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Love Affair Part 1

Summary: Your married to Danny (Luke Evans) for a few years now. You guys started out strong, but over time the marriage slowing starts to fall a part. One night you decided to take off and enjoy yourself at a local lounge. There, you meet a man name Negan (JDM). He gives you all the attention of been needing and over time, you two begin to become close. How would things play out for the two of you? How would Danny take it once he finds out? 

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Warning: Cussing

Love Affair Part 1

Chapter 1

For the past couple of hours, I’ve sitting in a beautiful elegant restaurant. I’m in my favorite black lace dress and matching wedges. My hair done, nails done, and make up perfect. I should be having the time of my life, but, I wasn’t. 

Because yet again, I find myself completely alone. Danny, my husband, once again forgot another anniversary. Just like he forgot holidays and birthdays, he just forgot them all. I tried calling, but I never got an answer back. I just got the check and headed on home.

When I got there, Danny wasn’t even home. Guess he was working late, again. I headed upstairs and got ready for bed, then went to sleep. I was only sleep for a couple of hours when I heard a noise from the hallway. I got up to check it out, it was Danny, drunk.

“There’s my girl.” Danny said, smiling as he stumbling into the bedroom. “How was your night?” 

“It was fine.” I said, crossing my arms as he kicked his shoes off. “Where have you been?”

“With the boys.” Danny said, falling back on the bed. “We were watching the game and had drinks. My team won by the way.”

“That’s good.” I said, as he turned on the TV. “Glad you had fun.”

“Everything okay babe?” Danny said, putting his hands behind his head and looking over at me. “You look upset.”

“Yeah. I’m fine.” I said, nodding my head. “Actually… I’m not.”

“What’s wrong? Broke a nail or something?” Danny said smirking.

“You forgot again.” I said and he rise an eyebrow. “Our Anniversary. Our five year anniversary.” 

“Fuck.” Danny said, closing his eyes and rubbing his face. “Babe.” He looked over at me as he sat up. “I’m sorry. I had a long day at work and I just wanted to take my mind off of things. I’ll make it up to you, I promise. I’ll take you to dinner tomorrow night if you want. We can go to that sushi place that opened up.”

“It’s alright.” I said, shaking my head. God, I hate sushi, you should know that. “I think I’m going to go back to bed.” I crawl back to bed and laying on my side, looking away from him. “You should to, you got work in the morning.” 

“How about we don’t go to sleep and I…” Danny said, putting his arm around me as he start kissing my neck. “Can start making it up to you right now.”

“Please Danny.” I said, looking up at him as he looked down at me. “I’m not feeling well. I just want to sleep, please.”

He let out a sigh and nodded his head. I wrapped the blankets around me tight, trying not to cry. Danny always made promises that he’ll make it up to me, but he never does. He things sex is a cure all, when what would really cure it, is him just being there for me.

Chapter 2

The next morning, Danny said for me to be ready by seven so he could take me to dinner. I got ready and sat there on the couch, waiting for him. I kept looking at the clock, watching time go by. I let out a sigh, when I saw it was nine a clock.

 I did my usual routine when he didn’t show up. I went upstairs, got ready for bed and went to sleep, alone. And like his usual routine he comes in, making noise and smelling of beer. He would give me another excuse and another promise to make it up to me.

I really thought he was going to make it up to me the following week, my birthday. He had bought us tickets to the phantom of the opera, a play I’ve been dying to see. I got dress and waited for him to get home, so we could head out. 

Yet again, I was sitting there waiting and waiting. I shook my head when I saw he was already over an hour late. I started heading upstairs to get ready for bed. I looked at myself in the mirror, seeing myself all doll up and going no where.

“You know what?” I said, talking to myself in the mirror. “It’s your birthday and you deserve to go out.” 

I headed downstairs and called a taxi. I decided to visit a lounge that had just opened a couple of months ago. It was nice, wasn’t too nosy at all. I took a seat at the bar and order a drink. I just sat there, string it around as I looked at the happy couples.

“I should have just stayed home.” I said, in a low voice.

“Why you fucken say that?” I looked over at a man sitting next to me as he looked over at me. “So, why do you fucken say that doll face?”

“No reason.” I said, looking back at my drink.

“So it fucken has nothing to do with the couples sucking each others faces?” He said. I looked over at him as he chugged his drink and slammed it down. “Cause that’s why I was fucken thinking I should have stayed home.”

“Yeah.” I said and he looked over back at me. “That’s why I said that.” I went back to my drink. “This sucks.”

“Fucken tell me about it.” He said, waving at the bartender to pour him another drink. “I”m Negan by the way.” He offer me his hand. “What’s your name doll?”

“(Y/N)” I said, shaking his hand.

“Well nice to fucken meet you doll.” Negan said, smiling as he kiss my hand. Then he saw my wedding ring. “My fucken bad.” He let go of my ring. “I didn’t know you were taken.”

“It’s okay.” I said, string my drink. 

“So why are you fucken here alone? Where is your husband at?” Negan said, drinking his whiskey.

“I don’t know.” I said, shrugging my shoulders. “He’s probably at the spots bar with his friends. We were suppose to go to the opera today for my birthday but, he never showed up.” I took a drink. “He never shows up.”

“Wait.” Negan said as we both looked at each other. “It’s your fucken birthday and your husband isn’t with you?” I nodded my head. “Take it hes going to say “He forgot”?” Using his fingers to do quotes. “What a douche.”

“Yeah.” I said, taking another drink. “He always forgets. Like our anniversaries, valentine’s day, dinners I had plan. Pretty much everything.”

“You know what? We need to get you a fucken cake.” Negan said, grabbing a menu and flipping to the dessert page “Which one do you want doll? Pick one out and I’ll fucken pay for it. I’ll pay for your drinks too.”

“Oh no Negan.” I said, shaking my head. “I don’t want you to pay for me.”

“Too fucken bad.” Negan said smiling at me. “It’s your birthday after all. Now” He pointed at the cake slices. “Which one do you fucken want?”

“Alright.” I said smiling as I looked at the cakes. “How about this one?” I pointed at a cookies and cream cake. “We can share it.”

“That’ just happen to be my fucken favorite.” Negan said, smiling at me.

We sat there, drinking and eating together. We talked for hours, laughing like we didn’t have a care in the world. Laughing, god I haven’t done that in months. I almost forgot what it was like to laugh, what it was like to be, happy. 

Negan was so carefree and open, you could tell that by his cussing. It was over the top, but I liked it, it was, colorful. He told me about how him and his ex had broken up a couple of months ago, he was taking it a bit hard. He wanted to more and she wanted less, so he choice to walk away from it.

 He said he hadn’t been out the whole time til tonight and he was glad he did. I had to admit, I was glad we both decided to go out tonight. I needed this, I needed someone to talk to. Someone that made me feel like I was someone again and not a nobody.

It was almost midnight when we decided to head out. Negan called a taxi for us and made sure I got home. Lucky me, Danny still wasn’t home, but for once, I didn’t care. 

“So doll, this is were I fucken leave you.” Negan said, walking up to my door.

“Yeah.” I said, smiling. “Thank you Negan. I had fun tonight.”

“No fucken problem birthday girl.” Negan said, stepping closer to me. “Here’s a fucken birthday kiss for you.” He lean down and kiss my cheek. “Happy birthday (y/n).”

“Thank you Negan.” I said, blushing a bit. “So goodnight.”

“Yeah.” Negan said, looking down as he smile. He was blushing a bit too. “Goodnight doll face.” He looked up as he started walking backwards to the taxi. “So I’ll call you tomorrow and we can catch that fucken movie we were talking about. If that’s still alright with you doll?”

“Yeah that’s alright.” I said, smiling as I open my door. “But friends.”

“A course.” Negan said, smiling. “Just fucken friends.” He open the taxi door. “Goodnight doll.”

“Goodnight Negan.” I said, going inside and closing the door. I lean up against the door and let out a happy sigh. “I hope you do call tomorrow.”

And Negan did just that. Anytime we had plans, Negan always showed up. When he was running late, he always gave me the ends up about it. God, he was so much different than Danny was. 

We were hanging out almost every day, if we weren’t hanging out we were on the phone. We were going to the movies, lunches, over to his place to watch TV, and we event went shopping together.  

It was like that for weeks and I couldn’t be happier. Even with Danny forgetting our plans or coming home smelling like booze, it didn’t bug me. Hell, the man didn’t even notice when I came home after he did or didn’t come back home till the next day. 

But like I said, it didn’t bug me, it didn’t bug me one bit. All  because I had Negan, someone that was always there. I was happy and I was grateful for that, grateful for Negan. What else could make me more happier? My question was soon answer, when me and Negan went to a local diner one day. That day, everything change for us. But would it be for the better? 

Love Affair Part 2

Note: This was suppose to be a one shot but it’s going to be too long lol. So most likely a three part one at the most. (Gifs props to maker/some mine)

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Speed Dating by SBK

A/N:  3rd installment for the Richonnefics’ Date Night Series.  A request by @darknessstartstorise.  Hope you like it.

Michonne glances around curiously at the luxurious hotel as Sasha pulls forward and checks in with the valet.  She wonders for the tenth time why she allowed her best friend to convince her to attend this event.  She knew it was a bad idea from the start especially since Sasha was being a bit impulsive after her break up with Abe.  She tries her best not to remember the phone call she got from a clearly upset Sasha informing her that Abe had decided to go back to his ex-girlfriend, Rosita.  I never liked him much anyway.

She is brought back to the present as her car door is opened and a hand is reaching inside to assist her.  She accepts graciously and waits for Sasha to join her before the two walk inside.  “I really don’t think we should’ve signed up for this.”

“Would you relax a little?  Besides we’ve paid the fees, we’re here, and we’re going to make the best of it,” Sasha determines.

Michonne takes a deep breath and follows her friend, admiring the hotel’s décor and greenery.  She glimpses down for a quick look at her lacy blue dress and natural colored pumps, wondering if she should check her make up one last time.  She elbows Sasha at her side.  “Ladies room.”

Her friend gives a curt nod in agreement and they round a corner, following the signs.  Several minutes later, they arrive at their event for the evening, the room already teeming with music and conversation.  They check in, retrieve their name badges, and make their way to the bar.  They’d barely taken their first sip before the entrance doors were closed and a succession of bell rings ensued to get their attention.

The hostess is a red head and looks familiar to Michonne as she visited the web site after Sasha announced she’d signed them up.

“Welcome to tonight’s event.  My name is Ana and I’ll be your host.”  She takes a deep breath and yells excitedly, “Let’s do some speed dating!”  She goes on to recite the rules, instructing the females to remain at their assigned table as the men would be the ones to move from one to the other.  “Please feel free to use the index cards available at your tables.  They are just conversation openers if you need them.”

Michonne looks around the room quickly, trying to size up the men for Sasha.  She already knew she wouldn’t have any luck at a place like this.  The things we do for friends.  She was just about to tap said friend’s shoulder when she glimpses a pair of bright blue eyes looking her way.  She averts her eyes, looking to her opposite side to see if the guy could possibly be checking someone else out.  She giggles to herself and wonders if he’s into guys since there were only a couple of males to her left.

