and she starts letting go of his jacket

Too Nice || Jeff Atkins x Reader

mmmMMMM JEff and EuuGH BrycE

Word Count: 817

Warnings: Bryce Has Grabby Hands


    When Jeff’s car pulled into the driveway of Bryce Walker’s house, it was already swarming with wasted teens. You grimaced, pressing back into the seat, your hands clutching at the seat belt; the only thing between you and the biggest party of the year.

    “Do you need help with that?” Jeff asked.

    Before you could reply, he had leaned over and clicked the buckle. The belt snapped back, leaving you feeling vulnerable, and a little nauseous. It didn’t make it any better when he moved to climb out of the car. He jogged over to your side, pulling open the door and reaching a hand out for you to take.

    You shook your head. “I can’t.”

    “It’s fine, Y/N. I’ll be right by your side the entire time,” he said. He had to dip down a fair amount to lock his hands around your wrists. “Give it like ten minutes, and if you’re not having fun we’ll turn around and go home.”

    You relented, letting him pull you out of the seat and against his chest. His hands ghosted across your lower back, fingertips trailing along the curves of your spine. He had that look on his face again. The one where he gets that little, crooked smile, and his eyes can’t seem to look at anything but you. Or, more specifically, your face.

    “God, I love you,” he said quietly, bringing his nose down to boop yours.

    “I love you too, but I’m going to hate you if I embarrass myself,” you replied.

    He chuckled, a low, deep sound that rumbled through his chest and into yours. “If you embarrass yourself, I’ll do something stupid to take the attention away from you.”

    You nodded. “Okay, deal.”

    He pulled away and the two of you started towards the house. It wasn’t too long of a walk from the driveway before you were slipping through the door. Jeff ushered you through crowds of people—all either greeting him with smiles and pats on the back, or being too drunk to know he was there. He stopped you near the living room, pointing you towards an empty love seat.

    “Save me a spot,” he said. “I’m going to go get us some beer.”

    You grabbed his arm, hoping you didn’t look as panicked on the outside and you felt on the inside. “I’ll go with you. I don’t want to be left alone.”

    “It’ll only take a second. Just try to relax.” He shrugged you off, planting a quick kiss on your forehead before disappearing into the crowd.

    You settled down onto the love seat, watching the crowd as they danced to a song blasting from an expensive looking radio. You didn’t notice Bryce approaching until he was already stretched out next to you, an arm thrown around your shoulders. He was manspreading to the point that you were forced to press uncomfortably against the arm of the seat.

    “Y/N, good to see you here,” he said, giving his trademark smile. “You never come to my parties.”

    You felt his hand sliding down over your shoulder, too close to your chest for comfort. You tried to move away but he tightened his grip.

    “I’m, um, here with someone,” you responded. “I should probably go find him.”

    “You mean Jeff?” he asked. “He’s way too nice for you. You need someone man enough to rough you up a little.” His hand had barely cupped your breast when you felt yourself being jerked to your feet.

    You felt a cool wave of relief flood through you when you looked up, finding Jeff glaring at Bryce with the prospect of murder in his eyes. “Do me a favor, and keep your hands off of my girlfriend.”

    Bryce threw his hands up in surrender. “Hey, I didn’t even know you were here together.”

    “You’re a liar,” you snapped. “You did know.”

    Jeff clenched his teeth, rolling up the sleeves of his varsity jacket. You slid your fingers into the belt loops of his jeans, yanking him backwards as Bryce stood up.

    “Don’t you dare start a fight,” you whispered, hoping no one had noticed them yet. “Let’s just go, please.”

    Bryce smirked. “Better listen to your girl, Jeff.”

    Jeff spat on the carpet near Bryce’s feet, letting you pull him towards the door. “You better be glad she saved your ass, or I’d put you in the ground.”

    You didn’t let go of him until the two of you had made it outside and back into the car. Neither of you said a word for a long moment.

    Jeff was the first to break the silence, craning over the middle console to wrap his arms around you. He peppered a long row of kisses down your collarbone, right where Bryce’s hand had been.

    You laughed. “What are you doing?”

    He buried his face in the crook of your neck. “Getting rid of your Bryce cooties.”

What Just Happened

(Jughead x Reader)

Summary: You and Jughead have been at each others throats for years. But after a drunken night you barely remember, you’re left confused on where your relationship stands.

Word Count: 1,616

Warnings: language, mentions of sex, drinking(?)

A/N: I just really love a good love/hate relationship and haven’t seen many Jughead x reader versions, so I made my own. (I also didn’t proof read it so let me know if there are any mistakes) Please send feedback! Constructive criticism is appreciated! :)

Part Two

Originally posted by marorra

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New Year’s Celebration(MATURE)

“I am so sorry Justin, but I really can’t make it.” Y/N spoke into her phone, trying to keep herself from laughing.

“But you promised.” Justin whined.

“I know I did and I am very sorry for cancelling the last minute, but I will try to catch a next flight tomorrow or day after.”

Justin sighed, she pictured him frowning and messing his quiet long hair. “All right, okay, fine. But try to come as soon as possible.”

“I promise I will. Love you. I wish you all the best tonight.”

“Thanks babe, love you, bye.”

Y/N couldn’t wait to hung up so she could burst out of laughter. “You know you’re a real bitch, right?” Alfredo asked joining Y/N.

Y/N shrugged her shoulders and laughed some more. “This way is better. Paparazzi won’t expect me, neither will the fans. I can walk freely.”

“But don’t you feel bad, like, don’t know, he will be bummed because you’re not there to support him?”

“I thought about it, yeah, trust me this way is better. He will be happier to see me.”

Alfredo shrugged his shoulders “What do I know.”

Y/N took her phone and scrolled through instagram a little bit. Just as she was scrolling through one fans Bieber page, she got a text from Justin.

Bout to go on stage, really wish you were here.”

She decided not to respond, making it more convenient that she was busy doing, god knows what.

Few minutes later, they landed in Miami. The car was already waiting for Alfredo and Y/N. it was already 11.35 p.m. She was hoping that by the time, they arrive to Fontainebleau, it won’t be past midnight.

She wanted to celebrate new year with him, but considering the traffic, she might be late.

They arrived at 11.56 p.m. Y/N took her hills off and sprinted as fast as she could. In the distance, she could hear Justin’s voice getting louder and louder.

She bumped few people on the way, but thankfully, nobody stopped her to ask who she is. Once she reached the back stage, she gave herself a few seconds to catch a breath and put her hills back on.

That’s when she heard the countdown. “Eight, seven, six.” She fixed her hair and rushed on stage. She was hopping she looks okay. “Happy New Year.” Justin screamed into microphone.

He was about to say something when Y/N hugged him from behind, whispering into his ear. “Happy new year, babe.”

Quicker than a lighting, Justin turned around, enormous smile shining over his face. He placed his hands on her checks, pulling her into kiss.

The crowd behind them was going wild. Seemed like everybody had a great time.

“Happy new year.” He mumbled into kiss.

Once they separated from the kiss, he pulled her into a hug, placing his lips right next to her left ear. “You’re gonna wish you didn’t pull this little prank on me, baby girl. Just wait till we get to the dressing room. If we even make it to there.”

He kissed her ear and moved away, facing her with the most innocence smile. Y/N’s heart started pounding faster than ever, and she felt heat spreading all over her body. She wasn’t sure if she will be able to wait so long.  

She bit her lip, she was speechless. She wanted him, now, and not a moment later.

“Oh don’t give me those sex eyes, honey.” Justin said and turned to face the crowd.

“Give it up from my incredibly hot girlfriend everybody.” Y/N smiled and waved at the crowd.

She turned around and walked backstage, finding a good position to watch the rest of Justin’s performance.

He looked so good while he performed, and also very happy. Her eyes observed every single one of his moves. Soon she got distracted with the thoughts of Justin’s hot and wet mouth, tracing all the way from he swallowed lips to her clit.

She pushed her thighs together ease the urge she felt, just a little bit.

She was so distracted with her own dirty thoughts, that she didn’t even notice Justin’s performance being over, and him now walking towards her.

Once he was standing right in front of her, she lifted her head and bit her lip. He placed his finger under her chin and pushed her up. His eyes focused on her lips, but he didn’t make a move.

When she tried to make one, he simply backed away, meeting her gaze with a smirk playing over his lips.

