and she makes sure he knows it was all her. i love it

i’ve seen a post going around about rachel not genuinely caring about chloe and in addition to ranting about it in private with friends, i thought i might as well try a coherent rebuttal to post here

some things about rachel we need to acknowledge up front. she’s 1) super smart and 2) able to use her smarts and social adeptness to manipulate people pretty easily. we see this with victoria in episode 2, how rachel plays her to get her to drink the spiked tea. we see this in episode 1, how rachel dissipates tension in the drama club meeting by shifting the focus of the discussion to chloe.

manipulation is a tool rachel has developed to help her navigate the world. manipulative =/= malicious. consider rachel’s reputation around blackwell in the first game - she has her detractors, sure, but overall she’s widely loved by students from all types of backgrounds and cliques. no doubt rachel achieved this using the same skills and tactics that people would label as manipulative. knowing what to say to endear someone to you, to make them feel better about themselves, to relate to them – it’s all the same skill set. there’s not an inherent moral value in that.

now if we’re going to talk about rachel’s relationships with frank and jefferson and how they took place apparently alongside rachel’s relationship with chloe, without chloe’s knowledge (which there’s some ambiguity about – chloe never confirms whether she and rachel were dating, though she was clearly upset to learn about rachel and frank) we need to do so analytically.

rachel’s goal was to get out of arcadia bay. to do this, rachel needed resources. what makes sense? taking advantage of the attention and interest paid to her by two adult men with means and using it to her own ends. frank has money, drug connections, etc that rachel could use to get out of town. jefferson had social capital, he probably made her promises or offered guidance for her career, that would also be an attractive option for escape.

what doesn’t make sense? trying to make a poor, mentally ill high school dropout from an abusive and controlling home your ticket out of town. if you refuse to give rachel credit for anything else, you have to believe she’s smarter than that. chloe has nothing to offer materially that rachel can’t already get from someone else easier and more reliably.

which means that what chloe has to offer is herself. her presence in rachel’s life, the relationship they have together is what rachel wants from chloe.

in game we see that chloe is obviously super eager to please rachel and to provide for her, because she cares about her that much, and they share the same goals. why then does it have to be rachel manipulating chloe and exploiting her for money and transportation that she can easily get from other sources? why can’t it be chloe acting of her own will to achieve a common goal?

because y’all are still super duper eager to vilify teenage girls for making what you perceive as selfish choices

i’ve also seen the dream addressed, particularly rachel being the fire william speaks about

if we’re going to interpret chloe’s dreams we have to recognize them as products of chloe’s subconscious. the things she dreams about are her fears and doubts manifesting

in the first dream, rachel is on fire and chloe can’t reach her. in the second dream, william speaks about rachel as the fire (though not directly) consuming herself and threatening to consume chloe, as well. it’s important to keep in mind chloe’s fears about rachel as evidenced by the “i’m leaving” quote from the bathroom graffiti scene. chloe’s scared of being used. she’s scared of being abandoned again. her feelings for rachel are so intense, have come on so quickly, she’s terrified that the consequence of trusting rachel, of giving into her feelings, will mean she’ll be destroyed in the process.

also worth noting that chloe appears to herself as the raven in both dreams. first on the playbill, second EATING HER OWN DAD’S FACE – which means chloe 1) doesn’t trust herself and 2) thinks she is to blame for every bad thing that’s ever happened to her or the people she’s cared about. that’s less to my rachel point, but i think it’s necessary context for analyzing the dreams in general

finally, going off-script for the play - there’s definitely lots of room for different interpretations of rachel’s lines here, but i think the answers you come up with have more to do with how you view rachel’s intent than anything. anyone suspicious of rachel or believing she’s out to do harm will obviously focus on the detail of prospera reneging on her promise to grant ariel’s freedom.

but if you’re interpreting rachel’s actions and words sincerely, it’s an entirely different meaning. chloe’s “excitement isn’t happiness” line and the line about her plainest self is an expression of doubt that rachel’s feelings for her are real. that rachel will still want her once the dust settles and they’re done planning their great adventure. she fears being abandoned again. rachel reacting to that by insisting she’s certain. that they can have a life together where they both are free. she’s asking chloe to trust her enough to take that leap with her.

for me, that’s just one teenage girl who feels alone and misunderstood asking another teenage girl that she cares about to take a chance on her. to be brave enough to explore the relationship developing between them. and i refuse to see that as a negative thing.

Make You Feel Good

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words: 2674
This is the first smut I’ve done in a long time. Be gentle, please.

Warning: Smut, fingering, oral (female receiving), squirting, unprotected sex (be safe people)

A/N: Do NOT post my writing on any other site. Do NOT take credit for my work. Do NOT copy and paste.
A/N: Reblogs are perfectly fine…because that’s still giving me credit for the work I did.
A/N: If you want tagged, send me an ask.

Dean’s Point Of View

           Y/N rarely brought a guy back to her motel room. I probably girls back too often. Sam had his nights here and there. But Y/N wasn’t one to have one-night stands. So, when I heard the guys’ voice in her room on the other side of mine, I was a little curious.

           And then I heard the words that sent me into a storm of rage.

           “You’re gonna take it you filthy fat cow.”

           “Get out,” Y/N’s voice was broken. I could hear her tears, “Please.”          

           “Not until I get what I came for. Not like you’re going to get it from anyone else. I’m doing you a favor.”

           I didn’t remember leaving my room or busting in to Y/N’s. But there I was, physically making that guy leave her room. With more threats to kill him, castrate him, and humiliate him if he ever came near her again.

           “Dean?” Y/N was curled up on the bed, wrapped in a sheet.

           I rushed to her, “He’s an idiot. He’s such an idiot. You’re beautiful and perfect. Everything about you is perfect.”

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Pirate Diplomacy

A quick thing that I’m dedicating to @shoedonym, who had the idea of Killian threatening people while looking, well, like this.

It’s almost night time in Storybrooke. The hour between light and dark, where distances grow fuzzy and the eyes play tricks.

The thieving hour, it ought to be called. At least, in the opinion of a young criminal mastermind by the name of Jack Bradagan, who is probably given to more poetic flights of fancy than most thieves.

Storybrooke, he has discovered in the short time since he stumbled through a portal, is a very sleepy, unassuming town. The port is far less crowded than any he’s ever visited back home. In fact, at this hour, it’s all but deserted. There is no noise and light spilling from taverns beckoning sailors to drink and spend their coin, no brothel or loitering whore to be seen anywhere, no late-night gambling or merchant stalls.

He has his target. He has his crew. He also has a sword, and several knives hidden in strategic places upon his person. He takes a deep breath, then motions to the other four, and they make their way along the docks, to the lone sailing ship tied up at the pier. The Jolly Roger.

The gangplank is down. Jack leads the way up to the deck, almost giddy with excitement. The price he paid for the tip-off looks to have been worth it. It’s not nearly this easy to even board a ship back home.

“I don’t think you want to do that, mate,” says a man’s voice behind him. It’s a hard, world-weary sort of voice, a voice that has seen more than its share of thievery. It’s followed by a soft cooing sound that seems out of place. The voice goes on, “Turn around.”

Jack is already doing so. His heart is simultaneously somewhere around his knees, and trying to jump into his throat. He knows that voice, or rather, he knows what a voice like that means. It’s a voice used to giving orders. He’s heard it from many a captain, though never quite like this.

The man standing in front of him looks like he was made for thieving hour. He is dark-haired and dressed in shades of black and grey and navy, so that he seems to blend into the falling night, except for the pale skin of his face and hand. His one hand, which is currently holding a sword, the curved blade pointing at Jack. The other arm ends in a wicked curve of metal. More metal gleams at his belt: a strange-looking badge of some kind.

Strapped to his chest is a baby. Jack blinks, taken aback, but it is definitely a baby, cradled against the man’s chest, tiny hands flailing a little.

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My Girl

Author: Juju

Warnings: fluffy fluff, and hints that reader is bi??? could be ignored tho

Summary: All the questions are about you in a live stream and Shawn couldn’t be happier.

Word Count: 1.2k

A/N: I don’t really like this but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but if you like it, send me your favorite line from this fic.


You were sitting in Shawn’s dressing room, enjoying the peace and quiet before the show. 

He was currently doing a live stream for his perfume launch. You would usually tag along and stay behind the cameras during interviews But not tonight. You decided to be lazy and have a little nap. 

Maybe that wasn’t the best choice.

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Jimin’s runaway daughter pt.2

Jimin’s DaughterAU!

Genre: Angst

[pt.1] [pt.2]

Warning: Sensitive Content (mentions of abuse; read at own risk)

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

Dad arrived in no time and came over to me, a me that was still sat on the swing not wanting to move. I didn’t want to go home. Now that I’ve told him all that has happened, I know he would have relayed the message to my mother as well. He sat on the swing next to mine and stayed silent for a little while.