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We don’t believe what’s on TV - Chapter 12

<<…Chapter 9 / Chapter 10 / Chapter 11 / Chapter 13 / Chapter 14 / Chapter 15 / Chapter 16 / Chapter 17 / Chapter 18 /  Chapter 19 /  Chapter 20…>>

Resume: I had an ordinary life, or that’s what I wanted to believe. I lost myself in the TV series that I listened to forget the normal boring life. What I didn’t know, however, was that my life would change completely overnight.

Finding myself in 2013 at Beacon Hills County.

This will be a Stiles x Reader but only further in the story

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In this chapter: The plan. The bank. Saving Scott and Derek, keeping Boyd and Cora inside. But I’m not part of the equation and my simple presence there could change the entire scenario.

Word count: 3299

A/N: So many words omg!! And again, none of the gifs are mine !

Originally posted by raquel-lostgirl

I hardly closed my eyes that night. I couldn’t stop crying, thinking about my mistakes, my defects, how my life had become so hard and complicated. To regret my choices. My family that I was just missing more and more, as well as my friends from my world. It was unreal, I didn’t belong to this world. And all through the night, sobbing and fighting against sleep, I kept telling myself that maybe I should have left when I had the opportunity. That I should only give up.

I had lost the trust of the only person who had given it to me. All this because of the curse and the voice. I was a virus, I was breaking the rules of the supernatural. And I didn’t even know why I was here.

The only time my eyes closed for sleep was to dream of nothing. I was asleep but it was as if I remained awake, my energy wasn’t coming back. In my dream, I was standing in a room without limits, without color, without sensation except the cold that bit my bones. Alone in silence and darkness, standing and waiting.

I was pulled from my sleep by the bell of the front door and by a tired voice that went to open. Melissa had a day off but was working tonight if I remembered well. I heard her open the door and talk to someone, then call me.

“Y / N, Allison and Lydia are there, get ready for school,” she said from below down the stairs. Obviously Scott hadn’t come back, he still didn’t trust me. I groaned in my pillow before getting up, getting ready and going down where Lydia and Allison were waiting for me.

“Looks like a car passed in your face.” Lydia pointed out. Allison gave her a Shut up, it’s not polite! Look, to which she replied with a “What?”

“I’m going to look for something at work to help you sleep tonight,” Melissa mumbled, stroking my arm before going up.

“Thank you …” I whispered, head down before walking out. “Come on,” I snorted.

The ride was quite normal. I sat in the back and Allison was normally talking to Lydia.

When Allison parked her car in the parking lot, Lydia came out and started talking as if I wasn’t there.

“So mystery girl leaves a bruise on our arms that turns out to be the logo for a bank? What’s she trying to do? Give us investment advice? ”

“Not at this bank. It’s been closed for years. “Allison answered without looking at me and I went out of the car to follow them, head down.

"Why aren’t you telling Scott?”

“Because according to someone, I need to find something real.” Allison said as she opened the trunk to take her bag, revealing the metal clamps hidden underneath.

“Which reminds me, I can’t drive you home today. I had an errand to run after school.” She added with a glance at me meaning her sentence concerned me. We went back to school and Lydia walked to her locker, muttering something about a cute guy and I found myself alone with Allison.

“We meet near my car after classes, don’t be late alright? And I want to remind you that’s dangerous… ”

“I know,” I mumbled. “I know. But I want to come. ”

“Do you only know why I want to go?”

I thought for a moment before turning my head and grabbing a sheet with the pictures of Boyd and Erica, both missing. Allison nodded positively without really understanding how I knew, and that’s when the doors opened on Scott and Stiles. The latter only gave me a brief look before turning his attention elsewhere, while Scott, for his part, looked at me with sad eyes. He wanted to trust me, I knew. But he couldn’t, not yet. They both passed by before leaving to class. I sighed as I reminded myself that I had the same schedule as Scott. I put back the sheet of the missing on the wall.

“Something happened with Scott?” Allison asked me. I didn’t answer and started to go to my class.

“See you after class,” was all I told her.

The day was long and I passed it alone. Usually I was eating with Scott and Stiles, being a bit ecstatic about the classes and the characters, but not today. Because tonight I was going to enter the bank with Allison and try one last time to change positively the future. And that stressed me, I didn’t mind listening in class, let alone talking to people. Especially with Scott, who no longer spoke to me, which broke my heart even more. And then I was so tired that I fell asleep even on my desk during Mr. Harris’s class, which was strangely patient with me, contrary to the way he treated the others. He came knocking on my desk to wake me up, making me jump as I glance around and saw everyone staring at me.

“Sleep at night, Miss McCall, please.”

“Sorry …” I mumbled as I straightened up.

After the class, I saw Scott hesitating to come and talk to me. I was about to leave when he finally decided to come to me.

“Hey …” He started and I turned slowly toward him. “Nightmares?”

I shook my shoulders as I fixed the floor.

“Haven’t slept …”  I answered. The discomfort grew between us.

“Y / N, I wanted to apologize for …” Scott started but was interrupted by Stiles calling him near the door. I took the opportunity to check the time and noticed that if I didn’t hurry I would arrive late by Allison’s car.

“I have to go,” I hurriedly say before leaving the classroom. I had to pass by Stiles, who pushed himself to the side without a word to let me pass. My eyes didn’t leave the ground, unable to cross his gaze. The gaze of no one actually. I picked up my breath that I didn’t know I was holding back when I heard Stiles talking to Scott, which froze me on the spot outside the classroom.

“Are you still worried about her?”

“I know she doesn’t want to do anything wrong …”

“But you don’t trust her anymore, right?”

“You could say that… ”

I kept a sob before running awkwardly out of the school, where Allison was waiting for me near her car.

“Is Everything fine?” She asked me, seeing my eyes reddened.

"Yes,” I answered dryly. I didn’t want to talk about it, my heart hurt too much. “Let’s go.”

Allison wanted to wait until the sun went down before going to the bank. So we revised her plan, which basically consisted of strolling through the abandoned bank and finding clues. I felt like laughing, if only she knew.

We went back to her car and she took us to the place. After breaking the chains with the clamps, she entered first, beckoning me to follow her. The interior was very dark and a lot of debris littered the dusty floor. We had to be careful where we put our feet and stay silent so that we don’t get heard. I almost said “by whom?” But I abstained. It was a crucial moment of my plan, if I failed everything else was going to fail as well.

I had no right to make mistakes.

After turning back to watch if no one was following us, Allison turned on a corridor I recognized. I stretched out my hand and pulled her out just in time, as Deucalion’s druid darted towards her to stick her against the wall. Ms. Morrell knocked on the wall instead and looked at me with surprise and incomprehension. How could I know what she was about to do?

Allison was too surprised to see her guidance counselor to notice that I saved her.

“Ms. Morrell?”

“Keep your mouth shut, and listen close. You have no idea what you just stepped into. Right now you’ve got maybe 20 seconds to get your ass hidden.” The druid tells us and I grabbed Allison by the hand to take her into the storage room before anyone continued the useless discussion.

“Okay,” I said, opening the door and putting Allison in it by force, closing the door and locking it. Allison gave me a suspicious look. I was acting strangely again.

But I didn’t have time to worry about losing her trust, I had never really had it anyway. I put my ear against the door and heard footsteps. My heart accelerated in spite of myself and I curse myself. I made a sign of silence to Allison, looking for the bottle of ammonia, which I waited a little before pouring on the ground. The footsteps passed near the door and I heard someone stop. Kali. I closed my eyes strongly by putting my hands on my mouth to block the strong sound of my breathing hoping that she would pass the door without trying to find out.

Eventually, the sound of footsteps resumed and I was able to let go of my breathing silently. Seeing that the liquid from the bottle was going to reach the bottom of the door, I motioned to Allison to remove her jacket, which she did without asking me any questions. Once put on the liquid, I put my head against the door trying to calm my heart rhythm.

“How … do you do,” Allison whispered.


“To stay so calm, know exactly what you have to do,” she added just as low.

I kept a little nervous laugh. In truth, my heart was about to explode. She didn’t know the fear that gripped my throat. I wasn’t part of the equation, I wasn’t supposed to be there, so the plan could mess up and deviate from the original episode at any time. Kali could have easily smashed the door on hearing two hearts beating wildly. Everything could go wrong.

“You don’t know how frightened I am,” I whispered, closing my eyes.

I didn’t saw Allison open her phone light. But I heard her scream, which she stifled and then I remembered.

Erica was with us in the room. I knew that if I looked, I was going to be sick again and scream. I just couldn’t look at her body. So I positioned myself so that my gaze was placed on the door and not on her.

I don’t know how long we were locked in the room. But I knew we couldn’t get out right away. If I remembered well, we had to leave only when the sounds of fighting began. So I listened, paid attention to all the noises, hoping with little luck that Scott listened to me and repelled their rescue another day.

But I doubted it.

And my doubts were confirmed when I heard noises. Sounds of struggle mixed with howling wolf screams.

It was the alarm, so I opened the door and signaled to Allison to follow me.

“Scott …” Allison mumbled, but I didn’t answer and opened the door looking both ways. The path was clear, so I ran down the hallway, following the noises and Allison beside me tensed.

We arrived in front of the open vault and in front of me I saw for the first time a werewolf battle. It was dark and only the moon illuminated the bloody fight that was happening.

Derek was fighting his sister while Scott was fighting Boyd and neither had the advantage. Allison rushed to the circle in order to break it.

“No!” I shouted as I approached Allison to keep her away from the circle, while Derek shouted at her not to break it. Allison pushed me violently.

"Stay out of it! Don’t stop me from saving them! ”

“By releasing them into the wild?!” I shouted at her, my embarrassment and shyness suddenly gone. I couldn’t fail this part of the plan, even if I had to knock Allison down to do it. I walked quickly to the circle, detailing it. Then, my gaze landed on the fight, Boyd who was killing Scott, his claws planted in his stomach. I couldn’t break the circle, but I could undo it long enough for Scott and Derek to get out and then close it to lock up Cora and Boyd? But for that, they had to move away from each other, otherwise everyone would go out at the same time.

My brain was turning at a mile.

"If you do nothing, I’ll do it!” Allison yelled at me as she approached the circle again. My heart accelerated again and I decided to act on a whim. My heart began to pound in my chest painfully. It was a stupid idea and above all, suicidal. I got up by waving her to stay where she was.

“Derek, Scott, as soon as you can, run to the door! Allison …” I turned to her.  "As soon as Derek and Scott have a respite… break the circle but just enough to put it back up after.“

"You’re not seriously going …” She started but didn’t finish seeing me step into the vault.

“Y / N!” Scott cried against the wall, spitting blood.

"Hey Boyd!” I shouted, now in the vault. The effect was instantaneous. The two wolves turned to me and let go of their opponents to scream in my direction as they pulled out the fangs. Fear paralyzed me for a moment. They were about to charge me, they would come and cut me up.

"Go !!” I screamed at Derek and Scott, but I couldn’t see if they followed my plan because I had to deal with two enraged wolves that started running towards me. My legs didn’t want to move, I was paralyzed by fear.

Go, move Y / N, move!

Then I remembered. Something that made me even more afraid than the two beasts that were rushing towards me. Something I feared, which gave me nightmares. It was even more stupid than getting into the circle, but I knew that if I didn’t try I was going to die.

