and she told him what to do

Isak has a toothbrush in hand and a mouth full of paste when he cant take it anymore, “I think there’s something wrong with Sana.” 

He spits out the paste and feels a bit better. He’s no longer drowning in the information; in the lonely knowledge that Sana is spiraling. And Even would know what to do. He always does. 

There is a squeak from right behind him and the sound of the shower fades off into drips. Even pokes his head out of the glass and nods when Isak reaches over to hand him a towel.

“Something wrong?”

“Mmhmm. Like I asked her for biology help the other day and she just-” Isak wipes the rest of the white foam from his face, “She told me to understand that I was alone.”

“Du er ikke alene,” Even whispers, pressing a kiss to the back of Isak’s head as Isak frowns into the mirror. Even then promptly shakes his head like a dog and gets Isak all wet. Fuck him.

I know that. But I don’t think she does anymore.”

“Have you tried talking to Noora or Eva?”

Isak shrugs and at Even’s pointed look, shakes his head. “Do you think it’s about my face? She kept glaring at my eye.”

Even switches on the faucet and grabs his own toothbrush, “Maybe she doesn’t like seeing her friends hurt.”

Isak considers this as Even brushes his teeth. When Even is spitting out toothpaste and wiping his face, Isak comes to his decision. “I think it’s more than that. I also think we should invite her over for dinner.”

“Okay,” Even says easily enough, “How about Friday night?”

Isak nods, a tad distracted at the thought, “Yeah. You think she’ll say yes?”

“I think the only thing you can do right now is reach out. Like you do best.”

Isak grins and throws his arms over Even’s neck, practically purring in delight when Evens’ lock around his waist, “Is that right?”

“Yeah, that’s right.” Even leans down and brushes against Isak’s lips. 

“Awesome,” Isak disentangles them and heads for the bedroom, pulling Even along by fingers bunched up in a white sleep shirt. “And I’ll kindly ask that she leaves her brother at home.”


Feel free to add. 

  • Boring opening sequence.
  • Donna doesn’t know why she and Jackie are friends for no apparent reason.
  • And keeps getting better by not actually caring about her or anyone but herself. And Randy.
  • Hyde’s villain mustache.
  • It’s been just a month since season 7 finale, why on Earth Kelso looks like if he hit the gym 24/7 for three years?
  • Fez/Jackie.
  • Hyde’s clothes.
  • Jackie pining for Fez. I’m going to say it again: Jackie PINING for FEZ.
  • Samantha.
  • No Eric, no Kelso.
  • What on Earth is Hyde doing married to a stranger and how he got to accept it so easily?
  • For some reason, Hyde suddenly doesn’t care of his friends either.
  • How’s that we were never told both, Jackie and Hyde, had half brothers? How is that this didn’t made them bond even more? What the fuck?
  • Jackie doesn’t fight Hyde about his bullshit, doesn’t even slap the asshole.
  • Hyde leaving drugs is a bad thing and his friends make an intervention so he will start consuming drugs again. It’s not funny. IT’S NOT FUNNY.
  • “Whorus maximus”, says ex-feminist Hyde.
  • The fuck is wrong with Fez’s super greasy hair, I–
  • Donna/Randy, Eric breaking up with her via letter for the most stupid reason ever after we got entire episodes in season 7 about how the distanse was not going to be an obstacle for them.
  • New guy suddenly is “the best”, is Hyde in love with him or what?
  • Hyde slaps Donna’s ass.
  • Red and Kitty are ok with a stripper living in their basement instead of, I don’t know, kicking their now fucking married son out of their house.
  • There was nothing wrong with Kitty’s hair, you suck, writers.
  • Jackie lets her romantic life be dictated by a fucking list.
  • Ridiculous dream about the beauty and the beast staring Jackie and Fez, when their “love story” is NOTHING like that one. It’s worse.
  • Is Kitty an alcoholic now? Ok.
  • Bob decides to leave town.
  • Donna doesn’t go to college and does actually kind of nothing with her life but wait for Eric, doesn’t go to college even after he breaks up with her and instead starts dating a guy she has met for about a month and keeps doing nothing.
  • Hyde yells at Samantha like his parents used to yell at each other to then have sex, because that’s healthy, alright. And the show makes it look like if that’s fine and good for their already unbelievable relationship.
  • Jackie constantly gets injured, humilliated in public, stepped on and fucked over. She literally gets green hair from her one true love, Fez.
  • Out of nowhere, Jackie thinks she IS a bad person and constantly says so and the laugh track is put because, for some reason, a girl hating herself is funny.
  • Hyde is married and nothing changes for him, he is still the same asshole living in his adoptive parent’s basement to the point the show kinda forgets about Sam for entire episodes.
  • Donna decides her new best friend is the stripper, because she wasn’t a bad friend already.
  • Zero chemistry between Donna and Randy. Fez and Jackie? LMAO, ridiculous.
  • Hyde’s beer belly.
  • That guy that took Hyde’s place and face.
  • Jackie’s sudden shallowness and other backwards steps, even wrose than her season 1 self.
  • Fez macho and playboy self, like, eww.
  • Caroline’s mental illness is still a joke, even more so now.
  • Donna decides to not tell anyone, not even Jackie or Hyde, that Eric broke up with her but tells new guy that is obviously going to get into her pants.
  • Samantha is actually married to an old man that could be her father.
  • Romantization of old guy-young sexy woman relationship right there.
  • Hyde is ok with everyone saying his wife is a whore and even says they can watch her take off her clothes but have to pay him, actually uses the phrase “Sam? What I told you? They have to pay ME first.” when insinuated she was going to strip for his friends.
  • Hyde calls Jackie a whore, a bitch, and other names after he couldn’t stan some random guy calling her that.
  • These people aren’t kids anymore and for the sake of jokes decide to do shit like stealing, proclaim drugs are ok, doing nothing all day but talk bad about the other and hold their life on pause because the show forgot they aren’t teenagers anymore.
  • Actually, all characters are worse than when they were teens.
  • Fez/Jackie (yes, it’s here two times).

