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Temporal Mechanic - Ch. 10

They waited until they’d taken the elevator back to the hotel room before discussing anything more serious than how pretty the Rolls was and how nice the weather was. Not that they didn’t trust Sir Michael or his discretion, but…well. They’d want this to be a truly private conversation.

Emily went to the bed and flopped down, staring up at the hotel ceiling. “Well.”

Lena nodded as she unbuckled the accelerator and left it on the table before joining her. “Yeah, that just happened.”

Their hands joined and Emily gave Lena’s fingers a firm squeeze. “How’re you feeling, love?”

“Aside from, ‘holy fuck that is a lot of money’?” Lena shook her head. “I mean, I love a good Bond flick –”

“Or a bad one.”

Lena snorted. “Yeah, OK, but…still. Not exactly how I ever saw myself. I mean, going from being a hero to a…not exactly spy?”

Emily nodded. “He did tell you that generally you could just keep doing…well. Whatever you like, really. Just with a little extra work on the King’s shilling here and there.”

“Not so different from being in the Reserves when you put it that way,” Lena admitted, “and the fact that they’d…well. Not exactly block the UN, but run interference, at least.”

“Mm. True enough.” Emily rolled onto her side, reaching out to caress her wife’s cheek. “So what else is going on in there, Flight Lieutenant Oxton?”

“I don’t know, Em.” Lena sighed. “I want…I want to say yes. It’s a chance to keep doing what I can, and god knows that money would make our lives easier.”

Emily raised an eyebrow. “But…?”

Lena made a frustrated noise. “I am so tired of hiding. Hiding I liked girls, hiding that we were married, hiding from the bloody UN goons…I haven’t even rung Winston in, what, a month? Because ‘minimal contact.’ Fucking wankers …”

“Is that what you think this would be?” Emily frowned thoughtfully. “I mean, with what they’re offering…it seems to me that you’d have the chance to be, well…as much in the open as you like, as Lena Oxton or as Tracer. Both, really.”

“Yeah, it seems like, but…I don’t know, luv. You know what they say, if it looks too good to be true…”


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Writing prompt: People assumed that Megan carried the sword to earn her keep, to defend herself from the monsters of the night and cut out the tongues that scorned her name. But no one knew that it was a blunt sword, one she had never killed with before.

(BTW, I do do prompts! I’ve gotten a lot of them so it may take me a couple of days :) Thanks for sending this one in anon!)

“I never wanted to become a legend,” Megan says gloomily, staring at the sheathed sword on her knees.

Across the campfire, the mountain troll snorts. “Don’t flatter yourself. You’re a horror story, not a legend.”

Megan isn’t sure she wants to be hearing that from a mountain troll, particularly not one who had been trying to sneak up and eat her only twenty minutes before. She doesn’t answer, staring at the way the firelight flickers over the metal scabbard, sending long, deep shadows into the engravings along it.

“If you’re going to kill me,” the mountain troll says, “hurry up and do it. Sun’s coming up and I’d rather go by that sword than a bit of sunlight.” The troll looks anxiously to the horizon, hands twisting in the ropes binding it to the pine tree behind it.

Megan, feeling dangerous, picks her sword up with both hands, one on the scabbard, one on the hilt. The troll’s beady eyes fix on it, the breath seeming to still in their lungs. Slowly, Megan drew her sword just one inch. Then two.

“The Sword of a Thousand Souls,” the mountain troll breathes. The troll stares for another beat and then laughs without humor. “They said you could feel the pressure of your kills from across a field.” It swallows. “They were right.”

So even this one can’t tell a blunt sword from a live one.

Megan sheathes her sword with force, the metal singing a protest, and stands. She doesn’t know what she expected. To be caught? To be freed of this reputation? To be understood?


She can’t look down at the troll, the troll being taller than her even while sitting, but she tries. “You’re a disappointment,” she says coldly. “Maybe the sun will think differently.” She turns sharply on her heel and clicks her fingers. With a hiss, the fire goes out.

“Wait,” the troll says with alarm. “Wait! You can’t leave me here! Behead me, stab me, take my heart, anything. I don’t want to burn!”

Megan scoops up her bag, purses her lips, and keeps walking.

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“He’s real yummy, isn’t he?” Y/F/N let out a dreamy sigh, slumping against the counter as she stared at Harry. You couldn’t help but let out a small laugh at how enchanted she was by him - But, you had to be honest: Harry Styles was certainly very easy on the eyes. 

“I’ve never heard someone being described as ‘yummy’.” You snorted, folding up a towel before placing it into a cubby hole. 

Working at the local gym had its perks - You got to make fruit smoothies for yourself (for free!), you got an employee discount on whatever products were on sale (that made Christmas shopping a whole lot easier), and, as much as you hated to admit it, being able to stare at a sweaty, shirtless Harry for two hours a day wasn’t that bad. 

The only thing that was worrying you was the fact that you might have had a teensy, tiny crush on Harry.. But so did everyone else. (Y/F/N was always offering him a towel every five minutes.. Even though he already had one.) You couldn’t tell Y/F/N that, though. If she had a crush on him, you had to back off. She had already made it very clear that she liked him - And you didn’t want to risk a strong friendship over some.. guy. But.. Harry wasn’t just any old guy. He was always so polite, sweet, charming, funny.. At one point you thought maybe he liked you back - But he was like that towards everyone! Harry was just a friendly person. You wouldn’t be surprised if you were already in the friendzone. 

“Ugh, I just remembered I had to roll up the yoga mats from this morning’s lesson. I’ll be right back!” 

“Mhm.” You hummed, focusing on folding up the towels before you were suddenly aware of the presence standing in front of the counter. 

“Hey, cutie.” 

You glanced up, your heart immediately racing at the sight of Harry. Your cheeks grew a dusty pink at the pet name, a small smile playing at your lips. 

