and she seemed so nice

I saw this really pretty girl who sat near me at lunch and in was going to ask her if she wanted to sit with me but my anxiety was like “nah son” and she looked really pretty and really cool and I want to see her again so I can talk and get to know her because she was so cool looking. She had an undercut-like hair that was curly on top and she was wearing a leather jacket and was drawing something in her sketchbook and I just!!! Ahhh!!! Date me pls ur really cute and seem very nice and like art which is cool because I like art and we’d probably get along!!!


Let’s talk about our friendship. Let’s talk about when I opened my home to you had no place to go. Or how about all those months we spent together getting to know each other? That was real, Jason. That time we had together was honest.

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When are you going to become bff's with Rebecca Sugar


She seems so nice and chill and cool man omfg


Hyo wasn’t lost. Well she sort of was which is how she ended up sitting next to a random guy and sipping her milkshake like a baby. She however didn’t think too much about it as she thought the guy seemed nice so far. He hadn’t yelled at her or told her to go away and she didn’t know where Yongmin was. He wasn’t answering his phone as she looked at the other. “What’s your name?” She asked curiously. 


Requested by anon.

Actual Request: “Can you do, where the reader is the youngest Mikaelson and she’s seems so nice and sweet (and she is) (basically likes pink and dresses) but people are more afraid of her than Klaus?”

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“Yes, yes, yes…” you tell your victim. He’s a ripper in New Orleans and wants to taste your blood stash - tourists. “Of course I can understand your thirst for blood. But the thing I cannot understand and tolerate is… your thirst for what is mine.”

The Ripper tries to make a sound but since you compelled him not to do so, he just looks like drowning in his blood.

“What was that, again? The dress? Yeah, I know. It’s Chanel. I really like this candy-pink, if you ask me. Anyways, let’s get in this horrific business, shall we? Elijah and Klaus will be mad if I can’t make it to the dinner. Not that they’re gonna dagger me or anything but… Red doesn’t look pretty on my dress.”

You rip your victim’s heart out and leave him in the basement.

The dinner at your house is wonderful as always. But tonight’s guests aren’t that bright. Lucien and Aurora.

“Freya, can you please remind me why don’t we kill that bitch for what she’s done to Cami, again?”

Freya smiles and gives you a glass of wine.

“Because Klaus wants to skin her.”

“Oh, right. But tell me, my dearest Aurora, how is your brother? Is he enjoying the bottom of the ocean?”

Aurora tries to throw a knife on you but you catch it immediately.

“No.” you say calmly. “Do it again and I won’t wait for Klaus. You remember me, Aurora, right? You can remember how much I love to make a scene, right? I’m not Klaus, I’m not gonna make you nervous by keep you waiting and I’m not Elijah who can kill you in a blink of an eye. No, sweetheart, us girls we spend time together in my chambers and you’ll suffer for what you’ve done. Come on, please, throw this fork on me.”

Aurora stays silent and Lucien chuckles.

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Sherlock Bommes, Watson Chanyeol, seho the thief and the mystery of the dissapearance of the banana pudding and bread…..dungdungduuuuunggg

Remember? ^^

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Do you think Matsuri really loves his wife? He called her boring, was forced to write to her, and said he wanted to stay in germany and basically leave her by herself. Also, do you think it was an arranged marriage?

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an arranged marriage. For wealth, position and money it would make sense for him to marry a respectable woman from another noble family in Japan, or even a distant cousin of the Washuu clan.

I don’t think he really loves her, because he’s made it clear that it’s simple obligation to be with her. But no, I don’t think there’s any true love between them. If there was, I feel they’d have children by now.I do feel bad for her, extremely bad, despite the fact that loveless arranged marriages are common in noble families. I just wish he didn’t speak so lowly of her. She genuinely seems like a nice woman.

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So I mean no offense, Niylah seems like a nice gal but Clarke totally downgraded. But there's only one Lexa, so..