“You see, you’ve been a very, very bad girl today. Teasing me with “I can’t make it” and your little outfit.” Justin got closer to Y/N, lowering his voice so only she could hear him.

“I know you want my tongue around your little tight pussy, my fingers playing with your hard nipples, my dick in your mouth. I know you want all of that baby girl, but daddy, you see, he wants to teach his little girl a lesson, yeah. Which is, never tease daddy.” Justin licked his lips, once again letting a smirk play over his lips.

Y/N sighed loudly, at that point she just wanted to push him onto the nearest wall and fuck the shit out of him, but that wasn’t possible, considering people in the room and his strength.

She simply nodded, focusing her eyes on the wall behind him with a picture that was supposed to be artwork, but all she saw was one stick and a circle. She really didn’t understand why people called that art.

“Now baby girl, I have to shower, but then we will hit the party.” Justin took her hand and the walked the same way she ran not twenty minutes ago.

As soon as they walked out of the door, she had to put her hand over her eyes, otherwise she would fall from all those flashlights.

Somehow they managed to get to the car without separating and they soon took off. Justin sat as close to Y/N as he physically could, placing his right hand on her thigh, slowly running tips of his fingers over her inner thigh.

The tension was way too much to handle, so she placed her hand on his leg moving it to his dick. She hoped he would change his mind and they would stay in his hotel room.

Justin suddenly grabbed Y/N’s hand, as it was just inches away from his dick and placed it on her leg. To punish her, he moved his hand away and moved in his seat so they weren’t touching anymore.

At that point, Y/N wanted to scream out in frustration, in the corner of her eye she could see Justin smirking before speaking.

“So how did you like my performance?” he turned his head to look at her.

She was pissed and not really in the mood to talk, she only shrugged her shoulders and simply added. “It was okay.” Turning her head towards the window.

By his voice, she could tell he wasn’t pleased with the answer. “It was okay?” He asked under the breath. “That’s all?” she didn’t respond.

If he could tease her, she could give him a silent treatment.

“So that’s how’s going to be, huh darling? All right, I’ll take it.”

From that moment on, neither of them spoke a word to each other. Even though they arrived to the hotel in less than three minutes, to Y/N it seemed like it was half an hour.

She quickly opened her door, which usually Justin does for her, but she wanted to piss him off as much as she could. Two can play this game.

She heard him mumble something under the breath but she didn’t bother to wait for him. She quickly walked towards the elevator, waiting for it to open.

Justin immediately caught up with her, placing his hand on her lower back, but just for brief five seconds. The door opened and they walked in, each standing on their side of the elevator.

They quickly walked out, reaching the room number 265. Justin unlocked it and she followed him in. she threw herself onto the bed and closed her eyes.

She could feel Justin’s look all over her body and when she hoped that he would change his mind, he walked into the bathroom.

She groaned and took her phone out. She opened snapchat and tried out which new idiotic filters where there. After she posted few selfies, she saw she had a missed call from her mother, so she rang her.

“Happy new year, honey.” Her mother yelled into phone. Y/N could tell she was a bit tipsy.

“Happy new year, mom. Having fun in LA?”

“Oh it’s great here. There’s a lot of young hot boys here.” Y/N could hear her father in the distance yelling something at her. “Whatever Y/F/N” She simply yelled.

At that point Justin walked out of bathroom, his hair messy and a towel wrapped around his waist. Y/N sat up and ran her eyes all over his body, scanning him, from his head to his tiptoes.

“So are you two having fun?” Y/M/N voice shook her from her daydream. “Mhm” Y/N mumbled into the phone.

“We’re just about to head to the party.”

“Well tell Justin hi and have a good time. P.S. it’s time for me to become grandma.”

“Y/M/N” Y/n’s father yelled and Y/N just chuckled.

“All right mom, have fun. Love you.”

Y/N hung up and look in Justin’s direction. He was now fully dressed, wearing a hat, black shirt, same colour jacket and white shorts.

“Ready?” he simply asked.

“Mom said hi.” He nod and started walking out.

He let Y/N go first and placed his hand on her lower back. This time the ride down wasn’t so unpleasant and soon they were at the party.

They separated very quickly, Y/N headed to the bar, ordering herself a strong Martini, while Justin went somewhere, only god know where.

“What is a girl like you doing alone on New Year?” a deep voice asked Y/n and she slowly rotated herself to face a very good looking guy.

He was tall, bit taller than Justin, black hair with bluest eyes Y/N has ever seen. She shyly smiled at him.

“Well I lost my boyfriend somewhere.” Y/N simply answered, hoping that will send him away.

But he didn’t seem to recognise what she said, rather he showed at the chair next to her, and she just nodded. A little company won’t hurt, she was getting bored anyway.

“I am Tony”

“Y/N. Nice to meet ya.”

“Oh trust me pleasure is all mine.” She smiled at his flirtatious comment and carried on. They talked for solid fifteen minutes, he made he laugh so much, her stomach actually started to hurt.

She felt familiar hand on her back. “Hi I am Justin. The boyfriend.” Justin offered his hand to Tony. His face was cold as ice, and Y/n knew he was beyond pissed and jealous.

“So you’re the one that leave this fine lady, all alone. Damn bro, you should keep a close eye on that masterpiece.” Tony said shaking his hand.

Y/n felt Justin’s grip getting tighter after Tony’s comment. She could tell his ego was hurt, and she was hoping he would just bit his tongue and let go. But she knew Justin.

“You might wanna watch your mouth, this is my girlfriend you’re talking to.”

“Hey man, I’ve said nothing bad about your girlfriend.” Tony lifted his hands up, clearly showing he wants no trouble.

“Tony it was nice meeting you, but I think you should leave now. Thanks for the company, I appreciate it.” Y/N said.

Tony nodded and smiled, then walked away. Y/N exactly knew what was following, and honestly she wasn’t in the mood for it.

“So I let you off for five minutes and you already find a new guy?”

She turned her head to face him, with the most annoyed facial expression she could make. “Don’t you even dare to start anything. He was at least making me company, unlike someone here.”

“So you wanna fuck him?” Justin asked arrogantly.  

“Fuck off Justin, go back to those bitches that you were with all this time. You ain’t gonna ruin this night for me.” Y/N said and walked away.

“Where you going?” Justin asked walking behind her.

“Somewhere where no one is going to bother me.”

“Y/N where the fuck are you going? Answer me.” Justin raised his voice. She turned on her tiptoes, lifting her hand to slap him, but she stopped herself just in time.

“Go on, slap me. Go on, do it.” he provoked her, stepping closer to her. Y/N rolled her eyes, groaned and started walking towards his room.

“So you’re just gonna walk away?”

“What do you want Justin? There is no more that needs to be said or discussed.”

“Oh yes there is.”

She picked her pace and walked even faster. Soon she was in front of his room door, waiting for him to unlock them, but he didn’t seem to hurry anywhere.

“And what would we need to discuss anymore?”

“You giving that guy sex eyes.” Y/N couldn’t believe her ears. All night he keeps teasing her, she is about to explode and now he gives her his jealous attitude.

It was kinda sexy, but all she wanted was to cum, not fight. So she pulled him closer, grabbing his jacked and connecting their lips.

He pushed her against the doors, one hand placing on her side, while unlocking the door with other. He pushed her inside, closing the door with his leg.

He moved away from kiss and took his jacket off. Y/N placed her hand around the hem of his shirt and pulled it up. He observed her while her hands traced up and how his chest.

He moved his hands on her back, unzipping her dress, letting it hit the floor and revealing her naked body. “You are so beautiful.”  Y/N felt her cheeks burning up.

Justin pushed Y/N onto bed and climbed over here. He connected their lips once again, while placing his hand over her clit, making little circles around it.

Y/N moaned into the kiss. “So wet.” Justin mumbled into kiss, pushing his tree finger into her. She groaned from sudden pleasure.

Justin moved his lips to her hard nipples, nibbling on each. She pushed her head deeper into the pillow, digging her nails into silky sheets.

He stick his tongue out and slowly traced it all the way to her pussy. He placed few kisses around her entrance, before connecting his lips with her clit.

Y/N screamed out in pleasure, shutting her eyes and enjoying the moment. She pushed her hips higher, but he placed his strong hand on her sides and held her down.