“Harry.” Your voice cracked slightly as you spoke. Good god, you were nervous. Why were you nervous? “W-What can I help you with?” You cleared your throat, trying to play it off as if you were the most chill person in the entire world. 

“Came over t’ see my favourite towel girl, obviously.” He teased, reaching over and pinching the apple of your cheek playfully. See, this was what you meant when you said he was cheeky to everyone. You couldn’t tell if he was flirting or.. No, no. Someone like him would never in a million years go for someone like you! “Came over for a drink o’ water, too. Gotta stay hydrated.” Harry clicked his tongue, handing you his empty bottle of water. 

“Right, yes. Water. Good for the body. Hydration.” You stammered, your brain seeming to spit out whatever stupid phrases it could come up with. You let out a small breath as your cheeks heated up even more, turning towards the water dispenser. Good god, you were such an awkward person. It really was a curse. If you were as confident as Y/F/N, that would be great. 

“I think you have to push the nozzle down for water to come out, Button.” You hadn’t even noticed Harry standing behind you, placing his hand over yours before he gently pushed down on the dispenser. Was it getting hot in here or was it just you? 

“Well, here you go.” You twisted the lid back onto his bottle, turning to face Harry before you realized you were practically pressed up against him. “I-” 

“Y/N! I thought you were busy folding towels!” You and Harry immediately jumped apart when you heard Y/F/N’s voice, your eyes widening slightly. The sight of you and Harry pressed up against each other probably wasn’t doing it for Y/F/N. 

“I jus’ asked her to fill my bottle up for me. The nozzle got stuck so I helped.” Harry shrugged casually, taking a swig of water before making his way back to the weights. “Thanks again, lovely.” You shot Harry a nervous smile before returning your attention to the towels. That was until you noticed Y/F/N glaring at you. 

“What?” You asked, glancing towards her. 

“Y/N, you know the girl code. I don’t want to be that person, but.. Well, in the nicest way possible, please back off. You know I’ve had my eye on him for the longest time, you can’t just go around pushing yourself on him.” She scoffed, rolling her eyes. 

“I wasn’t-” 

“It doesn’t matter. Harry’s off limits.” Y/F/N muttered. She was quiet for a second before speaking up again. “Still love you, though!” She blew you an air kiss before going off to deal with another task. As you watched her walk away, you locked gazes with Harry, your heart fluttering as his left eye dropped in a wink. 



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DnD This 4

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“So Agreste!” Kim asked Adrien as they all began to pack up their DnD gear before the next session. “You and Chloé seem to have the night planned, what’s next?”

“I was thinking I’d order pizza–”

“Adrikins you know I hate pizza!” Chloé interrupted Adrien.

“That’s a bold lie, even coming from you Chlo, considering how you love Marchello’s.”

“Gifts from god are not the same as grease circles.” Chloé defended as if she had made a point. Adrien gave a snort of laughter.

“Anyway, while we’d wait for them to arrive go to the palor to start a movie or two? Or we could always go to my room there’s a lot of games there?”

Ivan looked up from his tablet, his eyes shining at the mention of different parts of the mansion. “Is it true you have the most beautiful bathhouse in all Paris?”

“That is a strange thing to ask? I mean I think it’s alright but we don’t use it much after….” Adrien paused but before anyone could say anything, “How’d you even know about it, Ivan?”

“My mother is an architecture. She specializes in bathhouses and even if she didn’t,  your house in general is practically a legend in her circles. In fact did you know–”  Ivan looked as if he was about to give an entire introspection to Adrien’s entire house, before Myélene rested a hand on his arm. “I’ll tell you later.”

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Fanfiction - Daisies & Thistles (College AU)

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Daisies & Thistles

“Do ye need help?” Jamie tentatively touched the closed door. “Why is it taking sae long?”

“No!” Claire’s irritated voice sounded from the inside of the bathroom. “Why don’t you try to pee on a stick to see how easy it is?”

He snorted, a timid smile dawning on his mouth, amidst all the nervous tension.

“It would probably be a lot easier.” He replied. “I can aim.”

“Alright.” She opened the door and sighed, folding her arms. “It’s done. Now we wait.”

“Come here.” Jamie asked, opening his arms. She obediently walked to meet him and her breath caught in her throat as soon as she felt his arms embracing her, strong and supportive. “I love ye, mo nighean donn. I’m here – no matter what happens.”

“I know.” She whispered against his collarbone. “Just a couple of minutes longer. So, what’s up with you and Tom Christie?”

“Ach.” Jamie rubbed her back, feeling her starting to relax. “We went to school together back in Scotland, in Broch Mordha. He isna a highlander – born and raised in Edinburgh, I believe – but went to live there when we were teens.”

“He seems to have some kind of feud with you.” Claire said slowly, tucking her hands on the waistband of his jeans. “What did you do to make him hate you so much?”

“Why do ye think it’s my fault?” Jamie raised a brow and asked, outraged. “Why canna be his doing?”

Claire’s body shook with supressed laughter. “I love you, James Fraser. But you are trouble.”

“Alright.” He sighed, pinching her buttock in retaliation. “Wee Tom wanted to be Head Boy – dreamt of leading the school and being looked up to. But the headmistress chose me to represent the school in such capacity and he was verra angry. It didn’t help that I was a much better rugby player than him, or that the lasses…erm…fancied me.”

“Tom wanted to be prom queen and you stole his crown.” Claire clicked her tongue. “Boys. And people say girls are vindictive.”

“There’s more.” Jamie said haltingly. “We got into a fight – and because there were witnesses who saw that I only defended myself, Tom ended being expelled from the school.”

“Ah.” Claire withdrew slightly to look into his eyes. “That’s quite ancient history though – he might have changed. Maybe we can hope for the best and meanwhile…you’ll be careful?”

“Aye.” He smiled and kissed her forehead. “I wouldna dare to tell ye what to do, Sassenach – I learn from my mistakes, believe it or not – but I’ll advise ye to stay away from the man. I’m concerned that he might hurt ye somehow, or come close to ye just to punish me in some way.”