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I like that Touka was never grossed out by Kaneki's physical abnormalities and as soon as she saw him being shy about she tried to take off her shirt.

I think that’s what love really is, you don’t care about how they look, or what they do… after all his mistakes she’s still there for him, and I’m sure it must be weird for Touka to be naked in front of him so he says that she looks beautiful, knowing the opinion she once had about her own beauty, thinking that she was a monster and feeling devastated when Kimi told her how beautiful she was while she had her kagune and kakugan activated. Both have always accepted each other in the end, no matter how angry they could be about it, they’re always there to kiss their wounds and help each other heal a little. I know there’s a lot of drama coming out but… i just feel that things will be alright between them in terms of being there for each other, their development as two, even if drama strikes them, they will know how to resist to it together, I think it’s time for them to face the bad things together, they’ve been apart for so long, i think their relationship needs to change in that aspect, it doesn’t mean that they won’t suffer but it’s different to suffer together instead of doing it alone, it’s easier and more comforting, and that’s what Kaneki needs to his development, to learn to share the sorrows instead of dealing with them all alone.

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Yes! Please continue your mutual pining fic aghhhhalhddkdkhf

Well since you twisted my arm! This is Part 2 of this S3 canon divergence fic. Since I got lots of ask prompts to continue the story expect more as I fill them. Again, these are timed so I can’t get as much story in as I would like but it will all spin out eventually (and be on the archives too) 

T | 1k 

Emma spent the weekend working extra hours. Running down her skips helping her to avoid thinking of other things, things that wore leather and eyeliner. But by Sunday evening she had run out of distractions and found herself wandering the apartment waiting for Henry to return. After the fifth time getting excited by voices in the hall she turned on the TV and the Xbox and did her best to sink into the quest Henry had chosen.  

A half-hour later the door banged open and Henry called “I’m home! Hey, you’re playing without me.”

Emma paused the game and turned to greet her son as he barreled into her on the couch.

“I’m trying to catch up with you,” she said as she tousled his hair. “You have a good time?”

“The best!” He pulled away “I’ll be right back.” As he disappeared into his room Emma heard a faint chuckle and she turned to see Hook standing in the entryway. Her heart did a summersault at the fond look in his eyes as he stared after Henry.

