and she thinks about it so much

“Uh, don’t you knock?”

“What the fuh.  Frick.  What the frick are you doing.”

“Coming to visit Steven!  We just got here.”

“Through the toilet?”

“How did you think we got here?  Pearl revoked our warp pad access after…”


“…wouldn’t stop popping in at three in the morning to wake up Steven.”

“Oh, please.  You humans spend so much time asleep.  It’s wasteful!  There are so many interesting things to talk about!”

“Through the toilet.”

“Is she always like this?”

“This is officially the worst conversation I’ve ever had.”

So I like to think a lot about how the five paladins all have their associated elements but Coran and Allura don’t seem to, and, as a result, I’ve been kind of ascribing elements to them on my own time.

Allura’s is pretty straightforwards, considering the incredible shows of fluorescence related to her power, and while she wears deep blue and pink, both colors that have been “hers” in the past, VLD Allura’s character color, as indicated heavily in her clothes, her hair, and the Castle that is pretty much her Lion, is white.

I think that Allura’s element is light, and it really fits- with the implicit divinity, the ethereal aesthetics. She’s the team’s guiding light (as a leader) and also their beacon of hope (the entire team cannot go on without her, and times where it seems like she’s taken out of the picture have been the grimmest moments the team has faced)

Allura also explores concepts of enlightenment, empowerment, and a sense of a higher cause. However, she’s also explored sensitively as just one person trying to carry that higher force. At her strongest moments, she is radiant, in tune with higher forces, able to evoke outright miraculous reversals of a situation- at her lower moments, she’s scared, isolated, a tiny match in an incredibly bleak situation. Just one person, young, vulnerable, and not completely sure of what she’s doing at all.

Allura’s the one who, talking to the paladins, suggests that it was the hand of destiny that brought them to her. Fate and such things are often believed to be foretold by the stars, and the main system Allura uses to control the castle manifests as a starfield that she’s able to control.

Again using ATLA allusions, I think Allura is a bit of an avatar figure, not linked to any of the Lion elements specifically but kind of… uniting them, in a fashion. And Shiro, her co-leader, is coincidentally someone who’s sky motif specifically features the night sky, or the depths of space: surrounded by stars.

But then I got onto the subject of Coran, and, stumbled across a surprising, but, fitting, element for him:

I think Coran’s element is darkness.

Compared to the other members of the team, Coran wears rather dark clothes despite the white and blue highlights- his ‘unique’ color seems to be a deep blue-black distinct from Shiro’s gray-black.

And the easiest way to sum up Coran is, he’s kind of the consummate support figure. Unlike all the other members, he never has his own vehicle- but he’s there as support to Allura, trying to make everything run smoothly behind the scenes almost singlehandedly. And “behind the scenes” is pretty much where Coran lives- if Allura and the paladins are all actors, Coran is a terrifyingly effective one-man stage crew.

Light and darkness are seen as archetypal enemies, but, in Voltron’s rhetoric, just because elements are traditionally “opposed” means nothing for their actual relationship, Keith and Lance, fire and ice, squabble occasionally but at their best slot together into an incredibly effective team. Coran, as the oldest and most experienced member of the team, would be the most secured in his element.

If Allura’s symbol is light- anything placed close to a bright light will cast a very long, deep shadow. Light and darkness are very close to each other and interact closely in the real, practical world, even though fiction tends to turn them into polar opposites that war with one another.

Coran disappears. He moves in the background. The rare times we see him out on missions so far he’s employed obfuscation and disguise tactics, as well as sudden ambushes. Factoring in the comic stories, he also successfully faked being held hostage convincingly enough to fool all the paladins. 

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According to people that were at the con. Alisha said that Dom knew that book fans would react badly to Jace Maia. He was scared because of the fans because he likes JaceMaia. im glad he isnt on twitter that much. I dont want him to get hate 💔 And Alisha said she does not care at all what book fans think about JaceMaia. And Alisha and Dom are good friends & because of their trust in each other, they were really comfortable doing the scene together. They both deserve the world.

anon you have to give me receipts when you say things like this because i haven’t heard any of this apart from the last part of the message 👀👀👀

In Cars 3 when we first meet Cruz Sterling refers to her as their “Maestro of Motivation”. Then we see Cruz’s training revolves mostly on motivation as they race and prepare. She spends so much time making sure others are calm and confident so they can succeed at their dreams.

Then later on we got Cruz’s backstory. She couldn’t achieve her dream of being a racer because she wasn’t confident enough in herself. She gave it up because she couldn’t find the motivation to think optimistically and give it her all. Instead she gave up. She believed she couldn’t do it.



“the relationship with dottie and peggy was the one that was like… so much about fascination and curiosity. dottie had never met anyone like peggy before. someone that powerful, a woman in that role, and it was just foreign to her. it’s like you can’t tell if she wants to be her, if she wants to have sex with her or if she wants to kill her. and i was just like “i think she wants to do them all, so that’s what i’m going to play.””

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How about some fluff when Seven was at Rika's apartment? Like MC got sick and he had to take care of her?

