and she loved that feeling of being loved

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is it bad that i'm genuinely worried that be/cho or br/ven might happen? i mean they're up there alone for 6 years who knows what happens

i personally don’t think anything happen because the last ep was pretty much a slap in the face with regards to how much bellamy and clarke love each other

like, the last ep pretty much sealed the deal that bellamy and clarke love each other in a way that’s different from how they care for the others. clarke allows herself to breakdown with bellamy there to hold her, clarke, in her ‘last moments’ on the radio asked for bellamy. 6 years and 7 days later (they even made sure to tell us that it was 2199 days just to emphasize how long it’s been) she’s still trying to reach bellamy on the radio. clarke says she hope, that the mere thought of him alone keeps her sane.

and it goes both ways too; bellamy doesn’t even want to entertain the possibility of loosing clarke, even when she’s already accepting that there might be some truth to abby’s premonition. bellamy is the one who stood out by the hangar doors waiting for clarke until the last possible minute hoping she would show up. bellamy is the one who has unwavering faith in clarke to get the job done. he does what she asked him to and follows his head and not his heart because his heart was broken and angry and screaming at him in that moment.

this ep was a prime example of bellamy inspires the masses but clarke inspires bellamy, and it’s because they love each other. it’s a special kind of love that you don’t see often because it’s so pure, the way they’re both so steadfast in their devotion and faith in the other.

and every single person in that pod knows it.

i don’t think br would happen because that wouldn’t be fair to raven at all. she deserves better than being a rebound for bellamy who’s hurting over his lost love (they both know from experience that it doesn’t work like that) and ok fine. say he eventually moves on and manages to bury his feelings for clarke after a few years. what happens when they come back down and find out that clarke is alive and has been sending messages to bellamy everyday for the past 6 years?

as for be/cho i know i joke around with that but like… that is such an impossibility in canon for real that it’s almost laughable. first off all, bellamy is the type to hold a grudge. he buries the hatchet but he remembers where. and secondly, bellamy pretty much hit the final nail in the coffin in his little one on one with echo. he doesn’t trust her and probably never will but he has a big heart, he’s not going to leave her to die when there’s a way to save her (like y’all….. come on. he half joked about floating her. ~chillax perhaps~)

and as for the the 6 years thing… this is purely speculation but i think the ship that clarke saw with the prisons took them hostage early on into that time frame. so they probably wouldn’t even be time to foster new relationships.

but anyway, rest assured, they’ve set up bellarke in a big way for the next season. from the almost confession in 406 when he thought he wouldn’t see her again (and then going 6+ years actually believing that he wouldn’t see her again) to everything that happened in this ep- the sacrifice, the ‘i left her behind’ and everything else- some pretty good bellarke things are going to happen.

warbreaker thoughts
  • ok reading vasher is so odd after already having met him as zahel like? am i getting to know you all over again? did I ever know you? boy what are you UP. TO.
  • maybe he’s figuring out a way to fall off this planet and land on another one
  • and lose his sword (child) while he’s at it
  • Sisirinah “I have no one to complain to so I will complain at anyone within earshot even if it is a guard who thinks they’re sending me to my death” princess of Idris everyone
  • ok but for some reason I kept picturing oberyn martell as denth ??
  • i was whetevs on tonk fah unTIL he “lost” his pets
  • screw him
  • vivenna is so so important
  • like how of often do we get to see our male characters get brought to the absolute bottom and then change for the better? 
  • answer is: all the time
  • how often do we see that happen to female characters tho??
  • like i love how she starts off pretty conservative, closed minded and kinda haughty but she gradually learns to be more accepting and less naive, but never bitter or resentful. i love vivenna. 
  • siri and susebron were so cute. so cute. like ma girl got herself a MAN 
  • loved ligthsong, aka actual God of Snark and Memes bravery 
  • also thank u branderson for Vasher, who you expect to be the epitome of assholish anti hero with 0 Feelings ™ but is actually going around being slightly socially awkward and fixing everyone’s messes. 
  • thank u for this book

Should she have been the gardener, you’ll find
A feminine sensation in each rose.
Women who garden tend to leave their love
Wherever their gloved work’s been done. Kneeling
Where women knelt, you’ll feel the ghosts of love
Among undated plants, for gardens are
Intimate property, where previous claims
Share memories with present ownership.
Who, anyway, can own a tree, a flower,
Visiting butterflies, or a blade of grass?
In gardens you can sense the marriages
Of who lived here before, men and women,
Their private hours away without being gone.

