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AN ~ some Fitz & Daisy Post-Framework hurt/comfort, with a happy ending, because I need more of this in my life. title from song of the same name by Lady Antebellum.

Rated low T, for some mentions of violence & Framework occurrences.

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down the road, the sun is shining

Fitz slammed the screwdriver down on the bench and forced his hand to let go of it, raking his fingers through his hair instead and pulling until the pressure stabilised him. He let out a deep breath, and then another, and opened his eyes again with his hand still in his hair. He stared at the screwdriver sitting before him, taunting him, and he felt another wave of rage and hopelessness as the sight of it swept him even further back, past the Framework, into another pit of despair. A pit he’d climbed out of that time, at least.

“You did it before,” he whispered, clinging to that flicker of hope. “Just do it again.”

“Did what?”

Fitz jumped so aggressively he nearly knocked over his own stool, scrabbling for the screwdriver in an instant. He wondered if it was Madame’s face he’d see behind him, and if he’d have the guts to put the screwdriver through her eye.

But it was Daisy.

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Bruh, if the grounders don’t keep any measurement of time, how do they know when to celebrate ascension day?

If no one except the Flamekeeper and the commander know what the spirit of the commander looks like, then how were those grounders who found Murphy able to reconize it as the “sacred symbol”?

How could Luna be the leader of the boat people, yet Titus was unaware of her location?

How was Lincoln aware of her location if she ran away on purpose and went into “hiding”?

Where were Lexa’s guards when the guns went off and how is it they showed up at some point and stood outside Clarke’s door while the commander slowly died for a few hours?

Where were the healers?

How were they able to lock Roan away but let Emerson lose to be “banished”?

How was Pike – a recently introduced character – able to collect enough votes to win over Kane, when all of Pike’s people were locked up with him while the election happened?

If earth’s destruction was sudden and unexpected how were all those people able to, let alone get in the mountain, but take all that art and historical stuff from where ever to preserve it, before the bombs dropped?

How is it Titus had no successor? How is it he was able to pass down the seemingly sacred duty of flamekeeper to Clarke? Who is not even a grounder and has absolutely not training or knowledge of how to perform the job?

The plot holes this season are of epic proportions. Feel free to add more.

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Bellamy Blake and you knew each other since you become his neighbor when you were 7. You didnt like him when you were little, because he never talked to anyone and if he does he was very mysterious and didnt talk about his family. But when you were older and Bellamy’s mother should watch over you, he told you his secret, because you wasnt like the other 10 year old girls who hate boys or something like that. Bellamy and you became friends, you helped him so good as you can to keep Octavia in safety.
As you all came down on earth, Bellamy and you get closer to each other.. Bellamy felt in love with you first and told you about his feelings on a full moon night, it was very romantically and you still thought that it was Octavia’s Idea because Bellamy isnt the romantically guy but he always said it was his own Idea.

Anyway since that a lot happened. You were taken by Mountain Mens and escaped with Clarke, your best friend Finn, died because of Clarke the one who your best friend loved the most and then the Grounders and Skypeople made peace.. It was too much for you and if Bellamy had not been there, you wouldnt have survived all this. You loved him everyday more, nothing and no one could brought you two apart, until now.


In the Grounder camp:

“We need to tell him Clarke!” Octavia yelled at her, with tears in her eyes.

“We can’t! I’ve he finds out that Y/N is dead.. He’ll drop the mission and the 48 will die and Bellamy probably too.” Clarke argued and looked to Lexa.

“You both dont have a heart! She was like a sister to me and you two killed Y/N, you could have saved her, Clarke!” Octavia yelled so loud that nearly everyone could hear her. 

“Octavia of the Skypeople, calm your voice!” Lexa said very serious.

“I dont take orders from you! And either from Clarke. You killed my sister and after this war, I’ll never see you both again.” Octavia said while the tears rolled down at her face. “Clarke? You hoped for that right? Because if Y/N is daed.. You think Bellamy would love you.. Or are you now with Lexa?” Octavia said and went out of the tent.

“Watch her.” Lexa said annoyed to a Guard. “She didnt mean that.”

“Oh yes she did, Octavia Blake means everything she said.. And I know I didnt want to kill Y/N but I-I could have saved her.. I couldnt save Finn but I could have saved Bellamy’s one true love after what he is doing for us right now.” Clarke said and Lexa understood it and hugged her. “I dont feel anything for Bellamy, he’s just a friend and I want you to know that Lexa.”