  • Seven was stressed. There had been literally no sign whatsoever of MC that day in the apartment.
  • Like, he had so much work to do, but all he could think about was where MC was!
  • Eventually, he threw his headphones off, and let his laptop fall onto the floor as he began his search for MC.
  • Eventually though… He froze at the sight as he entered the bathroom.
  • MC was sat on the floor by the toilet, paler than usual and with bright, rosy cheeks. Her hair was hastily threw up, and he could hear her wheezing slightly as she breathed.
  • “M… MC…?”
  • She tiredly looked up, and despite the state she was in…
  • She smiled.
  • “H- Hey, Sev-! Ugh, crap…” Her hands flew to her mouth, before she began to throw up.
  • Seven’s eyes widened, before he ran to her side and rested his hand on her back. He gently rubbed her back which seemed to help her relax, thankfully…
  • “God… You make me worry so much, you know that, right?”
  • “Y- Yeah…”
  • After that, Seven helped MC in cleaning herself up, before he then helped her back to bed. 
  • Seven, despite wanting to push her away to protect her… Just wanted to pull her close, but to protect her from illness…
  • He then quickly grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, and returned to the bedroom and sat on the bed beside her.
  • She tried reaching out for the water, but her hands were shaking too much, so Seven made her sit back as he helped her to have a drink. It would just be too much bother having to dry off any bedsheets that she accidentally poured the water on…
  • “MC, just sit back or lie down and relax. Take small sips of the water. I’ll be back in a short while. Make sure that you have your phone on you, and if anyone gets into the apartment, call me as fast as possible.”
  • MC gave him a confused look, but she nodded as she lay on her side and closed her eyes.
  • God, she looked so sweet, despite the fact that she was ill… Seven just wanted to protect her.
  • But there was no medicine in the apartment, or much food, so he had to leave for a few minutes to stock up…
  • Oh, but Seven didn’t just stock up.
  • MC was surprised when he eventually returned with some nice and warm, fleecy blankets to keep her warm, some comfy new pillows, and he had also gone a bit over the top with some new pyjamas for her too…
  • But she appreciated the effort, and despite the way he had been acting over the past few days… She knew that he cared.
  • After that, when she had taken the medicine which Seven had also bought, he had gone to the kitchen and attempted to do some cooking.
  • Despite the fact that he was terrible at cooking.
  • At least he was just cooking some canned soup…
  • (Though he did kind of go through three cans. The first of them ended up splattered around the kitchen as he opened the can a bit roughly. The second can ended up spilling as he burned his finger on the saucepan he was cooking it in. The third, thankfully, made its way into the bowl.)
  • Seven then went and took the soup to MC, and ended up spoon-feeding her because he noticed that she was still a bit shaky.
  • After that, MC began to fall asleep… And as soon as her eyes closed, Seven held onto her in his arms.
  • “MC… I hope that you get better soon…” He then pressed a kiss to her forehead, and smiled. “I love you.”
  • Thank god she was asleep, and didn’t hear that though…

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Yeah that comment about Eleanor was a bit 👀. I don't think it's a dig at the fans at all. Otherwise he would say jealousy or something. Like the fans are jealous of her and want to be her and all that crap. But that's not what he says. Distrust is an interesting word. If I was the GP I would think the fans think she's a gold-digger or something tbh. Like why would fans distrust her?!

Yeah…distrust does seem like it hints at something else…..yeah I don’t know. Guess we’ll see if it goes anywhere. I haven’t seen any GP comments about it at all so not sure if it was noticed all that much either way.

For Better or Worse - Part 3

I’m so sorry this took me so long to write!! The next part will be up much quicker, I promise! (I also attempted to make a photo/aesthetic thing for this but I’ve no clue what I’m doing to be honest haha!) I’ve had really bad writer’s block lately and am not super confident about this, but I hope you enjoy all the same. Things are about to get dramatic! ;)



“I think Archie’s going to propose,” Veronica had declared, her voice bursting with excitement as she perched on the edge of Betty’s bed five and a half years earlier. It had been almost three years since Betty had last seen Jughead and she was only just beginning to feel like her old self again.

“Wow, V,” she replied. “Really?” She was beaming at the sight of seeing her best friend so happy.

“I mean, he hasn’t said anything,” Veronica looked up to the ceiling, “but I just have a feeling. He’s been acting differently lately, as if he’s planning something. He wants to take me to dinner tonight.”

“Ok,” Betty replied, “I need details exactly when and how it happens. Do you promise?”

“I promise,” she cried, letting out a little squeal as she let herself fall backwards onto the soft pastel bed sheets.

Betty remembered that that night had been strange. Veronica hadn’t called or texted like she had promised to; in fact, she had started to feel a little unnerved at the silence that had continued right up until the early hours of the morning. Veronica definitely wouldn’t have kept as quiet as she did if Archie had proposed to her. It would have been all over social media by now; the talk of the town. It wasn’t until she had gotten into bed and turned off her bedside light that her phone finally beeped.