“Are you ready to go home now? It’s really late and you should really be going to sleep. Your mother is at home crying her eyes out because of you.” I scoffed to myself at his words. Crying because of me? Clearly not because I ran away, that’s for sure probably because I’m coming home instead.

“You’re rich dad, can’t you just buy me my own place? I don’t want to live with her.”

“I’m not buying you your own place to live alone at when you’re only twelve Y/N.”

“But I’m mature for my age!”

“Oh really? You ran away from home and you call that mature?” He laughed as he looked at me.

“I was getting myself out of a bad environment, which is beneficial for my own physical and mental health, I’ll have you know.”

“Answer’s no, you’re not legally allowed to anyway.”

“So you’re saying that if I was legally allowed to, you’d buy me my own place?”

“No little one, you’re my child and I will not allow you to move out so soon.”

“I’m not a baby dad!”

“But in my eyes, you’ll always a be my little baby. Because I’m your dad and it’s just how this all works.” I gave him a side glare as he laughed at my facial expressions.

“Let’s go home, it’s getting cold.” He stood up and and walked over to me, gently stroking the top of my head as I stood up.

“Remember to apologise to your mum when you get back alright?”

“But why? I’m not the one who’s in the wrong.” I protested and stood my ground.

“You called her a bitch Y/N, you should never use that kind of language towards her.”

“I didn’t say it to her face, I said it to you.”

“And she knows about it.”

“Well thanks dad, for dragging me to hell and leaving me there. God knows what she’ll do to me now because you told her.” I rolled my eyes, I knew what my future looked like now, and it wasn’t so pretty, but I couldn’t bring myself to be serious about it, to cope with all this - I could only make jokes. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t even be here anymore.

Getting home didn’t take very long, I wish it would have taken us a year or so, but in reality it only took ten minutes. As I strutted through into my home with my dad walking beside me I saw my mother run towards me, pulling me into a bone crushing hug. People usually feel warmth from these hugs, but this was quite the opposite. When people hug you this way, it’s not actually supposed to hurt. But this? I really feel as though she was trying to squeeze all the air out of me, deliberately. I looked over at dad again and his eyes widened and eyebrows raised, clearly indicating for me to apologise to this woman I had clinging onto me.

“I’m sorry mum, for calling you a bitch.”

“No baby it’s my fault, I’m sorry I made you mad at me. I was so scared when you left, I thought I weren’t ever going to see you again.” Her sobs were fake, I wondered how dad was actually falling for this bullshit. But as he walked away after smiling at the two of us, the she devil whispered something into my ear.

“You know you’re going to be punished for this right? If you were going to run away, you should have left quietly. Why are you even back, or is it because you miss the idea of me beating you that you came running home? Calling me a bitch too? That’s rich, love.” I can’t lie and say that I wasn’t afraid, because I was. I was more than afraid but there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

Nobody would believe that the woman who raised me the last twelve years would do me such harm. Nobody would believe it because she was always fake in the public eye. I would have done anything I could to expose her lying ass to world but I couldn’t. I couldn’t because that would wreck my dad’s image, not only that but he loves her and she loves him too. I see how happy they make each other and even sometimes I feel as though I don’t fit in the picture. My parents have always been so hopelessly in love with one another, they started dating at sixteen and they’ve been together ever since.

No matter how much I don’t like my mum because of the way she treats me I’m thankful, I can still see her eyes light up when dad walks into the room and I still see his eyes light up whenever she enters. It’s like she falls in love with him all over again just like he falls for her as if it was the first time, and honestly that really makes living here worthwhile. Because I know he’s receiving all the love he deserves, even if she doesn’t love me. It wasn’t always like this though. Mum used to care about me, up until I was nine - something changed. I don’t know what it was and I don’t think I’ll ever find out but even through it all, I know I do still love her - I mean she is my mum so how could I not, and really, I just want her to love me again.



Pairing: Steve x F!Reader

A/N: Because there hasn’t been a Steve chat in a while… also i really just wanted to write pietro using emoticons okay ( ͡°Ɛ ͡°)

Pietro has created a chatroom: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Pietro has added Y/N.

You: i want no part of this chat

Pietro: but y/n

Pietro: i know something you don’t

Pietro: don’t u want to know what it is (ಥ ͜ʖಥ)

You: … i guess

Pietro: someone on this team likes u

You: everyone likes me. that’s the point of friends.

You: but you wouldn’t know that now would you since you have no friends ( ͡°Ɛ ͡°)

Pietro: where did u find that one

Pietro: i love him

Pietro: this person has a crush on u

Pietro: i know, it is surprising someone could like u more than a friend ( ͡°Ɛ ͡°)

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Lay All Your Love on Me - Bucky x Reader(f)

Authors Notes: This is for @propertyofpoeandbucky ‘s writing challenge! I decided to use the song to inspire me and this is what came of it! I hope you like it!

Prompt: Lay all Your Love on Me by ABBA

Word Count: 1.1K

Notes/Warnings: Drinking, jealousy, self doubt, embarrassment, kissing.

Originally posted by bellamyblakesgun

“Promise?” You tugged on the collar of Bucky’s shirt. You were leaning against him, trapping him between you and the front door.

“Baby, I promise. It’s just a guys night. No dames, I swear.” He chuckled at your pouty jealousy. He rubbed his thumb on your cheek and leaned down to kiss your nose.

“None that you’re bringing. That doesn’t mean they won’t be there. It is a bar, Buck.” You chewed on the inside of your lip. You knew how ridiculous you sounded but you couldn’t help it. Bucky always had women looking at him. Not that you didn’t understand why; he’s gorgeous.

“(Y/N),” Bucky held your face in his hands and smiled at you. “I promise, no girls. You trust me, right?”

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A Guy Like That

Summary: Y/n has liked Peter for as long as she could remember… An incident involving Flash bullying Peter just may be the push Y/N needs to confess her feelings?

Requested: No (I was kinda inspired by this song <–)

Word Count: 3.8k

Taglist: @cutie1365

Warning(s)?: Light cussing, Bullying, teen angst, sERVER fLUFFF?!

masterlist (x) requests (x)


A Guy Like That…

Y/N.…” You stood by your locker, leaning against it with your arms crossed over your chest. You bit your lip sub consciously, watching him from down the hall. 

Y/N…” You didn’t care that your best friend was busy trying to get your attention. All your focus was currently on the curly headed boy who stood down the hall, by his own locker smiling and laughing with his friend. You could see his smile reach his cheeks causing a small dimple to appear near his mouth. His eyes crinkled at the sides when he laughed at something his friend said, causing your own smile to widen in adoration. 

“Are you even listening to me?” Obviously not. 

You shook your head quickly and glanced over at your best friend. Knowing this was very typical of you she just rolled her eyes in response, placing her last book into her locker before closing it.

“You know what your doing could be considered… creepy” She says, placing a strand of hair behind her ear. You glanced away from her with a shrug and stared off into the boy’s direction again. 

I don’t care…” You trailed off, watching him smile and laugh again at whatever his friend had said to him this time. How could you not admire him? 

“You can just walk over there and start talking to him… you guys do share like three classes together” Liz, your best friend states as she watched you with a small smile.

I don’t care...” You responded back dreamily, too entranced with admiring the boy from afar. 

“Or you could grab his face and finally just kiss him” She finishes, this time with a big smile on her face. 

I don’t- wait what!?” You turned away to look Liz in the eyes. She only smirked at your reaction. She turns around to her own locker and makes sure it’s locked, wrapping an arm around yours to pull you away. 

“Are you crazy?! I can’t just go up to him and… kiss him. That would be weird and besides… I think he likes someone else…” You trailed off, knowing this conversation was taking a very familiar turn. Liz rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“He doesn’t like anybody else!” She lets out with a frustrated laugh. You stopped still, causing Liz to stop as well and turn to face you. 

“You haven’t seen it Liz…” You state, a familiar frown beginning to etch it’s way onto your face. Liz just sighs in response, knowing whatever she says you won’t even consider to be the truth. You were stubborn like that, and have been ever since 5th grade.

I have seen it… you’re the one who hasn’t” She states, pulling on your arm again to continue walking down the hall. Once again your eyebrows twitch in confusion. Of course you had seen it… The guy you liked was in love with your best friend. How could you not see that? 

“Hey babe” You rolled your eyes in annoyance once you heard his voice. 

“Hey sweetie” Liz replied in an equally sickly tone. You pretended to gag, making some noises causing them both turn to you. 

“Y/N… always a pleasure’‘ 

’'Flash… hardly ever” You reply sarcastically sending them both a sarcastic smile to go with it. Liz just laughed and hugged Flash’s side, enjoying her two closest friends bicker between each other. You and Flash kind of have a love hate relationship. Frenemies… I guess you could say. 

