and she never knows


in which takenaka gets shot bc this whole thing is such bullshit


Chat firmly believes he has sinned now.

Help him.

Marichat May (SIN)

disclaimer: I actually really like sin, I’m just completely incapable of producing it. c’: So here’s Chat being a gentlemanly cinnamon roll.

Imagine Kara coming back from her honeymoon with Lena - she waltzes into the DEO with a kitten,

Alex: What is that?!

Kara: He’s going to stay here and be our new mascot!

Alex: Kara he can’t stay here.

Kara’s eyes well up with tears.

Kara: It’s because I’m a Luthor, isn’t it?

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anyone else have the burning desire to deactivate all their social media accounts and book a flight somewhere and just disappear and live a totally anonymous existence where no one bothers you and you don’t bother anyone


and then my soul saw you and it kind of went



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Isnt it funny how every girl associated with louis throws whatever job they had as soon as they start to date louis.. Briana with her"stylist" job, danielle not doing any acting n skipping a con to follow louis around n now eleanor giving up her fashion blog as soon as she started to date louis.. Almost as if they all had found another way to earn money.. Funmy coincidences, arent they?

“almost as if they all had found another way to earn money”


Audrey Jensen + weapons