and she plays bass

Weird MSI Facts

-MSI’s first bassist was a girl named Vanessa YT. Nobody knows her real name, and even MSI themselves don’t know where she’s at or what she’s doing now.

-MSI got Jhonen Vasquez to direct some of their videos and do art for some singles and the deluxe version of If because they noticed kids wearing Invader Zim shirts to their shows

-When MSI reached out to Jamie Hewlett to do art for their album, Jamie drew some Frankestein girls and wrote “The Frankenstein girls will seem strangely sexy”, which then became the name of the album. Jimmy had asked if it was okay to use that line as a title, and Jamie said “Go ahead, you guys are nuts.” The guy who created Tank Girl and Gorillaz even thinks MSI is nuts.

-LynZ got her role as Vanessa YT’s replacement by lying about playing bass to a bouncer at a club, and was later approached at one of her art shows with an offer to audition for MSI. She knew she wouldn’t make it playing bass alone, so during a part in her audition where the bass drops out, she pulled a film canister of Bacardi out of her bra, and matchsticks out of her pigtails, and spat fire. She almost caught Jimmy on fire, and secured her role in the band.

-Jimmy was 29 when MSI’s (technical) first record, Tight, came out. So if you ever think it’s ~too late~ to be doing what you want to do, look to him.

-Jimmy’s last name may be ‘Urine’ as a pun on his real last name, but the dude has actually drank his own urine several times on stage. Nobody really knows what drives him to do this, but it’s probably what gives him his powers.

-MSI used to have a taxidermied dog named Chauncey that they would bring on stage and dress up in clothes that the fans threw on stage. Some people say it was actually Jimmy’s dog that he had stuffed. 

-Steve, Righ? is actually named Steve, but got his stage name after someone came up to him super drunk at a show, slurring, and said “You’re Steve, righ?”

-Kitty and Jimmy are cousins. 

-Kitty only joined MSI as a temporary member because Jimmy booked a live show without a real band, but did so well he kept her on. This was after not having had played drums for years, because someone accidentally sold off her drum kit when she was in school.

-The guy in the Shut Me Up music video is the same guy that plays The Patient in MCR’s Welcome To The Black Parade video

-Jimmy keeps a hoard of old Atari STacy’s so that his sound can stay somewhat consistent through whatever he makes, but he brings in new production equipment/techniques to help evolve it. That’s why no two MSI records sound the same, but all undeniably sound like MSI.

-Steve has had two hip surgeries.

-Kitty has a daughter but nobody knows when she was born, what her name is, or who her father is

-Kitty’s real name is Jennifer Dunn, and nowhere on the internet can you find her birthday or how old she actually is. Google wrongly says she was born in 1993, which would mean she was 4 when she joined MSI which is… Wrong

-Jimmy used to do a web series called the Little Jimmy Urine Show that was him talking/voice acting over still frames made in Microsoft Paint with tons of sound effects? They were really weird but also really funny idk

-Basically nobody knows jack shit about this band, especially the period of about 1997-2008, and they’re really weird

Voltron Marching Band AU

I keep seeing marching band aus out there but I don’t agree with them so I have to make my own. Here goes!

- dedicated tuba
- somehow first chair even though he’s convinced that the rest of his section is better than him???
- he’s very modest
- has lungs like a fucking blimp
- *plays thirty-two 4/4 measures at a super slow tempo*
- *still hasn’t taken a breath*
- always making sure the rookies are taking care of themselves
- “did you eat breakfast today??” “are you drinking water???” “don’t strain yourself too much, but remember to practice! :)”
- the band mom
- has the music memorized the day after he gets it and no one understands
- except pidge
- the only one who doesn’t break a sweat during band camp and the others are so concerned
- “shiro seriously are you dehydrated you’re supposed to sweat how are you not dead”
- shiro: *shrugs* *does the entire routine* *isn’t exhausted yet* *still hasn’t sweated*

- fourth chair saxophone
- would play bass guitar during concert season but he loves his saxophone
- can play alto, tinner, and bari, but alto is his favorite
- “it’s so small omg I love it so much”
- would die for anyone in his section
- has memorized every alternate fingering ever and is happy to share his knowledge
- he’s on the loading crew because he can carry a sousaphone in each hand and a bass drum on his back
- not very good at sight reading
- he has to hear the music before he can play it
- but he plays great by ear
- has never chipped a reed
- ever
- not even at band camp
- pidge is jealous
- just. sounds like an angel when he plays
- takes such good care of his sax by killing literally anyone who touches it
- “did you just dent my saxophone”
- terrified rookie: um I’m sorry omg don’t hurt me I don’t wanna die I’m so sorry I’ll do anything
- most of the younger kids are absolutely terrified of him and he’s okay with this

(I’ve seen a lot of “trumpet keith” aus but honestly?????)
- keith is drum captain
- he plays snare and he fuckin kills it
- keith is not a good leader in most aspects of his life but when it comes to music he’s just so in tune to it and he knows exactly what everyone needs to do to make the music perfect
- one of those people who can tell whether a note is in tune just by hearing it and he hates it
- “pidge you’re out of tune”
- “I just came from the tuner I’m perfectly in tune!!”
- “okay but you’re not you’re a bit sharp actually”
- doesn’t know how to dynamic
- “okay keith that was great but you need to tone it down a bit. play a bit softer, your dynamic is piano”
- “lol what does softer mean”
- he just beats the drum as hard as he can all. the. time
- never officially came out to the band, coran found him and lance making out in one of the practice rooms and afterward lance wrote “keith is gay and dating the color guard master” on the white board
- everyone was confused because “why would he date allura if he’s gay”
- lance was very bitter