You walked away from the nauseating couple and headed into physics. 


“Large transformers, when used for some time, become very hot and are cooled by circulating oil. The heating of the transformer is due to….Y/N?” You head rose once you heard your name mentioned. 

“Umm…” You murmured out, glancing down to your sheet to look for your answer.

“Both the heating effect of current and hysteresis loss?” Your answer came out as more of a question seeing you were always nervous if ever you got picked on to answer a question in class, even if you were positive it was correct.

Your teacher smiled happily at you, nodding in your direction. A small smile crept it’s way onto your face as your nerves began to dwindle. Your teacher turned around and back to the board, wiping away the day’s lesson. A few grunts where heard from some students who still hadn’t had copied all the notes down. She turned back around once the board was cleaned and beamed a smile. 

“Now class… for the part of the lesson you’ll all enjoy… how about a game?” Cheers began to erupt around the room at the mention of playing a game. She shook her head and let out a soft chuckle.

“A…. physics game” She states, causing everyone’s hype of excitement to dwindle. 

“We are going to split the room up into girls and boys, each will select a representative to stand up in front of the class and answer questions, each group will give me ten questions each to contribute as I read them aloud to those who are selected. Each will get 30 seconds to think of an answer and the first to raise their hand and give the correct answer will score a point for their team” She finishes. This seemed to boost everyone’s curiosity a little. 

One of the students raised their hand. 

“Will you be picking the representatives?” The teacher shook her head in response. She then divided the class up into girls and boys, boys being on the left and girls being on the right side of the classroom. You could hear the boys all electing one person, coming to their decision pretty quickly. However with the girls…

“Bags not it” One of the girls said, raising a thumb to press against her forehead, many others followed also repeating her words ‘bags not it’. You rolled your eyes at their childishness. 

“I say we take a vote” Another spoke up, wanting to get this over and done with. You agreed with her, nodding your head to the group. There were only 14 of you altogether so picking someone shouldn’t be so hard.

“I say we go around the group and say each name… the one with the most hands in favor gets to go up” One of the girls snickered. You shied back a bit, just wanting to get this over and done with. Slowly they went around the group, calling out a girls name and each one of you girls either raising your hand in favor of them going up or not. You were second last to be called up and so far the most a girl has gotten was 5 hands. 

The girl who was took charge came around to you and stopped with a smirk.

“and Y/N?” Alost all the girls hands had rose. Your eyes widen as you shook your head rapidly. 

“Why me?” You whined, not liking the idea to go up in front of the class to do a… round off.

“Because you average like a 98 in this class… and besides I really hate losing to the boys every time… all because of Penis bloody Parker…” Your eyes widen again. 

Before you could utter out any more words the teacher interrupted your train of thought. 

“Time’s up!” She called out, causing everyone to hop back into their seats. You stayed seated on of the desks at the front, beginning to feel the nerves creep up on you. 

“And who will be the representative for the boys?” The Teacher asked, the boys beginning to cheer in response. Flash stood up and straightened his jacket causing your eyes to roll. 

“Sit down flash!” One of the boys called out causing you to laugh. You watched curiously as the boy you least expected rose and made his way over towards the front of the class.

Peter bloody Parker.

“And for the girls?” You shamefully stood up slowly and began to make your way in front of the board.

“Aye! look at you, acting all brave Y/N-” You could hear Flash begin to call out before you hastily interrupted him. 

Shut it, dickwad” You responded in a bored tone. 

“Language!” Your teach called out. The students, however, erupted into fits of laughter between yours and Flash’s interaction. This occurred on a daily basis which seemed to serve entertainment to the rest of the class. The teach also quite enjoyed watching you two bicker but ,of course, would never admit to that. 

Let’s begin!”

~Last question

“Radiocarbon is produced in the atmosphere as a result of….” The Teacher trailed off, reading the very last question aloud to both you and Peter. So far Peter had 10 points to your 9. You needed to get this question to even tie with him. 

You and Peter had stood closer and closer as the questions went on, growing more comfortable with each others presence. After the 6th question you guys started to become less nervous, and in fact started making silly faces at each other to throw the other one off of the question. This caused the class to laugh at you guys as you tried to distract each other so the other could get the question right. 

Polar bears… Polar bears… think… Polar bears” You mumbled only loud enough for Peter to hear you. He turned to you frustrated with a smile and shook his head, losing his train of thought. 

“C-collision…” He trailed off, trying to find the right words to use. 

Fluffy animals… fluffy animals… with cute miniature handbags” You mumbled again, causing Peter to laugh this time. You smiled in achievement and quickly thought up your answer.

“Collision between fast neutrons and nitrogen nuclei present in the atmosphere” You answered smoothly with a smirk. 

“That is correct!” The teach beamed in response, the girls cheering. Peter looked at you with wide eyes. 

“That’s cheating!” He says through his laughter, causing you yourself to laugh. The Teacher just shook her head in response, her own smirk making her way onto her face.

“How is it cheating?” You asked back innocently. He stared at you dumbstruck with a smile. 

“You were mumbling on about… freaking polar bears and miniature freaking hand bags!” He called out, his smile obviously giving him away. You stood there and just laughed, nodding your head. 

“I don’t recall saying such things” You replied innocently with a smirk. Peter shook his head at you and smile a tight lipped smile, both your cheeks growing red due to the amount of laughing and smiling you guys had been doing for the past 10 minutes. 

“But you did!” He countered back with a smile. You gasped with fake shock. Jokingly you turned towards the teacher, raising a hand to point towards Peter.

“Your honor this boy is lying” You called out sassily causing the class to laugh in chorus again. The Teacher just smiled and shook her head at both your guys antics. Peter just threw his hands up in the air and laughed. 

Oh my god!” he called out, throwing his head back as he laughed. You couldn’t help but to admire the sweet sound that escaped his lips, you smiled even more when you realised you were the cause of it. 

The bell rang shortly after, cutting your laughing short. The class began to pack up their things as the teach instructed what was needed for our next lesson. You headed back towards your desk and packed up your things, leaving the classroom. You couldn’t help but to let the smile stay on your face as you left the room, almost with a skip to your step.

“Someone looks awfully happy all of a sudden” Liz states as she approaches you, just returning from her maths class herself. You smiled over to her and went inside your locker and packed your things away, getting ready to head into the cafeteria for lunch.

“Just had an awesome class” You responded cheerily. 

“This wouldn’t have anything to do with a certain brown eyed boy now would it?” She asks cheekily with a smirk. You lightly slapped her arm causing her to laugh at your flustered expression. 

“Maybe-” You were cut off by the amount on people beginning to form a circle down the hall. Your eyes furrow in curiosity as you glanced over towards Liz, dragging her along with you to see what was going on. 

There in the middle stood none other than Flash… of course it was him. 

You turned on your heel and began to walk away, not wanting to see what Flash was doing this time.

“You think that’s funny Parker!” You heard Flash yell angrily. You immediately stop and your eyes widen in shock. 

“F-flash…” You could hear Peter’s voice mumble out in response. You shook your head as you closed your eyes, clenching your hands into fists at your sides.

“Look around Peter…” You could hear Flash’s voice taunts. You could practically feel the nerves and fear radiating off of Parker himself. You bit your lip as you heard no one do anything to stop this. That was what sickened you about high school, people were willing to stand around and watch others get hurt. Like it was some form of entertainment. 

“No one here even likes you…” You could hear Flash torment. You tried to steady your breathing, in through your nose and out through your mouth. 

“In fact… let’s take a census” You could hear a few people begin to cheer in agreement. You groaned and turned back around, heading towards the circle.

“Flash…” You could hear Liz speak to her boyfriend, trying to get him to back down. He was a bully, he wasn’t going to back down. 

“No, the people of Midtown High need to hear this!” He calls out, causing Liz to move away from him shyly. You rolled your eyes and made your way towards the front of the circle. Not that the people moved out of there way for you or anything.

“Say Peter… how many of your friends are… girls?” Flash gloats, stepping closer and closer towards Peter. Peter visibly stiffens and goes beet red. 

“Your gonna want to answer this honestly to avoid a repeat of what happened last time…” Flash threatens in a low voice. Your eyes widened in fear for Peter… How dare Flash do this. You glanced over to Liz for help and she met your gaze with a worried one. Flash was taking things too far this time.

“In all honesty Peter… how many friends do you have?” He taunts loudly, causing everyone in the hall to hear. You could see more and more people joining the circle. You bit your lip nervously as you saw the crowd grow bigger and bigger. You glanced between Peter and Flash, wanting to so badly do something… anything.

“How many...girlfriends?” He teases. You watch as Peter shrinks back and visibly gulps. 

You couldn’t do this anymore, you couldn’t just stand here and watch the guy your practically in love with cop this shit of this asshole- Wait… what?

