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Jeon Jungkook’s type of girl

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What jungkook likes in a girl

  • When she has long hair
  • When she has double eyelids
  • When she wears skirts
  • When she can pull off both Straight and Wavy hair.
  • When she’s charismatic
  • When she knows how to cook for him
  • When she knows how to take care of him
  • When she has fair skin or a Healthy sun tanned skin
  • When she maintains a gorgeous healthy figure by working out daily
  • When she has well balanced muscles ? ( lol okay jeon , you do you)
  • When she has a healthy beauty.
  • When she’s shorter than him (he’s impressed af by tall girls tho)
  • When she has  beautiful long legs
  • When she’s good at singing
  • When she’s wife material
  • When she’s similar to Emma Watson ( I never expected this tbh,I LOVE EMMA so FRIKIN much !!!)
  • When she can communicate with him  ( like PARDON?)
  • When she’s older and take care or him cause’ he’s still a little bean who wants attention
  • When she’s younger and he can take the upper hand cause’ he likes playing the ‘oppa’ a lot nowadays
  • When she’s cute cause’ he likes adorable girls
  • When she’s dressed with black and grey tones cause’ it’s similar to his style
  • When she likes wearing a laid back style cause’ it’s very attractive
  • When she wears boxy  white shirts (LMAO. YES.WHITE SHIRT MANIA)
  • When she wears oversized white button up shirts ( Bruh. I think he has a fetish for this lol)
  • When she wears oversized clothing in general because something about it makes him love it so much.
  • When she  is smart and quite intellectual cause’ he’s the kind of man to be impressed when a girl brings out a theory and teach him something
  • When she  is nice and kind because delicate girls are his weakness
  • When she likes him for who he really is and not for the image he portrays on stage
  • When she is charming and sexy
  • When she’s mature because he’s still young and still has lots to learn
  • When she’s caring and protective of him
  • When she’s genuine and plays along with him when he jokes around
  • When she states what she likes and dislikes with no fear
  • When she’s not afraid to voice her point of view and fights for what she wants
  • When she’s hardworking and passionnate about what she likes.
  • When she’s elegant and sexy but still manages to pull off a cute aura
  • When she’s willing to walk with him along the beach at night
  • When she’s willing to stay by his side.
  • When she’s an Army <3

I stumbled upon an ideal type article about jeon and that’s how I went on a research spree of his ideal woman and came up with this. All of these facts come from different websites/interviews and fansites. Jeon may have an ideal type, but it keeps on changing every year lol.

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hc + tradition

Word-associated Headcanons | Accepting!!

             A tradition that Alex does during Michael’s birthday: doing something nontraditional.
Alex knows that Michael has been the perfect son, the perfect student, and she knows how much it annoys her brother to reach those standards from others in the community, especially from their own parents.
            So every year, right when everything seems to go right for Michael’s perfect birthday celebration, Alex intentionally “ruins” it by doing something outrageous like, maybe turning up the aux-cord as she breaks into an electric guitar solo during the happy birthday song, or throwing the whole cake onto Michael’s face before they start singing for his celebration.
            And the thing is, this makes Michael lose his shit like, it makes him laugh so hard that the more his parents became enraged towards Alex, the more it was likely that he would cry tears of joy. Alex manages to do this every single year, and even though Michael doesn’t know how she pulls it off, it was a tradition that both the siblings enjoyed the most.

I love working with Ryan, I’d follow him anywhere, so to go from American Horror Story to this and then hopefully back to American Horror Story at the end of the year is a dream come true. … I think so, at the end, I’m hoping.
—  Emma Roberts at the FOX Upfronts for Scream Queens, when asked if she knows if she’s going to be a part of Hotel [x]
Boruto Uzmaki is just a Naruto clone

I haven’t really made any of these before, but I feel the need to reach out a bit here. Because there is nothing wrong with being similar to your parents. I mean look at Sarada Uchiha, Kishimoto stated that she is a female Sasuke with Sakura traits, and she pulls off the perfect mixture of them both. I know Boruto has not been fleshed out much, though I doubt he would be a mixture of Naruto and Hinata - Though so far he is not really the clone people make him out to be. 