- trombone during concert season
- but in marching band he kills with a flag
- so flexible omg
- “keith look what I can do with my leg”
- “please untie yourself you’re going to get stuck”
- (he has gotten stuck before)
- hips made of fucking. rubber or something idk how do they mOVE LIKE THAT
- he and keith are not allowed to be within sight of each other in shows because keith gets so distracted by lance’s Hips From God™
- gives the rookie guard members makeup tutorials
- has a large role in the costume designs for the year because in lance’s rookie year the outfits were clashy and not good and lance was horrified
- he vowed to fix this abomination
- has never dropped a flag. not once.
- he has, however, lost grip of his rifle several times and accidentally nailed someone in the head
- he is the reason all the rifles have grippers now

- second chair clarinet and super salty
- has a photographic memory so she memorizes music like that
- doesn’t understand bass clef and will never try
- “that’s an e”
- “no pidge this is bass. that’s a g”
- “that’s a fucking e fight me”
- absolutely despises first chair clarinet
- “he’s so cocky I hATE HIM SO MUCH”
- really good with rhythms?
- hunk doesn’t understand this
- “hunk all you do is count it. look”
- “can you just sing it for me i’m lost”
- drinks 2948592859$-484 gallons of water per day
- puts on so much sunscreen during band camp that she gets paler
- “pidge why don’t you lay off on the sunscreen and try to get a tan”
- “because, lance, not everyone wants to get fucking sKIN CANCER”
- when she burns she burns bad
- somehow still has a sock tan???
- “heh look pidge’s feet are DARKER than her legs. told you you were getting paler”
- her reeds never last more than two weeks
- they are always broken, usually because she refuses to buy a mouthpiece cap
- “pidge this is why you’re second chair”
- doesn’t do trills. ever. hates trills almost as much as she hates the first clarinet
- coran tried to get her to play bass clarinet in concert once
- her reaction was basically ???????
- “coran i’m three inches tall and have the muscle mass of a corn chip I can barely lift my regular clarinet”
- absolutely lives by the “if you see a word you don’t know look at the director” rule
- no knowledge of musical terms
- “accelerando??? lol what’s that”

- baritone during concert season
- color guard captain
- the master of “spin a thousand times without getting dizzy”
- perfect balance
- has literally stood on three fingers and twirled a flag with her foot and could do it again
- very loud
- she will always be heard
- thinks the rookies are cute but she will not put up with their shit
- “lance stop giving everyone makeovers we’re supposed to be learning the routine”
- has made a flower crown for her flag
- so graceful
- has never fallen
- has dropped the thing she was twirling (flags, rifles, sabres, etc) exactly once and that was because she threw a sabre at lance’s head
- coran was not pleased but it was pretty funny
- can do your hair 101 ways but only one of them is acceptable because we all have to look the same, goddammit lance stop with the braid trains
- doesn’t take lance seriously at all and tbh he doesn’t blame her
- took dance classes as a kid and found that she enjoyed it
- but color guard is where she belongs
- (even if some of her fellow guard members *cough*lance*cough* are assholes sometimes)
- one time a toddler ran out onto the field during a show and hugged allura’s legs and she melted
- “coran can we keep it”
- “her parents are right there”
- “but can we keep it”
- pretends to be Mature and Serious but in reality she’s as much of a dork as the rest of the band
- once she heard a cheerleader say “i’m glad we don’t have to work with the band like the color guard” and she decked them
- has temper issues but is overall a great performer

- the wacky director
- band camp stories take up half the class time
- if someone doesn’t want to play this part again, or is tired of marching this set, all they have to do say “hey coran did ___ ever happen at your band camp” and coran will never shut up again
- this is a risky move though because if he realizes what you’re doing you will never see the light of day again
- the living embodiment of “one more time” *ten times later* “one more time”
- “if you’re not perfect then we’re not competing”
- was humiliated once by a rival school because of an immature band
- will never let it happen again
- tries (and fails) to reference modern pop culture
- “i think you kids will like this song! it’s kind of like that one the kids sing now with the doors and the painting”
- “the what now”
- “you know, the one by those scared parties”
- he means well
- super chill but if you get on his bad side then you will see hell
- jokes around a lot but he is serious when it comes to music
- and if you’re not then coran will not hesitate in kicking you out
- “if you can’t play your instrument then you wON’T PLAY YOUR INSTRUMENT HOW’S THAT BYE FIND A NEW 5TH PERIOD TEACHER”
- a professional Student Roaster™

Knuckles : Boxer!Ashton (Part 5)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six

“Calum!” you call after walking into the kitchen, spraying cleaner on the counter and drying it down with a rag. “It’s your turn to take the garbage out.”

“One second,” he says back, followed shortly with an unrelated, “Oh, shit.”

A moment later you glance up to see him emerge from his bedroom, shirtless, and holding in his hand a toothbrush with bristles coated in white paste.

Your arm continues to circle the counter with the rag, using slightly less elbow grease now that you’ve been distracted. “What?”