She stood and his gaze shifted to her and the fondness was replaced by something more guarded. They locked eyes for only a moment and then Emma shifted her gaze to Henry’s door.

“Seems like he had a good time.” Her voice was flat and she hated it.

“Aye.” His boots clicked on the floor as he moved closer. “Swan, I wanted to assure you that Regina didn’t inform me that you hadn’t been consulted about this arrangement. I would not have come if I had known and if you wish I will refuse to fetch him again.”

Emma looked at him as he spoke and saw the sincerity etched on his face and in his too blue eyes. He was giving her an out. She had told him not to follow her, to stay away and he was willing to still do that for her despite having the perfect excuse to see her. She only needed to say the word and he would disappear from her life and fade back into her memory.


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Let’s talk madness...

 [Alright well by now everyone has either seen madness or has heard of it and wants to continue to scream despite the fact that we haven’t gotten all the manga scans out yet - or rather properly translate yet.

PLEASE be aware I am not doing this to be an asshole - I fucking ship Otayuri like its my life blood but I am also very realistic as I humanly can because I want to make sure anyone who DOESN’T ship my ship doesn’t come telling me “Oh you are just being bias because you love the ship!” like bitch please - calm your titties down first of all. Second sit down, both otayuri fan and anti alike.

 Shit about to get LONG AS FUCK - So undercut for now.

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I find it weird that camila use "tell" when she sing "you'll die without him" and then she use "told" when she sing "you'll die without her". What do u think? 🤔🤔

Dude this is a really good spot I’ve actually never noticed that before!! That’s actually very interesting considering in the verse with “he” she uses tell and the verse with “her” she uses told 🤔 so the past tense of told means that it’s already happened 🤔 damn I have so many questions 😂this is interesting I’m gunna go listen again!

Quantumshift alphgore fanfic (I'm sorry)

Alphys sat in her room with her blanket covering her body. She stared at her computer when suddenly…. “ Alphys!!!” The goat boy with glasses called as he entered startling the lizard. “ AAS-ASGORE w-w-what are you doing over here!!??” She said trying to keep a straight face.

Asgore sat down on the floor and faced toward alphys. “ You know how you told me something yesterday before I left!!” He said as he sat uncomfortly. Alphys blushed and sighed as she looked away from the goat. “ Don’t remind me.” She told him with a slight chuckle. She slammed her head down on the desk. You could hear her crying. “ I’m such an idiot!!” She muttered as she covered her head completely with her hands. “ Wwwait why are you crying !!” Asgore yelled as he came to her assistants. Asgore got concerned and worried as he watched his best friend cry. “ I didn’t tell her !!” He said as he hugged her. Alphys lifted her head a little. “ I know that , it’s just….” She quickly glanced away from asgore. She sighed and slowly faced asgore. She began to speak. “ I’m planning on asking her out , but what if…” Before she could finish speaking asgore cut her off by hugging her tighter. “ Don’t worry about that right now , if undyne truly loves you she will say yes!!” Asgore yelled as he hugged her. He lifted alphys Infront of himself and spoke. “ Besides that how I told toriel , and she loved me ever since!!” Alphys smiled as asgore set her down on the ground. The two friends told each other embarrassing stories about their lovers the entire night. Hope you like it perf.


Awwwww cute! ^///w///^ Alphyne and Togore everyone!!!!!

hj12700  asked:

Can you do a Drabble where the reader has a dog and it's named like Pixie or (some wizard species) and Newt thinks that she thinks it is that creature and tries to explain that it's a dog to her and then she has to explain the name thing

When you first told Newt about Pixie, you didn’t understand his alarmed reaction, nor the way he grabbed your arm and dragged you up, demanding you take him to your house straight away so you could deal with the threat.

“She’s not a threat.”

“Merlin’s beard, not a threat? She’ll ruin your house!”

You frown at that. “Maybe when I first got her, but I’ve house trained her since then.”

He widens his eyes at your ignorance. “Just bring me there. I’ll take care of this for you.”