"I come from another w …” I began before being interrupted by the pain, so powerful that my legs began to move on their own. I pressed my hand against my heart, throwing myself behind a row of metal locker and the two wolves missed me.

It was the first time that the pain saved my life, that the voice in me was useful.

However, now I had to survive Boyd and Cora by having this feeling that my heart was being cut in half. I crawled on the floor behind the lockers, searching for my breath, seeing the two wolves recovering from the wall they had eaten in the face and whose golden eyes fell on me with ferocity. I swallowed by not feeling the pain coming down, as if the voice was pissed I used it to my advantage.

And that’s when I told myself for the first time that I was going to die. If it wasn’t for their claws that would shred me, the pain would finish the job.

Boyd was the first to attack. He jumped on me, but I had the reflex to put myself on my back and lift my legs to push him away. However, he grabbed my right leg and planted his claws, which made me howl with pain. He was going to drag me along and both of them would cut me to pieces. And with the pain in my chest, I was never going to manage to get out of it. I wasn’t ready to die, not now. I didn’t want to die!

I closed my eyes tightly while waiting for the end, but instead I heard a voice. Scott.

“Hey!” Boyd dropped his grip on my leg and Cora and him turned to the source of the noise and both received a powerful punch in the face. They fall a few yards behind, very close to me still coughing as I held my throat. I panicked at seeing them so close to me and felt arms help me get up. I looked up at Allison that was helping me getting on my feet and Scott and Derek who were transformed and ready to resume the fight. Allison dragged me out of the vault and my wound left a trail of blood in the way. I kept coughing and took a look at the mountain ash line. It was broken, but only slightly and easily repairable.

Allison dropped me outside as the fight started again. Eventually, the pain in my chest began to go down and I managed to breathe normally again. And I swore that I would never use the pain again to get me out of such a dangerous situation.

My hand landed on my wound which was at the height of my tibia a little under my knee, grimacing in pain.

"Scott… Derek… They… must get out …” I mumbled with difficulty.

But as I spoke these words, Scott and Derek were knocked down and Boyd and Cora took advantage of it to escape from the vault before I could even think of closing the line.

I had to watch them run away helplessly, letting myself fall back onto the cold ground where I held a sob, still holding my wound.

I had failed.

Scott and Derek stood up and walked out of the vault. Immediately, Derek grabbed me by the collar to get up and stick me against the wall, not worrying that I got wounded trying to save them.

“What have you done? They went out! You know what that implies? ”

“Yes,” I answered calmly, suddenly empty inside, staring at his face in blood. “That means I have failed again. That I will never succeed in saving anyone. It means that everything is ruined. ”

“Let her go! Y / N!” Scott added as Derek let me free. I was expecting Scott to stick me up against the wall as well and yell at me how stupid I was, but instead he took me in his arms.

"Never do that again! To put you in danger like that … never again!” He said, pressing me close to him.

"Sorry …” I mumbled as I felt tears coming to my eyes. I snuggled up against Scott. He had an odor of sweat and blood and was breathing heavily against me. I was persuaded that my clothes would be covered with his blood, but I still passed my arms around his chest.

“And you …” Derek muttered at Allison.

“You want to blame me now?  I’m not the one turning teenagers into killers!”

“No. No, that’s just the rest of your family.”

“I made mistakes and Gerard isn’t my fault.”

Oh no. Not that conversation. The conversation I thought I could avoid. No one needed that right now.

“And what about your mother.”

“What do you mean?”

“Tell her, Scott.”

Scott was still holding me up against him and raised his head sadly as he heard his name and understood. Boyd and Cora were in the wild. I had no time to lose with this discussion, but I couldn’t leave Scott’s comforting embrace. His arms around me, he managed to remove a part of all my fears. But I knew I had to take action and get out Plan B very quickly, even if I was slightly hurt. It was nothing compare of what was about to happen. But for now, the fear was making my body shake. So I could just listen, powerless.

“What does he mean, Scott? What does he mean?”

In the next chapter: Plan B. Trying to save the next virgin victim, but for that, I’ll need help. And a driver.

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Beer and Soul-Marks

Dick Grayson X Reader 

Notes: Soul Mark Universe, where the first words spoken to you by your soul-mate appear in a random spot on your body, on your sixteenth birthday.

Words: 1057

          Dick Grayson lifted his nephew into the air, and smiled as the one-and-a-half-year-old laughed. Lowering him back to eye level, Dick placed a kiss on the boy’s cheek. A minute later Jason steals the boy and Dick can’t help the pit that forms in his stomach at the sight of the family of three. He wants that. He wants what his brother and Bruce have. He wants a family of his own. He’s spent years playing the field; Barbara, Kori, Zatanna, and lots of other nameless women that were there only for a night. So he does what he always does when these feelings arise, he buries them and goes out to find some company.

          His brothers tease him as he walks out the door. They call out the names of past girlfriends, and he takes it with a grain of salt and an easy smile. He’s out on the road moments later, the summer air brushing against his skin as he speeds up his bike. Instead of heading into Gotham, he heads into Bludhaven. He pulls into a bar, it’s a random choice, somewhere he’s never been before. He parks, and takes his helmet in with him. He takes a seat at the bar, and orders a drink.

          He’s halfway through a bottle of beer, and in the middle of charming the woman in front of him, when someone bumps into him. His beer spills forward, and the next words that reach his ears make his heart start pounding.

          You’ve just gotten on shift. It’s not your night, but Gary’s wife had gone into labor, and the manager needed someone to cover. And, well, you need the money. Of course, three minutes into your shift, some douche spills his beer all over the counter. You can’t help it; the sarcasm comes out of your mouth before you can stop it. “You need a sippy cup buddy?”

          He kind of just stiffens, and as you grab a rag and start wiping up, you just figure it’s because he embarrassed. That is, until he says, “No, I’m fine. I’d rather just drink in the sight of my soul mate.”

          You stop mid wipe, and look up to meet his eyes. Your first thought is that the man should be on a runway in Paris, not in this rinky dink bar. You second thought is ‘Oh man, he really is just that cheesy,’ and you third thought is to end this now. So, you unscrew the cap of the beer you were about to give him, and pour it all over his head. Then you take your apron off, drop it on the bar, and walk out. The minute you’re out of the door, you run to your car.

          You’re peeling out of the parking lot a minute later, the sight of the drenched man in your rearview mirror. As you drive, you do your best to forget about him. You don’t need a man, even if he is your soulmate. You’ve been there, done that, and you vowed to never do it again.

          You drown out your thoughts with the radio, and when you pull into the parking lot of your apartment, you let out a sigh of relief. Climbing several flights of stairs, you make your way to the door labeled 406. The apartment is nearly silent, with the exception of the TV, the snoring of the man on the couch, and the scratching of a crayon on paper.

          Smiling, you drop your purse and keys, and then toe of your sneakers. Moving quietly across the floor, you slip down next to the little girl focused on her coloring book. “Hey snooks, did you wear uncle Luke out?”

          She grins, and your heart melts. Charlotte Harper is four years old and your pride and joy, even if her father is a no good asshole. Luke says she takes after you more than him though, and you can see where he’s coming from. She looks exactly like you, but her personality is all her own. At four years old she already has an opinion and is smarter than the other kids in her preschool class.

          Her voice is quiet, and clear, and reminds you a bit of a bell. “I was very good mommy. We had tea party, and he made me a grilled cheese, and then I colored while he talked to Ms. Julie. Be nice, she turned him down… again.”

          “Sounds like a wild night, but it’s past your bedtime. So go brush your teeth, and I’ll be in to tuck you in for a minute.”

          “Okay mama.”

          You watch her go with a smile, before turning to your faker of a brother. Usually you’d flick him, but when you have a story like tonight’s, why not use it? “I met my soulmate tonight.”

          Not even a second later he jackknifes on the couch, “You WHAT?!”

          You can’t help but smile, “Keep your voice down, Charlotte is getting ready for bed. Way to play guardian by the way.”

          “Forget that, where’s the guy?”

          You shrug. “No clue. I poured a beer over his head and left.”

          “Y/N, you didn’t.”

          “I did.”

          “I can’t believe you poured a beer over his head and left. He’s your soulmate.”

          You shrug. “I tried the relationship thing once, I got Charlotte. I’m good.”

          Luke smiles at you. It’s the placating smile that says you have no idea what you’ve done “You’re twenty-one, and Axel was never worth your time. The only good thing that came from that dick, was Charlie. That little girl’s existence is the only reason I didn’t kill him.”

          You nod, “Sure, that and the fact that you’re a pacifist.”

          “I’ll admit that that might have played a part.”

          A knock on the door stops the conversation cold. Smiling, you get up to answer it. “To be continued.” You say with a smile, before going to answer the door. The smile freezes on your face as you come face to face with the guy from the bar. His hair is still damp, and you can smell the beer.

          He just smiles, sticks out his hand and says, “Hi, I’m Dick Grayson. Your soulmate.”

          You’re saved, or perhaps doomed, from responding when Charlotte appears behind you, hugs your legs and says, “Mommy, who’s this?”

The Hunt - Part 4

Series Summary: Y/N moved to Mystic Falls, Virginia a year ago in the hopes of starting over. She wanted to be something other than a hunter, she had always hated that life and one day, she left it. Of course, Mystic Falls is overrun with supernatural creatures, but most of them seem to be good so she doesn’t have to kill them. None of her new friends know about her past, but now there’s a supernatural creature on a killing spree in and around Mystic Falls. How long will it be before her past catches up with her?

Part Summary: Klaus reveals the information he has on the killer along with his surprising connection to the killer. The gang head to the Grill for the party, Y/N and Damon continue to grow closer much to the surprise and delight of their friends. Sam, Dean, and Castiel reveal something to Y/N and are formally introduced to her friends. Y/N gets a surprise visitor.

Pairing/s: Damon x Fem!Reader, Fem!Reader x Mystic Falls Gang, Fem!Reader x The Originals, Fem!Reader x Team Free Will, Klaus x Caroline, No Others Yet

Characters: Fem!Reader, Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore, Caroline Forbes, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel, Elijah Mikaelson, Klaus Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson, Freya Mikaelson, Enzo. St John, Tyler Lockwood, Bonnie Bennett, Elena Gilbert, Matt Donavon, Jeremy Gilbert, Liz Forbes, Vincent Griffith, Marcel Gerard, Alaric Saltzman, Hayley Marshall, Hope Mikaelson. Josie Saltzman and Lizzie Saltzman (Mentioned)

Warning/s: Mentions of murder, Little bit of swearing, Alcohol

The Hunt Master List

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Just Tell Me

“Just tell me what you want. That’s all I’m asking for Bria. Tell me exactly what you want, and I’ll do that.” He stood there, hands in his pockets, just staring at her. 

That hard jaw and dark hair piled on top of his head. His narrowed eyes, roving down her body, as she stood there in one of his dress shirts. 

“I’ve asked you time and time again. You hear me, but you aren’t listening.” Bria rubbed her hand across her forehead, thankful she didn’t have makeup on, she would have wiped off an eyebrow. 

Taecyeon smiled at her, the corner of his mouth smile he usually did when he was planning something. Bria took a step back, her hands clasped in front of her. 