“Water’s out in my room,” he answers casually, as if it’s a reoccurring inconvenience that he’s come to expect over time. He reaches across the counter to dampen his toothbrush with the kitchen’s faucet, then proceeds to scrub his morning breath away.

“How does it just go out in one room?” you question, turning to use the same cleaner on the front of the refrigerator.

“Dunno,” Calum mutters with a mouth full of foam. Your ears catch the sound of him spitting into the sink.

“I just cleaned that.”

“And you did a great job.”

You cast an annoyed glare over your shoulder.

“Anyway, cool if I use your shower?” Calum asks, smiling at the silent threat.

The ownership you have over anything in the apartment still sounds odd to you when put into words, almost always forcing you to pause with the need to correct Calum before remembering he’s making sense. You guess you haven’t quite settled in to your newest living arangment yet, still in the habit of referring to it as Calum and Ashton’s place. You only unpacked your last box a few weeks ago, a short while after Ashton left for Las Vegas to pursue the boxing training Dennis Serrant had to offer.

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somebody else // stiles stilinski

Summary: Stiles broke her heart and now she can never look at him the same. They remained friends, but she can’t exactly find it in herself to truly forgive Stiles and he doesn’t know how to accept her new relationship with the one person he can’t stand. Overtime, they both eventually got over each other… or have they?

Requested: no, collab with @minhosmeanhoe

Warning: no, mature language & themes throughout

Inspired by this song


With a red solo cup in hand, he took a seat on Lydia’s couch. It had become his signature spot every time she threw a party. He’d usually sit there and watch the people around him until he’d have too much to drink or he couldn’t stand to hear one more techno pop remix. Taking a sip of a mystery liquid that burned his throat, he shot Malia a small smile as he caught her eye on the dance floor. She returned the gesture and kept dancing with the other girl around her.

“Why do you always sit on this stupid couch when I go out of my way to throw a killer party?” Lydia pouted, taking a seat next to Stiles. A smile spread across his lips as he rested his arm across the back of the couch. 

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anonymous asked:

Speaking of Veruca and her dad, does Veruca still play the guitar? And if so when and where does she play it?

Yes Veruca can play rhythm guitar and bass! A while back me and @munbbi wanted to make Glam and Ruca have a local band where Ruca played bass and sang lead and Glam played drums then we wanted to have tryouts lol where other people’s OCs could try out to be in the band ( lead guitar, keyboard) but we never did , it was a cute Idea tho their band could be “The Cooties” or something hahaha 

Elsewhere Radio

The Music

(I hope this fits in with the lore… I mainly just wanted an excuse to make an EU playlist ;_;)

Kleio knew it was easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. 

Even when it came to the strange inhabitants of her school.

She had suffered the pipes and fiddles playing outside her dorm at odd hours. She had averted her gaze from the circle of students standing on the lawn, closing their eyes and weaving harmonies that Kleio could actually see spinning in iridescent banners above their heads. 
She didn’t mind the music, really. It was soothing, reminding her of forests and campfires and earthy dwellings built far underground. Whenever she closed her eyes during a study session and allowed herself to float away on the same breeze carrying those distant notes toward her, she could almost feel her soul dancing in the sky, climbing higher and higher towards the round, yellow moon.
But it was during one of these moments where she had lost track of her surroundings completely that she found herself on the floor of her bedroom, legs entangled with her computer charging cord and her forehead feeling as if it had collided with something: the floor.
Snapping back to reality as the sound of laughter wafted in through the open window, she knew that something had to be done. The music wasn’t for her entertainment, no. They had just made that abundantly clear.

So Kleio hatched a plan, and hoped that she would not be punished too severely for it.

That little supply closet under the stairs leading to the second floor of the cafeteria had not been used in a long time. Kleio had been keeping an eye on it, and sure enough, she’d never seen anyone setting foot in or outside of it. Surely it would not be missed.

The station was simple to set up: being an AV major had its perks. Soon enough, Kleio’s broadcasting dome encompassed the entire cafeteria and three buildings in the nearby vicinity. 

She played the grungiest, dirtiest techno she could find. Loud bass and hypnotic beats that would drown out any sweet harps. 
This was her way of getting back. Or at least, it seemed like a safe way to vent her frustrations. It wasn’t as if anybody would really care about a tiny bubble of sound with only a 100 foot radius. She hadn’t intended for the station to become popular. 
But of course, something entirely different happened. 
As she sat in her room doing homework, she heard it. 
Loud beats coming down the hall.
This wasn’t unusual, but the fact that the song had been the same as one she’d played earlier that evening on her illicit station raised her nervousness, just a bit.
She wasn’t at the station now. There was no way it was playing her station. They were too far away to pick up anything, anyway.
But then songs began to play in a certain order that made her hair stand on end.
It was playing her songs in the exact order she’d played them. As if she was there, at the cafeteria, repeating the songs from earlier that day.
And, a solid half mile away.
Kleio dashed back to the cafeteria. She had a portable radio in her backpack, and as she ran, she listened to the station that was supposed to be dead quiet pump out electronic notes through the cheap speakers.
The lock that she had installed on the door was still in place. It was iron, too, she had made sure of that.
They hadn’t done anything. How was she supposed to explain this?

