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Hey there :) I'm sorry that you're angry and upset but where exactly is CC queerbaiting? They never advertised it as "Scorbus" (don't know how I can express this) if I recall correctly or what exactly are you upset about?

Oh anon, Oh, I’m glad you asked.
Queerbaiting: the perceived attempt by canon creators to woo queer fans but with no intention of actually showing a gay relationship.
Still, it’s more heteronormativity than queerbaiting that frustrated me, I will admit.
To begin with, I’ll have you know, I’d never even given Scorbus a thought before I read CC (a small lie, I’d heard of it, just didn’t like the idea). Hell, I loved the idea of Scorose. And then, I read the book.
So, no, I’m not being partial, not favoring queer relationships. I even tried to not ship it, you know, because I love drarry which makes shipping their sons a bit strange to say the least.
I would have been happy enough with Scorose, it had OTP potential for me. But either J.K. / Jack Throne do not know how to portray romantic relationships –-or the billions of fans that read/watched CC have the wrong perception of reality. You know which it is? Neither. Because the love – love that exceeds the friendship criteria – between Albus and Scorpius is clear as day to the most oblivious of people.
Anon, this is not to say that they don’t share the most profound friendship – that is undeniable; they share the same mutual affection and adoration like that of the marauders, and that is the greatest praise any friendship can receive. They are best friends before they are lovers, but they are lovers all the same.
If Scorpius had identified with the female gender, everyone – everyone would have been certain they’d end up together – as I believe someone has already mentioned earlier. But why didn’t they end up together, despite the fact that each of their interactions holds romantic connotations? Because they’re both guys, duh. Figures. Haha, they got us yet again. Surprisingly enough.
Yes, they didn’t advertise the book with “Scorbus”, so to speak – of course they didn’t. They’d lose their audience if they did that! (do note the sarcasm) But they queerbaited fans who had already started reading the book or watching the play into thinking that there was a possibility of a queer relationship between two leading characters and perhaps – perhaps, at long last, it didn’t matter enough to be publicized, or rather, for the audience to be “warned” about - that two boys falling in love wasn’t abnormal or anything out of the ordinary. Ha, I wonder when it will be logical enough for us to think like that. By the pace at which we’re going, not anytime soon.
I do not want to be one of those people who replies rudely to someone who was just curious, but the fact that the question you asked had to be asked is proof enough of how unseen the lgbtq+ community is in mainstream, popular media. So unseen that people don’t realize when people of seemingly the same sex fall in love – or, you know, stay in love – right before them.
See, personally, I’m not someone who speaks out about these things often, or even really pays heed to them. But I feel like this was the last straw, this time people had crossed the line.
Rose and Scorpius have next to no chemistry, and let’s be real, their relationship existed only to reiterate the fact that Scorpius was into girls. (As if) for fuck’s sake, Scorpius gave up a kingdom to just have Albus with him, and Scorpius was Albus’s ‘weakness’, in Delphi’s indirect words, and ‘all that he needed’, in his own. I’m not even going to get into all that ridiculous and heteronormative Albus-has-a-crush-on-Delphi thing because honestly, it doesn’t deserve my time. And my time isn’t even that precious.
There was so much build-up, so much – plainness of romantic feelings, that I doubt even homophobes would have been surprised if there had been, after all, a long due Scorbus kiss. I realize that this wouldn’t have gone down well with some more – uh, conventional people, but I am 100% sure that no one would have been surprised. Well, for any other reason than an actual gay couple existing. On the big, not especially “gay-themed” screen.
Also, this is hardly the first time J.k. has done something like this. I know she’s seen as this great, wonderful celebrity who is a prominent lgbtq+ ally, but really, I just don’t see it. She’s all talk, all offense. She has never once taken any opportunity – and she’s had quite a few – to maybe add even negligible lgbtq+ representation to her writing. There was that time with Remus Lupin and Sirius Black, where, when people started catching on, she KILLED one of them off and got the other married off to some random young chick who had had no chemistry with him whatsoever in the past because, you guessed it, everyone is heterosexual and don’t anyone dare get the wrong idea and stop reading her damn books. Oh, and that time with Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas when she’d totally intended for them to fall in love but alas, it would take too much fucking “attention away from the plot”. And that other time with Draco and Harry, or Luna and Ginny, or Teddy and James, or ANYONE who had more chemistry with someone from the same gender than with whoever the fuck they actually heterosexually ended up with. Even Grindelwald and fucking Dumbledore.
If it still doesn’t make sense, try thinking of everything Albus and Scorpius did with and said to each other as if they were saying it to or doing it with someone from the other gender. See it? Looks like a bunch of cliché, heterosexual romantic novel tropes, doesn’t it? So there you have it – I could go on, but my time isn’t that not-precious. And do forgive me, anon, I’m aware you were just asking. This rant wasn’t intended for you. I’m just angry. Sorry.


“To Daryl, we are still here. We are both here for Beth. It might feel like we’re not the people we were, but there are parts of [who we were] that simply can’t be destroyed.” -Scott M. Gimple

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can i hear ur sherlock rant

short version:

it’s literally an hour and thirty minute acid trip in which, by the end, gives us the most pivotal deduction of the century: guns do, in fact, kill people. 

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long version:

where the fuck do i begin? it’s all so jarring and nonsensical and LITERALLY NONE OF IT MATTERS BY THE END but i digress. in an effort to not spend too much time on this bullfuckery, here’s a bullet point featuring the most notable fuck ups:

