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is ymir dead? i mean really????

Yes, as in dead dead. Eaten by Galliard. Dead without many regrets aside from being unable to marry Historia, got her last wishes done and we were even censored from the chewing.

Not that it was particularly surprising for me since chapter 89 practically sealed her fate.

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voltron characters + chess pieces


Higher quality calendar scans from


on twitter! The event featured in the calendar image is actually listed.  I’ve also listed the illustrator of each image. 

  • Cover: Barcelona Gala (Itou Noriko) 
  • Image #1- World Team Trophy (Itou Noriko) 
  • Image #2- Onsen on Ice Hasetsu Exhibition (Tadashi Hiramatsu) 
  • Image #4- Training Camp (Itou Noriko) 
  • Image #3- Start of the Grand Prix Series  (Tadashi Hiramatsu)
  • Image #5- Yuuri & Victor at the GPF in Nagoya  (Itou Noriko)
  • Image #6-  Worlds Gala Finale (Kubo Mitsurou)