There was one fact that Kleio hadn’t yet caught on to during her time at EU: If magic can mess with you, magic will mess with you. 
A twisted kind of Murphy’s law had taken her little station by force and now, Kleio would hear her music being played over PA systems of empty classrooms as she passed by. She could hear it echoing dimly across the lawn, where the once placid rings of supernatural singers had taken to low, angry buzzing which only became louder as Kleio drew near.
The breezy pipes that used to flit outside her window were now maelstroms of dissonance and fury.
Slamming the textbook she’d been trying and failing to read shut, Kleio rubbed her eyes and sighed. She made the long trek to the cafeteria and pressed the master switch.
The sounds coming from her radio did not stop. 
She pulled every plug out of every socket. She pounded her fists on the equipment. Nothing happened.

Kleio sighed, and pulled out her phone, quickly making some changes. She made a playlist, carefully picking out the tracks, and began broadcasting with the new songs.

The angry buzzing and discordant pipes eventually stopped. Kleio’s new mix seemed to appease all of her listeners, human and Gentry alike. She couldn’t even hear the hypnotic instruments outside her dorm anymore: the players had lost interest in their plaything, so it seemed.
Kleio may have lost control of her creation, but at least now she wouldn’t have to worry about vanishing mysteriously or falling prey to enchanted pipes. And now she was something of a minor celebrity in the school paper, which had documented the mysterious shift in tone of the anonymous DJ and posited several theories as to whom the master genius behind the station might be.
But Kleio wanted nothing more to do with the station, and left the lock in its place.
That didn’t stop music from coming out of the sealed room, however. Kleio found that the music would change, from melodic violins and spaced-out beats to heavy drums and droning horns without warning. In fact, Kleio found the station mirroring her own moods, more often than not. 
The PA system would crackle whenever she felt nervous during a test, and low chanting would rumble through the classroom.
Whenever she found herself at a dance (human-organized, she’d been careful to make sure,) the music would follow her movements, not the other way around. 
It was terrifying, and somehow thrilling, to have somehow gained this power. 
But life still continued as usual, and faintly during particularly brightly moonlit nights, the pipes would return, as alluring and sweet as ever.


gorillaz-imagines  asked:

Could you write up headcanons for Murdoc and Noodle when Noodle was growing up? So like Phase 1 to now, I guess, haha. Love your writing!

(Aw, thank you so much! 💕)

• If Noodle had a nightmare, she would come to Murdoc’s room and sleep in a little tent that he pitched in the corner. It had fairy lights in it and taxidermy rabbits (he didn’t have stuffed animals), and he would play quietly on his bass until she fell asleep again. This was throughout Phases 1 and 2.

• He’s SUCH a dad about her dress sense in Phase 4. She’ll skip downstairs in her hot pants and crop tops and he’s like “you aRE NOT GOING OUT WEARING THAT!!!” Of course, he doesn’t have much credibility, seeing as he lazes around the house in a neon pink banana hammock.

• He (not so) begrudgingly lets her paint his toenails for him. It’s a sign of trust, really, because his feet make Shrek’s look nice. She gives amazing pedicures though, so he can’t complain.

• She tried to teach him how to dance during Phase 2, because “your thrusting scares the kids. I don’t care if it’s your signature move.” He’s still terrible, mind you, but he can at least add the Running Man to his repertoire.

• When Russel was out for the day and 2D was busy during Phase 1, Murdoc was Official Dad. He was known to walk around the Kong Kitchen in a pink pinafore, cutting onions with his axe to make savoury scones with Noodle, who didn’t do much of the work and instead bossed him around inelligibly while she drank strawberry milk.

• During Phase 3, he kept a picture of her from when she first arrived in the band in his wallet. When the beach got too hot, the music was too loud, and the alcohol made him too sad, he would take it out and just stare at it until he fell asleep.


Games-Giving - wherein Nanami gives out games to the rest of the sdr2 kids

Somewhere in between the crammed spaces was a logical explanation as to why everyone was packed into Nanami’s already condensed cottage.

Initially, she wanted to bring her stuff with her to the lobby where it’s much more spacious but looking back at her hoards of console she knew that it would take too many trips and by then someone would have walked in and ruined the surprise for the rest. Besides, wasn’t this a surprise in its own way? Granted there’s barely enough room for them to breathe and much less to play but it would have to do. Once everyone had settled in as much as they could possibly have, Nanami started handing out the games and necessary consoles.

“Hanamura, you’re getting Cooking Mama.” She says and before he could be offended at a cheap knock-off of real cooking, she explains her choice. “I know how much you miss your mom… I know that the mama here isn’t exactly like yours, maybe. But I figured it might help with the homesickness hopefully.”

He looks at a loss for words. “This is… a wonderful choice.” And before he could get sappy, old habits kick in. “I’ll have you know that you are an exquisite choice yourself. You don’t need to flatter me with gifts if you want to spend a good time with me.”

She listens quietly, unresponsive. And then stoically turns to her next recipient. “I got you Fat Princess. It reminded me a lot of you while I was playing. It has food and strategy, I thought you’d like it… I guess.”

Twogami chuckles and it is a genuine heartfelt laughter. He’s more than happy to know that he was thought of especially by his one defining character trait. “It’s a worthy recommendation. I shall hold back my judgement until I finish it in all of its glory.”

