and she told him what to do

Thoughts on the HTGAWM finale

…..okay, what the fuck.

• One of the first thing that struck me was when after Connor’ confession to being at the house the night of the fire, Laurel told him he should kill himself. Seriously?? That was so out of character! Laurel is grieving, Laurel is feeling miserable, and I will fight anyone who calls her annoying for dealing with such a horrendous loss, but pushing someone to suicide? Laurel Castillo would NEVER do that. Her mother was mentally ill for crying out loud, she knows what it’s like to struggle with depression and she never would have said those words, so already we’re off to a bad start from the writers. (It was also much more gut-wrenching since we knew from the opening scene Connor was actually suicidal.)

• Talking about Connor. I don’t know what to think. He made us all extremely angry over the past few eps with his attitude towards Wes but we’ve always known that to him, being self-destructive and making people hate him is a coping mechanism. It doesn’t excuse what he said, but it explains it and I still think he’s a redeemable character. Also for what happened when he found Wes, he seemed to have done his best and seeing him come clean about it was very poignant. Falahee’s acting was particularly impressive this episode.

• Oliver’s arc keeps on revolving solely around Connor lmao. I loved their dynamic in seasons 1 and 2, but season 3 was messy and they don’t seem to have fixed their issues. It’s sweet how much they care about each other, I was convinced by Oliver’s worry and I smiled at his proposal but it’s mostly thanks to the actors’ chemistry rather than the writing. Connor and Oliver “love” each other yes, but this finale felt like a cheat-way out of actually digging deep into their relationship troubles.

• I stay not caring about Asher. I’m sorry. I don’t like him. I don’t give a shit about Frank either. I was happy when he said “it should have been me, I know” because YES IT SHOULD HAVE

• Michaeala is such an interesting character. Weirdly enough, the whole struggle about the “i love you” didn’t bother me I didn’t think it took away from the gravity of the ep. I never complain about a look into Mic’s psyche. Although I don’t like her relationship with Asher.

• And now onto the real real issue I have with this episode. How they handled the Wes storyline. Fucking awful. That scene towards the end showing Wes crawling to the door and being caught by his murderer, overlapped with Annalise demonizing him and pinning everything on him? I was bawling my eyes out. How could they do him this dirty. He was good. He was kind. He was a gentle mentally ill black man who worked hard and was about to be a father. He deserved better than this. I had harvested the hope he would be revealed to be alive but. No. He wasn’t. He was murdered and he was slandered through his death, by the same woman who claimed to love him as a son. Another weird writing decision. We know Annalise can be ice cold and goal-oriented but would she really drag Wes through the mud after he died?! Even to protect the others? It ripped my heart out.

• I would like to say though that the reval of who killed Wes, it being a hitman employed by Laurel’s father and/or ADA Danver wasn’t the worst choice the writers could have made. I wouldn’t have accepted him being killed by another Keating5. Wes still deserved better though. Oh and Bonnie calling him a murderer was fucking rich lmao, she’s the only cold-blooded assassin of the group, second worst is Asher who literally ran Sinclair over with his car bc she was.. being mean? Wes only killed Sam because Sam was about to kill Rebecca and everyone still blamed him. I want to scream.

• The whole Charles was Wes’ father not Wallace???? What the hell? How old is this kid? Made no sense! Seemed like a plot twist for the sake of a plot twist.

• The baby plotline? Is Laurel going to keep it? I don’t know. I feel nothing. Except that that baby should have grown up with two parents. Also Laurel seems to be heading towards a dark direction judging by how she seemed ready to just shoot Charles Mahoney in the middle of the street?

• I don’t want to watch season 4 after what they did to Wes. But I want to see Dominic and Mr Castillo and ADA Danver rot in hell. Dilemma.

Tell me your thoughts! If you agree/disagree I would love to talk.