  • as we, the audience, first step off the stupid train, we get like a solid 5 minutes of “previously on” which basically consists of random cuts from the show all smashed together in a lazy fashion (setting up the overall tone of the ep) in order to tell us all the bullshit that’s happened before. except wait, what? why is this necessary at all. isn’t this episode supposed to be, like, an au? and completely irrelevant to the overall plot of the show?? well guess again motherfucker moffat’s packing a fist full of plot holes twists that will literally leave you dazed and confused. 
  • then comes the actual beginning of the episode, where we see the atrociously rehashed vicky version of john being introduced to sherlock. except it’s rushed. the camera work is boring. the dialogue is virtually the same, only there’s a few old-timey words thrown in to make it seem victorian. and perhaps worst of all, it doesn’t make sense. we don’t see sherlock’s deductive skills in action; moffat just kinda glosses over it, because we’ve seen it before. which, y’know, begs the question: why the everliving fuck did you include this scene to begin with???????? we fucking know how they met holy shit
  • fast forward to the pre– okay, well no, not the actual present. i mean the vick au present, because as we previously established, there’s absolutely no way this episode holds any relevance to the rest of the show! anyway, we get more of the same as the main case of the ep is introduced. boring camera work. shitty dialogue that tries too hard to be modern sherlock dialogue but at the same time not modern sherlock dialogue. the actors are noticeably off the mark, as they probably have no idea how to convey their versions of the characters in this period, since they’ve been written virtually the same way. the only real difference is everyone’s casual sexism. sorry, wait, did i say casual? i meant really fucking blatant, in-your-face sexism. gosh golly. i’d completely forgotten the victorian era was sexist. thanks for reminding me, moff, there’s no way i could’ve discerned that without john asking mary to make him and sherly dinner while they’re on a case.
  • wow i completely forgot to mention the plot shit that happened in the actual case introduction. so much for short, we haven’t even hit the 20 min mark. anyway: lady in a wedding dress goes cray and starts shooting at people (but i don’t think she killed anyone? she was just shooting at people for no conceivable reason) while yelling “YOU!” a billion times in a really comical manner. anywho after she’s done that she shoots herself. but then sometime later her ghost shows up and shoots her husband. overall it’s just kind of corny but perhaps the worst offence is that while the murder is being recreated in sherlock’s head, i.e. the sitting room at baker st is plopped in the middle of the crime scene, all of the people in the sitting room are watching the crime go down. as in, they’re looking directly at it. some of them have turned around in their seats to view what’s going on. what the fuck. they’re not supposed to be there???? anyway sherlock and co (except mary bc women belong in the kitchen lollll) go to the morgue to check to see if the lady’s body is still there. 
  • hop skip and a jump past more sexism, bad writing, bad acting, and sherlock being blissfully unaware that the mortician (molly) is dressed up as a dude, sherlock and co find that the body is the lady’s and she is dead, so it must be a copycat killer and sherlock loses interest. but then another lady comes to sherly claiming that the ghost lady threatened her sexist hubby so now he’s doomed to die. sherly and jonny stake out their house that night and what follows is a cringeworthy convo featuring john inquiring about his amigo’s love life. because that’s relevant somehow. anyway the ghost appears and kills the guy, unsurprisingly, since sherlock did fuck all to prevent it. i mean literally. this guy had his life threatened and sherlock basically just told them to lock the windows while he watched from outside? how about we move the dude to a more secure location or something, holy shit. 
  • next day they’re examining the body and, evident from the knife protruding from his body, the dead dude’s been stabbed to death. pretty weird way for a ghost without physical form to kill someone, but pshhh those victorians. so dumb. must be a ghost. regardless, while theyre arguing over some bullshit i barely listened to because my brain was melting from my ears, a random “miss me?” note is placed on the body, presumably from moriarty. i sit, wondering, what the fuck? but not a surprised or interested what the fuck. more like a monotoned, vaguely confused what the fuck. but ok. moriarty did it, i guess? sure. why not.
  • sherlock drugs himself up to……… him? solve? the case? anyway while he’s tripping balls moriarty shows up and did his thing. i mean, nothing to complain here. scott did good with what utter shit he had to to work with, and at least provided us with some classic mori shenanigans like licking dust after commenting it’s mostly made of human skin. but then slowly everything starts to disintegrate, by which i mean, there’s random earth quakes and moriarty has a hole in the back of his h–
  • wait. hang the fuck on. moriarty shooting himself was a change the show made. in the original version moriarty fell to his death. and in this episode it was previously established that this was how moriarty died in this au! so the only explanation for the wound is that moffat forgot this lil tid bit or it’s just a dr–
  • wait
  • no
  • no you can’t be serious
  • moffat you can’t have fallen this far
  • moffat please i’m begging you don’t do this to me
  • but then, of course,
  • anyway, that happened
  • apparently sherlock decided to try and solve this old case that happened in the victorian era by imagining himself in it after taking a shitload of drugs. and the only reason he wanted to solve this case was cuz the lady faked her death despite shooting herself in the head, like mori.
  • the remaining 30-40 minutes consist of random jumps between past and present except most of the present jumps were still part of a hallucination and so none of it mattered. but to solve your undoubtedly dying curiosity, here’s how the crime is “solved” in the victorian era: sherlock makes up that THE SUFFRAGETTES help ghost lady fake her death by having her shoot one of her guns at the ground to get the sound effect while someone else splattered blood behind her, meaning she didnt shoot herself at all. then she goes and kills her husband, and then she actually kills herself to produce a body, then those damn dirty feminists assume the role of the ghost lady to kill more men who’ve done women wrong. and now, for those of you who watched it, i understand that moffat was trying to make this explanation “feminist” by saying ohhh they felt they had no other choice but to murder those men because no one listens to them but it was just so sloppily done. and doesn’t reflect well on the suffragettes at all. and even ignoring all that, it doesn’t even matter????? sherlock made it all up????????? because he feels bad that he treats women shitly i guess???????? fuck if i know?????????????? it’s a mess. it’s a damn mess. basically the show meanders on for another 15 minutes with sherlock, despite knowing moriarty couldn’t have possibly faked his death in the same manner as ghost lady might have, wanting to dig up her corpse, but that turns out to be a hallucination, then he’s at the waterfall with moriarty in the past, then fake john shows up and saves the day even though it’s all in his head and NONE OF THIS MATTERS and then sherlock wakes up, confirms that moriarty did indeed die when he shot himself in the fucking head right in front of him, and then they drive off to deal with presumably not moriarty. confused? so am i.

i wasn’t kidding when i said the entire episode was to say that guns do, indeed, kill people, explained via an acid trip.

i have a headache now.

- Joe


(( OOC: Alright… Time to soap box. We have the opportunity to talk with people all over the world, share our interests, enjoy each other’s talents, goof off with like-minded people, etc.

Along with that comes the ability to anonymously degrade or hurt others from the “safety” of our computer screens.

Why, instead of simply moving on, instead of simply letting people enjoy themselves, instead of putting positivity in the world, would you choose to go out of your way to make someone feel small and put a damper on something they enjoy?

Don’t like it? Block it. Ignore it. There is no reason or excuse for stepping on others. It honestly astounds me how many people make it their mission in life to bully others into submission.  

I can’t even begin to count how many followers I’ve had contact me with stories of bullying. Bullying is rampant in our society, and online bullying provides easy access for people who don’t know how to calm their aggressive, spiteful tendencies, to lash out at those around them. Purposefully taking a moment from your day to type out something that is meant to hurt or belittle another person is not a good use of your time. 

I’ve personally seen extreme bullying carried out with one of my followers, a 14 year old girl who was suicidal at the time. I’d been speaking with her for a few weeks, and the sweetheart wrote me a public letter to thank me for taking the time to talk to her. Shortly after posting this she started receiving messages from people telling her to kill herself… telling her she was worthless, that I didn’t care for her, I was just pitying her. Weeks of speaking with this girl were nearly undone by a few terrible words. 