“Knock it off Flash” You spoke up quietly from the group. Flash upon hearing you glanced up and looked towards you, his smirk growing. 

“You gonna stand up for this loser Y/N?” He taunts, causing almost everyone’s attention to fall onto you. But you were only looking in one direction, and that was Peter’s. You watched as a frown settled across his normally bright features. That smile that you adore so much had disappeared along with his infectious laugh. 

Screw it. 

“Yeah actually… I am” You spoke up, this time confidently. You left the circle and walked towards Peter and stood beside him. Flash just seemed to laugh in response. 

Inside you could feel the nerves eating away at you but you didn’t want to let it show. For once you were going to stand up to Flash.

“Oh look Peter… seems like you do have a girlfriend after all…” Flash snickers as the crowd laugh along with him, some with their phones out recording the whole interaction.

It was now or never.

“So what if he does?” You spoke, reaching for Peter’s hand. You watched as he stiffened at the gesture and grow even more nervous. You couldn’t help but to let out a small smile at the feel of his hand in your, tingles beginning to spread through your now warm palm. 

“You jealous?” You countered back causing the group to ‘ohh’ at your response. Flash’s gaze only seemed to harden. 

“Yeah right… you would never go out with a guy like him…” Flash spoke up causing the group to laugh again. Your mouth dropped in shock. A guy like him?! You wanted to lose it. 

“A guy like him!? A guy that’s smart and has a gpa above a 5.0? A guy that’s sweet enough to hold a door open for you when you walk into a classroom. A guy that is so funny he can have you in stitches? A guy that actually smiles instead of smirks all the damn time?” With each sentence you took a step closer and closer towards Flash, your hand leaving Peter’s as you did so. Flash’s face seemed to drop little by little with each word you spoke.

“A guy that is… so honest, loyal and kind?” Your voice began to drop.

“A guy that… makes all the others guys look like amateurs?” You finished, your voice coming out more confident at the end.  

“Yeah… I would” You said before turning back around and began walking towards Peter. You took in his facial expression. His cheeks tinged red, his eyes widen in adoration and his mouth slightly parted, seeming utterly shocked.

You placed a hand onto both of his cheeks, walking up to him so close that your noses were nearly touching. Your hands began to tingle at the intimate contact. Your eyes raked his for any signs of uncertainty. 

kiss me…” You whispered only loud enough for him to hear. Funnily enough the crowd seem to disappear from your mind, your only focus being on Peter. His eyes seem to widen even more at your request.

“W-w-what?” He stuttered out, his eyes glancing down to your lips for a second before looking back into your eyes. You watched in pure admiration as he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth, seeming to be deep in thought.

“L-look… thank you for what you did… standing up to F-flash like that… seriously… Thank you so fucking much… but you don’t have to… I mean… Wow your really close and I can’t even think straight…” You smiled as he began to mumble.

“I get your doing this to be nice… But I actually really friggin like you and kissing you has been a dream of mine since like…. forever.. and- I have no idea why I just said that... I can’t stop talking…. your actually close to me… And wow your even more beautiful up close and there’s still a huge crowd watching us and…. God I can’t even breathe…” Your heart melted at his words. 

'Every…single…time you manage to take my breath away and I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get it back…“ His voice broke at the end of his confession causing your heart to beat even faster inside your chest. You couldn’t wait anymore. Your stomach was filled with butterflies and excitement at this point, so much it almost felt like you wanted to burst at the seams. 

Peter’s glance drifted towards your lips with a look of want crossing his glance. You closed your eyes and closed the gap, pulling his face towards yours.

Your lips came into contact with his and you felt your stomach drop. Kind of felt like you were on a roller coaster and this huge drop has come out of nowhere, adrenaline pumping through your veins along with excitement and fear. That was what it felt like. 

Peter wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer, not caring anymore that there was an audience surrounding you guys. Your hands made their way up to his hair as you lightly tugged at his curls, deepening the kiss further. You could feel your whole body light on fire at his touch, the warmth spreading from his hands, all the way up your spine and to your lips. 

Peter could feel his heart hammering inside of his chest and was sure that you could hear it but in this moment he didn’t care. He held you close and kissed you, seeming to convey his feelings in such a way that words couldn’t. You picked up on this and exchanged it back through the kiss, showing him as much passion as you could. This took him by surprise as he felt his heart flutter.

You liked him too. 

You slowly began to lean away, needing to breathe as did he. You rested your forehead against his, a blush coating both of your cheeks. 

Happiness. The only thing you could really say was going through you right now. You couldn’t help but to smile at Peter as he smiled back, looking at you with such love you thought didn’t even exist.

’'Scratch that… I think I’m in love with you’' 


A/N: Another random Fluffy Imagine! it’s 1am so I’m sorry if this is kinda fuzzy!!!!


REQUEST: hello! i was wondering if you could do a Richie x reader imagine where Richie and the reader are dating and the reader kinda gets fed up by his cursing, but she kinda likes it? and then they start to like make out and stuff and Eddie walks in on them. thank you!

A/N: kept it PG, ps, just a fluffy richie x reader fic! Also left out the bit where Eds walks in on them because I liked where it ended! Hope that’s okay!


“No, Stanley,” Richie began, rolling his eyes. “That is not what popping your fucking cherry means, you loser!”

Richie. Trashmouth. Tozier.

God, the losers were most certainly tired of hearing his mouth open. One thought that ran through all of their minds was, ‘how can one human be so damn annoying?’

Not in Y/N’s though, even though granted she sometimes did get annoyed, she didn’t feel quite that way. Everyone said this was down to the fact that she was dating the trashmouth himself.

Often, Beverly and Ben watched from a distance, either in confusion or disgust, at how he actually managed to woo Y/N. She rarely swore, was kind and open to everyone, did her homework and didn’t insult people 24/7, so how on earth did she fall for someone who did precisely all of those things, and more? They were all clueless, but what they didn’t know was that deep deep down, Y/N secretly loved when he swore. She thought it was funny and made him look more in charge, which was something she liked. Even though, he constantly said crude things and swore and usually embarrassed Y/N in the process, she thought it was totally cute. He knew that, too, which was why he continued to do it. In fact, it was why he did it more. Richie loved to please and impress Y/N, if he could see her laugh or smile it made his day. It was worth all of the stares from onlooking peers, the detentions from angry teachers, and the eye rolls from the losers themselves. Yes, he would do anything for her.


Richie sat rubbing his sweaty hands over his pants and pushed his glasses back up his nose. He was so nervous. He was finally going to try and kiss Y/N. What if she pushed him away, or didn’t kiss back? Thoughts like this continued running through his mind as he sat trying to calm himself.

Believe it or not, the two had only ever held hands, much to every one else’s surprise. They all believed that Richie would be as suave as he came across, but no, the infamous trashmouth tozier was a panicking mess. He couldn’t even muster a curse word even if he wanted to, which by the way, he most definitely did. If he could will the earth to open up and swallow him whole, he would’ve done that ten minutes ago. Flustered and terrified were two words he would’ve used to describe himself, had he have been asked.

“So, like I was saying, do you still want to go to the arcade later?” Y/N asked while reentering her bedroom after retrieving snacks for the two.

“Oh, yeah, sure.” Richie said, not daring to look at Y/N.

“Richie…” Y/N said tip toeing closer, “Richie, are you alright?” She sat down next to him on her bed.

“Are you alright?”

“Me? Oh yeah, I’m great, I’m fine!” He said looking up, avoiding her eyes while plastering a faux smile across his face.

Y/N tilted her head to the side in disbelief, she knew he wasn’t feeling fine nor was he feeling great.

“What’s wro-”

Richie engulfed her in a sloppy and inexperienced kiss. She kissed back.

“Fuck, yeah.” His inner conscience praised.

So, what if someone goes to a therapist, not because they have abandonment issues or depression or things that people normally go to a therapist for, but because they really like the whole doctor/patient confidentiality thing? Which means they can gossip all they want.

And the therapist is a little lost because this is not their job, but, also, it’s kind of relaxing not to have to help someone solve a serious problem and they’re getting paid so they might as well enjoy it while it lasts?

“You’ll never guess what Maria did yesterday.”

*sigh* “You know this isn’t my job, right?”

“I’m paying you for it.”

“… What did Maria do?”

“She called her ex.”

And the therapist really doesn’t want to admit that they’re invested, so they act aloof, but they really want to know how this turns out because Maria’s ex is awful, and Maria herself obviously has some self-worth issues she needs to work on. So:

“We’re here to talk about you.”

“I spied on them on their brunch date. He took her to McDonald’s. He drives an Aston Martin. And he took her to McDonald’s.”

“Woah, wait a second! He begged her to come back and promised he would treat her better and he pulls that crap?”

And the “patient” just smirks. “I know, right?”