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tfw i told my mum i've been hanging out with my guy friend i finally found again after high school,i just mentioned we went to the movies and she just said "date?" (as in dateING) ... even tho i already said he's my FRIEND

Straight Talk : What do you mean you can be friends with guys? I don’t get it. It’s obviously impossible, hurry up and date him, you don’t have to hide it! What’s friendship!

this is all so embarrassing lord a month ?????? he left you maybe even cheated on you, now has a crazy baby momma and a kid, had a gf during it and just left her for no reason JUST LIKE HE LEFT YOU FOR NO REASON like in what fucking world does ANY woman see that and think “wow you know its been 2 years i should totally talk to him again and trust him and go on vacation alone with him, yeah” fuck outta here lmao its so obvious shes here for her self and all the headlines louis brings now and its why she probably told them to make sure she looks good which is working cause for some reason his team is doing more work making her look like a angel then making thier client look good and instead they have louis as a fucked up man with issues and using his mothers passing to make it believable like imagine if this was your team lmao fuck hes so strong idk how he does it.

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Do you think when Carol told Daryl she couldn't lose him, that was her pretty much telling him she loves him? What are your thoughts on it?

Oh, soooo many thoughts, Nonny! Thanks for the ask—I miss these! This moment between Caryl is incredibly poignant, and it’s not the first time we’ve heard Carol utter those words. When she told Daryl she didn’t want him to continue looking for Sophia in “Pretty Much Dead Already,” she saw beyond his façade, the armor he wore as protection, the persona of Merle he’d adopted to guard himself from the world that thought nothing of people of his ilk. He was different than Rick and Shane, who’d likely been part of a “missing person” case before—no one expected him to take the lead on the search, nor did he have an obvious reason for doing so. That and his dogged determination made him stand apart from the others, and his hellbent attitude—find Sophia or die trying—further endeared Carol to him. She then murmured words that were, in all likelihood, the kindest, most heartfelt words anyone had ever said to Daryl: I can’t lose you too. She saw him for who he was and liked what she saw, but her feelings probably didn’t touch on love at that point. Not the romantic kind, anyway. She loved his gentle heart beneath the prickly exterior, his compassion for her, his determination to find her daughter, his desire to do the right thing, his genteel spirit when he interacted with her.

This “I couldn’t lose you” rang different though. Carol and Daryl have a history now. They’ve come to know each other. They have shared experiences, emotions, losses, trials, struggles, separations and reunions, intimacy, inside jokes, camaraderie, and family. Carol had already said she couldn’t lose anyone, couldn’t lose any of them. She could’ve stopped there. If it were anyone else, she likely would have. But with Daryl, it wasn’t enough. She needed him to understand that it wasn’t just her family she couldn’t lose; she reiterated she couldn’t lose him. This would have drawn their memories back to the barn that day, to when she allied herself with him because he’d allied himself with her and Sophia. I absolutely think her stating once again that she can’t lose him is her admission of love, even if she may not realize it at the moment. She needs him to understand why she left, especially because, distraught and anguished, he so brokenly asked her why. She. Can’t. Lose. Him. And she needs him to know that, to know her heart, to understand why she couldn’t stay. She stated her love in that moment, and he reciprocated a few minutes later by protecting her already fractured heart.

Writing Prompt List #82
  1. Okay, I wasn’t expecting a warrant…
  2. He’s so arrogant it actually hurts me
  3. Jordan! I know you have your phone on you! Don’t go do it, please Jordan, let it go.
  4. “Call your mother, she’s been calling me non-stop almost three hours now.”
    “She’s annoyingly persistent, huh..”
  5. I’ve hard time understanding the difference between legal and illegal 
  6. “Would you believe me if I said I’m a pacifist?”
    “You just broke a chair on that guy’s head.”
  7. I’m not taking that change, Wooster. Promise me that Marion isn’t going to hear about this. 
  8. I don’t know what the fuck they told you I do for a living but.. this? This ain’t part of my job description.
  9. “Can you vouch for him?”
    “I can, but I won’t”
  10. Niki burned those bridges a long time ago, she’s not even talking to them anymore.

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I'm sure you have heard this already, but I think people were attacking Angela because she apparently "posted those logs out of order to make him look bad" as if that barely makes him look better, followed by deadjosey tagging her. What a shitshow

Yeah, I’ve heard. the fact of the matter is, Angela already noted at least twice which order the logs were meant to be read in. She has absolutely no reason to forge evidence because she isn’t a petty, vindictive child, which deadjosey subsequently proved herself to be by acting so needlessly fucking vicious.

At this point, Manfred is doing anything he can to garner sympathy from people. He’s backpedaled on his actions (”I stopped after she told me to”, “I never said/did X”, etc.), accused others of lying (seen here), tried to cover his tracks and hide from people (changing his url, turning his blog to dash-only), and is now lying about his age despite the fact that several people he was friends with know that he’s in his 30′s and not 21 (which is still the age of a legal adult, and doesn’t make his actions any less illegal).