One negative comment can overwhelm hundreds of positive comments. It’s frightening how much power cruel words have, and even more frightening how often people use them. 

Feeling big and in charge for a few seconds should never be worth throwing aside your integrity. Having “power” over others through words is not something to be played with. Take a step back and look at your choices. Don’t take out insecurities and frustrations on others.

Everyone has negative thoughts, everyone gets irritated… which is why you develop the self control to keep it in. 

Don’t type it out. Don’t press send. 

Think before you act. ))  

Why people think musical Theatre is weird and why I am obsessed with it:

Little Shop of Horrors: an alien plant comes alive and starts eating everyone

Spring Awakening: German kids have sex and die

Rent: a group of friends in New York are poor and have AIDS and die

Book Of Mormon: it’s making fun of Mormons who go to Africa and try to convert the Ugandans and most of them have AIDS

Avenue Q: Sesame Street on crack

Chicago: Lets murder people and get away with it because we are attractive!

Into The Woods: Aww cute princess stories OH MY GOD ACT 2!!!!?!

West Side Story: Romeo and Juliet with gang members.

Wicked: Musical fanfiction of fanfiction

Phantom of the Opera: Crazy disfigured guy living under a theater breaks into a girl’s dressing room at night, teaches her to sing, and then goes all crazy jealous and starts killing people and wrecking the theater when she tries to become independent of him.

Thoroughly Modern Millie: Oh look at them! Livin large and livin it up! Too bad the Great Depression is going to hit in five years or so.

Spamalot: CRACK

Pippin: King Charlemagne’s son has an identity crises so he runs away, runs back, then runs away again.

Man of La Mancha: Crazy knight fights a windmill while the other one rides a donkey.

Les Miserables: everyone you love dies. The ones who live are just annoying.

Godspell: Hippy Jesus camp

Hair: Hippy Jesus camp set during the Vietnam War with much drugs, camping in the park, and burning of draft cards.

Sweeney Todd: Everyone sings, then unknowingly eat each other.


This moment between Finnick and Katniss is, in my opinion, extremely underrated.  From the beginning, Katniss made it clear that she didn’t want a war.  After living with the guilt of killing others in the arena, she’d rather have general injustice than a colossal revolution, but after being put in a position that requires her to lead the rebellion, she’s resigned to her role.  However, seeing people killed over something that she started still hurts her and the only person that’s acknowledging her pain and the loss of life at the moment is Finnick.  He’s seeing the toll war takes on innocent people just as she is because he’s killed innocent people too and he knows just how much that hurts.

And then-

“The more people on our side, the closer we are to Peeta and Annie”

Finnick is reminding her what the purpose is.  It’s not power or popularity of sides or annihilation.  It’s her dandelion in the spring that matters.  Her hope for the future is Peeta just as Finnick’s hope is Annie.  And Finnick understands that.

Fight Song ~ Part 11 ~ Get Out!

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Warnings: Abuse, Confrontation, Language, Panic Attack, Resentment, kidnapping, animal abuse, Mentions of Rape and child abuse.

Pairings: Tony X Reader X Marie; Steve X reader X Bucky

Word Count: 1875



Reader’s POV

My body was shaking as I pulled from Pepper’s grasp to stare at the person behind her.

“Hi sweetheart,” The woman says and my eyes widen as I gulp down a breath of air.

“M-m-mom?” I stutter as I stare wide eyed at her. She simply nods at me with a soft smile on her lips. All sorts of emotions were running through my mind but the only thing that escaped my lips was rage. “Get out!” I growl at her making her face fill with a mixture of sadness and regret.

“(Name)?” I hear Tony say from behind me and I turn my rage bubbling inside me.

“What did you do?!” I yell out as I glare at him.

“Before you get all,” He waves his hands in front of him before he continues, “Angry. You need to listen to what she has to say.”

“The hell I do!” I yell out as I turn back to my mother and say, “I told you to get out.”

“(Name), I’m sorry for what I did.” She replies her hands fidgeting with her small bag.

“You’re sorry?” I scoff as I roll my eyes. “Do you know what I’ve been through because of you?” I yell out completely unaware that I now had an audience. “I’m sorry doesn’t cut it.”

“(Name) you need to calm down.” I hear Steve say from behind me and I slowly turn toward him.

“Please tell me you didn’t know she was coming.”

“Tony called us this morning.” He replies and I grit my teeth as I slowly nod. My heart was racing in my chest; I bite my lip before I turn from him back to her. “Come on leave them alone for a bit.” He says making everyone leave the foyer and head into different parts of the house save for me, my mother, and Tony.

“Peanut-” He starts but I instantly interrupt him.

“Shut up! Just shut up! I can’t-I-I can’t breathe,” I say as I grip tightly to my chest as it tightens. My mother starts to move toward me and I instantly flinch away. “D-Don’t touch me!” I yell out and she freezes. Tony is instantly at my side pulling my face toward him.

“Listen to me (Name), it’s alright. You can do this.” He says but I shake my head as say through clenched teeth, “No I can’t.”

“Yes, you can peanut. Just think about all you’ve been through,” he says pulling my head into his chest and gently smoothing my hair down continues, “You are a beautifully strong woman who needs to face her past.”

“But I can’t!” I cry out again as tears threaten to fill my eyes.

“Yes you can, I’m here peanut; I’ve got you.” He says and the tears start to pour. He was here. He was here to help me. He wanted to help me. I grip tightly to his shirt before taking a deep breath and pulling away turn back to my mother.

“Say what you have to say, and if I don’t like it, you have to leave.” I say as I clutch tightly to Tony’s hand.

She nods slightly before she clutches tightly to her bag and says, “That day all those years ago, no matter what I was going through I should never have given you up. It has killed me every day since. After I dropped you off I found that no matter what I did I couldn’t kill the pain it left in me. I was wrong, oh so wrong, to leave you with him. I have no idea what you have been through and I know that nothing I can say will ever make up for it; but I truly am sorry. I mean that.” I look her up and down to see that she was dressed nicely in an expensive outfit and even her bag was a Prada.

“Looks like you did pretty well without me.” I say bluntly as I stare deep into her eyes trying to convey all my hate to her.

“I married a wonderful man a few years after I left you. We went back to get you together but by then you were gone and I couldn’t find you anywhere, please believe me when I say that I looked. I looked so hard I never stopped looking.”

“Then how come you didn’t find me until now?”

“Tony,” She says as she glances over at her old lover. “He found me.”

“You did?” I ask as I slowly turn to him.

“I can find anyone. I’m a genius.”

“Alright smartass,” I say as I roll my eyes.