‘I’m outside.’ It read, a short and simple text message from Veronica. Naturally, Betty jumped out of bed in excitement before creeping down the stairs, careful not to wake anyone in the process. It wasn’t until she opened the door that her face completely dropped. Veronica had been crying. Her makeup was smudged and her dark brown eyes were brimming with a familiar melancholic exhaustion.

“V,” Betty whispered, rushing over to grab her friend as she started to sob. “What happened?”

“He ended it,” she cried. “It’s over. He took me out for dinner to tell me, that coward. He did it because he knew I wouldn’t break down in a room full of people.”

Betty was speechless for a few moments, unable to even comprehend how or why this had happened. They had been so happy together for the past five years, practically glued to each other everywhere that they went. It was sickening at times, actually, but in the most endearing way. Betty couldn’t imagine either of them with anyone else; nobody could. Carefully leaving the door ajar, she placed a soft grip on Veronica’s arm and brought her down to the bottom of her driveway where they could talk properly. She pulled her into an embrace again, not really sure of what else to do.

“Did he say why?” she asked eventually, stroking her hair between shushes, and that was when it changed. Something shifted. Something was ignited. Something darker. Veronica’s body completely seized up at the question. She stopped crying quite abruptly, pulling away with a little more force than Betty was expecting.

“You might want to sit down for this one, Betty,” she sneered.

“What?” she replied, growing increasingly concerned with Veronica’s abrupt change in demeanor.

“He’s in love with you,” she blurted, a bitter laugh escaping her mouth as she did so. Betty froze as her hands dropped to her side. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “He couldn’t keep ‘leading me on’. I guess I should’ve seen this coming.”

“V, are you sure-”

“Ever since that day at Southside High when he was staring a hole through you and Jughead. I knew it then. God, it was so obvious,” she gripped her temple as if realising everything that she had been missing, or rather everything that she been trying to repress.

“I don’t know what to say,” Betty admitted, hating herself for focusing more on the mention of Jughead than anything else. Nobody dared to speak about him around her anymore; the sound of his name felt foreign to her now. Just a reminder of a life she had lost. She had remembered that day at Southside High, of course. She was fighting for him with every inch of her being, she was consumed by a longing that she had never felt before, she was willing to risk everything that she had for him. And what good had it done now?

“This isn’t your fault,” Veronica retorted, lowering the volume of her voice. “I don’t want this to break us apart. I don’t, but-“

“Please,” Betty pleaded.

Veronica’s eyes hit the floor as she retreated into herself. “I don’t know if I can be here anymore.”

Betty clenched her fists together in the same way that she had always done. The only way she felt she could cope; a habit that she just couldn’t kick. “I can’t lose you, too,” she whispered, not realising that she was crying until a bitter tear fell into her mouth.

Veronica looked up again, frustrated and drained and dejected. “How can I just pretend that everything’s ok?”

And, with that, Betty fell silent. Because she didn’t know.

               Shortly after that night on the driveway, Veronica left Riverdale for the summer, and when she came back something in her had changed. She had kept in touch with Betty like she had promised, meeting up with her for milkshakes at Pop’s every weekend, but it wasn’t the same anymore. There was a distance there that they both felt, and there was nothing Betty could do about it. Time passed and Veronica moved on. She was quite happy now, as far as Betty was aware, but she had never been able to speak to Archie again. Betty thought that her turning up at the wedding would be like a white flag. A sign that they were all ready to put the past behind them. She knew that, if anything, she couldn’t risk sabotaging that.

               Confronting a troubled glance from her father, she held onto his extended arm once more and waited. Neither of them said a word this time. Polly was there, none the wiser, as she offered Betty her bouquet and gave her hand an excited squeeze.

               “Are you ready?” She asked, beaming in that same pure, beautiful way that Polly Cooper always did.

               “Yep,” Betty muttered, smiling back for just a second before looking down at the flowers in her hands. She wanted to throw them across the hall and run. She wanted to scream and fight and cry and feel. Feel something. Feel anything.

The start of the wedding march made her jump. It was much louder than she had expected, causing her entire body to numb. Almost instinctively, she stole a glance at the door at the other end of the hall where she had been just moments earlier. She wasn’t sure exactly what she was looking for, but it wasn’t there.

Upon approaching the open entrance, Betty was uncomfortably aware of hundreds of eyes fixated solely on her. Their gazes were burning through her skin and she hated it. She knew that he would have hated it too, if he was here, which he wasn’t. She was aware of that more than anything else. They began to walk and the eyes turned into smiles, but Betty avoided every single one of them. She didn’t want to look at Archie; she didn’t want to look at anyone. She was scared that she might change her mind while there was still time. She didn’t trust herself, and she had every reason not to.

“You look beautiful,” Archie breathed when she had reached to join him. She looked back up then, meeting the gaze of the boy that she had once wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of her life with. He was looking at her in a way she could never reciprocate. The truth was that she had given all of herself to someone else, and she had never gotten it back.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we are gathered here today to witness the coming together of Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper in holy matrimony,” the vicar had begun, his words slowly turning into white noise inside of Betty’s head.

“If any person here knows of a reason why these two may not be joined together, please speak now or forever hold your peace.”

