and she slipped her hand around his waist

What You Don’t Know

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Featuring: Taehyung (BTS)
Genre: supernatural AU, vampire…something
By: Admin S

As requested! This is short. I’ve never written anything sci-fi, and I had no idea what to write about so… I hope it’s enjoyable nonetheless!

Kim Taehyung was a fucking vampire.

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I know Arranged is completed, but... could you write a scene in which Sakura finds out she's pregnant and has to tell Sasuke? Or maybe some baby Sarada ewith her family scenes? Ppplleeeaseee ç.ç.

Look what you made me do, anon. 


”I think Tsunade doesn’t like me,” she told him fretfully, slipping and arm around his waist and tangling her legs around his own. He adjusted his body to accommodate her.

“I think, she thinks that I’m a leper,” she explained, weaving a hand in his hair and scratching gently. He pried her hand away and softly kissed the very tips of her fingers.

“She keeps barking orders at me; Uchiha! Do this! Uchiha! Do that! Honestly, I’m kind of scared of her,” she said, twining her fingers with his and examining their hands carefully.

“Don’t worry. You have an annoying habit of making a mountain out of a mole hill,” he told her bluntly, then kissed the back of her hand to take away the sting of his words.

“Meh,” she said distractedly, “Is it weird that your open-mouth, insert foot sensibilities don’t bother me anymore?”

“Not at all,” he told her suavely.

“I think I’m kind of pregnant,” she said almost breezily.

That gave him a pause for exactly three seconds. “Kind of pregnant?”

She scoffed at him. “I mean; I’m pregnant.”

He lay still and waited for the thought to bother him. It didn’t. “That’s good.”

She sighed, and he could feel her irritation in the annotation of the sound. “I knew you were going to say that.”

A pause.

“Can you please grow a womb and exchange this responsibility?” she asked, a little too innocently.

His mouth curved into a small smile as he turned his head to lock his gaze with hers. Her eyes were so green. He hoped their child inherited them. “Does it bother you that much, being pregnant?”

“Honestly?” she asked, “Not really. I mean, I thought I’d be terrified; but I’m not.”

“That’s good.”

“Let’s have this conversation when I go into labor, ok?”

He buried his smile in the crook of her neck. She was going to wreck him.



Birthday Surprises ||Luny

The light that gently shone in her face was what woke her, and she was glad it did. She had been counting on it to. Without shifting, she listened for a moment, and once she heard the deep breathing that came from the figure beside her, a light smile crossed her lips. Every morning, she woke up in his arms, and every morning, she smiled. But today it was different, today she had more planned than he expected. Or so she hoped. 

There was always that nagging thought that he’d managed to figure her out, that he’d seen Ethan with his gift, that he’d heard the house elves talking. But she brushed those thoughts away quickly; there was no point worrying about it now. Instead, she set her mind to slipping from the bed unnoticed, though it would be tough when he hand one of his arms wrapped around her waist. Carefully, she lifted his arm and managed to get out from his hold as gently as possible. Once she was sitting up at the edge of his bed, she paused, waiting to see if he would react. When no reaction came, she stood and set about getting everything in order.

I wanna hold your hand

It’s far from the perfect moment, but there’s never really a perfect moment for them. All she knows is that he’s hurting, and she’s hurting, and right in this moment holding his hand makes it that fraction better.

Maybe if the world wasn’t crumbling around them she’d think about what exactly this meant.

Maybe she’d think about the fact that there had been a lot of hand holding lately. Sometimes by him, sometimes by her, sometimes reaching for each other at precisely the same moment. Always in times of stress, or rush, or need. But those were also times of honesty, simplicity. Times where what was smart, what was better for everyone else faded into a hum and it was just them.

Maybe she’d think about sitting close to him, alcohol heating her veins, head lolling against his shoulder. Maybe she’d recall the briefest moment where his hand slipped around her waist, dipping down against the curve of her body before he pulled back as if scalded by his own conscience, only settling chastely on her hip when she placed his hand there herself.

Maybe, if this were the time, she’d think back to those frantic moments fighting for life outside the keep. She’d find the tenderness in his scrabbling fingers grasping for hers in the brief seconds they spent sheltered under the same tree. She’d convince herself she hadn’t imagined the look they shared, the mutual plea for the other to live to see another day.

Maybe, she would imagine a future where she could hold his hand, just because. In a moment of peace, a moment where the only threat was losing their nerve.

But in this moment, this fleeting, fateful moment, she thinks of nothing at all. Nothing but the way his hand engulfs hers as she reaches out to him, the odd juxtaposition of his gentle but vice-like grip. Nothing but the way his pain bleeds through their contact, meeting hers, finding its match.

This really isn’t the moment, so she doesn’t say it, but for the tiniest second she thinks, maybe, this is where she should be. 