“There are no words to describe how sorry I am (Name). I know you can never forgive me but I at least wanted to see you and tell you that I’m sorry and that I still love you.”

“You’re right I can’t forgive you.” I say as I turn from Tony to her. “I was a child and you sold me to your drug dealer.”

“Wait what?” Tony says and I turn to see a look of confusion and anger filling his eyes.

“Oh she didn’t tell you?” I ask as I look from him back to my mother. “She sold me to her drug dealer so she could get high.”

“What the hell Marie, why didn’t you come to me? I would have helped you?”

“Seriously Tony? You were a man-whore at the time. There was no way you were going to believe that I had a baby and it was yours.” She replies bluntly making me raise an eyebrow.

Well she’s not wrong.

“Still you could’ve tried to get me to listen.”

“Alright that’s enough.” I interject as I pull from Tony’s grasp and taking a deep breath continue, “Alright, you both wanna know what I went through because you both were too stupid to think?” I turn toward my mother and say, “Because of you I was almost raped at the age of eight. The only way I could survive was by putting a bullet through his head. After that I was sent from foster home to foster home where I had to constantly worry about whether or not they were gonna beat or rape me. You wanna know the worst part? The worst part is that when I shot Devlin it didn’t bother me. I liked it. I liked killing people.”

“(Name) I-” she starts but I hold my hand up to stop her.

“I am a seriously fucked up person who has hallucinations that feel so real I have a hard time believing they’re not. So you say you’re sorry, well I’m sorry but that’s just not good enough.” I walk past her toward the front door and reaching for the doorknob I pause and turning back to them say, “I also almost died last night. I’m so fucked up that I wanted to die, to be free of all the pain and memories.” Tony’s eyes widen as he realizes that he almost lost his daughter and my mother just stares at me in shock. “Oh and I made out with Cap and Bucky,” I walk out the door slamming it behind me. I pause on the porch my chest heaving before I make a beeline for the woods. I needed to be anywhere other than there.

Pushing past the tree line I just keep walking not even bothering to look back. My head was full of voices arguing with each other making my heart race uncontrollably in my chest. What had they been thinking bringing my mother here? How had they even found her and what politician was she married too? My mind races suddenly making me fall to my knees as I try to slow my uncontrollable breathing. I hear a noise from beside me and I turn toward it to see Baldr creeping toward me his ears pinned back in anger as he growls at something on the other side of me.

I quickly turn from him to the other side of me and see a man in what looked like a failed attempt at my father’s Ironman suit. Instead of the usual hot rod red and gold colors it was chrome and blood red. The eyes were rounder and the instead of the slit mouth his suit looked like it barely had one at all. “What the hell are you supposed to be?” I ask as I slowly crawl away from him and over to Baldr.

“Aw, I’m upset you don’t recognize me (Name).” He says and for some reason his voice sounds familiar.

“Who the hell are you?” I ask not taking my eyes off of him. I feel Baldr kneel down to get in between me and the wannabe ironman and I feel my breathing start to return to normal. I watch eyes narrowed as his faceplate opens up to reveal a man about my age with dark raven hair and icy blue eyes. He seemed familiar, who was he?

“Come on (Name), MIT senior year? Also the year your father killed mine.” He says and my eyes widen in sudden realization.


“In the flesh,” He says using his arms to motion down the rest of his body from his chest to his feet. “Well in the armor, if you want to get technical.”

“How did you get a hold of my father’s tech?” I ask as I force myself to stand up straight.

“What like its hard?” He says chuckling making me grit my teeth and narrow my eyes angrily.

“You don’t have the right to wear that armor.” I say sternly as I clench my fists and Baldr growls angrily.

“Don’t I though?” He says tilting his head sarcastically. “After all it is the same technology that murdered my father.”

“Obadiah was a madman Zeke; you know that better than anyone else.”

“DO NOT SPEAK ABOUT MY FATHER!” He yells out angrily making me jump in surprise. “Your father murdered him in cold blood!”

“Are you fucking kidding me!” I yell back at him my eyes wild with rage. “Your ‘Father’ tried to have mine assassinated in that desert just so he could have some shitty company. If anything he got what he deserved!” Suddenly he surges toward me his hand wrapping tightly around my throat and lifting me up into the air. I kick and thrash to try and get free when I suddenly hear a yelp and look down to see Baldr lying on the ground a few feet away not moving. “WHAT DID YOU DO?!” I cry out as I punch and kick at the metal suit.

“He was in my way.” Zeke chuckles and I feel rage surge through my body. Taking a deep breath I let out a blood curdling scream to somehow alert someone that I was in danger; but before I am able to see if anyone comes black spots fill my eyes and then as the world goes black I hear Zeke chuckle triumphantly.

Tony’s POV

“Did you hear that?” Tony says as he holds his hands up to quiet everyone. “Something’s wrong.” Tony instantly runs from the house and out the door where he instantly climbs into his Mach 90 and say, “FRIDAY I need you to locate (Name).”

“Right away sir,” She replies and Tony can feel his heart start to race. Something was wrong and he could feel it. Call it parent intuition or whatever but he just felt deep down in his gut that (Name) was in trouble.

“Tony what’s going on?” He hears a familiar voice ask and turns to see Steve standing a few feet away with the rest of the team walking up behind him.

“Something’s wrong, I can feel it.”

“What, is it (Name)?” Steve asks his eyes filling with concern.

“Yeah, I’m having FRIDAY run a scan for her.”

“Sir I’ve found her.” FRIDAY’s female voice chimes out and he nods as he replies, “Good where is she?”

“It seems she is being held captive by a man in an suit much like yours sir.”

“That’s not possible,” Tony says as he narrows his eyes.

“I’m sorry sir but my calculations are not wrong.”

“Okay then let’s go,” Tony says and right as he is about to launch himself into the sky Steve grabs his arms and says, “Tony what’s going on?”

“Peanut’s in trouble.” Without another word Tony launches himself into the sky and quickly makes his way after the now retreating mysterious suit.

“Don’t worry Tony; we’ve got your back.” Natasha says into his comms and Tony clenches his jaw.

His stomach was in knots. Who had his tech? Why would they be after (Name)? Were they using her to get to him? If so they’d regret it dearly. He had missed out on so much in her life. He had been unable to protect her from the trials of her childhood but there was no way he was going to fail to protect her now. No matter what this mysterious people wanted he would given ten times that just to get her back. She was his child, his peanut. He loved her, even if she didn’t feel the same about him, he still loved her. No one was going to stand in between him and his daughter.

“Hang on peanut, daddy’s coming.”

Will Continue In - Angry Girl’s Cause The Most Damage 

…hello!  Apparently I am going to meta about Cassandra again.

