and she thinks they're pathetic

steven universe gems reactions to minion memes
  • garnet: doesn't really care about them at all. they're nonexistent to her.
  • amethyst: hates them. purposely goes and steals minion plushes sold at local stores to burn them when steven's over at connie's house.
  • pearl: questions what they are then begins to take a liking to them, showing steven every minion meme she can find thinking they're hilarious.
  • steven: indifferent towards them, but does think they look cute and don't deserve the hate they recieve.
  • lapis: loves minion memes ironically. she would print out pictures of them and stick them everywhere, text others every single one she can find, and obnoxiously pretends to speak minion to piss off the other gems.
  • peridot: hates them and thinks they're the most pathetic thing she's ever seen. she assists amethyst in burning every single minion thing she sees.
  • jasper: loves them. jasper fucking loves minions. if she were to sleep, she would sleep with a minion plush. she has minion merchandise. she has a minion shirt. shes trying to learn the minion language. she went to theaters and threatened the staff so she could get to see the movie before it came out to the public.