Manfred refuses to admit that he did anything wrong and is now throwing a tantrum and playing the victim card to cover his tracks. If he really was an innocent man, he wouldn’t feel it necessary to act like a fucking child.

Here’s a link containing the original logs with timestamps included and noted in order.

how can you love

when you don’t even love yourself?

lets talk bout #hurtbae 

me personally i don’t understand how she dealt with a guy like that who clearly had no kind of respect for her. I honestly didn’t feel bad after she said she walked in on this nigga and he told her get out.. like what i would’ve fuck him uppppp. And sometimes some girls would fuck a dude up and still stay with them because they like “i checked him”. A man is never gonna change on your terms he’s gonna change whenever he wants to. When can you say enough is enough. Put your foot down, its too many dudes out here that would do right by you. 

SB: i hate when people say someone is “too pretty” to get hurt or disrespected. like please pack it up looks have nothing to do with it.

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What do you think the touken talk will be about? I think touka just wants to say that she wants to fight with him and for him not to push her away or something like that.

Mmmh… I feel like they will talk about that first, that will be the main topic of the conversation, like how he’s leaving her behind (because that’s what Touka was thinking about after she told him she wanted to talk to him) and maybe the punch too, but the talk will lead them to argue about other stuff as well. You know when you argue with someone about one specific topic but there are so many unsaid things between you that both suddenly end up bringing out old topics and the conversation deflects elsewhere, and both start to reproach things to each other. I feel like it will be that kind of talk. I’m not sure if Touka’s intention is to apologize for beating him up? If it’s not, then it can be a good opportunity for Kaneki to mention it (he thought of it while saying “… again?”), that way the conversation can take a different path and it can happen what I said above. I’m not really worried for Touka, because she always speaks her mind and she’s very honest, I’m worried about Kaneki because he always keeps everything inside and their relationship can’t move forward if he just shuts his mouth. Since this arc started, many people gave Kaneki motivational words that he accepted (Ayato, Irimi, who else?), I’m wondering if Touka will try to do the same, considering that Touka always turns Kaneki’s world around with her words/actions. This talk can turn out in so many different ways, I really don’t know what to expect. 

You know, I feel like A:tLA really found a way to resonate with the struggles that a lot of kids face.

Aang is the struggle of the “gifted child”. He’s told from a young age that he’s going to do incredible things that puts him under a lot of pressure until he finally pulls off the ultimate procrastination trying to avoid the stress. He shows a lot of talent in what he’s good at, but when he tries learning something he’s not immediately good at he is easily discouraged. He’s also almost paralyzed by the fear of failing. (To be fair, the stakes are very high in his case).

Katara is the child with all of the talent she could ever need, but none of the opportunity. She has a real natural talent for waterbending, but no place at home where she can get training to develop the talent. It reminds me of kids from my school who were extremely talented in theatre, but couldn’t afford to participate after they instated the $200 “pay to participate” rules on extracurriculars.

Toph is the child with plenty of talent, but physical limitations that she has to go beyond. She has to prove that she is twice as good to get the same respect (and boy does she ever)! And she has to balance making sure that no one treats her disability as her defining characteristic, while still making sure it’s accounted for. Her parents would have let her blindness rule her life and she had to fight just to get the chance to show her talents.

Sokka is like the kid with lots of talent, but in an area that’s not very valued. At least not when compared to the benders. Like the kid who draws incredible comics in their notebooks, but is looked down on because they just can’t get an A on their report cards. Or the kid who is a talented pianist that everyone asks about getting prepared for a “real career” while the kids on the football team are being told to watch for recruiters.

That’s just the Gaang, but you could keep doing this with so many characters (I mean, everything about Zuko!), but I’m just really grateful that even in this fantastic setting there were a lot of things people could identify with.

Day Seventy-Five

-I met a baby with an already-receding hairline. I hope he has a good sense of humor. Life will be hard otherwise.

-A man came through my lane wearing a shirt listing the “Rules Of A Farmer.” They were poorly written and had terrible grammar, and in my heart of hearts, I am going to believe that he made this himself. If he comes through again, I fully intend to ask for one myself.