Douglas Dunn, from “Garden Hints,” Dante’s Drum-kit (Faber and Faber, 1993)

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Hi there! I’m currently writing a novel about a noble girl who falls in love with a soldier. They have quite opposing personalities, her being rather bubbly and silly whereas he is very serious and rarely smiles. He’s lived through many hardships, which is why he’s so cold and distant, but she understands that about him as she’s a psychologist. I’m just confused right now about how to develop his feelings towards her as he takes great caution in the relationships that he forms since so many people that he’s loved have died and he’s afraid of being hurt once again. Somebody like him would obviously take a long time to develop feelings, but how do I make progress in their relationship without making it too rushed while also keeping it exciting and not too spaced out?

The key is to have an initial breakthrough moment–something out of the ordinary that happens and allows him to let his guard down for a moment. It could be something good, like a really celebratory or funny moment. It could be something bad but not awful, like getting stuck in an elevator or a really minor injury. Or, it could be something really bad, like an encounter with dangerous people or someone dying. The point is, in situations like that–where are normal emotions are given an unexpected outlet, it’s sometimes easier for people to connect when they wouldn’t normally. They’re caught off-guard by whatever happened and that wall comes down just long enough for a connection to be made. That’s your initial breakthrough moment.

After that, because that connection exists, there doesn’t need to be such dire circumstances for more progress to be made, but it will be made a little at a time. And, the progress will likely be choppy–two steps forward, three steps back. Each interaction will be a little more meaningful than the last, though, so the forward momentum is never completely lost. My post Using Timelines to Pace Romantic Relationships will help you plot everything out. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited topics: portrayal of diverse characters, emotions, specialist knowledge questions (medical, etc.), “how to portray/describe,” asking for tropes/cliches; broad, vague, or complicated questions. See master list & main site for more info!

Fic:”I Am Scully” (Stella/Scully) - Ch. 9 “Do Thy Worst And Steal Thyself Away”

Title: I Am Scully

Chapter: 9 - Do They Worst To Steal Thyself Away

Characters: Dana Scully, Stella Gibson, Fox Mulder

Relationships: Dana/Stella

“So, let me get this straight,” Stella said, trying not to be mad. “You spent most of your life being in love with a man who didn’t consider yourself worth fighting for?” Stella said and it sounded awful but deep inside Scully knew that it was the exact thing she had been thinking. “He knew how much you loved him, enough to ask you to come to England with him, after you left him?” She didn’t know how much of that was true but she simply assumed it must have happened. She stood in front of Dana, feeling sorry for the woman but she was simply too mad at Mulder to stop.

Dana crossed her arms in front of her chest, feeling the tears brim in her eyes. She chuckled humorlessly.

“And he didn’t fight for you?” Stella asked. “Because if he did, we wouldn’t be having this conversation,” she said. They both knew that it was true but Scully didn’t want to go back.

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The Pottermore quiz put me in Gryffindor, but every other quiz i did put me in Ravenclaw, does that mean i'm a Gryffinclaw?

tbh it’s up to you

no sorting quiz (yes even pottermore) is 100% accurate so go with the label that suits you best. personally, I feel like you miss out on a lot of the community aspect by affiliating yourself with two houses, but honestly it’s your choice go with whatever makes you comfortable

I’d say the best way to distinguish between houses is looking at your values; Hermione, although she loves learning, thinks that ‘friendship and bravery’ are far more important which is why she ended up in gryffindor. Luna equally loves her friends and is definitely brave, but she views being true to herself and her originality as more important, so she’s a ravenclaw 

but like I said it’s whatever works for you, the gryffindors, ravenclaws, or gryffinclaws would value you with open arms!


‘Lets go bitches’-My thoughts

I honestly don’t know how to go about this or what this clip meant.

Maybe its because I expected one thing and something else happened.