One day, the therapist gets their hopes up.

“I’m an awful person.”

The therapist thinks that the patient had a breakthrough. That, maybe, they were just messing around and stalling and they’re finally ready to admit why they have these sessions.

“What makes you think that?”

“I couldn’t stop staring at this guy’s teeth. They were so crooked! And, you know, you shouldn’t judge people because of how they look, and I wasn’t judging, honest! I just… couldn’t stop looking at them. It’s like my teacher in 2nd grade. He had this mole. I nearly had to stay back a year because it was so distracting. Do you think I made him feel insecure?”

And the therapist just leans back in their chair and gives up.

“Jonathan’s getting married.”

“Not to his girlfriend?”

“Exactly what I said! Everyone knows he’s in love with Peter! He knows he’s in love with Peter! His girlfriend knows he’s in love with Peter! He’s openly bi! Why is he marrying this girl when he sees her maybe twice a month! He spends all of his time with Peter! He slept with Peter! While he was dating his girlfriend! His girlfriend knows!”

“Back up! He slept with Peter!? When?”

*gasp* “I never told you? How could I not tell you? Oh my gosh, it was insane.”

“I don’t think I’m going to make it.”

And the therapist knows better than to think that this is a serious problem. 

“What happened now?”

“I promised to do this 2-week juicing diet challenge with Ollie and Lisa-”

And because the patient isn’t an actual patient, the therapist feels comfortable judging. “Those are so unhealthy. You need actual food.”

“I know! I ate three boxes of Hostess cupcakes yesterday.”

“…I’m not gonna say it.”

“But you’re thinking it.”

“Yeah, I am.”

“I can never tell them.”

And the therapist and the patient are actually really comfortable by now. Sometimes, the patient comes in and the therapist is super tired, so they let the therapist use the session to nap.

Or, the patient brings their laptop and they watch Netflix. They’re watching GLOW together. They just started it, and they won’t watch it by themselves or with anybody else.

Sometimes, the therapist actually talks about their life.

“My mother thinks I should get married. And I keep telling her I’m not ready to settle down, but she wants grandkids out of all of us and both of my brothers and all three of my sisters are already married with kids. I think I’m disappointing her.”

“Well, you can’t live your life for her, you know?”




“You should get a pet.”


“Like a dog or a cat. Or a snake! And then you can introduce it to your mom as your child.”

“Maybe a tarantula?”

And then they break down giggling because they’re dorks.

And, one day, the patient comes in with an actual problem. The patient’s dad just died and his last wish was for the patient to take over the family company and the patient isn’t sure if they can do it. They want to, but they’re worried maybe they’re not good enough.

And when the patient gets to the therapist’s office, the therapist realizes something serious is going on and they say they’re not letting the patient pay for this and then they leave the office and go sit on a park bench and the patient cries and the therapist comforts. Like a friend. Not a therapist.

“I’m just- I’m really going to miss him.”

“I know, sweetheart. I know.”

And they’re just… really close, you know?

And the therapist says that the patient doesn’t have to keep paying to talk to them.

“It’s a waste of money. And you have my personal cell.”

“But how am I going to get you to keep my secrets?”

“I’ll always keep your secrets.”

“…Me too.”

And they pinky promise and live their lives being dorks together.

Castaway {ACOTAR/Chapter 3}

Word Count: 2,223

Summary:  A modern-day University AU, from the A Court of Thorns and Roses universe. All characters belong to Sarah J. Maas. The idea for this fanfic hailed from prompts sent in by Anonymous, and @queen-archeron. You can read previous chapters here.

Author’s Note: If you want to be tagged, you may ask in my ask box! If I’ve missed tagging you, it wasn’t intentional, I just didn’t see it, so feel free to ask again. Also, let me know what you think. :) P.S. Feyre is a big fan of Van Gogh. She loves the classics.

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September 4 – the day I questioned everything

I was pissed, and confused, and worried….but he had a hold on me.

I had never been good at telling people no. I was a people pleaser, I wanted to be able to do it all. Especially when I cared about them.

Like my dad, for example.

My dad hadn’t worked in years. He relied on the rest of us to help make ends meet. For a while, after mom died, it was Nesta. She was the oldest. It was her duty.

But then, Nesta got so pissed off at dad for being a lazy ass (her words – although we all had our own lovely nickname for the bastard), and gave up. The day she turned eighteen, she was out of that little shithole town.

I was only thirteen.

Elain did her best, but she was always caught up in her designs. She worked hard for her money, and saved most of it for herself, to open her own business.

I encouraged her to do so. I could see how much she wanted it. Elain is a small, rare piece of beauty in the world. She deserved better than the shithole, too. The day she turned eighteen, she was headed to Velaris.

I was only fourteen.

It was up to me, after that. I felt it my responsibility, ignoring the fact that I was just a kid. I went to school, I went to work wherever I could find anyone that would pay me.

I couldn’t say no to him.

I hated him, most days, but I couldn’t say no to my father, because I loved him, despite everything.

There were only four people who ever had that hold on me: my dad, Elain, Nesta…..

And Tamlin.



The girl who can’t say no

The moment Feyre’s eyes opened from the early morning sun streaming through the curtains, memories from the night before flooded her mind.

Rhysand, the beautiful male, saving her from those two guys, members of Tamlin’s fraternity, who wanted to use her as a prop in whatever twisted game they had planned.

Tamlin, when he found Feyre and Rhysand alone by the steps of the front porch, utter rage consuming his intoxicated body. His fist hitting Rhysand’s eye – Feyre, trying to pull him back, trying to calm him down, trying not to be afraid.

Rhysand was innocent, though. She tried to tell Tamlin as much, but he wouldn’t listen, he was too far gone – from alcohol or rage, she wasn’t sure.

Rhysand didn’t seem surprised, though, and if he was, he hid it well. He simply rose to his feet, gave Tamlin an extremely vulgar gesture, and walked away.

After the incident, Tamlin had grabbed Feyre by the arm and brought her upstairs, locking them inside of his bedroom.

She watched him pace for a solid twenty minutes before he apologized. I shouldn’t have acted like that. I’m sorry. I thought he was hurting you. I’m sorry, Feyre, I’m so sorry.

I told you that he wasn’t hurting me, Feyre had replied, her voice hard, cold, distant. I told you that we were just talking. He saved me, actually.

Tamlin had halted, at that. Saved you?

Yes, Feyre rose to her feet and crossed her arms. Two of your loyal frat guys attempted to assault me.

Feyre didn’t know what she expected him to do, but laughing wasn’t at the top of her guessing list.

Must be some of the new recruits. Tamlin shook his head. They can get a little handsy.

Infuriated, Feyre began to grab her things.

Feyre. Tamlin spoke her name like a demand, but his hands were soft as they wrapped around her waist. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. The point is, they didn’t touch you, did they?

They grabbed my arm, but that’s it. Feyre shook her head. But that’s because Rhy-

Besides, Tamlin kissed her nose, softly, when you leave your dorm wearing something like this – he ran the tips of his fingers down the low neckline of her dress – you can’t blame a man for being unable to keep his distance.

Feyre wanted to say a thousand things. She wanted to curse, and demand that he hunts them down, and defends her honor. But all those thoughts disappeared the moment his lips pressed into hers, and her dress fell to the ground as she fell into his touch.

The thoughts didn’t resurface until morning came, when she looked at Tamlin lying bare beside her in his bed, the scent of beer still lingering on his breath.

Maybe it was the alcohol, Feyre thought. Maybe if he didn’t drink…..

She didn’t dare continue the thought as she climbed over her boyfriend, and began to redress herself. Once her dress was pulled back on, Tamlin stirred.

So much for trying to leave before he woke.

“Hey,” he smiled, then followed it with a groan.

“Good morning,” Feyre mumbled. “Headache?”

He sat up, slowly, and rubbed his eyes, then took Feyre in. “I’m sorry.”

“Do you even remember what for?”

He hesitated.

Feyre let out a humorless laugh before grabbing her shoes.

“Feyre.” He was out of bed, and standing before her in less than a second. Feyre tried to ignore the sight of him before her, bare and hard, but she couldn’t. “I do remember that I hurt you, that I made you mad, and I’m sorry. And, if the ache in my knuckles is any indication….”

“You punched a guy.”

“I do remember that,” he sighed, running a hand through his eye-length, golden hair. “Forgive me, and give me another chance. Please. I was drunk, and stupid.”

“Yes, you were.”

“Come back after class?”

She didn’t say yes right away, didn’t say anything. But, she couldn’t say no to him, to the man that she cared so deeply for. Especially when he was standing nude in front of her, with those big, pleading eyes.


He smiled, and kissed her, gently. Feyre tried not to gag from the smell of his breath.

“I’ll see you later.” Feyre closed his door behind her before sneaking through the silent fraternity house.