-I handed a man sixty-nine cents in change. He snickered. His girlfriend disapproved of him. I stand in support of him.

-A woman came through my lane, waving a Disney karaoke CD. “All I came in for was this,” she told me, repeatedly. “Look what you made me do.” She gestured to her two baskets full of Christmas decorations. I do not know what hand I played in this but I hope she accepts my apology so I may still be included in karaoke night.

-A mother handed each of her three children a $50 bill. They were each thrilled, kissing their respective cash without hesitation. One son was a little too thrilled, using far too much tongue for the circumstances.

-I became very confused as a woman purchased a large, lit sign that read “ox.” As I debated to myself whether it was stranger that we would carry livestock decorations or that someone would purchase one, I flipped it right-side-up and became aware of how much of a chump I am.

-A man came through my lane, skin a Trumpian shade of sickly orange from fake tan, hair shaven on the sides and slicked flat down the center, lanky body adorned in a blue tracksuit. I was more polite to this man than I have been to any guest I have ever encountered. I know better than to risk offended a mafia man.

-A child drinking his Icee™ became distraught as he reached the bottom of the cup. Rather than adjusting the straw to easily access the remainder of his Icee™, he slammed it down and announced to his mother that his Icee™ had stopped working and he needed a new one.

-As I handed a woman her receipt, she handed me a Jesus ad, demanding I visit her at church. Not thinking of manners and simply trying to get to the next guest, I swiftly tossed the brochure into my trash bin. If I somehow was not already Hell-bound, her face assured me I am now.

-I unraveled a pair of pajama pants a woman had brought. I heard a clinking sound inconsistent with the flannel I was holding. A handful of coins had fallen out of the pants. They did not belong to the guest. They did not belong to me. One day, I will be the one with money-producing sleepwear. One day.

-A chatty young scamp of a two year-old struck up a conversation with me. He asked me if I remembered Power Rangers. I told him yes. He found this a satisfactory dialogue template and began to cycle through every single one of the few words his vocabulary had, asking me if I remembered them. “Do you remember candy cane?” Yes. “Do you remember ticket?” Yes. “Do you remember coat?” Yes. “Do you remember ticket?” Yes. After a lengthy conversation, we reached the climax. “Do you remember Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?” No, not really. His face fell into one of utter shock as he was wheeled away, wondering how I could have forgotten.

harry potter books rated by hinny
  • SORCERER'S/PHILOSOPHER'S STONE: ginny became the ultimate harry fangirl in .2 seconds. 8/10.
  • CHAMBER OF SECRETS: harry literally saved her life and also described her face as glowing like the setting sun what kind of poetic shit. 12/10.
  • PRISONER OF AZKABAN: the ridiculous "making eye contact and trying not to laugh when people do weird things" that they do started what kind of soul mate bullshit. ginny made him a goddamn singing get well card when will your otp. 9/10.
  • GOBLET OF FIRE: ginny started relaxing around harry and we all cried. had the opportunity to ditch neville and go with harry instead but like the Perfect Bean she is, kept her promise wtf harry marry her. 9/10.
  • ORDER OF THE PHOENIX: told off harry effin' potter like it was her JOB lbr he was attracted to it. ginny came up with the name dumbledore's army and also was never weird about harry and cho what a respectful. harry was totes in love with her but didn't know it yet. 8/10.
  • HALF BLOOD PRINCE: harry spends most of the book being an idiot and pining and we all cry. SEVERAL SUNLIT DAYS!!!!! WHAT KIND OF!!!!! GINNY JOKING ABOUT HARRY HAVING A TATTOO ON HER CHEST HAS SHE SEEN HIM SHIRTLESS TO CONFIRM?? TATTOO THIS CHAPTER ON MY CHEST!!!! they break up because they're both noble and stupid i'm gonna cry 50/10.
  • DEATHLY HALLOWS: making out in ginny's bedroom aka me sobbing. harry checking the marauder's map to make sure she's okay, hoping she can sense his gaze jesus CHRIST HARRY LITERALLY ALMOST DITCHING HIS ATTEMPTS TO KILL VOLDEMORT BECAUSE BELLATRIX TRIED TO KILL GINNY CHILL PLS!! they get married and ginny loves harry so much she allows him to make questionable name choices we all cry!!!!! 5745938467983476/10.

