and she must have been a weird kid



Harry didn’t understand why Slughorn had placed him by Malfoy’s side of all people. He had a grumpy Ravenclaw girl by his other side, and Malfoy had Hermione. Harry sometimes shared looks with her, but since she was sitting by Ginny’s side she didn’t seem all that uncomfortable with the arrangements.

Slughorn was talking to some Hufflepuff boy about Ministry connections, and all Harry wanted was to go back to the Gryffindor common room and play chess with Ron. He didn’t want to hear Slughorn tell them the same story about how he meet the French Minister for Magic in 1971 and rub his stomach saying happily “Those were the days, kids! Those were the days!”.

He felt something on his left hand. That was weird. The person on his left was Malfoy, and it couldn’t be Malfoy trying to touch him. It must have been the fabric of the chair, or something like that.

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Do You Feel the Same? pt.1

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader (Criminal Minds)

Summary: [requested by anon]: hi! i was wondering if you could write a spencer one-shot where the reader is high key in love with him and he knows but he pretends not to bc he doesn’t love her and wants to keep their friendship?

Word Count

Warnings: a little swearing???

Other Notes: alright so this is going to have two parts to it: one from spencer’s pov (which is this one) and then one from the reader’s pov, which will be up in a few days, hopefully. hope this anon is satisfied with how i interpreted your request! xx (tell me if you want a tag in part 2!!)

I saw Morgan staring as Y/N sauntered past us and into the SUV assigned to go straight to the police station. Morgan and I went to the first one in line at the airstrip, which we would be taking to the crime scene.

“Kid, what’s going on between the two of you?” he asked as we climbed in, “Y/N’s been acting strange all this week, and not just towards you.”

I laughed, “She doesn’t always act weird around me.”

“Uh, yea she kinda does,” he retorted, “Must have something to do with the massive crush she has on you.”

I rolled my eyes. He was not seriously bringing this up again. “Morgan, you’re being ridiculous. Y/N is my coworker.”

“Coworker my ass, that woman is in love with you! You pretend not to notice, Reid, but you realized a long time ago. And you’re eventually going to have to face the music, whether you like it or not. You can’t keep leading her on like this.”

I sighed, laying my head back in frustration, “I had my suspicions a while ago, but I wasn’t sure. I’m not good with those things, you know,” I shrugged.

Morgan chuckled as he shifted the wheel, “Trust me, I know.”

“Well, then I bought a book on romantic body language, and when I saw Y/N exhibiting all the signs they mentioned, I knew. But I didn’t want to confront her about it, so I just pretend I’m oblivious.”

He shook his head at me. “But I’m not leading her on!” I protested. “I would never do that.”

“Reid, every day you know how she feels and you don’t say anything, you are leading her on, even if you don’t mean to. And I care about Y/N like a sister, and you can’t keep unintentionally hurting her. So I’ll ask you this: do you feel the same?”

“Do I like her, you mean?”

“It’s a simple enough question,” he said.

“With a very complicated answer,” I replied.

He frowned, and I exhaled loudly, “No. I don’t like her in that way. But I’m afraid if I tell her that, she’ll refuse to speak to me again. I don’t want to lose our friendship over something this trivial.”

“It may not be that trivial to her, pretty boy.”

“Oh. Well, what would you do in my position?”

“Y/N is a mature adult who values your friendship as much as you do. I’m sure she’ll understand,” he told me.

I wasn’t convinced, “And if she doesn’t?”

“Then at least it wouldn’t be your fault. You can’t be pressured to feel something, kid.”

I mulled it over silently for a moment, “So when should I do it? And how?”

He held a hand up, “I can’t tell you that. All I’ll tell you is make sure it’s just the two of you, so she feels like you’re respecting her privacy. Be gentle, not blunt.

I nodded. “Thank you, Morgan.” We had now pulled up to the crime scene.

“Anytime, Reid.”

I held the door of the coffee shop open for Y/N, and we sat at a booth in the corner.

“Your usual?” I asked, and she nodded. I came back with our drinks a minute later.

“So, what did you want to talk to me about, Spence?” she smiled at me.

I paused for a minute. One of the things I loved most about Y/N was her smile. It was bright, and it made you want to smile right alone with her. It illuminated the rest of her face and – when it was genuine – reached all the way up to her eyes.

I hated to be the reason she stopped smiling, but I had realized during mine and Morgan’s talk two days ago that he needed to tell Y/N how I truly felt, or soon enough the truth would come out. At least this way, I was somewhat in control.

“Y/N, I kind of have to confess something to you.”

3 Parents in a Tub

a/n: the sudden influx of elams I couldn’t resist, I hope this small drabble works. HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY. THIS ONE ARE FOR THOSE ASKS, YA’LL ARE GREAT.
summary: Thomas and Angelica show off their new home to their friends with a little house warming party. Things go south when Elams are stuck in the bathroom for a long period of time. 
w/c: 2102
warning: Borth

“And Thomas and I just redid the bathroom upstairs.” Angelica beamed while Thomas also added on.

“Best bathtub we could afford and I can’t wait to break it in.” He rose his glass to that, “thanks for coming over…most of you.” Thomas’s eyes cut through the crowd of happy faces who were gathered to celebrate Angelica and Thomas’s first home together. A house warming filled with warm hearted intentions…minus the icy glare Thomas gave Alexander who was standing in the far corner of the room with a wine glass shaking in his hand.

 “Tch.” He angrily sipped the overly expensive wine, feel a small pat on his arm from his pregnant, beautiful wife. “I’m fine, Thomas is just a dickhead like usual.”

“What else is new?” John chuckled; he wasn’t any fonder of Thomas than Alexander was. He wasn’t fond of anyone that gave his husband any issues. “I still can’t believe Angelica is willing to live with him.” Alex gave John a long sigh in agreement. Neither could imagine a relationship with Thomas was ‘simple’.  

A small and light ‘ahem’ from the back of Eliza’s throats silenced both her very opinionated husbands. “Now…having your opinions is all well and good but this is my sister and she is happy.” Eliza placed a hand comfortably on her large, protruding belly. “She was happy for me when I decided to marry you two and last I checked two men are a lot more work than one.”

“Thomas is at least 4 men hiding in a pink suit.” John cackled a bit earning a swift wink from Alexander. His smile died down when he noticed his wife didn’t seem as amused as his husband. “But of course what’s important is that she is happy.”

 “For now” Alex smiled, “I mean, amen to that.” He changed his tune for the sake of his wife and her wry gaze. The party was very low key, soft jazz played in the background. Thomas hired a catering crew to serve small bites along with wine. This party was easily pricier than Alexander’s weddings to John and Eliza. Pricier than their baby shower for.. “Pip! Get your hands out of Peggy’s cleavage” Alex spotted from afar his two year old son face deep into his aunts chest. “Peggy don’t let him do that.” He mumbled walking over to her.

 Peggy giggled leaning up against her date for the evening, Lafayette keeping it within the circle, “oh why not? He wouldn’t be the first boy to do that.”

 “Because that’s messed up, Freud did not kid about kids having issues about…stuff…”

 “Did he also name the phases of development, dick and ass?” Lafayette couldn’t contain his laughter beside his date. Alex’s eyes narrowed a bit as he peeled his fluffy, freckled son off his aunt’s bosom. He whispered ‘you’ll thank me later’ to him and immediately welcomed him to John’s arms where Pip usually stayed the longest.

