and she loved


This woman, this character one of the only highlights of this series.

Sians amazing acting and matching the character omfg fangirling attack i dont have words… she made perfect Holmes, didn’t she?


3 characters and we really didn’t saw it at first…AMAZING.

And then there’s Eurus i again dont have words, Sian truly fits this role and creates so real Holmes. Thank her and creators for this.



“I hate the outdoors. Nothing but sunburn and poison oak!

Pidge yelling for being dragged out of the house to “enjoy the outside world” more (ヾノ•᷅ ༬•᷄ )

Under the cut, you’ll find 466 gifs of YVETTE MONREAL. They are all made by me and are sourced from her appearances on Faking It and The Fosters. These are for roleplaying purposes, so feel free to use them to your heart’s content!

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u never draw any disabled characters and the one time u do he's made up to be a joke and something "creepy"


dude, these two are literally my most beloved characters, that i doodle all the time in a thousand and different ways, they’re also the protagonists of my rwby ocs story~

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I: They talk about how authentic these candidates are. Does it hurt you when people say you’re too lawyerly, you parse your words, you’re not authentic, you’re not connecting…?

HRC: Well, that’s just not my experience out campaigning. I feel very, very good about where we are. We’ve built a terrific organization in the early states and we’re expanding into those states that will be after: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada. The level of support, the intensity of support, that I am experiencing as I speak with people and talking about issues that I know are on their minds. I wanna be the president who deals with all those big problems that are in the headlines but also those problems the keep families up at night. And that’s why I started out listening because I think,  you can come with your own ideas, and wave your arms and give a speech, but at the end of the day - are you connecting with and really hearing what people either are saying to you or wishing you would say to them? So on everything, from mental health issues to substance abuse, to college affordability, to the continuing struggles that families face despite the fact that we’ve got our recovery and unemployment’s down - people aren’t feeling it. I am very excited and very energized about the campaign that I’m running. 

And excerpt from the article on Vox:

Hillary Clinton is just the opposite. There is something about her persona that seems uniquely vulnerable to campaigning; something is getting lost in the Gap. So as I interviewed Clinton’s staffers, colleagues, friends, and foes, I began every discussion with some form of the same question:What is true about the Hillary Clinton you’ve worked with that doesn’t come through on the campaign trail?

The answers startled me in their consistency. Every single person brought up, in some way or another, the exact same quality they feel leads Clinton to excel in governance and struggle in campaigns. On the one hand, that makes my job as a reporter easy. There actually is an answer to the question. On the other hand, it makes my job as a writer harder: It isn’t a very satisfying answer to the question, at least not when you first hear it.

Hillary Clinton, they said over and over again, listens.

 Understanding Hillary: Why the Clinton America sees isn’t the Clinton colleagues know. 

Since childhood Sherlock has hardly had anyone in his life that liked him, let alone love him, so Molly saying she does really is next level for him and after the events of TFP he makes it a habit of dropping this bit of info into random conversations

“Someone killed my dog I need your help Mr Holmes please”

“Sure but did you know that mollY LOVES ME”

TA-DA!! It’s she-who-nailed-it wearing a bit of makeup for the first time in ages! I’ve learned that you can still slay it even with a face full of acne and acne scars. Remember that you’ll always be gorgeous, with or without makeup!! 😘❤️ (also wow, I don’t think I blended out my blush very well, haha!)