She looked into his eyes and saw real fear there – and slowly exhaled and nodded.

“Alright.” She kissed his lips, slightly cold. “I think it’s time.” Claire gently let go of him and walked to the washbasin, where she had left the daunting item, looking like a weird thermometer. She quickly grabbed it without looking into it and closed her fist around it.

“Well, how does it work?” Jamie asked in a somewhat strangled voice. “How do ye know the result?”

“Two stripes means it’s positive.” Claire bit her full bottom lip, her hand nervously waving, the test still secluded between her fingers. “That I’m pregnant.”

“Do ye want me to see it?” He proposed softly. “Or we can do it together.”

“I think…” She brushed her stubborn curls, falling in a cascade around her shoulders, looking utterly lost. “Will you hold me while I look?”

“Always.” He smiled and came behind her, his strong arms folding around her waist. He was slightly bent to better fit her body – his jaw resting on her graceful shoulder. She went almost boneless, breathing deeply and surrendering to his calm centre – her head leaned back, searching for the hollow of his chest where it fitted perfectly. He kissed the top of her head, encouraging her – and slowly his fingers entwined with hers, offering her his strength, until she reluctantly opened them.

For a moment they only listened to the distant voices outside, students going out to grab some dinner, friends returning from long walks in the park, a couple trading harsh words bellow the dorm’s window – unintelligible, but quick and angry, like a hive of bees commanding an attack. The world was all around them, still happening in its own pace, heedless of the defining moment they were living.

Claire suddenly recalled with vividness a time of her life in Southern Europe – her uncle had been doing some excavations on Roman occupation in Lusitania – and the field of daisies that grew behind their accommodations. She used to go there at sundown – her young fingers plucking white petals from the divinatory flower, chanting “He loves me…He loves me not…”. Back then there wasn’t even a love interest – but she found it amusing and comforting that life could be settled so easily, by the willpower of a single flower. This was eerily similar – only this time the flower had been replaced by a white pharmacy test and she already knew she was loved.

“One stripe.” Jamie whispered in her ear. “That means ye’re are not pregnant. Aye?”

“Yes.” She answered in a low voice. “I’m not pregnant.” Claire didn’t know what she was feeling – there was relief there to be sure, but also a pain she hadn’t been expecting. She turned to face Jamie.

He was serene, his face a mask of stilled waters – but for the briefest of moments, when she had turned, she had seen it – the loss.

“Tell me what you’re thinking. Please?” She added in a murmur, her thumb tracing the curve of his high cheek, until it reached the edge of his long and straight nose. “Don’t hide from me.”

“I ken it wasna the right time, Claire – how hard it would be for the both of us.” Jamie smiled shyly. “But the idea of a child – yer child – grew on me today. So much so I began to think I was going to burst from it – from being so full and so complete.”

“Are you disappointed then?” She searched his eyes, blue and limpid, stormless like a merciful sea. “Do you wanted it to be real?”

“Part of me did.” Jamie admitted in a hoarse voice. “I was watching you in the field today – imagining yer belly round and swollen with our bairn – and I almost lost it. I wanted to take ye to my bed and make ye scream and cradle ye inside my hands afterwards. I craved to kiss ye, until yer lips were bruised and swollen from it, so everybody could see; and to tell ye all the poems I know by heart. It was so powerful, Claire. It made me afraid, because I wasna aware of that part of me.”

“I saw it too.” Claire whispered, her heart thundering inside her chest. “You and our child together – a family of my own. I was afraid, but then I was…hopeful.”

“You will be the mother of my children, Sassenach.” His hands travelled along her arms, until they reached her waist and her flat stomach. “I shall see ye so, when the time is right.”

“So…we wait?” Claire asked softly.

“We wait.” Jamie nodded, smiling as he watched her lips already parting to receive his kiss. “And maybe I can practice the part of making ye scream just now.”


“I have something for ye.” He said tenderly, kissing her temple. She nuzzled his shoulder and turned her face to look at him, glaring at her with love in his eyes.

They were sitting by the same fountain where they had talked the first night – the glorious day they assumed their feelings, discovering they were entirely reciprocated.

“Do you?” She asked, curious, in a hoarse voice. They had made love, urgently and passionately, on the floor of the bathroom, barely restraining enough to rid themselves of clothes. He had made her scream – repeatedly – and she had clawed his back with her nails, temporarily tattooing him with the echoes of her release. They were barely composed when Ian had entered the dorm, looking embarrassed and mortified – his blushing enhanced by Claire’s tousled hair and the bruises on Jamie’s neck. “What is it?”

“Give me yer hand.” He asked, reaching out with his own palm. She diligently complied.

He traced the lines on her palm with his fingertips, exquisitely soft as the brush of a painter, awakening the butterflies in her belly. He stopped when he reached her Venus Mount and, bending over his head, lightly bit her there with his teeth, making her gasp. She then felt something cold on her finger and saw that he had placed a silver ring there.

“It’s not much, mo ghraidh. But if my love for ye is endless, my words are not. I wish I could tell ye, again and again, that ye are my life – each time with a new word, made only for ye. Perhaps this ring can tell ye how I love ye, when I fail to do so.”

“Jamie…” She whispered. It was a thin band, with intricate thistle blooms carved at the centre of each link. It was her in a way that nothing else was – not the clothes she chose herself, not the books she read all her life, not the reflection she saw on the mirror. Jamie had looked into her soul – and understanding and cherishing the fact that something of them both now lived there – had turned their essence into something she could wear everyday. “It’s perfect.”

“Will ye wear it, Claire?” He asked, his voice hopeful and warm as a summer morning. She knew what he meant. The ring was not a proposal – not yet, anyway – but was a promise and a vow between them.

“Yes.” Claire kissed the ring, feeling the metal reassuringly cold and real against her lips. “As long as we both shall live.”