He hummed into her entrance, which only send shiver all over her body.

Suddenly he got up and she whined at the feeling of emptiness. He took his shorts off, exposing his grown length.

He took his dick in his hand and simply demanded. “Suck.”

Y/N got up and quickly took his dick into her mouth, never leaving his gaze. His mouth fell open, little ‘fuck’ leaving his lips.

She sucked slowly, swirling her tongue around the tip, but Justin grabbed her hair and moved her head faster and rougher.

She knew he was close, so he pulled her away, pulling her up for a rough kiss.

Y/N pushed Justin onto bed, she placed her legs on each side and took his dick into her hands and placed it in front of her entrance. She slowly pushed herself down, adjusting his length inside her.

She placed her hands onto his chest and started moving her hips in a circle. He griped her sides, groaning.

“Keep doing that, baby girl.”

Y/N slowly started to bounce her hips up and down, eventually picking up the pace. Their moans were getting lost in hot, steamy air that their bodies produced.

Justin’s eyes focused on her bouncing boobs, moving his hands to cup them, giving them a good squeeze. Y/N moaned loudly.

“You are so fucking hot, you know that, right?”

Justin got up, placing his hands on her back, taking her breast in her mouth, nibbling on her sensitive nipples. Sucking around her nipples, making sure to leave deep, purple marks, only visible to him.

Y/N felt her stomach clenching, her thighs started shaking. She was so close.

“Mhm, s-so cl-o-o-se. Please le-t me c-u-um.” Y/N said quietly, in between thrusts.

“Oh you wanna cum, baby girl? I don’t think so.” Justin picked her up and turned around, hovering her. He pulled his dick out, only to slam into her with his full rage.

Y/N screamed his name, almost cumming, but somehow managing to hold it back. With each thrust it became harder and harder for her to hold back. Because with every thrust he managed to hit her g-spot.

“Please, Justin” Y/N cried out.

“What? What do you want?” Justin demanded.

“Please let me cum.”

“I don’t know Y/N, only good girls get to cum, but you were a very, very bad girl today.”

Y/N moaned loudly, she knew that if she won’t cum in next thirty seconds, she will explode.

“But I think you have learned your lesson. Cum baby girl, cum hard.”

Her orgasm hit the climax, Y/N’s eyes rolled, her back arched, and she digged her nails into his muscles. She screamed his name as loud as she could, feeling like her lounges will leave her body.

“Fuck, you’re so hot when you come.”

He rid of her orgasm as his was close, his thrust became sloppier, harder and deeper. He groaned her name loudly, emptying himself into her.

Justin collapsed next to Y/N, both trying to calm down their breathing.

Spirit in the House - chap 9/10

Modern!AU Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader is in a coma after a car accident. Bucky moves into your apartment and find your spirit still hanging around. (Based on Just like Heaven)

Word Count: 1,823

Warnings: Language, Angst 

A/N: I’m so happy you all liked part 8 and we’re nearing the end, so… are they going to end up together or not? Sorry, but I do love you guys ♥

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10]

Originally posted by iamdorka

Bucky shoved Steve’s shoulder to wake him up. With a grunt, Steve slapped his hand away. He almost fell off the sofa, but Bucky kept shaking his shoulder.

“Wake up!”

Steve sat up on the sofa, holding his head with both hands. He winced at Bucky’s loud voice and rubbed his eyes with the heels of his hands.

“Shh! Stop shouting.” Steve whispered.

“Y/n is gone, I can’t find her anywhere.”

“Maybe she just went for a walk.” He mumbled, hiding his eyes in the crook of his elbow

“She doesn’t go anywhere, Steve! She’s a fucking ghost!” Bucky screamed.

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brumous | min yoongi

Pairing: Yoongi + Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 1.7k

Warning: Slight mature language

Request:  Hi! Can I get a Suga Angst where you have been distant from him because one of your family members dies but you don’t tell him because you don’t want to talk about it? He thinks your cheating and breaks up with you but when he finds out from your friend what really happens he desperately tries to get you back? Thx and sorry this is long~

Reader’s POV

“We need to talk.”

A firm voice called you back to reality as you sat idly on the couch that night, mindlessly flipping through the channels in front of you.

You looked up in surprise as you saw Yoongi standing there, his fists clenched against his sides as you noticed how ragged his breathing was, the tips of his ears slightly red: something you knew that meant he was either upset or mad.

You quickly got up from the couch and approached him in concern, your hand reaching out to grasp his in yours when he suddenly flinched away from you.

Yours lips parted in shock as you looked at him with big eyes when he spat, “Don’t look at me all innocent like that after what you did Y/N.”

You absolutely had no idea what Yoongi was talking about, feeling completely dumbfounded when you stammered, “Y-Yoongi, what are you–”

“Oh please. Don’t even pretend like you don’t know! You think I haven’t noticed how you’ve been for the last couple weeks? You haven’t even talked to me, you barely even look at me anymore!” He retorted.

If only he knew why…


“Are you cheating on me?” he whispered harshly, making you gasp, your hands flying to your mouth.

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So I've got a story

So I have math as my first period and it gets really cold in that class in the winter because it’s at the end of the Hall and in a really secluded and separate part of the school. It happened to be snowing really hard outside, and the heater just decided to give out. This all happened before school started. So there I was, shivering in my math class because I forgot my jacket that morning and my math teacher busts out this giant fluffy blanket and throws it at my head. I gladly accepted his gracious gift and he even let me take it to my other classes. So I was just walking around the halls, going from class to class with this giant ass blanket flowing around me like a cape and the hall monitor starts to yell at me. I looked at her dead in the eye and said “I am freezing and I will fight you for this blanket” and she left me alone because she’s not used to students talking back to her. By the end of the month, the heater still wasn’t fixed and the trend had caught on so my entire school brought blankets with them and tied them around their necks and that hall monitor still hates me because she had no power to stop it.

And that’s the story of the time I turned everyone in my school into superheroes.

The Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

It’s heeeeeere. Happy Valentine’s Day @myst-l-vie​ from your no longer secret valentine! Fluff is not my strong suit but hopefully you enjoy this. <3

Read on Ao3 


“You’re still coming to the party tonight, right?”

Emma rolls her eyes, stabbing at her phone to put it on speaker and tossing it onto her passenger seat. “I’m just leaving the liquor store. Yes, I’ll be there,” she assures Ruby, carefully placing the bag of booze on the passenger side floor with a pleasant clinking of bottles.

“Is Elsa coming with you?”

Emma wrinkles her nose, clicking her seat belt into place and shoving the keys into the ignition. “She’s doing something with Liam.”

“Killian’s brother Liam? When did that happen?”

“Like a week ago? Killian forgot his jacket, and his brother was with him when he stopped by the apartment. Elsa was doing yoga in the living room. Apparently they go to the same studio, but he goes on Tuesday and she goes on Wednesday, and they just started going on and on while Killian and I stood there staring at them like the insane people they are. They decided to go together on Monday, and I sort of haven’t seen much of her since.”

“Huh.” Ruby’s surprise is evident in her response, but then she adds, “Wait, Killian forgot his jacket? How does someone forget their jacket when it’s negative ten?”

Emma groans, because she knows this tone of voice, and she knows exactly how Ruby is going to react. “I might have been wearing it, and I fell asleep.”

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anonymous asked:

Bakugou finding out that hus gf has been taking his sweatpants. She borrows them when she sleeps over but she doesn't return them.

I didn’t know if you wanted Headcanons or a Fic so I’m answering with Headcanons! I hope that’s fine with you!