A comment that skyboneharper made reminded me of another thing about Cassandra, something that I think helps to explain her dichotomy between the stoic, controlled, dignified warrior she clearly wants to be, and the temperamental, awkward, secretly soft person she actually is on the inside.

It’s not her family, although I doubt that helps. (I mean, Cassandra mostly disdains her current crop of wealthy layabout relatives, but she admits that even the badass dragonslaying Pentaghasts of old had a bad habit of drinking so much dragon blood that they went crazy and started killing people.) 

It’s that I think she spent a lot of her young life profoundly socially isolated. And I think that the side effect of that is a continued social isolation into adulthood, in part because at this point she’s not totally sure how to make friends.

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now we got bad blood - calum hood au

“I actually thought we were having a moment there, you know, until you tried to kill me.”
“I was just trying to save my own ass, don’t take it too personally.”

assassins!au inspired by this post by veiledinspiration, still not sure how i feel about this but i wrote it so now i’m posting it.

“Rox, are you sure you’re ready for this?” Luke asked, his eyes betraying just how nervous he was.

Roxy rolled her eyes and before Luke was able to respond she had a knife to his throat. He let out a shaky breath and she sheathed the knife in one swift movement, shooting the blonde boy a smile in the process.

“I’ve never felt better and I’m ready to take this bastard down once and for all.” Just as she finished speaking Michael walked into the room carrying his laptop and a bunch of devices that Roxy had seen before during her time with the two of them.

Luke and Michael had found her back when she was eighteen and trying to clean up the streets of her city. She’d watched way too many superhero shows as a kid and as she got older she realised that she had a unique skill set and she used them to her advantage as she became a sort of vigilante (plus her name was a superb fit for a vigilante or stripper and she’d definitely prefer the former).

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boys in black and themes of redemption

So I’m starting to realize that my personal perspective on characters like Snape, Kylo Ren, and (sorry) Darth Vader and their ‘redemption’ is basically based in the fact that I grew up watching Xena: Warrior Princess. (And if I get anything I’m about to say wrong, @meso-mijali , let me know.)

For anyone who doesn’t know, Xena spent like ten years as an evil murdering warlord. (Though - and this is important - she always had a Don’t Kill Women and Children policy. No baby deaths. An almost-baby death is one of the things that eventually started her on the path to Good.)

And she wears her infamy like a cloak - it follows her. She didn’t choose a new name when she started killing innocent people - she was Xena. The same Xena as the well-intentioned farm girl she used to be. And after she turned Good, she was still Xena. It was all part of her legacy. Throughout the series, many people hate her, spit on her, and try to exact their revenge for the things she’d done. She spends much of the series walking an interesting line - someone who knows she deserves whatever they want to dish out, but doesn’t want to die. Someone who’s come close to letting herself be executed more than once. There’s an episode - a terrible episode, but it had an interesting ending - that culminated in some of the other characters being cleansed/forgiven of their sins at some temple or another. Xena walked away because she didn’t think she deserved it.

And the thing is, she spends the series living. Because she might as well. Because no one thing - not her trial and death, not her saving someone’s life, or a thousand people’s lives, could ever make up for what she had done. Saving one life doesn’t cancel out taking another - and even if it had, she’d have had to toil for decades to even come close to evening the score. What she has to do, the only thing she can do, is spend the rest of her time on this earth doing Good. Helping people. Making things right.

Even while she has friends who would absolve her of her wrongdoings, the main narrative supports her perspective, not theirs. It reminds us that the scales will never balance.

One life saved, or one person loved, does not redemption make. Not for someone who has committed - or is complicit in - mass murder.

And that’s why for me - and I’m not saying it has to hold true for anyone else, but in the way I personally perceive these types of media - Severus Snape saving the Wizarding World and sacrificing himself for the love of Lily? Or Vader deciding EVENTUALLY that he didn’t want to watch his son get tortured to death? Or Kylo Ren doing LITERALLY ANYTHING THEY MAKE HIM DO IN THE NEXT MOVIES (THAT I CAN CURRENTLY FORSEE), it doesn’t even matter what?

It doesn’t actually matter to me. I am so, so sorry. I see how it could, personally and subjectively, matter to a person like Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker, when they see that sacrifice. But not to me, because at that point they’ve DONE TOO MUCH AWFUL SHIT for it to be overshadowed by one act.

Because it is VERY. EASY. to care about someone who is DIRECTLY RELATED TO YOU. Some of the worst people in history have been loving friends and family men. How Snape wanted to save Lily Evans or Darth Vader wanted to save Luke Skywalker (and I realize that Snape’s crimes were nowhere near as bad as Vader’s, but it’s a similar situation) DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING TO ME unless there is a massive, objective, ideological shift that comes with it. Every Muggleborn girl deserved to live unterrorized as much as Lily; every boy deserved to be saved from the Empire’s murderous oppression just as much as Luke.

And Kylo Ren? Kylo Ren stood there while billions of people died and an entire planetary system got destroyed. I have, hilariously, heard some people say that he ‘hadn’t wanted that to happen.’ Aww. Cute.

He’s the only powerful Force-sensitive on the freaking Deathstar 3.0. He could sabotage it. He could force the person in charge to make a different decision. He could defect and warn the planets to at least try to evacuate. He could have done A THOUSAND THINGS and because he didn’t and because ‘following orders’ is a BULLSHIT REASON FOR GENOCIDE AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN he is just as much to blame for the GODDAMN PLANETS BLOWING UP as Snoke or Hux (just like Vader was complicit in Alderaan).

So personally, they can GTFO with their fake redemption.

Give me Xena or give me death.

A Celebration of the Supporting Women from the Legend of Korra

As a follow up to my “I love Korra” post from a few days ago, I thought I’d write a post celebrating the other women from the show.

Asami Sato: does she deserve more screentime and lines? Yes. Is she still a great character with a subversive storyline? Hell yes. She’s set up to be a classic femme fatale, creating love triangles, being cool and collected, with a character design that screams “This girl will be a Villain”. She flouts these stereotypes as she defies her father, and joins Team Avatar, fighting the good fight across the world. Her too-cool exterior is peeled back as she struggles to save her company, all that’s left of her family, and falls back into an ill-advised second relationship with Mako. But being Asami, she bounces back from this, learning from her mistakes and making future industries a pioneering company. And really, she was never too cool: she was always an adorable nerd. She geeks out over probending, criticises the shoddy workmanship of cabbage corp, makes mock villain threats to destroy Bolin at Pai Sho, and is a thrilled enginerd as she shows off her hummingbird designs. Not that she isn’t super cool too: she tases the crap out of low level bad guys (frankly, fighting the equalists with more success than the benders), is capable of driving and flying anything, designs the roads for the reconstructed Republic City, and designs the machines that play a crucial role in taking down Kuvira’s mech suit. Oh, and she’s devoted to the most powerful woman in the world, who just so happens to love her back.