I really wanted Sana to talk to Isak at least about the situation with Vilde and the Russebus. I guess she is sticking to her own beliefs of how its unto one if whether or not they wanted to share something about themselves. I mean she did what she had to, but I would have loved it if she had directly asked Isak about what Sara said about Vilde. I feel Sana seems hell bent on taking Sara down (probably applying her *friends are not supposed to bitch about friends behind their backs* theory). This is making Sana a better friend again, going to any extent to protect Vilde, although the method may be a tad bit desperate.(Desperate times call for desperate measures eh?)

Notice one thing though, after Isak tells her that she is a good person, there is a little bit on hesitation on her part as to whether or not she wants to execute the plan that she came to do. Nas pushed to do what she had to do. However, I really do want to see how she plans on using these screenshots of Sara.

The thing I am most worried about is that, WHAT HAPPY THING DOES NOORA WANT TO TELL? My mind is going in the direction that Julie Andem intends to take us on. I dare not say it. *secretly wishes that the good news is about William*

Its high time we got some nice warm fuzzy making the heart melt scenes where we see my Sana baby smile! I just want her to be happy! I want some Elias scenes. I want Chris to talk to her.I so terribly want Yousef to explain himself. I JUST WANT HER TO FEEL LOVED.

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i wanna say smth

i get when people say the season would be good if it just ended with sana making amazing friendships, fixing the friendships she has already and her being a boss ass bih who dont need no man.

but its just not fair.

and obviously i’m not saying u need a man to be happy?? but muslim women are always made out to be one or the other, either be an empowered strong woman OR be with a man and it doesnt make sense that we cant be both. it doesnt make sense that we cant be bomb ass bitches and also have a s/o that supports and loves us?? muslim women can be loved whilst still being themselves?? muslim women can fall in love and be loved and have happy endings with the guy they like?? and honestly if this whole season started teasing us with yousana and yousana actually isnt endgame, esp with this whole noora/yousef thing and considering sana seems insecure n thinks noora is a better pick for the the guy /she/ herself wants…… like thinking we arent good or pretty enough for the guys we like happens a lot with muslim girls but if it actually becomes true despite it all then thats gonna suck

sana deserves to be loved the way she is. muslim women can love and be loved and i want to see it with a happy ending!!

Emmerdale Live and Organized - May 25, 2017

Well. Here we are. This review might be mostly gif reactions. Sorry in advance. I’m not sorry, this is going to hurt. Hurt bad. Ignore spelling. I’m a mess. 

Alright. Let’s DO THIS. 


Robert looking at the picture. God, the feels. THE FEELS.

Christen every room in the house. God, how long fans have wanted to hear that and the drama is attached. Sigh.

Ok. It’s out now. Let’s scream, yell and cry. PLEASE. Oh god.

Ok. It’s screamed. He is crying. Let’s keep going. Talk it out.

YES! BOTH ARE BEING CALLED OUT. They both screwed up. Robert worse than Aaron but they both broke their vows.  I love this. Everything is out on the table. I love this. This conversation needed to happen.

Well, no. She didn’t stop you at all. You passed out.  Come on. Consent is an issue. We all saw it show. We all know he drank a whole bottle of whiskey. She was sober. THIS IS RIDICIOUS.

Wait. He doesn’t remember, does he? He doesn’t remember sleeping with her? He even said he passed out. That was it. Something is up here. Something weird.

The ring is off. THE RING IS OFF. I kind of called that though. They always take their rings off.

Good. They are sitting down and really talking. Good. I like this too.

Thank god someone said it. Aaron turns inward, and Robert turns outward. FINALLY. I love this is officially in canon.

Maxine totally hangs out on Tumblr. I see you! I see you. Wink.

This is perfection. ON SO MANY LEVELS.

Don’t think Robert is off the hook. The trust is completely gone now. So, it’s time for them to build it back up.

“People don’t’ stay with me.” “People don’t forgive me.” Wow. Powerful.  

“I love you.” “I love you more.” *DEAD* *I’m Dead*


What is up with Moira? Is she pregnant? OH. It’s Hollys birthday. Damn. Oh Moira. Well, Moira has passed out. WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!

She is ok. Whew. It’s like she is on contract or something, right? (wink wink) I kind of forgot they were fighting. Whoops.

