and she starts letting go of his jacket

So I've got a story

So I have math as my first period and it gets really cold in that class in the winter because it’s at the end of the Hall and in a really secluded and separate part of the school. It happened to be snowing really hard outside, and the heater just decided to give out. This all happened before school started. So there I was, shivering in my math class because I forgot my jacket that morning and my math teacher busts out this giant fluffy blanket and throws it at my head. I gladly accepted his gracious gift and he even let me take it to my other classes. So I was just walking around the halls, going from class to class with this giant ass blanket flowing around me like a cape and the hall monitor starts to yell at me. I looked at her dead in the eye and said “I am freezing and I will fight you for this blanket” and she left me alone because she’s not used to students talking back to her. By the end of the month, the heater still wasn’t fixed and the trend had caught on so my entire school brought blankets with them and tied them around their necks and that hall monitor still hates me because she had no power to stop it.

And that’s the story of the time I turned everyone in my school into superheroes.


Request(s): List 2 #8 for Murphy x reader please? ☺️  

Pairing: Murphy/Reader

Word Count: 1,100

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“Fuck Murphy why are we doing this?”

“Because Y/n. You know what happened-”

“Yes but you could be floated. What would I do without my Best friend?”

The boy hesitated, “Probably not get in trouble. Now let’s go. If you’re helping me, then come along. This is your last chance to run off.”

You sighed looking into Murphy’s eyes. “fine fine. Let’s go”

The lighter was loose in your jacket pocket. You and Murphy were sneaking around the almost empty corridors, sometimes having to hide behind walls from guards.

Murphy had hatched the plan almost a week after his mother had died. His father was floated almost a year ago for stealing medicine for his mothers flu. Soon after his mother started drinking, and would sometimes even go so far as beating him, it caught up to her. She had died as well, leaving the last words coming from her mouth as the angry words to her son about how it was his fault that his father died.

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derekslaura  asked:

Maybe a Derek x Kira friendship for those headcanons? (Or Boyd x Kira if you're not feeling it? Ahhhh I just need Kira)

Derek x Kira friendship

Derek’s painfully aware of mistakes he’s made in the past, with Scott, with Jackson, with Erica and Boyd and Isaac.  Mistakes he made when he was scared and trapped, and mistakes he regrets now he’s grown, now he’s let himself start to heal.  When he meets Kira, he knows he’s not going to make the same mistakes again.  He helps her learn about who she is and how to control it, and he’s always there to help ground her when she needs it. 

He absolutely does get her a leather jacket, because the others keep joking about his ‘leather jacket club’.

It’s Kira who mediates between Derek and Isaac, helping them get on the way to mending their relationship and regaining trust.  

When Kira and Scott are struggling to get some alone time, Derek cooks a dinner (well - he heats up a frozen meal in his microwave, but it counts) and sets up some candles on the table in his loft, and gives them his loft for the afternoon so they can finally have a cute date. 

Kira convinces Derek to go to the lacrosse games.  He goes one, just to support her, but he ends up going every time to support Stiles, Scott and Isaac, too, and suddenly he has friends, and a pack, and he’s cared for, and he’s so grateful to Scott and Kira for that, even though he might never be able to say it aloud.  It’s okay, though.  They know.

After Kira’s been quiet for a few days, Derek asks her what’s wrong, and she opens up to him, telling him that she loves Scott, but she’s got feelings for Malia, too.  Derek opens up to her in return, telling her about his family, about Laura who was in a triad relationship in college, and Uncle Nathan who’s wife had a secondary partner.  He normally doesn’t talk about his family, not without his throat getting tight and that familiar, crushing, relentless feeling of guilt and grief and so much anger, but with her, it’s okay.  It’s freeing.  It’s nice.  It takes several months and lots of messy teenage drama and Derek dishing out sage advice to the three of them before Kira, Scott and Malia happily announce their relationship. 

(I could honestly go on and on with this one, but I’ve generally been trying to keep them to six, so I’ll stop here, but oh my gosh I love this friendship so much)


After what happened with the alphas, to Erica, after almost dying in the loft with his blood dripping down his alpha’s hands…well.  Boyd kinda needs a break after that.  He goes away to stay with his aunt and attend a school there.  It’s not until senior year that he returns.  He’s heard about Kira from Scott and Stiles and Derek, of course, but meeting her in person is entirely different.  She offers a bright, warm smile and holds out her hand, and Boyd likes her immediately.

when Pack Stuff is happening, the two of them are the absolute bomb at researching.  They both have an interest in supernatural creatures, and can spend hours in the library researching, their knees bumping together under the table. 

Kira kisses him for the first time under a full moon, while he’s still in his beta shift, his claws disappearing as he cups her face and kisses her back. 

Boyd introduces her to his family.  His mom cooks a huge dinner and a cake, and calls Kira ‘honey’. 

After graduating, Boyd goes on vacation with Kira and her family to New York.  She shows him all the sights, and they eat ridiculously huge pretzels as they walk, their fingers loosely linked as Kira laughs at something he says, the sun dancing in her hair.

Boyd loves New York so much that he goes to college there.  Kira stays closer to their pack, but after they both graduate, they get an apartment together in Beacon Hills.  It’s filled with housewarming gifts from their friends and family, and their first night there, Kira cuddles up against Boyd on the couch and they both think, “yeah, this is it. this is happiness.” 