“I know you dont want to hear that but you’ve to focus, we need to get to Mount Weather.” Lexa said and Clarke nodded. 


“Octavia!” Lincoln shouted after she went out of the tent and into the woods.

After he find her, sitting down on the ground while she was crying, he went over to her and tried to calm her down.

“Lin-Lincoln I cant do this here with out Y/N or Bellamy, I cant be Indra’s second and fight a war. I mean Y/N is dead and Bellamy could be soon too.” She cried in his arms.

“No he wont, Bellamy is a strong one just like you. I know Y/N was too but she’ll watch over you.” Lincoln said and kissed her forehead while Murphy came into the woods two.

“Hey, are you okay?” Murphy asked carefully.

Murphy was a good friend of you, you were one of his first friends after everything he did, you still saw the good in him. Murphy would’ve done everything for you and he still wish that he could change places with you.. to keep you save.

“I’ll be, if you do me a favor.” Octavia said and stopped crying.

“Yeah sure, anything.” Murphy answered.

“You need you to distracted the Guards, I have to get to the dropship and tell Bell about Y/N. He need to know.” She said with a sad voice.

“I agree, he need to know.” Murphy nodded and Lincoln helped Octavia to stood up. “Go, I’ll take care of the Guards.

Octavia hugged Murphy and kissed his cheek. After that Lincoln and she ran, they ran like they would die if they wouldnt run.


At the dropship:

1 Hour past but then Octavia and Lincoln made it. First they saw Abby who was shocked to see them because they wanted to kepp Clarke save but when Octavia told her what Clarke had done, she couldnt say a word and let Octavia went to Raven, the only person who could talk to her big brother.

"Raven I need to talk to him, believe me it’s really important.” Octavia said so calm as she could after Raven told her she cant talk to her brother right now.

“He tried to save your friends in there okay? Our friends, he doesnt have time right now.” Raven said pissed.

“I didnt want to do that but you let me no other choice.” Octavia said and slapped Raven so hard that she felt to the ground and Octavia could get to the radio set.

“Bellamy, bellamy please came in.” Octavia said and pressed a button on the side.

“O? Is that you?” Bellamy said happy.

“Yes it’s me, Bellamy I need to tell you something okay?” Octavia said and tried not to cry while Raven stood up slowly.

“Hurry, I need to take some Mountain Mens down.” He laughed.

“Bellamy, I’m so sorry.” Octavia started to cry again.

“Octavia, whats going on?” Bellamy said confused.

“Bell, Y/N she is- she is dead. She died because of an explosion , I was with her but then, she- she ran to save a child and.. she couldnt save herself.”

It was quiet.

“Bellamy?” She asked and Raven started to cry next to her. “Bellamy can you hear me?”

“I need to go now.” Bellamy said shocked. 

“The last thing she said was, that she loves you and that she wanted to be the one who saved you from the mountain mens, when you could made the prisoners free.”

“O, we’ll we meet again.” He said and throw his radio set away.

“No Bellamy, BELLAMY!” Octavia yelled and Lincoln hugged her again.


In Mount weather:

Bellamy needed a few minutes, he leaned on a banister and tried not to cry.. to think clear but he couldnt. You were his only thoughts and so he made a decision, to take Mount Weather down at any costs.
Bellamy went downstairs and wanted to take the passivation down like Raven told him.

“Y/N I’ll give you revenge, I hope you can hear me. I love you.” Bellamy said and took the passivation down.


This One Shot was for my Grandpa, may we meet again. 

* 26.04.1949 ✝ 26.2.2015 

oftheskyepeople  asked:

Okay okay how about: "let me get this straight. You, bellamy blake, best man playboy extraordinaire, cant get the maid of honor to even speak to you for more then 20 seconds?"

In honor of Lina’s (thatweirdparamedicstudent) Bellarke AU Week. Day 4 is a Modern AU. Sorry that this took so long!

“Let me get this straight. You, Bellamy Blake, Best Man and Playboy Extraordinaire, can’t get the maid of honor to even speak to you for more than 20 seconds?” Wick laughed, taking a sip of his scotch. “This is rich.”

“She hasn’t spoken to me in weeks,” Bellamy grumbled, yanking his tie loose and reaching for his glass just as the bartender slid it over. “I’ve tried to apologize, but she won’t listen to me. The only time she’d even acknowledge me was if it was something about the wedding, and now that that’s over, she can ignore me forever.”

“In all fairness, man, you did give her a black eye and call her fat all in the span of five minutes.” [AO3]

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