So, it’s ok with Adam screws up. Got it show. Got it.


Welcome back guys! Haven’t seen you in awhile. Glad to see you.  Oh hey! Laurel has a new roommate. Adorable. Love it. Lydia and Laurel! Yay!


I guess we are all good now? Even though Rebecca should take some of the blame. How did she have time to make that many contacts? Seriously. I’m nitpicking. I’m just feeling very sad right now. I can’t even go after Rebecca today.


How would she know? We never saw her at the clinic? Its getting offensive now writers. Yeah, totally stupid. Taking advantage of a drunk man in pain. Good for you. Sure, that’s why you were running after him the whole freaking time. I’m so confused. Why does she care now?

Not everything is about you, Rebecca. Chrissie was trying to help you out. Be a good sister.  Ok, the White sisters are scheming. All is right with the world I guess? I’m even more convinced of a twist now. 

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

Breathe. Just breathe. 

Tell me what you think below or tweet me @AmandaJ718. Until tomorrow, see you in Emmerdale.

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If you had to pick: CP or Iris and why?

CP. I love Iris but she’s a fictional character. If she wasn’t played by CP then I probably wouldn’t like her as much. I feel like CP is the main reason why Iris is so loveable and relatable. I also love CP’s personality more I feel like she has an amazing sense of humor and is one of the most sweetest human beings. 

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BOY DO I A HEADCANNON FOR YOU! okay do hear me out: Host having a daughter. She doesnt know ehat happened to her mom or her fathers eyesight, but anytime they go on a walk she explains things to him even though he already knows what they look like. He loves it best when she describes sunsets. Oftentimes Host will find himself being told a bedtime time story, hes so proud of his litter girl as she narrates the story to him.

Ooh! This is absolutely awesome! I could totally see it being that she is the light of his life, and she’d always be with him! She would describe how certain things make her feel and Narrate for him sometimes to give him a break! Oh, I love this!

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Song and ship thing: I Do by Suzie Suh w Marliza? (or hamliza if u prefer, just anything w/ Eliza in it I guess)

I just want to love you when the goings tough
I just want to hold you when you’re not enough
I just want to give you everything I’ve got
I do
I do

Maria was never lucky in love. She had been in some really shitty relationships in the past and one particular one had left her feeling less than enthused about the idea of being in a relationship. So she had been single for the past two years. Taking the time to ‘date herself’ or whatever the hell people called it and managed to really get into a good place. She was the happiest she could be.

Or at least she thought she was.

Going into her last year of college she met Elizabeth Schuyler. Love of her life and women of her dreams. Maria never thought she’d have a chance but now less than a year later here she was meeting Eliza’s dad. Well she was supposed to be meeting Eliza’s dad but she was currently holed up in the bathroom panicking. Because how was she supposed to match up to Eliza’s father’s expectations. She didn’t hold a candle to Eliza.

“Maria, please.” Eliza’s voice floated through the door, “We don’t have to go to my parents house. Just come out of the bathroom.” Maria could hear a tremble in Eliza’s voice and had to listen to her.

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Could you do a Niall Drabble where you had to have your gallbladder out so he has to take care of you? Please and thank you :). (I just had mine removed lol)

I hope you’re feeling better, lovely! 

He’d be outrageously anxious during her surgery. Biting his fingertips and cuticles, tapping his toes against linoleum flooring beneath him, his iPhone vibrating sporadically, his focus set upon where a doctor would appear through a set of doors and announce how her surgery progressed and where she would be resting and healing for a period of a week, before moving home and laying in bed for two weeks, his holiday time being spent paying close attention, caring, and loving her, making her comfortable and happy through her pain and medication.

She’d be shuffled into her suite, where he would heave a heavy breath and press his lips to her forehead, chuckling quietly as her palm pressed against his cheek, her thumb rubbing his stubble, her lip pouting as he slid her wedding and engagement ring on her ring finger, her fingertips twisting her bands alongst her skin, her eyebrows furrowing in confusion, before her mouth parted slightly, suddenly remembering who he was curving her lips into a smile.


“Hey, baby. I’m here. How are y’a feelin’?”