She takes that as a sign that he likes it so she turns to meet the curious stare of a redhead. “I got you Life is Strange. It’s about this photography student but it’s less about taking photos and more of time travel I think… The protag is a girl with short hair and her freckles reminded me of you coincidentally.”

“Oh, wow that’s some… weirdly specific coincidences.” Koizumi admits it’s not quite the game she was expecting. She expected a typical point and shoot (with a camera) game but definitely not time traveling.

“Her name’s Max so I guess you both have names starting with M.” Nanami adds and then tilts her head in inquiry. “Are you okay with this? I can get you something else.”

“And miss out on time powers? I think not.” Koizumi just shakes her head. Sure, why not? It’d be a nice experience to see in someone else’s viewfinder for a change of perspective. “Besides, where else am I going to find a game that stars a girl and photography?”

She nods in agreement. Before Nanami could move on to whom she had planned for next, Saionji beats her to the punch as she unceremoniously jumps onto her. “Me! What about me? What did big sis Nanami get for me?”

She hands her the game with an excited smile. “I think you’ll like this one… Bully is an open world with the usual freedom of Rockstar games.”

“You had me at bully.” Saionji grins deviously.

Nanami shakes her head. “It’s not exactly that kind of game…”

“But I still get to do the stuff I like, right?” She smirks and breaks into childish cheer. “Yay! Thank you so much for this! I’ll play it to my heart’s content!”

She then turns to the nurse who jumps at the sudden attention. “Mikan, I got you Trauma Center. I know it’s far from the actual thing but I’m not exactly sure how… different it is.” There’s a certain genteleness in the way she hands out the game. And shyly, she asks, “Is it alright if I ask for your feedback on this?”

Mikan is still shocked from the experience of affection that it takes her a beat or two to stammer back, “T-Thank you! I’ll cherish this forever!!” She cries as she holds onto the game tightly to her chest. “You can count on me! I’ll be sure to point out all the inaccuracies.”

“Thank you, too.” Nanami then turns to the more if not the most excited member of the group. She smiles as she gestures to the whole setup behind her. “Ibuki, you get rockband… The full set.”

“Awesome! Ibuki has always wanted to play on these!” Ibuki hollers and she’s already at the drums while holding both the guitar and the bass. She looks just about ready to play all instruments at the same time. “The frets on the guitar are buttons! Kyaaah! How wild is that!”

Nanami can’t help but get carried along with Ibuki’s energy. She’s still smiling when she turns to Pekoyama. “If it’s sword slashing precision then the best I have is Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. You’ll probably appreciate the free slicing blade mode rather than the button mashing on most games… I think.”

Pekoyama gratefully accepts the gift with a bow. “This is quite thoughtful of you. Thank you. I will try my best to master the fighting style here.”

“And when you get bored of that, take a break and play this instead…” She hands her a portable console this time and when Pekoyama opens it, the game is already on and it’s absolutely adorable. “It’s Nintendogs. Now those fluffballs won’t run away from you… probably.”

“I…” Pekoyama’s speechless but that’s mostly because she’s distracted by the puppies hounding at her screen. No animal has ever approached her with such zeal that it catches her off-guard. It’s a surprise that she’s more than willing to welcome. She locks eyes with Nanami and her lips tug slightly into a sincere smile. “I will remember to return this goodwill of yours.”

It doesn’t go past Kuzuryuu who watched the whole exchange. When Nanami turned to him, he was caught unaware and so his defenses shot up. “Heh, so you’re giving away games based on what we do? Don’t tell me you got me one of those dumb trying hard yakuza themed games.”

She shook her head. “I don’t think you’ll like Yakuza that much so I suggest Mafia as a better alternative…” She innocently tilts her head. “Then maybe it’s better when you think it’s a different culture?”

“Ha! You got a lot of nerve thinking I’ll play crap like that.” He scoffs at her.

“I’m not. I think you’re more respectable than that… maybe.” She says not quite sure what she wants to mean. She gives him a different game instead. “This is Undertale. I think you’ll like the Fight or Mercy mechanics. You’ll choose well, probably.”

“Hmph, whatever.” He crosses his arms but his expression softens. She got him a game with a pacifist route and he appreciates the gesture. He murmurs, “But thanks anyways. I guess I’ll give it a try when I’ve got nothing else to do.”

“I’m sure you’ll love it… I think.” Nanami crosses the room to the other half of the class and Sonia catches her eyes first. “I was trying to find a game where the protag is a princess but it was hard so… I just went for the game with an… intense female main character. Tomb Raider’s a classic and you’re pretty hardcore like Lara Croft.”

Sonia reads through the summary at the back with sparkling eyes. “Oh, I have always wanted to go on my own expeditions without royal guards hounding me!” She claps her hands in her excitement. “I think this is just a lovely game filled with action and adventure! Thank you!”

“Ah, Gundam.” She moved on to the next person on her list. “I know you don’t like games about breeding animals since you consider them…” She squints as she tries to find the exact words that he used. “An insult to the actual gods?”

“That is correct!” Gundam agrees with a scowl. “Those are outright blasphemy! Why waste time on fakes when there are actual gods among us? If I were not such a forgiving Dark Lord then I would have rained judgement on all of those atrocities!”

“But is it okay as long as it’s not based on actual animals?” She asks with uncertainty. She didn’t want to offend Gundam but she’s not sure how well he’ll take this suggestion of hers. “Monster Rancher is a classic for your type. You get to learn about raising a whole bunch of new species that are literally out of this world… Here, look.”