Betty’s whole body halted. She held her breath for what felt like a lifetime during those tiny few seconds, terrified of Jughead bursting through the doors and telling her not to go through with it. Terrified because she knew that she wanted him to. But he didn’t. In fact, there wasn’t a sound at all. Archie reached to grasp Betty’s hands and it made her flinch. Veronica shifted ever so slightly in her seat.

As she stood only moments away from becoming Archie’s wife, she thought back to all of those years ago when Archie had first proposed. He had done it quite impulsively, walking her home after a movie night and getting down on one knee whilst her back was turned. Initially she had told him that she would think about it, retreating into the house and thinking of nothing other than that night in the hospital instead. When she told her parents of Archie’s proposal, she was at a point in her life where she was at her most vulnerable. Life after Jughead and Toby had been hard, she felt as though she was getting older and getting nowhere. Settling down was very much a plausible and sensible option and, as much as she hated to admit it, she knew it.

“I say do it,” she remembered Hal exclaiming as he paced around the dining room table.

“Hal,” Alice had started. She was sat just beside Betty and had barely said a word for a good ten minutes.

“No,” he snapped. “Betty, we were so worried about you after everything that happened. Don’t you think you deserve to be happy again? To feel safe and secure? Archie will give you all of that.”

There was a brief silence, which was rare in the Cooper household. Betty was shocked that Alice was the quietest of them all.

“So, you think I should marry someone that I don’t even love?”

“Betty-“ Alice began, cut off by Hal before she could finish.

“I think you should think about your future,” he replied. “We only want the best for you. I’m sorry, but I was never keen on that Jughead anyway. It was a blessing in disguise when he left town.”

“Hal!” Alice screeched, nothing but fury in her eyes as she abruptly jumped up out of her chair.

Betty gaped in disbelief. “How dare you,” she jeered, her eyes blurred by warm tears as she stood to leave the room, unable to listen to another word that left her father’s mouth. She slammed the door behind her, running out into the cold, crisp air, forgetting to even pick up her coat as she did so. Where had he gone? Where was he now? Why did he leave her?

“Betty,” Alice called, quickening the pace to catch up with her. “Betty, please!”

“What?!” She cried, turning sharply. “You and Dad are suffocating me, Mom. I know I haven’t been myself lately, I know that-“

“You need to do what is right for you,” Alice interjected, beginning to raise her voice. “If that’s not marrying Archie, then that’s up to you, but if you’re putting your life on hold because you’re waiting for Jughead to come back-“

“No,” Betty snapped, something in her screaming and scratching to get out. “I’m not waiting for anything. I’m not an idiot.”

“Then what do you want?”

“I want for everyone to just leave me the hell alone,” she hissed. It started to snow again, only ever so slightly, and Betty was beginning to feel the cold bite into her neck. “If it’s going to make you so happy, then I’ll just do it. Ok?”

Alice wrinkled her face as she shook her head. “What?”

“I’ll marry Archie,” she confirmed, her eyes vacant and nonchalant as she turned on her heel. “Go and tell dad, he’ll probably want to plan the whole thing to his liking anyway.”

Alice grabbed her arm frantically. “Betty, you’re not listening to me-“

“I guess I’ll see you at the wedding,” she spat, pulling herself out of her mother’s grasp. And with that, she walked on, nothing but the crunching of the snow to keep her company. Nobody followed her this time.

“Archie, do you take Betty to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and to comfort, to have and to hold in sickness and in health, for better or worse, til death do you part?”

Betty was suddenly dragged back to reality faster than she would’ve liked, realising that she was no longer walking through the snow, but instead she was here. At the altar. Drowning.

“I do.” The words left Archie’s mouth as if they were the most natural and easiest thing he had ever said.

“Betty,” she jumped at the sound of her own name. “Do you take Archie to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to comfort, to have and to hold in sickness and in health, for better or-“


The silence that followed was a silence unlike any other that had come before it. The word had fallen out of Betty’s mouth with a bitter taste. Archie was still smiling, keeping his hands firmly on hers, but his conduct was beginning to falter.

“Is everything ok?” The vicar whispered, leaning ever so slightly into her. She looked at him and she looked at Archie and she couldn’t help but notice that there was a kind of inexplicable understanding there, as if both of them knew something that they were too afraid to speak of.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled, closing her eyes and shaking her head. “Yes, yes it is. Of course. Please, carry on.”

Despite Betty’s efforts, the atmosphere in the room had changed and it was impossible not to feel it. The vicar continued to recite the vow that she were to take after a slight hesitation, his voice now somewhat more cautious than it was before. This was it. As soon as she said those two simple words, there was no going back. She was sinking lower and lower out of her own accord, and nobody was reaching in the water to revive her.

Nobody, except one.

“Stop,“ a familiar voice bellowed, the squeak of a chair against the marble floor echoing throughout the entire room. “I’m sorry, but I can’t let you do this.”

Betty dropped Archie’s hands instantaneously, her attention shifting towards something else. Someone else. Everything that followed merged into a blur.