 “Baby!” Pip pointed at his mother from John’s arms. “Where baby?”

 Eliza smiled running her hand down the length of her stomach, “soon, Momma will go to the doctor and we’ll bring baby home very soon.” She was ecstatic Philip was excited both his future sister. The husbands were happy that they weren’t doing any more water births after Philip. It was too nerve wrecking and the clean up was…pretty horrible. “…we still haven’t decided on a name…”

 “Joana” “Alexandria” Both men offered names then glared at each other with a small smirk.

 “Oh you too…” Eliza giggled, and then felt the sound catch in her throat. She winced a bit, her fingers tense on the peak of her stomach as John cooed and babbled to their son, and Alex exchanged heated glares with the host of the home.  “I…have to use the bathroom” she muttered. 

“Oh should we get Ang—“
“Nono, I know where the bathroom is.” She smiled her face still a bit weak looking. “Thomas updated instagram 24/7 when they were remodeling the bathroom, I feel like I’ve already been here.” She giggled distracting her husbands with a small snide remark. Eliza disappeared up the stairs, waddling slowly, John and Alex watched with small looks.

“Checkin’ out your pregnant wife? Kinda weird.” A happy, deep voice graced the boys.

“Uncy!” Pip cheered immediately abandoning John’s arms for Hercules. Her gladly took the toddler and held him up high, towering over the two fathers.

“What can we do, she’s beautiful no matter what’s happening.” John beamed a bit, wrapping an arm around Alex’s shoulder.

 The party continued with more unusually small platters of food and expensive drinks. The music was mellow, really it wasn’t anything like John and Alex were use to or liked…but they made it work. John massaged small circles into Alex’s back, both flickering up at the staircase. “Its been a while…” Alex shifted his weight a bit, his eyes at the top of the stairs waiting for Eliza to come back down. “We should go check on her…” 

“Alex she’s pregnant she’s probably trying to take a dump”
“Or she’s having trouble getting up, or she’s slipped, or she’s going into labor…”

 “Ok panicky, let’s go knock and see what’s up.” John shook his head, determined to ease his tense husband they both bounded up the stairs to the master bathroom. Eliza would have taken the guest one but Angelica, knowing her sister was pregnant and sore, insisted on her using the better bathroom all day. They entered Thomas and Angelica’s shared bedroom and made a face at the hideously bright, velvet comforter and canopy set. “Tacky…” John muttered then made a beeline to the closed bathroom door.

Alex was the first to knock fast and hard, “Hon, are you ok?” There wasn’t much of a response for a while, a few soft groans then the door opened just a crack. Alex wasn’t any less put at ease, Eliza’s face was red and drenched in sweat, and she looked like she had need running while in the bathroom. “Eliza what’s wrong…”

“Let is in, Betsy.” John urged, she groaned again opening the door slowly and just enough for both men to enter and immediately close it after her.

“My water broke…” she muttered softly, both hands clutching the bottom of her stomach. “I’m getting…pains.”

“I fucking KNEW IT. Ok…ok I’ll call the hospital, we’ll get you in the car. Herc has Pip. We are doing this, ah…fuck…ok.” Alex began to ramble and started rummaging his pockets for his phone.

Eliza shot John a worried look then glanced back at Alex finding the strength between pains to speak up, “No I…please, this is Angelica’s day.” She hated taking the spotlight from her sister. She was the first to marry, the first to have a kid, not to mention her lifestyle wasn’t ‘normal’. Angelica barely had moments where it was about herself and Eliza could only imagine that must have been hard.

“Fuck, Eliza you can’t have a baby in the BATHROOM. Who cares, all this is a housewarming, call me when Thomas puts a ring on her finger and Angelica says I do to a lifetime of dealing the Purple man and his weird metrokinks” Alex snapped verbally, then snapped his head to the sound of John running a hot bath. “John what are you doing?”

“We’re having a water birth…Look, Hamhogs” he used one of the less affectionate names on Alexander as he motioned Eliza over. “She’s already going through labor and this big ass hole is 2 hours from the nearest hospital. I rather have a baby in a tub like we did before than in the car in the middle of traffic.” He snapped at the smaller man then turned to their wife. “…you ready?”

“Yes.” Eliza nodded stripping out of her dress and slowly with the help of John’s grip stepped into the tub.

“NO.” Alexander wailed and began fumbling with the phone still. “…fuck fine, let me at least tell Herc to keep Pip busy…” Alex grumbled texting Hercules that the trio was having a ‘dilemma’ in the bathroom. If he would be so kind to keep anyone from coming upstairs as well as keep Pip busy. Hercules responded promptly with a thumbs up emoji and Alex sighed. “Ok so we’re doing this.” He rolled up his dress shirt sleeves and knelt down.

They were mildly familiar with water birth, Philip was their first. It was at their home in a kiddie pool with Hercules instructing them every step in the way. John in the pool with their wife, Alex gripping her hand for dear life. And just like the first time, Alex and John were floored by Eliza’s composure. Even in the situation she was in she had a one track mind. There was a sense of complete unity between the three of them, it was enough to calm Alex’s raising worries about the birth as Eliza pushed. Her grip began to weaken and Alex began to shake with worry.

“…is there something wrong?”

“No the baby is crowning..”

“Oh so..” he made the mistake in peeking and then made a face. “A-Ah…”

“How many times are you going to make that mistake?” John chuckled, “alright now we start pushing in ten second lengths. Ok?”

“Are you sure?”

“Fairly sure, Alex.”

“Fairly isn’t exactly the kind of thing I want to hear when we’re a tub full of blood into birthing our daughter!”

“WILL YOU TOO SHUT THE FUCK UH—AHHH!” Eliza wailed and both men immediately nodded and went into a deep silence.

Downstairs the music was soft enough to allow the scream from above to reach them. Angelica immediately turned around and within the second of her turn noticed immediately who was missing and began connecting dots. “Where is Eliza?” She blinked handing her drink to Thomas, who grabbed it fluidly. He followed behind Angelica, who was slowly flanked by Peggy. “Where are the Hamiltons?” She asked again, everyone searching around.

Hercules stood by the stairs with Philip in his hands. “Uh…oh…” Philip covered his mouth as Herc tried retreating without being seen.

“Uh oh is right, lil man.” Herc turned and raced up the stairs while Angelica began scanning for Eliza and her husbands. He made it to the bathroom and opened it without thinking. “Guys, is everything all AHHH!!” He pulled Philip out and slammed the door shut, it was an image he was all too familiar with but not prepared to see, especially here and now. Now that scream was heard and from the stairs he could see Angelica’s intimating figure come up.


“Ange, great party” Mulligan leaned against the bathroom door with Philip in one arm. “I’m just…admiring the color scheme you have here.”

“Thank you.” Thomas beamed leaning over her shoulder. “I was going for an Elegant, purple Parisian—“ He was silenced by Angelica’s finger over his lips.

“My sister, her men, where are they?” Angelica crossed her arms for a second. “Are they in the bathroom?”