You almost don’t want to given his stubborn insistence that she’s a pest, but you decide you may as well show him that the Pomeranian really couldn’t do much damage to anything larger than a rat.

The entire way there he talks your ear off about how your plants will be knocked over and your papers shredded and your couch and armchairs full of tiny teeth marks. You tune him out eventually, tired of trying to defend your poor dog. Pixie is a sweetheart. She cuddles on your lap and never leaves messes in any of the rooms and she’s always there to greet you when you get home.

Newt mutters the entire way there, annoying you, but you don’t say anything. When he’s on a rant like this, it’s best to just let him go.

He stops you at the steps leading to your front door. “Wait here.”

You open your mouth to protest when he draws a jar from his jacket pocket, causing you to change your question. “What are you doing with that?”

He looks over his shoulder at you, hand on the door knob. “I’m going to capture it in here.”

“Newt, she’s not going to fit in there.”

His forehead wrinkles in confusion at that, but he shoves the door open before you can say anything else. Sighing, you follow his creeping figure in.

True to her regular self, Pixie comes tearing around the corner when she hears the door open, running straight for you and Newt.

He watches her streak past his legs. “I’m surprised the pixie hasn’t terrorized her yet.”

You stop in your spot. “What are you talking about?”

Newt glances at the ceiling, searching for Merlin-knows-what. “The pixie.”

You lift the tiny puppy up, holding her as she wiggles in your arms, trying to bend around and lick your face. “Newt, this is Pixie.”

He turns on his heels. “What you’re holding?”


He shakes his head. “That’s not a pixie.”

Your face heats up. “What are you talking about? I’d think I would know.”

He faces you fully. “So that’s what you think a pixie is?”

“I know this is Pixie. What is your problem, Newt?” You’re fully annoyed now. He comes to your house, insults your dog, then tells you that you don’t even know your own dog. You grit your teeth.

He walks toward you, stopping a few feet away. “That’s a dog.”

“Way to figure that one out.”

“You said you have a pixie.”

“What?” You shake your head, bouncing the Pomeranian in your arms. “This is Pixie. She’s seven months old.”

“No,” Newt says, his own terror at whatever threat he’d perceived dissipating and being replaced by some amusement, “that’s a dog.”

You sigh, slowly understanding what’s going on. “Newt, I know this isn’t a magical creature.”

He frowns. “Then why do you keep calling it a Pixie? Those are small, blue buggers that fly around and cause mischief. Very dangerous.”

You drop your head to your chest, kissing the squirming puppy before setting her on the ground. “I named her Pixie after a movie star I love, not after those creatures.”

Newt presses two fingers to his lips. “So all this time…”

“I was talking about my dog, yep. You dragged us back here for nothing.”

He looks between you and the little puppy sitting patiently at his feet. After tucking the jar back in his jacket, and avoiding your eyes completely, he reaches down and lifts Pixie up.

“She is much better behaved than any pixie I’ve met.” He mumbles as she curls up against his chest.

You just rub the bridge of your nose and sigh again.


Mira - “I’m gonna have to tell him. I don’t want him finding out if our daughter comes out with blonde hair and blue eyes.”

Lawrence - “Our daughter?”

Mira - “It’s a girl. I’m sorry, I should’ve told you sooner. She’s starting to move. Do you wanna feel?”

Watching his face light up she knew there was no way she was gonna him from their child. He agreed to wait patiently while she decided what to do.

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1/2 Positive thing of the week again. I was at the concert tonight. I'm at a loss of words to describe how amazing it was. While they were playing the first song Nathan took my hand and pulled me up on stage, I danced with him and hugged him while they were performing!😱and at the meet and greet I told Chyler how much we all love her and how she's making a difference with what she does and she's such a sweetheart and give the best hugs😍

2/2 they’re doing a second show on friday and the most heartwarming thing about it is, that they will donate the money from the tickets to the people that were affected of the tragedy in manchester. They’re such caring and lovely people and I really hope you’ll get to meet them too!

Originally posted by sanverspup

How amazing are these two?? Seriously. The limit does not exist. 