Thank you! 

send me a character/ship and I’ll list some of my headcanons for them 

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AU where Hope is in middle school and beginning to get attention from boys and she asks Hayley if she's allowed to go out with a boy to the movies and Hayley says yes but klaus overhears and starts to riot and the only way he'll let her go is if they both go and spy on Hope

He’s wearing the most obvious disguise.

The long trench coat and top-hat combo was just about the worst costume Klaus could have come up with. But, it was the only inconspicuous thing in his closet. Everything else was too recognizable. His wardrobe was filled with oversized sweaters and worn out jeans. Perhaps a few leather jackets and one or two suits that Elijah had purchased for him.

In short, dressing like some type of strange drug-dealer was Klaus’ only disguise option.

“Why are you dressed like a creep?” Hayley jerks, taking her seat beside him at the back of the movie theater.

“I’m not,” He insists. “This is a very reasonable disguise,” he argues, observing her choice of costume. Hayley’s new look consisted of a short pink dress and long blonde hair. She worse a pair of sunglasses in order to conceal her face and a hat too. He swallowed hard, trying his best to ignore the fact that she looked damn good as a blonde. “Nice wig, by the way,” he teases.

“Shut up,” she orders. “This wig is great, it’s made out of real hair,” Hayley specifies.

He rolls his eyes at her constant need to correct him. “Just, sit down,” he advises. “The film’s about to start,” he goes on to say.

Their situation truly isn’t so unpredictable. Their only daughter was on a date, and her parents were only doing what they thought was logical. They had followed Hope to the movies, only to keep an eye on her and her date. Mostly, Hayley was trying to keep Klaus from murdering Hope’s crush. He really disliked the idea of his only daughter venturing in to the dating world at such a young age.

“I don’t get why we’re doing this,” Hayley mumbles, once she notices that she can’t tell where Hope is sitting. “We can’t even see them because of the darkness,” she points out.

“Well,” Klaus shrugs. “At least we can still listen in on them,” he suggests.

“I doubt that they’ll be doing much talking,” She tells him, grabbing handful of popcorn. “It’s a movie Klaus, and frankly, we’re not supposed to be speaking either,” she mumbles.

He ends up releasing a disappointed sigh. “Fine,” Klaus grunts. “We’ll just sit here quietly and spy on our child,” He curses himself for bringing her along. Hayley Marshall was definitely making this task even more difficult.

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What’s Best For You

It had been a long week. Quinn had been at work from seven to seven, almost every day. It was a hectic week at the magazine, trying to release the February edition, which was full of Valentine’s Day and early prom guides, and just so many celebrities. So when she got to 6pm on Thursday, she was exhausted. She didn’t want to cook dinner, and didn’t really want a repeat of yesterday, where she’d had gummies and rice crackers for dinner at 8pm. 

A short text conversation, had her off her own dinner duty. Puck had offered to cook or buy dinner. She was thrilled. Well, she was mostly exhausted, stressed and hungry, so not in the best of moods. She climbed out of the taxi at six thirty, climbing up to his apartment and letting herself in. She was in a mid thigh floral dress and black heels, long jacket wrapped around her and hair straightened. But it was starting to go frizzy and her makeup was smudging around her eyes, revealing dark bags. She dropped her handbag, sighing. “Puck?”

i just wanna be by your side

I posted this headcanon right after the midseason finale and finally bit the bullet and wrote it today. Unedited because of time, all mistakes are mine. Title from “Wings” by Birdy.

It started as soon as they brought Killian back from the Underworld.

He’d been through so much; hell, they all had. But even after his run in with Hades and the ordeal of splitting her heart in half (which she found out was much easier said than done), Emma found it difficult to willingly let go of him for more than a few seconds. If her arms weren’t wrapped around his waist, she was either holding his hand or clutching onto the leather sleeve of his jacket, anything to reassure her he was actually there, alive and in one piece. She may have played a big part in getting him back, but she was also unable to shake the feeling that if she let go, even for just a moment, that he would somehow be ripped away from her and gone all over again.

As odd as it had sounded at first, Emma was beyond grateful that Leroy had offered to help David as honorary co-sheriff for a while- there was no way she could manage to spend a whole day at the station away from Killian at first without constantly worrying about whether or not something happened to him. The first few days were either spent in their new home or on the Jolly Roger, the only places they were guaranteed much-needed time alone to talk about everything that happened and where she could make sure he was safe and taken care of.

Over the next few weeks, her fears, as well as her physical hold on him, slowly began to ease. She would have been lying if she said she wasn’t at all apprehensive, but she managed to work a few hours a day at the station without panicking and having the overwhelming urge to call every two minutes to hear his voice when she knew he was just spending time on his ship before he would meet her with Henry after school.

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OK so inspired by @spooklydigg ‘s cosplay post:
Headcanon that Sans always keeps those ‘squeaky’ ducks under his jacket. Always. And when Frisk hugs him their arms are too short to get more than like 5 ducks so it’s just like this noncommittal squawk
But one time Toriel catches him in this big sweeping hug and when she finally lets go you hear this “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” from the ducks
And then a long moment of pure silence
And then both of them just start LAUGHING