could have simply stood there quietly it might have been bearable. But inevitably I would be drawn into the conversation, or become its main topic; either one was torture.
shikarima replied to your post “One sudden, out-of-season gale swept over Konoha’s hot springs, and…”

Hi caca! How does a gust of wind stands for “purging embarassment” and implies that they stayed in the inn? Sorry, I’m by no means trying to question your translation skills, but I’m a language nerd and wont stop thinking about it >.<

Yo love! No worries :) Japanese is vague, lol, so it always happens that people want explanations on the translations. So basically the last paragraph’s gust of wind was specifically stated to be ‘out-of-season’ to let us know that the wind was unnatural, and since the paragraph before that had Temari taking out her fan, that lets us know that she was the person who caused the gust of wind.

 Her smile at Shikamaru was genuinely affectionate (and, before that, peaceful and relieved) after she understood the misunderstanding, so you know she didn’t create the gale out of anger. It was specifically mentioned that she only took out her tessen when Shikamaru had realised/asked about what she had misunderstood, so you can gather that she’s embarrassed about her misunderstanding and that taking out her tessen and making a gust of wind is her way of dealing with it. Basically relieved but embarrassed Temari + wind = Temari did the wind to deal with the embarrassment. 

The possible implication that they did end up staying to check out the inn for naruhina is since 1- the wind lasted the entire night –without actually damaging anything, mind you, just scaring everyone lol– and Temari can usually control her wind. So if she’d left the area, her wind likely would’ve been cut off too. So that implies she was still in the area the whole night, and her embarrassment was being purged with the wind till morning, and 2- there wouldn’t really be any reason for Temari not to stay now that she and Shikamaru are on the same page and smiling at each other, lol. She’d probably feel responsible to help him on his quest, ahah.

So a while back I had a big fight with my younger cousin about gender and Trans gender Bc she believed it to be wrong.

 She just came up to me right now saying she was sorry and how she read about it online and educated herself which I’m super proud !! She asked me my name and pronouns and she came out the closest as bisexual as well as wishing to start practicing good forms of Wiccan and Christian witchcraft which I think is pretty neat (I already have a friend who’s a witch).  She also said that it’s awful that people judge others for gender and sexuality; she no longer believes it’s wrong and now stands by it and I’m just !!!!! 

I’m super proud of her okay she did a good thing and educated herself and chose what she understood I think that’s super good. 

When I opened one of Blume’s books — “Blubber,” “Deenie,” “Forever . . . ” — I felt confident that she understood the pact: Blume had gotten there first, and she would tell us absolutely everything. Blume wrote about playground bullying and unnerving body changes and teenage sex and she wrote about parents’ failings. If her characters differed from my friends and me, it was that they could utter out loud their thoughts about subjects that were, to us, indescribably uncomfortable. Her books did not resolve with tidy, happy endings, at least not the kind I had come to expect, so that I read them with the same mixture of overheated expectation and anxiety that I felt about adolescence itself.

During the commentary on this episode Sue Vertue says “That bit from Amanda just then, when she said, ‘Well, he’d have needed a confidant,’ that’s the first little slip-in that she wasn’t exactly what she seemed.“

If Mary understood that Sherlock needed a confidant when he assumed a new identity, this suggests Mary also felt this need when she assumed the identity of Mary Morstan.  So does she have her own confidant, and if so, who is he or she?  Janine?  Mycroft?  I think it must be an existing character. But who?


Goodbye, my darling.

It’s not until it’s more than seventy years that Peggy gets to repeat those words again.  

Just once more, mercifully, her mind is clear.  She remembers her life, so well lived and so full of love.  With every success and every failure.   Every moment bright and clear as daylight.

And there’s Steve, finally home, at the very end of it all and Peggy remembers.  She remembers.  

She remembers now that he finally came home and that they at least had some precious days left, in which she could tell him all that she wished she could say.  She’d whispered to him about Angie, because then she could finally tell him that she completely understood about him and Bucky Barnes and Steve presses kisses to her hand and tells her, “But I loved you too.  I loved you too, Peggy.”

“I know, darling, I know.”

She remembers now about SHIELD and the true story of what really happened to Barnes and she wishes, fiercely, that she could still stay, that she still had the strength to help Steve bring this last soldier home.  

But she can’t anymore.

And she has to trust that there are others who will take their place at Steve’s side, who will help him move forward now, just as she had those precious, beloved people in her own life.  