Admin G

Bakugou Katsuki + S/O who steals his Sweatpants:

  • At first, he doesn’t really notice since he has sO MANY OF THEM.
  • Bakugou likes activities that make him sweat and they enhance his quirk so sweatpants are a big deal for him.
  • The first time this happens, he’s taking a shower and you’ve been left alone in his room to probe to your heart’s content.
  • His stack of sweatpants just look so comfy so you pull one out and hold it in front of you to see if it would look alright on you maybe you’ll buy a pair for yourself-
  • Except, Bakugou is pretty much finished with his shower and he comes out of the bathroom in just a towel completely shocking you.
  • Your automatic reaction is to shove the sweatpants into your bag and act like nothing happened.
  • Afterwards, you’re waaaay too distracted by Bakugou putting on clothes without flashing you and then hanging out with him.
  • You don’t notice until you get home and pull out the sweatpants.
  • Who needs to buy sweatpants tbh? That’s what hot boyfriends are for. ;)
  • So how does Bakugou find out? Welllll…
  • It’s one of those lazy days at home when you’re absolutely not about to get up. You’re lying down in the bed when the doorbell rings.
  • You sO do not want to get the door but your parents are out on a weekend trip you couldn’t join them on because of school so you grumpily pull yourself out of bed and fling the door open-
  • “Hey.”
  • “K-Katsuki???”
  • “About time you opened the door. Have you even eaten breakfast, idio-”
  • “Uh, what is it?”
  • “Are those my sweats?”
  • “… yes?”
  • Hahahaha, in your mind you’re just like I am sO FUCKED.
  • Bakugou’s mind is doing terrible things lbh.
  • He honestly thinks you look much better wearing his sweats than he ever did.
  • “I can- I can wash them and give them back-”
  • “No. It’s fine. Keep them.”
  • “Really???”
  • Oh you think he’s doing you a favour? You’re doing him a favour by wearing them. *hums knowingly*
  • He loves when you wear his clothes, it shows that you’re his.
  • He will start volunteering more of his clothes for you to wear but stealthily.
  • “Are you cold?”
  • “I… Katsuki, I still have two of your jackets-”
  • “I’m not going to let my girlfriend get cold just because she hasn’t returned my jackets.”
  • His favourite loaned clothing is a jacket with his name right across the back in big letters like you can’t spell “TAKEN” any better than that.
  • When you ask him why he keeps loaning you his clothes now he’ll just say that you started it. 
  • He will never admit that he just loves you wearing his clothes. Ever.

ivy-raven  asked:

I've got another prompt for you, if you'd like! So, Tony and Steve are in a relationship pre-Winter soldier, but keep it secret and the Avengers think they're pining. Que Bucky showing up and flirting with them, them getting to know each other (again, for Steve) and them getting together, again keeping it secret. But the team thinks he's trying to steal one or the other and do everything they can to keep him away while trying to matchmake Tony and Steve. All three of them find it hilarius.

So I’m going to write this from Natasha’s point of view because she’s the embodiment of that “I just *clenches fist* really love my friends” post and she just wants these idiots to be happy. Look out for under the cut!

Natasha sighed and leaned her cheek on her hand as she watched Tony and Steve flirt. Tony was as suave as ever, and Steve—blushed and broke a plate in half. She rolled her eyes and sighed again as the blond fled the kitchen in embarrassment. Tony, looking guilty, scuttled after him.

She got up and grabbed the toast he had left behind. “What if I just locked them in a closet together?” She sat down to spread almond butter on the first piece, honey on the second, then made a sandwich of the two pieces.

“Steve would probably combust,” Bruce replied, not looking up from his crossword puzzle. “Or Tony would, from frustration.”

“Why are my friends so stupid?!” Natasha burst out, spraying crumbs across the table.

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Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
3 861
warning : smut
summary : Reader and Kai are friends with benefits.
*not my gif
note : this one is a little different than ones i’ve written before , i may also have gotten carried away a little. 😅
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Y/N had just gotten back from classes at her college, dropped off her bag downstairs and heard noise from her bedroom. Quickly and quietly she walked up the stairs to see what who was the intruder , though she already had a pretty good guess. She took a few steps taking a peek into her bedroom , exhaling in relief.
“What do you think you are doing ?” asked Y/N , her hands crossed on her chest leaning on the door frame. No matter how hard she tried , there was no way to hide the playful spark in her voice. Kai was going through her underwear drawer , pulling out bras and panties , checking them out and tossing some of them onto her bed. He turned towards her with a smug smirk on his face holding on a pair of  red panties in front of her.
“I like those. Why haven’t you ever worn them ?”
Y/N sighed taking the panties from his hand , gathering all the stuff from her bed and returning them back in the drawer. Kai was like that - he liked touching things , mostly her and she was not complaining.
“You look fantastic by the way. Love those ripped short shorts …and that tight almost see through white top…” he took a step towards her. “And that black and white plaid shirt tied on your waist. Nice.”
“It’s hot outside.” she said smiling innocently. “And you are avoiding my question…”
“Because your outfit is distracting.” said Kai snaking his hands around her waist. “You are distracting.”
Y/N pushed his hands off her trying to ignore the butterflies in her stomach when his fingers touched her bare skin. Their arrangement had been sex only , no feelings except there was a problem now. She had feelings for him and if he found out , what they had was going to end. It had been Kai’s only condition - no feelings or they are done.
“Waiting for you , of course.” said Kai taking a step towards her , as she took one back away from him biting her lower lip. Kai’s smirk never left his face until her back hit the wall. “You weren’t answering your phone. Were you trying to avoid me ?”
“Me ? Avoiding you and your hot hybrid sex ? Never.” she said , her hand palming him through his jeans. Kai snaked his hands around her waist , picking out her phone from her back pocket while pushing her body closer towards his. Y/N’s hands snaked around his neck , her eyes locked on his. “Battery died.”
Kai glanced at her phone , finding out her battery really had died. He couldn’t explain to himself why the thought of her ignoring him angered him almost as much as the thought of Y/N being with someone else besides him. Kai tossed her phone onto the comfy chair a few meters away and gave her a devilish smirk before scooping her up and smashing her body against the wall while his lips were hungrily attacking hers. He tugged on her lower lip for a second before pushing up his crotch at hers.
“MMm Kai.. someone’s eager today.” she said smiling. “Door ?”
He snapped his fingers closing and locking the door with magic before his lips touched hers again. Something about the kiss was different. It was way more demanding than usual and she liked that. His crotch grinded against hers as his lips kissed her jawline driving her crazy. Everywhere he touched her it felt like flames licking up her skin.
“I want you.” said Kai in a low seductive voice , his forehead resting against hers for a short moment before their lips collided again. “You are never going out of town for more than a day again. Not without me.”
Kai’s hands roamed her body before he tossed her on to the bed in vampire speed. Tearing off her shirt before leaning in to kiss her again. His hands pinned hers over her head. Y/N had missed him , his lips , his touch , his voice - everything.  It had been a short unplanned trip and they hadn’t had the chance to do anything before she left and now Kai’s touch felt even more magnified now.
“A week. A whole week without you.” whispered Kai to her. “That was the biggest torture I’ve had to endure.”

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Dirty Laundry - Luke Hemmings

Not Requested

Based on ‘Dirty Laundry’ by All Time Low

Word Count - 740

He’s been watching her every weekend for the past month. Luke Hemmings. He’s mysterious in all the right ways, an asshole to everyone he doesn’t know personally, and the walking definition of relationship baggage. She sat in on the Modern Literature class that he’s taking once and he’s never been able to stop thinking of you since. He thinks she doesn’t notice but once he ran into her again at the bar that you bartend at he’s been trying to wrap his head around what makes this girl so enticing.

He spends weekend after weekend on end in the club just watching her, it becomes creepy, stalker-like, but it’s not something that he can help. His fascination with her leaves him questioning every inch of her, from her head to her toes and hanging on every word he can hear her say. 

Now he’s been perched at a high table for a few hours and, despite the loud thumping club music, he’s dozed off. His head against the sticky table top, drool slightly lining his lips and the leather jacket that hangs on his shoulders acting like a blanket. It’s only when it get’s to 3am that he is finally woken up by the soft clearing of a throat.

“Huh?” he half grunts, his eyes slowly opening and hair falling floppy in his face.

“We’re closing up, so unless you want to be found here next Thursday when we open again then I suggest you find another table to be your pillow,” she sighs leaning against a broom.

He practically has to peel his face from the table, rubbing the now irritated skin as he stretches and stands up.

“Sorry,” he croaks. “I have an actual bed I usually sleep in”

“Hmm..” she hums in disinterest as she focuses on her job.

“I’m Luke by the way,” he tries to sound as disinterested as possible though fails majorly.

She gives him a look that seems to say ‘are-we-really-doing-this?’ and lets out a breath, “[Y/N]”

“Need a hand?” Luke offers without thinking.

She doesn’t look up from sweeping, “I can’t get you a job if that’s what you want”

“N-no, just, it’s 3am, I expect that you want to get home soon,” he shrugs.