#4 Snow fights

A/N: Surprise!! And it’s finally here! The long promised snow/Christmas fic. I’m sorry it took so long. Sometimes life just gets in the way.

I want to thank anyone who supports my writing by liking/reblogging or reviewing. I love reading your thoughts on these pieces more than anything, and I hope you never stop liking it!

Prompt #4: Snow fights - Snow, mistletoe and a whole lot of smut.

Word count: 2,486

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Black Magic (Young!Sirius Black x Reader)

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Request from: Anon

Prompt: Hiya :) could you please do a Young!sirius x reader where Sirius and the reader grew up together, but now he is always teasing or harsh with the reader because he is jealous because she is close friends with James and Sirius thinks they like each other. One day he goes too far and James confronts him. Thanks Hun x

“Oh Sirius stop it, or I swear I’ll curse you” You huffed as you picked out your dress.

“Seeing James again I assume” He teased pulling at one of your perfectly curled hairs.

“As a matter of fact I am” You snorted swatting his hand away.

You had met Sirius when you were only three years old. Your parents were friends so the two of you spent lots of time together. This led to you meeting James and the rest of his friends. You were one of the guys. Though you always toyed with the idea of dating Sirius. You had become particularly close to James. He had his eyes set on Lily Evans but apparently she needed a push. So James had the brilliant idea to use you to make her jealous. That entitled you to go places where Lily was and cling to James. You were happy to help. In fact you assisted all of the marauders in getting girls. That is except Sirius. You were still unsure of whether or not he liked you.

It was strange though because ever since you started helping James, Sirius seemed different. He pulled away from you and began to tease you more and became harsh. You assumed he was having a hard time with school but whenever you asked he brushed you off. It was actually becoming rather troublesome.

“And where will you be going this time?” Sirius said flopping on your freshly made bed.

“Oh come on don’t be silly” You said shoving him off of your bed. “You know Remus is having a party tonight. His parents are taking their yearly vacation to the muggle world”

“Ah yes that’s right. What a coincidence I will be there as well” He said rubbing his head which had hit the floor.

“Now get out” You said playfully pushing out the door. “I have to change and I wouldn’t want you seeing anything”

“What’s to see” He said rolling his eyes and walking away. “See you tonight” He called as he slammed your door shut.

What was up with him? Did he actually mean that? Maybe this was a sign that he really didn’t like you. You decided you’d talk to James. Maybe he knew what was going on. “Oh dash it” You mumbled as you looked at the time. You ran outside and caught up with James and the rest of the boys. The only problem was that Sirius was nowhere to be seen.

When you were at the party James held you close and watched as Lily’s eyes flickered with jealousy. Mission accomplished. Halfway through the night you saw Sirius standing in a corner with his eyes on you. Except it wasn’t friendly. It appeared to be hatred.

“James” You said tugging on his shoulder. “Do you know what’s wrong with Sirius? He seems to be treating me so different”

James shrugged. “I have no idea. He hasn’t said anything to me. Go talk to him” He said nudging you in Sirius’s direction.

As you approached Sirius he started walking away and outside. “Sirius. Sirius. Sirius!”  You yelled calling after him. “Hey” You said catching up to him and pulling on his shoulder.

“Yes Y/n what do you want?” He said reluctantly turning around to look at you.

“I wanted to spend time with you” You said softening your tone.

“Well don’t let me take you away from James”

“Ha ha very funny” You said brushing off his cold tone.

“I’m serious Y/n”

“Well of course you’re Sirius…” You said making a joke.

“I don’t want to see you anymore” He said cutting you off.

“What?” You said shocked as the tears formed in you eyes.

“Go away” He said before walking away from you and further into the night’s darkness.

You ran inside as tears streamed down your face and right to James. As soon as he saw you the smile dropped off of his face. “Y/n what’s wrong?”

“It’s Sirius” You sad wiping the tears from you face. “He doesn’t want to see me anymore” You said your voice cracking.

“I’ll talk to him” James said storming off rather angrily. “Are you mental?” He demanded upon finding Sirius outside. “You made Y/n cry”

“No you’re the mental one” Sirius said rolling his eyes. “You knew I liked Y/n and what do you do? You pursue her and take her everywhere, mocking me”

James laughed. “You’re kidding right? I like Lily and Y/n was just helping me make her jealous” Sirius’s face turned pale. “You better go talk to her she’s in Remus’s room”

Sirius feeling rather foolish and embarrassed rushed upstairs to Remus’s room. As he burst through the door he ran to your side and knelt down next to the bed. “Y/n I am so sorry. I didn’t know you were helping James. I thought you didn’t like me so I got jealous and became mean. Please forgive me”

“Why would you be jealous?” You asked wiping away the tears. “I was still spending time with you”

He sighed. “Yes but not the kind of time you were spending with James”

“Why would that matt….oh” You said realizing. “You liked me all this time?” 

He shrugged running his hand through his back hair. “You caught me”

“Oh you fool” You said tackling him to the ground. “I liked you too”

He rolled you over so now he was on top. “Then I guess that means I can do this” He pressed his lips against yours and as he did you heard snickers of laughter.

“Boys” You said snarling. “I will use magic outside of school if you don’t get out of here” You said chasing Peter, James, and Remus out the door and down the stairs. You could hear Sirius laugh as you chased them outside and into the darkness.

Heh, A lot of allies to the humble sanctuary Clan have monarchic- or similar- ruling systems. Ambassadors must be so confused when they first arrive and find out that the closest thing to a ‘ruling family’ this place has are these goofballs.



You sigh and stare across the lunchroom to Stiles who had just walked in with Scott close behind him. The two were talking heatedly, so Stiles had yet to do his normal scan of the lunchroom to find where the pack chose to sit. Your gaze followed him, eyes longing and hands itching to hold his.

“Have you told him yet?” Lydia’s voice cut through your trance, and your eyes snapped away from Stiles to settle on her smirking face.