“Are they, I don’t know, I didn’t even know there was a bathroom here. Weird…”

“Baby soon!” Philip clapped happily, “Mama doin’ number” he held up two fingers and won a small smile from his aunt before she went back to frowning at Hercules.

“Hercules, move right this instant.” She growled, there was a stare off between them. Hercules losing every second he tried to keep her intensity. After a minute there was a knock from the otherside of the door. Hercules moved aside and allowed the door to open. There, John and Alex were covered in water, Eliza seemingly wet from the waist down with her dress back on. In one of Angelica’s thick towels they had a baby wrapped up, who was wide eye and already examining the world. “…you had a baby in the bathroom?”

“Angelica …I …I’m sorry I …”

“You had…my niece in my bathroom!!” Angelica jumped over to her and fluttered her hands over the newborn. “Oh she’s perfect, Thomas call the doctor, tell him make a house visit.” She ordered, “Hercules you were the midwife why don’t you help with clean up. Laf make a trip to the store and bring something nice for…for…” She blinked then looked at the three. “Well what are you going to call her?”

John and Alex changed small shrugs; the name had been up to Eliza to decide this time. Eyes were on the mom as Philip clung to Angelica’s leg trying to climb up his aunt to see the new baby. “I was thinking…naming her Angelica. She seems like an Angelica…”

see you again // cth

based off see you again by tyler the creator ft. kali uchis

You live in my dream state

We’re lowkey my fantasy

Everything about Y/N was perfect. Everything about us was perfect. I always dreamed of dating someone who would always be there for me whether I was home or on tour and Y/N came at the right moment. I was hesitant about getting into a relationship when I was going to tour in a couple of months but I couldn’t let Y/N get away. Y/N is the type of person that you would think only shows up in your dreams. Someone who laughs at all your jokes and who calms you down whenever you have a breakdown. Someone who you can never kiss properly because they’re too busy looking at you and showing that big dumb smile. That was Y/N.

“Honey, Are you alright?” Y/N asked. That was when I realized that I dozed off thinking about my significant other. We were currently laying down by the pool at night, looking at the stars and talking about whatever. I pulled Y/N closer to me and kissed their forehead. “I was just admiring your beauty.” They rolled their eyes while smiling. “Please don’t tell me that ‘the scenery is beautiful’ and then say that I’m the scenery.” I chuckled. “But you are.” I replied as I kissed them.

Can I get a kiss?

And can you make it last forever?

I said I’m about to go to war

I don’t know if I’ma see you again

“Are you sure you can’t go this time?” I pouted. “Baby, you know I have classes. I’ll call and facetime you whenever I can.” Y//N said while hugging me. One of the worst things about touring was that Y/N couldn’t come along. I tried convincing them but Y/N still has one more year of college to complete. These past four months with Y/N have been so magnificent that I totally forgot I had to take a plane across the globe to meet tons of fans. Although I love the thought of going to unfamiliar places and meeting new people, it just doesn’t seem right anymore if I don’t have Y/N by my side.

“I’ll call you when we land, alright?” I said while caressing Y/N’s cheek. A tear fell from their eye as they smiled and nodded. I kissed them passionately and something was different about it. I would always kiss Y/N whenever I had the chance but this one had a spark to it. I took one last glance at Y/N and reminisce about the past few months with her. They were the best months of my life and I’m already excited to come back and spend more time with them. I couldn’t stop thinking about Y/N and our last kiss during the plane ride. I felt an unfamiliar feeling inside and it made me want to vomit for some reason.

That’s when I realized that I have fallen in love.

I said, okay, okay, okay, okidokie, my infatuation

Is translating to another form of what you call it? –Love

Two weeks into the tour and I’m still freaking out. No matter what I do, this feeling would never leave me. I haven’t been able to talk to Y/N normally and I don’t think they’ve noticed me acting weird. I can’t be in love. I never even believed in love but here I am now, infatuated with Y/N. I couldn’t deny this feeling. I should’ve known that a person like Y/N would have me whipped. I couldn’t stop thinking about my future with them and how our wedding is going to be planned and how our kids are going to look like and what their names should be. I don’t even know if she feels the same way about me which kills me. Ashton has been bugging me to tell Y/N how I feel but I’m scared of their reaction. I didn’t want to lose what we have and if it means that I must hide this feeling until they feel the same way, then so be it.

But it’s been eating me alive. I thought that maybe telling Ashton that I was in love with Y/N would make me feel a little less weird but it didn’t do anything. Now I’m currently in my bunk, thinking about Y/N while the other guys are fast asleep, not worrying about anyone. I decided to grow some guts and tell Y/N how I feel. No matter what their reaction is, I must accept their feelings as well.

I got out of my bunk and went to the back room of the tour bus for privacy. I dialed Y/N’s number without even thinking about what time it is back home. “Calum?” Y/N said after the third call. I can tell that they’re tired by their groans. “Is there something- “

“I love you.” I cut Y/N off. “Fuck, I’m so in love with you and I didn’t realize it until I was in the clouds. You are the best thing to ever happen to me. I didn’t believe in forever but you changed that. You’re so beautiful in every way possible. I can’t stop thinking about you and all the new memories I want to make with you. I was afraid of telling you because I didn’t know what you would say but fuck it hurts so much to keep this bottled up inside. Just tell me how you feel and I will be okay with it.”

There was a 3 second silence until I heard a little chuckle. “I never had someone confess their love to me at 4:47 in the morning. I remember watching old 5sos videos and being mesmerized by you. I always told myself ‘man I wish he could be my soulmate’ and now I feel like you are. I love you so much Calum, don’t ever think that I don’t.”

Tears that I didn’t know I was holding back started to fall as I let out a hug smile. “I love you too, soulmate.”


first time doing this after like a year or two. currently going through some things so I thought maybe I could do this in order to get things off of my mind. I tried to make this imagine gender neutral so sorry if there’s a mistake somewhere. If you want a personal preference just tell me which guy, your name, and your pronouns in my ask

Creepypasta #1065: I Work As A Private Investigator. Here Are A Few Of My Strangest Cases (Part 2)

Length: Long

I don’t believe in the occult. I don’t believe in the paranormal or anything of that sort. The case I’m about to describe did not change this. You really have to put a lot of trust in your senses; what you’ve personally seen or heard as a PI, and bogging those very senses down with deductions spotlighting supernatural intervention is a pretty piss-poor decision if you wanna get anywhere. Y'see, I do, however, have my weird personal superstitions and idiosyncrasies. Wouldn’t really be human if I didn’t. I try and keep them separate from my job, but sometimes they pop up in the back of my mind regardless, picking and drilling at the gray matter in my skull in a desperate attempt to burrow their way back inside.

For example, I sometimes feel that reality stops functioning correctly in complete isolation. That, when things are left completely unobserved for a long amount of time, the unknown, unseen spaces cease to exist. Stuff that shouldn’t be able to physically happen is suddenly no more than child’s play and unwelcome things that have no right existing play their fickle little games with us.

I don’t try to think about it too much, and I most certainly don’t try to give the stupid little thought any power. Nonetheless, there’s always the occasional case in which the idea is particularly tempting to indulge.