She should have asked him for a ride, because the walk back to her dorm was humiliating.

She knew she looked horrendous, with her wrinkled dress, bare feet, messy hair, and smudged make up. Thank the mother it was only seven in the morning, and all she passed were joggers and professors on their way to work.

Unfortunately, the amount of college students who went for morning jogs was far too many.

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Play pretend - Bucky Barnes

Summary: In order to accomplish your mission Bucky and you have to pretend to be married. 

AN: I have decided to rewrite the old “fake married” and this is what came out of that. I’m thinking there will be more parts, but i’m still not sure how many yet. This took a while to write so keep that in mind. That’s all. Hope you guys like it. x

Originally posted by gliceria

“We have suspicions that a couple in this town,” Steve pointed to the huge screen behind him, “has ties to the crime organisation KIRA. We are worried they might be planning an attack.”

The meeting room was filled with all the Avengers and Steve who was assigning new missions.

Steve grabbed two files, “Here is everything we know about them.”

“Y/N and Bucky,” you straightened up at the sound of your name, “ you will be going on an undercover mission. All further information is also in the files. You leave in 2 days.”

Steve threw the files over the table in your directions before moving on to the next mission.

You quickly flipped through the files to get an idea of what the mission entailed. Essentially what you would have to do was pretend to be married and gain the couple’s trust and figure out what they are planning.

You glanced over at Bucky trying to access how he felt about this but all you got was a brief unknown emotion quickly replaced by a reticent look. You didn’t know what you hoped to see, but not being able to read him threw you off. Hopefully, he wasn’t cursing Steve out in his mind for assigning the two of you on the same mission.

“Dismissed.” Steve ended the meeting and you let the thought slide as you left the room.

The day had passed by in the blink of an eye and the halls were lit up with bright fluorescent lights that made your tired eyes squint in pain. You hurried into your own room, quickly slipping out of your workwear grabbing an oversized shirt laying nearby. You grabbed the file, slid under the duvet covers, and were ready to study it until you knew everything by heart.

You would be going undercover as Lisa Wright, a 24-year-old, known for being charitable and always volunteering at events. Bucky would be going undercover as Jared Wright. The recently married Lisa and Jared were currently trying for a baby and had decided that moving to the suburbs would be the best environment for a family.  

Pretending to love someone would forever be one of the hardest parts of going undercover. People were quick to notice, subconsciously, if something’s off. You had to sell the act or else everything would fail.

You read the next page of the file containing all the information they had gathered on the couple so far. Amy and Daniel Williams had moved to the town two years earlier from an unknown location. Further information about their lives could not be found suspiciously. They were involved in all of the town’s events and had quickly snaked their way into the town community. It was now up to Bucky and you to gather more information that could possibly incriminate them.

The next day was spent preparing to leave. Furniture and other knick-knacks were taken care of for you and would arrive with you to the house. All you had to do was to fill some suitcases with enough clothes that would look realistic. You packed the usual housewife clothes like summer dresses, knowing you would have to blend in. Sifting through the clothes you had been sent took longer than expected and by the time you were done it was already evening.

“Who’s ready to eat some pizza?” Wanda and Nat didn’t wait for you to open the door but let themselves right in. Wanda carried two large boxes of pizza and threw them down in front you before gracefully sitting down on the armchair. Natasha came in seconds later carrying a bottle of wine and three glasses.

“I guess I am.” you laughed helping Natasha put down the glasses on the small table before sitting down on the couch. You reached out to open the bottle pouring the liquid into the glasses.

Working top secret missions and risking your lives on a daily basis took a toll on you. Friends weren’t something you got easily, the worry that they would be targeted stopped most of you from forming any. The girls had been a pleasant surprise and nights like these could almost make you feel like a normal woman.

“So what does your mission entail?” Wanda asked curiously.

You took a sip of your glass before answering, “I have to pretend to be married to Bucky so we can gather information.”

Natasha raised her eyebrow smirking over the rim of her glass. “Bucky, huh?”

“Stop, don’t make it something it isn’t.”

“The two of you do look awfully close…” Wanda added remembering all the times she walked in on the two of you sitting close laughing together.

“We’re just friends. Good friends.”

“Very good friends, indeed.” Nat didn’t miss the flush that crept over your neck as you grabbed a piece of pizza trying to change the subject.

“What about you guys?” The girls let the topic lie, letting you off the hook for now.

You spent a few hours just catching up with the girls and relaxing before it was time for bed. Tomorrow you would be in a completely different town pretending to be someone else possibly endangering your life. When you would be back was unknown but hopefully, it would be soon.

The house looked like it came directly out of a movie with its white picket fence and gorgeous garden. The surrounding houses looked exactly the same and fit the picturesque town. 

“Where do you want this?” One of the men helping you move pointed to the couch.

“Oh, just in here.” You lead the way showing him to the living room. You were almost finished getting the larger furniture into the house so you started unboxing the boxes to the kitchen.

Bucky was currently upstairs assembling your new bed. The bed the two of you would be sharing. Sleeping in together. Oh boy. The girls might have been correct about the two of you being close. But this would bring you into entirely new territory. 

The house started to look put together after a few intense hours of unboxing. There was still some boxes left but those would have to wait till tomorrow. The downstairs was almost done and just needed a few personal touches. 

“Doll, are you ready to eat? I made us dinner,” Bucky asked sticking his head around the corner so he could look at you. 

You followed him through the kitchen to the small dining room. “You made lasagna?” you exclaimed delightfully.

“You told me once it was your favourite,” He shrugged casually.

“I can’t believe you remembered” You gave him a soft smile, “Shall we?” 

You both sat down and Bucky began cutting into the lasagna. You gave him your plate silently and soon the two of you were eating peacefully. 

“I saw a few curious neighbours looking through their windows when I was outside,” Bucky said. 

“Well, they probably haven’t seen new faces in a while,” you wiped your mouth carefully with a napkin. 

“It is a small town, “ Bucky agreed, “I’m sure tomorrow someone will come knocking.”

You hummed, “This is probably the last night we can be ourselves without having to worry about being bugged.”

“Well, let’s enjoy it then.” He raised his glass in cheers. 

“To a night with no worries.” You repeated clinking your glasses together. 

The rest of the night was uneventful. Bucky somehow got the TV to work so you spent a few hours watching a movie before you decided it was time for bed. 

“I’m gonna go to bed,” you told Bucky getting up from the couch. 

“I’ll be up soon,” he responded.

You changed into some of the nightwear you brought with you and after finishing your nightly routine you slid into the newly made bed. By the time Bucky joined you were already half asleep.

“Goodnight, doll,” he whispered putting the duvet that had slid off over you again. He paused for a moment before you felt his hand brush some hair back. He laid back down with a sigh. Tomorrow all your troubles would begin and hopefully, you would both come out of it unscathed.

Hey There, Delilah | 10


a/n: lmao okay so like i have no idea if i’ve used this pic before as a header, so if i have then like…..ignore it and move on it’s hard finding applicable photos for these things asjgnlaskdjgnadkg. 

i really need to wrap up this series because i’m on part 10 and like….nothing has happened so like lmao rip maybe they’ll get together by part 20 lololololol. okay happy reading!!!!!! this chapter is very boring!!!!!!! but delilah is cute!!!!!!


You wake up the next morning around 9am in Shawn’s bed again. You groggily open your eyes and look around the room, and once again, Shawn isn’t anywhere to be found. You quietly stand up from the bed and walk over to Delilah’s crib, but she’s not in it.

You leave the master bedroom and check the rest of the apartment, finding Shawn and Delilah in the living room. He’s sitting on the floor, slouched with his back resting on the couch, and Delilah resting back against his pulled up thighs. She’s bouncing around and giggling while Shawn is making silly faces at her, saying little things like “You’re totally a Daddy’s girl” and “You’re gonna be a rockstar one day with those moves!”.

Shawn hears you walk up and he turns to look at you, a broad smile on his face.

“Look who’s up!” He says as a greeting and you make your way through the living room to the kitchen to pour some coffee.

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Becoming a Father Overnight Part Twenty

Series Summary- Jared x Daughter!Reader. Jared Padalecki’s life is flipped upside down when he gets a call from a teenage girl saying she’s his daughter.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

Warnings- Few curse words, but nothing major.

Becoming a Father Overnight Masterlist


“Oh no,” Danneel sighed, dropping the magazine in her lap. This was not going go over well with Y/n, who undoubtedly saw it. Poor girl!

“Have you seen this?” She asked Jensen as he entered the room. His eyebrows furrowed together.

“What is it?”

“The Padalecki’s People article.”

“Not really, Jared showed me the pictures on his phone, but I haven’t read it yet. Why?”

“See for yourself,” Danneel extended the magazine towards her husband, waiting while his eyes quickly zoomed over the article.