Gundam inspects the game with a snarl at first but as he goes through the monsters, he finds himself more intrigued rather than disgusted. A whole new world to conquer, huh? He breaks out into raucous laughter. “Feast your eyes on these poor lost souls! The time has come for the Tanaka Kingdom to recruit yet more unearthly races! Cower in fear as our strength increases right before your eyes! Bwahaha!”

“Oi, do your delusions more quietly! Nobody cares!” Souda shouts but it falls onto deaf ears since Gundam is already absorbed in raising his first monster. He doesn’t want to accept being ignored but then he remembers that he hasn’t gotten his game yet and so he turns to Nanami with expectant eyes. “Man, looks like everyone’s getting good picks. So what do I get? Is it cool? It’s definitely cooler than dork lord’s over there, right?”

Nanami’s smile is playful. This one was trickier to find but it was an achievement to finally get it. She pulls out a box and brings out its contents. There’s the game and console and… a mini-robot. “Meet R.O.B., he’s your partner for playing Gyromite.”

“This is…” He gapes over the robot and his hands roam over across the plastic, he’s already picking it apart in his mind and deciphering how it works. He expected a game but he did not expect it to come with its own mini-robot. His eyes are shining and he almost looks in love. “This is fricking sweet.”

Even Nanami thought it was cool and she’s sure that Souda thinks of it a tenfold more. While Souda was busy mooning over his new toy, she sets up Owari’s. “I couldn’t find anything close to your ideal but… Wii Sports is close enough, maybe. As long as you strap on the remote and keep your distance, you can play boxing to your heart’s content.”

“So I basically beat people up by actually beating them up?” She shouts a battle cry and gets fired up on the spot. “Yosh! I’m game for this!”

“Nidai, I got you FIFA Manager among other coaching games… I couldn’t decide which one would be your favorite.” She adds that last part shyly but he takes them with a smile as always.

“I’m the best at managing my players! I’ll even be the best in these games of yours!” Nidai lets out a hearty laugh. “I’d watch out for your highscore if I were you.”

“I’ll take that as a challenge.” She then turns to the last two of her list.

Komaeda is already wearing his trademark lopsided smile and is eager to see what new hope would be born out of this. “I’m grateful that you would even consider giving me a game- the embodiment of your hope- when I’m trash undeserving of such greatness. I feel bad that you bothered thinking about me when I’m worthless.”

Nanami lets out a sigh and her hands are on Komaeda’s face in a heartbeat. “Stop talking like that or you won’t get yours.”

“But I don’t-”

“Stop.” She puffs her cheeks while she pinches his.

“Ow! Okay, okay. I concede.” He chuckles and even raises his hands in a show of defeat. “I’m still new to this whole thing about people thinking I’m worth more than I really am.”

She stares at him for a long time, judgingly, taking his words into careful consideration. She huffs again and releases him. “Close enough.”

“Well you do inspire me to try, you know.” He smiles and there’s laughter dancing on his lips. “The truth is I’ve never been this excited in my life! Oh, aside from that time I received my acceptance letter to Hope’s Peak Academy that is.”

Somehow he always brings back the conversation to hope. She shakes her head and there’s a small smile forming. “Here. Try this.”

He takes the phone in his hand with the camera on and it surprises him slightly when something else appears on the screen. “Uh, Nanami? Is there supposed to be a creature here?”

Her hand quickly swipes the phone out from his grip and her face practically beams. “A Lapras! As expected from Komaeda’s luck!” She flicks her finger a few times and by the fifth pokeball, she catches it with a triumphant smile. “I’ve been looking everywhere for her. Thanks for helping me out.”

“No problem.” He chuckles and then inquires, “So I’m guessing that wasn’t actually my game.”

She smiles shyly and then hands him his true gift. “That’s Legend of Mana and it’s legendary for its unique luck system. Almost the whole game is rigged on luck… I think.”

“I see. Then it is fitting for me.” He smiles broadly. “As expected from the ultimate gamer. Instead of bringing me the usual games, you hand me an excellent rpg. I will not let you down and maximize my luck just as much as your hope inspires me!”

“As long as you have fun.” She giggles and there’s a cough behind her. When she turns around, she sees the only person who has yet received a game from her. She smiles wider. “Hello there, Hinata.”

“Uh, hi.” He flushes and then straightens himself after a shaky breath. He fidgets from being too tense for his own good. He’s nervous even though he has no reason to be. He looks like the only person who’s afraid of what he’s about to get. “I know I don’t have any talent and all… so I’m sure you had a hard time finding a game for me.”

“Oh, not really.” She objects readily and she makes sure that her voice comes out as reassuring as possible. She finds his worries odd especially when there’s no trouble at all. “Actually… I picked out yours first.”

“What?” He shoots her a look of confusion. And when he holds the game in his hands, he feels absolutely lost. “Danganronpa…?”

“I feel like it’s life-and-death important for you to be good at this.” Nanami says in a tone that’s too serious to be talking about just games. And then in the next moment, she’s back to her laidback self. “By the way, it’s a series and I’ve already finished the latest one: New Danganronpa V3 or ndrv3 for short.”

“Um…” He’s still staring at the game and trying hard to read its hidden meaning but he comes up with nothing. He feels that there’s a joke somewhere in there that he’s missing. “Wait, so how did you end up picking this out for me?”