That’s so awesome though! I’m really glad you had so much fun. To think you went from no tickets, to having tickets, to getting VIP upgrades, to meeting both of them and dancing on stage. Great story, love! Thanks so much for sharing all of this! (still jealous).

shadowned7  asked:

i don't know why, but i could never see ichiruki as a thing especially in the beginning where both ichigo and rukia berate each other constantly. also the fact when ichigo in the beginning is like "what the hell are you doing in my house?" and instead of either explaining shit to him or just simply leaving rukia goes and uses a kido spell on him. like that is rude as hell. if i saw that relationship as anything it was more of a mentor/student one after ichigo got his powers.

Well, you pretty much just told me why.And I’ll agree. I saw that initial mentor set up right away, but it was very short-lived. (Urahara took that position fast.)

See, Rukia struck me as the wise character when she was first introduced. And that was Kubo’s plan. She was a soul reaper trained to do the basic Soul Reaper things. Because at the end of it all, Rukia was just a normal Soul Reaper. And when it came down to it, she honestly only did know the basics of being a Soul Reaper.  Which is what Ichigo needed in the beginning. 

I’m not dissing Rukia. I love her. I love how far she has come, and how strong she has gotten. It’s damn inspirational.

But the initial interaction you’re talking about was more Rukia going “This kid can see  me” and “They didn’t train me for this

So, what do you do when a human boy sees you walk through his wall (which never happens again btw) and he starts loudly declaring your presence? 

You get him to shut up and listen.

As for how their relationship really is, I’d say she really is like an older sister to him.

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hiiii, what do you think's gonna happen next tuesday? do you think whip's gonna die cause i mean i fucking love whip and it would break my fucking heart if he did 💔💔


i think that van gogh is going to come out and try to stop emily, because he’s had a change of heart and thinks what jacob is doing is sick.  and that’s gonna be when emily shoots him (the blood we saw at the end).

sara will have gotten loose, and she’ll come and hit emily over the head.

mike will be told to run out to lincoln, unbeknownst to them that he’s shot, and mike will walk right back into jacob’s car, successfully kidnapping him…again.

michael and sara will then go to the hospital with lincoln.

t-bag and whip now have the blood of gaines so jacob can be framed for the murder he actually committed.

at some point, i believe, michael and sara will split up…she and lincoln will likely go after mike, while michael goes about setting jacob up, and taking him down.

i do believe whip is going to die, as well as t-bag.  and emily.  that’s likely why t-bag is screaming in the promo.  (and it’s going to be sad, i don’t want to think about it).

and i’ve always had an image in my head of michael and jacob in their final showdown as michael finally beating the crap out of him, and right at the moment he’s about to kill him, he stops…because perhaps mike is there and he doesn’t want to kill in front of him…or he realizes that the only way to beat him is to not kill…something that will show michael is still the same guy as always.

and then at the end, it’ll show michael and lincoln like sitting down, looking out over their family, just happily content that they finally did it.  they’re together, alive, and free.

and jacob will be rotting away in a prison he is nowhere near smart enough to figure out how to break out of.  because karma is a bitch.

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BOY DO I A HEADCANNON FOR YOU! okay do hear me out: Host having a daughter. She doesnt know ehat happened to her mom or her fathers eyesight, but anytime they go on a walk she explains things to him even though he already knows what they look like. He loves it best when she describes sunsets. Oftentimes Host will find himself being told a bedtime time story, hes so proud of his litter girl as she narrates the story to him.

Ooh! This is absolutely awesome! I could totally see it being that she is the light of his life, and she’d always be with him! She would describe how certain things make her feel and Narrate for him sometimes to give him a break! Oh, I love this!

Deep Feeling - Valenna

Love your writing! In light of what happened tonight Normani placing 3rd wtf. Could you write a Valenna fic? Saw Jenna in the audience would love to read how she comforted him since I know Val really wanted the win for Normani.

I was rooting for Rashad and Jenna so I really had to put myself into Val’s shoes.

He had a feeling deep down that was worrying him but he can’t figure out what it is. He feels he and Normani did all they could this season. They’ve left everything on the dance floor. She is incredible and deserves it. They all do but selfishly, he thinks they do more.