I wouldn’t say a downgrade, Niylah seemed really nice and provided Clarke w a moment of human connection, god knows 3 months living like that could have a toll. And Clarke needed that and I’m glad Niylah was there to comfort Clarke at least in some capacity, even when it was just a one night thing. Niylah is a good soul.

That doesn’t change the fact that Lexa meant something more for Clarke, reason why she is so damn broken for her betrayal.

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What's so interesting is that you think in 2016 women like Diana need to Marry to cover up their sexuality when Jodie Foster didn't back in the 90's. And still won 2 Oscars.

No no no, you must have misunderstood, because I never said that and definitely don’t think that. I am aware that there have been many successful women whose sexuality didn’t affect their careers negatively. Of course. And I am by no means an expert on Dianna and do not claim to be. What I know about her is mostly what I know in the context of she and Taylor. I would never say someone should or needs to–especially in this day and age–hide, let alone marry someone of the opposite sex, their relationship with another woman. 

I think that in the context of Swiftgron (or even Kaylor), they did hide their relationship, not that I think that was a great thing. I was merely stating that I, from my long observation of Taylor and how she handles relationships and PR (I have been a fan since 2008 and in the fandom for a few years and the Taylor tumblr fandom for over a year), know that she and her team finely tune her image to perfection. To any Taylor fan who isn’t blind knows that, because it’s obvious. Earlier in her career, her angle was that she wrote songs about boys and was unapologetic about it. While her image has shifted to the girl who “calls out the media, talks about her cats, and has her girl squad,” most people still think of her for “the boy thing.” She has briefly stated on a couple of occasions that she supports same sex marriage and donates to pro-LGBTQ organizations, but has never gone into detail with it.

From what I consider to be pretty accurate knowledge I’ve built up, when rumors of her showing interest in girls romantically is brought up, she/her team turn on the defense, especially this past year or so with Kaylor being given a touch of the spotlight. I don’t doubt that if Taylor came out tomorrow saying that she’s bisexual/pan/anything other than heterosexual/romantic and that she has been in relationships with women in the past that she would still win the GRAMMYs she deserves, she would not lose her 65 million instagram followers, and her album sales would not drop to zero. But I also know that she/her team is very concerned with her image and that image is very clean-cut and perfect and “America’s sweetheart.” I think that were Taylor to identify as anything other than heterosexual/romantic, as she very well may, she wouldn’t come out (or at the very least, we would not hear of it for years and years, perhaps decades) because their definition of “America’s sweetheart” still includes boys and boyfriends. I do not agree with this at all, but it’s the truth of the matter. 

thetaylorbagley: For as long as I can remember I never used to appreciate my curly hair. Countless hours of straightening as a teen. Even entering into my early twenties. Being almost 6 feet was enough in my eyes! I didn’t need wild hair to add to the mix. But I see it differently now and really appreciate my unkempt tendrils. Sure I’ve always got crazy snarls (dreadlocks) all the time, but it’s all apart of who I am. Stay wild 🌀

ok but i’m actually rly upset about bellamy’s girlfriend because she seems so nice but the writers are probably just going to use her as angst or whatever between bellamy and clarke, and bellamy’s going to get all single-minded and start ignoring or avoiding her or something and she probably doesn’t deserve that so what even is the point of her character 

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This morning i spent two hours going through all your gen 4, it's so entertaining and realistic! I love Dawn so much and i hope she will accept Tom's offer of living with him, he seems so nice!

Ah thank you so much for taking the time to do that! I’m glad you find it realistic, I like to add a wee bit of drama, but not too much that it’s insane, so thank you! :D 

Tom is a gent of the old days, so is completely different from Cody. So we will have to see what happens there! :) 

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The only Holly that I know is a girl from work and like she is so unbelievably gorgeous and she seems super nice but idk I don’t think she likes me talking to her cause she never really keeps the conversations we have flowing while I try to ahah but w/e she is still pretty nice just wish we could get along easier ahah cause I hate awkwardness you feel

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