and she poses no romantic threat for the boys

hinamesh  asked:

IR keeps saying that Rukia is the one who stops his rains, the one who changes his life, etc. but they are forget completely that's Orihime is the one who KEEPS HIM ALIVE. Without her all his power that was given by Rukia (they said) are useless. It's annoyed me when they are forget about this, and be little Orihime importance in Ichigo's life *heavy sigh* what do you think?

I think comparing the two girls and their importance to Ichigo is absolutely pointless. There is no love triangle here, Rukia and Orihime are not pitted against each other, competing for Ichigo’s heart (especially when Orihime is still the only one with a canon love for him while Rukia has only ever shown to be supportive of that love, and even given them both a helpful nudge in each other’s direction, but I digress). You can say, ‘but Orihime didn’t change his world/dry his rain,’ but it can also be said that he didn’t make a singular promise to protect Rukia, or rise from the dead for her to keep that promise, and the majority of his enemies don’t target her to get to Ichigo the way they have with Orihime, etc. See what I mean? It’s a moot point; because both of them are important to him, and both of them have impacted him, but in different ways—And their importance to him coexists! i.e. The way in which Rukia/Orihime has impacted Ichigo does not cancel out the way that Orihime/Rukia has impacted him. I think people tend to forget that. 

It could be argued that his feelings for one are platonic while his feelings for the other are romantic (and obviously, the fandom has opposing viewpoints on which is which) but to suggest that he doesn’t actually care for one of them is just ludicrous. And if you have to demean and diminish the significance of one girl in your efforts to prove the importance of the other…well, your argument must not have much of a leg to stand on, if it requires that comparison.

I don’t know where this fandom gets the idea that if a boy loves a girl, she is somehow the only person in his life that matters, and everyone else is just pointless and insignificant. It’s a really…bizarre and isolated concept. Not to mention, unhealthy. After all, it is perfectly possible for Ichigo to romantically love one of them while still considering the other to be an important person who he cares for immensely (wow, what a concept!) And if he really loves girl A, his caring for girl B should not pose a threat to that whatsoever, and there should be no need to belittle it (revolutionary!)

Bottom line is: Rukia’s importance to Ichigo does not negate Orihime’s importance to Ichigo, and vice-versa. Kubo doesn’t pit them against each other, and neither should we.