Your eyes widened at the thought of revealing how you felt about Stiles to his face. “Are you freaking crazy?” You whispered harshly, lowering your eyes to the table. “There’s no way in hell I’d be able to tell him. I would die from being a nervous wreck!”

Allison gave a snort. “Telling him would be a hell of a lot better than being….that,” she said, motioning to me.

“You just motioned to all of me!” You grumbled, staring at her bewildered.

She nodded. “Yes, I did. Because right now you’re being a mopey, soppy, in love person without him even noticing and it’s pathetic.” She leaned forward, sharing a knowing glance with Lydia. “If you don’t tell him, then we will.”

You gasped. “You wouldn’t!”

“We would.” They said in unison.

Two chairs slid out on the other side of the table and Scott and Stiles slid into them. A blush quickly rose to my cheeks, and you buried your face in your hands to try and hide it while Allison and Lydia snickered. With those two around, you knew the rest of the day was going to go by very, very slowly.


The rest of the week went by with no intervention by Lydia or Allison, but you had seen them chatting secretively with Scott. You knew the three of them were up to something. You just didn’t know what. So, when the bell rang to signal the end of Beacon Hills school day, you rushed for your car. However, Scott beat you there.

You let out a groan as he cut between you and your car. “What do you want Scott McCall?”

The pack’s Alpha feigned hurt, putting his hand on his chest. “Am I not allowed to ask one of my best friends if she wants to hang out tonight?”

Your stiff shoulders relaxed. “Sorry, Scott. It’s just that Lydia and Allison have been on me all week about my feelings towards Stiles.” Once you said that, Scott smiled softly. “I can hang out with you tonight. It’ll help distract me from my plans to murder those two.”

“Great. Come to my house around eight.” He gave you a grin before stepping aside, allowing you to climb into your car. You waved him goodbye and pulled away, not missing the smirk that slid onto his face.


At eight o’clock that night, you knocked on Scott’s front door, patiently waiting for him to give the “come on in” yell. Instead, you were greeted by the door swinging open, to reveal none other than Stiles.

Caught off guard, your eyes widened and you struggled to find words to say. You were sure you looked like a fish out of water. “Um, Stiles! What are you doing here?”

He furrowed his brows and crossed his arms, leaning against the doorframe. “I could probably ask you the same thing.”

“Uh, Scott invited me over to hang out tonight and-“ You stopped, realization dawning across your face like a splash of cold water. “Oh, those rotten, stupid, sons of-“

“Y/N?” You looked up to see Stiles giving you a confused look. “Why don’t you come in and explain why you’re cursing whoever you’re cursing?”

You sighed and stepped over the threshold, noting that Stiles barely gave you any room to slip by. Once in the foyer, you turned to examine the adjacent rooms. The dining room had two boxes of pizza sitting on it, and from the smell, you knew one was your favorite, and the other was Stiles’. You knew it.

You let out a sigh before turning to face Stiles. “What I believe has just happened is that our so called wonderful friends just set us up on a date.” You could see the smile appearing on Stiles’ handsome face, and your heart started pounding. “I didn’t think that they would go this far.”

“Let me guess,” Stiles started, slowly walking towards you. “You like me, but don’t want to say it to my face. So Lydia, Scott, and Allison made a plan to get you and I together without our knowledge so that either I figure it out, or for you to tell me.” By the time he finished speaking, he had you backed up against the wall, and he was so close you could smell the mint on his breath as it fanned across your face. Your knees were weak and you could barely stand as you watched his eyes flutter from your eyes to your lips. “Did I get that right?”

You gulped and struggled to speak, and when you finally did it came out as a small squeak. “Yes.”

“That’s good because I like you too.” With that, he slowly closed the distance between you, pausing briefly before your lips touched. You gave him a nod, and your lips crashed together.

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Can you do a reaction for monsta x that when their girlfriend laughs really hard she snorts then gets embarrassed by it. I get teased for it all the time 😳😳😳 please and thank you!

No problem! Btw, dw I snort a lot too hahahaha. I guess it’s just one of our charms 😂😂😂


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He’d chuckle a little at you, before reassuring that you sound just fine and you shouldn’t get embarrassed by it at all. He really enjoys seeing you expressing your happiness so freely.

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He was telling you something hilarious that happened at the dorm last night, causing you to snort at his story. He would crack up when he heard you, before noticing how embarrassed you were.

“Don’t be shy, jagi. It’s totally normal to snort. I do it too.”

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*flashes you his adorable smile*

“You don’t have to be embarrassed by it, jagi. I like seeing you so happy ^^”

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“C’m on, Y/N-ah. You don’t have to hide it. It’s okay for you to snort, you know. I don’t mind it at all.”

He’d be so amuse, just smiling at how you’re reacting.

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I don’t think you have to worry about it all, since he’s probably snorting along with you as well.


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“Why are you hiding yourself, Y/N? You shouldn’t be embarrassed by this? Ya!”

He really loves seeing you act all shy like this. He finds it very adorable of you.

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Changkyun thought it’s a great idea making you laugh so hard because he loves seeing you laugh at his quirky antiques. I think he finds your laugh extremely attractive, no doubt.

“Please laugh some more, jagi. Don’t ever stop, okay?”

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29. “Where’s your shirt?”

Post Expiration Date 

She pulled him into a tiny coffee shop after they stepped out of the hospital again, fresh from visiting Sam, making him sit at one of the tables and actually ordering their coffee in mugs this time, not to go paper cups; screw Hetty and going into work on time.

“I’m fine,” he answered the impending question before it even fell from Kensi’s lips, clearly hanging the air between them and concern in her eyes, in every brush of her hand against his shoulder. 

“I’ve been better, and I’ve come back from worse." 

Running a fingertip over the decorative wood grain on their table, Kensi nodded, eyes steady upon his. "Last night?" 

"Monty and I had a guys night, lots of hard core movies, no ladybirds." 

Stifling a snort, she lifted her mug, concoction topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings, utterly delicious. "I’m sorry I missed it." 