“Betty, I need you to listen to me.”

Alice swallowed, closing her eyes as if re-living a memory that she had never intended to revisit. She opened them again almost instantly, her face pained by an unspoken secret. She started to cry.

“We’ve been lying to you.”

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do you have any thoughts on wy and waves not actually discussing 'wayhaught'? The only thing theyve said just the two of them is after willa shot nicole when she said 'she shot my gf' and the times when wynonna is talking about banging the hot readhead/doing all ~that~. I don't want a coming out sad scene or w/e, but wytalking so much about their sex life makes me think that theres something more she isnt saying. (i didnt sent any gooverly asks, but I sent a couple others, sorry if its too much)

You know I was actually thinking about that while making the last gif I posted. I don’t think they’ve spoken about Wayhaught since 1x13 at all beyond mentioning the fact that they’re together.  

I feel like maybe Wynonna is worried that Waverly is falling into the same kind of relationship she had with Champ. Where Waverly enjoyed their sex life, but not much beyond that. Could also be that Wynonna is just feeling extra protective of Waverly considering she’s the only family she’s got left. 

Like in that scene after she finds Wayhaught and Waverly says she’s going to sit and wait for Nicole to be done with work…

you can see that she’s concerned that Waverly’s okay with just sitting around while Nicole does her job.

Most of her reactions to Wayhaught have been because she sees Waverly choosing to hang out with Nicole instead of participating in Black Badge cases like she used to. The scene out of the school really shows that. When Wynonna tells Waverly they need to go to Skip’s house, this is what happens

I think it comes down to this. One part worry that Waverly is becoming complacent, one part upset that her sister isn’t there for her (at the moment) the way she used to be. 

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I wish Touka confronts her pregnancy at least with Gruncle Yomo so she doesn't have to bear this all by herself

Nishiki seems to know way too much, so i don’t think she’s going through all this by herself (thumbs up for bff nishiki..) but yas!!! gruncle yomo needs to know about this asap, this baby can also bring the kirishima family even closer :’’) 

ob 5.03 review

sooo the first character centric episode began with Alison…i felt like eps 1 & 2 were more plot-focused and ep 3 made the debut in the insight of each clones’s mind..

gotta be honest alison and donnie were always a comic relief and brought out the joyful and fun part of ob universe but they were never my faves

5x03 turned out to be so much more tho…i actually didn’t think i would be  that much  invested  in it  but i honestly LOVED IT

it was precisely what was missing from Alison’s characterization up until now..

i wanted to see her guilt and pain about her friend’s death since s2..

and the whole uselessness that Alison felt was so spot on… how her self destructive parts and volatility are always triggered when she feels helpless..

the “normality” talk she had in her bathroom with Donnie as well as the dialogue with her bff when they were stargazing were pivotal moments to her character’s growth

tbh i loved everything about 5.03… mk’s mention and grief  was sth i wanted to see… sarah and fee’s little bro-sis time with whiskey and sassyness, the amazing rachel-alison confrontation..

it was a well tight,suited episode..loved the idea of leekie’s head and once again Tat was phenomenal..this girl never disappoints istg

i adored baby Cosima -didn’t think we would see her in ep3 so her appearance was a pleasant suprise (the  mushrooms scene was legendary lol)

but the highlight of this episode was the ukulele scene…that was probably the best alison-donnie scene of the series and big kudos for this…sweet,emotional and authentic…Tatiana and Kristian gave it all and it showed…

all in all i didn’t think i would like 5.03 that much but woah!! I’m gonna repeat myself til i bore you but action and plot driven shows need to give anthropocentric episodes from time to time ..this is the heart of each storyline and how people get invested in books/movies/series  as well..

i would like to conclude my review with this:


Little witch (Part 5)

Pairings: Peter x reader

Word count: 2569

Summary: The reader is raised by Hydra but manages to escape after they kill her parents. She is emotionally unstable and can’t control her powers. The Avengers rescue her and give her everything she missed form life and wanted to feel. But would her new found love be enough to extinguish her desire for revenge? What would be the side she would choose to rely on? Will she be ready to face the real her?

A/N: I am so sorry i am posting this so late. My apologizes for the mistakes you will probably find ♥ It’s my final week of school so i hope you understand why i am posting it so late and why your requests are taking so much time. Please tell me what your opinion about the story. And i am really interested what you think would happen. Please share it with me :3 Enjoy! 

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

Originally posted by kiingholland

“Up, down, backwards, kick. Again! Try to attack the unprotected zones! Good, now jump, kick, that’s right. Now-”, Steve’s commands were interrupted by the loud sound of someone being thrown badly on the floor.


“Are you okay?”, Steve asked the victim but didn’t give it a try to cover his smile.

“Yes, Captain. I am fine.”, Peter rose his thumbs and tried to stand up.

“I am sorry Pete but you weren’t paying enough attention. And I really wanted to punch you.”, (Y/N) stated as she gave a hand to Peter in order to help him to get on his feet.

“You are getting your ass beaten up by a girl. What a shame boy!”, Tony exclaimed. He had entered the training hall seconds before seeing how the little witch knocked down the spider-boy.