“‘m in pain. Come cuddle me.”

“Sure, baby. Wan’a a blanket - are y’a cold?”

“Can I have your sweater?”

“Of course, love. Here y’a go.”

“Thank you. I love you.”

“I love you, too. Don’t like you bein’ under anaesthetic. Scared me. Jus’ married you.”

“‘m not goin’ anywhere. Got’a have babies and ge’ old wit’ you.”

“Ye’ you do.”

“Promise, I’m okay.”

“Good. How do you still look beautiful, even after havin’ a major surgery.”

“Sure you’re not t’ one on morphine?”

“I’m sure, you dummy. Go to sleep.”

“Okay. G’night.”

“Goodnight, love.”


Them boys and their girl~ *:・゚✧


if that’s not a confession of love idk what is


endless list of favorite relationships |→ sookie and rory

“Okay, I’ve got it from here, Sookie. I love you.

The Performative Wokeness of Dear White People

“I plan to marry me a dark-skinned sister. Have the ashiest, blackest babies possible.” Says the character of Reggie (Marques Richardson) to his group of friends as they’re taking a stroll on the campus of Winchester University, the fictional university set in the world of Dear White People. Reggie’s proclamation came during a conversation about the character of Sam’s (Logan Browning) new white boyfriend.

The statement echoes a conversation that Sam has earlier in the series with her group of friends where she says that she prefers her men like she prefers her coffee “full-bodied with preferably Keyan origins.” Prompting Muffy (Caitlin Carver) to ask Sam, in Muffy’s words, “a dumb white girl question,” why it would be racist if Muffy was to only date white men, but not racist for Sam to only date black men. Sam goes onto explain that there are parts of her identity that white men will never understand in the ways a black man could. However, Sam does eventually start dating a white guy named Gabe (John Patrick Amedori), who only after being outed on his Instagram account, does she go public with.

Sam’s relationship with a white man becomes a point of contention for many of her closest friends, sparking an ongoing discussion in the series of whether a black person can really be pro-black, while also having a white significant other.

Reggie’s politics, however, are never challenged in the same ways that Sam’s are. His declaration of love for dark-skinned women, is dead upon arrival considering that the only other thing that he is known for outside of his pro-blackness, is his crush on Sam. A light-skinned biracial woman.

Based on the 2014 movie of the same name, Dear White People is a satire set at a PWI about college campus politics through the lens of black students. The show also explores the theme of identity. How often people assume identities or have identities projected onto them that contradicts who they really are. Identities such as being“woke.”

Used to describe a person who is socially and politically conscious, the word “woke” has surged in popularity within recent years due to social media and the rise of social movements such as Black Lives Matter. But what once was a way to describe someone’s political awareness, being, or staying woke, has seemingly dissolved more into a competition of who is more educated on race and other social issues.

Performative wokeness is examined within the world of Dear White People, with episode five featuring a scene where Reggie shows off an app he created called Woke or Not. The app shows photos of students at Winchester University and with a push of a button app users can determine whether a person is woke. Or not.

Even though Dear White People pokes fun at the absurdity and arrogance that comes from people who think they have the moral authority to decide who is or isn’t woke, the show itself falls into many of the same traps that it attempts to satirize.

In an episode centered around Gabe, he’s sitting at a table surrounded by Sam and other black women while they discuss white male privilege and how women of color are often passed over for opportunities that usually end up being given to mediocre white men. While he’s silently listening on, Gabe imagines himself banging his fist against the table as he looks directly into the camera and exclaims that sometimes people actually earn the things they get and that just because he’s a white man doesn’t make him an “asshole.”

“Asshole,” of course, seems just a tad bit reductive considering that being an “asshole” in this scenario is about benefiting from a society that prioritizes average white men over hard working black women. While the narrator says that only “a tiny part” of Gabe wishes he could make such a statement, it’s still concerning that Gabe, who is supposedly enlightened on issues of racism and sexism, is secretly harboring resentment against women of color for venting their frustrations about the institutions that systematically hold them back from opportunities

Is it possible that Gabe is being used as a conduit to discuss liberal racism? After all, episode five deals with how even “good” white people can be guilty of the same racism that they like to think they’re above. But this wasn’t Gabe’s first time making racially tone deaf statements without being taken to task. In the first episode, Gabe tells Sam that he wouldn’t let his friends make her feel like she didn’t belong in his “world,” after Gabe’s first uncomfortable meeting with Sam’s friends where he made a series of half-hearted attempts at trying to relate to the struggles of black students.  