With a last look of destain [Y/N] hands him the broom and walks over to the bar to start washing up.

Luke quickly sweeps the last of his area and makes his way over to the bar to help further, secretly hoping for a conversation with his mystery girl.

“So uh,” he sweeps. “How long have you been-”

She cuts him off, “This isn’t going to end up like you want it”

“What do you mean?” he acts clueless.

“You’re doing the whole ‘nice guy flirting’,” she dries a glass.

“I’m not”

“You are, and since you have some kind of obsession with me, I should let you now that I’m far from perfect,” she tells him.

“As am I,” he leans the broom against the bar, now certain he needs to justify himself as he shrugs his jacket off.

“Oh sure, because you’re definitely not a cliche, hard on the outside soft on the inside guy,” she sarcastically spins to face him.

“There’s no such thing as a saint, sweetheart,” a condescending tone appears in the air.

She puffs, “Oh please like there’s any skeletons in your closet”

“I have my fair share, everyone has secrets,” he sits at a barstool and leans back.

She turns away from him and a silence settles allowing a ringing to start in his ears.

He shakes his head and sits up, “Let me take you to dinner?”

“You don’t want that,” she wipes the same spot for the third time.

‘Why not?”

“Cause my life is like a pile of dirty laundry, you don’t want to know about what I’ve done,” she sighs.

“I could trip over your past a million times, I only care about what comes next,” he leans closer to her.

There’s a small silence until she breaks it with a cough, “You should get going before the owner sees someone is still in here”

He sighs and stands, picking up his jacket, “I’ll be back”

“I’m sure you will”

He walks to the door but stops to call back, “For the record..” 

He catches her attention.

“Dirty laundry looks good on you”


Masterlist // Request


Young!Peter x Young!Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Reader is sick

“I’m sorry Peter but we can’t let you in.” Your Mom said from downstairs.

“But I saw her two weeks ago, and she was fine!” He complained and you were sure he’d push past and break into your room if he wasn’t so worried about you.

“I understand that Peter but her medication isn’t taking as much affect as it was before so we need to keep her safe.” You Mom insisted and you heard the front door slam.

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jshtmblr  asked:

can u do a prompt where the world is indefinitely going to end so bellamy and clarke decide to just live, and there is a dance and bellamy asks clarke if she wants to dance when there's a slow song? thanks!

I tweaked this a little bit and combined it with this request from another anon:

“I wish I had done everything on earth with you” It’s from the great gatsby movie but any context of that quote combined with your writing would be heaven.

Also idk what’s gonna happen in 411 so let’s just pretend they all decide to go get Raven for #reasons, okay? Okay cool.

Clarke paced around Becca’s kitchen, wondering if it would survive the death wave.  Music played quietly in the background and she trailed her fingers across the countertop, wishing she’d had time to use it.  She’d like to learn how to cook but there wasn’t time for that anymore.

Everyone else was back in the lab, a flurry of activity, but Clarke had ducked out.  No one wanted her down there and she wondered if maybe it would be better if she just left.  Slip out the door now, while they weren’t looking.  Bellamy had a plan to get them all back in the bunker before the wave arrived but rest of them would all be welcomed with open arms— her presence made it a risk.

She had to go, but for now, she gave herself a few minutes to appreciate the luxury of Becca’s home.  Footsteps made her look up to find Bellamy watching her carefully.  “How’s it going down there?” she asked.

“Almost ready to leave,” he said.  “You okay?”

Clarke looked at him, his jaw tense but his eyes concerned.  Even after what she’d done with the bunker he still worried about her.  “Dance with me,” she said, and he cocked his head to the side.  “I know it’s not your thing, but…just in case we don’t make it back.  Dance with me.”


“Just one song,” she requested, but her heart was pleading.  If this was their goodbye she needed it to be good.  One last moment she could cling to while she burned.  “One song and we can go back to the lab to finish packing.”

Bellamy swallowed and held out his hand.  She took it and let him draw her close, his other hand coming to rest on her lower back.  His jacket smelled like smoke and motor oil and cordite, but underneath that he just smelled like Bellamy.  It was a good scent; comforting.  Clarke breathed him in and they started swaying.  Her arm wrapped around his shoulders and she nuzzled her face into his neck.  Tears welled in her eyes but she wouldn’t let them fall— not now.  If she cried he’d know and she couldn’t risk that.  “We’ll make it back,” he said, his chest rumbling under her ear.

“What if it’s the end?” she whispered.  Her fears were threatening to overtake her and she couldn’t help it, she needed him to make her feel better one last time.  It was horrific and selfish but she hoped that some day he’d look back on this moment kindly.

Bellamy stayed silent and she knew he was choosing his words carefully.  “Then at least we got to dance.”

But it wasn’t enough.  Nothing would be.  “What would you have done?  If we had time, I mean,” she asked because Clarke was greedy.  She wanted to store up these precious moments so that when the end came she could tell herself she knew him as best she could, that she understood him even if she’d hurt him.

“Swimming,” he said with a chuckle.  “I never learned to swim and I don’t think there’s a pool in Cadogan’s bunker.”  A smile flickered across her own face.  “You?”

Anything and everything, as long as it was with you, she thought. I would have done everything on earth if it was with you.  “Learn to cook,” she said, and felt him smile against her temple.

“We can probably manage that in the bunker,” he pointed out, and Clarke’s throat threatened to close.  He was planning for the future and she was planning for the end, but if she told him so it would break him.

“True,” she lied.  

The song ended and Bellamy stepped out of her arms.  “I’ll meet you back at the lab?” he asked, and Clarke nodded.

“Yeah, just give me a minute,” she said, and Bellamy walked to the doors without a backwards glance.

She watched him hungrily and hoped that when he realized what she’d done he’d see the dance for what it was.


“My little sister”// Jack Maynard Imagine

Warnings: Mentions of bullying 

Word count: 627

“Shhhh,” I said rocking the crib. Jack, your fiancé, was currently at Conor’s flat, filming a video so I stayed home to take care of our baby. There was a knock on the door. “Coming!” I said. I picked up the crying little girl from the crib. “Come on Laila its okay,” I said rocking her, walking to the door. I opened the door to see Jack’s little sister standing there. 

“Anna?” She stayed looking down and I held the baby in one arm and pulled her inside. “Here let me go put Laila to sleep and I’ll be right back okay? Make yourself comfortable.”  She nodded keeping her eyes glued to the floor. I walked into the nursery and placed Laila back into her crib. I walked back into the living room and saw her sitting on the couch. I sat down next to her.

 "Anna?“ I asked. She didn’t look up at me. "Anna. Look at me,” I said. She shook her head. “Do your mom and dad know you are here?” She hesitated but slowly shook her head. “Okay well, I have to tell them you are here so they don’t worry okay babe?” She nodded. I walked into the kitchen and called Anna’s mom. “Hello?” She answered. “Hey I just wanted to let you know that Anna is here and not to worry,” I said. She let out a breath of relief. “Good let her know I love her. She’s been having some problems at school lately and she just hasn’t been herself,” she said. “I’ll talk to her,” I said. “Thank you, sweetheart. I’ll let you two talk. Love you,” she said. “Love you too,” I said before hanging up. 

I walked back into the living room sitting next to Anna. “Anna, what’s wrong?” I asked. She looked up at me. There was a cut under her eye and her cheek was red with a bruise. “Anna who did this to you?” I said shocked. She started to cry. “It was these 2 girls. They always do stuff like this. I-I didn’t even d-do anything to them,” she stuttered crying. “Shhh it’s okay,” I said pulling her close letting her cry into my shoulder. She sobbed. I rubbed her back. 

The door unlocked and opened revealing Jack. I looked at him. “Anna?” Jack said taking his jacket off. She continued to cry. Jack sat next to Anna on the other side. She looked at him. “Who the fuck did that to you?” Jack said with anger in his voice. “Jack, calm down,” I said. “No, I’m not going to calm down who the fuck did this to my little sister!” He yelled. Consequently, Laila started crying. “Jack, will you go get her?” I asked. He took a deep breath and nodded.

 "If they ever bother you again, don’t listen to them and don’t let them beat you up. Just ignore them completely, trust me it drives them mad. You are stronger than them physically and mentally. You are such a beautiful, talented girl. Don’t let anyone tell you any different or try to ruin that for you.“ I said. She hugged me. I hugged back, rubbing her back lightly. "You know what always makes me feel better?” “What’s that?” She said.