Her eyes snapped to Clint, realization settling in that she’d spent all this time warning Clint not to act up, but forgot about warning herself. It seemed he knew to also keep her from acting irrationally. 

“Yeah…” Faith said tersely, her hands were shaking, as she nodded and turned toward the exit. 

“See ya later then,” Bradan shrugged. 

“Take care,” Clint said, then nodded to the Scotsman. “Nice to meet ya, but I better take ‘er home.”

He slipped his arm around Faith’s waist keeping her close and giving her something to ground her with while leaving her free to move in case of emergency - which he hoped wouldn’t happen - as they headed out. 

“C’mon Darlin, let’s just head home,” he said, mouth pressed to her hair near her ear.


His eye opens slowly, blinking back to life from the dark of sleep to see the ceiling of the fancy bedroom, the bed canopy on the sides of his vision. Light is pouring from the window on the other end of the room and the sound of someone moving about the room is known. 
Niles leans up, a groggy stiffness in him as he reaches to the bedside table beside him, mostly in muscle memory, and takes his eyepatch, tying it around his head. He looks up and sees Jakob, pouring coffee into Nohrian style fine glass cups, a small spoon on each saucer. Niles blinks and turns away from the man, bored with him already as he runs a hand through his hair and sits up properly, the silken sheets slipping from his bare chest and falling around his waist. Felicia, who was opening windows to let the light in and picking after the clothing thrown across the floor, averted her gaze and rushed out as soon as she could. 
“I take it your quarters were ‘locked’ again?” Niles heard from behind the small clack of glass arrangement. Jakob’s voice remained steady as if he was opinionless, but it was clear he disapproved. 
“Strange how these things happen, isn’t it?” Niles grinned, looking up to Jakob. The butler looked up as well, held eye contact for a moment, before turning away. Niles grinned wider. 
“Master Corrin has important things to attend to this morning.” Jakob handed Niles his coffee, black, no spoon given. 
“Cancel them. He’ll be resting for awhile.” Niles sipped. Drinking out of a rich cup served to him would have made him gag years ago, and yet here he was. He’d mention it to Corrin later. 
“On who’s authority?” Jakob replied with more edge than he was suppose to, but Niles didn’t care about that.  He smirked and put the cup aside. Tasted like crap– probably on purpose. 
“On his own. Aftercare is so important,” Niles looked to Corrin fondly, the still sleeping body beside him, his bare shoulder like a milky island above the dark purple sheets. “And after last night he’ll need a lot of it.” Niles turned to Jakob, who’s lip slanted downward in displeasure, and narrowed his eye seriously. “Don’t have me wake him. Think of how upset he will be with you.”
Jakobs lips twitched in a scowl, before flatlining into a false indifference, bowing to Niles and mumbling a “Very well.” before silently leaving the room, the door in a whisper shut. 
Niles huffed and sat back against the headboard. He glanced over to his coffee and picked it up again, drinking it anyway. 
“Is he gone?” A small voice came from beside him. 
“Sure is.” Niles smiled behind the rim. “Want me to make you a cup?” 
“Yes please.” Shifted Corrin, who turned to him and smiled sweetly, his eyes red as cranberries looking up to him past the early morning sunlight from the windows. “With cream…And honey.” 
“Anything.” Niles grinned and slipped out of bed to make the prince his coffee. 
“And close the curtains.” 
“Of course.” 

Parking garage

He’d taken her bag from her and it trailed behind him.  They walked up to his vehicle.  He had come in his truck; a Ford F-150 and she slid into the front seat after he opened the door for her.  

The brief kiss in the baggage claim hadn’t been enough.  She’d been tingling from it since.  She wanted to touch him, wanted to feel him again.

When he got in beside her, the locks on the door clicked, and she turned to him.  The look in his eyes mirrored her own.  He wanted more too.  

She slid closer to him, he slid closer to her.  She felt his hand go around her waist and she put her hand to his face and took him in.  His kiss was sweet, his lips soft, his hand at her waist insistent.  The sexual tension between them was coming to a boil bypassing a simmer.

Her tongue slipped past his lips and in an instant, he pulled her onto his lap with ease. His hands trailed over her back and thighs while hers caressed his face and the back of his neck.  Moments passed by as they each took their fill, and anticipation continued to build stronger and stronger.

“Baby we need to get outta here before I fuck you in this truck,” he said.

She laughed, his baritone voice was frank, but sexy.  She wasn’t sure she would’ve minded, but she slid off his lap and sat beside him and adjusted her clothes.


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Ven couldn't place the exact moment that he grew to be taller than his mother, but by this point he was at least a good two inches taller, which made things a mix of awkward and suitable when he found himself in need of a hug. Which was often, since he was the mama's boy of the three brothers. Slipping up behind his mother, Ven unceremoniously face-planted her shoulder and closed his eyes as he looped his arms around her waist, his quiet grumbles muffled against her shoulder blade.