“You are a great fighter and I have no idea if I should be happy about it or not.”, the captain was observing (Y/N)’s technique since they began training. For a period of two weeks it was hard for him to predict what she was going to do. He had talked with Natasha after seeing how the girl beaten up the famous Black Widow but Nat was amazed by her movements as Steve, “Hydra had achieved their goals. You are better than Nat. Well, not as they probably wanted, but still.”

Hearing the name of the organization that took everything away from her, she almost fell again in the deep. Different feelings were surging in her. The girl clenched fists, took a deep breath and relaxed. After a month of training with Bruce and Wanda she was able to control her powers somehow. She was thought how to use her rage without letting it to overwhelm her body, mind, actions.

“What do you mean? She is amazing with cold weapons, Rogers.”, Tony exclaimed and walked down to them, “Let’s call her The Slicer!”, the man was too enthusiastic for the others to take him seriously.

“The Slicer? What a terrible name.”

“Take your word back captain or a new Civil War will erupt.”

“I like it. It makes me look dangerous.”

“You are a dangerous woman but I think it’s not for you.”, Peter expressed his opinion, “It’s for a coldhearted killer, while you are…”

“What am I Pete?”, (Y/N) came closer to the boy smirking and waited for his answer. She didn’t miss to spot the way he gulped nervously and rubbed the back of his neck with his left hand, “You are emitting nervousness. Why?”, the witch asked in a sweet and yet flirtatious voice, “Is it because of me?”

“I-um.”, another gulp, “No, yes, I mean…Argh!”, the boy covered his face and whispered something like ‘How can you be so desperately stupid?’

“Wait, why are you here?”, Steve suddenly asked Tony.

“Maybe because this building is all mine and I want to roam through it.”

The girl laughed, Steve gave an eye roll while Peter relaxed when the subject was changed and it took (Y/N)’s attention.

“Okay, okay. Stop that look! It makes me want to punch you in your perfect face.”. Tony stated and then continued, “I and Thor decided to throw a party so be ready in eight.”

“What?! A party ?! Why?”, Peter asked all of a sudden.

“Because my little kid you need to know how to have fun in your life. It’s not only the thick books you stuck your nose into.”, and with that the famous genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist man exited the room.

“Well we have like 5 hours until the party. Let’s continue working.”, (Y/N) suggested. It was her way to reduce the feelings inside her.  They were all going out and in the end of the exercises she felt much relaxed and calmed although her body was a little exhausted.

“Oh you continue. I am worn out so I will take a rest.”

“I thought you were a durable boy, Parker.”, the girl smirked as she saw the boy turning around immediately.

“I am!”

“But you got exhausted just from some slight punches.”, the witch came closer to the boy not breaking eye contact again.

“I might be not showing my full potential only because I don’t want to hurt you.”, at this time the teenagers were both smirking while Steve was looking with interest what was about to happen.

“Don’t spare me Spider-boy. Show me your super strength and you’ll see I can bear it.”

“If you are asking so politely. But don’t you dare complain after that your body is aching.”

“Oh, the sexual tense between the two of you has filled the whole room.”, Nat spoken. The witch and the spider-boy separated from each other looking away, “Don’t act as though you were shy. If it wasn’t in the training room someone would think you were about to break the bed.”

“Will you guys stop interrupting our training!?”, the girl asked in annoyance. The Avengers kept coming and if another one had showed up he could had possibly ended in the medical wing.

“Yeah, if you were actually training.”, (Y/N) gave the redhead an eye roll and waited for her answer. For one month she got used to all the teasing and jokes the heroes like to share between them, “You must spent less time with Wanda and Stark. However, I am here for the party. I assume Tony have told you so. Would you like to go with Wanda to buy a dress or something?”

“Shopping isn’t my thing and Will. Never. Be.”

“You were my only hope. Now I have to go to the shops.”, agent Romanoff looked like a small child whose mother just had told him she would not by him the toy he wanted.

“Sorry Nat. Oh, if you like something could you take it for me?”

“Yes, but you will owe me!”, Nat declared as she exited the room.

“That was a big mistake, (Y/N).”, the teenagers’ trainer for today stated out loud, “Anyone who have owed her something hasn’t ended good.”

“I will find a way to trick her.”, the girl gave a smile to the captain and the three of them continued working out. (Y/N) was without a doubt the best of them all, even the captain, but Peter managed to beat her five times which was a great success.

“Don’t hurt them!”, she screamed, “Mummy! Daddy! I am here! We will get out of here!”

“They can’t hear you.”

“What do you want from me?”

“Show me your powers. Revile them!”

“I-I can’t! Don’t you understand, I CAN’T!”, she shouted, tears rolling down her face. She didn’t want to lose them, not now.

“You don’t give us another option. Enjoy the show.”

Screams filled the room but this time an explosion didn’t happen. Instead the girl stayed in the room looking at her dead parents on the floor.

‘It’s your fault! It’s your fault! IT’S YOUR FAULT!’, the voices filled the small place she was locked into. They were shouting and screaming in agony.

