and she loves them with all her heart

i’m sorry but that is NOT what clarke would’ve done. she literally just told lexa that she made her think differently of the grounders and then this??? she would nEVER have done this. clarke formed and alliance and made a plan with lexa and they were in it together to get their people out. she would never have left the grounders. heart, head whatthefuckever, bro. clarke griffin is a better leader than lexa ever could be because she wouldn’t have taken that deal. she would’ve fought ten times harder to save everyone and would never have taken the easy route to save the few.

What this episode of the 100 made me realise is that I had mistaken Lexa for something she was not.

Being a huge Creampuff at heart and having fangirled over all those moments of Carmilla sacrificing everything for Laura and telling her “of course i’m doing it for you”, I went straight into the 100 thinking that Lexa would be similarly smitten and ready to do anything for the one she loved. What a mistake that was!

Carmilla and Lexa I feel are very similar - both are weary of love and affection, both lost someone because of their feelings for them, both have had hard decisions to make, both are guarded, both are dark, mysterious etc this list could go on. 

But what I failed to realise was that the situation in which they find themselves are very different. Carmilla only ever has to care about herself. She can afford to give everything to, and sacrifice herself for Laura because no one but herself would be hurt or would die. Lexa can’t do that. Lexa is a commander. Lexa’s priority is her people. Lexa’s duty is to protect her people. And we forgot that in the aftermath of that sweet sweet episode of the Clexa kiss. 

Lexa cares for Clarke. Immensely so. No denying that. And she also knows that what she did obliterated her chances with Clarke, possibly forever.

Where Carmilla sacrificed her body and soul to save Laura, Lexa sacrificed her love and happiness for her people. Where Carmilla was willing to hurt herself for Laura, Lexa was ready to hurt herself and Clarke to fulfil her role as Commander. That must have taken a whole lot of courage and level headedness - hurting yourself is easier than hurting the one you love. She pushed all her feelings aside and, in her words, made the decision with her head, not her heart.

My hats off to you writers. This is an incredibly well written and complex character. I love this show.

Nightmare - Ashton Irwin

jesi-irwin17 said: Hey! Can I have a 5sos imagine like you write one for each where the reader Jesi if you can use my name has a really bad nightmare and she wakes up crying and they comfort her? But if you don’t do all do a luke or ashton one? Thanks xxx

Hey love, I don’t do personals, I’m sorry. But I came up with this, and this one is just Ashton, and I can do the other three later on if you want but I separated them because it feels better in my heart. I hope you like it! Xx

link to my [new] masterlist - x

He was warm, and soft, and the fabric of his short-sleeved shirt felt nice against your head, where you were resting it as you watched a film together. He had a protective arm around you, and he smelled so utterly like boy - like musk, and a fresh shower, that you couldn’t help but smile as you inhaled. You were so happy with him. He was comforting, and nice, and he’d bought you flowers on the first date. Who does that anymore? He showed up at your flat carrying a dozen red roses, and he blushed when he offered them to you.

I know it’s cliche, but I didn’t know what you liked, so I went with red roses.”

You were so surprised; you couldn’t even find a vase at first. The both of you were so flustered and shy on that first date that you wondered if it’d work out at all. But as you spent more time together, the walls went down and everything else fell through.

His hand was in your hair, caressing it as it rested on his stomach. Any other time you would be worried that you were crushing him, but you figured if you were, he’d tell you. And you would move, happily.

Ashton had picked out a film that night and truthfully you weren’t really watching it too closely, you were paying attention to other things. The pattern of his breathing, the pattering rain that was falling outside, the hum of the heater. So many other sounds.

You were pulled so close to him that you wondered how he could possibly breathe, however you would admit that you liked it. He pulled a blanket over the two of you, and kept you close, and asked you if you were still cold.

You wiggled up his body to rest your head in the crook of his neck. He giggled as you did, pushing you away playfully as he whispered, “Stop. That tickles.” You always loved it how he could giggle, like a child, like an eight-year-old who had gotten toy that their mum had said no to at first, but caved after a few days.

"You’re adorable," You whispered in his ear, kissing it before snuggling back into his neck.

"I’m also manly, though, right?" He asked, teasing, as he repositioned his arms to rest snugly against the small of your back.

You didn’t really even notice when the film ended, and you were glad that Ashton didn’t ask your favourite part, because you would’ve had to say that you hadn’t even been paying a little attention. He was too cute, too captivating, for his own good. With his eyes and his curly hair, and his smiles that caused you to smile.

"You didn’t even hear me, did you?" He asked, shaking his head with laughter.


"I asked if you wanted to spend the night." He looked at you and licked his lips, not really meant sexually but the thought might have crossed his mind.