“Okay…” his texas accent drawled. “You seem annoyed, what’s wrong? It’s a nice little piece.”

“Seriously?” Danneel raised an eyebrow, then rolled her eyes when Jensen just shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe read it again, more carefully. And say, I don’t know, from the perspective of his seventeen year old daughter.”

“Crap,” Jensen muttered, reading the article again. “Man, this is going to be a mess.”

“That is probably an understatement. Jensen, this is going to crush her.”

Jensen flopped down on the couch next to her, “What are the chances you think she doesn’t see it?” Jensen nodded at the look his wife gave him, she would definitely see it. “He didn’t mean for it to come out that way. The public doesn’t know about her, he was probably just trying to protect that.”

“That probably isn’t going to help. Why is that even a thing? It’s been months, this could have been the perfect opportunity to revel her to the public and the fans. There really isn’t a need to keep her a secret anymore.”

“I don’t know babe.”

“Well, it’s a good thing we’re going over for dinner. I’m sure Gen doesn’t know yet, or I would have gotten a phone call. And it’s probably a good idea to give Jared a heads up before he talks to Y/n next.”

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“Don’t Go” (Trust Issues part 2)

A/N: it’s here! hope you guys enjoy it and i’m sorry for keeping you waiting!
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word count: 2,908
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Part 1

“H”, she started, carefully nudging his feet, making him look up at her and reply with a low “hmm?”

“You don’t seem oka-“

“For God’s sake, Y/N!”, he spat at her, immediately getting up from his lying position. “I told you I’m fine! Didn’t I?!”

“Yes, bu-“, she didn’t know what to do. The change of the mood around the room and his now loud voice were way too sudden for her liking.

“But what?! Huh?!”, Harry was fuming.

“I just want to help! And you know it! Just let me in! Please! Will you ever do that?” She was desperate by now and if she weren’t as invested on Harry’s every movement, she would’ve noticed the tears pricking at her eyes.

“Just get off my case, would you?! God, you’re so annoying…”, he finished, and even though he murmured the last part more to himself than to her, Y/N still heard it.

“No! Harry!”, she was exasperated, standing up from the couch as well and trying to ignore his last few words. “You’re not fine! You’re not okay either! Just cut the crap, already, yeah? I just want you to talk to me, is that too much to ask for?!”

Harry could literally hear the despair in her voice but he couldn’t stop now.

She was hurt. Hell, she was breaking. The one person she looks out for the most is shutting her out in a much harsher way than usual. He had never yelled at her. Never said those rude things to her either. She felt so small in front of him that she didn’t know what to do. She felt as though all of her effort and attempts were going down the drain, as if they meant nothing.

“Yes, it is! Just leave me the fuck alone for once, yeah?! Isn’t it clear yet that I don’t want you here?!”, Harry said and before she could say or do anything else, he walked out the door with a loud slam of the door, leaving her alone on the couch, crying her eyes out.

Deep down she knew he didn’t mean the words he said — God, she prayed he didn’t— but boy, did they sting in her heart. Y/N’s mind was divided. Did he mean all of that? Does he really want her out of his life and gone? She really didn’t know but she wasn’t ready to give up on him just yet. She could tell that behind all of that strong facade he had built up in front of him, he was asking for help. Hell, he needed help.

On the other hand, she loves Harry so dearly. Y/N often finds herself thinking and considering his feelings more than her own. She wanted to see him happy and if she needed to walk away from his life in order for that to be happen, that’s what she was going to do.

She was torn between the two options she had. Did he really mean all of it and does he really want Y/N out of the picture? Or did he say all of it simply because he couldn’t handle the pressure and didn’t know how to react?

Y/N didn’t want to make any mistakes either. She didn’t want to leave if he really didn’t want her gone and she didn’t want to stay if he did not cherish her company anymore. So she decided to wait—wait until he got back from whatever place he went to. They were going to talk.


After what felt like days since he was gone, although it was merely 2 hours, Harry was back home — his house, though.

Y/N had gone to his apartment to gather some of her belonging scattered around his place. She never moved in with him — he never asked her to and neither did she — but she still had some stuff left at his house — some t-shirts and sweatpants, for when she’d spend the night, as well as a toothbrush and other belongings like that.

All in the while he was gone, he never gave her a call nor sent her any texts. Harry didn’t answer her calls either and that was all the confirmation she needed. At this point, Y/N was just plain insecure. The heat of the fight they just had, the harsh words thrown at her and the fact he only ignored her attempts of reaching out to him only added up to that pile. She figured he really wanted her gone, so she decided to drop by his flat to get some of her things and wait until he got home — that is, if he got home; she really didn’t know.

Her heart jumped as she heard the door close softly behind his heavy footsteps. Her heart was racing so fast and her head was on the brink of spinning like crazy. Y/N’s heart shrunk with the anticipation of the moment yet to come. She was certain this would be one of her last minutes spent with him and although she didn’t want to be thinking about it now, she couldn’t help it. Her happiest memories were made with him by her side. She wouldn’t bare the pain to see him go.

Had he acknowledged her presence yet? Would Harry even want to talk to her at all?

Her trace of thoughts was interrupted as soon as Harry entered his kitchen. His face held a very stern expression and she knew what was to come. At the sight of him, Y/N’s heart felt even heavier than before and, in attempts to ease up the situation, even if just slightly, she pulled a chair out and motioned for him to sit.

At that, he indifferently glanced at the chair and turned his gaze back to her, pretty much ignoring her invitation for him to sit down with her.

“We need to talk.”

Y/N took the deepest, yet shakiest breath she could as to prepare herself for the moment that was to come — although no deep breath would ever manage to make her feel ready for this. In response, she only gave him a shy nod — she couldn’t find the strength in her to actually speak.

Harry lead them out the kitchen and headed to the living room, where both of them sat on different couches, opposite to each other so they could still look at the other.


“I was thinki-“

They immediately shut their voices when they heard the other speak and, Harry sensing Y/N was slightly embarrassed, let her go first.

“Um… Well, I was-… How can I say it..?”, she was lost in her own words. How was she supposed to tell him that she’d leave if that’s what he wanted even though that was the last thing she ever wanted to do? How was she supposed to just walk out the door and never turn back? “I thought about um, what you said and I- well, I figured that I’ll leave if that’s what you want. I also wanted to apologize for making you feel pressured. It’s obvious that you don’t want to-… be open with me and I have to respect that.”

She gulped hard when she finished, surprised with the fact she hasn’t cried yet. However, it was still noticeable — at least to Harry — that she was way more than just nervous. She kept her gaze down to her fidgeting hands most of the time she spoke and he could also hear her voice shake. She also stammered as she spoke — something he noticed she did when she was anxious and scared. Y/N, though, thought she was doing a great job at hiding how affected she had been with this whole situation.

Feeling the silence around them eat up at her, she immediately looked up to Harry, who was silently starring at her. Y/N felt so small in front of him, specially when his gaze was starring right through her and with that frown upon his forehead. If she had the strength to run away right here and right now, she’s sure she would have run off already.

Once again, the silence — the lack of response, to be exact — was all she needed to confirm her thoughts. She had to leave. Harry wanted her to leave.

But how? No- I mean, how? Should she give him a hug? Thank him for her best and favorite memories and 9 months she’s ever lived? Or straight up just walk out? How does one even say goodbye to a loved one like that? She didn’t know what he wanted. There was no way she could — she wasn’t exactly a mindreader.

“Um… I should probably go then…”, as soon as she got nothing but silence in return, she stood up and reached for her bag. Y/N was on full silent-sobbing right now and she didn’t even try to cover it up. She didn’t find the strength in her to do so.

Truth be told, she’s never felt weaker than she does now. Y/N feels as though her heart is being stomped on repeatedly, over and over again. She feels her brain begging, screaming at her for her to stop crying, for the pain is too much. She feels her eyes sting with all of the tears she’s let out and her stomach twisting. She can’t stop though, and she knows she won’t any time soon. So she just lets it go — all of it.

What she doesn’t know, however, is that Harry was silent not because he wanted her gone. Harry was silent because he didn’t find the words in him. His brain was at a thousand miles per second, where every possibility and outcome ran through his mind — including every worst case scenario. What was he supposed to do?

He wanted to apologize. For everything. Looking back now, bow did he even find in himself to call her annoying? Or ask her to leave him alone? Y/N had mentioned to Harry once or twice that being called annoying is probably one of the worst things someone could call another. Perhaps it is because of the fact that ‘annoying’ can cover a lot of things — from the way one speaks to the way they act and their personality or character. Y/N had never liked the term itself either. It just sounds aggressive to her.

He knew all of it, then why did he do it? Harry admits he didn’t think through his words, or else, they wouldn’t be on the spot they are now. But still, why did he say such harsh things to his Y/N? Nothing would ever justify those words.