“Just an important feeling… probably.” She casually shrugs. There’s something cryptic underneath her words but he doesn’t have the code to decipher them and so he just loads the game with skepticism and caution. She nods at him approvingly. “When you’re done with that one, I’ll lend you the second one. I’m sure you’ll find the sequel more… interesting, I think.”

Nanami pulls out her own portable console and continues the minigame she left off. Every now and then she looks up to check on her classmates if they needed any help but they’re too engrossed with their own games, some more loudly than others. Playing games with everyone here is different from her usual peaceful solitude but it’s a good kind of different. It’s nice, she thinks.

And in this crammed cottage of Nanami’s where everyone is busy having fun, she thinks that everything is as it should be.

top 10 best sunmi moments
  1. iconic bass playing 
  2. that time she got really drunk singing why so lonely
  3. when in a fansign the fans teased her for being That wasted kdj rip 
  4. when on weekly idol she couldnt dance any random song…. nothing… she just kept messing up and laughing about it… she was in a dancing group for 10 yrs… 
  5. 140403 mcountdown perf. of full moon it was literally perfect 
  6. this balloon game where no one trusted if she could make it bc she’s rly clumsy but she aced it in seconds… queen 
  7. this fancam
  8. not a morning person… 
  9. playing videogames w this dude nd giggling and even winning the game :’)

A loooot of you wanted this so here y’all go!

-Once collapsed a lung and asked how quickly she could be back on stage while getting treated for it

-Not really a fact about her but there’s also a professional skateboarder named LynZ

-Was adopted!

-People think she’s Italian but she’s actually French and Indian

-Has been studying Sanskrit, Ayurveda and meditation for awhile now, apparently!

-Keeps an apothecary in her house which is… Pretty bonkers

-Is apparently actually very clumsy, but her backbend is the one way in which she’s not

-Couldn’t really play bass when she joined MSI- basically only got the gig because she told a guy at a bar that she could, and about her art show coming up. A scout came to her show and asked her to audition for MSI. She butchered the songs, and knew she did, so beforehand she stuck a film canister of Bacardi in her bra, a match strip on the head of her bass, and match sticks in her pigtails. Then during the bridge of Tornado during the audition, she spit fire, and almost killed Jimmy, getting her the gig instantly

-Probably has some knowledge of witchcraft and/or wicca

-Squirrel tamer. Somehow managed to lure a squirrel, named Bob Ross, into her house and eat out of her hand. (I honestly worry about her getting rabies)

-Had a dog named Susan when she named her daughter Bandit

-Used to play drums

-Had a shaved head in college, for at least awhile

-Also used to play drums in college?

-Apparently grew up without her dad, I can’t find a source on that though

-Studied art at the Pratt Institute in NYC

-Has a gallery show coming up next week w/ Frances Bean Cobain!

-Says she either cuts her hair herself or asks the stylists for 90s Winona Ryder

PJO/HoO Band Headcanon

These are just my headcanons about who plays what and whatnot

Percy: drums; learned to play the drums by watching and copying others since he’s too ADHD and dyslexic to properly learn how to read and play chords the traditional way. Maybe he learns how to play the guitar afterwards with help from the Apollo/Aphrodite cabin or someone else. He can also sing decently (he can sing along and his deep voice is quite soothing but he can’t sing like pros)

Piper: piano, vocals, bass and acoustic guitar; she can actually play any instrument that can be deemed as romantic (due to being an Aphro kid) and she has a beautiful voice too.

Thalia: electric guitar; being a rebellious kid and just loving rock, she learned how

Annabeth: piano, violin; she knows the basics of how to play a violin but excels more as a pianist

Leo: drums, acoustic guitar, trumpet; he learned how to play the guitar from his mom and then learned drumming somewhere along the road. He bursts into flames when he gets too excited though. He learned to play trumpet simply because he thought it looked fun

Jason: guitar; he also tried to learn the mandolin as a joke but didn’t get too far

Nico: piano, acoustic guitar, mandolin; he learned from his mom and Bianca. He tried teaching Jason the mandolin as a joke but he got so frustrated with him and just left

Will: most instruments you can name, vocals; he’s a son of Apollo so it comes to him naturally. His voice is reminiscent of Alex Gaskarth(All Time Low vocalist)’s voice but a just a pitch lower.

Hazel: piano, vocals; she sings beautifully and learned a bit of piano

Frank: piano, flute, violin; learned from his mom and grandma. More into the classicals. He wants to learn to play guitar.

Reyna: acoustic guitar, saxophone; learned guitar from her old town and the saxophone as a joke

I’ve got their backgrounds too as well as more characters. 



Grunge/Doom/Experimental/Whathaveyou outfit the Melvins have been around for over three decades, burning through a string of talented (but often short-lived) bassist along the way.

After original bassist Matt Lukin left the band in 1987 to play for Mudhoney, Buzz Osborne recruited former Clown Alley bassist Lori Black to take his place. Lori, or “Lorax” as she was nicknamed in the band, had a bit of a colorful history - she was the youngest daughter of classic child star Shirley Temple and had originally studied photography in college before turning her attention to music.