Lin Beifong: that lady is my hero. Seriously, she puts up with so much crap. She has a difficult relationship with an ex who (probably unintentionally) hurt her badly, but is willing to put aside those differences and sacrifice herself protecting said ex’s kids. She puts up so many barriers after the disappointments of her past. She’s a tough police cop, and is devoted to her job, but cares more for the people she loves than she’d dare say. And while she goes through a classic, “thaw the ice maiden” plot, that plot doesn’t come from finding love with a man, but from breaking down the barriers she puts up, and reconciling with her sister and mother. Lin Beifong rocks.

What about a female villain? Let’s talk about P’li. She’s an anarchist who has a relationship with Zaheer that resembles two teenagers who are madly in love, and it’s kind of cute – plus, she’s way taller than him! I dig those unconventional height differences.

Let me tell you about Jinora. She’s a bit awesome. Why? She’s only a record breaking airbending master and spiritual leader of a new nation by the age of eleven. She fights for those tattoos and earns them. She’s an adorable bookworm. She’s impatient with her younger siblings (I feel you there, Jinora). She helps Korra save the day in two season finales. She has the cutest relationship with Kai. It’s pretty much impossible to not love her.

Opal Beifong is, at first glance, a shy bookworm, but this shyness hides the sheer force of will she contains. She is devoted to her family, a devotion she has to balance out with her calling as a member of the new air nation. She loves Bolin, but holds him fiercely accountable for his mistakes, something that helps ground him, and makes sure her needs from their relationship are always met. Oh, and she plays a key role in stopping her aunt and mother from pushing their unhealthy sibling rivalry? Opal is absolutely fabulous.

Ming Hua scares the hell out of me, as a good villain should. But my word is her water bending cool. She makes herself water arms. She uses them as pickaxes rather than take the lift. Frankly, if I had powers as cool as hers, I’d flaunt them as much as possible.

I suspect at least some of the things Zhu Li said while pretending to betray Varrick were true. And good for her: her fighting to gain equal status in her relationship with Varrick and finally getting the respect she’s owed makes for one of the most quietly wonderful moments in the show.

Kya, is the coolest aunt the airbabies could possibly have. She has Katara’s ferocious waterbending skill and healing talent, and Aang’s nomadic spirit. She’s also the most realistic of her siblings, understanding Aang’s parental flaws with a maturity Tenzin and Bumi never quite manage. I bet she knew about Korra and Asami before anyone else.

Su Yin is such a morally ambiguous, awesome woman with utterly compelling characterisation. She did so much for Kuvira that it’s hardly fair to say she should have done more, but it seems clear that Kuvira felt like Su gave her a cold shoulder, and felt unloved by her. She’s against a monarchy, but this attitude holds her back from taking the responsibility of changing the Earth Kingdom when it’s in chaos, a decision that is neither condemned or exonerated by the text. While she’s trying to reconcile with Lin when we meet her, let’s be honest: she burned her sister badly. The disparity between her reconciliation with Bataar and her dismissal of Kuvira when both committed most of the same crimes is understandable but fascinatingly hypocritical. However, she’s clearly a loving mother with her heart in the right place, working hard to make up for the mistakes of her youth, and is the Matriarch of one of the most forward thinking, technologically advanced cities in the world. She’s awesome, complex, flawed, and I love her.

Ikki quite clearly suffers from middle child syndrome. She’s adorably hyperactive and attention seeking, quite probably because she often feels ignored in favour of Jinora with her growing powers and coming of age and Meelo with his sheer insanity. Yet she spends her time being quietly awesome, getting guards to warm to her so that she can gain crucial information to help find Korra, reconciling with her own siblings to help Tenzin do the same, and welcoming baby Rohan to the “super awesome family” she clearly loves, in spite of its messiness.

Kuvira seems to be the problematic fave of many fans. This is understandable: look at the cocky little dance she does while fighting Korra at Zaofu. Listen to her tragic backstory. See her good beginnings as she saves Tonraq’s life and dances in Su Yin’s troupe. Her relationship with Bataar Jr. is rather sweet. Her intentions are clearly good, and obviously stem from a desire to gain the control she lost as an unloved child. You could almost forget she ruthlessly killed people and started concentration camps. But she did: she is a ruthlessly efficient Dictator, whose desire for power and control ran out of control. She is a wonderfully complex villain.

I’d like to finish by celebrating one of the least discussed women on the show: Pema. She’s usually kept well out of the way of the main plot, as she isn’t a badass fighter, or a world leader, but she’s still hardcore. She uses her experiences to point out how hard adjusting to air nomad lifestyle is for the new airbenders to Tenzin. She is the loving mother of four airbending kids. She keeps a terrified crowd in order with an adorable song about a hungry lemur. Like I said, hardcore.

These women are all, in their own ways, wonderful characters, and it’s entirely possible to say that while still loving Korra, and acknowledging her importance as the protagonist of the series. In fact, I’d say it’s crucial to appreciate Legend of Korra, not just for its ground-breaking, convention smashing protagonist, but for the diverse range of complex women surrounding her. These women should not be held in competition with one another: they deserve so much better than that.

anonymous asked:

what do you think about the final of the books, where Hannibal L. and Clarice S. run away together and become lovers?

I must say I like the ending. I know it’s despised by many for various reasons - some doesn’t see them as a couple, some doesn’t like the drug aspect of it, but I accept it.

Starling just couldn’t abandon FBI, her sense of duty and Ardelia Mapp without some kind of great development in her mind. Dr. Lecter helped her - though through questionable means (but maybe no other would have worked) - to change from the cocoon to a beautiful butterfly. 

I have read probably dozens, or maybe even hundreds of Hannibal/Clarice fanfics (and written a great deal of them) for that 10 years I am a Hannibal fan, and yeah, of course I enjoy the stereotypical ‘Clarice is thinking how the FBI hates her and realizes that actually the only one who cares about her is the cannibalistic sociopath, who is excellent in bed, cannot be stopped by hundreds of bullets, stops a car by an evil glare and speaks probably forty languages, she searches for him, he shows her the world of art and beauty and either she starts eating people or he stops killing them’; however something like that would never worked for the canon characters, and thus I am content with Harris’ ending. 

What I love about it is that the Beast got the Beauty and got away with it. I love the fact that the villain (ok, ok, a man with ‘little anomalies’) gets the happy ending and - if he’s not the hero - then is able to make the heroine happy. 