 "Babies, and puppies. But we don’t have a puppy because Jack won’t let me get one, yet, but we have a baby. Want to hold her?“ I asked. She nodded. Jack came into the room holding while she cried. Jack handed her to Anna. Laila immediately stopped crying and I smiled. "I think she likes you,” I said. A smile broke out on her face and Jack sat next to me. “Thank you,” he whispered in my ear kissing my cheek.

“Never Think” - A ‘Riverdale’ Imagine

Archie Andrews x Fem! Reader

Author Note: Thank you all for being so patient! I’ve made a full recovery and I’m ready to get back to posting. Hopefully I’ll be posting almost every day if I get enough requests. So, this imagine is going to be a tad different as its inspired by Rob Pattinsons song “Never Think.” I can really imagine Archie writing and playing this song and would advise you to go listen to it as it will be in the imagine. Here’s the link;

I hope you all enjoy! I would really appreciate feedback and feel free to send me requests!

Archie smiled looking across the table at (Y/N) as she pulled out her purse to pay for the milkshakes they both had. “Put that away.” He gestured towards the purse and chuckled at the funny look she was giving him. It was somewhere between surprised and confused. “Don’t look too surprised, I’m allowed to treat my best friend to a milkshake every now and then.”

(Y/N) shook her head and sighed “Archie just let me pay for…” but before she could finish her sentence the redheaded boy was already handing the waitress the money.

“Keep the change” he smiled towards her before looking back at (Y/N) “Sorry, were you saying something?” he raised an eyebrow, a mischievous smirk playing on his face.

“Yeah, I was just saying how much I secretly don’t like you.” She stuck out her tongue and skipped to the door. Archie just smiled watching her. Truth was he had liked (Y/N) for a very long time, ever since he met her really. He didn’t know what it was about her specifically. He didn’t know if it was the way her eyes would seem to light up whenever he played her music or if it was how her smile was the brightest and realest he had ever seen or if it was the way she was never scared to be herself and how she wouldn’t take any rubbish from anybody. What he did know was that he loved her, everything about her. He just didn’t know how to tell her. “Hello! Earth to Archie!” (Y/N)’s voice brought him out of his small daydream.

Archie shook his head a little and blinked. The look of confusion on his face. “What?”

“I was just asking if you were ready to go or if you’d prefer to stand and stare at nothing for the rest of the night.” She raised an eyebrow “What were you thinking about?” she asked.

“Nothing, don’t worry about it.” He replied a little too fast. “I’ll walk you home, okay?” he smiled walking towards her. (Y/N) just nodded, trying her hardest not to look too concerned for him.

They were only 5 minutes down the road from Pop’s Diner when (Y/N) decided to break the silence. “Are you sure you’re okay? I swear this is the longest you’ve ever been quiet the whole time I’ve known you.” She joked

Archie let out a small chuckle “Yeah, I’m fine (Y/N). I was just thinking about how much money I just lost. It’s breaking my heart a little.”

“Excuse me, but I clearly remember you telling me to put my money away and then paying before I could even put up a good fight. I had a great speech prepared about how its men like you that create the stereotype of women never paying.”

“Oh you prepared a speech. So, you knew I was going to insist on paying?” Archie glanced at

(Y/N) while they both walked. A goofy grin plastered on his face.

“Archie Andrews. You know fine well that is not what I meant.” She frowned. “ I just know you like the back of my hand and enjoy being prepared.” She chuckled before letting out a small shiver.

“Here take my jacket.” Archie smiled as he started to take it off.

“No! I’m not even cold.” She protested.

“Well that’s an obvious lie, You’re shivering like mad. Just take it please.” He held out the jacket to her.


Archie shook his head, a small smile  on his face. “You, (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N) are unbelievable stubborn.”

She chuckled “I learn from the best” she replied while playfully elbowing him in the side. Almost buckling in laughter while he pretended to be in agony.

They continued like that most of the way back, they must have been around 5 minutes from Archie’s house when it started to pour down in rain.

“Oh My God!” (Y/N) squealed as the freezing cold rain hit her.

Archie grabbed her hand “My house is just around the corner come on.” He said as they began to jog up to his house.

“I should have taken your jacket when I had the chance!” she laughed as she jogged along with him.

“Dad, I’m home! (Y/N)’s here!” Archie yelled as they both clambered to his room. Rain water dripping onto the floor from their wet bodies. Closing the door behind them Archie let out a laugh seeing the mess of them both. “Do you want some dry clothes? I mean I probably won’t have trousers that will fit you but one of my t-shirts will probably act like a dress or something.” He shrugged.

“Yes please!” She smiled, still shivering as she watched him look through the drawers in his room for something she could wear. After a few minutes, he handed her a baggy blue t-shirt. “Thank you, I’ll just you know, go get changed.” She laughed, leaving the room to go to the bathroom down the hall.

Archie let out a small laugh as he watched her walk away before quickly undressing and putting on some dry clothes. He was fully changed and tuning his guitar when (Y/N) came back into the room. “What d’you think?” she asked, giving a playful spin. The baggy blue top was still baggy on her but very short, it came up very high on her thigh, just below her bottom.

Archie glanced up at her from his guitar, speechless for a few seconds by how beautiful he found her. He gave her a small smirk “Would you prefer what I think or the response from a straight teenage male?”

“Actually, just forget I asked.” She sat down on the bed, facing him while he was sitting in a chair. “Have you been working on anything new?” she asked, nodding towards the guitar he was holding. Archie sheepishly nodded. “Play it for me?”

Archie smiled as he started to play. It was a slower song, filled with lyrics that were seeping with emotion. Every now and then he would glance up from his guitar so he could see her eyes sparkling. He silently prayed as he continued to sing that she knew the song was about her. Once he had finished he looked back at her, waiting for her response but all she did was sit there and stare into nothing. Much like he had done earlier that day back at Pop’s Diner. “Well?” he asked quietly.

A large smile grew on her face as she focused again. “Archie, that was amazing. The best thing I’ve heard so far. It was so emotional like it was filled with raw emotion.”

“So, you liked it?” Archie bit his lip while watching her. God, he loved her.

“Of course, I do! I loved it.” She grinned before lying down on the bed. “What was it called?”

There was silence for a while as Archie raked his brains for a name to the song. “I was thinking maybe ‘Never Think.’”

“I love it.” She let out a small yawn. “Will you play me some more?” Archie responded by gently strumming the guitar and starting to play another song. At some point during Archie playing (Y/N) had fallen asleep. Not long after that Archie’s dad came in to check on them both and to say he’ phone her parents to let them know she was staying so she didn’t have to be woken up.

Once Archie had finished his final song he put his guitar down as quietly as possible as to not wake (Y/N) up. It was late now and the rain still hadn’t stopped. He could still hear it pounding down onto the window behind him. He yawned loudly as he slid off his shirt before moving to lie on the bed next to (Y/N). “Archie?” she quietly murmured, stirring from her sleep.

“Sorry, go back to sleep.” He sighed, watching her.

She nodded a small okay before moving to place her head on Archie’s chest. In response, he wrapped his muscly arms around her. “Are you sure you’re okay, Archie?” she whispered. “You got really weird at Pop’s.”

There was silence for a few minutes as Archie tried to think of something to say. He couldn’t decide if now was the right time to tell her or not. Things felt so perfect the way they were in that moment he didn’t want to ruin it. “I’m positive,” he whispered back “I was just daydreaming.”

(Y/N) frowned into the darkness as she decided not to even question what about. Instead, she asked “will you ever tell me what about?”

“Soon, I promise.” He replied before very quietly singing the lyrics to ‘Never Think’ until they both drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Warm Fire

Word count: 540

Early tags: Klangst, langst, angst

Trigger warnings: death mention, drowning mention, suicide mention, hypothermia mention. (please don’t read if you get triggered by any of these. Stay safe y'all)

Continuatiom to Cold Water (it’s not going to make sense without it) (I can’t add links yet)

Keith removed his jacket and jumped into the water as quickly as he could. He can’t be too late can he?

He saw Lance fall into the lake and instantly ran, he was far from where Lance was but took the chance of trying to save him before he drowned or got hypothermia.