"Ehh,” he shrugged, a smirk curling the corners of his lips. “We can fight over what movies to watch tonight.”

“No more fights,” she shook her head, a dab of whipped cream clinging to her upper lip before she licked it away and humor lining her tone. 

“I want to have all the fights.”


"I-” He paused, brow knitting together over blue eyes that held hers captive. “Fights are inevitable, it’s - it’s going to happen, and it’s not pretty, but I want them." 

"Deeks.” His name escaped her in a hushed murmur, touched with confusion, and maybe a little bit of fear. 

“If I’m fighting with you, I still have you, I’m still waking up next to you, in comparison, really, some arguments don’t sound so bad." 

Eyes flickering shut, a shiver sang down her spine, a fresh reminder of her words on the icing rink, that they hadn’t crashed and burned, maybe they wouldn’t, and God, she desperately this exhilaration and this thing to continue; it wasn’t allowed to explode when she was already giving it her all. 

"Where’s your shirt?" 

"What?” Confusion tugged all the his voice, gaze still full of emotion from the charged moment seconds before.

“The striped one, the tank top. I need to burn it before we fight over that." 

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"You're a terrible kisser."

Solavellan. Solas x Nyvera Lavellan (424 words) <3

“You’re a terrible kisser.”

Solas stirred, shifting to glance across at Nyvera, who sat beside him, knees bent, arms resting on top of them. “It is interesting,” he said, a sliver of amusement lining his voice, “that you are the first to declare it so boldly.”

She snorted, reaching up to comb her fingers through her hair, as if to rid it of knots they both knew were not there. “Well, not your fault, I suppose. Clearly there’s not a lot of practice going on in the Fade.”

“True enough,” Solas agreed, leaning back, tilting his head against the stone wall. “Such things are greeted with more… enthusiasm on this side of the Veil. Perhaps I have allowed my wanderings to distract me.”

Nyvera frowned, glancing across at Solas, her gaze sceptical. “What are you up to?” she demanded suddenly.

He did not stir, eyes closed, his breathing calm. “What do you mean?”

“You’re… you know… agreeing with me.”

A slightly smirk tugged up the corner of Solas’ mouth. “And that displeases you?”

No,” Nyvera admitted, her voice still wary. “But it does make me think you’re up to something.”

“Perhaps I intended to request lessons, given your vast expertise on the matter.”

That caught Nyvera off-guard and she rounded on Solas, pale gaze searching his disconcertingly serene face for deception or mockery. Solas, almost lazily, cracked open one eye to regard her, then smiled and let it drift shut again. “Unless the prospect displeases you, of course. I wouldn’t want to offend one of your high station, Inquisitor.”

Back rigid, Nyvera just sat there in a dumb silence for a moment. Then a smirk slowly crept its way onto her face. She shifted, sliding one leg over Solas’ lap until she was sitting on his outstretched legs, facing him. His eyes remained closed, as if he hadn’t even noticed. That just encouraged Nyvera even more.

“You know, falling asleep in class is frowned upon,” she said, reaching out to run her hands up his chest. She snaked them up behind his neck, lacing her fingers. “I might just fail you and find a new student.”

A quiet chuckle rolled from Solas’ chest and he opened his eyes, blue and piercing, tempered only by the satisfied curve of his lips. “Forgive me,” he said, his voice low. Soothing. “I have not considered myself a student for a very long time.”

Nyvera tilted her head, then shifted, moving in closer, holding his gaze. You’re mine, she said with her eyes. We’ll see, his said back, unwavering. The unspoken challenge lit a fire inside her, and she let out a hum of approval, leaning in.

“Better start studying, then,” she whispered against his lips, just barely brushing them with her own as she spoke, “because I’m a hard marker.

Since it’s February, I wanted to write some femslash. I thought Sera’s romance was so playful and fun. I don’t write her a lot though, so please keep that in mind.

“I think you should get my name tattooed,” Sera said.

Tal didn’t bother to open her eyes, though she did grin. “All right – where?” she agreed.

“Just like that?” Sera asked.

“Was I supposed to put up a fight?”

“ ‘s no fun if it’s easy.”

Tal stretched out an arm, spread her fingers. She said, “If I got your name tattooed across my knuckles, everyone could get a real clear view just before I went stabbity.”

Sera liked that. She laughed, and snorted, and laughed some more. “Just like that, yeah? Wham! Pow! Slice and dice.”

Tal felt the other elf’s weight settle on her hips, and she felt her grin grow. She opened her eyes. The afternoon sun hit Sera’s hair like a halo. When Tal put her hands under her shirt, the archer’s skin was soft and warm against her palms. Her smile tasted of honey when they kissed.

“You’ve been stealing from the kitchens again,” Tal said.

“Didn’t get caught this time.”

“You could’ve at least shared.”

Sera rocked her hips playfully. She tilted her head back, and watched the clouds drift past the hole in the ceiling. “Whose room do you reckon this is?”

“Don’t know, don’t care. They shouldn’t have left the door unlocked.”

“Every door’s unlocked with the right set of picks.”

“Point taken.”

“Seems stupid, picking a room with a hole-y ceiling. Rain comes whooshing in. Wake up thinking you’re a fish.”

Tal watched her peer up at the ceiling, mouth opening and closing, mimicking a fish. She made her smile. She took her mind off things. Most of all, she made this Inquisition thing bearable. Tal slid her thumbs against the bare skin of Sera’s sides.

“Are you worried we’ll get caught here?”

“Pssh. Give ‘em an eyeful. I don’t care.”

“All right, then,” Tal said. Sera screeched, a sound that devolved into giggles, when Tal moved abruptly, flipping her onto her back.

