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You Forgot Your Change!

A Shitty/Lardo meet-cute for a prompt I saw earlier today: You look like you can barely afford to eat out, and you still gave me the best tip I have ever received from a single person. [Also on AO3]

In theory, taking a job waiting tables at the posh restaurant near the yacht club was genius. Where better to make big tips than a place frequented by people who clearly had too much money?

Turns out, rich people didn’t tip that well. Lardo had no idea why, but it appeared to be the truth. She still needed the job, though, so she stuck with it. Art supplies weren’t cheap, and she had a show coming up.

Not that today is going to be much help for her art supply fund. She maybe shouldn’t have made the mistake of inadvertently insulting hyperrealism earlier, because now Beth Ann, who was hostess this afternoon, was assigning all the stingiest people she could find to Lardo’s section. It wasn’t even like Lardo had said it was bad! She just said it was technically impressive, but often compositionally uninteresting. It wasn’t like she’d memorized the portfolios of all her fellow servers.

Looking at the guy Beth Ann had just seated, she thought maybe she should consider it, just out of self-preservation. Because this guy didn’t look like he fit in with this restaurant’s usual clientele at all. He didn’t fit in with this entire side of town at all. He was wearing an American flag denim vest over a slogan tee, for god’s sake. He looked vaguely like a refugee from the set of Dazed and Confused; he looked like a dine-and-dash waiting to happen.

Still, she was a professional. Sort of. Whatever. She had standards, anyway. So she stepped up to the table in complete customer service mode and asked what she could get him.

“I dunno, man, you think I could start with a little light socialism?”

She blinked at him. She was generally prepared to deal with customers who went off script, but this was pushing it, even for her. “I’ll see what I can do about that. How about a drink while you wait for the revolution?”

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Could you do a combo with 363,364, and 369?

Note: This didn’t start as an Halloween story, but since I ended up publishing today I turned it into one. The Addams costumes mentioned here are inspired by this amazing drawing by @rgbcn

Entering the apartment, Amy almost stumbles in her long Morticia Addams dress, but this only makes her giggle harder. Sheldon follows her inside, laughing along as he helps her remain on her feet. He is as drunk as Amy, but at least his Gomez attire doesn’t present potential obstacles to his mobility. This is evident once the door is closed, because Sheldon quickly turns and presses Amy against it with a hungry kiss.

She immediately surrenders herself to it, while he leaves his lips to explore her exposed cleavage. She feels his fake mustaches on her skin, and this amuses her so much.

He returns briefly to her mouth, then finally speaks, “Do you want to stay over tonight?” He asks.

Amy playfully hits his chest, “I do live here, silly!”

“I was talking to Morticia,” he tries to justify, then steals a small kiss, “We also live together, Gomez,” she answers.

He doesn’t listen to her latest observation though, as his attention has already returned to her body and outfit. He moves back a few steps for a better view of her. The lights are off, but from the window the moonlight manages to light her up just enough. His eyes greedy follow her curves, so well highlighted by the tight dress.

You’re adorable,” he says.   

Amy struts toward him, “Adorable?” she asks, “Your face tells another story.”

He can’t reply though, since she actually trips now, thankfully landing directly in his arms. “Can we dance again?”, she requests while he puts her back to standing position.

“There’s no music,” Sheldon notices. She shrugs, “Make some.”

He wraps his arms around her, and starts humming the Addams Family theme song. She smirks, “That’s not for dancing!”

“You say?” They start wiggling, and their pace has nothing to do with the song’s rhythm. After a while, she stops, and pulls his head down to kiss him again. “Should we bring this to the bed?” She asks once she detaches.

Sheldon nods, and takes Amy’s hand to lead her to the bedroom. They miraculously reach the bed without getting hurt.

He pulls her again to him, “Let’s strip down to our socks.

She smirks, “Why the socks?”

Sheldon gets a pensive grimace, “I don’t know. No one even mentions socks when it comes to undressing for amorous activities.”

“But I wear no socks!” Amy exclaims.

“Mmm… I guess it’s fine anyway.”

They fall on the bed, laughing.

Day 19: Silver (Jikook)

Once again, thank you bwirony! These prompts were so different and fun! Please enjoy!

Jimin knows crushing on the resident bad boy is not one of the best decisions he’s ever made, but there’s no going back now. Especially not now that they’re lab partners.