“I’m listening now. Come on, humor me.” He was smiling, god she hated when he did this, act so condescending. Mr. “I have everything and want for nothing” he didn’t know what it was like to be hungry. To be cold. To wonder how you were going to pay a bill. 

Holding her head up Bria took a deep breath. “You know what? It’s ok, I’m done.” She turned her back on him, and began to walk into the room where she kept a few of her things. 

She heard him cross the room, and felt the gust of air, when he turned her around. “No, no you don’t get to run away. You don’t get to leave and have me wondering where you are, what you’re doing and with whom.” 

Bria tried to pull her arm out of his grasp, but he held on tighter, pushing her into the wall. Her other hand came up and tried to slap him, but he was faster and caught her hand, both of them now above her head pinned by one of his own. His opposite hand, free now, skated up her neck, his thumb moving across her lips. 

“Let me go Taecyeon. I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to do this.” She tried to raise her knee, but he skillfully found his way between her legs, holding her steady with his hips. 

“I want to, and I always get what I want.” His mouth moved over her lips, not kissing her but down her throat, nipping lightly at her coffee colored skin. 

Drawing in a deep breath, Bria screamed. “Let me go!” 

He released her immediately. Half in shock of how loud she screamed and half stunned she would even raise her voice at him. They stood watching each other now. Taecyeon waiting for her resolve to falter, and Bria looking for an escape. 

“Bria.” He said gently, his deep voice purring at her. His gentle demeanor hid his gruff interior. 

She couldn’t hold back. “Fuck you! Let me in Taec, that’s all I ever wanted. I barely know you, we’ve been together three months, and my life is a whirlwind you never let me breathe!” Tears coming down her face, she covered her face in her hands, still speaking. “You try to shove jewelry, cars, clothes, pets..” Tossing her hands into the air as she motioned at everything else. “Whatever the fuck else you think will satisfy me, but I want you.” 

His face went from one of an amused smile one would give an angry child, to the look of a befuddled and be vexed man. “Do you not want these things? What did you have before me?! Nothing! You were a diamond in the rough, I polished you. I saw what was there before you knew it. You are mine!” Stalking across the room, Bria held out her hands to hold him back. 

Stopping short Taecyeon yelled, swiping a hand at a white vase. She gasped watching it crash to the floor, his red blood on the hardwood. Lifting her tear stained face up, Bria held her jaw up. “I am not your property.” 

“Aren’t you now?” He tapped his own neck, reminding her of what was around her own. “I’ve given you everything, all I ask is that you remain mine. Whatever you wish is yours, if it’s in my power it belongs to you, trust me, love me, and I will worship the ground you walk on. I said that Bria, I SAID THAT!” He yelled. 

As he crossed the room, Bria held her hands up to her face, afraid that he might be like someone from her past. She crumbled to the floor, hands above her head, waiting for the blows to rain down. Her mind flew to his arms, the strength of the muscle beneath his flesh, this would hurt but she had endured worse. 

None came. 

“What are you doing?” He was on his knees next to her, whispering trying to reach out for her like a hurt puppy. “You thought I’d hit you? In anger?”

Her lip wobbled, she knew better. He’d never do that. After everything they’d done. She knew who he was and this wasn’t him. 

“No.” Her voice tiny, as she slowly dropped her arms. 

“So he hit you.” It wasn’t a question, but a statement and the flash of anger she saw in his eyes meant he was already formulating vengeance for her sake. 

“Dont. He’s already in jail.” She couldn’t get her voice above a whisper. Why did she yell? Why was he yelling? Why was everything so hard? She just couldn’t think like this, she couldn’t function in this space. 

“Then he’ll be dead in his cell by morning.” Taecyeon lifted her from the floor. Princess carrying her from the living room, down the hall, and to their bedroom. 

Arms around his neck, head on his chest, she watched the trail of blood follow them. “Your hand.” 

“Forget about it.” Setting her on the bed, he walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. 

So he expected her to still be sitting here when he got out? She sat uncomfortably on the bed, thick thighs rubbing together. She licked her lips and looked out the window at Busan. The lights of the city and the seaport shining brightly, the moon hung large and shining in the dark sky. She heard the water turn on, and Taecyeon curse. She should leave, she should gather her clothes, her purse and just go. It took her all of ten minutes to gather her resolve and when she finally had her purse, and was down the hall he cleared his throat. 

“I’m not done talking to you.” Bria froze, her tiptoeing ceased. “Bria, come to the room.” 

Her back still to him, she shook her head. “I just want to get away for tonight.” Turning around she didn’t meet his eyes. “Just let me leave Taecyeon, let me leave and we can talk in the morning, or tomorrow afternoon.” 

He was securing the bandage on his hand, as he came down the hall. Slowly, the pajama pants hanging low on his waist, his wings clearly visible. She tried not to look, she willed her eyes to pay attention to the very distinct eggplant color of the walls. The way his thin waist rolled into a wide chest. His broad shoulders tense, she could smell the soap he used to wash himself. Damn, she was staring and hadn’t even realized it. 

“If I let you leave you’ll run, and then I’ll have to track you down.” He reached out for her, pulling her closer by the shirt she wore. “Besides, you’re wearing my shirt and panties. No man is going to see you like this but me.” 

“You’re being possessive again.” She felt her body shiver, giving herself away. God, she was so dysfunctional, they were just fighting and here she was trying not to picture her mouth around his cock.

She was in his arms, her purse falling to the floor, his hand on her neck, on the silver, diamond encrusted collar. “I told you, you’re mine. No matter how much you dont like me saying that.” 

“I can’t be owned.” What were her hands doing? Why were they touching him? God, his skin was so soft, so warm. 

His lips kissing along her jaw. “Just as I won you, you’ve owned me the first day I laid eyes on you.” 

“Then let me in. Tell me the truth about you, tell me your secrets, stop hiding from me.” She was pushing him away again.

“Bria.” His arms tightening around her waist. Dark eyes staring at her, she knew what was going to happen, what would happen next and she’d be sated until the next time his night time activities bothered her until she couldn’t sleep. 

“Taec.” She wiggled in his arms, he loved feeling her moving around like that against him. Wiggling in his grasp, the wolf having caught a deer. 

Then his mouth was on hers, his hands peeling the shirt off her body, pressing her body against the wall. He lifted her leg wrapping it around his waist. “Do you feel that?” He asked, voice heavy with lust. 

The thickness in his sleep pants that was currently poking her much higher than where she wanted it? “Yes.” 

His lips on her small breasts, tonguing her nipples. “You do that to me, only you.” 

Reaching down, she felt his warmth in her hand, how heavy he was in her palm. The things running through her imagination she was trying to press into his brain. She said nothing though, rubbing his cock with one hand while the other tangled in his hair. If it was one thing they did well together, it was the sex. He fucked like Eros himself, and she was more than a willing worshiper. She’d was his high priestess, and she communed with her god daily. 

“Tell me what you’re thinking.” Taecyeon asked as he pressed his forehead to her own, staring into her dark brown eyes. 

“You know what I want.” Wiggling her tongue at him, he gladly wrapped his own around hers, tasting her. 

“Use your words, Bria, or I’ll put you over my knee.” He pulled her hands from his cock, and wrapped them around his neck, as he lifted her, walking back to the bedroom. 

Leaning her head back, Bria moaned. His shaft was pressing right against her clitoris, every step bumped him into her, and he was walking hard on purpose. “I want you inside of me. I want to feel myself stretch when you get inside. I want your tongue in my mouth, I want you to fuck me like your mad at me. Flip me and hold my waist, smack my ass, put your tongue in my pussy. Just give it to me now before I come from the friction.” 

Dumping her on the bed, Taecyeon waved his fingers, she knew what that meant. Her legs falling open easily. “Look at you.” He growled. “Glistening for me.” 

Her hand reached down, and he grunted stopping her. She was practically humping the air, watching him peel the pants down, letting them drop down his legs. His shaft sprung free, hard and stiff as a flag pole. He wasted no time, climbing over her body, arms going under hers, his face buried in her neck, he slid home and listened to her groan. 

“What did you say about not being mine?” Pulling out so his tip was slapping against her clit, she choked from the pleasure. 

“Not now, please.” Legs wrapping around his waist, she tried to pull him in. 

Smiling, Taecyeon slammed back inside her. “Only cause you said please.” 

Once Bria had what she wanted, she closed her eyes and let the sensation take over her body. 

As they lay in the aftermath of their lovemaking, he was finishing a phone call, she didn’t speak Korean well, catching every other word. Simple things. Her fingers tracing muscle patterns on his chest, as he hung up, he wrapped his arm around her. 

“What was that about?” Bria asked, her head on his chest. 

“Taking care of something.” He kissed her head. “Go to sleep.” 

“Taec.” Sitting up, Bria placed her hand over his heart. “Please, just tell me.” 

Sighing, he looked out the window. “You already know, just forget it.” 

“You were serious?” She felt her heart skip a beat. A man was going to die…over her. She was no one, and who was he to command someone’s death so easily? She felt faint, she felt sick. This came so easily to him, how many people how died at his hands? What would he do to her if she truly didn’t want to be here? 

“I’m a mercenary. I deal in death. I run a business on demise and deals involving some things that you don’t need to know about. I run in an underworld circle, that consists of demons that I don’t ever want you to see. Have I killed? Yes. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Are you in danger? Never.” 

She said nothing. Trying to get a grasp on what was going on, get a grasp on the fact that she was in bed with a man who was probably wanted. Hell, he was probably on the FBI most wanted list. That wasn’t her Taecyeon though, he was sweet, gentle, kind. He cuddled kittens, hell he fixed breakfast and danced to George Michael with her. Laying her head on his chest, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. 

“Bria.” He was cautious in calling her name. 

“I’m here. I haven’t left.” 

“And that means?” His fingers tapped against her spine, as if nervous. 

Taking in a deep breath, Bria resolved to lay here, because she asked for this. She wanted the truth. “It means I’m here, I haven’t left, I asked for this, so I’ll deal.”

Then his arms wrapped around her, snuggling her, she felt him grow hard again. Trying to still her heart she breathed deep, and remembered what he said wasn’t him. She asked for truth and now she’d deal, because she knew her Taecyeon. 

Her Daddy's Business

//In which Y/N finds out about her Daddy’s Business//

Y/N wrapped a curl around her finger before letting it go. She watched her reflection before demeaning herself ready for a night out. She had lathered herself in coconut oil and sprayed her signature Chanel No. 5 perfume. She gently swiped the corners of her mouth before smiling at her reflection. “You look exquisite” she didn’t bother turning around as she knew who the voice belonged to. She smiled at slowly aging man in front of her. His British accent ringing through her ears.

“What’s wrong, last time you came in my room.” She paused, Y/N sucked in a deep breath before turning around and watching her father “You were telling that you and mommy were getting a divorce”

“She was a spiteful woman, your mother but no I’m here to protect you and make sure nothing happens to you while your out partying tonight and every night” her father stated, he snapped his fingers quickly. Her eyes moved to the door revealing a built man, his hair pulled back into a slick ponytail. His face carried light hair on his chin but they were dark enough to cast a shadow on his face. He sported a black suit, his entire attire made of expensive material that only men that worked for her father would wear. “This is James Barnes, James will be your guard, nothing more nothing less” Y/N eyes scanned over the man, he was sexy there was denying the fact that he demanded the presence when he walked in.