 However, the most egregious occurrence of Dear White People’s lack of self awareness about their own performative wokeness comes with their handling of discussions surrounding colorism.  

The most improved upon element from Dear White People the movie is the colorism. In the movie, the character of Coco (Teyonah Parris,) a dark-skinned black woman, existed solely as a foil to Tessa Thompson’s version of Sam, a light-skinned biracial woman. With the movie being turned into a series, we see Coco, now played by Antoinette Robertson, develop into a fleshed out, fully realized character. But even with the series upgrading on the movie’s shortcomings, even going as far as calling Sam out on her light-skin privilege, the series began developing flaws of their own in regards to its colorism.

Joelle (Ashley Blaine Featherson) outside of being Sam’s best friend, also has feelings for Reggie, the guy who has feelings for Sam. This scenario is reminiscent to a flashback scene in episode four in which Coco longingly looks on as Troy, (Brandon Bell) a guy she has feelings for, flirt with Sam. Even though in that particular situation, the scene was a part of an episode that explores Coco’s relationship to colorism and how it affects her love life, the same motivation doesn’t appear to be behind the love triangle of Sam, Joelle, and Reggie.

The fact that the only light-skinned biracial woman of the show is constantly shown as the object of affection, while the two principle dark-skinned women of the show are depicted as coveting over color struck black men who constantly overlook them for said light-skinned biracial woman is disheartening to watch.

What makes this even more disheartening, is the fact that Joelle was walking right beside Reggie, struggling to contain her smile, as he declared that he was going to “marry him a dark-skinned sister,” only later to hook up with Sam. But Joelle, nor does anyone else, call him out about how his preference doesn’t align with who we actually see him dating.

Has Dear White People found itself stuck in the same tiny confines of identity that it sought out to expose through its characters? Can the contradictions that arise within the show merely be chalked up to poor writing? Or does it prove that inconsistency will inevitably happen when trying to voice the concerns of multiple people with varying opinions? A light skin woman can not speak to the struggles of colorism that a dark skin woman faces. A white man can’t relate to the problems a black man has. And one show cannot voice the opinions of all within a community.

Sometimes people tell me that it’s not stupid that I gave everything when I loved her and that I still loved her after that. And I can’t help but cry. I can’t help but cry because I feel like such a moron that I let myself be defenseless and I let this person know all of my weaknesses and my entire heart and now, she doesn’t even care about my existence and this is the person I loved with all of my heart and trusted my whole being with. I gave her everything I had and even more. It’s so foolish but I’m thankful when people don’t call me stupid because I want to believe there’s someone I can give my entire being to and trust wholeheartedly. They’ll take my weaknesses and pains and be beside me even at my worst. Because people leave me when I hit my worst. They always do. I’m annoying, I’m invasive, I’m insecure, I’m overly jealous, and I’m needy and all of these stupid things. I’m selfish and I overthink. And people leave. People leave so quickly. The one I love stops caring about me and loving me. In fact, they probably might even have someone new in their heart. And now, they just see me as some burden in their life that was easier to get rid of. And it damages me so much and I don’t wanna tell anyone the truth anymore and everything would be okay if I lied and kept my weaknesses and my insecurities away from the world. Everything would be okay if they only saw me smiling. If I had never told anyone what was in my heart, certain people would still like me and want to be around me. But because I opened up to them and I showed them my messy heart and my weaknesses, they left. So. I cry when someone tells me I wasn’t stupid. That I deserve friends and someone who will stay by me regardless of what I become. That I’m worth something and that my love is something special. I cry. Because that’s the only thing I can do when I’m told I’m not a moron.
—  Roi C.

Most people are saying the Sanvers engagement is rushed and I kinda agree but it’s totally in line with them. Maggie didn’t admit her feelings until she almost died. They didn’t say i love you until Alex almost died. It’s not that surprising that when the world might end that they’ll decide to get married