You, however, found a twinge of discomfort rising in your stomach at the idea. For as long as you and Ashton had been together, you’d found an excuse every night to stay away from spending it with him. He did’ seem to have caught on, which you were thankful for, but you knew it was only a matter time before he asked, “Why won’t you spend the night with me?”

It wasn’t anything he’d done, or anything he could stop. It was purely you; something you had been dealing with since you were young.

"I can’t." You whispered. "I have class in the morning."

"You could skip," His eyebrows rose as he smiled mischievously. This boy would be the death of you, and possibly the reason why you wouldn’t graduate from uni. "Besides, the roads are shit right now anyways." He blinked slowly and smiled as he pulled you close to set a kiss on the corner of your mouth. "Stay the night."

"I have to go." You shook your head, although the feeling of his warm sweatpants against your legs and his warm arms wrapped around you was too inviting to move straight away, so you stayed a second longer.

"I can see you’re in a real rush." He laughed, as he scooted up to sit against the arm of the sofa.

"You’re warm." You noted, as you snuggled up to his chest.

"You could be even warmer," He paused, smirking slightly. "In bed with me." You shook your head and slapped his shoulder at the innuendo, but you rested your head against his heart to hear it beating.

"I need to go." You sighed. You looked up at him, and watched him pull his bottom lip between his teeth.

"Why? It’s pouring outside. You’re safer here with me, and then I won’t have to worry about you getting back home."

“I’ll be fine,” You laughed. “It’s not like this is the first time I’ve walked home in the rain.” You finally moved to get off of him, but his arm grabbed your wrist as you stood.

"It’s late," He whispered. "Come on, just stay."

You shook your head, wordless this time as you headed toward his kitchen for your coat. Your umbrella rested against the wall but before you could pick it up two arms had pulled you back toward his chest, still radiating that same heat that told you it might be okay, just this once, for you to stay the night.

"Why won’t you spend the night with me?" He pleaded, sounding like a child begging to stay at the park for a few more hours.

"I can’t, Ash." You whispered, relaxing into his touch as his arms caressed yours and he kissed your neck.

"Why not?" He pouted. "I want to wake up and see your face. And we can go and get breakfast from that place you like." You were silent for a second. It sounded nice, truthfully, to go to sleep with his arms around you, and to wake up and for the first thing you see to be him, with sunlight radiating in from the curtains reflecting on his face, but, it couldn’t happen. It wouldn’t be like it was in all the films; you knew that. It was too risky.

"I-I’m sorry, Ash." You said, but he just held you tighter as you tried to break out of his hold.

"Why won’t you stay, really?" He asked. "What’s going on?"

You turned around to see him, his eyebrows furrowed in concern and his bottom lip sticking out over his top.

The silence between you was deafening. The ending credits were still rolling on the film on the TV, playing the dramatic ending music which didn’t really help to ease the situation.

You stuttered a bit, as you tried to form the words however your mouth had suddenly gotten very dry.

"You can tell me, love," He whispered. "You can tell me anything, you know that." His arms were mindlessly rubbing across yours. His touch was soothing, but your throat constricted and you tried to gulp down your nerves.

"I, I’m just scared, I guess." It wasn’t a complete lie, and Ashton seemed to believe it.

"You don’t have to be, love. I’ll be there when you fall asleep and I’ll be there when you wake up, I promise. It’s late now, and I know you’re tired, so will you do me the favour of spending the night with me?" He asked.

"Just sleep?" You asked.

"Just sleep," He assured you. "Nothing else. Promise." You blushed and finally agreed, although your mind was telling you to walk straight out the door. For some reason, you wanted to stay.

He gave you a shirt and joggers to sleep in, which you changed in the bathroom in, to his dismay. His sheets were warm, and soft, and they smelled like him. You snuggled close to him as his arms wrapped around you, and you placed a leg over his.

"If I kick you in my sleep, it’s your own fault." You whispered as you tried to scoot closer to him, although it was nearly impossible at that point. Ashton scoffed and laughed, kissing your head.

"Goodnight." He whispered. "Sweet dreams."

At first, you tried your hardest to stay awake, it would be more detrimental than good but you just wanted to be sure nothing happened. When Ashton started to lightly snore (it was really quite cute), the idea crossed your mind to just slip from his arms and leave, although you knew he would be really upset when we woke up, and you would have to explain why you left him in the middle of the night while he was asleep.

You were exhausted, and every minute that you spent fighting falling asleep just made it worse. You were drifting, slowly, falling into the embrace of Ashton and the comfort of his bed, and letting sleep consume you…

Running. You were running. Trees and bushes and vines scraped your skin as you manoeuvred through them; you didn’t dare look behind you. Your clothes were stained with blood, holes ripping through them that only worsened as the vines caught on them. Your leg hurt. It was a sharp pain, a twisting, agonising, horrible pain. It was probably broken, but you still ran on it.