It was the middle of summer and the cicadas were chirping in their monotonous choir, like a million audio tapes put on never-ending, ear-rending repeat. The summers are fairly cold up here, but at least there’s no snow. I was sitting in my office, finishing up one of my previous cases. Just general reports left; lots of paperwork. Boring stuff that seem to cause the world to drown in a cacophony of summer insects. The tedium was broken when my phone rang. I picked it up, only to hear the voice of one of my closer PI friends on the other end. We chatted casually for a few minutes, mostly just me trying to get my mind off of the writing pains in my wrist, but it was obvious that he’d called for a reason.

He explained that he’d been on a missing person case, a small boy around the age of four. His mother and father had divorced a few years ago, and his mother is currently holed up here, in my area. The boy had apparently been missing for quite a while now. The police had been contacted first, but they turned up with nothing.

After a week passed with no sign of a missing person, you kind of have to start assuming the worst. Nevertheless, we’re usually the last resort for these cases. So my buddy went asking around, and apparently he managed to dig up a couple of accounts saying that the kid was seen boarding an olive green SUV with a woman looking to be in her early thirties just hours before his disappearance was reported. Nobody thought to note the license plate. 

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This is THE GREATEST coming out story you will EVER hear y'all it’s a classic and I will never live it down but I love it

So I do theatre tournaments for my school and we go out of town for them, and theatre kids are like 10% gay so you’ve got a good enough chance that, like, everyone hits on everyone at these things and we’re all in suits and it’s just awesome cuz you’ll never see these people outside of tournaments so it’s not like coming out will come back to haunt you cuz they can’t contact your parents! It’s great

Anyways, it was round 2 of the Auditioning event (basically you perform a monologue you’ve never seen before for a panel of judges and they rate you and say “yes I would cast you” “no I would not”) and I am GOOD at that event, so I placed 1st in my round 1 room.

I’m sitting on the floor with a boy and a girl who look to be about my age and we start talking about the event and our lives.

Eventually I make a casual comment about my homophobic mother and the girl kinda sits up and asks me a little bit about my home life and I’m like yeah it’s shitty but it’s fine, and she kinda smiles all reassuringly at me and gives me some advice and I’m like “dang she’s actually…really hot”

And she WAS oh god she was

A little later she asked “do you have a girlfriend then?” And at the time I didn’t, so I say “nah I’m not too good at that” and she says “at what?”
“Being…being gay, actually”
“Oh I’m sure you’re plenty fine at being gay.”

And time goes by (about fifteen minutes) and idk if she notices I’m hitting on her but I think the boy starts to notice so he switches the topic back to the competition and asks me “what place did you get in your room last round?”

I say “first! You?” He says he got third place, and I turn to the girl, kinda wink at her, and ask what place she got.

She laughs and said “oh no sweetie, I’m not competing! I’m his mother.”

Yes: she was his MOTHER.

So I kinda freeze and I laugh awkwardly and say “oh”

She says “aw you thought I was a high schooler? You’re so sweet! Did you not see my wedding ring?”

And I kinda laughed and said “yeah uh no I gotta go” and luckily they called my name to go read and she hugged me and wished me luck.

That’s the end, right?

There was another girl from my school, my now girlfriend, who witnessed this event and told the entire group from my school. I didn’t care. It was a great story. Until…

Outside of another one of my events, group improv scenes, I see HER WITHOUT HER SON outside the door. She comes up to me and started talking and wishing me luck and I’m over here dying because my friends are all waving and giggling about my “sugar momma” (oh did I mention—SHE HAS A RADIO TALK SHOW AND IS A MILLIONAIRE FOR FUCKS SAKE) and says “yeah I came to watch you perform! You’re so sweet!”

And I was like “haha yeah…”

We ended up doing great in that event, and I never saw her again (thank god) but to this day I still hear about the time I hit on a married 45-year-old millionaire with seven kids, one of whom was sitting right in between us.

I hope you all enjoyed my story.

Age Is Just A Number (Thor)

are you guys ready for some garbage? too quiet? let me just- ARE YOU GUYS READY FOR SOME GARBAGE? CAUSE YOU’RE GONNA GET IT YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

“Don’t lie.” You order, staring down the five-year-old before you.

“I’m not lying, Steve shoved me down the stairs.” Natasha blinks, her eyes big and doe like as she gazes at you. She’s too innocent.

“Then why aren’t you hurt?” You question and the tiny redhead doesn’t even hesitate. Her little lying ass.

“Cause it didn’t hurt, I have super healing.” She answers instantly and you can’t help groaning and collapsing back onto the couch behind you. Natasha pauses, watching you before she climbs onto your lap and wraps her arms around your neck.

“I know you were worried about me.” She sighs, pressing a kiss to your cheek before she’s suddenly distracted by Pietro chasing Peter across the room.

“Oof!” Peter grunts as he trips, headfirst into the carpet, and worry fills you. Natasha slips from your arms, cautiously closing in as Peter sits up dazedly. Pietro laughs at him, only for a strangled scream to part his lips.

“No! Don’t!” He begs as Natasha shoves his face into the carpet, her tiny fist raining down on his shoulder over and over again.

“Oh my god!” You snap, scooping her off him and wincing as she pulls his hair. “Let go.”

“Fine.” She snaps, squirming out of your grip to help Peter to his feet and pat his head. “He’s all better!”

“No, I’n not!” The little spider kid whines, fat tears pooling in his eyes and you can see the moment, almost like slow motion, that Natasha decides to hit him in the face. Mores the pity, you’re to slow and her shove rains down like a light breeze on a leaf.

“How’re you doing?” Bruce grimaces from behind the glass sliding door and you scowl at him. Tony appears behind him, a serious expression on his face.

“I don’t know, I’m stuck with five children with ages ranging from four to six. I’m doing abso-tootely amazing.” You growl, making sure to point at the way Steve is clinging to your calf.

“Wanda’s behaving well at least.” Tony points out and your gaze goes to the little girl colouring in the corner while her brother rampages around the couch.

“Oh yeah, she’s a real treasure that one, all she’s doing is colouring everything in red and putting crosses over the eyes.” You huff, dragging Steve from off your leg and hefting him into your arms instead where he tucks his head under your chin.

“I’m not sorry.” Tony says, shaking his head at the chaos you’re surrounded by.

“Well maybe instead of standing there not being sorry you could work faster and get me the hell out of here.”

“Hey! Hey! For all we know it’s contagious.”

“Screw you guys.”

“Guys! I’ve been in here for seven hours, I’m fine! It’s not contagious!” You shout, slamming your palm against the glass door fruitlessly. You’re suffering.

“I’m hungry!” Steve sobbed, curled into a ball on the couch. You’d go pet him or something if he didn’t turn away from you every time you sat next to him with a violent sob. He’s being ridiculous.

So is Natasha though. You’d never have thought the Ah Satan of her name would apply, until you saw her pinning down Pietro and biting him. That doesn’t sound so bad, lets clarify, she was biting him with the intent to eat him. In her words, he wouldn’t shut up and I was hungry and I wanted him to die cause he wouldn’t shut up.

“We’re sending in Thor with a tray of nine sandwiches. Just in case.” Tonys voice says over the speakers and you scoff, rolling your eyes at the half fearful, half amazed look on the gathered childrens faces.