The rush of cold instantly hit him when he first touched it, he didn’t care and instantly dove deeper until he saw Lance’s body. He grabbed his hand and swam up. He needed to do this fast, he could barely feel anything.

As he hit surface, he started to drag Lance’s body to the nearest land, getting out next and coughing up a bit of water. He instantly looked at Lance, he could do this. He started to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest massage, praying to any god out there to at least show some signs of him making it through.

He did it for as long as he could, if he had someway to create fire then it might have made this faster. Their camp wasn’t too far from here but he needs to continue to do this, he doesn’t want to mess this up. His skin showed signs of blood appearing but he still wasn’t responding.

He continued and lost track of time. “Keith! What are you doing?!” Pidge said appearing from behind a tree. She accidentally tripped on the tree root and fell, instantly glaring at it.

Keith was now fully panicking, his entire body was shaking and cold and he could barely keep the tears in his eyes from falling. “Lance?…” Pidge said after she got up. Her eyes were wide with confusion.

Keith slightly slammed his fist down on Lance’s chest, finally letting the tears fall. “I don't… I don’t know what happened…” he told her. His voice cracked.

Pidge looked at Lance then at Keith. She went over to the two of them, gathering any dry, burnable material on the way. She placed it near Lance and then lit it with a lighter she had in her pocket. “Keep doing it, I’m going to get someone else. Take this.” She handed Keith her lighter before running off back in the direction of the camp.

Keith started again, he removed Lance’s jacket and replaced it with his, wringing out the jacket and then placed it back on Lance. He continued it and then one time afterwards in what felt like hours, Lance got up and started to cough violently, water falling out of his mouth.

Keith looked at him, eyes widen with disbelief. Keith started to slowly pat Lance’s back while he coughed. It must hurt. After Lance was done he looked back at Keith. His eyes were red and it was obvious he had started to cry from the pain.

“Keith?…” Lance said, voice hoarse and sounding pained. Keith just stared at him while tears fell from his eyes. Pidge returned from the camp, trailing with her the others.

Everyone was staring at Lance and Keith. Keith instantly jumped towards him. Lance flinched a bit at the sudden action. Keith didn’t really think he would be able to save him, but he did. He did and he’s alive and hopefully well.

Tell me about the one who loved him - A Sirius Black Imagine (part five)

Originally posted by just-be-magnificent

Hello! This is part five of Tell me about the one who loved him, but this is also a flashback, I guess to understand a little more what is going to happen, next, if I’m not ending this series. 

Part II, Part III and Part IV


October 31st, 1981

There was this strange feeling in his gut. Something bothered him but he couldn’t tell what it was. That was just an impression, like something strangely bad was going to happen. Sirius looked outside the window, it was a dull night, Halloween, where kids were trick or treating with their parents, disguised into vampires, witches and animals, all sorts of curious things. Sirius scoffed. If only they knew. He wished he could have spent this night with his godson. But James’ son was safe, at home, with his two loving parents. It reassured Sirius. He thought about Y/N. Usually, Saturdays were their night together. They’d be wandering in London’s street, they’d grab a bite, laugh louder than they should, annoying everybody with their love. But dark were the days and dangerous was this time. He really wished to be with her that very moment, hiding into her dark locks as she’d play with his hair. Feeling her chest rise while she was breathing, making sure she was really there. He never really knew what good he did in his young life to deserve somebody like Y/N. He knew she was safe with her parents. He wished Moony was there, but they were not talking anymore. Sirius wasn’t sure where Remus’ loyalty laid nowadays. He didn’t trust him and it was hurting. If they could only stop Voldemort once and for all, if they could just only carry on with their lives… But no such thing was certain. They were at war. Gone were the days when they were just arrogant teenagers, when the only thing that they’d worry about was the next Quidditch match or the upcoming exams. Where James’ biggest interest was into fancying the gorgeous girl that was Lily Evans. When the darkest time was when they’d have to spend a full moon night to protect Remus from himself. Sirius sat on the couch and sighed. He didn’t know what to do. Getting out was dangerous, Dumbledore had forbidden anyone to go out and wander if not necessary. But he had to do something, he thought, he felt like he must go. He couldn’t just sit and wait anymore. After some annoying and worrying thoughts, he finally fell asleep, completely dressed, in a very, very uncomfortable position.

A loud crack woke him up by surprise. He jumped on his feet.
‘Y/N?’ he asked.
But she wasn’t there. Instead, outside the window, was an owl holding a parchment in its beak. Sirius opened the window and took the letter in his trembling hands. He started carefully reading it.
‘There has been an attack at Godric’s Hollow…’ 
He let the letter fall on the floor, his vision started to blur. He grabbed his leather jacket and helmet and got out of his flat, running. His heart was beating louder and faster in his chest. He took his motorcycle and started the motor with a roaring sound. 

While he was on his way to James’ house, all he thought was he hoped they’d be fine. James was a powerful wizard; there was no way he was in danger. Lily and Harry would be okay.
‘Come on!’ grinned Sirius, already driving the fastest he could. ‘COME ON!’ 

He finally pushed on a curious button alongside the handlebar and the engine flew in the air. This was the fastest way to get into the small village where the little family lived. It seemed like he flew in the air forever as he reached Godric’s Hollow’s sky. Up there, he knew he’d find James, Lily and Harry, surrounded and protected by the Order and the Ministry. 

‘You didn’t need to run to us like a dog, Padfoot! See, we’re okay! It was just a scare’ would say James to him, patting him on the shoulders. They would be laughing. Sirius wouldn’t admit to James that he had the fear of his life, but his best friend would know it anyway. 

He finally touched down the ground and reached the street corner. As soon as he stopped the motor, he knew something was going on, he thought. There was an oddly radiating light coming out of the Potters’ house.
Then he saw it. There was no cottage anymore, not like he knew it. Blown up wood was all around, laying and shredded on the ground, some walls were not there anymore. Sirius felt like he wanted to run into to the house at once but he feared what he was going to discover inside. It’s like if an invisible hand was pulling him from behind. He could not believe something like that happened. James was supposed to be fine. Finally, he stepped on what was left of the porch and entered the house, shaking nervously. He felt like he watched himself from outside his own body. Everything felt so silent. As he turned around the living room, he looked down at the body down the staircase. His worst nightmare was now reality. It was a pure vision of horror he would never be able to forget. It couldn’t be. It wasn’t happening.
‘James?’ whispered Sirius, like his friend was asleep and he didn’t want to scare him by waking him up abruptly.
But James was not asleep. His hazel eyes were fixing the ceiling, frozen in death and there was this horrible expression on his face. James died worried, James died knowing Lily and Harry might not survive that night. Tears started to pick Sirius’ eyes. He kneeled next to his best friend and looked at him, completely devoid. He finally dared to touch the cold body and closed James’ eyelids softly.

‘I’ll see you on the other side’ he muttered, tears slowly blinding him.