Okay but what about the Gotham Sirens adopting Jason?

  • Selina was so sweet on Jason when he was Robin, he had the best sense of humor out of the Bats because it was just like her’s. The rare times Jason was off on his own she would always drop by and listen to Her Little Robin, comforting him after a fight with the Bat because he ‘used too much force’ or because ‘he’s too reckless’. Selina would even ask Jason to pull off small heists with her from time to time. He told her that he would only do it if she would either return the items before they went missing or if she donated most of it to charity. The Gotham City Museum was hijacked so many times by Catwoman and Robin but no one ever knew because she would always return the items so Jason didn’t get in trouble.
  • After Jason died Catwoman disappeared for a week, even Selina Kyle disappeared. After that week Catwoman was back in action but the first few weeks she didn’t steal anything that was worth the normal amounts that her previous heists had been, these were more like trinkets and Bruce couldn’t figure out the pattern. Selina had stolen every item she and Jason had ever stolen together; she donated them all the homeless center for abused children.
  • Selina never looked at Bruce quite the same way after Tim showed up that first night in a Robin costume, in Jason’s costume. She yelled and screamed about how Her Little Robin was already being forgotten and replaced. That Jason was worth more than just a few weeks of grief before just going back to normal. Bruce tried to explain that Batman needed a Robin, that Jason had known the risks and that he would never be forgotten but Selina didn’t listen. After that she still flirted with Batman, but it was only half-hearted at best. Bruce would never admit it but he was slightly heartbroken by the tearing of their relationship, it never really healed even after Jason was brought back by the Pit.
  • Bruce saved the Joker from the rubble in Batman Under the Red Hood but Jason had to drag himself out. With his injuries he couldn’t get far but he remembered this little roof-top where Selina told him many years ago she went to clear her mind. It took over an hour but Jason eventually managed to get to that roof-top and wait for Selina if she would come. Selina had gone out to check the huge explosion that had echoed through the streets but when she’d gotten to the sight Batman was gone and the Joker was being taken back to Arkham. Seeing nothing for her to do she retreated to her little roof-top only to find someone already there. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the blue eyes open at the sound of her approach, Her Little Robin had returned to her. She didn’t know how it was possible but she didn’t care, he was back in her arms and back in her life, she wasn’t letting go again.
  • When Selina saw the extent of Jason’s injuries from his fight with Bruce over the Joker she was furious. How dare the Bat hurt Her Little Robin after everything he’d already been through. She got him into a warm bath so he could soak and maybe take some of the edges of pain off, he was barely conscious, putty in her arms and trusting her to keep him safe; tears welled up in her eyes again and she didn’t even try to stop them. While Jason was in the tub she stripped her bed and put on the nicest silk sheets she had and made the bed for Her Little Robin because he deserved something nice for once in his life. After getting Jason settled in the bed she made a call to Harley and Ivy, telling them to meet her on top of her building. When Jason heard Selina open the window he let out a broken little whimper, he didn’t want to be alone again. Selina immediately went over to Jason and curled next to him, holding him to where he could hear her heartbeat and promising him that she wasn’t leaving him, she just had something to take care of; she stayed till he fell asleep.
  • Selina explained what she knew to Ivy & Harley, both righteously angry over what the poor boy had had to endure in his short life. Harley confessed that she’d always felt partially responsible for Jason’s death because she had left the Joker at that time due to a fight, if she had stayed maybe the Joker wouldn’t have gone so far. Selina told Harley that she should tell Jason that, that Her Little Robin would understand and wouldn’t blame her. Harley was doubtful but Ivy promised she would go with her to talk to the former Robin when this was all over.