And it’s not like Clarice would not be equal in their relationship, my favorite part in the final chapter is: 

Sometimes our couple dances at dinnertime. Sometimes they do not finish dinner.

Their relationship has a great deal to do with the penetration of Clarice Starling, which she avidly welcomes and encourages. It has much to do with the envelopment of Hannibal Lecter, far beyond the bounds of his experience. It is possible that Clarice Starling could frighten him. Sex is a splendid structure they add to every day.

Clarice Starling’s memory palace is building as well.

The Undeserving

She had left Camp Jaha without a gun.

There was a point where Clarke Griffin had stopped healing people and started killing them instead. She was trying to find her way back to that person, and she couldn’t picture her with a gun in her hand.

She had been on her own for several days now, waking each morning to pick a direction to walk in, keeping a steady pace through the wilderness until she grew tired, only to sleep and wake and walk again. It was late afternoon and she had kicked off her boots and was hanging aching feet in an icy creek, debating whether to throw the knife at her hip into the water when she heard the rustling of undergrowth and saw figures rising over the crest on the opposite side of the creek.

Clarke’s body went rigid at the sight of the Commander, a hand at her knife before she remembered her peaceful resolutions.
Lexa gripped her sword, hand tightening around it reflexively. The two grounders flanking her looked equally uncomfortable, though harder to read behind their face guards. Lexa’s red cloak stirred slightly in the breeze, her eyes a stark and bleached green against the kohl surrounding them.

Lexa cleared her throat.

“You are summoned—”

“No,” Clarke said, voice like a saw.

“I have been asked to—”

“No!” Clarke said, pushing herself forward to stand barefoot in the frigid creek.

“Clarke,” Lexa said and Clarke gritted her teeth at the way she said her name, like she could cut her tongue on the edges. Lexa opened her mouth to say more and Clarke could see her struggling for the words. Clarke narrowed her eyes at the Commander and Lexa’s shoulders dropped almost imperceptibly.

Lexa took a deep breath, focusing her steady gaze above Clarke’s head.

“As commanded I have searched for Clarke of the skaikru. She could not be found with her own clan, or in the forests surrounding. She has either left the trikru lands or been killed by it.”

Lexa’s grounder escorts shifted uneasily beside her, “Heda—”

“What?” Lexa snapped, “Do you see something your Commander does not?” Her sword hand shifted, and Clarke heard the faint click of metal about to escape its scabbard.

The grounder ducked his head, “No, Heda.”

“We make for Polis,” Lexa ordered, already turning away from the creek, “fetch the horses.”

“Yes, Heda,” the grounder woman beside her said, an instant before an arrow shaft buried itself in her neck.

Lexa drew her sword and twisted to the side in one fluid motion, the whistle of an arrow streaking past where her head had been a moment before.

“Ona tri! Jomp op!” Lexa roared, as she and her remaining escort charged forward to meet the attackers dropping from the trees.

Clarke scrambled up the creek embankment, grabbing the fur cloak of an enemy with his back to her and yanking him backwards, tumbling him down into the rocky creek bed.

Lexa was spinning and weaving, sword a silver flash in her hands, face furious as she plunged her weapon deep into the chest of a man with an axe in each hand, his body arching painfully on the blade.

“Heda!” Her grounder called a warning and Lexa spun to parry the blade sweeping towards her head. Lexa kicked her attacker’s leg out from under him, sending him sprawling to his knees. As she raised her blade to finish him, another assassin dropped from the trees, landing solidly on the Commander’s back, dagger slashing from her shoulder to her hip.

“Lexa!” Clarke screamed, already rushing forward before she realized it. Just as the woman raised her dagger to finish Lexa, Clarke bowled into her, the headlong tumble sending them rolling sideways together, the assassin kicking and grabbing at Clarke the whole way.

The woman landed on top of Clarke and slammed a fist to the side of her head, her weapon lost somewhere in their tumble. Clarke’s ears rang as the world spun. The woman grabbed for the knife still buckled at Clarke’s waist, Clarke clawing at her arms and trying to twist away. The assassin slammed another fist into Clarke’s head and sparks flashed in front of her eyes. The woman freed her dagger and Clarke grabbed for her hair, fingers tangling in matted braids as she pulled as hard as she could. It pulled her attacker off balance for the moment Clarke needed to punch a fist into her kidneys. The woman grunted from the blow, her body dropping slightly in pain and Clarke grabbed for her wrist, trying to wrestle the knife away from her. The assassin rained blow after blow from her free hand on Clarke’s head and shoulders but still she doggedly held on. Clarke’s world was just beginning to narrow to darkness when a force wrenched the woman off of her, body nearly flying backward at the ferocity behind the grip. Clarke panted from the ground as she watched Lexa, smeared in blood, her sword slick with it, slit the throat of the woman who had nearly killed them both.

Lexa spat on the body, sword hanging loosely in her grip, point slowly dripping blood. Around her lay eight bodies, ally and enemy alike dead.

“Lexa,” Clarke managed to gasp.

Lexa pulled her gaze up to Clarke, the effort of focusing her eyes looking as though it took all the strength left in her. She rocked on her feet, sword dropping from her grip.

“You’re safe, Clarke,” Lexa said, her body crumbling forward.

ok but who does clarke have left?? her dad is dead, wells is dead, finn is dead, lexa is dead, her bond with her mom is pretty bad, she hasn’t seen raven for over 3 months, octavia is still kinda pissed at her, bellamy put handcuffs on her and was willing to give her to pike who would probably kill her and lincoln is about to die 

clarke is all alone and probably thinks this is yet another death that she caused. she already hates herself for mt weather, i dont even want to know how she’s feeling right now


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I just caught up on 10x22 and I feel like it was really OOC of Crowley to suddenly be all red-eyes macho monster man when I don't remember ever feeling like he was a threat or villain ????

In Crowley’s first episode, 5.10, he was watching footage of Nazi Germany as if reliving his glory days, implying he had something to do with that horror. He was seeking to join the Winchesters purely out of self-preservation because he knew if Lucifer won he’d exterminate all the demons.

In 5.21 Crowley convinced Bobby to sell his soul in exchange for Death’s location, told him he’d give it right back because he was on their side, and then went back on his promise. Bobby managed to force him to tear up the contract but Crowley still hired a reaper to kidnap Bobby’s soul after he died and take it to hell where he was subjected to daily torture until Sam rescued him. Even then Crowley tried to take back Bobby’s soul and the only reason he was unsuccessful is because Naomi stepped in and said that soul belonged in heaven. Naomi, the one who got inside Cas’ head and forced him to kill for her, had to step in and tell Crowley he was being too evil and needed to let Bobby go to heaven.