“Why do I need a bodyguard? I’m perfectly-” Her father held up his hand interrupting her rant that spilled out of her mouth. She let out a groaned.

“You better lower voice when you’re talking to me, Y/N” she rolled her eyes softly before crossing her hands under her breast. They captured his attention briefly, his eyes scanning over her exposed skin, her legs were glistening in the bulbed light, her curls defying gravity while her lips plum and tainted with color. She was perfection, he looked away staring behind her but still keeping the temptress in his peripheral. “Mr. Barnes will accompany you out tonight making sure that you will stay safe and no man lays a finger on my babygirl” his eyes dangerously dark as he watched the boy in front of him. James nodded at his commanded, Y/N’s dad slammed her hand down on his shoulder before exiting the room.

Y/N watched him, keeping her eyes trained on the man in front of her. “Come on” she whispers, James mindlessly followed the girl out of the house. Nothing was said between the two, but Y/N mind was running rampant at the thoughts of the things James can do with his skilled hands. “So why does my father have you “protecting” me James?“ She spoke, she huffed quickly in the passenger seat. She loved driving, the feeling of the wind rushing through her curls, freedom from the chokehold her father kept her in.

“It is not my place to tell” he monotonously spoke, she scoffed lightly.

“Of course it isn’t” Y/N let out, James eyes flickered to the annoyed girl beside him, his eyes running over body once more. Taking in all her beauty. They way her breast moved slightly with each breath she took. The way they gently bounced when he drove, they way her dress slightly rode up revealing her thighs, he loved them. How soft they look, how thick they were. He wanted his head in between those thighs. After James explicit daydreams about Y/N, they’ve arrived at a house party, they music pressing against their ears from the car. The loud cheers and chants were louder when the door was cracked opened.

“Alright listen-” James looked over to the passenger seat noticing that she was gone, his quickly scrambled out of the car. His eyes searching for her through the crowded house, he scrunched his nose tightly as the semi-adults fanned their alcoholic breath in his face. He stopped suddenly at the sight of Y/N, she was laughing and hugging the women that surrounded her. Her lips connecting to the red cup that was pushed in her face. James decided to lay low, scope out the environment that Y/N was in. His eyes watching each and every person that came in contact with her.

He eyes flickered to the door where the semi-adults would gather for a moment before dispersing into the crowd. He attention moved back to Y/N but she wasn’t standing in the spot that occupied her for half the night, he slowly walked away from his spot, his eyes running over the crowd feverishly. He caught sight of the drunk girl, her arms wrapped around some guy’s neck while dancing to the to rhythm of the music. James pushed through the crowd, his hand pushing into the faces of girls and boys alike. He grabbed the man by his neck pulling abruptly away from Y/N. “Dance somewhere else”

“Y/N who is this bitch?” The man yelled, his hand pushing against his chest but his drunken efforts failed. “If you don’t let me the fuck go-” his sentence was interrupted by a gun slapping to the side of his head, he flinched at the slight click that administrated into the air.

“Go on” James whispered, the man stopped the only sound that escaped his mouth was whimpers. James pushed him away, he fell to the ground, he scurried away from James and Y/N. He turned to her, her arms crossed against her chest “Dance alone”

“Where is the fun in that James?” She whispered “Who likes dancing alone when they can dance with everyone? Dance with me?” Her hands running down his jacket collar, her eyes running down his body before returning back to his sculpted face

“No” he answered sternly, he snatched her wandering hand away from person. “Dance alone”

Y/N slowly removed her hand away from his grip before returning to his jacket, she snatched him closer to her body. Her lips moving to his ear lobe, her lips gently kissing it. “You’re suppose to protect me” her hands slowly crawled up his neck entangling her hands in his hair. “Have a little fun James” Y/N pulled back her nose brushing against his nose while her lips left a ghostly touch against his.

His eyes flickered to her lips, they were agape. He studied how she shallow her breathing was and how she was slowly back away when he would inch closer to her. His hand slowly moved to her waist dragging her closer to his body, he hissed slightly at the bucking of Y/N hips, how steadily they rolled into his hips. “Kiss me” he hoarsely whispered, he grabbed the back of her neck. Her lips molding into his, she moaned softly when James slightly tugged on her bottom lip.

The men outside pointed his finger to the crowded his house, his hands rested on the gun that was propped up by the stand. “I want the girl alive!” He hissed at the man behind him. They gave a understanding nod before marching into the house, the loud screams of the drunken party goers filled the air as gunshots rang through their ears. James swiftly pulled Y/N closer to his chest as he pulled out the gun that was settled in between his belt. Y/N screamed loudly at the bullet that entered into the boy beside her, she squeezed her eyes shut before cowering beside James. He fired two round before dragging the petrified girl behind him.

“Go to the car!” He yelled, she nodded quickly, she kicked off her heels before darting to the car, he held up his gun before firing another round at the man whom charged at him. He fell to the ground in pain, his cries leaving his mouth. James took the opportunity to run, his eyes flickering over his shoulder while he moved to the car.

He grabbed her face once he got into the car, his eyes scanning the girl in front of him. The blood smeared on her face frighten him, it was too much to tell if it was hers or someone else’s. "Are you okay?” He whispered, she nodded quickly her eyes squeezing shut as she let some words fall out of her mouth.

She screamed loudly once the bullets begun to hit the car. Her body cowering down as the bullets punched against the window, quickly James spun out of the parking, the tires screeching against the pavement as he did so. His eyes darting over to Y/N while he speed down the highway. His eyes darting at rear view mirror to make sure that none of the men were following her. “What was that?” She whispers out

“Your Daddy’s Business” he finally lets out

Pretty Woman - UNO (Bucky Barnes x OFC AU)

SUMMARY: A very successful, wealthy lawyer, James ‘Bucky’ Barnes, hires a beautiful and unlikely prostitute, Gabriella Alvarez, from Sunset Blvd to bring along to various business events for the week. An attraction develops between the two and Bucky finds it harder and harder to let the infectious, kind-hearted Gabriella go.

WARNINGS: mention of murder, drugs, alcohol. prostitution. language.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: hello, all. i am here with another AU series based off a movie that left quite an impact on me when i watched it for the first time a couple of months ago. it is not entirely based on the movie word for word. obviously i will have my own ideas in here. that would be plagiarism if did copied the movie lol. 

i will also have a face for my OFC soon. i’m debating on two at the moment. 

this will not be a long series. max. 15 chapters, minimum 10. i’m really excited for you all to read it and let me know what you think!


“What do you mean you want to leave? The party’s just getting started!” 

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Stolen Affections- Lamliza

Okay, so here’s the polyamorous Lamliza that was sorta requested, but I already had half done. I think it’s fucking cute so heart it, reblog, follow me, all that fun shit.

Okay, so without further ado, my babies Alexander, Eliza and John. 


Alexander POV

I’m so confused. I’ve never felt this way before. It’s disgusting. Unnatural. And yet, it feels so right. John has stolen my heart, and against my wishes. I’m due to wed Eliza come December, yet I feel strongly for someone else. Is it not unfair to us all? I find it unjust that I be forced to choose between my dearest Eliza, or my darling John. Both treat me well and I love them both, yet I feel as though I should not.

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Who says you can’t go home? (Chapter 2)

Thank you to everyone who left me comments on chapter 1, it means the world to me that you guys liked my version of Bucky.
This is new scary territory and I feel like a starting fanfic writer again tackling a character I’ve never written before. So your encouraging words really make my day ;)

Story: Jess meets the mysterious Bucky at the homeless shelter where she volunteers and he saves her from an attacker, but is she really safe with Bucky?

Word Count: 2302

There’s no smut yet, I’m getting there but this chapter is pretty much Angst central. Mentions of Ptsd and panic attack.


Chapter 1


Who says you can’t go home? (chapter 2)

Jess woke up to the smell of coffee and someone shuffling around in her kitchen. The first hint of panic quickly sank when she remembered the previous night.


She found him in her kitchen pouring two cups of coffee and putting toast on a plate while eggs were cooking on the stove. His gloves were still on the kitchen counter where she left them last night. 
Her eyes rested a little longer on his metal hand and how he gently poured the coffee with it. 

He almost looked relaxed, like this was a regular morning routine and they were not just two strangers who spent the night together.

‘You’re making me breakfast?’ she smiled in surprise.

‘I didn’t want to wake you, good morning,’ he greeted her with a soft warm smile, the biggest one she had seen on him so far.

‘You woke me a couple of times last night,’ she grabbed a cup and took a sip from the coffee while she looked at him,’ you’re quite the restless sleeper, I think I’ve heard you talk more in your sleep last night than in the entire time we’ve known each other.’

‘I’m sorry,’ he spoke softly with an apologetic little smile on his face.

‘It’s alright. I didn’t know you had Russian roots?’

Bucky froze at her words and as their eyes met the smile faded from his face,’ I spoke in Russian?’

‘It’s been a while since I’ve heard the language but I still recognize it very well, yes.’

The look in his eyes was one of sheer panic and he stepped back from the stove.

’Bucky, is everything alright?’

‘No, I have to go, I’m sorry.’

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Coolest godmother Beca is babysitting Staubrey child when she gets her first period. Will Beca stay cool or get all weird and awkward?

“Dude, I’ve got this, calm your tits, Bree.” Beca says with a roll of her eyes, cutting Aubrey off from explaining Alex’s routine for the seventh time since Beca had arrived. “I got it. Not too much sugar, bedtime is at 9. Emergency numbers are on the fridge and I mean, It’s not like I haven’t watched the squirt before.” She adds, voice much softer as Aubrey levels a glare at her. 

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Changing of the Seasons - A RobStar FanFiction

Hey everybody! I’m going to try hand at some fan fiction for all of you. I haven’t written in a long time, so I’m feeling a bit rusty. Let’s see what happens!!!

*DISCLAIMER* I DO NOT own the Teen Titans franchise (yes, this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone) Everything I write is purely from my imagination using the characters from the show, these stories may co-exist with current storylines created by the franchise but the overall fan fiction is completely canon by yours truly.

Without further ado, please enjoy this. If you like my writing please feel free to let me know if you want me to continue writing for all of you!


It was the middle of September in Jump City, and for the most part came along some of the most beautiful weather the Titans had ever seen. All of the leaves were slowly turning from green into shades of oranges, reds and yellows. For most of the Titans, this was just a normal part of the season, and usually paid little attention to the subtle changes in the city.

Except for one Titan. Starfire.

Starfire was originally from a planet called Tamaran before she came to join the Teen Titans. Previous to a great war, her planet was lush and beautiful. Growing up, she loved to watch the seasons change around her. She would often recall to the other Titans about how she would watch the tress transform into an ocean of color once every few Earth months. 

“Oh, friends! The changing of the seasons on my home planet were simply wonderful! One night all the tress would be a marvelous green, but when I would wake up the next morning they would become many shades of yellow and orange and red! I wish you could have seen it. Tamaran used to be a such a glorious place,”.