Deep breathing exhaled behind you, and you knew that they were catching up, whoever they were. You weren’t sure what you were running from, but you knew that if you stopped…

They would be catching up with you soon, that was for sure. With a wounded leg you were an awful runner, who’d have guessed. You climbed up a tree for leverage. The bark was hard and sappy, and your hands had gotten sticky. You caught your breath as you rested against the branch.

Birds were flying all around you, like they were trying to escape but they didn’t know which direction to go in. They were just as confused as you.

"Where’d they go?" You heard a deep voice from the forest floor, and you didn’t dare move, or make a single sound. You stopped breathing, even when your lungs demanded air.

"That way."

Just when you thought you’d gotten away this time, the branch started to heave and shake under the weight of you; it wasn’t going to hold any longer. You dropped to the ground with a thud and your two captors turned around and smiled wickedly.

"You thought you could hide." They said. "That’s cute."

"Wake up! God, wake up, wake up!" Someone was shaking you, and you opened your eyes to see that you’d been crying, and your body felt hot and sweaty. Ashton looked at you, sighing. "You had a bad dream, you were screaming. Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I’m, I’m fine." You shook your head.

"Hey, it was just a dream, okay?" He pulled you close to him. "Just a dream." You nodded, and he let you catch your breath as you took in your surroundings, letting your mind adjust back to reality. "Is this why you didn’t want to spend the night with me?" Ashton asked. You nodded, not responding verbally. "You could’ve told me. I would’ve understood. Everyone gets a bad dream now and again."

"I get them more often than ‘now and again’," You responded. "I hate it."

"I’m right here, okay? You don’t have to worry about it." He whispered, kissing your cheek. "Whatever it was, it’s not real. What is real is me, and I’m right here, and it’s all going to be okay. I promise."

"It felt so real…"

"I know, baby. I know." He held you close to him, and cooed sweet nothings into your ear as you retained your presence and shook off the nightmare.

"What time is it?" You asked, leaning to look at the clock on the nightstand. 2.04. "I’m so sorry, Ash, I didn’t mean to wake you up." You sighed.

"Hey, don’t apologise, alright? It’s fine, I don’t mind being woken up if you need me." He whispered. He was clearly still tired, sleep evident in his eyes and lethargy throughout his voice.

"Go back to sleep, Ash. I’ll be fine."

"I’m not going to sleep until I know you’re okay." He sounded completely sure, but you could tell that he was really fighting it.

"I am okay, Ash. Go to sleep. I’m sure I’ll wake you up if I need you again," You laughed.

"Okay." He smiled peacefully and rested his head back onto the pillow, holding you close to him as he drifted off. "Sweet dreams, love." He whispered.

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I hope you liked this, love!

geraltzrivia asked:

I just have to ask you, Yennefer or Triss?

Yen all the way!

She’s the one Geralt loves and is in the relationship with. And she loves him too. They had some ups and downs, and Yennefer is a specific kind of person, but so is Geralt and even despite of conflicts they had, they still want and deeply care for each other, which is rare for both of them, because witchers aren’t supposed to be able to feel like that, and Yen is the person who isn’t known for the warm heart.

Also, they both together have something, that they thought would never happen to them - a daughter, Ciri. The three of them are family, no matter if physically apart from each other or not. They love her, and they love one another even more because of her. All three are my faves.

And Triss? Who is Triss? Yen’s friend but she fucks with her boyfriend behind her back? She’s a good character, and I think she loves both Geralt and Yen in a way, also she’s like a sister for Ciri. She’s a positive haracter, and most of the time I don’t hate her, but I do hate that she’s messing with Geralt’s and Yen’s relationship. Both in the books, and then later in game, even if Yen specificlly told her not to do that again, and Geralt has an amnesia, so what the hell, let’s take the oportunity and fuck. That just got on my nerves. So sorry, Triss, but for me, you’re immature and egoistic.

As for the characters themselves, leaving Geralt out of this, sure Triss has her talents, and scenes I love her for, but Yen is my queen. Also, she’s more complex character, and you’re never bored with her, so she’s much more interesting.

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So, that’s my opinion!

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Percy coming home and finding Sally pregnant with his half-sibling headcanon(s)?

okay, here’s the thing. I LOVE big brother Percy I really do but I don’t know that I have totally bought into the idea of Sally and Paul having a baby. 

Part of me just really likes the idea of them being content with having Percy and then being like surrogate parents to all his friends and other demigods they encounter and like they enjoy their lives reading together and going on weekend trips to Montauk. 