     SHE’S CAUGHT OFF GUARD, but she doesn’t jump, nor does she even flinch. She only, softly sighs with a little smile along lips. She knows who it is the moment the face is planted within her shoulder. & she can only hum, as her hands softly rub along his arm, trying to bring comfort to what sounds like a distressed Ventus.

            ❛ hm…❜ 

     QUIETLY & SOFTLY, she turns around in the grasp, lifting his head only slightly, so that she doesn’t disturb his moment, before placing it gently back down once she was facing him. Her arms, without hesitation return the gesture. Hands, already, rubbing his back, hoping to bring him a sense of comfort. Oh, she remembers when his problems were only little injuries that a small band-aid & a little kiss could fix. 

            ❛ You’re okay. You don’t have to say a word. I’m here.❜ 

                    ( & she always will be. )

            ❛ You’re so tall.. You have your father’s height. ❜ 

     AN ATTEMPT TO focus his mid onto other things, as she laughs a small, teeny laugh. Leaning her head on his own, she squeezes his frame within her arms as she sighs once more.

            ❛ How about… We go make some cookies and watch a movie? Your pick. It’ll make you feel better. We can even use extra chocolate chips. Whatever you want. ❜ 

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Peppermint: Your character or mine, sharing a sweet secret with the other.

Devon took a hold of his hand, pulling him out of camp with her. She smirked as he asked where they were going. “You’ll find out. Just be patient. Found something on the grid search me and Alonzo did yesterday. I think you’ll like it.” At least, she hoped he did. She had planned on telling the whole crew, but not before her and Danziger made full use of it just the two of them.

She stopped before they exited the clearing. “I’m going to tell the others, but thought we could maybe indulge.” It wasn’t often that either of them put their own needs and desires above that of the crew, and especially that of their children. 

John loosened his hold on her hand and slipped it around her waist. “Alright, Adair. You have me curious.” 

“Close your eyes,” she insisted softly, reaching up to put one hand over his baby blues. 

“Devon,” he started to protest, but then thought better of it. He knew she wouldn’t be wasting his time so he indulged her. “Alright. They’re closed. Out with it.” 

She took him again by the hand and lead him another twenty feet. She looked up at him. “Okay. Now open them.” 

When he opened his eyes, they were standing on the shore of a pond. His head swiveled to look at her. “You sly devil, you! No wonder you were so happy when you checked in last night.” He smirked then, thinking of all the things he’d like to do to her while taking full advantage of all its uses. “I like the way your mind works.” He pulled her in close, slightly lifting her off her feet as their lips met in a teasing kiss.

Continued from here with @siblinghunters

Bianca rolled her eyes as Arthur slipped his arms around her waist; though she made no protest to him doing so. Instead, she placed her hands gently upon his arms, patting one softly in a comforting manner.

A confused expression crossed her looks as she listened to him talk. Jammiest what? The vileblood made a scoff sound, pushing her hand over his face gently to move him off of her as she stepped to the side. “I am what?” Rolling her eyes once more she gave a small laugh as she pushed his arm. “You are by far the most ludicrous man I’ve come to know.

Walking over, Bianca picked up his things off the ground, holding them in her arms. “Come. The sun shall only remain for a few more minutes; I’d very much like to get to Hemwick before tis gone.

‘I’m not interested in court ladies’ he said thickly, and kissed her.
His mouth was warm, and his lips were smooth, and Celaena lost all sense of time and place as she slowly kissed him back. He pulled away for a moment, looked into her eyes as they opened, and kissed again. It was different this time - deeper, full of need.
Her arms were heavy and light all at once, and the room twirled round and round. She couldn’t stop. She like this - liked being kissed by him, liked the smell and taste and the feel of him.
His arm slipped around her waist and he held her tightly to him as his lips moved against hers. She put a hand on his shoulder, her fingers digging into the muscle that lay beneath.
—  Celaena Sardothien and Dorian Havilliard. Throne of Glass.

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The more she talked and described what she liked, the more she turned me on. "You look so hot like this," I smirk as she glances up at me. "You want it harder?" She nods eagerly, her hands gripping my hair. At her request, my hold on her hips tightening as I hold her in place while I thrust into her. One of her hands leaves my hair and she uses it to hold herself up against the counter behind her. Her legs wrap around my waist, pulling me closer.

He starts fucking me harder at my request and i hold my breath. The strength of his thrusts make me grip the counter and i wrap my legs around him, pulling him closer to feel him deeper. I let the hand that is still in his hair slip on his neck and run down his chest, glancing down at his cock ramming in and out of me, making me bounce against him. I slide my hand between us and start rubbing my clit gently, spreading my wetness. “Harry, i’m gonna cum, fuck.” My lips part slightly and i look up at him. “Please, baby, fuck.” I whimper. “Cum for me.”