The alien princess was known for her bubbly personality and child-like innocence towards many different things. Although she was one of the strongest warriors the Titans had ever met, Starfire couldn’t help but see Earth as a world full of discovery and fantasy. Before joining the Titans, she had spent many years as a refuge princess from her home planet after being sold away as a slave, being transported from planet to planet until one day she managed to escape to Earth. When she met the Titans, she had also found her Earth family. Although many of the Titans don’t know about her difficult past, she would never forget to remind the other Titans about how grateful she was for their friendship. One Titans in particular, she was most grateful for meeting. Robin.

Robin was the leader of the Teen Titans, as well as the first human to show kindness towards Starfire when she first arrived on Earth. Since that very first day, the two had begun to develop feelings toward each other. Although they were too shy to open up about how they felt, the other three Titans could tell the instant Robin and Starfire first met. It wouldn’t be until their mission in Tokyo, where they would both confess their love. From that day on the two Titans began dating. Although Robin was not the smoothest guy when it came to romance, he tried his best to put some time away for the couple to get lunch or go on a walk together. Starfire would often tell Robin stories of her childhood that nobody had ever heard before. She finally felt comfortable enough to open up to somebody special to talk about her memories from not only Tamaran, but as her life as a slave.

That night the Titans gathered for dinner, but Robin was the only one missing from the group. Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg searched for their leader hoping that he wasn’t in any danger. After a few minutes, Raven looked on the couch to find a letter addressed to Starfire.

“I think this is for you,” Raven said in a monotone voice while levitating the letter towards her alien friend.

Flipping the letter over, Starfire discovered more writing:

I’m on the roof of the Tower, come up during dinner.

“Dude, that don’t sound very romantic!” Best Boy exclaimed.

“What? No hearts, no mushy cute things? Yo, what a straight-to-the-point kind of guy,” Cyborg added.

“You’re forgetting who wrote this. He’s not exactly Prince Charming when it comes to being romantic,” Raven responded, “Although Starfire probably thinks otherwise”.

“Oh, my friends. I think this letter is wonderful. I am going to meet him right now. I shall see you all later!” Starfire giggled as she flew towards the top of the Tower.

As she stepped onto the roof, Starfire looked out onto the horizon across the bay leading towards the city. The sun was staring to disappear and the sky was washed in the colors of the sunset. She was transfixed by the majesty of it all, soaking in every last drop of color she could see.

“You going to keep standing there all by yourself?” A voiced appeared from nearby.

Breaking out of her trance, Starfire saw Robin sitting on the ledge smiling at her.

“No, I was just…looking at the colors. The sky is very beautiful as the sun goes down,”

“Why don’t you join me? We could watch it together,” 

Starfire eagerly sat beside her boyfriend as they watched the sun set into the horizon. They were sitting close together, and Starfire didn’t want anything to change. She was was in love, and she was happy. After a few moments of silence, Robin put his hand on hers and said, “I know that you’ve been talking about how much you love watching the leaves change from summer to fall, so I thought we could watch from up here tonight. Just us,”

“Robin, thank you. That sounds wonderful, I am glad that we could do this together…Oh look!” Starfire exclaimed. Just as she spoke, the city lights came alive like clockwork. The entire city was lit up with beautiful colors against the dark sky, illuminating the landscape for miles. As far as the eye could see, all of the tress were beautiful shades of red, yellow, and orange. Starfire snuggled closer towards Robin as she rested her cheek onto his shoulder. They sighed together, perfectly content with each other’s company. Robin placed an arm around his girlfriend, and brought her even closer to his chest so that she could hear his heartbeat loud and clear. They sat like that for what seemed an eternity. Neither wanted to move, and they were both happy just to be with the other.

“Hey, Star” Robin said gently, not wanting to disrupt the calming atmosphere.

“Yes, Robin?”

“You know how you told me those stories from when you were younger. The ones about Tamaran and the ones where…” he trailed off, not wanting to bring up painful memories.

“Yes, I remember. Why do you ask?”

“Well, umm…you know I’m not the best with words, but, I just wanted to let you know what…” he trailed off again, struggling to find the right words to express his feelings.

“Robin, what is it? Is everything alright?” Starfire asked, turning to look into Robin’s eyes.

“Starfire. I want you to know that I’ll always protect you. I’ll never let anyone hurt you ever again. I love you too much to see you in pain. You’re not just my best friend. You’re more than that, and I promise that I’ll always be by your side. No matter what, Star. I’ll always be there for you,”

Silence. Before Robin could say another word, Starfire leaned in and kissed him. Their lips locked in a passionate embrace, and they stayed like that for what felt like forever. Heat raced through their bodies and the two lovers stayed stuck together. Slowly pulling their lips away, their eyes remained connected. Starfire gently put a hand onto Robin cheek, “Robin, and I will always love you,”

Robin blushed, “I’m glad that you feel the same way. I don’t think I can imagine a world without you in it, Star. I promise that I’ll always be there for you,”

Without saying another word, Starfire and Robin looked back out toward the city of lights as they remained together in a loving embrace. The night felt never-ending, and for the two of them, they hoped it would stay like that forever.


So cute! I hope you all enjoyed my little story. 

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Love you guys!!!

He Cheats |part 1|


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You had always trusted Stiles. You felt like he’d be the most faithful of them all but man were you wrong. 

You knocked on the door to stiles house and Sheriff Stilinski opened the door. When he saw you, he had a look in his eyes that told you that he felt so guilty. “Um hi Sheriff, I’m here to see Stiles” you said. He slowly nodded, saying he knew before he sighed and opened the door wider. “I’m sorry Stiles” he muttered before he let you in and walked out to work. You were overly confused but continued your way up the stairs to Stiles room. The door was slightly open, in which you peeked through to see if he was there. 

When you looked through the gap, you saw Stiles on top of Malia kissing down her neck and your throat went dry. Malia must have sensed you because her head snapped in your direction and both of their eyes went wide. “y/n” Stiles started but you just walked in and took off his jacket that you were wearing and threw it on the ground. You got the key to his house from your pocket and threw it at them. “I fucking trusted you guys” You cried before you stormed out with both of them following you, asking for you to hear them out. “Fuck you Stiles. You’re nothing but a cheating bastard!” you shouted and ran off to your house. 



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You knew better than to trust a backstabbing liar but you fell head over heels for the alpha anyways. It was no surprise when you walked into the loft and saw another girl on Peters lap, moaning. Peter quickly pushed the girl off and pulled his pants up. “Y/n” he called out but you ignored him. 

You grabbed the lap resting on the corner table and threw it at Peters feet. “I know you’re mad babygirl..” he said. Your eyes narrowed at him. “Don’t ever call me baby girl again you asshole!” You shouted. The girl scrabbled to get dressed and was just about to run out when you pushed her back. “Where are you going ‘Darling’?” You asked her. “Im sorry” she cried out but you had walked away and went to Peter. “You’re low. I should’ve known better than to trust a psychopath” you spat at him before slapping him and walking out, throwing his cups, plates and lamps to the floor. “Y/N let me explain. I swear- its not what you think!” he yelled after you.



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Tears streamed down your face as you watched in horror. Derek was holding your English teacher, Ms.Blake in his arms, showering her with kisses as he thrusted into her. 

“I can feel you healing” she moaned and your stomach lurched. You felt like vomiting. Quietly you walked out of the loft and stayed over at Allison’s house. You poured out your tears to Allison and she helped you out. 

The next day you wore a dress hugged your waist and barely held in your bust. You wore heels to make your legs look longer and sexier. You had gotten out of 3rd period and it was your free period. You walked out to the front where many boys flocked over you like if you were the queen. Derek's black camaro had showed up and he got off. He looked like he was ready to kill any guy who was in a 10 foot radius of you. “y/n…” he called you over to him. “Oh! Hi! Ms. Blake is in class, she doesn’t have teaching this period though” You said to him. He looked confused then asked you “what are you talking about?”. You frowned “Oh, last night Jennifer forgot to heal your brain, maybe she’ll help you with that tonight” You spat and his eyes went wide for a mere second before they were back to normal. “I can explain y/n” he tried but you cut him off. “Its over Hale. Don’t ever come looking for me or I will personally kill you” You threatened as your eyes flashed an amber color. 


A/N: I take requests. Inbox me! 

Young Love

Pair: Peter Parker x Reader

Prompt: Peter is getting ready for his first date with you and starts to get nervous and freaks out when you arrive early.  

A/N: I saw this post and I thought it was so cute and hopefully I did this idea justice.  I changed the ending slightly but oh whale.  Enjoy!

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Every Time I Show Up

Originally posted by kmthyngs

Sana x Reader



Word count: 548 words

Written by Cici

You and Sana are walking through the outdoor mall on a cool fall day, holding hands and window-shopping. Well, at least you’re trying to window-shop. But Sana has the uncanny ability to talk up a product - whether it be perfume or a new CD - just enough to make you want it. Your other arm is loaded with colorful bags, while Sana only carries her purse. “Minatozaki Sana, you’re trying to make me broke, aren’t you?” you ask.

She grins, a mischievous glint in her brown eyes. “Of course not. That’s why I’m paying for dinner tonight.” She swings your entwined fingers back and forth between you two, and you roll your eyes. She’s such a dork and you can’t get enough of it.

Then you hear the mall’s stereo play a very familiar song - one that sends your heart racing. You stop walking, and Sana nearly falls at the sudden motion. “What is it, (Y/N)?” she asks.

“This song,” you say. It’s the song that sparked your interest in Sana, the one that made you see her in an entirely different light.

It’s a hot afternoon in July and you’re going for a jog like a crazy person. What was I thinking? you ponder as you run down the sidewalk. You’d rather be chilling at home with a pint of ice cream than exercising. But you press on, sweat rolling down your spine, and try to remember the real reason you’re running like this. To see Minatozaki Sana, a new friend of yours who asked you to hang out today. You figured that showing up a few hours early would mean more time to spend together. Plus, you were just too excited to wait until four.

You see her house at the end of the cul-de-sac and slow down to a walk. Her door is open, and she’s dancing. Her movements are so fast and playful that you have to suppress your laughter. Music blasts from the house, and you instantly recognize the song - “Whistle” by Blackpink.

You walk up to the porch and knock on the open door. Sana turns around, her face flushed, and knocks a plate of cookies off the counter as she turns. “Oh no!” she says.

“Here, let me help,” you say, and the two of you kneel down to pick up the cookies that fell off the plate. “I’m so sorry for barging in like that. I was in the neighborhood and I just figured I’d stop by.”

“It’s OK. I was making these cookies for us and then this song came on… and I got a little carried away.” Sana blushed again.

“Relax,” you say. “It was cute.” The two of you grinned at each other then.

Now Sana breaks into a open-mouthed smile. “This was the song that made me drop the cookies!”

“Well, technically I made you drop the cookies,” you say.

“You still owe me for that. I was so embarrassed! I had such a huge crush on you and I was acting like a spaz.”

“I said it back then and I’ll say it again - you looked so adorable.”

Sana wraps her arms around you, and you hold her back with your free arm. “I’m glad at least one person finds my awkwardness adorable.”

“I always will.”

Just what I need, part 6

Harry Styles - 2772 words

You can read part 5 here.