“Eventide, my love.” Thor booms without a care, setting down the tray and you’re about to burst into complaining when suddenly- another child.

“God dammit!” You snarl, your fist slamming against the window as four-year-old Thor starts to sob. “Come here, you little portent. It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Gently, you rock him in your arms while reaching down and handing triangles of sandwiches down to hungry fingers.

“Everyone eaten?” You ask the kids around the room, little chirps answering you with the affirmative.

“I haven’t.” Thor sniffles in your arms and you coo at him, offering him a triangle of sandwich, which he takes gently.

“You ready to be set down? Go sit with Stevie?” You ask him gently and he sniffles once more but nods, no more tears falling and you beam. Setting him on his feet, you watch him bound over to Steve and crash into the other child, which leads to a wrestling match- obviously.

“I hate you guys.” You call to the roof and tapping sounds from the door.

“Here. My blood, take it and fix them.” You snarl, dropping the vials into the envelope and slipping it out the three centimetre door crack. Not even fair.

“How’re you doing?” Bucky asks from behind the glass and you groan a weak sound. You’re under six babies, all asleep and clinging to you.

“I’m weak.” You whimper, unable to even lift your hand to the glass or turn your head too far.

“You look it.” Comes his soft laugh and you hiss a breath as Wanda stirs before she returns to sleep, her ear to your heart.

“I want to get out of here.” You repeat and he makes a noise of agreement. You’re surrounded by your teammates who were normal one moment, and suddenly, children the next. Seriously.

You’d all been watching The Office and then suddenly Pietro was squalling on the couch, then Wanda suddenly became the weird kid, Natasha and Steve following in quick succession, then lastly came Peter who had been sitting beside you. When you’d remained normal, you figured it must have been something the others ate and you hadn’t. Or you’d eaten it later like the leftover Chinese from the new place.

But with Thors entrance and sudden infantification, you’d realized you were destined to be the only adult left.

“This makes no sense.” You mutter, glaring at the lounge room. Anything that might have been the cause, chemical or magical in origin, likely was trashed with the rest of the room. It didn’t stand a chance against four bored kids. To reiterate, little Wanda is such a weirdo. “I might also have to break up with Thor after this.”


“I’ll never forget today and what a terror he is as a child, and every time I’ll look at his face, I’ll see that.” You point to the tiny cherubic face of what was once your boyfriend. “Also, in this moment, I’m a literal cradle robber.”

“Disgusting.” Bucky snickers, and you sigh, your head thunking against the glass. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s no ones fault, as far as we know.” You mumble, your thumb rubbing circles over tiny Steves back.

“A cure!” Tony announces, waking all the kids at once and starting up six sobbing screams, in unison.

“If I don’t have it in my hand in two seconds, I’ll murder you.” You mouth to him through the cacophony and he swallows hard, pressing the button and letting the door slide open.

“Here.” He croaks, handing you the tiny bottle and you drag him through the doorway, waving at Bucky to shut the door.

“You’re coming in, you’ve been exposed too much.” You smirk, shoving him down onto the couch and herding the utterly depressed children up next to him. “Show me your tongues, sweethearts.”

As they stick their tongues out, you drop two drops of the liquid on their tongues, per the instructions, and then throw yourself against the opposite couch.

Steve is the first to come around, bursting into his regular size and promptly falling asleep. Then Natasha, who follows suit, then almost as one the rest are regular sized and asleep. Even Tony, who was a child for three seconds, is out like a light.

“What was it?”

“A mix of the Chinese food and the subtle radiation we’re all exposed to.”

“So anyone could turn into a baby at any moment, all their customers-”

“No, no, the radiation we’re exposed to.”

“Wait what?” You blink, frowning at Bruce as Tony makes quiet whining noises in the background. When the lot of them had reawaken, they were all struck by a nasty hangover.

“In the work we do, and where we live, and the equipment we use, as well as any cellular modifications in our bodies, we’re constantly surrounded by low level radiation. It’s set higher than what a regular person would take in, and it’s more dangerous as the type changes with where we are or what we’re doing. What it is also, is unavoidable. This is the task we’ve undertaken and it’s too late for us now anyways.” Bruce shrugs, picking up the chart beside him and examining it once more.

“Wow.” You exhale, moving dazedly from the room and heading back to your own. “Then why was I-”

“I’ve noted it before but it never seemed important, but your powers make your body like lead in the fact that radiation just sheers off of it. I can’t explain it, and never felt the need to since it hadn’t affected you or the others in any way. I can look into it if-”

“No, no, don’t worry.” You laugh, eyeing your skin curiously but shrugging it off. What’s the point in learning more? Even lead can be melted down, just like death comes for everyone.

“My heart, could you but lay a cool towel upon my brow?” Thor whines, huddled under your blankets and for a moment you’re struck by differing images- tiny Thor huddled under your blanket who you want to break up with, and regular Thor from a month ago, sick and adorably loving.

“Sure.” You gulp, moving to the bathroom and breathing in deeply, only to choke. “Did you throw up in here?”

“Mayhaps.” He groans weakly and you groan. Flicking on the fan, you shut the door behind yourself and clamber onto the bed beside your golden haired god.

“There.” Setting the towel over his forehead, you can’t help yourself from running your thumb over his jaw, and smiling when he ducks his chin and presses his lips to the pad of the digit. “We should talk.”

“You wish to break up with me now?” Thor whines, blinking pathetic and oceanic blue eyes up at you. “Could you not wait?”

“It might make it worse to wait.”

“You’re my heart.” Thor says, the words like a sledgehammer. Rude, unfair, inexcusable. He can’t throw around terms of affection like that when you’re trying to end things.

Your lips part to counter with something, anything, but there’s nothing you can say to that. Responding the same would be the opposite of breaking up and calling him a liar would just be rude, and of course a falsity. You know he’s not lying; he does love you.

“Mayhaps, my love, we could…” Thor trails off, sitting up with his eyes darting around the room nervously. You can see him searching for a solution for a problem you haven’t even told him about.

“I keep seeing the little kid you, Thor, and I can’t… Touch you or kiss you when I keep seeing a four-year-old.”

“Blast it all.” He snaps, “Damn it all Helheim and the lesser gods.”

“I know right.” You agree softly, letting his giant hand capture yours on the blankets. You stare at the two hands, yours smaller and softer than his, at the war scars that scatter both of your skin, your knuckles both scarred beyond repair.

“With time this may pass, I will wait.” Thor promises and your shoulders sag. He’s being a real jerk now.

“I can’t promise I will.” You counter, slipping from off the bed and pulling your hand from his. You’re glad that he lets you go, and you’re glad when you return hours later that he is gone and all his stuff has disappeared too.

wow amirite


Where's My Dad? (Mystic Messenger Short Story)

He stares at the ground where his feet are at. He doesn’t blink. You know what happens when someone stares at something until they don’t blink. He loses himself inside of his own mind, wandering around.

“Dad! Dad!”

He turns his head to where the voice comes from.

A four year old girl runs toward his direction. She arrives at his legs. Her small hands squeezing them. “Dad! Dad!”

He looks at her. “Hmm? What is it?”

“I’m looking for Dad everywhere! I was so scared! I thought Dad disappeared!”

He stares at her for a while before his lips curled into a soft smile.