“Goodbye, my darling.”  She tells him once more.  

One last time.

- end -

Reposting this fic with these pictures, since it seems like it’s very apt right now.

SS forehead poke was romantic. I don’t get it when people try to say it isn’t, or that Sakura didn’t know what the forehead poke meant. Sure she may not have known at first but she saw the look on Sasuke’s face (along with the “Thank you”) and blushed. She understood exactly what he was doing, or what he meant by tapping her and telling her he’ll see her soon. 

And even if you so strongly believe she didn’t, the forehead poke was at least confirmed to be romantic from Sasuke’s side. Sakura asked if she could go with him because she loved him. It was a moment of reciprocation from Sasuke, for the audience to know. Sasuke –> Sakura. 

It’s so obvious, I’m surprised there are people still denying it. 

Feminists have pretty much pushed out Christina Hoff Sommers to the point where she is universally understood as “anti-feminist” in (academic) circles. 
Do these same people really expect us to believe they couldn’t do the same thing to TERFs and SWERFs if they actually wanted to?


What hurts more? When the person whom you loved hurts you? Or When the person whom you hurt still loves you?

#this quote greatly describes mary and louis’ relationship as it came to an end #mary loved louis #she trusted him #he was there for her when she needed someone #however #she felt betrayed and hurt when he went for the French Crown #she defended him constantly #as she understood at first why #but with time #all of the politics and lies caused her to stop loving him #his actions were no longer logical or reasonable to her #louis on the other hand #literally got stabbed by mary #he was physically hurt by her #and even with all of that #and mary choosing Francis #he still loved her #just like he said he always would #louis was and still is in love with mary stuart

For you are a lady high and valiant and have yourself won renown that shall not be forgotten; and you are a lady beautiful, I deem, beyond even the words of the Elven-tongue to tell. And I love you. Once I pitied your sorrow. But now, were you sorrowless, without fear or any lack, were you the blissful Queen of Gondor, still I would love you. Eowyn, do you not love me?’

Then the heart of Eowyn changed, or else at last she understood it. And suddenly her winter passed, and the sun shone on her.

‘I stand in Minas Anor, the Tower of the Sun,’ she said; 'and behold! the Shadow has departed! I will be a shieldmaiden no longer, nor vie with the great Riders, nor take joy only in the songs of slaying. I will be a healer, and love all things that grow and are not barren.’ And again she looked at Faramir. 'No longer do I desire to be a queen,’ she said.

Then Faramir laughed merrily. 'That is well,’ he said; 'for I am not a king. Yet I will wed with the White Lady of Rohan, if it be her will.


The Return of the King (”The Steward and the King”)

Anonymous asked, for the Middle Earth Quote Meme, “9 for LotR (ask meme)”, #9 being the most romantic quote.

i decided i owe it to myself to respect my sexuality


i just came out to my mom

im aromantic and asexual, and last week, i had a breakdown about my orientation(s). this week, i decided to come out to my mom. i led with, “is it okay if i never date anybody?” when she said yes, i kept talking. it was a lot easier than i expected and felt so good. i cried a little bit and explained that im technically queer even though i dont use that label for myself. she took it extremely well and was calm throughout the whole thing. she hugged me several times.

i explained how frustrating it is to live in this society where everything is about sex and romance. she understood that well. i also mentioned that ace is what the a stands for in lgbtqia+.

at the end, i thanked her for not hating me, and she said, “oh, alyssa. i will never hate you.” 

im so relieved that i did it and that now my non-dating thing has a name to her. she’s my best friend, and i am so proud of who she is and how much i love her.

I hate talking personal probs here but my mum just entered in my room and started arguing with me accusing me to do anything of my day but being on my laptop. I tried to tell her I don’t only “be on my laptop” and showed her  my notebook where I started working on projects but she kept yelling at me for all of the reasons you could ever imagine.

She left and came back yelling at me bc I didn’t tell her what I was doing so I made her so worried for my future and stuff. She made me feel so guilty, I feel just so horrible. 

Oh by the way it’s almost 3am, she came into my room at 1am bc I was still awake.

I made a post about this before, but I just keep imagining Leliana at Skyhold, getting letters from the Warden with pressed flowers in them for her “collection,” and Josephine notices one day and is just like “Oh, I didn’t know you collected pressed flowers.”

And Leliana just gives the most defeated sigh ever and is like, “I don’t.”