“I shouldn’t have drunk that much.” I giggle to myself as I try to unstrap my heel from my ankle, wobbling slightly as if there was a harsh wind trying to knock me over. The opposite was true though. I was standing in the deserted hallway of Harry’s and I’s shared flat, in the dark, with one hand resting on the wall as I giggled my way through undressing myself.

“Y/N?” The light flicks on and I almost hiss at the brightness of it all, losing my balance and crashing loudly against the door behind me. “Fuck, Harry. Don’t do that.”
“Where were you? I was worried sick about you.” Harry takes my wrists and pulls me upright, holding onto me while I sway, arms stretched by my sides to regain my footing once more. He gently leads me towards the sofa and sets me down, dropping to his knees to undo the straps I failed to get loose while leaning against the wall. “Girls night. Many fun.” I giggle again and I take in his appearance. He’s only wearing a pair of dark blue sweat pants, his upper body unclothed and his abs and toned chest visible to my wandering gaze. And don’t get me started about those tattoos. I have just realized how much I want the tip of my tongue to trace those two swallows, and it’s going to haunt my dreams tonight.

“How was your date?” Harry sighs as he gently lifts the heel off of my foot before tending to the other, his gaze flickering towards my face only briefly before resuming his task.
“Absolutely horrible. She is the walking example of Barbie.” A loud giggle leaves my lips and I don’t try to cover it in any way, patting Harry’s head briefly before letting my back hit the back of the sofa. “I could’ve told you that, I absolutely loathe that whore. Opens her legs for anyone.”

“Then why did you let me go on a date with that woman?” Harry gasps as he discards the second shoe and his hands rest on my bare knees. “I wanted to be a good wing woman. I didn’t know I wouldn’t like it.” I breathe, closing my eyes and resting my head back, Harry’s heat scorching the skin beneath his palms.

“Why didn’t you like it, then?” Harry’s voice is soothing now, gently rubbing his palms up my knees and my thighs, but never going disrespectfully high. How I hate him and his manners.
“It should have been me.” I breathe and yawn at the same time, pushing myself up on my feet again and almost knocking Harry onto the floor. I am swaying from side to side on my legs and I try to wobble my way to my bedroom before I almost land face first on the carpet, only to be stopped by Harry’s strong hands.

“How much did you have to drink?” I hiccup as I lace my arm through his to let him guide me towards my bed room. “I think a bottle each?” I chuckle again as I try to open my door, only failing to grasp the handle so Harry has to do it for me. I can see him shake his head in the corner of his eye and I would scold him for being so fatherly but I am so tired and the bed is so close.

I don’t wait for Harry to turn around and walk out of the room as I hoist the dress I was wearing over my head, leaving me in only my underwear in front of Harry. “Uh Y/N – I – “
“Thank you for your help Harry. Sweet as ever.” I crawl underneath my blanket and as Harry turns around to walk out of my room, I stop him with the whisper of his name.
“Please stay with me?” His loaded answer is something that, even in my intoxicated state, chills me to the bone. “Always.”


“We’re throwing a party tonight Y/N. Your presence is mandatory.” Niall laughs into the receiver and I already groan in protest.

“I’m fucking tired Niall, I wanted a nice night in.” I’m pacing through my bedroom, just about to hop in the shower to throw myself in front of the television in one of my ratted old pajamas.

“Harry is coming too.” Niall tries to persuade me and I scoff loudly, stopping in my tracks to eye my closed off bed room door. “Harry? No chance in hell.” Booming laughter fills my ear again and I frown at one of my best friends, wanting nothing more but to slap him in the face right now.

“Well then go ask him sweetheart. He said yes an hour ago.” I roll my eyes as I already push through my door, slowly threading down the hallway towards Harry’s bedroom. “You called him before me?” I gasp jokingly, pushing my fingers through my unruly mess of a hair, stopping in front of Harry’s closed door.

“You were working Y/N. Chill.” Niall gasps into the receiver again and I groan loudly, bidding my goodbyes to Niall with the promise I would text him of my choices made.

“Harry -” instead of knocking, I simply let myself in and regret it almost immediately.

“Oh my god - sorry!” I gasp as I stop in my tracks, watching my roommate with just a towel draped along his waist. Laughter bubbles from Harry’s stomach as he merely stands there, boxers in hand, still dripping from his apparent shower. Now that I come to think of it, that moth, or whatever it is supposed to be, doesn’t like that awful either. I realize I have been staring for quite some time and my eyes dart up towards Harry’s face, a small smile splattered across it. “What?”
“I said it doesn’t matter Y/N. Something wrong?”

It takes me a while to gather my thoughts again and form a coherent sentence. A few water droplets dropped from Harry’s damp hair onto his shoulder, slowly dripping down his pecks before lightly trailing over his abs and disappearing through his v-line behind the loosely draped towel.

“Niall said you were going to his party later.” I state, frowning as I recall the words the blonde has ushered mere minutes ago. “Well yeah, aren’t you?” Harry’s asks as he turns his back to me and drops his towel to pull his boxers slowly, teasingly over his hips.

I feel the familiar ache between my legs settle as I watch the curve of his back turn into the curve of his ass. “Uh - well I thought we were staying in.” I shrug my shoulders as I avert my gaze as fast as Harry turns around again, eyeing his dresser instead of his nice, rounded ass.

“Oh I’m sorry Y/N I thought you’d want to go. Want me to cancel?” Harry steps closer while he throws a white shirt over his head, giving me full view of the bulge that’s present in the front of his boxer shorts. And he isn’t even hard yet.

“Niall would actually murder me if I did that. I guess I’ll tag along then.” I sigh, ruffling up my hair, trying to get the knots out with just my fingers. “I still have to shower though. Will you wait for me?” I let my eyes trail up again and when our gazes meet, I’m met with the famous Harry Styles smirk that all the girls would swoon for.

“Of course Y/N. Hurry up then, will you?” Harry winked and I scurry out of his room and into the bathroom, throwing my clothes off before I lean against the door to catch my breath. I can feel the heat pool between my legs and I curse myself for even going in without knocking. In a few minutes I’m under the flowing water, trying to regain my breathing.

My mind wanders to all the things I’d like to do to Harry when I’m once again drawn from my trance by his angel-likeic voice. “Y/N?”

“You okay? Niall called asking where we were.” I sigh deeply, pressing my flattened palms against my eyes until I see stars and turn the water off. “Sorry, lost in thought.” I yell towards the door, stepping out and wrapping a towel around my midsection.

I catch Harry off guard as I throw the door open, seeing a fully clothed Harry pressing his back against the door. “You’re dripping.”

Oh Harry you have no idea. “I’m pretty sure I can get more wet.” I raise an eyebrow as I let a smirk cover my lips. Before I know it, I’m pressed against the wall with Harry’s lips ghosting over mine.

“Maybe we should stay in. I could use another shower.” Harry whispers against my jaw before he nips at my skin, my head thrown back as I succumb to his gentle touches.

“Especially after I’m done with you.” I breathe into the air and Harry moans against my jaw as he instinctively pushes his hardened cock against my center.

“Oh Y/N I -” he presses our lips together, his hands cupping my bum as he presses our crotches together, drawing a moan from my lips that is silenced by his mouth. We simultaneously groan as Harry’s pocket first starts the vibrate, a melodic tune following subtly after. He pulls away to give me an apologetic grin before pressing the phone to his ear. “Yes Niall were leaving soon chill the fuck out.” He almost barks into the receiver, never once did he lose his temper like this when he was with our mates, and steps away from me, threading his free hand through his hair before tugging it.

I slap his bum as I push past him, earning a groan and glare from my roommate before I disappear into my bedroom. I have never heard Harry this frustrated about anything. “Y/N is still getting dressed give her some time. We’ll be there.” He ends the phone call and I hear him curse under his breath as he walks back to his bedroom, slamming his door loudly.

I slip into the tightest, black body con dress I own and match it up with some heels. If I were forced to be social and mingle while I had the opportunity for Harry to fuck me into another world, I was going to have some fun with it.

“Harry, you ready?” I singsong as I push his door open without warning again, leaning against the door frame as I see him fumble with his belt buckle. Before our eyes meet, I see his greedily and with lust filled eyes take in my appearance and my cleavage. “Fuck.”


“It seems like you’re in the mood to score tonight.” Naomi pressed her pointy elbow against my ribs as she eyes me up and down again. I am already regretting the choices I have made, pulling at the hem of my dress to get it to lengthen.

“What are you talking about. I just wanted to dress up.” I shrug my shoulders as I press the red colored cup against my lips, taking a swig of the sweet cocktail Annie had made for us girls. “That’s not what Harry’s sex crazed eyes are telling me. Did you fuck before you came here or something?”

A reddish blush takes over my cheeks as I bite my lip, avoiding Naomi’s gaze all together. “Almost.”

“What?!” Naomi shrieks, obviously not expecting that answer to fall from my lips and I smirk, eyeing her over the rim of my cup. “We uhm - well yeah. Niall called at the wrong time.“ I shrug my shoulders again, letting my gaze wander over the room to spot Harry. Surrounded by girls. "Amazing.”

“Niall has a feel for those things, happened multiple times to me already. And jealous, Y/N?” I can hear the smirk in Naomi’s voice, even though I’m not looking at her.

Harry’s laughing, his eyes twinkling underneath the dim lighting as he throws another red cup down his throat, one girl giggling at what he just said. “Stop molesting your cup, Y/N. He’ll come home to you anyway.”

“Yeah, because he pays for the room he sleeps in.” I roughly huff, crossing my arms over my chest as I lean against the wall behind me.

“I’m sure if there wasn’t a boyfriend in the picture he had been between your legs a long time ago. And don’t deny it.” Annie joins us as well, sipping her cup as she follows our stare to Harry. “What are we talking about?”

“That Harry would have already fucked Y/N senseless if Liam wasn’t in the picture.” Naomi simply states and I open my mouth again to protest, but Annie beats me to it.

“Oh yeah, he would have.” She smiles, nodding her head. I toss the filled cup down my throat, holding it out to Annie again for a refill. My sixth in the last half hour. “Slow down, Y/N.”

“You’re both bullshitting. Harry can get any girl he wants. That charm will be the death of many, many vahinas.” I scrunch up my nose at the last words, Naomi snorting and spitting out her drink as she widens her eyes at me. “Dude.” I can’t help any jealousy that scorches through me like a tidal wave right now. Just an hour ago his lips were pressed against my jaw and his cock had been throbbing for me. Instead I am now watching Harry flirt with every girl in the room while I am the wall flower of the evening.

“I don’t think you realize the effect you have on people.” Annie shakes her head as she leans besides me, staring at the blonde that is now dangling off of Harry’s arm. I refrain from rolling my eyes at the girls. I know Harry is a very, very handsome guy and the charm he carries around will indeed someday the death of me. It didn’t help either that he was good natured and incredibly sweet. Why can’t he be a jackass like all the other men in the world. I breathe into my cup, eyes darting from Annie back to Harry, narrowing into slits.

“So you’re saying I should cheat on Liam?”

“Are you even together?” Naomi asks the question that had been haunting my mind for quite some time already. “How would I know.” I shrug my shoulders again and drown the cup, my mind already foggy as I hold the empty cup to Annie again. She refills without another word but I know she worries. Because she has always worried about me, since the first time I had received that gentle smile of hers.