She raises both of her hands. “Up! Up!”

He lifts her and puts her on his lap. The little girl then leans her head on his chest. Her hands clutch on his shirt. “I was so scared. I wanted to cry. I thought Dad left me…” She buries her face on his chest. “Don’t leave me. I love Dad so much.”

He encircles her with his arms.

“Why does Dad sit on this bench alone? Why don’t Dad help Mom?”

“Because I don’t want to bother Mom.”

She blinks. “There are people inside our house, Dad. Why is that?”

“Mom is having a reunion party with her old friends.”

“Really? That’s why everyone wears black outfit?”

“Yes. It’s the dress code.”

Again, she blinks. “But I don’t like black. I like pink and blue.”

“Black is just as beautiful as any other colors.”

She smiles. “Okay! If Dad says so, then it must be beautiful!”

He returns her smile.

“But Dad, why is Mom crying?”

“She’s crying because she’s happy. She gets to meet her friends that she’s been missing so much.”

Wind blows softly, sweeping his face. “And of course she’s really happy to have a clever kid like you.”

She grins. “I’m so happy to have Mom and Dad!”

He pats her head.

“But Dad, you sound weird. Are you sick?”

“Yes. Sore throat and common cold. Be careful. I don’t want you to be sick.”

“I’m not afraid of getting sick because I know Dad will take care of me!” She hugs him.

He strokes her hair.

“Dad, where are your glasses?”

“It’s broken by accident.”

She frowns. “I want to fix it. Dad must be sad.”

“You don’t have to. There’ll be new ones.”

They stare at each other. She seems to be studying his eyes. “But Dad can’t use different glasses! Without them, Dad’s eyes become green!”

He says nothing.

“Why are Dad’s eyes green now? Dad’s eyes were golden just yesterday! It’s because Dad doesn’t wear glasses, right?”


“Dad looks good with golden eyes in that photo Mom puts inside the house!”


“Mom loves Dad so much until she puts lots of flowers around Dad’s photo!”

Still nothing.

“Dad is so handsome with Dad’s golden eyes in that photo until people bow down in front of it!”

He chuckles.

“Yes! I made Dad laugh!” She says. “Dad is so weird today. Dad doesn’t smile, talk, and laugh. What happened to my Dad?”

He stares deep into her golden eyes and ruffles her red hair. “…Nothing. Dad’s just tired, Saejung.”

“Really? Dad should rest, then! I want to see Dad’s bright smile and laugh again!”

He smiles.

“And Dad should wear Dad’s glasses! I want to see Dad’s golden eyes! Not green!”

He is bombarded with questions. But it’s alright.

At least she doesn’t ask that one worst question.

“Where’s my Dad?”

The End


I’m sorry. I don’t know anything anymore.


Fandom: Star Wars Rebels

Words: 2,549

Summary: “Is he… meditating? Isn’t he heavy?” Sabine questioned, leaning up against the doorway and crossing her arms, looking down on Kanan and Ezra. She’d probably been right before- Jedi training must have always been this weird to watch as an outsider, if strange things like this were any kind of example.

AO3 | FFN.Net

Inspired by this post. It was so cute I had to write it????

“Kanan? Are you sure this is a Jedi training thing, or are you just trying to mess with me?”

Ezra’s haughty voice echoed across the hall and through Sabine’s open door, and Sabine herself could only roll her eyes as if on instinct. In her mind she could almost picture Ezra’s folded arms and stubborn expression that usually accompanied that particular tone; man that kid loved to complain sometimes.

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I hope you paid attention to Lana last weekend. I hope you and your little group of immature friends will stop telling people she dissed GQ. She loved it. She loves working with Bobby. They didn't play father daughter relationship. Oh and the way Bobby talked about Belle? He was so bored! I can't wait for the Happily Ending Convention when he will talk about GQ too! Oh and the picture you used to diss me? HAHA. I hope you enjoyed your scenes: Belle looking at Rumple like he is the center of her

universe (bitch doesn’t even care about anyone else, at least Regina cares for her son and friends too and doesn’t just wait for Rumple to choose her… that’s the difference between a little girl and a woman) while he couldn’t care less. She keeps throwing herself at him and he doesn’t give a damn. He cares for her because she is the mother of his son (and Regina couldn’t give him a new child, even Pan made it clear Belle’s best quality is her fertility) but he doesn’t look at her the way he once did. Go rewatch the season, you won’t find one moment to show that he is into her. Once you go Queen, you never go bookworm. Of course Belle always was second best to Rumple because he never believed he could have Regina. Remember when he left her to rot in a hospital because Regina needed him to comfort her? But sure, GQ subtext is only in our minds. I can’t wait for Bobby to talk about this! I hope that will finally shut you antis up. Don’t you ever call us gross again or try to use Lana against us! She and Bobby love this story. But did you hear how Bobby dissed Belle? Go and gif that if you find giffing these conventions so funny! Go gif how Bobby and Lana talk about each other! Or is that not you your liking? So sad, remind me to shed a few tears for you. Enjoy the musical episode this week. Wait, I hear your little vanilla girl is not in it because Emilie can’t even sing! xoxo

Hey, first of all, wow, this was so fun to wake up to. I really appreciate it.

I have never claimed Lana isn’t good at working with Bobby, or that they dislike each other. I think they’re very close co-workers who obviously have good on-screen chemistry. HOWEVER, Lana did say Golden Queen was weird (Rebecca Mader did, too!). Lana called their relationship “whatever that was” - she didn’t call it a true love romance like you seem to think it is. Lana HAS said they played it as a father-daughter relationship. Multiple times. You coming to my inbox multiple times is the definition of pathetic. I have never messaged a “GQer” to tell them why I think they’re crazy. I keep that to my DMs or TAGGED posts. I’m sure Lana wouldn’t want you to insult one of her GOOD FRIENDS, Emilie. You’re clearly insensitive if you can’t respect Emilie choosing not to sing because she literally has a complex from a bad ex-boyfriend about it.

Gif credit: onceland

I would argue Belle cares about everyone in that town, given she is severely anti-murder and even hangs out with Regina, Zelena, and Hook, who have done the worst things imaginable to her/her significant other. But you REALLY must not be watching this show if you don’t know Belle cares about HER SON more than anyone else. 

I saw zero indication Rumple wanted a child with Regina. He wanted one with CORA, you know, her MOTHER (thus why Lana/Bobby treated it as a weird father/daughter relationship, because she could have been his kid). GQ subtext is 100% all in your mind. Regina locked Belle up because she knew Rumple and Belle were True Love and that she could use Belle as a pawn against Rumple, which she has done, multiple times. Rumple told everyone he would kill them if they hurt Belle in his absence when he went to New York. Regina then ALTERED BELLE’S ENTIRE MEMORY/PERSONALITIES, because the way to mess with Rumple is THROUGH BELLE. Belle wasn’t pregnant in Season 2, they were just dating, so you can’t say he protected her because of Gideon. Rumple also stood with Snow and protected her against REGINA after Cora’s death. Later in Season 4, Regina took Belle’s heart and gave Rumple a tearful reunion with Belle, so she could get back to Robin Hood, aka her actual true love who you keep ignoring in these delusional messages.