“So, how do you want to do this? My place or yours?” Jimin’s eyes trace the tattoos covering Jeongguk’s arms, the multiple piercings in his ears, and of course, the small silver lip ring. Jimin hates that lip ring.  

Jeongguk takes a step closer, flipping his black hair out of his eyes, and Jimin averts his gaze. He shrugs.

“Your place is fine.” Jeongguk nods.  

“Meet me out front after school then.”  Jeongguk slings his book bag over his shoulder and walks out of the classroom. People stare at Jimin and slide out of Jeongguk’s way. Because of his appearance, people tend to avoid Jeongguk, but Jimin couldn’t help but notice how he scrunched his nose up in class when he didn’t understand something (if he wasn’t asleep), or how he chewed on his bottom lip while taking notes, or the way his eyes lit up when he did understand something.  

Jimin found the boy completely adorable. He knew that made him weird, but he didn’t really care. He spends the rest of the day feeling restless, not being able to pay attention in any of his classes. He was going to Jeongguk’s actual house, with Jeongguk!  

Jimin waits at the bottom of the steps, anxious. Jeongguk taps him on the shoulder from behind, causing him to jump. Jimin whips around to see Jeongguk smirking.  

“Come on then.” He adjusts the book bag on his shoulder and starts walking. Jimin follows behind silently. He wants to say something, anything, but he can’t find the words. Jeongguk eventually stops in front of a normal looking house. He leads Jimin inside, both of them toeing off their shoes.  

“Oppa!” Jimin turns as a little girl, around seven or eight, comes running from the hallway, jumping into Jeongguk’s arms. Jeongguk smiles and swings the girl around and Jimin swears his heart stops. It’s the first time he’s ever seen Jeongguk fully smile, and he looks like an adorable bunny.  

“What’s up Ladybug?” Jeongguk kisses his sister on the nose before putting her down. She frowns and points to the kitchen.

“Mommy’s trying to cook again. You should stop her before she burns down the kitchen.” Jimin laughs, partly at Jeongguk’s sister, partly at the whole situation. The little girl hears him and turns on him.

“Who are you?” Jimin kneels down in front of her.

“I’m Jimin, your brother’s friend. What’s your name?” The girl raises her eyebrows and glances at Jeongguk.

“You have friends?” Jeongguk holds his hands up to his heart mockingly.  

“Ouch.” Jimin wants to melt in a puddle of adorableness. The girl turns back to Jimin.

“My name is Minah.” She leans in to whisper exaggeratedly into Jimin’s ear. “Take care of him okay? He’s kind of fragile.” She smiles sweetly at Jimin before skipping back off to the kitchen. Jimin stands up and turns to a blushing Jeongguk.

“Not. A. Word.” Jimin mimes zipping his lips but smiles cutely at Jeongguk. Sighing, Jeongguk leads Jimin upstairs to his bedroom. It’s relatively normal, Jimin’s surprised to find. Blue walls, a twin bed in the corner, dresser, closet, and desk lined up. There’s not even that much decoration, just a few posters littering the walls. Jimin watches Jeongguk plop down in his bed and pat the space beside him.

“Come on, I really don’t want to spend all afternoon on this.” Jimin swallows and sits slowly beside Jeongguk. They work in relative silence, only talking to ask or answer questions. They’re about halfway through when Jeongguk sets his papers down and stretches. Jimin glances up just in time to see Jeongguk’s shirt rise up, revealing a little sliver of skin that makes Jimin shiver.  

“Let’s take a break. I’m hungry, you want something?” Jimin nods silently and follows Jeongguk out of the room. In the kitchen, Jeongguk’s mother is indeed trying to cook…something. She introduces herself to Jimin, apologizing for the mess, and Jeongguk deftly sweeps the flour off the counter and into the trash. He pulls two sodas out of the fridge, handing one to Jimin.  

“Jeon Jeongguk you shouldn’t be wearing that beanie in the house.” Jeongguk looks back from where he’s grabbing a bag of chips from the cabinet.  

“Seriously mom?” She only raises an eyebrow. Jeongguk hands the chips to Jimin before pulling the beanie from his head, his hair falling in his eyes again. His mom sweeps his bangs back.