Just Cute Ass Things The X-Men Do

Sorry I’m back so soon but I think we all need this right now. I know I do. So here is this short and simple thing, don’t hate me.
Hank- He falls asleep at his desk sometimes and curls up like a little kitten; his glasses half falling off his face and burying his head into his arms.
Peter- He plays with animals a lot- cuddling other students puppies and pulling them into his lap, staring at fish and tapping the glass, making kissing noises at snakes as he holds them, making squawking noises at birds and petting them(don’t let Warren hear), and letting kittens fall asleep in his lap forcing him to sit still. (He wants to get up and move, but ‘it’s too cute, I can’t!’)
Jean- She has a weird half laugh/half giggle that she does when she tries to be quiet about something funny, which comes out as a gargled, struggling, snort laugh that just makes everyone bust out laughing for real. (Those are actually the best)
Jubilee- She sticks little flowers in everyone’s hair, and they just seem to let her do it. Peter will walk in with little pink flame azaleas behind each ear, and Kurt gets multiple blue chicories through out his hair. And maybe even a few times, when she’s lucky, she can get in a white liverleaf or two in Warrens hair because 'They really bring out those golden locks!’
Kurt- (Oh geeze, how do I pick one) He purrs. He will curl up anywhere, especially on the couch, and wrap his tail around himself and purr away when he falls asleep, even if he’s not being touched or no one’s around.
Ororo- She sometimes just does nothing with her hair, like on lazy days, and lets it either stick up all out widly or hang and fall flat. Either way it’s cute and funny when she walks in with a neat yet messy lazy hair-do.
Warren- He grooms his wings like a bird. He takes those long feathers and runs his fingers through them like and expert(because he is.) He carefully digs between each individual one, and will sit for hours in concentration as he gets every little piece of whatever out of his precious, soft, fluffy wings.
Scott- He bites the very tip of his tongue when hes concentrating on school work, making it just barely visible through his now just barely parted lips.
I think we all just needed this quick little thing.

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What about a prompt where Ginny is in a session with her therapist and the topic of Mike and Amelia comes up. Ginny realizes the real reason she feels hurt and betrayed is because she is in love with Mike.

“So, last session, we didn’t really touch on the trouble you’d been having with your agent.”  Andrea started off, words careful and calculated.

Ginny snorted. “You’ll have to be more specific Doc. Me and my agent have a lot of trouble, a lot of the time.”

“Involving another player.”

The cheer faded from Ginny’s eyes and her mind flashed back to that day on the mound. (What, are you having a panic attack?) “Oh. That.”

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the coffee shop au
  • it’s called overwatch cafe and it’s s76′s one true love
  • winston’s a coffee aficionado who makes all the new flavors
  • tracer’s the over-energetic barista
  • mercy is a tired bunny of a cashier
  • she tries so hard
  • pharah is the art student who mercy has a crush on
  • she comes in every day with a sketchbook and sits in the corner window and draws
  • mercy watches her longingly from behind the counter
  • one day, tracer comes up to her
  • the cafe’s fairly empty
  • “you should go talk to her. get her number, y’know, something?”
  • mercy snorts. that’s about as likely to happen as lucio disliking beyonce
  • “tell you what,” she says, fairly confidently. “i’ll ask her for her number if you get that talon waitress’s number, and vice versa.”
  • tracer pales
  • amelie lacroix, aka widowmaker, is the stony barista from the talon bar and grill across the street
  • she wears lots of purple corsets and gives not one single fuck
  • mercy doubts she’s ever felt an emotion in her life
  • (she hasn’t)
  • tracer’s utterly in love with her. but, then again, it’s highly unlikely that mercy will ever work up the courage.
  • “Deal.”
  • lucio is the dj from the pub next door.
  • is the tiny hardcore engineering student who listens to death metal and has lots of piercings
  • she and tracer get on well
  • one day, mercy’s at the counter
  • there’s a long line of exhausted college students waiting for their daily caffeine supplement
  • suddenly, tracer lets out a squeak and disappears out the front door
  • mercy lets out an uncouth stream of curses
  • tracer’s a better barista than she is
  • mercy tries anyway
  • she spills a scalding hot coffee on her hand
  • and yelps
  • she feels the pressure growing and she’s about to panic
  • when suddenly there’s a soft voice
  • “hey.”
  • she looks up. it’s the hot art student. she’s embarrassed enough to crawl under a table and die.
  • hot art student tilts her head. “need some help? i did a stint as a barista once.”
  • mercy swallows. she’s about to faint probably. “um, that’d be great.”
  • hot art student shoots her an easy smile and jumps over the counter
  • you don’t understand
  • pharah’s smooth as fuck
  • she’s also a really good barista
  • they work side by side for the next hour or so. pharah’s sketchbook is sitting on her usual bench.
  • once the crowd’s trickled out, mercy wipes her hands, reaching for the cash machine.
  • “how much-”
  • pharah cuts her off. “no, i’m good. really.”
  • “really?” mercy asks skeptically.
  • “really.”
  • pharah heads back to her bench.
  • “um- your name?” mercy calls.
  • another easy smile. her knees go weak. “it’s fareeha.”
  • tracer comes back eventually, grinning like nothing happened.
  • mercy would yell at her, but it also got her an hour with pharah, so whatever.
  • the next day, pharah comes in, and they sit together and talk. about everything.
  • school, art, coffee, the meaning of life
  • after like a month of this, mercy works up the courage to ask what she draws in her sketchbook
  • pharah blushes, stutters.
  • “a crush?” mercy asks
  • pharah doesn’t meet her eyes. “uh, yeah. sort of.”
  • pharah doesn’t come in the next few days 
  • mercy alternates between sulking and being depressed.
  • “a crush,” she moans to a sympathetic tracer, “she has a crush.”
  • “cheer up, love” tracer chirps, incessantly happy. “it might be you.”
  • “it’s not,” mercy says with certainty.
  • “eh, y’never know.”
  • pharah comes in one day, rushes to the counter. tracer’s off doing something.
  • “listen,” she blurts out. winston looks over, raising an eyebrow
  • pharah falters. “can i borrow you for a minute?”
  • “sure,” angela says, curious
  • “listen,” pharah says again. they’re walking next to washington fountain, where a few youngsters are splashing about and getting all sorts of diseases
  • “um… i don’t know how to say this, but i, uh, i like you?”
  • mercy’s in shock. frozen. pharah misinterprets her reaction.
  • “oh my god, i shouldn’t have said that. things are awkward now, huh? um… i’ll just, uh, be leaving- listen, i’m really-”
  • mercy grabs her face and kisses her under the grey sky and the sound of water falling.
  • she doesn’t stop smiling for the next few months.
  • until she remembers the bet, and then she starts smirking
  • “hey,” she says one day. tracer looks up.
  • “we had a bet. i asked pharah out, now you have to ask widow.”
  • “nope”
  • “too bad. a bet’s a bet. i’ll put you on dishes for a year if you don’t.”
  • tracer sighs.
  • it’s comical how much of an idiot she can be
  • but widow seems charmed
  • which is weird
  • but honestly everyone’s charmed by tracer and her messy hair
  • tracer comes back triumphant somehow
  • makes grossed-out noises every time mercy blushes because pharah does something cute
  • lucio remixes a bunch of love songs and gets his friend zenyatta (who’s a computer genius) to rewire the sound system to just play love songs
  • winston still gives not one fuck (it’s a universal constant)
  • widow is annoyed and life is good
Super Into a Supermodel