During her seven-year stint as Melvins’ bass player, she played on some of their most notable albums, including Ozma, Bullhead, Eggnog, and Houdini. This subsequently inspiring other women to play in bands themselves, including fellow doom musicians Chiyo nukaga of Noothgrush and Amber Valentine of Jucifer, who have cited Black as an influence. 

Unfortunately, she also had an unstable romantic relationship with Osborne that was largely antagonized by her problems with heroin. Osborne has gone on record saying that Lori was “lazy”, suggesting she couldn’t (or wouldn’t) keep up with a constant demand for recording and touring.

Eventually Lori’s heroin addiction grew worse, leading to missed shows, hospitalizations, and failed rehab attempts. In February 1993, was arrested and charged with heroin possession, subsequently entering rehab again. This attempt was successful, although Osborne made the decision to both fire her from the Melvins and to terminate their relationship. 

Lori gave up on music entirely after being fired from the Melvins and is reportedly working as a photographer in the San Francisco area, and she can occasionally be spotted in the crowd at some local shows. 

Thank you..

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so i kinda have this headcanon/au type thing where a few of the objects have music jams and play songs. the other objects come to watch them. they usually do it at night and sit around a campfire.

ok so tissues can play guitar. he’s still learning how, but despite being sick 24/7, he has an amazing singing voice. its hard for him to sing, but he pulls through. he really loves all kinds of music.

fan can sing ok, but he’s better at playing ukulele. he saw some emo group that has ukeleles (like twenty one pilots) so he decided to find lessons on youtube, bc hes a huge fanboy. he really likes those indie bands that are really popular and he thinks they’re “"real music”“

lightbulb has a random pair of bongo drums, and she thinks they’re really fun. sometimes she can’t keep rhythm though, and ppl get mad when she drums randomly, and they have to calm her down. she can also sing and rap some pretty LIT rhymes. her music taste is really random and she likes a variety of things.

paintbrush actually likes to sing, but they’re pretty nervous about singing in front of people, but lightbulb always encourages them to join the music group, and painty ends up enjoying themself a lot. paintbrush likes older music.

marshmallow really loves singing, but can also play recorder. its the only instrument she can play bc she learned in elementary school. apple gave it to her as a gift :3 she can play pretty well. marshmallow really likes upbeat pop music and love songs and always writes really gay songs for apple

apple loves to play the triangle, even though she doesn’t know what triangle means. she occasionally sings, but she plays the triangle more. she found it lying around hotel oj.
soap can play guitar and sing. she has been doing music since she was a little kid, so she’s pretty good. apple still likes kids music and only knows the kidzbop versions of songs.

mepad can sing extremely well. he’s actually a slightly well known musical artist. his singing voice is very soft and gentle. he usually sings calming songs and is good at backup vocals as well.

soap has been doing music since she was five years old. she’s really good at playing guitar. she and microphone really like the beatles and usually do songs by them. soap practices guitar and singing a lot, and she’s very perfectionistic about it.

microphone plays bass guitar, and she sings pretty well too. sometimes she sings too loud so people sometimes get mad about that. when she sings, she’s very good at projecting her voice, and people choose to follow along with her if they don’t know a song.

sometimes mephone and toilet sing as well. they on,y come occasionally though.
the other contestants come as well, but they usually just watch.

so ther you have it!! my inanimate insanity music au

reblogs > likes

Ladizel Band!AU
  • a.k.a. the best thing everrr holy shiT
  • ok so sadie’s a solo artist who does gigs in bars
  • she probably plays guitar (also the drUms)
  • sadie who rebelled in middle and high school through her music choices and fell head over heels in love with rock
  • her favorite band could have been called Anubis aesrdftfg;jlk
  • sadie who’s always wearing headphones, because any time she’s not listening to music is wasted time
  • sadie who lives in leather jackets and has crazy-coloured hair and is never taken seriously
  • carter says her music sucks ass (affectionately, of course) but he still shows up to every gig he can make
  • sadie's dream has always been to be in a band; she’s been trying to put one together for years but everything always seems to fall apart
  • until….
  • hazel’s music is rooted in jazz cause she grew up in New Orleans
  • she plays piano and bass and even a little trombone
  • she works as a waitress at a local restaurant, and stares longingly at the artists who come play twice a week
  • hazel who tells herself her situation is only temporary, and looks forward to the end of her shift every day so she can go home and CREATE
  • she practices classical techniques during the day and sings and dances to Micheal Jackson in her underwear at two in the morning
  • and finally….
  • lacy used to be in a duo with drew, but was left in the dust when her half sister moved on to better things
  • lacy who plays acoustic guitar and sings unknown indie-type songs
  • her guitar has a pink strap and is decorated with a dove pattern
  • lacy’s SO EXciteD her first time playing an electric guitar
  • *while bouncing up and down* “it’s so loUD!!!”
  • sadie’s the lead singer and hazel and lacy sing backup aaaaaaaah
  • their voices are rly different but they all come together nicely
  • lacy with a higher-pitched, kind of squeaky voice
  • sadie and hazel with deeper, richer voices
  • their music is a weird meadly of all their styles and they all LOVE it
  • ladizel sharing a shitty apartment in New York = WHAT I LIVE FOR
  • the three of them sitting on the floor songwriting qtrxhfdhg;djgd
  • lazing on the couch passing notebooks full of lyrics to each other
  • they gain a following of die-hard wlw fans and it’s all they’ve ever wanted