“Please stop! Stop! I did what I could to save you!”, but with each word spoken the voices became louder and louder deadening the girl’s obeys,

“IT IS YOUR FAULT WE ARE DEAD!”, her parents’ voices kept screaming and filling the room while the girl crouched in the corner of the room whispering:

“Sorry, sorry, sorry! I did all I could”


(Y/N) woke up from her nightmare breathing heavily. Since day one she kept dreaming the same thing every night. This time it wasn’t different. She continues seeing her parents dying and blaming her for it. At first she started believing them but after Wanda had seen her dream by accident everything changed. (Y/N) did her best to believe Wanda’s words that she wasn’t guilty, that Hydra had manipulated her in order to get what they wanted but something deep inside her was still feeling it was her fault. She had to be better and they could have lived till today.

The witch looked at the clock next to her bed. It was 6:30pm. She had an hour and half until the party. She stood up and went straight to the bathroom. The water was hot, slightly burning her skin but the girl didn’t minded. She liked it, the mist that caused her to breathe hard, the water that relaxed her body. (Y/N) wanted to stay there longer and to wash all the stress away but the time was flying. After brushing her teeth and putting underwear on she went back to her room. As she entered it someone did the same from the other door. With no surprise, it was Peter.

“(Y/N) are you- Oh mu gosh!”, as he entered in a hurry he fastened to spin around.

“Tell me, Parker…are your spider senses telling you when I am half or fully naked so you can enter in that moment?

“This time I knocked!”, the boy tried to protect himself, “You didn’t answer so I decided to check out what is going on.”

“Only to be sure I am okay?”

“I know it sounds stupid but I care about you and-”, and all of a sudden he shut up with eyes wide opened. (Y/N) blushed at his words but tried to cover it so he would not see it.

“I am flattered you wanna make sure I’m alright but I can handle myself, Parker.”, the girl gave Peter a smile.

“Yeah, okay, I will leave now.”

“No, wait!”

“What?”, the boy was surprised (Y/N) didn’t want him to leave after he saw her half naked for one god knew what time in a roll.

“I have problems with what to wear tonight. Would you stay and help me choose?”

This time both blushed and smiled. Peter accepted and closed the door. He sat on the bed looking at the beautiful girl in front of him. He scanned her body with only one look and gulped in nervousness. She was gorgeous and not only because of her appearance. The girl was a complex character. Once she was confident and sarcastic, other times shy and insecure, on training she was like a killing machine when training with Steve. At those times she scared him but he knew that she was just a broken porcelain doll that would never be repaired and look the same as before. But Peter wanted to be the strength holding all the pieces together. The one being her anchor, to help her get through all of this and to show she wasn’t alone. There was a person that cared and he wanted the girl to understand it. Peter wished to show her all the things she missed – the happiness, the games everyone plays as s child, the feelings of having a first love and the butterflies you feel in your stomach when you kiss, the moments when you cry from joy, laughing, bliss. He wanted not only to make her feel the good part of life but to feel all the things with her. The boy wanted to make this girl happy and to be the reason she was smiling. And when she smiled form heart at his jokes or stupidity he smiled too.  

On the other hand, as the boy was looking at (Y/N) with something like love she felt insecure. When he had entered the room she spoke from annoyance but now she finally understood she was just in her underwear in front of a boy she asked to stay and help her. The girl bit her lip and turned around facing the wardrobe. She opened it and hurried to take the first clothes that she saw. It happened to be simply jeans and tank top.

“Well, you look beautiful in them I have seen but they are too ordinary for the event.”

“What about this one?”, (Y/N) showed the boy a black skirt

“It might work but what would you put on top?”

The witch grabbed almost all of the clothes that were in the wardrobe and began dressing. Peter rejected the combinations thinking it wasn’t for the situation or that the clothes weren’t fitting right.

“It’s 7:45 and I still have no idea what to put on me!”, (Y/N) sat next to the boy and was about to cry. He tried to calm her down but no boy knows the feeling of having a full wardrobe and no clothes to wear. It was despairing. As Pete was about to say something someone knocked on the door. (Y/N) stood up and went to open it. There was Wanda holding three bags in her hands.

“This is for you. I am sorry I am bringing them so late but put them on and come downstairs with Peter. Don’t be late!”

(Y/N) was surprised when Wanda mentioned Peter but it was probably one of her powers that showed her the teenagers were both in the room.

The girl opened the bags. In the first one she found just the perfect outfit, in the second she found some jewelry and in the third one there was a suit for Peter.

“This one is for you.”, (Y/N) handed the boy his outfit.

“What? Really? Why would they buy a suit for me?”

“I don’t care. Go to the bathroom and put it on. I want to see in something different than jeans ash shirt or your spider suit.”