In season 6 Crowley convinced Cas to team up with him because he wanted half the souls in purgatory. We never found out what he’d planned to do with all that power but it couldn’t have been anything nice.

Crowley kidnapped Kevin three times. The first time he planned to open a devil’s gate so tons of demons could get out, possess humans, and wreak havoc. The second time he beat Kevin bloody and cut off his finger. The third time he was in the process of strangling Kevin to death when Metatron rescued him (Metatron was the hero that episode, that’s how villainous Crowley was being). He had Kevin’s high school sweetheart possessed and then killed her right in front of him. He had Linda Tran’s anti-possession tattoo burned off with a cigarette lighter so he could possess her. He later kidnapped Linda, held her in a storage locker for months, and told Kevin she was dead.

In 8.22 he started killing people that the Winchesters had saved and said he wouldn’t stop until they gave him the demon tablet. Sarah Blake died before their eyes while Crowley did a countdown over the phone. In 8.23 he pretend to be Jody Mill’s dream date, got her really happy about having met such a great guy, and then tried to kill her. 

He introduced Dean to Cain so he’d take on the mark, didn’t tell him that he’d turn into a demon when he died, and all because he knew he’d be unstoppable if he had demon!Dean Winchester on his side. That plan didn’t work out like he’d hoped but he still had evil intent when he set it up.

Crowley’s a charming guy and he knows that it’s easier to get people to do your bidding if they think you’re their friend. But he is, and always has been, a villain. Last season he wasn’t able to be quite as villainous because he was locked in the Winchester’s dungeon for the first half of the season and fell into blood addiction during the second half. This season he’s been recovering from his addiction and getting back on his feet. Last night’s episode showed that he’s back to his old self. The scene was perfectly in character for Crowley. Throughout the series he’s really only been interested in looking out for himself and acquiring power. He’s wanted to kill the Winchesters on more than one occasion but always decides they’re of more use to him alive because he knows how to manipulate them. 

Summary of 311

Might not be the best but I tried to cover most important stuff and possible triggering scenes.

  • Jasper talking shit to Clarke, basically saying she doesn’t deserve to live
  • Bellamy trying to “redeem” himself, Octavia not buying it, saying he only saved them because she was there (which true)
  • they took Raven to the cave they were hiding at previously
  • Raven wakes up and tries to run away, Jasper drugs her again so she would pass out
  • Clarke says she knows where to find the wristband (much unpredictable) and they go to see Niylah 
  • Bellamy threatens Niylah with a gun because she isn’t helping them because her dad got killed in the 300 grounder army
  • Raven tries to escape again so they strap her down to the bed 
  • she’s screaming and trashing it’s really distressing to watch, Jason compared it to the exorcist and tbh it looks like that
  • Niylah gets them the wristband and they try to figure out how to use it
  • Monty and Octavia go to the dropship cause they need something for science
  • Raven is still trying to break free, literally pulls out her shoulder saying “there is not pain in the city of light” (it’s gross to watch)
  • Her wounds (ones she cut last episode) are reopened and she’s bleeding out, so they’re strapping her again while she basically growls the whole time
  • ALIE says Clarke needs to give her the chip 
  • Clarke tells he if she keeps torturing Raven she’ll never get it, ALIE stops for a while and they put her should back in place 
  • Jasper yells at Clarke again
  • Jasper tells Bellamy he’s responsible for killing people too
  • Jasper has a breakdown and goes outside to cry 
  • Raven starts guilt tripping Clarke by listing all the people she killed (actually Raven, not ALIE) listing everyone from Wells and her dad to Finn and Lexa
  • Raven bites off a chunk of Clarke’s arm (hence her bleeding mouth in the promo)
  • Clarke saying they’re gonna “fry her” is the science part with the wristbands
  • Jasper talking shit to Clarke AGAIN, Clarke apologizes and cries, Jasper talks shit to her still (I’m so done with him)
  • Octavia leaves Monty at the dropship cause she “isn’t one of them anymore”
  • Monty’s mom comes to the dropship, he realizes she’s in the CoL (she took the chip)
  • His mom starts beating him up and forcing him to take the chip
  • Octavia comes back to rescue him, she and his mom fight 
  • Monty pulls out a gun and shoots his mom, she dies
  • O and Monty go back, Octavia took the chip with her (didn’t eat it)
  • Raven/ALIE talks shit to Jasper, telling how he drinks now and used to get high on the Ark
  • Bellamy being the voice of reason (lol)
  • Raven/ALIE talks shit to Bellamy, basically saying he was bad in bed (I laughed a little)
  • Raven/ALIE calls him out on bullshit, saying he killed 300 people on the ark, his mom too, and how he never loved Gina, etc. 
  • Raven/ALIE says Bellamy killed 300 grounders, Niylah hears and punches him in the face but ALIE sees Niylah so now she knows where they are
  • Bellamy goes outside feeling manpain, Niylah follows him and calls him out on his bullshit
  • Bellamy apologizes, Niylah isn’t buying it (I knew she was my fave for a reason)
  • O and Monty come back, Sinclair does science stuff, they try to “fry” Raven/ALIE
  • Raven fights back, ALIE says she can’t let them have her
  • Raven trashes and tries to crack her head open against the bed to kill herself 
  • they electrocute Raven, she passes out - appears like ALIE is gone
  • Jasper goes to to destroy the chip but Clarke tells them it’s Lexa to stop him
  • Clarke gets the idea and cuts Raven’s neck open (pretty graphic, similar to 307)
  • the leftover of the chip leaks out the back of her neck (again, kinda gross) and Raven wakes up
  • Monty realizes he could’ve saved his mom, Jasper tries to comfort him but Monty runs away
  • Raven apologizes for saying everything she said, says the only thing that can stop ALIE is the second AI
  • shot of everyone in the City of Light, there’s tons of people there
  • ALIE saying Raven knows how to stop her so they’ll have to kill them all

I said this 18482092 times but..


Oh my god why are people giving VM shit for ‘going back on their word’ with Raishan like,

She’s a goddamn green dragon. Deception, manipulation, and betrayal are literally what they DO. It was always understood by by both parties that once Thordak was dead, all terms of 'alliance’ were out the window. She is a member of the Chroma Conclave, and has brought intense pain, suffering, and death to hundreds if not thousands of people. And have we forgotten that Raishan was the one who first started killing people when the Conclave made their appearance? She literally melted an entire crowd of people, before any of the others attacked.

This is the smart tactical move. Raishan WAS going to betray VM - better to attack her now before she can prepare and regain her HP/actions. The only thing they maybe should have waited on was the rest of the party to get there but idk I was getting VERY strong 'incoming dracolich’ vibes when she started reading that scroll.