When he told her he wanted to talk, he meant that he wanted to apologize, to try and make her understand why he has real bad trust issues. He wanted her to know that it was nothing personal and that he wanted to try talking about his feelings and emotions — his pain, specially — with her — that is, if she still wanted him around, of course. But now, he sees that all she has in her mind right now is how personal it is that he doesn’t want to talk to her and how much he doesn’t want her presence. Hell, if it were him on her spot he’d think the same too. He’s literally been silent since she began speaking.

However, as soon as he heard the front door click open, he immediately shot up from his sitting position on the couch. He absolutely hated how his perception of time was much slower than reality sometimes. Who knows? He could’ve been too late and lost her for good.

He got to the front door just seconds before she stepped out. Fearing she’d magically disappear, he stuck his hands out and held her upper arm tightly — not enough to hurt her —, stopping her from leaving his house — from leaving him. As soon as she turned back around, behind the puffy eyes and red spots on her beautiful face, he still saw how surprised she was at his actions. Hadn’t he just indirectly said he didn’t want her anymore?

“Wait! Don’t go…”, Harry said.

But what got to her was that he didn’t just say it. He meant it. Y/N swore on her life her knees almost collapsed at the tone of his voice and the expression on his face. Could she be wrong, after all?

“What? Why not?”, she blurted out.

Harry’s heart broke at how she sounded: so hopeless and broken. And unfortunately, he was the one who did that. He was so caught up onto his own pain that he ended up causing it to someone else; not just someone else, but his Y/N. He was so focused on shielding himself from any harm that he ended up harming her delicate, loving heart instead. And that’s why he promised himself and to everything that’s most precious in this world that he wouldn’t do it again. Only he knows how much it hurts to see her like that.

And to make matters even worse for him? Y/N wasn’t even mad. There was no hint of anger or irritation upon her delicate features. She was just… sad. And heartbroken.

Harry realized that she must’ve had so much respect for him that she took him into consideration way more than she took herself. Not only that, but she was also willing to prioritize his happiness over hers. After all, she was leaving because she thought that was what would make him happy and whole again; even if that wasn’t what was right for her.

“I’m sorry. God, I’m such an idiot, I’m so sorry, Y/N”, he let go of her arm and took her hands into his, instead. “I never meant any of those words. Never did and never will. And specially, I don’t want you to leave. Please, don’t leave me. Stay, please, love. Stay…”. At this exact moment, all he could think about was trying to make her stay. He wanted her to see his part of the story too.

With a silent nod, she re-entered the house. As soon as the door was locked, Harry immediately wrapped his arms around her frame and hugged her as tightly as ever.

“I love you. I love you. So much, love. Please, let me explain. Hear me out.”

She teared up at his words even harder. They had never exchanged those words before and now that he said them, she didn’t know what to do. What if he brought her back inside so they could talk like proper adults and later he actually asks her to leave? Her mind was racing and she couldn’t stop herself from thinking all of this was over — that they were over. Also, should she repeat those words at this moment? She knows she loves him too. A lot. But is this the right time? Tired of debating with and against herself, she decides to save them for another hour. They needed to talk.

Leading both of them to the couch—the same one, now—, he sat as closely to her as he could. He wanted her to know how serious he was about those three little words and how much he meant every single word he was about to speak.

So he began. And he told her everything. From what made him so closed off to people, to what had recently made him upset and act the way he did. He had shared with her every piece of his that he hadn’t shared with anyone else in a very long time. And Y/N had been even more understanding and loving in response than he thought she would. Not that Harry thought she wouldn’t give it importance or would just brush it off, no. But she never ceased to surprise and amaze him.

She is too kind for this world he often finds it hard to understand. But that is just the way she is. And he loves every bit of her.

Their talk was rather emotional and she still managed to make him cry even a bit harder. With words of assurance, she told him she’d be there for him through everything and all, through the bad and the worst and through the good and the best. Harry also made a promise to himself and to her to never let it get that bad again. He was going to try to open up more to her.

And just from what he had shared with her tonight was enough to make him feel as though a whole building was lifted off from his shoulders. He felt as light as a feather and relief wouldn’t even begin to describe the feeling in his heart. Harry was forever thankful for Y/N and he was going to make sure she feels as appreciated and loved as she deserves on every day ahead of them.


Their talk had ended just a couple minutes ago and they were now just intently looking at each other with a small smile tugging at each of their lips. Pulling her closer to him, the both of them closed their eyes and breathed each other in, mostly enjoying their presence and company.

“Harry?”, she lowly said, interrupting the silence.

“Yeah, love?”

“I love you too.”

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Blurb night concept: Harry falling in love with his best friend. Goals.


Maybe Y/N is not necessarily his childhood best friend but she’s one of those people that he just clicks with and it’s comfortable, safe and feels right, you know? 

He’s always loved her, admired her determination for things she loves, her passion for causes she believes in and her love for people she cares about. So when he starts thinking about her all the time, he thinks nothing of it just brushing it off as a burst of affection for his best friend. But when he realizes that she’s his first thought when he wakes up and his last thought before he goes to sleep, it dawns on him that he’s literally fucked.

What he prayed wouldn’t happen, did happen. It’s necessarily his worst nightmare, it would be the best thing in the world if she felt the same but the thought of rejection that he’s sure he’ll be faced with once he confesses makes his feelings seem like his worst nightmare. So every time they hang out after his revelation, he tries to look for signs that she doesn’t or maybe does feel the same way about him. He’s unsuccessful the first couple times as they were hanging out in a group and Y/N was as sloshed as she could get and he knows  that when she’s drunk all she needs is a cuddle buddy, it doesn’t necessarily have to be her best friend.

It’s when they have a movie night over at his place, just the two of them that he feels like she might just reciprocate his feelings. It starts with her resting against his tense form but not wanting to draw suspicion to himself, he relaxes a little resting his back against the arm of the couch with his hand on the small of her back. She starts dozing off halfway through, never being one who is patient enough to wait for the film to end. It didn’t surprise him really, she always did this and asked him the synopsis the next morning with the best puppy dog eyes she could master which melted him in all the right places. No, what surprised him was the little mutter that escaped her lips before sleep overtook her frame. 

“I really love you Harry.”

Yeah he was definitely fucked and utterly in love with his best friend.

Farmer’s Market Hot

It’s been a few months, so forgive me if this is rusty. Here’s 3000 words of Farmer’s Market flirty fun and farmhouse sexy times. Modern AU, rated M - AO3.

To her left, her neighbor is providing a constant and delicious kettle corn flavored breeze, a welcome fragrant addition to her favorite day of the week. Saturday, Farmer’s Market day, a day filled with flannel shirts, leaves crunching beneath her boots and a good chunk of money in her pocket. The bushels of apples on her table are filled to the brim, collected from David’s orchard, a small pocket of trees she’s sure he only keeps tended because he knows how much she loves them. She sells the apples and gets to pocket half the proceeds, which she’s been squirreling away so she can eventually buy a place of her own. David and Mary Margaret’s guest house on the farm is nice and all, but she could really use some privacy. 

It’s an unconscious thing, she tells herself, as her eyes drift across the walkway to Killian and those stupid blue eyes and friendly smile she just knows will be directed at her. This happens entirely too often, the two of them catching each other looking, his obvious interest raising goosebumps along her skin. He’s entirely too attractive, with that carelessly tousled dark hair, ginger-tinged scruff and wiry frame. The fact that he bakes the best damn pies she’s ever tasted doesn’t help, either. He’s like her own personal dessert on display if she’d only just forget her diet and allow herself to indulge.

It’s been a long time, too long if you ask her body, since she’s let a man get close enough to touch her (both physically and emotionally). And she’s hungry…for both. So, Killian is scary, because despite her feigned protests, she’s past the point of curious and veering straight into potentially Bad Decision Central.

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Him X

Originally posted by kdrauhl

Pairing: Shawn x Y/N

Request: It was requested a long time ago lol

Warnings: Angst? Shitty ass writing

A/N: So here it is!! This’ll probably be the last part?? Idk we’ll see

Shawn’s P.O.V

A week has passed since I put Derek up for adoption. I thought if I did I’d forget Y/N completely, but boy was I wrong.

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Hot Docent

Summary: Stiles usually doesn’t have any trouble concentrating on drawing when he’s at the museum, but lately he’s been very distracted by someone with a wonderful voice and a perfect jawline.

Notes: Written for the museum AU on this post. (On AO3)

The Beacon Hills Art Museum isn’t the greatest, no. But it’s free for college students and always peaceful and quiet, so Stiles shows up pretty often anyway.

The museum has recently put several new pieces on display, which is great for Stiles because it gives him new things to sketch, but it also sucks, because now there’s a bunch of other people showing up to look at them. Noisy, distracting people.

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