“We should really get your hair cut.” Jeongguk pushes his mom’s hands away gently, whining that he liked his hair just fine thanks. Jimin watches the exchange with fascination. How could this unapproachable, dangerous, supposed bad boy everyone was so scared of turn out to be an actual sweetheart? Jimin could literally feel himself falling but couldn’t do a damn thing to stop it.  

“Alright boys, go finish your work. I’ll be done with dinner soon.” Jeongguk rolls his eyes.

“Will it be edible this time?” He mumbles under his breath. His mother snaps at him with a dish towel.

“Jeon Jeongguk that is no way to speak to your mother!” Jeongguk laughs and dodges the snapping towel, taking Jimin’s wrist and pulling him out of the kitchen and back upstairs. He doesn’t let go of Jimin until they’re back in his room, sitting on his bed.    

“What?” Jimin hadn’t realized he was staring and tears his eyes away from Jeongguk.

“Nothing, I just…this isn’t really what I was expecting, I guess.” Jeongguk smiles wryly.  

“I’m glad you know differently. You know, you’re being really quiet. You usually don’t stop talking in school.” Jimin smiles, his eyes turning to crescents, but says nothing. He doesn’t want to admit just how nervous he is.

They return to their lab papers, half working, half eating. Jimin tries to be sneaky about his glances at Jeongguk, but he knows he stares too long. The way his bangs fall over his eyes, the way his lips twitch as he reads the problems to himself, that fucking lip ring…

“You’re staring again.” Jimin’s eyes flick from the lip ring to Jeongguk’s questioning gaze.  

“You know, usually people are a little more subtle when they stare at the tattoos and piercings…I know they’re a bit much but-”

“It’s not that!” Jimin shakes his head frantically.  

“What is it, then?” Jeongguk sighs. Jimin shoves his work off his lap, scooting closer to Jeongguk.

“I…I really, really, really…want to kiss you.” By the end of his sentence Jimin is whispering, staring at Jeongguk’s lip ring again. Jeongguk raises both eyebrows, his jaw dropping slightly.

“Oh.” He swallows and unconciously licks his lips, making Jimin’s world spin.  

“I’m not stopping you.” Jimin sighs in frustration.

“But I can’t.” His brows furrow.


“I…I’m allergic…to silver.” Jimin finishes lamely, looking away and blushing. Jeongguk breaks out into giggles.

Jimin groans and covers his blushing face with his hands.

“Stop laughing at me!” Jeongguk only laughs harder, but he pulls Jimin’s hands away from his face.

“I can take it out, Jimin.” Jimin blinks.

“Oh. Really?” Jeongguk shakes his head fondly, his fingers removing the small ball from the ring and pulling the ring out. Jimin wrinkles his nose.

“That’s kinda gross.” Jeongguk sticks his tongue out teasingly.

“Still wanna kiss me?” Jimin tugs at Jeongguk’s collar, pulling him closer.

“Hell yeah.”  

Words: beginning, accusation, restless, snowflake, haze, flame, formal, companion, move, silver, prepared, knowledge, denial, wind, order, thanks, look, summer, transformation, tremble, sunset, mad, thousand, outside, winter, diamond, letters, promise, simple, future. PLEASE SEND ME YOUR PROMPTS!      

Fic Rules: Any BTS ship sans Vkook/Taekook (sorry!), any rating, I may not post a fic everyday but I will attempt to complete all 30

Hello, Nurse!

@missmollybloom said: 1900!! Well done - and well deserved! Can I please have “I just came out of surgery and I’m convinced you’re my partner but you’re the just the long suffering (and super hot) trainee nurse” AU ? Thanks lovely!

Rated T for some suggestive commentary at the end. And yeah, it took me this long to finally answer this prompt, sorry! (Am at 2060 lovely, wonderful followers now, whaattt???) On AO3 here and here. ENJOY! :D

“Why won’t you hold my hand, sweetie? I love it when you hold my hand.” A pout, no effect. “I wanna hold your haaaaand!” warbled off-key and slightly slurred had exactly the same effect: nil.

Molly frowned and closed her eyes as the medication once again pulled her toward unconsciousness. “Some fiancé you are,” were the last waking words she mumbled. Grumbled, actually, but Sherlock hid his fond amusement behind the bland caregiver façade he’d been cultivating for the past two days while acting the role of ‘William Scott, Student Nurse.’

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