“Okay, okay. I am going! No need to rush me.”, the boy smiled as he entered the bathroom where he began changing. (Y/N) hurried to change too although she had nothing to be ashamed of. She spent an hour half naked in front of Peter…why was she now feeling insecure? However the girl put the clothes on and looked at the mirror. She was wearing a black tight skirt that ended some centimeters above her knees. The top was short, simple and shower the upper part of her stomach. The way it outlined her curves made the girl look at herself from another angle. For the first time in her life she felt beautiful just because of some clothes. As she finished putting the necklace on, Peter came in the room in his suit. He was trying to put his tie on but with no result.  

“Will you help me?”, Peter asked innocently.

“Yeah.”, (Y/N) murmured after some seconds as she took some time to observe him, “But I don’t think it is necessary.”, as she came closer she took the tie away and removed the black top of the suit. Now he was standing only in his trousers and white shirt that had the top buttons undone.

“You look hot.” , they both looked at each other with wide eyes. Thanks God, she said only this not how she wanted to kiss him right now and bury her hands in his messy hair.

“Thanks.”, Peter smirked as he took his time to observe the girl in front of him, “But I am afraid you are overshadowing me. You are just stunning in this outfit.”, the girl smiled brightly and looked at Peter who was grinning too, “Shall we?”, her offered his hand.

“Let’s go to the party.”, the witch took his hand and they both went downstairs where they could hear the loud music and people talking.

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anonymous asked:

headcanons for evan x bisexual gf? (all your hcs are so cute omg)

ooohhh! like it! and thank you so much hun!

•You didn’t know how to come out to Connor at first, but you didn’t know he was pansexual. So, it was basically you back and forth deciding if you should come out to each other.

•You finally come out at a dinner date you both had plan. Dude, he was so nonchalant about it. You were built up for nothing, he would love you no matter what.

•"Connor, I don’t know how to say this, and I hope this doesn’t change our relationship, but, but, I’m, I’m bisexual.“ “Oh cool, I’m pansexual.” “Wow, that was so much easier than expected.”

•"Do you think she’s hot?“ "Yeah. Do you think he’s hot?” “Eh.”

•You cross everyone’s comment about bisexuals or pansexuals cheating on each other because they are attracted to a different gender. You and Connor love each other more each day and would never think about cheating on each other.

•You come out to your friends together hand and hand. That wasn’t so hard by how much your friends are accepting and how they’ve been in the same situation too.

•You are a strong supporter for all LGBT+ supporter. You support all sexualities and genders. You and Connor love to go to protest and rallies to try to help.

•You fight like hell for representation in the media. Instead of bisexual’s true sexuality to be covered up or it turned into something heteronormative, you fight for what it truly is.

•The stereotype that bisexuals can’t have a stable and good relationship is fucking false and you’ll fist fight anyone who thinks it not.


anonymous asked:

May I have a headcanon on what kind of reaction Izuku would have if his crush kissed him suddenly but it was so a group of boys could back off ((cause she is prettt so she is very popular and guys always swarm her even tho she doesn't like them)) and she says thank you to Izuku. How would he feel or react? Thank you so much for allowing headcanons :3

Midoriya Izuku: Midoriya would be confused with a lot of conflicting feelings, mostly because he didn’t have a single chance to think before you ended up kissing him. He thinks about how soft your lips were against his, and good you smelled because you’d never been this close to him before. His heart is beating a mile and minute and he scolds himself because the kiss didn’t mean anything, it was only to get surrounding people to leave you be, though the way you say thank you to him… he wonders if he actually has a chance. 

anghraine replied to your post: One thing I just realized about Rogue One is that…

I actually kind of love thinking about how the story would look to outsiders? Like, the idea that their names will be tragically forgotten is absurd, but at the same time, so much /would/ be a mystery. Jyn Erso is this disaffected criminal they sort of abducted and then sent off with a valuable by-the-book officer of 20 years, and she comes back shouting about revolution and suddenly the officer goes rogue with her, and then they succeed but die. How does it get told?

YEAH EXACTLY like….. all anyone can do is speculate, because everyone who knows anything about what happened is, well, dead. the only way to get the whole story would be if all of the ro crew came back as force ghosts, or something.

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Do you think Sabo thinks of Dragon as his father? I doubt Koala does it (as much) seeing as how she has her own family, and I am not at all sure about Hack, but I think Sabo thinks of dragon the same way Ace felt about Whitebeard, and the way Luffy feels about Shanks (as well as Law and Corazon)

Yeah, I bet he does see Dragpn as a father-like figure to him. Although dragon doesn’t seem to be very good at parenting.
Also the way Sabo rants about luffy to him, that’s cute.

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not to be That Person but do you remember that episode where dee gave birth and they wheeled her out on the wheelchair holding the baby and she looks so happy and then the camera cuts to mac way longer than anyone else and he looks like the happiest man on the planet because thats actually rob and kaitlin's real life baby in that episode??? i think about that all the time okay, i love rob and kaitlin so much

i think about this all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!! they invented love and having babies!!!!! i love them too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

Okay so we got the boys as big brothers but I'm curious,,, what about the BMC girls as big sisters???? :0

omg yes yes yes i’ve been thinking about this but i’ve been avoiding doing it since i’ve had requests aka im using this as an excuse to do it

i just put everyone under the cut since i did all of them so

thank u nonny

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