“There’s plenty of times when I’m not bored. Like last night~.” She purred a bit, snaking her own arm around his waist so that she was flush against him. “Maybe the market, then Idyllshire? I think I finally set enough Gil aside for one of those bit of clothing I’ve been eyeing from Thavnair, and I certainly wouldn’t mind showing off to Shtola.” She nuzzled him, relaxing and tilting her head as he ran his hand through her hair. That always, always felt good. “I think my aether is playing nice today, so there shouldn’t be any slipping for me.”

Oh, she was in that mood. Not something he minded, of course…

“Of course, dear. How foolish of me to have forgotten.” The scholar snickered, still raking his fingers through her hair and dragging his nails against her scalp ever so lightly. His smile swiftly slipped into a grin as she continued, opting to put his blunted fangs to use in nipping at the tip of an ear.

“Mmh, really now? Something I have little doubt she would love.” As would he, yet that went without saying. “– ‘Tis always good to hear, beloved, yet I have little issue with leading.” Well, aside from the horrible nausea. Aetherytes had never agreed with him, sadly… but it was better for the alternative, and she didn’t need to know, even though she’d likely guessed.

“Shall we, then, or would are you starting to get comfortable?”

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          “You’re joking. No.
           Anything but that.”

SHE SOUNDED JUST LIKE TERRA, not long ago he’d gone on such an excursion with his friend, the night ended in an overwhelming amount of alcohol and possibly getting thrown out of the karaoke. His face dropped to his hands at the thought, still completely embarrassed to return, even if it wasn’t the same one. A brief moment pulled him back to when he ran off to throw up, without a word nothing— he just exited and ran. The wolf shook his head, willing the memories away despite his grin. An arm slipped around her waist, pulling her close while his gaze fell to the multiple stores around them, leaving it up to her to decide what they did next among the thickening crowd.

          “You don’t wanna see me in
           one of those places,
trust me.”

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‘rough touch’

Rough Touch Meme

16. My muse bites yours.

      She tilts her head to the side to examine something
      on the datapad in her hand, but it exposes her throat
      in a way he simply can’t resist. An arm slips around
      her waist as he reaches up with his other hand to
      push her hair over her shoulder and out the way, his
      lips meeting her throat in a soft kiss– and then he
      sinks his teeth into her flesh without warning, biting
      hard over her pulse point.

010 :: mistletoe kisses


“Mmm I actually would prefer to be ravished at this point.” Lily purred, licking her lips as her eyes eagerly watched Matt sit up to remove his jumper. She couldn’t help but pout at the sight of the black t-shirt underneath rather than the view of his bare torso that she’d hoped for. A soft whine left her lips to show her distaste and she slipped one of her hands from around his neck to drag down his chest and over his stomach, just touching the fabric of the top and imagining his skin underneath it. “So rude wearing more than one layer…” She chuckled, leaning up into the kiss as their lips met again, her hips slowly rocking beneath his without her even noticing or meaning for it to happen. Before when he’d slipped his hand below her top on the sofa, she couldn’t help but flinch but now it just felt natural and normal and she groaned against him at how nice his fingers felt against her waist. “I love you touching me…” She murmured, pulling at his bottom lip with her teeth as her hand reached around to his back to slip below his t-shirt and just grip at the heated skin beneath it, hoping that nobody had noticed their absence,

Matt raised a playful eyebrow at her pouted response to his t-shirt, biting his lip as her hand ran over the front of the fabric. “I told you, the jumper gives me a rash…” he chuckled, moaning softly as Lily kissed him again. He was sure they’d have plenty of chances to get each other shirtless in the future, but with a house full of friends and family downstairs, nudity wasn’t something they had the luxury of this time around. Her hips rocking into his was knocking the breath out of him slightly, but Matt sighed as his hand slid beneath her top, stroking the soft skin he found. Lily’s groan of response had him smirking, and he pulled away with a knowing grin as she made to speak. Freeing his lip from her teeth, he ran his tongue along them eagerly, humming contently at her words. “Yeah?” he encouraged with a chuckle, exhaling sharply as her own hands slid beneath his shirt to grip his back. “Even.. here?” Matt asked, his hand moving from her shirt to her bare thigh, sliding it upwards slowly beneath her skirt until he found the fabric of her underwear.

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      Calloused hands slip with ease around her waist to draw her hips back against his own, Eli’s mouth ghosting softly along her cheek before whispering huskily in her ear.
        “I might have looked the other way and I’d have never been aware, but as it is I’ll dream of her tonight, di-di-di–” Words are cut off with a breathy chuckle, the tips of his ears burning hot at his silliness but he continues on after a moment, rocking on the balls of his feet. “Falling, yes I am falling and she keeps calling me back again.”