He is sitting in his trailer just taking a break from it all. They are practicing dances he is not in so he has a moment to himself. He told Normani to relax too. They had been none stop for so long and she deserved the rest since even after the show is done, she doesn’t get to relax.

As he sits here in silence, he knows what he wants to do. He knows what he wants and what he needs but he’s struggling with that. Throwing caution to the wind, he does it anyway.

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So Kurt called me Sunday to tell me how I need to start making Annabelle sleep in her own bed. And he started saying all this other bullshit how I don’t discipline her and then going into how I won’t attract anyone by cursing on facebook and that it’s not good for Annabelle. She doesn’t know what I post on there and she won’t know even when she is older so I don’t see his point. He also started saying I have no direction in life. I told him “I need you to stop telling me what to do with my life. It’s none of your fucking business. Shut up.” And I hung up on him. And tried to call me back! I ended it. And he sent me 2 texts after which i did bit respond to. This dude is fucking insane. He said so much shit I can’t even remember everything he said.


“And he knew that at that moment, they understood each other perfectly, and when he told her what he was going to do now, she would not say ‘be careful’ or ‘don’t do it’, but she would accept his decision because she would not have expected anything less of him.“ Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

[ig: @potterbyblvnk]

Neil’s blood went cold. “What did you tell her about me?”
“Doctor-patient confidentiality, Neil! But I know she likes you. Bee has a thing for lost causes.”
“I am not a lost cause.”
Andrew put his hand over Neil’s mouth to shut him up and said, “Liar. But that’s what makes you interesting. It’s also what makes you dangerous. I should know better by now. Maybe I’m not as smart as I thought I was.”

( this moment. Just think, Andrew told Bee about Neil. Just think he wanted to touch him. Just think how it was hard for Andrew to have feelings for Neil… I just thought he wanted to do something like it)

okay @marywisdom I now need a fic of Leonard Snart going to the WestAllen wedding.

  • Technically, he and Mick and Lisa weren’t invited, but that doesn’t matter, he forged an invitation and said that Barry’s third-removed cousin couldn’t make it, so he told them to go and have fun
    • Barry pulls Len aside and begs him not to ruin the wedding and Len is so offended
      • “As if I would ruin Iris’ special day, Barry. What kind of person do you think I am?”
  • Len and Mick in matching tuxes with little fire and ice lapel pins, Lisa in a gorgeous gold dress with matching jewelry
  • Lisa takes so many pictures at this wedding, so many. Of the bride and groom, the families, the reception, the cake (the cake has a glamor shot)
    • Also, she winked at Cisco from where he was standing with the grooms and there’s a great picture of him blushing.
    • She sat next to him during the reception
    • They danced together
  • Len and Mick are food snobs, you can’t tell me otherwise, especially Mick, and they manage to smuggle out three trays of hors d’oeuvres for later because that catering was damn good.
    • also they each got an extra piece of cake
      • “good job on finally tying the knot,” mick says, frosting in his teeth as he slaps Barry on the shoulder.
    • everyone’s slightly nervous and on edge because oh god
    • but it’s such a - nice - speech?
    • he mentions how Iris is the perfect person to balance out Barry, how she doesn’t take any shit and always finds a way to get things done regardless of the pressure on her head.
    • and that Barry is a good person and it rubs off on you whenever you spend too much time around him (”look at me,” he jokes) and that he wishes nothing but the best for both of them
    • and just when everyone starts tearing up he narrows his eyes and sends Barry a sneaky glare
      • “You better not screw this up, Barry, I’m only giving you one warning, or you’ll get frostbite in places where you really don’t want it. Iris, you call me if he messes up. Mazel tov.”
  • When Barry and Iris open wedding gifts later, they find an envelope with literally four thousand dollars in unmarked, non sequential hundred dollar bills with the note “don’t spend it all in one place ;)”
      • “p.s. don’t bother dusting for prints ;)”
    • Lisa gave Iris a beautiful gold necklace that has a huge amber crystal pendant. Iris’s thank-you note thanked her for the gift and let her know that she was sorry she had to return it to the museum.