Reminder as you read this: He barely has the same amount of manga panels as Sarada, and Chou Chou as-well. So his character has not been fleshed out yet, so understand that I still have little to work with here.

Now I won’t provide manga scans/panels for everything I say, mostly for the part of me being extremely lazy at 4AM in the morning XD.


Kishimoto in his manga has taken the toll of leading people on very early, Sarada was characterized with Sasuke’s pose in Gaiden Chapter 1, but I don’t think she has Sasuke’s attitude to match. She seems more mature, happier, and a lot more open socially than he was. You can definitely say that Sasuke before the massacre was a loving, happy child the same, but Sarada’s conflicts are different from both of their characters, and Sarada is already showing her greatness as a female MC by herself. It would take me a while to make a post about Sarada and Sasuke before the massacre, but if the people want it … Ask away!

Now Kishimoto early on already hinted what Boruto disliked, and it is the exact opposite of what Naruto wanted: 

“I totally hate Hokage’s…”

Now we can already tell that Boruto takes after his father in his mischievous personality (usually associated with pranks and such), and it is not wrong to name him a clone thus far, right? My personal belief (don’t take this as a fact) is that Boruto’s real personality was sort of taken from him after his father became Hokage, because he got to spend less time with him, which in turn made him act like this. In comparison to Sasuke who did his best in school to gain his father’s attention, especially when he had a brother like Itachi, Boruto is probably the best in his class. Now don’t take what I say for fact, once again, but Kishimoto already called Boruto a Prodigy. And he really is not characterized as some complete idiot like his father outside of his pranks, and so far his shinobi skills aren’t questioned (being able to use a high ranked technique before graduation - The shadow clone jutsu).  神童 (Prodigy)

Now onto the next one!

Boruto whether this can be taken seriously so far from the lack of panels of his characterization, just seems to be rather laid back. More so in comparison to what Naruto has shown. Who is overly enthusiastic, always wants to join the party, and never wants to be behind. I think it is the exact opposite for Boruto. Now we know he is a “Prodigy” so this scan points to that, but I have more so don’t worry ~

Now onto the next one, I want you to put yourself into Naruto’s mind state when you read this. Pretend Boruto is Naruto,  visualize what he would do under this circumstance:

Now very on Naruto was characterized as someone who never gives up, in fact that is actually his nindo. Boruto who was characterized wanting to spend time with his father … Funny enough decided NOT chase Naruto, which even funny enough Mitsuki pitches in the idea of possibly catching up to Naruto even though they arrived a bit late. Though it does make Boruto a bit angry Naruto knew he was going to arrive with lunch, Naruto just did not have the time. He felt a bad air with the new events, so he had to make sure not to waste anymore time. Can you blame him though? He is the Hokage after all.

This really does not prove much here, but I thought it was quite hilarious that Boruto, Naruto’s own son called him a doofus. Isn’t that a bit ironic? Kishimoto has been leaving short hints around that Boruto is not really quite unintelligent, especially in the areas that Naruto lacked. I remind you, the parallels come from the pranking and mischievous side. Now I’m going to combine the last three panels and analyze it in my opinion at once.

In the situation (before and after) his conversation with Sarada, Boruto was pretty laid back on it all. When Sarada voiced her thought on taking the Bento to Naruto himself, you would think Boruto would really join himself (mostly because his father is the one he wants to spend time with), but he gave the Bento to Sarada after he Tnj’d  gave him her honest opinion on it, and having a respectable conversation between two friends. What he brushed off as is something opposite of Naruto. Even after Sarada’s speech Boruto notices something odd about her wording, and plea for the Bento, which he responds “You’ve got issues” which is not really strange. The reason for her bringing this Bento, is to have an actual excuse to follow Naruto, when and if she gets caught.

I hope you enjoyed my post. Again I want to state that what I wrote is from my opinion, I never stated these as facts, and I purely made this thread to help Boruto out. People push past him and eagerly go to what is being fleshed out already, and yet the kid has had less panels than Chou Chou for crying out loud. I really hope people see him for what he really is worth towards the end of Gaiden if Kishimoto develops him more before his movie.