  • The Gotham Sirens broke into Wayne manor and cornered a drunk Bruce in his study. When Selina started to growl and hiss at the man about the cut at his collarbone, that she would recognize the wound of a batarang anywhere, and how dare he attack that boy after everything. Bruce was so out of it that he broke down, he broke down and talked about the Pit, the explosion that killed Jason, about how he almost got himself killed because he was so angry and raw about Jason’s death, about how he didn’t let Tim do nearly what he’d let Jason and Dick do. But the last thing he told her about was the case with Jason’s costume. When Catwoman heard about that and about the engraving ‘My partner. My soldier. My fault.’ and she lost it. Harley and Ivy had to restrain her from scratching out Bruce’s eyes. How dare he call Jason his soldier, what about a son, was he ever a son to you Bruce? but Bruce was so far gone in his misery that he didn’t even notice.
  • Before they left Selina gave Bruce a warning to stay away from Jason. After she had climbed out the window Harley and Ivy stepped in front of Batman and threatened him as well, they might not know the boy as well as Selina did but if he was that important they would protect him for their friend too.
  • Harley apologized to Jason and, though he was wary of her for a while, he told her that most of his anger had never been at her. Sure he’d always thought she was a psychotic bitch but he didn’t blame her for his death. When she’d heard that, a huge burden lifted from Harley’s soldiers and without even thinking anything she hugged Jason tightly. He hissed at the pressure on his wounds but he gave her awkward pats on the back to let her know there weren’t any hard feelings.
  • Ivy gave Jason a shot that would render him immune to all of her plants and poisons. When Jason questioned her she told Jason that he was important to Selina and that he had given Harley something her girlfriend had desperately needed so she had no problem helping him. Jason stared at her blankly for a moment before asking when she’d left the Joker. Harley explained that after the Joker had murdered Jason, Harley thought he had taken it too far. Sure they’d killed before but this time it as so…personal and unnecessary that it felt wrong to Harley. She quickly packed up and never looked back.
  • Selina curled up in bed with Her Little Robin that evening and he let her hold him, just like a mother would. Once he’d fallen asleep Harley had decided to drag Ivy onto the bed and there was a huge pile of bodies on Selina’s giant bed but no one seemed to mind. In the morning Jason woke up first and saw that he had the three of Gotham’s most powerful villainous women curled around him and he felt…safe for the first time since he’d first laid eyes on the bomb that he knew would take his life. He made breakfast and eventually the smell of food woke the three ladies up enough for them to shuffle into the kitchen; they declared that Jason was going to be their stay in son from now on.
  • Jason put up a half-hearted fight but for some reason, his chest was getting really warm and he felt strangely giddy. He jokingly asked Selina if that meant she was his new mother and Selina merely got up and pulled Jason down to where she could plant a kiss on the boy’s forehead ‘I let you die once, I’m not letting my son get hurt again’ and that was how Selina Kyle adopted him of sorts. Harley had cried and told Jason that if Selina was his mother that since they were close as sisters that meant that Harley and Ivy were Jason’s aunts! He’d put his hand over his heart in mock horror but he couldn’t fight the smile that was making its way onto his face. It was crazy and not nearly what he’d imagined all those years ago as a street rat but he finally had the family he’d always wanted.
“how is she? i mean, is she happy now?” he asks her.
“no, she’s not happy. is that what you want to hear?” she replies annoyed.
“of course not-” he tries to say but she cuts him off.
“after you, she was heartbroken. she called me that day, drunk, and you know what she told me? she said that she can’t take it anymore, the heartbreak, the pain. i thought she would do something irrational, but she told me not to worry. the next day, it seemed as though nothing had happened. she grew thicker skin. see after everything you put her through, she grew stronger. but what i didn’t comprehend at the time was the fact that she not only closed herself off to getting hurt, but she also closed herself off to getting happy, to being happy. that smile that you fell in love with, it’s gone now. i didn’t notice it at first because i was so proud of her for being so strong, but this isn’t strength anymore. she has closed herself off to any form of happiness after you. i hope you’re happy that you practically killed my best friend,” she finishes.
Silly Bowtruckle