Percy’s childhood was just so stressful for Sally (and continues to be because he goes on quests and then disappears without a trace etc) and she sacrificed so much (fuck you Gabe) that I think she would like to just be able to enjoy her son and watching him become a man and being married to a good person that loves her back with his whole heart. 

I like to think Paul is infertile and just cool with being a step dad. IDK MAN. But again, this is something that can change depending on what day it is lmao 

anonymous asked:

I totally understand Lexas duty as a commander and how she has to protect her people no matter what the price to pay is, I still love her and cherish her and would go to wart for her, I believe her heart is aching because as she said she had to think with her head not her hearth, still the mountain men will be coming for her people, how will she deal with that? And how can she, now of all time abandon Clarke ?

Will the Mountain Men be coming for her people though? They’re not a very huge group. The Mountain Men want to be able to live ion the ground. The Grounders could probably slaughter them pretty easily. I think the peace is as beneficial to the Mountain Men as it is to the grounders. I don’t see them coming for the grounders now that they don’t need them. 

Broken lungs

You deserve to be loved
You are love
You are destined for good things
And I am only meant to fail
Goodbye my heart
Goodbye my lungs
Please treat them well

Words he left for her to find

And she stares at her reflection
Her skin too thin
Her eyes too pale
And she smokes her cigarettes
Down to nothing
In the dark
And she wonders if
She’ll ever hear the moment
When the beating in her chest
Finally ceases to exist

But until then
She carries the excess
Of what remains
The things he left behind
Like the flesh
Under her fingernails
And the coffee mugs
With all their stains
And she keeps some things
The same way that he did
Like the left side of the bed
Still messy and unmade

In the hopes that someday
He’ll return
And she will finally get to give to him
What he had left for her
A ruined heart
And a broken set of lungs



Cosette was not very timid by nature. There flowed in her veins some of the blood of the bohemian and the adventuress who runs barefoot. It will be remembered that she was more of a lark than a dove. There was a foundation of wildness and bravery in her.


River/Doctor + The Fault in Our Stars quotes (by John Green) 2/4


"Well, I’m off.

"Be proud of who you are and the gifts you’ve been given to share with the rest of this world. Only YOU can be YOU, so go out there and bring the best of YOU you have to offer in the audition room or on the stage.Be yourself. We spend our whole lives trying to be what they want us to be… We put unrealistic expectations on ourselves which only sets us up for disappointment. Keep training and working hard, get as much experience as you can, take classes, and learn from those around you who are more experienced. And be patient; There is no rush." - Laura Osnes

Laura Osnes, 19th November, 1985.



"I’ve been treated so wrong
I’ve been treated so long
as if I’m becoming untouchable

contempt loves the silence
it thrives in the dark
with fine winding tendrils
that strangle the heart”


    02.  Karl Agathon + Sharon Agathon

"You’re the father of my child. You’re the first in my heart and nothing is ever going to change that."

tell me, what was she like?

bony. trembly. tender. it was in her hair often, the tenderness (i mistook it for weakness and i told her so). she was too skinny for her heart, too small for her kindness. 

did you love her?

no. no. i should have, i know i should have, but i killed her flowers instead of twining them in her hair.

do you regret it?

yes, more than anything. her blood stains my hands and i cannot wash it off. i do not want to wash it off. it is a reminder of all the destruction i wrecked in her. 

her as in you.

yes. her as in me.

what if you could go back?

i would tell her i love her. i would tell her to stop bleeding. i would say ‘here, have some plasters anyway’.

what else?

i would say sorry. i would take her hands and say that her tender makes her strong. that her tender is her teeth.

talk to her. to her, not to me.

three things. one - you are a love letter, baby, so stop writing them to people who don’t deserve it. two - you don’t need to stop trembling.

and the third?

three - i love you i love you i love you i love you tender and teary i love you scarred wrists and shaky knees i love you care too much and care too early i love you cannot care enough and do not care at all i love you selfish and selfless i love you i’m sorry i’m sorry

tell me, do you forgive her?

her as in me.

yes, her as in you.

there is nothing to forgive.

—  Darshana Suresh, week 9 of 52 - to the girl i was; insp (x)

Annie according to character tropes

Every girl has that one boy that she will never get over.
that one that makes you laugh all the time; 
that one that gives you butterflies just by hearing his name; 
that one who remembers all of the stupid things you say 
and do and reminds you of them months later; 
that one who has his name written all over your heart; 
that one who you compare everyone to; 
that one that you never get sick of talking or hearing about; 
that one that you are constantly crying over;
 that one that no one can understand why it’s him; 
that one that everyone thinks you can do better than;
 that one that makes you ask, “why her?”;
 that one that you will never be able to forget.
—  Daily Tumblr Love Quotes

Maotsujun post #106. Rehearsing for the opening of Hana Yori Dango season 1 also means opportunity to troll Jun.