Did I really draw my own au, just to make the Au fic not even an hour later? What is my life

Dont answer that


T+ bcuz its gettIN HOT

“Oh Jesus. Do you see this headline?” The blonde scoff, taking a long sip from her sweet frappe.

“Huh?” Natsu mumbled, mouthful of Quarter Pounder, with small bits of fries that he managed to wedge in with his burger.

Lucy snorted, watching and Natsu blushed from his full mouth and quickly swallowed down his food.

“Y'know for a trainer, you sure eat alot of salt.” Lucy giggled, popping the frappe’s cherry into her mouth.

“For a super model, you sure eat a lot of sugar.”
He shot back, a devilish grin spreading across his face as she chucked a fry at him.

“Hey. They set laws against models starving themselves, and who am I to break the law?” She shrugged, enjoying the chocolatey taste of her frappe as it came through the straw.

Nastu chuckled, finishing some more fries before plopping down on the couch beside her.

“What headline are you talking about?” He mumbled, leaning into her phone screen.

‘Supermodel Lucy Heartfilia spotted with equally attractive supermodel mystery man. Wait What??? He’s her boDYGUARD? WELL WHY ISN’T HE A MODEL? HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GUY??’ The headline read above the Cosmo article.

Natsu felt laughter bubble out of his mouth before throwing his head back, cackling wildly at the ridiculous statement.

“Oh fuck. Oh man! They write anything these days.” He sighed, wiping a tear from his eye.

“But you can’t blame them.” Lucy giggled.

Natsu blushed, the laughter halting in his throat as he waited for Lucy to finish her comment.

“Look at you in this picture! All buff and sensual. You can’t blame them for thinking you’re model material~” she teased, knowing how he felt whenever she complimented him.

Natsu turned even more rouge before his smirk was back on his face, leaning into Lucy’s personal space.

“Are you just mad that I stole the spotlight?” He teased back, watching as her face had now become a brighter shade of red.

Quickly snatching the phone from her hand, he eyed the picture closely. Lucy huddled into his side, eyeing him with a flustered look as he stared down the papz. Really, he just wanted to scare them away, not turn them on.

“Look at you. Swooning just as hard as the commenters.” He grinned, pointing at her flushed face in the picture.

“You wish. Everyone knows I’m the star.” She shot back, quickly regaining her confidence as she retrieved her phone and pinned him down to the couch.

He moved quickly before she could straddle him and claim victory, swiftly flipping her over so that he was on top.

“That’s not what the article says.” He cooed, watching as she huffed and squirmed beneath him.

“Fine. You’re gorgeous! Let me up now?” She huffed, but gasped as he lowered his head down, pressing his forehead against hers.

“Nah. I think it’s time for your close up…” He said, voice becoming rough as he pinned her to the sofa.

“Natsu…we have to get ready. Remember the event we were supposed to attend?” She sighed, trying to push him away but still extending her slender neck for him to feast on.

“We have time. Plenty of time.” He grunted, pulling her hips against his.

“Hey! N-not so rough! You’ll leave marks.” She gasped, wrapping her slender legs around his waist.

“Luce. Im your body guard. The guardian of your body. So…” He muttered, licking the shell of her ear as he began lifting her shirt.

“Let me do my job~”

“Mom dropped him a lot when he was a baby,” Leah told me.
“Oh his head, apparently.”
“He used to gnaw on the crib bars, too”
“Lead paint?”
“Looks like it,” she thought
Seth snorted. “Funny. Why don’t you two shut up and sleep?

Breaking Dawn. Pg. 266-267. Seth Clearwater. Leah Clearwater. Jacob black.

Say what you want about twilight, but I fucking love the werewolves


‘I’ll be there in 5 minutes,’ Penelope says,” you mumbled out. “‘This movie is totally worth the wait.’

“Oh, cut her some slack, Y/N!” Abby replied. “She has to drive all the way from Virginia…”

With a snort, you pulled out your phone, opting to scroll through some social media than stare at the walls. “Well, we have a sleepover once a month. You’d think an FBI federal agent would be more prepared for traffic.”

Abby gave a playful frown, opening her mouth to rebuke your statement, but the doorbell stopped the words from coming out. The scientist chirped with excitement and jumped off the couch, running towards the door. You followed with a small smile. Despite your complaining, this monthly sleepover was usually a lot of fun, especially with Abby and Penelope.

The door opened, and the technical analyst stood in the doorway, holding bags of snacks and little games and a few movies. But Abby forced her way into hug. You were kind enough to wait until Penelope had laid her bags down before hugging her.

“Let’s get this party started!”

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