“I would tap it, if I were you. I mean have you seen his abs?” Naomi states and Annie nods her head, a slight blush covering her cheeks. “Oh then you haven’t seen those tattoos, Naomi.” I counteract and I stop my chuckle when Harry raises his arms, that V-line coming to show, leaving a trail into his jeans. “Well, that was a sight I am happy to see.” Naomi breathes as she nudges me with her elbow again, a dry chuckle leaving her lips as I scoff.

“I’ve seen way more than that.” I snort, covering my mouth with my hands as I catch Harry’s gaze from across the room. I see it darken under my watchful eye and he shrugs the girl off of his arm before slowly, almost seductively, walking our way.

“Told you, you have a greater effect on him than he leads on. I’m out of here.” Naomi chuckles before her fingers curl around Annie’s wrist and pull her away just as Harry arrives.

“Hi Harry. Bye Harry.” Naomi winks as she squeezes his shoulder and throws me a wink before disappearing into the other room. Thank you, Naomi.

“They seem quite interested in your services, Harry.” I grin, crossing my arms again, keeping our gazes locked. “Too bad my services for tonight are booked.” Harry smirks as he steps closer, cornering me against the wall as his fingertips tickle over my hips. “Oh really? Lucky girl.”

“Well you’ll find out later tonight sweetheart.” I breathlessly moan against Harry’s neck, thumbs digging into his hips as his lips tickle over the skin of my collarbone. I never thought Harry would ever be so suggestive towards me.

“Maybe we should call it a night. You were tired, weren’t you?” I hum in response, licking my lips before sinking my teeth into my bottom lip. “You wouldn’t believe it.”

There are only two parts left!
And you can read part 7 here!

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You’re The Worst- Part Three

Chapter 3: Rich People Like Buying Mountains

“Dipper, for the last time, a heart attack for an old person isn’t suspicious,” Mabel argued tiredly from the back seat.

“Mabel, he wasn’t old. He was 35!” Dipper argued.

“Right, old.”

“Hey now,” Grunkle Stan interrupted. “Watch what you’re saying in front of your employer or you might find yourself fired.”

“You promise?” Dipper smiled. “Gosh, 35 is super duper old, right Mabel?”

“That’s what I’m saying!”

“Okay, I lied, next person to call 35 old gets extra, extra chores.”

Dipper grumbled. “Look, all I’m saying is that he was too young to have a heart attack.”

“I don’t know. If I had to deal with over a hundred teenagers for my job I might have a heart attack just to get out of it,” Grunkle Stan offered.

“We have to go to the hospital and talk to Mr. Riegner. He was only 35, Mabel-”

“You keep saying that, Dipper.”

“I know, but when we saw him, he looked at least 55. You saw him talk to your Bio teacher, you said he didn’t have the wrinkles or grey hair then. He couldn’t have acquired those in only five hours, Mabel.”

“He’s in a coma, Dipper. We can’t talk to him.”

“But why is he in a coma? What happened to him?” Dipper pressed.

Grunkle Stan put the car in park out in front of the school. “Dipper, Mabel, I know you can take care of yourselves…well Mabel can, but I don’t want you two digging into this mystery.  There are somethings that are in the dark for a reason and bringing them to light isn’t always the right choice.”

“Wait, what do you mean by that?” Dipper asked.

“Your mother called,” Stan informed the twins trying to change the subject. Neither twin spoke for a long moment.

“Is grandma-”

“No. She’s not dea-gone, honey. Your mom just wanted to check in to see how your first day went. I left out the whole finding a man comatose on the floor thing. She sends her love.”

“Thanks,” Dipper said, “for keeping out the comatose teacher, I mean.”

“Yeah, well, can’t have her calling CPS on me, now can I?” Stan grumbled.

“We love you too, Grunkle Stan.” Mable smiled. “Oh, by the way, I invited some kids to the Shack later.”

“That’s my girl.” Stan wiped a fake tear from his eye.

“Now, say you love me,” Mabel instructed.


“Don’t worry. I’ll wear ya down,” Mabel assured him.

“Come on, Mabel, we’re going to be late,” Dipper sighed.

“What? You want to get to class and see Pacifica?” Mabel teased.

“What? No!” Dipper exclaimed.

“Wait that little blonde haired princess that wears too much makeup?” Grunkle Stan asked. “Dipper’s got a thing for her?”

“NO!” Dipper shut the door loudly behind him.

Mabel laughed following after him. When she reached her brother she turned back around to Stan. “Blink once if ya love me!”

Stan kept his eyes open until they reached the schools gate. “Darn it.”

“Hah! Works every time,” Mabel called to him.

“That doesn’t count!”

“Does too! Bye Grunkle Stan.” Mabel waved at him as the twins entered into the school.

“Mabel, come on. You have to admit a man aging in the matter of a few hours is definitely something that belongs in the journal.”

“Dipper, didn’t you hear Grunkle Stan? He doesn’t want us looking into this.”

“Which mean there is obviously something going on.”

“Alright. Alright. You got me. I agree. It is weird,” Mabel relented.

“Good. Then tonight we break in and search room 618.”

“I don’t think we’re going to find anything, Dipper. If there was anything left behind it’s gone by now.”

Dipper sighed. “You’re probably right. We should talk about this at the shack.” Dipper looked around pointedly.

“Sounds good, Dipper. I’ll see you at break.”

“See you at break.” Dipper made his way to his locker retrieving his chemistry book before walking to class. His mind swirled with thoughts on what could make someone age so quickly, he completely forgot about Pacifica until she was sitting next to him.

She scooted her chair all the way towards the end of the lab bench and continued to ignore him, which was just fine by Dipper. Mr. Crawford walked in at 8:20 am on the dot.

“Today we will be discussing your big Midterm project that is due in nine weeks. Now I know that seems like it’s far away but, trust me when I say that date creeps up fast. Every year I have at least one pair of lab partners fail because they did their project at the last minute.” He eyed the room critically as if searching for the procrastinators amongst them. “There are several things to turn in before the big project is even due,” Mr. Crawford explained to the class. He rummaged in his briefcase pulling out a stack of papers. “Mr. McMann, please hand these out to the rest of the class,” he called to Jonathan.

He quickly took the papers and passed them out to all 14 lab benches, making sure to say hi to Dipper, before returning the extras and returning to his seat.

“On here are the dates everything is due. As you can see, choosing what your project will be on is due tomorrow.” The class groaned. Mr. Crawford continued. “If you do not have a project chosen by 8:20 am tomorrow morning, I will choose one for you.”

“That sounds better than coming up with one,” someone murmured in the back.

“If I am forced to choose one for you, Mr. Giovanni, it will be a college level project and your grade will already be docked 15%.” The kid who had spoken turned red. “Now getting back to your assignment.  In two weeks, you and your partner will make a list of chemicals you will require to proceed with your project so that I may obtain them for you.  Three weeks after that, I require a physical prototype, whether it be a creation or written out hypothesis, before I give you the chemicals. If I believe you’re on the right track and your chemistry is accurate, I will then give you the chemicals.  By then you should only have to follow your prototype and your finished project will be due at the end of the nine weeks. You may change your project up until you hand me the list of materials needed. You may discuss with your partner some ideas now. Look in your chemistry books for inspiration or you can look at the list of projects done by students in the past on the back of the paper I just gave you.”

The class erupted into chatter. Dipper turned to Pacifica. They looked at each other awkwardly in silence. Dipper broke first.“You want to look at what the past students have already done?”

“No. I’m a trendsetter, not a follower. We can’t do a project that anyone has done before,” Pacifica said.

“Okay. Fine then. Do you have any ideas in that peroxided brain of yours?”

Pacifica scowled at him. “Can’t you get some new material?”

“Is that a challenge?”

“Five more minutes of discussion and then you’ll have to figure it out on your time,” Mr. Crawford announced to the class.

“Okay, obviously we’re never going to agree on something in five minutes. Why don’t I just come over to your Grunkle’s tonight and we can figure it out, then. I  have a feeling we’ll need all the time we can get if you’re going to be so argumentative.” Pacifica turned up her nose.

“Me? You’re the one-wait- what? No! I can’t tonight.”

“What do you mean you ‘can’t?’ This is our grade, Dipper. I am not allowing my grade to drop to a ‘B’ because you’re busy. We have to figure this out by tonight.”

“I told you I can’t,” Dipper said stubbornly. “Why can’t we just meet during lunch?”

“Because I don’t want to be seen talking to you, duh. What do you have to do that is more important to you than our grade?” She looked at him suspiciously then her eyes widened in comprehension. “Wait. Is there something going on that I should know about that would put my life in danger? Again?”

“What? No! Why would you think that?” Dipper lied pathetically.

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe because every time you and your ‘colorful’ sister come around me I have a life threatening experience.”

“It’s nothing like that. I just have to…to uh, shave my sister’s pig tonight,” Dipper floundered.

Pacifica gaped at him. “Dipper, I don’t even- what am I supposed to say to that?”

“I’ll figure something out by tomorrow so you don’t have to worry about it,” Dipper assured her.

“Weren’t you the one that kept going on and on about me pulling my own weight? I’m not letting you decide by yourself the fate of our project.” Pacifica folded her arms unamused.

“Why don’t we do it right before class tomorrow then?” he suggested.

“No. We wouldn’t have enough time. I’m coming over to your hovel and we’re going to figure out an amazing, A+, grand prize winning, scholarship earning, science project. You got it?”

“Fine. Come over after school.”

“I have tennis after school. How about after seven?” Pacifica asked.

“No. Either after school or before school tomorrow morning. If you’re keeping me from–shaving Waddles, then I get to keep you from tennis.”

Pacifica glared at him.

Dipper looked back unfazed.

“Ugh! Fine, Dipper. After school,” she relented.

“Okay class. Time is up. Let’s talk about the Periodic Table,” Mr. Crawford announced.

And if Dipper stole chances to make faces at Pacifica while he took notes, and Pacifica took chances to glare at Dipper,  no one else noticed.

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Writer’s Block

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I’m starting the year off with part 2 of a birthday gift I posted last week. Only one part left, I swear it! This is not going any further. Part one is here. Thanks for reading! And happy birthday (again) to @katnissdoesnotfollowback. *eye quirk emoji*

Summary: Katniss and Peeta must come together to finish a project on time. (Pun so very intended.) This part is rated M. Mistakes are mine.

I’m early to class. Well, I’m always early to class, but today I’m extra early. I’m almost certain Cato won’t be in his seat, but I don’t want to take any chances. I’m relieved when I breeze by the one he usually occupies, back row of course, and slide into my own front and center chair. What I don’t expect is for Peeta to slide in next to me moments later.

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Mr. and Mrs. Claus (Jackson)

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16/25 days of Christmas!Got7 

Plot: ‘You’re Santa Claus at the mall and I’m a passerby that happens to be dressed in a red dress like Mrs. Claus and oh great now all these parents and their kids think we’re Santa & Mrs. Claus together and everyone’s asking for a picture and wow I’m pretty peeved that I got dragged into this but beneath the white curly beard you’re kind of cute and you’re offering to take me out for hot cocoa to make up for it so alright’ AU (x)

Length: 854 words

Genre: Fluff

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