It’s a new low to twist Bobby’s words. He didn’t sound bored when he said, “It would have to be Belle, of course. Because I love Belle, I have to say that, she’s my wife.” He sounded pretty upbeat, it was cute as hell. Of course, an actor like him wouldn’t play a princess-y character because they’re not as complex as Rumplestiltskin or the Evil Queen. But he commended Ginny and Emilie for playing those roles. Bobby also went on to bring up Emilie on ON HIS OWN when asked about playing highly emotional scenes, he said they’ve got a fantastic relationship and that she makes it so easy to work together. Emilie can go to the “dark place” with him that he has to get to to do Rumplestiltskin. He did not bring up Lana that way. He just brought up the EQ to say he would want to play her if he had to change roles - however, every other person said Rumplestiltskin. Rumple and the EQ are the two most interesting characters on the show, I am not going to deny you that, but Bobby said NOTHING about GQ, and nothing to insult Belle.

Every damn thing Rumplestiltskin does is for Belle, and as of 5B, for Gideon as well. I don’t know how you can ignore this. Emilie, Bobby, Adam, and Eddy will all tell you this. 

Gif credit 1, 2, 3

It must be terrible to have the Wish Realm Queen happily with Robin and regular Regina and Rumple have no real interest in each other. But I don’t feel bad for you, because you’re delusional and clearly watching this show with distorted shipper goggles. I was just so honored to be the person you targeted after going after @thatravenclawbitch. I’m going to block you now, but I hope you had fun. Please don’t start messaging anyone else. It won’t hurt you to log off the internet sometimes and keep your thoughts to yourself, or to other GQers. I hope you enjoy the finale when Rumbelle get a happily ever after together. :)

Alyadrien Week Day 3 - New Kids

“How can you guys handle the cold?” Alya asked, shivering on the steps outside the school.

Adrien, who was waiting with her for Nino, looked at her like she had grown a third head. “It’s like, 20 degrees.” He said. “I’m actually kind of warm.”

“Well, in Martinique this would be freezing.” Alya said, zipping up her sweatshirt.

Adrien laughed goodnaturedly. “It must be pretty weird moving here. How have you been adjusting?”

“The cold is the biggest thing.” Alya explained. “Also being the new kid is always weird.”
“I can relate to that.” Adrien smiled wryly.

“It must be even weirder for you. You didn’t have anything to compare it to.” She said, thoughtfully.

“I had TV.” He said defensively.

“What is the thing that was the weirdest coming to school here?” She asked.

He thought for a moment. “So, it’s dumb, but the fact that other people are in the class. I have only ever worked one on one with tutors.”

“For me it is surprising how small the class is.” She said, chuckling. “My class back in Martinique was, like, twice the size.”

“It’s a good thing there was another new kid, so I didn’t stand out so much.” He said.

“Us new kids have to stick together.” She laughed.

“But really, I’m really glad you moved here, Alya.” Adrien said, smiling brightly. Her heart skipped a beat and she suddenly understood why Marinette liked him so much.

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Ferkle do you still hangout with the other goth kids? If so what are they up to?

Firkle: Yeah. The flock is still just as tight knit as they’ve always been. 
Firkle: Pete’s a social worker now. Yeah. We were all very surprised. Micheal spends most of his time building stuff in his room, and Henrietta is a mortician.
Ruby: Wow, she must have a lot of weird stories.
Firkle: She says a body sat up on her table once. She’s gonna let me job shadow her sometime. I wonder if it smells bad in there.
Ruby: You’ll never make it. I’ll give you ten minutes, tops.
Firkle: Excuse me, miss priss?
Ruby: Well, you’d be surrounded by corpses. You might want to bring your hand sanitizer, Mr. Germaphobe.  

[Deleted by Craig]

PROFESSOR EX: I’m not sure I’m comfortable with all this Japanese you’ve been teaching Nerdler.

ME: Oh, come on. Why not?

PROFESSOR EX: She keeps singing this creepy-sounding repetitive song and won’t tell me what it means.

ME: I haven’t taught her any songs. That’s weird. Put her on the phone and have her sing it for me.

*NERDLER sings the song*

*ME bursts into laughter*

NERDLER is singing:

Originally posted by ofburntbreadsandlazyeggs

The Gudetama theme song that she must have found on YouTube Kids when looking up Japanese lessons for kids.

The “creepy-sounding song” is just about a lazy egg.

Okay, but are we gonna talk about how Mikasa must feel being the only Asian around? 

She lived with her mum and dad and barely saw anyone else and then she comes to the ‘city’ and no one is even remotely like her even though there are so many people? Also she knows that she and her mum were objectified over these special features and that they must have been hated for their heritage, because they lost their ‘Place in the city’. 

So with her mother she also lost connection to a very special culture, which I can imagine was quite important to her. So thinking of Mikasa’s possible self perception I find this scene quite sad:

She knows she’s the only Asian kid around, so this must have been pretty weird for her to get a compliment on these relatively specific features (that almost got her to be sold as a sex slave, basically)

Also I wanna talk about how Isayama basically said that Mikasa doesn’t like to be this ripped, because she wants a ‘more girly body’ (especially after she saw that Levi’s body is very similar to hers, so she thinks she has a ‘boy body’)

Q: Does Mikasa gets conscious about her weight?
A: Actually, she does. She’s stuck in a dilemma between the necessity as a soldier and her girly-self. (x 2014-12)

I just felt that the last bit needed a bit of acknowledgement. I just love how Mikasa is struggling with Trauma and coping and titans and still has these very relatable problems of ethnicity and self perception.

As always this is nothing that isn’t sourced to be seen as ‘fact’ it’s just a possible way of interpretation and I’m not asking anyone to feel the same way about it. I merely wanted to share my thoughts.

Under The Mistletoe

Summary: It’s no secret that Dan and Phil hate each other, everybody knows it, including their own families. But now, It’s the holiday’s time, and a Christmas party is being thrown at the Lester’s house, and of course… Dan’s family has been invited. Dan’s being forced to go, even though he clearly doesn’t want to but his mother doesn’t care. The night quickly changes when Dan and Phil get stuck under a mistletoe.

Genre: AU, Fluff

Word Count: 2,054

A/N: Since It’s December 1st, I thought I would kick the month off with a fluffy Christmas fic so enjoy! :] Feel free to send in more Christmas prompts!

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...If you still want to write stuff: 18. for KaiShin, pretty please?

This is obviously crazy late, but to make up for it, it’s also incredibly long.  I hope you enjoy it.  8)  Thank you again for sending the prompt request.  I had fun writing this!

“Well, how are you feeling?” Haibara asked, voice flat, but eyes betraying her concern.  Shinichi took stock:  body at its correct proportions, no fever, no pain…

“I feel… okay,” Shinichi said, smile slowly stretching across his face.  “Haibara, I think we did it.”  He laughed helplessly, pressing his hands to his face.  He felt like he could cry with the sheer relief.

“I’d like to run some checks, just in case,” Haibara said, sighing quietly.  “You remember the questions we prepared yesterday?”

“The ones to check my memory?”

“Yes.  I’ll start from the beginning.  Please state your name and occupation.”

“My name is Kudou Shinichi, and I’m a student detective.  I most often work for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Force.”