Request: Would you please do an imagine where one of the creatures is trying to get the reader and newt together? Because it listened to what the reader told it one night as she was helping to feed it. Can it be super fluffy please? Thank you and I love your writing!

A/N: I changed the concept a little, i hope that’s okay

Originally posted by hardyness



You and the Bowtruckle: Pickett, had made quiet a friendship since newt had to pass him off to you.

You told Pickett tons of things, and apparently Newt did too. But what you didn’t guess is that it would come back to bite you.

“Newt where’s Pickett??”

You see you had accidentally said some information that Pickett definitely wasn’t supposed to hear. Newt and you had been best friends since year one at Hogwarts, and you had let it slip to the certain bow truckle that you liked him more than a friend.

On the other side of the spectrum, Newt had accidentally given Pickett some secret information as well. And unbeknownst to you, it was a very similar situation of secrets.

“I don’t know i was looking for him too.”

Newt lifted up books and vials, looking for the sneaky bowtruckle.

You and Newt looked for hours, and still weren’t able to find the bowtruckle.

“I think that we should look outside, he might’ve fell out of the briefcase” Newt gingerly grabbed you hand before you both disappeared up the latter.

You both called out for him, using your magic to try and find his aura, but it couldn’t be done.

“What if a muggle got him newt? We aren’t even in England anymore, this is America. They’ll think he’s dangerous and hurt him.”

Newt put an arm around you for comfort, “Bowtruckles don’t hurt people Y/n.”

You gave him a slight side hug, “But they don’t know that Newt”

Newt opened the case, you allowed you to step inside first.

“Its just of odd of him to–”

You were stopped mid sentence by your own amazement. String lights were hung up all around, and there on the table was Pickett.


You couldn’t fathom how a little creature was able to do this, and as if newt read your mind; “He didn’t string the lights. I did, though he helped.”

“Helped with what?”

“Information” Newt gave a small grin.

“Pickett you did not!” You looked sternly at the smiling bowtruckle.

“well..” Newt held our hand a little tighter, “you don’t have to be too mad at Pickett, after all…i do feel the same way.”

This is Chai. She was hiding under the (completely non-functional) company car at work the morning after a freezing night, and she yelled at me as I was heading inside. I lured her out with the deli turkey from my lunch and she instantly went from scared to in love with all humans.

I fed her the rest of my turkey and one of my coworkers contributed a slice of venison sausage, but we knew she couldn’t stay at work all day because none of us would get anything done. I called my husband and told him we had a temporary cat, and asked if he’d mind keeping an eye on her while I figured out what to do. (My landlord has a no-pets policy, but I couldn’t just kick her back onto the street.)

They got on like gangbusters, especially after I picked up Claritin for Adam. Chai ate an entire can of cat food and then spent all day sleeping on Adam’s lap. Any time she left the room, she’d mew occasionally so Adam knew where she was. Meanwhile, I called around and made posts on local groups until I found someone who’d take her in. 

While I worked out the details with the fellow (he had a rather aloof cat already and was excited to have a really cuddly companion cat), I heated up a rice pack, which Chai promptly fell asleep on again. 

I’ve honestly never met such a cuddly, sweet cat. It was hard to say goodbye. The guy who took her in texted a few days later to say they’d been to the vet. Chai’s about eight years old, healthy, and is getting along well in her new home. 

Terrible puns to make you happy


- why did Barbie never get pregnant?
- Because ken always came in another box.

- I used to go finishing with skrillex but he kept dropping the bass

- I couldn’t remember how to throw a boomerang, but then it came back to me

- the girl said she knew me from the vegetarian restaurant, but I’d never met herbivore

- why is Peter Pan always flying? Because he neverlands, I love this joke because it never grows old

- Simba was walking too slow so I told him to Mufasa

- if you don’t get my Harry Potter references then there is something siriusly Ron with you

- what’s Negans favorite dessert?
- Eye scream

- What do you call a cow on grass?
- Mulan

I’m so done I’m sorry I did this

Tuesday, at an discussion round-table type event, one of our students from Iran told us he had a friend back in Iran who wanted to come to the United States for graduate school. She was published. She was good. She had one problem. He advisor refused to write a letter of recommendation because he felt that if she came here, she might stop wearing her hijab.

And he told us this and I think everybody’s heart broke. 

And he felt like if he asked somebody what to do, or told us, that it would feel like an endorsement for her to study here. It isn’t. It’s sharing a problem.

And a professor told him to tell her to contact our dean. To tell the schools she is applying to, us included, what the dilemma was. We were sure that we could help – we have deans, we have experts, we have people who know how to make an application shine even when one part is missing.

And then I woke up today and saw the visa ban.

And I felt crushed. I know this doesn’t hurt me personally. I don’t know her. I’m not her. But we were so hopeful and so sure that we could do something, anything, just something to help out somebody who wanted so badly to do science and one racist executive order shattered that.

And now, well, the United States is missing out on her ideas. Her writings. Her ability to do good science. It is our loss. 


The answer is no. Absolutely no. If she thought she could win this fight why would she be offering to sell the victory to us even for a fortune? Trust me.