 He’d never hear James’ laugh again. He was gone. Sirius sniffed and started to climb the stairs leading to the second floor. He knew there was nobody alive in this house anymore, but he had to see it for himself. He had to know they were all gone for good. He had to make sure his whole world had really collapsed. He moved very carefully, like his footsteps would disturb the awful silence that was reigning in the cottage. His heart jumped when he saw Hagrid standing in the middle of Harry’s bedroom, sniffing and whimpering like an infant. He hadn’t seen the giant man since he left Hogwarts five years ago. At his feet, dark red locks were reflecting the strangely lit room. He didn’t need to see more. Laying on her stomach, Lily almost looked peaceful. Sirius made the floor crack as Hagrid turned around snappishly to face the intruder, pointing a pink umbrella at Sirius’ chest. He was holding tightly something in his other arm, something he needed to protect.
‘Hagrid?’ muttered Sirius, facing Hogwarts’ gamekeeper.
‘Sirius Black?’ replied the big man standing.
‘Is Harry…?’
‘Found him in his crib like that, crying for his mum. Poor Lily…’ cried Hagrid, looking down at the dead woman.
Sirius glanced at the child, wrapped in a blue blanket, now sound asleep into the giant’s arms . He stepped towards Harry, but Hagrid stepped back as well.
‘Don’t’ he said rudely.
Sirius laid down his wand. He opened his arms and reached out for Harry.
‘Give me the child, Hagrid.’
‘No. Dumbledore told me to keep him. Bring him to safety.’
‘I’m his godfather’ replied Sirius, now crying.’He’s safe with me.’
Mercifully, Harry was alive. Sirius knew that he was going to live to protect this child from now on. He’d be right for James, right for Lily. He’d take care of their son like the Potters took care of him. 
‘Ye’re not going to have him, Sirius. Dumbledore told me to take him to the Dursleys.’
‘The Dursleys? What are you talking about? Give me the child Hagrid!’
But Hagrid pointed again his pink umbrella to Sirius’ chest. He put his hand in the air.
‘What happened Hagrid?’ he cautiously asked.
Hagrid’s eyes opened widely.
‘Ye don’t know? The Dark Lord, he gone!’ he replied between sniffles.
Sirius’ expression changed. What could have happened in this house that his best friend and wife, along with Voldemort, were all dead? Life had no meaning anymore. If he couldn’t even take care of Harry, if is best friend lost his life to the hand of Lord Voldemort, what was left for Sirius? He failed at protecting them and he’d be failing as a godfather as well if he couldn’t take care of Harry.
‘Who has been here?’ Sirius asked, his chest beginning to become tight.
‘Only Dumbledore and me’ Hagrid replied, looking at Harry’s face.
Sirius followed Hagrid’s gaze to his godson’s forehead where a bloody scar formed a lightning bolt shape.
‘Nobody else?’ asked Sirius, his thoughts starting to put the pieces together.
‘Well, only ye and that Pettigrew boy, he came earlier, saw the scene and vanished.’
‘Where did he go? When was that?’ asked Sirius, panicked.
‘Not long ago, he didn’t say where he was going’ sniffled Hagrid. 

Police’s sirens could be heard. They needed to get out.

Sirius turned his back and wiped his face stained with tears. The giant followed him and started to walk out of the house.
‘Where’re you going?’ shouted Sirius, trying to fight back the unbearable pain he felt. He didn’t want to leave James and Lily behind. But he needed to go.
‘Told ye, I need to bring the boy to The Dursleys’ Hagrid replied. ‘Dumbledore’s orders.’
‘You’re not going to get there by walking!’
Hagrid turned around, Harry seemed so small in his arms.
‘Take the bike’ Sirius said. ‘I won’t need it anymore’
And without looking back he disapparated. He found himself into a poorly lightened backstreet. Outraged, he knocked on Wormtail’s door. He waited. Nobody came to answer.
‘PETER!’ he shouted, trying to stop his body to shake with anger.
He drew his wand off his pocket and blasted the door with rage. He entered Peter’s hiding place. Obviously he wasn’t there. He looked all around; everything seemed to be in its right place. Sirius started to pace inside the little flat. Everything was in order, why was everything in order? Oh, what a naïve and fool he had been!
Nervously he put his hand in his face and fell on his knees.
‘No, no, no!’ he shouted, panting and sweating.
There was this knot inside him, tearing him off completely.
At that moment, Sirius realized the mistake he had made. He should have stayed the secret keeper. He never should have trusted Peter. He couldn’t be right; James and Lily couldn’t be dead because of this, could they? Because of him?
Sirius got up. Filled with rage, he clenched his fists together when he saw a tiny man looking at him through the opened door. His watery eyes were crammed with a mix of panic and fear.
‘YOU!’ said Sirius, getting out of Peter’s lair in a hurry.
Peter was running as fast as he could, soon reaching the crowded streets of London.
But Sirius didn’t care anymore. If Muggles saw them didn’t matter.
‘YOU TRAITOR!’ shouted Sirius, jumping on Peter’s back.
They both fell on the sidewalk, where horrified people dispersed themselves from the two fighting men. Sirius lifted Peter by the collar and punched him.
‘They trusted you! Why did you do it? Why did you tell him where they were?’
Peter looked around for an issue and bit Sirius’ hand. Sirius released him as Peter ran away. Sirius looked at his bleeding hand, losing focus on Peter.
‘You come back! I swear with my life you’re going to pay, Pettigrew!’
Leaning on a brick wall, observed by a dozen of eyes, Peter turned his back from the crowd and Sirius saw him doing something odd, like he was messing with his hands. He heard a childlike little scream of pain escape from Peter’s mouth as he saw a strange little shape falling on the ground followed by a trail of dark blood. Sirius observed him, confused. Peter turned around with a smirk on his face. Although he looked in pain, he also looked like he was about to laugh. Sirius looked down at Peter’s hand, where a missing finger could be noticed.

‘YOU KILLED JAMES AND LILY!’ Peter shouted, like if he was performing in front of an audience. ‘YOU BETRAYED THEM TO THE DARK LORD!’ 

‘Oh, don’t you dare…’ growled Sirius, reaching for his wand.
But before anything could happen, the ground disappeared under his feet as he felt a massive pain in the head. He felt his body flown into the air and banging in the cement soil. There was this incessant buzzing, his head felt suddenly heavy. Sirius tried to open his eyes filled with dirt. He finally sat down and he looked all around him. Beside him laid a dozen of people among the debris as the sound of a blown up fountain post could be heard. Sirius noticed Peter’s absence. His heart felt crushed again. Everything seemed to be absurd, what was this living nightmare? Life was just dissolving before his eyes. How many had to die tonight? The only thing he knew is that if he had been the secret keeper, like it was supposed to be, he’d be the only dead one. He would never have given up on James and Lily, surely leading to his death, but Harry would still have his parents. He hated himself and he hated life’s unfairness. 

Through his silent tears, he scoffed. Everything did not happen the way it was supposed to. He started to laugh uncontrollably. Nervously at first but his laugh became louder and louder. He was laughing the pain away, he was laughing the guilt away. As the Aurors arrived on the scene, he felt arms grabbing him by the shoulders. His laughter was echoing in this sinister night where he knew, he really knew, everything was never going to be the same again. Although he was still alive, he felt like he wasn’t anymore. 

The Third Rule

Based on the one word prompt “Party” sent in by @bailci (ty!!). Happy Valentine’s Day (especially to my fellow single people spending today with fictional people instead of real ones. you rock). You’re all wonderful and I love you all so much <3

Summary: When Nico reluctantly goes to a Valentine’s Day party with Hazel, she sets three rules for him to follow if he wants for her to agree to take him home after an hour. The first two are easy enough, but the third one poses a bit more of a problem, due to the fact that Nico really isn’t sure how the whole flirting thing is done.

Word Count: 2735

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“Alright, I have three rules,” Hazel announced as she parked the car.

Nico rolled his eyes. “I thought you promised tonight would be fun.”

“These are fun rules.”

“There’s no such thing.”

She leaned over to punch his shoulder, perhaps a bit harder than necessary. “Hush. Now, rule number one is that you have to actually try to enjoy yourself, okay? You’re not allowed to give up before you’ve started. Again, we can leave after an hour if you really don’t want to be here anymore but you have to try. Got it?”

Nico nodded resignedly.

“Good. Rule number two: Limit the alcohol.”

Nico raised his eyebrows. “And by that you mean no alcohol?”

Hazel sighed, biting her lip. “No, and if this doesn’t show you how desperate I am for you to have fun then I don’t know what will. But yeah, someone’ll have brought a keg or something and I’ve made the questionable decision to let you have some.”

“You know, last time I checked, I was the older one.”

She punched him again. “Yeah, but I’m the wiser one.”

He scoffed but let her continue.

“Right, so you’re close enough to twenty-one that I’m willing to turn a blind eye to you having a little to drink, but there’s no way you’re getting anywhere past tipsy, understand?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She smiled at that.

“Alright, then. Rule number three, and this is an important one, Nico: I swear to God, if a cute boy starts flirting with you, you are absolutely required to flirt back.”

Nico frowned, pulling his jacket tighter around himself.

“Oh, don’t give me that look, you’re lucky I’m going easy on you.”

“Easy?” Nico asked, incredulously.

“Yes, if I were a little bit meaner then I’d require that you be the one to initiate the flirting.”

Nico just shook his head. “Fine, whatever.”

Hazel grinned, unbuckling her seatbelt. “Good! Let’s go!”

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Harry Styles Smut: French Boy

French boy (part 1/?)

or the one where Harry can only speak french, but understand english, and his new love can only speak english, but understand french…

Basically french dirty talk from Harry

This was NOT requested

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