“I’d like you to name your closest friends for me.”

“Mouri Ran and Suzuki Sonoko are my childhood friends; Ran, my childhood crush.  Hattori Heiji is a hot-blooded detective from Osaka and one of my best friends and something of a rival.  The Detective Boys are Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, Genta, and Haibara.  They’re supervised—kind of—by Professor Agasa.  I work the most often with Inspector Megure and Detectives Satou and Takagi, along with Mouri Kogoro, Ran’s father.”

“Impressive.  As expected of Kudou,” Haibara said smiling.  Turning back to her notes, she continued, asking him to detail their operation from start to finish, explain the deductions he’d made at the end…

It was weird, though, for all he could answer every question, he felt like he was forgetting something.  But if it wasn’t in Haibara’s note cards, it must not have been all that important.

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I’m going to start a squat and abs challenge but dis me when my tummy is digesting all the yummy el pollo loco from yesterday 🌯 I didn’t know how bomb el pollo loco really was. I remember loving it as a kid and my housemate bought me some which was nice even though we argued this morning. She started saying I must have been raised in a barn and cussing and I’m weird, stuff like that. I realized she was probably really offended cause we went to Verizon and she walked in with her baby and the lady started answering her questions about my account and I was like hold up no it’s my account and I laughed about it in the car like wtf and said maybe she thought she was my mom and she def didn’t like that and today she said she thought I was 25, I’m pretty sure that’s the first time someone has tried to make me feel insecure about my age. I have people say I look young and old, I’ve had people tell me I look 18, or 22 or whatever so it doesn’t bother me but I was also super harassed over the past few days from some random Craigslist caller who was looking for a personal assistant and he wouldn’t stop calling me after we disagreed about words being powerful or powerless and I was still listening but he literally called me a whore, a liar and then a satanist and every time he would call he would try to say something else about how terrible I am. It’s kinda crazy that I have so many stories like that here. I feel like I’m a relatively very calm and nice person that doesn’t express myself like that unless I’m provoked many times and it feels like people just feed on it out here. Idk if it’s just my experience but people seem to have ALOTTA problems with me!!!! Lol idk I’m praying I got this job in Hollywood and I don’t suffer too much connecting with emotionally abusive people before finding my own place to live.

It may sounds weird but...

I was re-watching some episodes of The Return of Superman, and this idea came to my mind.

Haru has an artist soul, she inherited it from her parents. Nobody can’t deny it. Those who have been watching the show carefully, must have realized of Haru’s deep and inocent thoughts. Seriously, her eyes are no joke!

Junu has it too. He wants to be a writer, and he had talked about being an actor, because he finds that world fascinating. He is very intelligent, and handsome too.

I don’t ship them, they’re just kids, but, I strongly think that they will really succeed if they follow the artistic career.

It’s just an opinion, they can be whatever they want to be.  

By the way, the other day I was thinking in a plot for a story, and their pretty faces came to my mind. If, someday, they play the role of the young version of the main characters of a drama or movie,that would be awesome! 

Why   /part 7/

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6

No way…no freaking way. I couldn’t believe it. I looked up at Soryu and he looked just as surprised as me, maybe even more.

“S-soryu…?” I trembled. Surely this was some kind of joke. He’d never get another girl pregnant. We were supposed to raise a family together, him and I. We never talked about the possibility of having kids, I always thought he never wanted any since it’d be troublesome for him. What with his line of work. But what girl doesn’t dream of starting a family and having kids with the man she loves?  Even if they weren’t biologically ours, I knew I’d love them as if they were.

Soryu didn’t say anything, he didn’t look at me, he didn’t even move. He just stared at Koibito as she tried to hold back her tears. She must be lying, right? Using the old, ‘I’m pregnant with YOUR baby!’ act as a way to keep Soryu. But…who knows how many times they’ve done it together. Soryu has been acting weird for months…is it possible that he really did get her pregnant?

“H-hey…why are you crying?” Koibito muttered, pulling me back to reality. Confused, I raised my hand up to my cheek and was surprised to find it wet. I was crying. That seemed to make Soryu snap out of it because his attention was all one me. Soryu was saying something to me, but I didn’t want to hear it. I just shut my eyes in an attempt to block him out.

Pregnant…Soryu got another woman pregnant. My boyfriend, my future husband, the love of my life…he cheated on me and got another woman pregnant.

“…say something…please say something…”

I loved him…I still love him…why would he do this to me? Soryu isn’t the cheating type…he wouldn’t cheat, that isn’t possible…

“…talk to me, say something to me, please…stop crying…”

Why? Why did this happen? Does Soryu even love me? Why has he been acting so weird lately? Why was I stupid enough to believe his lies? Why did he do it?

“…please…please don’t ignore me…I’m sorry…”

I can’t take it anymore.

“I love you…just you and you alone…don’t block me out, don’t make those faces…and please…don’t hate me…”

I was fed up. I opened my eyes to look at Soryu. My vision was blurry and all I couldn’t make out his facial expression. Prying myself free from his grasp at last, I stood up and glared at him. He opened his mouth to say something but I put my hand up.

“Don’t.” I growled.


“No…get away from me.” I said forcefully, pronouncing each syllable. I took a step back as he reached out for me. I was not going to allow Soryu to let me believe things that weren’t true. “I…never…want to see you again.”I said, hoping my words stung. He didn’t care about my feelings, so why should I care about his?His face scrunched up, as if he was in pain. It must’ve been an act, there’s no way Soryu feels anything for me anymore. Which means…it’s time for me to go.  

“Enjoy your family.” I said to Soryu. Turning to Koibito, I bowed deeply and apologized before saying congratulations. I heard Soryu mumble my name, but I refused to look at that man again. Lifting my head up, I ran. Ran away from them. I heard him yell after me, but I ignored him. My feet wouldn’t stop moving, and before I knew it I exited that building in record time.

Afraid that he might’ve followed me, I kept running along the almost vacant sidewalk. I crossed the street, barely dodging a speeding car, and sprinted between two shops. My lungs were burning and my legs felt like they were on fire, but I wanted to make sure I was as far away from Soryu as I could get. Then, I heard someone call my name. Worried that it may be Soryu, I nearly tripped. I pushed myself to run faster, and the voice seemed to be fading.

“…wait! Princess, stop running!”


I skidded to a halt. I don’t recall Soryu ever calling me princess. Which means that…

“Ah…I’m glad I caught up with you!”


I turn around to see a very pleased looking Baba as he finally catches up with me and he puts his hand on my shoulder. To be honest with you, I expected it to be Inui…but right now, anyone is better than Soryu. Including Baba.

“Why were you running away from me, pretty lady?” he said, pretending to be hurt. “Does my presence displease you that much?” Completely out of breath, I couldn’t answer him. So I just shook my head while gasping for air. Ugh…this is what I get for running…

“Are you okay? Do you need me to get you some water?” he said, concerned. Taking in a deep breath, I wheezed before shaking my head again and giving him a thumbs up.

“Hmm…” he brought his hand up to his chin and looked at me doubtfully. “I think it’d be best if you’d come with me…” he said then placed both hands on my shoulders, gently leading me in the opposite direction. I didn’t protest, I didn’t fight against it, I just let him lead me to a better place.

sorry this was so late!